Girl Scouts have yet another pro-abortion connection

I have already written a couple of pieces on the connection between the Girl Scouts and pro-abortion organizations. Yet Girl Scouts of the USA still claims that it “does not take a position” when it comes to sex, birth control, or abortion.

Rochelle Focaracci is a former Girl Scout troop leader. She set up the website “Girl Scouts Why Not,” which documents the connections between the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and Planned Parenthood.

While the Girl Scouts claims to not take a position on abortion, on May 9, 2013, MAKERS, a feminist, pro-abortion video of women whose “pioneering contributions” have apparently changed America, was screened as a Girl Scout-sponsored event.

Rochelle sent her thoughts on the MAKERS documentary and the involvement from the Girl Scouts to Mary Hasson, who wrote a rather informative and encompassing piece for

The Girl Scouts can no longer hide behind a neutrality stance when it actually sponsors such a screening and encourages participation. Hasson’s article sums up the connection very well in describing the event. In fact, the event and MAKERS were geared specifically to the Girl Scouts, from the Girl Scouts of Greater New York’s logo, a shout-out from the moderator to those Girl Scouts in the audience, and the college-aged panelist who was a former Girl Scout. Hasson mentions how the connection goes further, though:

In fact, the producer of the documentary explained during the panel discussion that they chose an online platform for MAKERS because “We knew we wanted to reach an audience like Girl Scouts” and girls are online more than anywhere else. Far from being a local event of one council, the MAKERS event garnered support from the Girl Scouts USA. The national group promoted the New York event on Twitter, inviting young Girl Scouts to “join” the live event or to watch it online later. And the MAKERS Facebook page included a photo after the event of the grinning producer surrounded by a group of Girl Scouts.

Also mentioned in the piece is that a panel discussion also featured pro-abortion feminists Marlo Thomas and Amy Richards. Thomas has been on MSNBC “to talk about the role of Roe v. Wade and reproductive rights in the greater feminist movement.” Richards is the co-founder of Third Wave Foundation, a pro-abortion group; an adviser to Planned Parenthood NYC; and a member of the MAKERS Board of Advisers.

For an organization that claims to take no stance on certain issues, the Girl Scouts seems to put an awful lot of support and promotion behind those who not only promote abortion, but criticize pro-lifers, including Phyllis Schlafly and Caroline Graglia. The Girl Scouts USA website links to the promoters of the video series and showcases it not only through the blog, but also through Twitter and Facebook.

The rest of Hasson’s article goes into a helpful description of those pro-abortion advocates involved in the MAKERS video series.

Rochelle also provided more information, however. Commonsense Media, though it gives the documentary a positive review, including a high review for “positive messages” and “positive role models,” does have a warning to parents:

Parents need to know that Makers: Women Who Make America discusses potentially sensitive issues like abortion, birth control pills, domestic violence, and rape as they relate to the women’s movement beginning in the 1950s through today. Most of these topics are talked about, not visualized, though there are a handful of blurred images – one of a women who died after an illegal abortion and another of an image of a naked woman. There is also some discussion of how the lesbian movement fit in (and diverged from) the mainstream feminist movement. Teens mature enough to handle these topics will find an inspirational story told by strong, smart, impressive women. Younger kids might be able to watch clips on key topics on the show’s website.

Also provided is a statement from Rochelle’s daughter, Madelyn, a former Girl Scout:

I’m very disturbed that Girl Scouts is promoting this pro-abortion project to girls – girls who are even younger than me! How can Girl Scouts continue to say they do not take a position on abortion and yet promote the MAKERS documentary, which clearly undermines the pro-life movement with an aggressive abortion-rights message? Girl Scouts continues to create controversy through pro-abortion events and relationships like MAKERS that contradict the pro-life position. And all along Girl Scouts are still being hosted and endorsed in our churches. It’s time to warn families – I hope our pastors will step up and protect girls.

Madelyn has a point. For those pro-lifers who have been unaware and involved in the Girl Scouts, certainly hearing of such connections cannot be easy. As the Girl Scouts continues to involve itself in such controversies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain ignorant and stay silent. Be it our pastors, those formerly involved in the Girl Scouts, or concerned pro-lifers, we must continue to highlight these controversies to truly “warn families” and protect girls.

  • TXCatholic

    Thanks for highlighting this Rebecca. Our girls deserve better!

  • Gina Ferrazza-Gallagher

    Girl Scouts USA believes they are insulating themselves by creating “charters”. I had a problem with our local “charter”, and was told ” I could complain to GS USA all I wanted, because “GSHH (Heart of the Hudson Council) was a charter, GSUSA didn’t care what they did. Any complaint filed with GSUSA would just be sent back to the charter, to be dealt with.” It basically allows Girl Scouts deniability. Hence forth its claim, that it “does not take a position when it comes to sex, birth control or abortion.”
    Even though, one of the upstate NY charters is listed on the planned Parenthood site as a partner. am neither a pro- lifer, nor a pro choice. I believe that a woman, has the right to make up her own mind, without anybody’s input. I’m just sorry to see that an organization like GSUSA is willing to put money and greed above their initial mission statement. The girl Scouts is no longer about the girl, and all about needing money to pay down pensions and salaries. If that means they need to partner with Planned parenthood, then so be it.

  • Elizabeth Ashby

    GSUSA continues to align themselves to pro-abortion groups. Please also see here where Sandy Thomas, Vice President of Global Girl Scouting/Strategic Alliances, stated in an email dated April 4, 2011 ( “Through GSUSA’s membership all our girl and adult members are members of WAGGGS. The amount of .44₵ is the approximate amount GSUSA pays per member as the WAGGGS quota is figured on the numbers of members.” See here that WAGGGS is a pro-abortion advocacy organization (

  • finishstrongdoc

    The sad thing is, people keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Insanity. The Plague of Sex Education is killing American kids, while the government is encouraging “more , and more, and more of the same.” A faceless bureaucrat in a bunker somewhere will soon be making medical decisions for all of us. This is unconscionable. This is insanity.

  • KM

    Another sad connection that shows GS is not what it used to be.

  • Basset_Hound

    Kathryn Lopez of National Review has been writing pieces for a decade describing the Girl Scouts’ all too cozy relationships with those who would sexualize children.

  • FormerGSleader

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. One of the best ways to to hurt GSUSA’s pro-abortion advocacy efforts is to refuse to purchase GS cookies. If you miss the taste, Keeblers sells the same cookies for about half price at your grocery store all year long.

  • ChristisB

    I’m going to share my opinion because I think this is blown
    a bit out of proportion. Our girls and children are going to be exposed to
    these things whether or not they are involved in GS or other activities. It’s
    everywhere and sadly a fact of life now days. I believe it’s our job as parents
    to discuss these things with our children and educate them, our moral responsibility to our children allows us to do so. That is what allows us to have our own views, thoughts, and
    opinions on things in life. I don’t believe that just because GS has been said to have been a
    part of any “MAKERS” sponsoring or what not that the GS are bad. But,
    you are allowed to have your own opinion. Therefore, teach your child morals
    and about sex and abstinence; our boys how to treat girls/women, and how to be
    better people in general and we wouldn’t have such a big issue on rape,
    abortion, and all the other issues we have in this world. Morals have
    completely been lost and there is no thought of consequence anymore. How about
    a class or reformation in that!