How was the March for Life an “epic failure”?

This weekend was the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers gathered to protest the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling and fight for life. This year’s march saw record-breaking attendance, with well over 500,000 people marching. Some estimates run as high as 650,000.

To one pro-abort, though? Eh, no big deal. The march was an epic failure. He understated the number of people present, possibly by up to a quarter of a million, and claimed that the March was “terrible.” Here’s the reasoning, which makes absolutely no sense at all.

Two different causes were promoted at the rally. First, the cause for the rally is “abortion should not be legal.” That is a statement of legality. The Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld Roe v. Wade, so abortion is legal. The Supreme Court is famous for not caring about protests and instead choosing to weigh issues as objectively as possible according to the laws of our country, and 400,000 teenagers won’t change that.

Second, “women should not have access to abortion.” That is the cause you should be mad about, because women getting abortions is not a lifestyle like gay marriage or gun ownership are a lifestyle – an ongoing commitment to a certain way of life. Women who seek abortions are not “anti-life.” The choice to have an abortion does not reflect a lifestyle; it reflects a lack of options for women and children in America.

So, if something is already legal, there’s no more room to protest? Yes, pro-lifers are aware that abortion is legal. That’s why we’re protesting. It’s called the First Amendment, buddy. Americans are allowed to peacefully assemble and protest in the hopes of convincing their government to change a law. Or is the First Amendment stupid now, too?

And the author obviously believes that the March for Life is the only way pro-lifers are trying to end abortion, which is comical, considering that the past two years have seen the greatest number of anti-abortion laws ever passed. That, of course, is thanks to pro-life politicians. What do you know? We’re getting things done besides just protesting! It’s thanks to the pro-life movement that more young people than ever before are pro-life, that crisis pregnancy centers are flourishing, and that restrictions on abortion are being passed. The March for Life is important, but it’s just a small fraction of what we do. Don’t underestimate us.

As far as women not having access to abortion, yes, that’s exactly what we’re hoping for. Why? Because murdering an unborn child is not acceptable. And while pro-aborts just love to peddle this lie about women having no other choices in America, it’s absolutely untrue. There’s adoption, which abortion advocates never, ever bring up. They act as if the idea of adoption instead of abortion is insane, because there couldn’t possibly be enough families to adopt these children. In the real world, though, there are very long waiting lists to adopt a child in the United States. It’s not an easy process. There are thousands, if not millions, of people who would jump at the chance to adopt if more mothers would just choose life instead of death. There’s also been a influx of crisis pregnancy centers – which actually now outnumber abortion clinics – which can and will help women who choose to keep their babies.

It’s not that women don’t have options. It’s that the abortion industry eagerly hides them from women in order to keep their gruesome cash cow producing.

  • Excellent post.

  • MOS was 71331

    I like what the commenter said: “Women who seek abortions are not ‘anti-life'” Perhaps, they’re not anti-life generally, but clearly they’re anti-life when it comes to killing their own child. By my analysis, that makes them pro-death — period.

  • He knows it wasn’t an epic failure. If it was an epic failure, he wouldn’t be taking the time to write an entire article about why it was an epic failure.

  • Jay E.

    Thanks for this, that article is a terrible bit of writing. If this was a failure, I can’t wait to see what it looks like when we win.

  • the courts have no right to decide that certain persons are not worthy to live unless guilty of a crime. Life is a God given right and is protected under our constitution which is the supreme law of our republic. Therefore roevwade is NOT the law of the land. Therefore every slaughtered baby was indeed murdered.

  • WorldGoneCrazy

    Slavery was legal under American law of the time, and so was what Hitler did to the Jews – under German law of the time. But, I’ll bet this non-gentleman thought that the OWS protests, where property was destroyed, police cars were defecated on, and women were raped, was a huge success. Most twenty-one year olds understand the difference between moral and legal, but there are so many folks in America who never depart adolescence, assuming that they survive the womb in the first place. The young people who showed up this weekend for March for Life are by far the betters of their video game addict, basement-dwelling cousins who “served” in the Occupy (bowel) Movement, and they will overturn this most ridiculously decided Roe put in place by the moral relativists of my generation and endorsed by the scoundrel femiNazi president, whose name I cannot print on a page for Life.

  • Melissa L.

    “The choice to have an abortion…reflects a lack of options for women and children in America”
    If our modern “feminists” really want to liberate women then why would they glorify and abet an industry that just reflects a LACK of options for women?
    The answer: the modern feminist movement feigns and interist in the empowerment of women.
    I’m doing my Girl Scout Gold Award with a crisis pregnancy center:)
    Thanks for the post!

    • Noelle

      Melissa, don’t Girl Scouts support Planned Parenthood?

  • Shannon

    It’s like Les Mis . . . we can all be Javair and follow the law to the letter, or we can find moral virtue and grace in Valjean.

    • Shannon

      not that we shouldn’t be law abiding citizens . . . I guess I should clarify . . . but just because we are legally allowed to do something does not make it morally right.

    • Nicool

      FYI, It’s Javert. :)
      But I completely agree that legal =/= moral.

  • Bridget

    The reason why not as many people showed was because the weather was bad, and weather changes plans.

  • Lenny

    We need a media outlet, that reports the news. 200 people Sierra Club protesting an oil pipeline gets more coverage. I think even our conservative radio is going South. It was a shame the way Todd Aachen got thrown under the bus by the right as well as left wing media.