Huggies commercial

Huggies commercial exclaims: “There’s a human being growing inside your stomach!”

Excited to be a dad in the new Huggies ad
Excited to be a dad in the new Huggies ad.

It’s easy to be discouraged by the negative news swirling around the internet every day. It’s easy to think that our world is full of death and horrible things. In some ways, it is. But there’s also another side. There are reasons to be encouraged.

There are countless unsung heroes who choose life, in spite of death:

  • Quentin and Jodi Peterson, who chose life for their son when a doctor strongly advised that they leave him to starve to death in the hospital.
  • The Long family, who rejected a doctor’s advice to institutionalize their son who had cerebral palsy.
  • Nicole and Steven Steng, who gave life to their son with spina bifida, despite a doctor telling Nicole that he would “absolutely perform” a late-term abortion.
  • Emily Kiecher’s mom, who refused abortion after Emily was diagnosed with spina bifida. Emily was featured on the February, 2013, cover of Parents Magazine.
  • The mothers of Steve Jobs and Colin Kaepernick who chose adoption instead of abortion.
  • Pam Tebow, who chose a risk to her own life over aborting her son, Tim Tebow.

And despite the negativity so prevalent in common media coverage, there are often bright spots to be found:

Now we can add Huggies to the ever-expanding list. This well-known diaper company has aired an ad where a woman excitedly informs her husband (or partner) that he is going to be a dad. After giving her a huge hug, he exclaims, “There’s a human being growing inside your stomach!”

Not only does this ad correctly refer to an unborn child – from a very early stage (the woman just found out she’s pregnant) – as a “human being,” but it also communicates another important message. This baby is growing. And growing children deserve protection from those who are responsible for them – namely their parents.

Watch the ad for yourself, and celebrate with this couple that a new, unique human being is growing inside this new mother’s stomach!

  • Amy

    Love this! I hope this ad gets shown everywhere!

  • Huggies is a brand of Kimberly-Clark. Kimberly-Clark partners
    with Girls for a Change which was partially founded by Planned

  • Wynne Collins

    Steve Jobs was born in 1955 when abortion was ILLEGAL… His mother had no choice. Poorly researched example. In case you need to know for the future, Roe V Wade occurred in 1973…
    Also, do not forget that the mother is ALSO a human being, not an incubator…

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      Thanks, but I was aware of the info on Steve Jobs. There were still plenty of opportunities for women to get abortions back then. I personally know a woman who got an abortion in the late 1950’s. Not as many women chose abortion back then, thankfully, but it still was an option.

      I entirely agree with you that the mother is a human being. I simply believe that both human beings involved deserve equal rights. Neither should be forced to die.

    • LifeDontWasteIt

      So… making it illegal saved a life. . .