“Gone”: new video from TooManyAborted

gone-toomanyaborted2The pro-life website TooManyAborted.com recently released a new video. TooManyAborted is a project of the Radiance Foundation and black pro-life leader Ryan Bomberger. They are dedicated to exposing the black genocide occurring in American abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood’s connection to eugenic racism. Please share your thoughts below on this new video.

  • Amy

    Love this! If you think about it, there are so many people that should be my age now. What if I was supposed to marry someone who was aborted? I just wonder if anyone really thinks about who besides them will be impacted in the future…

  • Ginny

    Excellent, and easy to share! Thank you for a great tool!

  • Critical information, education, and access to birth control provided by entities like Planned Parenthood actually prevent unplanned pregnancies. Why on earth would anyone want to get rid of this organization??

    • LoveTheLeast8

      Planned Parenthood is #1 is pushing abortion in the US. They do 145 abortions for every adoption referral. Can’t trust an organization that does that. Plus Planned Parenthood’s abortions last year hit a record HIGH. They aren’t making abortion rare. They are failing at that.

      • Nobody pushes abortion. Nobody. It is a woman’s choice, thank dog someone in the US is still honouring the fact that women are people and have rights over their own bodies.

        • LoveTheLeast8

          What about people like this…

          “I’m definitely pro-abortion”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh8oz3orpZY

          So you support the choice to terminate a human fetus through all 9 months?

          • Does this woman work for Planned Parenthood? I didn’t hear her talking to a pregnant woman trying to push her into having an abortion. Just because an entity like Planned Parenthood exists does not mean that they push abortions on anyone, which was my point.

            I do not understand your last question in relation to my previous comments.

          • LoveTheLeast8

            How do you know Planned Parenthood is giving good advice when they have been caught so often breaking the law related to child sex abuse reporting?

            You wrote “women are people and have rights over their own bodies” which I am asking if you believe this extends to birth?

          • James Egan

            If they don’t push abortion, how come Planned Parenthood provides zero pre-natal care, nothing related to giving birth to babies, doesn’t work with adoption agencies or help women get connected to them, and does nothing for women who have already had children? If you’re pregnant, all they will do for you is give you an abortion. That’s… pushing abortion.

    • James Egan

      Right. Sex ed directed at getting teenagers to have sex with each other, while showering them with condoms is really in the best interests of preventing unplanned pregnancies. Have more irresponsible sexual activity, and… maybe… there will be less unplanned pregnancies. This kind of logic, to me, is enough to shut any organization down.

      The number of unplanned pregnancies is not going down. Planned Parenthood performed more abortions in the last fiscal year than ever before. So whatever they might be trying to do, it isn’t working.

  • Ruby25

    Great job calling out the abortion industry for what it is!

  • Geri Forbes

    Shared it! Short and very much to the right point!

  • mcvickerski

    “Supremely wrong decisions” love it.