Fr. John Hollowell responds to Cecile Richards

Recently Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards asked women to post videos on YouTube, to “have their say.” Fr. John Hollowell takes her up on her offer – most eloquently.

In stirring yet simple language, Fr. Hollowell calls together all pro-lifers, warning Planned Parenthood and the President of our ultimate victory, and our fight for the short-term victory. He says to them:

“You better knock us out now. You and the President better knock us out right now, because Cecile, I can promise you – Here comes the Catholic Church.”

Very aptly, he ends his poignant monologue with the words of the wizard Gandalf, engulfed in Middle-Earth’s War of the Ring: “The board is set, the pieces are now in motion, at last we come to it – the great battle of our age.”

The only word to describe this 7-minute speech is epic. Let the word reach Planned Parenthood, the President, and all who plot our demise – we have a say. We have the right to have a say, and we’ll use it wisely.

  • Oedipa Mossmoon

    “I wanted to take her up on that offer even though I’m not a woman”.

    Uh, right. Miss the point, much, Father?

    • Perdido1144

      Uh, right.  only if you think this is not a societal issue, Oedipa.

    • Jordan Elizabeth

      Would it help if I refilm the video and use his words? Because I a woman, and *I* have a say, and I agree. I’m not Catholic, either.

    • Shoppegirl2001

      I must be naive.  What the heck are you talking about?

      Choose Life.

    • GaryLockhart

      Thanks for weighing in for the obtuse segment of society, Mossmoon.

  • WELL DONE Father!!!! The TRUTH will prevail!

    • Bijoybalan

      If you agree with the video I guess you don’t care about the safety of women and children. Facts are that churches are dangerous for women and children. So I am sad that you are willing to tolerate this. When he said here comes the catholic church he actually I am going after a 12 year old boy and anyone standing between me and my sexual conquest is an evil person and shall be punished

      • stephanos

        Bijoybalan – You have spoken an utter falsehood and closed your ears to the priest’s humble acknowledgement of past errors. If you speak of perversions, take a good hard look at what the ungodly among our nation have unleashed. Sexual perversions between same gender people are being militantly pushed among our society, and those promoting these wicked acts are battling for the minds of even those in elementry school. Look at California. There are laws to force young children to learn of these wicked sexual relationships, and are taught that it is an alternative “normal”. You speak of those in the church as though evil is perpetuated. Dangerous you say? Who are you following if you are not following Christ? Jesus Christ declared, …he that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth…(Lk.11:23). If you are not a follower of Christ, who else is left to follow? There are only two spiritual kingdoms. There is the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of the devil. A person is either under grace, or under the law. The people of God, who are under grace, have their sins paid for by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. The people who remain under the law, can not appease God apart from His eternal Sacrifice made by His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore the law will judge those who have not Christ and will remain an unliftable weight upon the heads of those who remain under the condemning burden of it, even if they do not even accept it as the holy standard it is. 2Corinthians ch.3 and Romans ch.3 speak about the severity of the law, and how all the world is under sin, and the law reveals and judges sin. There is hope, and the only hope is found in Jesus Christ, the One Who was set up to be the eternal Sacrifice for mankind before the foundation of the world. If you are in fear of going to a church, do you read the Bible? Do you atleast read what God has spoken through His Word? Do you fear God?   (search the Scriptures like a search engine VIA this online Bible)

        • Wade Felty

          how many wicked sexual relationships have you had? Would your God be proud of everything you do and say? Or would be he terribly embarrassed to have someone of your likes as one of his followers? 

      • GaryLockhart

        Do you pay dues to the NEA?

      • child of God

        Like the Catholic priests are the only pedophiles you should be looking at.  What about your neighbor, the teachers other faith preachers.  They’re all out there in every walk of life.  I’m tired of the Catholic priests being the only ones mentioned in this sick and twisted subject.  Maybe you are one too?

        • Wade Felty

          maybe YOU are 

  • Vmwpio4

    Well said, Beautiful! Thank you Hollowell, you rock! The Truth will set us free!

  • Rachel

    AMEN!  You said it so well, Father.  They have awakened the Catholic Church – here we come!!!

    • Wade Felty

      Who are you going to burn to death now? Are you coming when you molest children? 

  • Tlahugh


  • Lori

    I am the youngest of 8 children, a woman and a mother.  Thank God my parents were prolife, so  I have a say. We have the truth and Jesus in our corner.  The Church will prevail.  Amen Father.  This gives me courage to stand up for life.  Thank you, Lori

  • Shoppegirl2001

    AMEN!    We have your back Father.   We are Pro-life Christians and we will not go to the dark side of  the liberal wickedness in our nation… Abortion is murder, always was, always will be…

    Choose Life….


    • Syslwateran

      I Know All About Catholic Belifs an Fears about Right To Life…..An I WILL PROUDLY DEFEND MY FAITH AND. THE. R I G H T. TO. L I. F E ! ! !

      • Wade Felty

        unless its a Republican politician’s love child 

  • Shoppegirl2001

    I am not Catholic, I am just a Christian.  But I will support anything that is true, good, righteous…

    Choose Life.

    • Laurkil

       Catholic’s are Christians .. ;-)

      •  But not all Christians are Catholic.  :)

  • Dean Morris


  • Denise

    Very well said! While I am Protestant, I too believe in life, and feel like I’m riding on the coat-tails of the strong stance of the Catholic church. There should be no war between faiths that worship the God of all. Truth should be (and is!) at war with the lies that are being spread by those with hidden agendas and motives. I’ve supported other action groups fighting the good fight against those who work so hard to distort and disorient, and I support you! Thank you for your desire to be heard and for speaking it so very well!

  • Well said, Father.  

  • Suziloveshim

    Amen Father it is time we stand up to protect life from the Moment of Conception to the Moment of Natural Death.  Thank you.

  • They may have Obama and the Liberal Media in their corner, but You’ve got the American People; and it’s “We the People.”

    • Acuminous

       And our loving God!!

  • Davidarnett54

    Thanks for having your say! I’m not Catholic but I like what you say.

    • Wade Felty

      Wait until they are trying to convert you, once they control women, that is next. 

  • rayjohn316

    as a Baptist minister may i say thank you for your stand, and know that we stand with you on the matter of life. May GOD bless us and give us the will, strength and numbers to defeat leagalized murder

  • Chrissypoo6

    I am not Catholic, and I do think sex is recreational, as well as procreational, it is a gift that God has given us.  The government has no business butting into any religions beliefs, and what they should and should not provide a man or woman.  A Catholic woman who wants oral contraceptives has free access to them, right Planned Parenthood?!  There is no need to mandate free birth control pills, because the free pills are already available!  All I can say is, “Get Obama the hell out of the White House!!”  He has done nothing but trample the Constitution since he took office…wake up America!

  • Dustyrose_j

    Amen. We are Christian and we are for LIFE. God bless you. We will stand with you.

    • Wade Felty

      How are you on voting for pro-death penalty candidates? or anti-war candidates? How many times have you volunteered or given money for charitable events? Or do you just oppose reproductive rights, hate paying taxes, hate the poor and call yourself pro-life to feel good? 

  • Carolinamoonwalker

    I also have a say… I had an abortion more than 30 years ago and I REGRET IT STILL!!  Please stop the insanity! This has cause much pain in all sorts of ways in my life and it took many years to realize that fact. To think I would have a child who is in their 30’s now – If I only knew the truth back then…

    • Cecilia

      Then spend more time promoting contraception so that abortions are never necessary. Oh wait, you’re against that too.

      • Acuminous

        Contraception has been readily available–and FREE–for many, many years. Sex ed., too. And yet abortion as a form of contraception continues, by the tens of thousands annually. It’s time to look past that simplistic answer and into the hearts of people who find it necessary to gratify themselves with a procreative act but loath the innocent life it produces.

      • GaryLockhart

        That was just one of the specious arguments that was made when the pill was introduced. Abortions would be a thing of the past. 55 million dead babies later we see how wrong the peddlers of chemical Russian roulette were.
        Obviously you’re not aware of the fact that many oral contraceptives are abortifacient in nature. You’re also unikely to be aware of the fact that the WHO – World Health Organization – classifies oral hormonal contraceptives as Class 1 carcinogens. So not only do contraceptives  cause abortions, they subject their users to increased risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, hypertension, blood clots and death.
        I’ll bet you’re real proud of being a proponent of that entire sordid mess, aren’t you?

        • Rick

          I’m aware. Ho hum. Old news. Read further above for my take on why people like you are kept in a state of constant excitement over abortion. If you equate a zygote with a human being, I would suggest that you lack understanding of what human life really is as compared to single-celled life, or very early stage multicellular life. I know, I know. There is nothing I can say to change anything. You’re right, and I’m wrong. You’re on God’s side, and I’m not. Whatever.

          You are being exploited by the people who are constantly winding you up on this. The politicians that benefit don’t care one way or another about innocent human life, though they fervently pretend to.

          • GaryLockhart

            You won’t be spending eternity yawning, Richard, once you receive your just reward for your embracement of and complicity in evil. Just don’t try to feign ignorance during your particular judgment. You’ll come across just as silly then as you do now.

          • Wade Felty

            How do you know you aren’t heading somewhere pretty unpleasant yourself in the great hereafter? Are you blameless in the eyes of the Lord? I wonder what God would say about your persona life and thoughts? I wonder if you ever have lustful thoughts yourself? 

      • Jay

         Or, Cecilia, how about abstinence?  Or natural family planning?  Oh, wait, the Church already does that.  Sorry, my bad.

      • Around half of all abortions follow failed contraception. Using contraception does NOT make abortion unnecessary. Women who use contraception are actually MORE likely to consider abortion than those who don’t, because they feel that the baby is “not their fault” or that it is a problem to be fixed.

  • Skcanino

    I have a say. I’m inspired to take action. Let’s silence them in the name of the billions they have savagely silenced!!

  • Brentgm57

    This is indeed the battle of our age. Humanity will not know peace until we cease to wage war on our unborn children.

    • Rick

      Wake up. This is nowhere near “the battle of our age,” not even remotely. If you believe that then you are clearly not paying attention. Access to potable water, to employment, to a living wage, ending slavery and exploitation, ending war and war-mongering, helping people stop believing corrupt politicians and religious leaders of every stripe, helping people stop eating junk food and ending up obese and diabetic, helping people to stop abusing dangerous substances, helping people obtain higher education without indebting themselves into oblivion, these are only a few of the problems we face that are vastly more important than abortion. They cause far more misery, morbidity, and mortality every year than centuries of abortions.

      It is truly sad that idiotic hot-button issues can so distract millions of people from things that are much more urgent. “Humanity will not know peace until we cease to wage war on our unborn children” is a sappy, laughable remark.

      • Acuminous

        I agree that there are many other issues in our world that are very, very important and need addressing. However, it is simply your opinion that the death of an innocent human being is an “idiotic hot-button issue”. The mantra of the left is “access”. Many liberal-thinking people are easily distracted from the slaughter of millions of innocents as they are barbarically ripped from the safety of their mother’s wombs, all on the alter of “access” to as-much-sex-whenever-you-want-with-no-consequences-or-accountability. And no one better DARE try to stop those who adore sexual freedom and loath the life it creates, or they will pay. I, for one, am sick of this self-absorbed mentality that is legitimized by our President and media.

        And just FYI, Rick, if you ever hope win anyone over to your way of thinking, try avoiding the use of  insulting words like “idiotic”, “sappy” and “laughable”. It is poor debate tactic that makes it difficult for anyone to take you seriously.

        • Rick

          I’m not trying to win anyone over. The scale of death and suffering of abortion compared to war, poverty, slavery and exploitation, etc. are far greater than that of abortion.

          It is truly an “idiotic hot button issue” because, as you and many others seem bafflingly unaware, such issues are used to galvanize voters into supporting one or another corrupt politician and the power groups that sponsor them. Perhaps you are very sincere in your beliefs, a devout God-fearing person hoping to do some good in the world. Great! I wish you success. But the politicians that constantly dangle issues like this one before us are not like you, although they may convincingly pretend to be. They are liars, thieves, sociopaths, war criminals, and wicked people of every stripe. They are using you as a stepping stone to power. They don’t care what you think one way or the other beyond using you to their advantage.

          They certainly don’t care about the lives of innocent babies if the first thing they do in power is trump up reasons to bombard innocent civilians in distant lands with explosives, incendiary chemicals, and worse. Poor little American babies, let’s prevent a few of them from being aborted! But those evil foreign babies, let’s blast them to pieces! Maim them! Burn them! Kill their parents! Arm the psychopaths in their countries so that they can fight among themselves forever! Make whole families run away as refugees and never go to school or learn a trade! Make them into deranged fanatics so that we can do it again! There’s money to be made…

          That’s what I ask people wake up to. Stay Catholic, help people avoid abortion, I don’t care. I support your right to do that even though I don’t agree with you. But don’t get conned by politicians who would just as soon sell you down the river to the highest bidder.

      • GaryLockhart

        All the “ills” – aka progressive talking points – you wail about are the result of people poorly exercising their free will.

        Sounds like you’d be a lot happier in either the old Soviet Union waiting in line for bread and toilet paper or checking out for good.

  • Hancoj1

    If only the Catholic Church had stepped up 40 years ago, we wouldnt be in this mess. I’m Catholic, and one of the things I feel we have failed most in, was the actions or inaction, of those back when Roe was being argued.

    • Father John Hollowell

      Frodo: I wish none of this had happened.

      Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them
      to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is
      given to us.

    • GaryLockhart

      The Church did step up when Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae in 1968, which was ignored and condemned by many. Take the time to read it and you’ll see just how prescient the Church was 44 years ago.

  • Rick

    Nobody is plotting your demise. Stop imposing yourself on everyone else. Are you against abortion? Great. Fine. Help people avoid it. Help women give their baby up for adoption. Not everyone shares your opinion about it or about many many other issues. You are hardly the sole authority or some kind of absolute arbiter of social mores and behavior, although you evidently believe you are.

    Not everyone shares your cosmology.

    • GaryLockhart

      “Stop imposing yourself on everyone else.”

      The Church isn’t denying anyone free will. Why is Soetoro trying to impose his will on the Church?

      “Help women give their baby up for adoption.”

      The Church already does that through The Gabriel Project. Perhaps you should accumulate some facts before you start pointing the finger.

      “You are hardly the sole authority or some kind of absolute arbiter of social mores and behavior, although you evidently believe you are.”

      Soetoro isn’t an authority on the First Amendment and neither are you. You apparently can’t or won’t comprehend the meaning of “free exercise thereof”.

      • Jay

         You missed one, Gary.  The Fifth Amendment clearly states that no person shall be deprived of life without due process of law.  When was the last time you heard of a baby being put on trial for living?

  • Jay

    I’ll take the Church seriously when it excommunicates the likes of Biden, Pelosi and the Kennedys.  You can’t claim the moral high ground without first addressing CINOs [Catholics in Name Only] in our midst.

  •  We love you Fr. John Hollowell. True soldier for Christ and priest of God.

  • Liz

    I wonder why Cecile Richards didn’t abort all of her kids?  Why would a woman who obviously hates people and babies so much have kids herself?  That doesn’t make any sense.  Also, if you didn’t get the message, white males have a say.  They have more than their fair share of say.  You do not speak for all Catholics.  Members and clergy of the Catholic Church were integral in ensuring that women have the rights to do what is best for themselves.  Priests watched members of their parish die because of lack of access to education, contraception, and safe abortions.  Don’t speak for women.  Don’t speak for the unborn.  Don’t speak for Catholics.  You disgust me.  

  • Runeglia

    Bravo! Hope this encourages other priests to speak out.

  • Didaskalos

    The empress of Big Abortion has no clothes, a fact that’s becoming more obvious by the day to women who’ve seen ultrasounds of their unborn babies, to men and women who’ve seen Planned Parenthood’s bare-knuckled assaults on Komen and the Catholic Church.  Stand strong, Catholics.  All true Christendom joins with you.     

  • Bijoybalan

    Good job of showing why the catholic church and the various churches are a joke and love telling lies that make Clinton look honest. Father did you make this video after having sex with a 10-year old boy. HUMBLED what a funny statement Churches and humbleness are like oil and water. I am glad that you father have warned the general public “here comes the Catholic Church” that means lock your doors if you have children because they are going to bed molested in public square and the only thing parents can do is watch the preist have an orgasm at expense of their child. Churches unlike unlike planned parenthood have always had the advantage, but love playing the victim card to get more free money and power. I am glad that you lied in your video that planned parenthood is ahead, no planned parenthood is catch up and you don’t like the fact that woman and minorities are challenging the white man. You mention margaret Sanger well her comments are no different that early christians and how christianity spread through out the world. Father let me give you very constructive advice stop having sex with children and you will be enlightened

    • Disqus123

      You’re either a member of NAMBLA or a public education employee.

  • Wade Felty

    How many boys does he have in his closet? How many times has he gotten pregnant or tried to raise a family? Probably never! 

  • Wade Felty

    And no, in this country, the Catholic Church doesn’t have a say, because we are governed by the rule of law and democracy, and last time I checked, the Church doesn’t make the law or enforce it. In fact, the Founding Fathers gave us separation of church and state to protect us from the kind of theocracy the Church reveled in, in Europe. So if you want to be a stay at home, barefoot and pregnant Catholic house-wife who spends her time listening to a Pervert Priest and whose life revolves around him, go ahead, but most people don’t want that. No Pope here. 

  • GaryLockhart

    Better worry about yourself and all those molesters employed in public education, “Wade”.

  • GaryLockhart

    Denying free will is the modus operandi of the Calvinists.

  • Peggy Ellis

    Yeah!!!! Christina
    What you say I say, ” DITTO” too !!!!!!!
    I love this line,”  SEX IS NOT RECREATIONAL IT IS
    PROCREATIONAL “.  Hey, Ladies, get with the program ! Sex is a special live giving act , use it wisely and if all women had, then there wouldn’t be this controversy !! There wouldn’t be this continued “HOLOCHUST”of life!
    I often wonder what great mind or peace/world saving person has been tossed aside (aborted) because a women decided that she herself was more important then the life within. How totallay selfish!!!  
    It really baffles me to see all these so called “smart” people saying that its a womens body and her decision!!! Excuse me but the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and should be used wisely!
    YEAH!!! Fr John, The sleeping Giant has been awakened!! would love to hear more from you!!!!


  • GaryLockhart

    The rule of law guarantees the right of the Church to voice her opinion and to freely exercise her faith under the First Amendment.

    “In fact, the Founding Fathers gave us separation of church and state to protect us from the kind of theocracy the Church reveled in”

    You must have slept through quite a few lectures during CON LAW 101. The Church is guaranteed her say by the First Amendment. What part of “free exercise thereof” don’t you understand? The founding Fathers wanted no single state Church, re The Church of England. The “separation of Church and state” cliche was penned by Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptists. It is not contained in the Constitution despite the plaintive wail to the contrary of the left.

    • Wade Felty

      I’m surprised you aren’t out giving vaginal ultrasounds to terrified women

  • Tim

    So, Rick, I guess you would have criticized the abolitionists and called slavery an “idiotic hot button issue.”  Probably the same for Hitler murdering Jews, or the civil rights movement in this country.  When the issue is the wholesale killing of innocent people, it’s hardly an “idiotic” issue. 


    I pray every night that God will grant
    every priest the courage to defend Holy Mother Church’s most difficult teachings – God Bless you Father Hollowell for your Courage to do
    just that.

    • Wade Felty

      What about the courage of priestly abuse victims who get silenced by the Church and its supporters routinely? or the courage of women who have to fight for control of their bodies with the Church? 

  •  I was once a one-celled life. So were you. Then we were multicelled. Now we’re adult humans. Just because a zygote is an early stage of human life does not make it less human. Grab an ambryology textbook and try to prove me wrong.

  •  The point is that everyone has a say. It’s pretty sexist to suggest otherwise.

  •  Seriously? Have you no idea how many good things the Catholic Church has done for society over the years? The Church runs homeless shelters, hospitals, orphanages, and schools and has for ages, and just because a few people were accused of misbehavior (to which accusations the Church responded appropriately, expelling those who had actually committed crimes and relocating those who hadn’t), ), that is NO reason to generalize such misbehavior to every Catholic. Despicablle.

  •  You make it sound like voters have no influence in what their politicians do once they’re voted into office. Not true. So your entire, hyperbole-laden, insane argument is a bust.

  • Well Done and Bravo!  We are on the side of our Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and all the millions of innocents who will be on our side in Heaven along with all the Angels and Saints and Our Mother Mary, God the Father, the Holy Spirit Amen

  • If God is For Us…

    Romans 8:28-31

    “And we know that all things work together for good to

    those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For

    whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son,

    that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom He

    predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He alos justified; and

    whom He justified, these He also glorified. What then shall we say to these

    things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:28-31