ICU Mobile announces the addition of 12 more mobile pregnancy vehicles

ICU Mobile has announced the growth of its fleet of life-saving mobile pregnancy vehicles. In a press release on April 25, ICU (pronounced “I See You”) announced that they will deploy 12 more Mobile pregnancy centers before the end of 2012. Michael Homula, executive director of ICU Mobile, noted in the press release that “[t]he growth of our fleet of life-saving Mobile ultrasound vehicles has been extraordinary. Our Huntsville deployment in April will be followed by Memphis in May, Dallas in June and Minneapolis in July.” The organization currently has 28 fleet affiliates throughout the U.S. and one international affiliate, located in Ghana. In addition, more than 90 crisis pregnancy centers and life-affirming ministries at home and abroad are discussing the possibility of deploying a vehicle with ICU Mobile.

According to its website, ICU Mobile is a “non-profit ministry of love and grace deploying and supporting a fleet of mobile pregnancy centers so that every woman experiencing and unplanned pregnancy may have a free opportunity to see her unborn child and hear the Gospel in a non-judgmental, non-political and non-coercive environment.” Executive Director Michael Homula praised the results of ICU Mobile, saying, “Of the women we serve, 87.8% of those considering abortion change their mind and choose life.” As the ministry also shares the Gospel, 39.8% of those ICU Mobile serves make first-time commitments to Jesus Christ.

The ministry works by making ultrasound equipment mobile and showing mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy an ultrasound of their child. According to ICU Mobile, statistics show that more than 70% of women considering an abortion will change their minds when they see their babies on an ultrasound. ICU Mobile’s mission is to help women choose life through demonstrations of love and compassion.

One of the new additions to the mobile fleet will deploy in Memphis, Tennessee in May. Cathy Waterbury, executive director of Confidential Care for Women, expressed great excitement over the vehicle, noting that “[w]e are excited about how the Lord will use a mobile ultrasound vehicle to serve the women and unborn of Memphis. We will join forces will ICU Mobile to bring the most innovative and effective pregnancy care ministry to Memphis and surrounding areas. Together we can make a greater impact for LIFE.”

You can find out more about ICU Mobile here.

  • praise the Lord! :D

  • Martin Wagner

    So it’s a bunch of guys, driving around, trying to lure girls into their white vans…

    Nope, nothing creepy about this at all. :-)

    • notimportant

      Lol, omG! At least the mobile’s have windows, which is usually something serial killer vans lack. Hey, maybe we could call these “serial living vans”? I would say “serial liver vans”, but then it sounds like an organ transplant van. J/k around!

  • If I ever become pregnant, I want to call one of these up. “Oh, is that all? Nah, still going to get an abortion, and I’m still atheist. See you!” And just see what their reaction is.

    $50 that they start foaming at the mouth and/or write snarky articles on their blogs.

    • Martin Wagner

      What I’m wondering is if ICU (nice of them to help us with the pronunciation of that) Mobile is actually going to offer to adopt the baby, or at least pay for the mother’s entire prenatal care all the way up through birth, whenever they convince a woman not to go through with it. I mean, that would be one thing. But just throwing religion at someone in order to guilt her into carrying a baby to term, then letting her out on the sidewalk while they drive off high-fiving, seems just a tiny bit (read “massively”) jerky.

      • notimportant

        I’m sure they could help put women in touch with people who could help them with adoption, if that should be the action she’d want to take. As far as affording her prenatal care, I’m certain either her insurance would cover; or if she’s uninsured, then she may qualify for assistance for her prenatal care. Or (as the crisis pregnancy center that I frequently donate to does) she may receive direct assistance (read: pays cash for the bills or works out a payment plan in conjunction with a church, themselves and the pregnant woman) for her prenatal care.

        Anyway, it sounds as though the program is a church-based endeavor, therefore they are free to minister, since it is their program. If a woman wants an ultrasound, but would rather avoid any type of church connection, she can still obtain one from any non-church affiliated imaging centers. No one is forcing pregnant women to use this mobile ultrasound as their only means to receive an ultrasound.

      • Xbatgirlx

        Did you know that they DO offer support and places to go exactly for those needs? To get help and information on prenatal care, adoption, legal issues, medical needs, etc. The goal here is to HELP women, not show them a “picture” and send them on there way. Very naive of you to think this is ALL about “religion”.

    • notimportant

      Not at all. They’ve seen that type of response before, so it’s nothing earth-shattering. All you would likely hear is “We hope you change your mind. If you do, please call us. God bless”.

      Volunteers for this are far too busy usually, to drop everything and head off to their blogs. There’s tons of work in assisting pregnant women, and the hours are incredibly long.