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Published: March 22, 2013 8:32 pm to Opinion Column

“If you don’t have a uterus, zip it!”

A small group of college girls sit on the floor doing what girls love to do most: talk. Two of the students are pregnant, and conversation centers on the options before them, including abortion. Suddenly, a deep voice booms from the TV across the room, drawing their attention to the bald, fluffy-faced man on the screen who arrogantly announces,

“And now our conservative, all-male panel will discuss the future of women’s reproductive rights.”

The above scenario was portrayed in a cartoon I saw hanging in a coworker’s cubicle. It reflects a common sentiment: when it comes to abortion, men should stay out of it. The idea is that abortion is exclusively a women’s issue, and thus men have no right to interfere. Let’s talk about that.

My right to speak out should not be based on this (or my lack thereof).

My right to speak out should not be based on this (or my lack thereof).

As a father of two (one on the way), I know how this baby stuff works. I can say with total certainty that women do not create babies alone. They co-create them…with men. Furthermore, by default, approximately 50% of aborted babies are boys (at least in the U.S). I say that qualifies us males to speak on the issue. See, contrary to popular opinion, abortion is not solely a women’s rights issue; it is a human rights issue.

Yet still, even some pro-lifers shudder when men dare to assert the irrefutable science and simple common sense which support the right to life. Consider this: does the gender of a speaker affect the truth of what is spoken? Do facts become less factual when uttered by a fool? Of course not.

If a purple chipmunk tells you the earth is round, the earth is still round. (For the record, if a purple chipmunk actually talks to you, for the sake of sanity you should flee immediately. Perhaps toss some acorns over your shoulder to distract the creature from giving chase.)

We all know that pro-abortion radicals have no problem with male politicians speaking in support of abortion, or male lobbyists fighting for federal funding of Planned Parenthood, or male doctors performing abortions. But the minute a man speaks out for life, it’s “HEY! If you don’t have a uterus, ZIP IT!!!”

No, Madame Anger, I will not zip it. Unless you are trying to tell me my fly is down, in which case, thank you. I will zip it slowly and carefully.

Guys, I don’t know about you, but I for one am tired of being told that because I can never carry a child, I can’t stick up for one. It’s time to stop bowing to prejudice. It’s time to start being men.

In conclusion, to those who burn with rage when we men have the nerve to stand up for life, I offer this humble apology: please forgive us for being born male. What were we thinking?

About Danny Burton

Danny is a songwriter/guitarist from Colorado. In his spare time he plays hockey, volunteers at church, shoots mini hoops with his 2 year old son, and does his best to debunk pro-abortion lunacy.
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  • Basset_Hound

    So by using their “logic” I can’t speak out against filthy “puppy mills” because I am not a dog.

    • Danny Burton

      Right, and if you couldn’t afford a slave, don’t speak out against slavery.

    • Damien Johnson

      Well, these people also are not unborn babies so they have no right to champion a “right” to kill them.

    • pointe4Jesus

      And whites shouldn’t have gotten involved in the civil rights movement because they weren’t black.

    • Leslie Dawson

      keep bitches in check: MANHOOD101. C O M

    • Leslie Dawson

      Time to tell the truth about women:

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  • blair miller

    I’d hate it when people say, you can’t say abortion is wrong because your not the right gender or have neaver been in that horrid situation. Um newsflash I don’t need to be in that situation or the right gender to know its Wrong! We say murder is wrong, but not all of us had some one in our ffamily murder. But we still no its wrong, so why can that be the same with abortion as well?

  • MoonChild02

    It also helps to know that the entire panel of judges for the case Roe v. Wade, as well as that for the case Doe v. Bolton, were made up of men. So, if they say that men are not allowed to have a say, or even an opinion, about abortion, then they are shooting themselves in the foot.

    • Danny Burton

      Bingo. Radical pro-abortionists are like dictators: as long as we agree with them we can say whatever we want.

      • Basset_Hound

        That’s true of any one of a number of politically correct causes.

    • Damien Johnson

      I brought that up with a pro-abort, and she said Roe vs Wade was made legal because of the women that made their voices heard.

    • DianaG2

      Good one. Never even thought of that.

  • Carol Batson-Pruden

    We have taught a generation of young men to be callous towards their children. By saying “you can’t love or want this child, I’m aborting it” and turning around and saying “you have to love THIS child and support it for the next 18 years” we have given our men mixed and confusing signals. It is natural to love your children, and yet, our men are controlled in a way by being told when it is ok to form that attachment. We need to be more proactive with our boys and teach them the emotional consequences of an unwanted pregnancy before it happens.

  • Doc Kimble

    What females are really saying by trying to keep men out of the conversation, I think, is that they are more damaged by the abortion choice than are the males. Ironically, this ignores the issue of marriage and childbirth and their benefits for both the female and the male. I think that’s the whole point of Traditional marriage: mutual self-protection….man from his baser natural instincts, woman from her weaker nature…. bringing her a protector from those baser things which men do, like rape, or kidnapping, war etc…In marriage, the two become one, an exclusive, unique relationship which creates exclusively unique children which are produced by their love and meant to be under the mutual protection and love of the parents. So, this anti-male verbiage is really anti-family language, and, ironically, anti-female language. Obviously, then, wisdom and truth are not gender-specific.

  • Guest

    Excellent article! I totally agree with you. Men have just as much of a right to speak out against abortion cuz it’s their kid, too! God bless you.

    • Danny Burton

      Thanks friend, God Bless you too :)

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  • musiciangirl591

    our SFL president is a man, he gets alot of flack from some pro choicers on campus because they think he “shouldn’t have a voice in the matter”

    • Kat

      Our pro-life club gets a lot of flack on campus when we don’t have any females present at our tables too. yet, even once there is a female present, they don’t take us any more seriously.

  • Mme Scherzo

    It is the same argument used against anyone who speaks out against the injustice of affirmative action. If you are white, you can’t speak against it or you’ll be a racist. If you are black and speak against it you are a race traitor. If you are any other minority shut up, I think they mean.

  • Kristin

    Not only that but it once again puts everything about bearing children on the women, as if it’s our job because we are women. As a feminist, I was always offended by this. Saying men can’t talk about it is basically implementing outdated gender roles suggesting women have to do with all things concerning babies. Oh and it’s not like anyone tells us we can’t have a say on circumcision just because we don’t have penises, and women wouldn’t accept that anyway.

    • Danny Burton

      Amen lol great point on circumcision!

  • Eduardo Pereira

    I’m Brazilian, and in my country, people speak much against abortion and there are many men defending life, but there is too afraid to speak of homosexuality in Brazil.

    It is necessary for men to speak in favor of life and against abortion, BUT IS ALSO NECESSARY for women to speak AGAINST male homosexuality. Women have to face the Gays … because this is a difficult task for men, for when a man speaks against homosexuality, is called “closeted gay”, this causes many constraints to man, but WHEN A WOMAN SPEAKS AGAINST male homosexuality, the gays are without action ….. the gay male FEAR WOMEN ….. this is the secret ….

    BUT UNFORTUNATELY, women have been complacent about homosexuality …

    • Elizabeth Luyben

      While I don’t see what the radical homosexual agenda has to do with pro-life issues I am happy to hear that the Brazilians are speaking against abortion. I don’t think the problem is homosexuality per-se, but the extremist agenda forcing us to comply, contribute and bow down to it. There are many injustices inflicted upon our morals & the basic fabric of society in the name of “rights”. However, the right to life is paramount as no other right matters if you’re killed.

      • Jonathan Kuperberg

        I have been called “closeted” on several liberal boards lately for speaking out against the radical homosexual agenda from the perspective of a pro-life male. I sympathise, Eduardo.

    • Deege

      Homosexual male couples do not risk unintended pregnancy or have abortions. They’re not part of the abortion discussion. I have no idea why you think they fear women, who are often their best friends. In any case, what you are talking about is social conservatism and/or religious values, which prolifers don’t necessarily agree about.

      In my opinion, one of the reasons the prolife movement in the US is not bigger and more successful is that it is perceived by social liberals who might be on the fence about abortion (and I’ve met quite a few) as being an exclusive club for religious conservatives. The fight to eliminate abortion can’t be won by conservatives alone, it needs consensus from everyone. To me, a prolifer who is not a social conservative, eliminating abortion is completely consistent with progressive values: It’s an issue of social justice, a human rights cause, and the ULTIMATE safety net for human beings. All it takes to oppose abortion is reason. Diluting focus by attaching other unrelated issues doesn’t help get where we’re going on abortion.

      • DianaG2

        Yes, I’ve always wondered about this? I thought liberals were supposed to side with the underdog?

        Who is more of an underdog than the unborn baby inside her or his mom??

  • Bernadette

    God bless you and for standing up for those babies who can’t speak for themselves! Every man has the right to raise his child even if its mother doesn’t want to!

  • Guest

    I applaud the sentiment — reproductive justice isn’t a purely women’s issue at all, and men should definitely be involved in the conversation — but I think the cartoon is a poorly chosen example. The idea, at least in that case, isn’t that “abortion is exclusively a women’s issue” but that it does in fact involve BOTH men and women, and, hey, maybe if we’re going to talk about this, we should have at least one lady in the room.

    • Danny Burton

      The cartoon demonstrated a group of women vs. a group of men. Had the artist’s point been to promote equal participation from both genders, she likely would have portrayed a mixed group discussing the pregnancies. But of course you’re free to interpret it how you choose my friend :) Regardless of how you view the cartoon, my point here is that pro-abortion culture has attempted to silence pro-life men simply by using the fact that we can’t get pregnant, and that is not going to fly anymore. And on that point I think we agree. Thanks for the comment. :)

  • Elizabeth Luyben

    Well said. I appreciate a good rebuttal to the insane attacks on men with regards to this issue.

  • David Parker

    Last time my wife and I had a baby it took the two of us to conceive.

    • Danny Burton

      You and me both buddy.

  • Astraspider

    Your opening anecdote doesn’t really support your point (that men are being told to “stay out of it”). Rather, it points to the relative male homogeneity seen forwarding pro-life legislation and pontificating at pro-life hearings. When America’s legislative bodies are only made up of 17% women (we’re still ahead of Turkmenistan! Whoohoo!), that’s maybe a structural problem, but it’s also a PR problem for your Movement. To their credit, I think they realize that, and it seems that female legislators are increasingly asked to be the spear-tip (North Dakota’s Bette Grande and Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn come to mind). But, no, men are not being asked to “stay out of it”. They’re being asked to, at least, pretend it’s not just one big patriarchal gambit.

    • Calvin Freiburger

      “that’s maybe a structural problem, but it’s also a PR problem for your Movement.”

      Only in the eyes of sexist tools who lie about ideas they can’t refute on the intellectual level being “patriarchal gambits.” Rational people for whom gender-equality actually means what it sounds like know better than to define people’s worth by their chromosomes.

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      There’s plenty of women supporting and leading pro-life legislation and speaking at hearings, as you mentioned at the end. It’s just that the media often chooses not to cover that because, wow, what do we do with women who actually think a baby’s right to life is more important than their own supreme, untouchable “liberty”? Take Sandra Fluke as an example…the media got all over the idea that she supposedly wasn’t allowed to speak in committee (because of legitimate rules) and almost entirely ignored the fact that two or three pro-life women DID speak. Instead, some reported it as an all-male panel, which was totally false. So that’s the silly thing about cartoons like the one in this article…they don’t even represent what actually goes on. They just try to propagate the false idea that only men talk on this issue and that only men don’t have the right to talk.

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  • princessjasmine45

    Wait, so if men are being told to stay out of it, does that mean male aborionists have no right to perform an abortion?
    after all, they don’t have a uterus, so they should stop their (mal)practice altogether

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  • Rosemary Parsells

    Why is it that nobody mentions the idea that, in some cases, the woman wants to abort her child (and does), when the father of said child is more than willing and able to care for the baby if the woman were to carry full term and let him. Does the other person who co-created the child have no parental rights at all? Not in this case, they don’t.

    • Kat

      Food for thought on that note: yet once the child is born, in a medical emergency, if someone who knew first aid approached the family and asked (as they are required to) if they could help, and the parents gave different answers, it’s what the father says that goes.

      • Donna Zerrath

        Actually, I was taught as a paramedic if a child is sick or injured and the parents gave different answers, we are to listen to which ever parent wants their child helped.

  • TheIronFistOfDeath

    If someone is incapable of seeing how women’s bodily autonomy is a secondary topic in abortion, they aren’t smart enough to have an opinion. Abortion, first and foremost, is a discussion about when life beings and when ending that life becomes murder. Women’s bodily autonomy should always come second to that.

  • sk888


  • tweeting4wisdom

    don’t have a uterus but I have seen my wife’s. Does that count?

  • DianaG2

    Brilliant article!!

    I get so tired of those ridiculous cliches myself.

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