Or would you choose this? (From www.nogreaterjoymom.com)

“I’d choose you!” A forgotten choice for life in a world of death

I have quite the variety of friends on Facebook. Friends who voted for Obama. Friends who refused to vote for either major candidate. Friends who seem to think that a teenager killing her child is better than a teenager raising her child. Pro-life activists friends (bet you saw that one coming). I have friends who have eight children, and I have friends with no children. Friends who have been adopted. Friends who adopt. And that’s whom I want to tell you about today.

We live in a world steeped in death. No, not everything is full of marble headstones, unmarked graves, and the Grim Reaper. (I’m actually quite an optimist, truth be told.) But clearly, if we look at the world – and particularly at American culture – with our eyes wide open, we will see death all around us. Movies, music, TV, and video games all celebrate – or desensitize us to – violence at an insane level. Just this year, my home state of Colorado attracted quite a bit of media attention for the shooting in an Aurora theater during The Dark Knight Rises and also for the kidnapping, death, and dismembering of a ten-year-old girl.

Would you choose this? (Photo credit: tokyosucks on Flickr)

Yet death does not win. It just doesn’t. Death is never the final answer. It is not its own resting place. Life always – always – springs forth from the place where death once seemed to reign. Many of us choose to show the beauty and truth of life through rescuing the little ones that are scheduled for death all around our nation. But one major way to choose life that is all too often forgotten is adoption.

Adoption is one of the ultimate pictures of life. Adoption reaches into a life condemned, a life hardened or alone or abused, and lifts that life up to the light of love. My Facebook friend whom I mentioned earlier has already adopted two little boys from Russia. Now, she and her husband are planning and working toward the adoption of two little girls, also from Russia. One of their adopted sons saw the photos of these two precious girls and asked his mom, “Why don’t we be their family?” This family’s two boys have absolutely blossomed under their love and care, and now they have the opportunity to bring the light of a family’s love to two little girls – one of whom is deaf. If you’d like to read more about their story or help them meet the adoption costs – a big need right now – you can visit their blog.

At this family’s blog, I happened across a link to another blog by yet another family who has reached out and grabbed hold of desperate children. They’ve already adopted five! Their post, “I’d choose you…,” has to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Don’t go away without taking a look!

I often hear people say they would love to adopt- but they cannot afford it. They believe there is no way they could come up with the large sum of money it cost to adopt. And yet, many times, without even realizing it-they are investing even more into the ‘finer’ things in life. And often, without even realizing it, they go into debt trying to pretend that they can. They have fallen into the trap of believing that things make them important, things make them accepted and things make them happy.

And that is such a lie.

There are children all over the world, even in our own back yard, waiting for someone to realize their real value… Waiting for you to see them for the true treasures they are… Waiting for someone to realize they are the finer things in life… Waiting for someone- to choose them, over a lifestyle.

Or would you choose this? (From www.nogreaterjoymom.com)

I cannot talk about adoption without also mentioning a lady named Adeye. Originally from South Africa, she now lives in the U.S. with her husband and their nine children – six of whom are adopted, and most – or maybe all – with special needs. Two of these beautiful treasures came from Bulgaria, where the infamous Pleven orphanage is located. The children in the Pleven orphanage were subjected to horrible, unspeakable conditions. Ten- and 15-year-olds weighed as much as babies. Incredible medical problems assaulted these children, simply because of the lack of care. Multiple children died from choking on the liquid diet they were fed, as no one came to their aid.

There has been intervention in this orphanage, and conditions are changing, but the plight of many of these children is still very real. Adeye has written a compelling post, calling us each to action on the behalf of children around the world who simply need someone to step outside their comfort zones, outside their finances, and outside their circumstances and say “yes” to a desperate little soul.

In Romania, there are other desperate circumstances.

Any given day in Oradea, Romania: 70+ abandoned babies & toddlers left at the hospital. Over 9000 babies are abandoned yearly. Over 150,000 orphans in Romania right now. Around 50000 of these children are in 940 orphanages, leaving over 50% with no place to live. Many of these orphans have a “disease” called Failure to Thrive… A disease caused by a lack of love and attention, causing the babies’ bodies to shut down.

So what can you do? Can you pray harder for the children awaiting adoption and those being transferred to horrendous facilities at a very young age? Can you send gifts, financial donations, or letters to children in orphanages? Can you adopt – maybe one of the 240 children left waiting in Pleven (as of February 2012)? Can you help finance another family who is burdened with adoption? You can do something. Will you do it today?

  • It’s wonderful if a woman chooses to give up a child she can’t care for for adoption. That’s not this issue though is it? The issue is why must that be her only alternative and why must the state be used under threat of punishment to make her carry that child in her body against her will, give birth to it and then give it away if that is not her personal choice? I simply cannot get my head around what the pro-life movement doesnt understand here? You don’t find it the height of cruelty and dehumanizing to step all over the rights of an adult female and force her under penalty of law to do something as physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing as birthing a child when she absolutely does not want to? Is there anything more insensitive and tyrannical than that? Her rights trump those of a two month old fetus. Stop universalizing the word “child” too. A child is a full term, born, individual. Not a blastocyte, zygote, or a fetus. How you can feel the rights of the unborn are greater than the rights of the born and living is completely nuts.

    • Contraception??? Abstinence??? Nah…….murder is easier, better, and my body is more important than that nasty little baby. ugh.

      • Yeah, because there’s no such thing as an unplanned pregnancy. And even if you do use contraception and abstain that still does not change the fact that if a woman becomes pregnant and doesn’t want to be you want to force her against her will under threat of punishment to carry that child and give birth to it. How do you not think that doing that is tyrannical, sick, and misogynistic. if a woman decides she wants to be a mother or doesnt is her decision. Thats why we’re PRO CHOICE while you are absolutely 100% ANTI CHOICE.

        This issue does not change regardless of whether or not you use birth control or abstain from sex. Strangely too, the organization that is responsible for providing simple and easy access to birth control pills thereby preventing unplanned pregnancies and abortions, you want gone. The pro-life movement is not about saving babies and ending abortion. Your real goal is ending the pill and taking women out of the workforce and putting them back in the home, barefoot and pregnant. This is your real goal(and by extension ending feminism) as these are the real beliefs of the evangelical movement which is the driving force behind the pro-life movement. And for the very last time a two month old fetus which is when over 84% of abortions take place is not a baby. That is simply science. calling it a “baby” to elicit sympathy and smear your opponents as child murderers is not going to work.

        • me

          When I was two months pregnant, the doctors and the nurses called it a baby. And your beliefs about the evangelical movement are really kind of silly. But if it makes you a happier person, then go ahead and keep believing the nonsense.

          Also, did you even read the article? It was about adopting orphans, silly. It wasn’t even about abortion. Next time, try reading.

          • Yeah, it was about putting children up for adoption as an alternative to abortion. This is a pro-life blog. I don’t think you need that much of a reading comprehension level or the ability to decipher a subtext in order to see that. but I guess in your case you fall a bit short in that department.

            And that is the real goal of the pro-life movement. Do a little research on the subject about people like Phyliss Schlafly and the original opposition to women’s rights. This is about ending access to the pill as well as abortion. Planned parenthood is the largest provider of contraception in the country and allowd easy access to it for women. By defunding PP you end that access and to the most vulnerable women in the country, low income women who need those services the most. And If evangelicals believe in a fundamentalist interpretation of the bible than they believe women are subservient to men and belong in the home.

          • me

            This particular article was about adopting existing already born children. I am an evangelical and I am pro life and I don’t know anyone who has such extremist views as what you described. I also know that the pro-life movement includes many different faiths as well as those with no faith.

            People who are pro-life believe that the size, development and awareness of a human being do not diminish the value of life and the individual rights of a human. It’s a human rights issue.

            I choose to believe that you are smarter than lumping millions of people into the most extreme position you can think of. Your emotions are just getting the better of you. But people don’t take you seriously when you do that. Think about it. I can do the same thing with the other side and you would probably just laugh.

        • “Your rights are more important than those of a fetus, yes.”

          That is where we disagree. The woman’s rights are exactly as valuable as those of the fetus, no more and no less. However, the fetus’s right to live outweighs the woman’s right to not stay pregnant. As soon as it’s possible to remove the fetus without killing it (say via C-section) then let the woman have the surgery and give the baby up for adoption or foster care if she doesn’t want it. But until then the lesser violation of rights must be accepted in order to avoid the greater.
          And the fact that a fetus is not a baby does not make it any less human, just as the fact that a baby is not a grown-up does not make it any less human.

        • libertarian_atheist

          @John Doey : I will give you the option of being pro-choice for a moment. If you are really for choice, are you also for letting people put whatever they want into their own body such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, trans-fats, etc? Are you for a person’s choice to have a gun? Are you for a person’s choice to not be robbed by the government in the name of taxation? If so, I will grant you that you are pro-choice. If not, then you may want to reconsider using the word choice.

          • Of course I’m for letting people use drugs, smoke, drink, sleep with whores without legal consequence etc. But no, taxation is not robbery. people want a strong military, paved roads, a working legislature and all the other services govt provides then you have to pay taxes. You dont want a govt? Try Somalia.

        • The woman should’ve thought about that before she opened her legs, right? Of course, in the cases of rape and incest, that’s different. But having sex, getting pregnant, and then using abortion as a cheap and easy way to get rid of a woman’s “problems” is completely selfish. It was her decision to have sex, so it was simultaneously her decision to be a potential mother.

  • Christine N.

    You can also get involved in the foster care system here at home. There is a need for luggage so children don’t haul their belongings around in trash bags, a need for court appointed special advocates (CASA), a need for foster/adoptive parents. Adopting a child from the foster care system is nearly free, especially compared to international adoption.

  • libertarian_atheist

    Like I said in my other post, if a person really believes adoption is a better choice than abortion, they need to be consistent across the board. However, I often see a hypocritical stance on this issue, because many pro-life people I know also hate homosexuals and would never grant them the right to adopt a child, even if it would help that child live and survive and grow up in a loving home.

    I have seen lesbian and gay couples who have either adopted or had their own natural children and those children turn out productive and intelligent members of society and know what it is like to never be abused or harmed.

    It is just unfortunate that both sides of abortion have created “package” deals where you have to also agree with them on the other issues they believe in.

    If you are interested in reducing or preventing abortion, don’t fight solutions that actually work like condoms, birth control or gay adoption or sex education. Making abortion illegal and punishing people for having them would simply make the procedure go underground and creating an even worse atmosphere of medical malpractice and death.

    To change the hearts and minds of people you disagree with, you need to have sound and rational arguments, not the same old rhetoric of using cherry picked bible verses or “God hates abortion” or attacking a person for making a horrible mistake.

    As an atheist, and knowing the bible better than the average Christian, I can guarantee you that biblegod is NOT pro-life. So, to quote scripture at pro-choice people won’t do the trick, since they can simply use a better argument of God being all about death.

    Pro-life people need to move to the 21st century if they want to even have a chance at reaching an increasing number of pro-choice supporters, given that Obama won the re-election at a massive fail for the Republicans.