I will carry you: a story of unconditional love

On January 9, 2012, little Nora Rose, then only 25 weeks old, changed the lives of her family forever.

On that day, Nora’s family found out that she had an extra 18th chromosome. Through prenatal tests, she was diagnosed with a fatal chromosomal abnormality – Trisomy 18. Her parents were confronted with a devastating situation they never though they’d have to face:

Nora, just days after birth

Although we were given the option to induce preterm labor and “just get this over with”, we have realized that there is just NO easy way out of this.  We will allow our baby to remain safe, warm and loved inside of me until God decides his or her time with us is up.  Our baby is not in any pain and is oblivious to the sea of painful emotions that have been churning in the hearts of so many since we received the news.  For what ever reason, God chose US to be the parents of this little person.  As sad as I am at the prospect of parting with this tiny baby, I know and trust that God has a plan.

Nora’s mom was faced with a decision, and with God holding her hand, she chose to carry her little one, and allow God’s plan unfold. She started a blog, I Will Carry You, and has recorded her family’s journey since Nora’s diagnosis. I stumbled upon the blog just after Nora’s birth, and I have been reading the beautiful daily updates ever since.

Nora and her Mommy

Nora was born on April 18, and she has since defied the odds. She was able to go home at only two days old, and she has been surrounded by love every day of her life with her parents and two siblings.

Like any journey, 3-month-old Nora’s has had its ups and downs. Her family has been through so much this year, and through it all, they have put their faith in God, and his plan for their lives.Head over to Nora’s family’s blog to show some love to this incredible little girl (and her family) who has already touched countless lives.

We never know how our lives will turn out – only God does. Through choosing life for their Nora, Nora’s life has touched and changed the lives of countless others in such a short time. Her family is a moving example of unconditional love, and trust in God. Follow her blog to stay up-to-day on precious little Nora!

  • Sarah

    Beautiful, Laura! Thank you!

  • Faith’s Mom

    Beautifully told. We carried our daughter, Faith, to term and have never regretted that choice for one moment. She was diagnosed with anencephaly -a fatal neural tube defect – at 11 weeks into my pregnancy. She defied the predictions and was not only born alive, but we were blessed to share thirty-three amazing days with her this side of Heaven.

  • sn’t planning on crying today but, so much for that notion. This is an amazing story and this woman is much stronger than me. I don’t think I could have done what she did.

    • Elisabeth

      You never know what you can do until you have to do it. Don’t sell yourself short – when the opportunity arises, God’s grace can make all of us heroes.

  • God’s mighty blessings upon you Laura. Stay strong for Christ and keep fighting the good fight.

  • Terri Baehr

    The original “I Will Carry You” is also a story of a baby…Audrey who was diagnosed with a fatal disease in the womb. She was born to the leader of the group Selah Todd Smith and his wife Angie, they too have a wonderful blog telling the story of their little angel who is now in heaven.

  • A Marie

    If you like the blog spoken about in this article, you may enjoy this one.

  • Elizabeth Shearer

    What an amazing testament to Life! My little one is almost 25 weeks along (in utero) and just trying to imagine how I would feel in this situation was almost too much for me. Baby Nora’s parents are real life role models of what it means to truly accept life, in all it’s frailty. I was blown away. It’s totally worth a visit to their site. There are a lot more pictures of Nora and her siblings that will just melt your heart and hopefully remind each and every one of us just how precious every breath we take really is. Thank you Laura for sharing Nora’s story!!

  • Lea

    Awwww, that’s such a sweet story! Blessings for Nora and her family, remember God always knows best! :)

  • Patti Stauffer

    Nora is so so adorable and a Blessing. We have a Granddaughter Alayna who has Down Syndrome she is Angel sent from God. Always smiling and happy. We learn alot from Alayna being the best you can always. God Bless You

  • Annihilatepp

    Thank you! What an absolutely beautiful story. Where can I buy that gorgeous pendant?