I’m totally gonna buy this book

Ok, except Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammogram cancer screenings. So… there’s that.

This Tuesday, September 11, Karen Handel’s book comes out. In case you’re saying to yourself, “Self, who for the love of Pete is Karen Handel?,” allow me to fill you in. Karen Handel was the senior vice president in charge of public policy for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. She was involved in the controversy earlier this year in which Komen announced they would no longer be granting money to Planned Parenthood, and then about three days later said “oops never mind.”

Immediately following this national firestorm of debate and controversy and me yelling at my radio a lot while driving, Handel resigned. On Tuesday, her book will be released. Planned Bullyhood: The Truth Behind the Headlines About the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle With Susan G. Komen for the Cure should prove illuminating, since Handel was intimately involved in the decision-making process and intimately called terrible names on Twitter by rabid pro-choice zealots for weeks afterward. I remember hearing Handel’s name bandied about as the anti-choice ideologue who orchestrated the split between Komen and Planned Parenthood, and upon her resignation, I remember the word “scapegoat” flitting through my head.

Around that time, I followed the news about the controversy pretty closely, and I remember looking Karen Handel’s name up and being surprised she wasn’t blonde. (For some reason, in my mind, Karens are always blonde. I don’t know.) When she ran for governor of Georgia, she was endorsed by Sarah Palin, but not by Georgia Right to Life. That organization found Handel insufficiently pro-life, since she favored a rape/incest exception and refused to condemn in vitro fertilization. In fact, there was some animosity between Handel and pro-life groups… Pretty interesting for a rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, fetus-loving lady-hater. In fact, I found she was much better-known for ethics reform and fiscal conservatism than social issues.

And another thing: Nancy Brinker, Komen’s CEO at the time, was well-known for being a formidable, assertive leader – and a pro-choice Republican. It was hard for me to imagine this one highly independent woman – let alone a whole organization of people with varying political beliefs – bowing to the ideological motivations of a single individual who is not identified – by herself or other pro-lifers – as a pro-life crusader.

My first pro-life protest, in 2007, was a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and I remember it like it was yesterday. It’s where I first met the totally awesome activist and writer Destiny Herndon – De La Rosa, and it was my first taste of the intense animosity that can be directed toward pro-life protesters.

I was a fledgling pro-lifer and nervous as all get-out. I’ve never had a problem with confrontation in general, but I was afraid the race participants would misunderstand our motives. I think some of them did. We weren’t there to condemn them for being a part of Susan G. Komen’s fundraising efforts; we were there to make them aware that Komen was granting money to Planned Parenthood, and why that is, to put it mildly, not cool.

At the time, I was newly aware of the abortion-breast cancer link, a link which some call a myth, about which I’d encourage you, dear reader, to do some research and make up your own mind. That issue aside, I still found it extremely disturbing that an organization purportedly committed to serving women with breast cancer through research and treatment would align itself with an entity that has absolutely nothing to do with breast cancer. To this day, Planned Parenthood does not offer mammograms, and even if they refer women for mammograms, is that enough to justify them getting hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to offset the cost of abortions, which makes up the bulk of their revenue?

Here’s a crazy idea: why not grant to the mammogram provider directly and avoid the abortion-providing middle man?

Furthermore, if Komen were really about altruistically helping woman, why would they align themselves with such a controversial and political organization?

The purpose of our presence at the race that day was to provide information to the participants. We carried signs that read, “YOUR HEART’S IN THE RIGHT PLACE BUT YOUR MONEY ISN’T.” Most of them proclaimed the website “PINKMONEY.ORG,” which examines the abortion-breast cancer link and the relationship between Komen and Planned Parenthood.

I stood on a corner with several other people holding signs. We didn’t yell or even say anything unless spoken to. I was wearing a very happy and friendly-looking toboggan. (I have a theory that certain hats put people at ease.)


I remember very clearly the first large group of racers who came jogging around that corner and directly at us. I saw them see us, I saw them mentally react, I saw their expressions change. Some ignored us, some looked confused, some vaguely interested. Many were…let’s just say they weren’t happy. We were flipped off, sworn at, and called names. One man looked me in the eye and said, “My mother died of breast cancer. Shame on you.”

I felt for him, but I knew that while he was there for his mother, I was there for the millions of women who have been harmed by Planned Parenthood. I said to him what I said to everyone who spoke to me: “You deserve to know where your money is going.”

One of the protesters – a very seasoned pro-life activist – decided to leave. She told me she believed in our message, but was feeling conflicted about the way we were putting it across. I didn’t blame her, but I decided to stay.

This was my first glimpse of the anger that is often directed at a pro-life presence, and it was surprising and unpleasant. Imagine standing still on a grassy corner while a constant stream of joggers, and later walkers, endlessly pours around the corner, sees you there, and flips out.

We were told to “go the f**k home” and “f**k off” and furthermore to “f**k off and die.” I was told, “I hope you f**king die” by a young woman who spat in my direction. “You deserve to know where your money’s going,” I said to her. She gave me the finger.

I felt pity for some of the people who yelled at us and said vile things, but their rage was misplaced. I felt justified, in fact obligated, to stand there with my sign and inform people that the money they were giving to Susan G. Komen in good faith was being used not only to help women, but to hurt them. It was the truth, and the truth can be an ugly and uncomfortable thing.

When the “defunding” controversy happened earlier this year, I remembered that day standing in the bright Dallas sunlight, watching those racers come pouring around the corner. I knew a tiny fraction of what Komen was feeling: an ugly tide of pressure was washing over them. They were acting in a reasonable and justifiable way by choosing to end the Planned Parenthood grants, but people weren’t seeing the truth. They were hearing the lies that Planned Parenthood is a valuable partner in the fight against breast cancer, that they are the only option for low-income women, that they are synonymous with women’s health.

After a few days of watching the tide pour in, Komen caved, and declared themselves once and for all an organization influenced by politics. What they should have done is stand there, confront the emotion and rhetoric with reason, and refuse to be bullied.

The organization has paid for its indecision: a slew of resignations followed Handel’s, and Brinker recently stepped down as CEO, although she will remain with the organization she founded in a fund-raising and strategery role. (Yes, I said strategery.)

Needless to say, I have a feeling Handel’s book will be an extremely interesting read and a valuable look at a process that heretofore has been mostly hidden from us. Since she resigned from Komen, Handel has decided to tell the truth about Planned Parenthood, and because of that, and her unfortunate experience with the way the nation’s largest abortion provider operates, I think she deserves our attention.

Planned Bullyhood comes out on Tuesday. Check it out.

  • Jan

    So Handel thinks babies conceived through non-consensual sex should be murdered? Boo, I no like her.

    • LoveTheLeast8

      *** TROLL ALERT ***

      • Jan

        Actually, no. It’s just fun to read so-called “pro-lifers” who think it’s okay to “murder” some “babies” and not others. Sort of shoots a hole in your theory of sacred life in thewomb, eh?

        • LoveTheLeast8

          I didn’t know I had presented a theory.

          I would agree that Handel’s position is not consistently pro-life. That doesn’t say anything about the pro-life position but Handel. Gives Handel added credibility as being partially pro-choice and having a problem with the way Planned Parenthood treated Komen.

        • Jan, it’s really not fun to read so-called pro-lifers who think it’s okay to murder babies. there are many confused “pro-lifers” as well as “pro-aborts”. And no Richard, if a woman takes responsibility for her own abortion it does not make it okay, it’s still murder. Some people in their misplaced compassion will allow for exceptions according to their feelings on any given situation or seemingly desperate circumstance. Although there are some heartbreaking situations women find themselves in, nothing justifies taking an innocent life. I’ll add you to my prayer list. Blessed mother of God, pray for Jan.

  • Jan

    By the way, BlondeKristen, Planned Parenthood provides mammograms the same way all other primary care physician offices do – by sending patients to imaging centers. Only PP has the bill sent to them instead of an insurance company. You really should do some research before writing. I’m totally going to be skeptical of your work.

    • LoveTheLeast8

      Directing people to someone else to do a mammogram is not “providing” a mammogram. The place they told the patient to go to is the provider. Just like I am not a food provider if I tell people where to get a sandwich.

      • Jan

        NO ONE PROVIDES MAMMOGRAMS IN THEIR OFFICES. Got it? They are done in radiology clinics, on a referral basis.

        • LoveTheLeast8

          Caps lock isn’t needed. Yelling is rude. Lots of medical organization run radiology clinics, Planned Parenthood is not one of them.

        • Bob

          So Jan, instead of giving money to PP, why not just give it to the radiology clinics? Since that is where the service takes place, why not provide women with free or discounted mammograms without going through the middleman of PP? Surely this would accomplish the same thing?

          • pro-health

            Because, many people like Planned Parenthood, for ALL they do. The same people who give to Komen. A lot of people do not want Planned Parenthood defunded. A truth you may have to accept.

    • Mitch Behna

      troll somewhere else if you’re going to be so rude

  • Here’s a crazy idea: why not grant to the mammogram provider directly and avoid the abortion-providing middle man? BECAUSE, Ms. Know it All, a breast examination by a qualified provider is extremely important PRIOR to a mammogram as mammography is never 100% accurate and women younger than routine screening mammography age are showing up in my office with breast lumps that are indeed proving malignant. signed, breast cancer survivor and provider of womens health care for 35yrs.

    • LoveTheLeast8

      That still doesn’t answer why mammogram funding has to be routed through Planned Parenthood. Why not Planned Parenthood do the touch exam and then if needed, tell the woman where to go for a mammogram (and have that place get the grant and provide the mammogram for free) instead of PP getting the money and dolling out to other groups but providing no mammograms themselves?

      • Jan

        Hon, mammograms are ALWAYS routed through a primary care provider. Please READ before you comment. Donna has made it clear that initial exams are the ones that spot problems. And she has 35 years’ more experience than you.

        • LoveTheLeast8

          Would you mind commenting without a passive aggressive hateful attitude? It is an ugly way to interact with others.

          “mammograms are ALWAYS routed through a primary care provider”
          I never said they weren’t. Where did you get that? You are responding to things I never said. That is called straw man.

  • Scott Braun

    3%. That’s the actual number. Abortion services make up 3% of Planned Parenthood’s activity. Planned Parenthood is an organization designed to provide HEALTH services to women who otherwise could not afford it. 70% of their activity is in contraception and std/sti testing and treatment. NO government funds are spent in providing abortion services.
    Explain to us, please, how that is political.
    The reason for the anger, the hatred and animosity towards you and others in your political sphere is that you seem to think you know better how all women should live and care for their own bodies, and you would like to inflict your opinions on them. You don’t, you shouldn’t, and your ignorance and arrogance are not appreciated by people who can think for themselves.
    How you can call yourself a feminist is beyond me, given that you still seem to believe that women’s bodies belong to the public and that public has a right to determine the path of a woman’s life and make her health decisions for her.

    • Since a woman’s body does not “belong to the public”, then the public should not have to fund her birth control or abortions. A woman has the right to “think for herself” and “determine the path” of her life, and even engage in behavior that may result in an unintended pregnancy. Along with that right comes responsibility and consequences, those also are hers alone.
      “The reason for the anger and hatred and animosity” is the uncomfortable Truth.

      • Jan

        Have you ever had insurance, Rachel? It’s called a “risk pool.” And everyone who pays into it funds the needs of others, which they may not share. Contraception is a public health issue.

        • There was a time when I was pregnant and didn’t have insurance, I was referred to PP. They tried to pressure me to kill my baby because I was low income. By God’s grace I was able to stand firm in “my choice” and did not allow PP to choose for me.
          My circumstances have changed drastically, and I certainly do contribute to the insurance “risk pool”, but I refuse to contribute to murdering babies in the womb. My choice now is, I go to hell for cooperating in killing babies or suffer the wrath of pro-aborts. Your wrath, vicious as it is will only last my lifetime, hell is for eternity. Search your soul, I will pray for you. Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.

          • Jan


          • Jan , how crass of you to call someone’s life experience bull. You are one psycho bird. You have no morals, no values, and no hold on reality. Psychotic

          • Bob

            LOL. This is the best you can come up with when faced with the truth of someone who has experienced it? What, specifically, was “bullshit” in your mind? All of it? Some of it? Your blind rage and incoherence is quickly betraying the vapidity of your argument and the moral bankruptcy of the position you argue. Quit now so as to maintain the most minute shred of dignity you still possess.

          • Yes, that’s what I would have said to them if I did speak so crassly. Instead, I choose to pray for them, and for you.

      • Richard

        So, if a woman takes the responsibility and is willing to accept the consequences of an abortion, she can get one? Now you’re making sense.

    • LoveTheLeast8

      Fact: Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States doing over 330,000 last year according to their annual report.

      Also according to Planned Parenthood’s annual report, 1 in 10 of PP’s clients EVERY year are there for an abortion.

      The 3% is a skewed number because doing 1 abortion and passing out 99 condoms and saying abortion is 1% of what one does misrepresents where the time and money focus is. Proper accounting is based on time/money spent, not just on raw service totals.

      • Jan

        Walmart is the largest retailer in America. You know why? They have stores in every state and damn near every county. Planned Parenthood is the largest *single* provider of abortions. You know why? They locate in areas where former physicians were killed or otherwise run out of town thanks to wingnuts who pretend to be “pro-life” but instead aid and abet the murder of doctors and the public shaming of women exercising their rights.

        • LoveTheLeast8

          So you are agreeing with me that Planned Parenthood is #1 in abortions in America? Looks like we might agree on something which is a start.

        • As a general rule, pro-lifers shouldn’t waste much time debating people willing to talk about people who shoot abortionists as if any meaningful number of pro-lifers support violence. Honest, productive discussion cannot be had with character assassins.

          Oh, and Jan? You don’t exactly have the high ground from which to attack people who “aid and abet murder,” considering that your favored policy – abortion – murders more people in a single day than have ever died at the hands of a pro-life extremist.

      • Very correct love. PP is an abortion mill not a women’s health clinic. The 3% figure is a spin of the truth. They dillute the number by passing out condoms etc. Their business is abortions

    • Scott, did you know that 3% accounts for 38.4% of their income? Kind of odd, huh, that something that only makes up 3% of services accounts for over 1/3 of their income?

    • And their plan to solve “superbug” gonorrhea is…? As long as each side is going around telling the other side what to do – i suggest Planned Parenthood devote more energy to helping people avoid getting STDs and less energy on aborting their children. But we are talking about an organization that delights in getting folks to break 5 of the 10 commandments (which would be no big deal, except that most of their clients are Christian or Jewish).
      The anger and hatred directed towards pro-lifers seems disproportionate. Seems to me that you all have anger management issues. Need to work on that, son.

    • The 3% is based on services provided, which makes no sense to compare that way. If you look at income the number is not 3% but 34%.

      If you had a medical supply company and 3% of your products sold were x-ray machines and 50% were thermometers would values would this numbers have?

      Maybe something maybe nothing you’d have to look at the income generated by the sales. The fact that they sell many more thermometers is expected, and doesn’t mean the company depends on them

  • Lee

    You are not a feminist; you are an anti-feminist; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I agree with those who would tell you to f’off! You are ignorant, and working against women’s rights! So much of what you write is blatently untrue! — what Jan wrote is true:
    “Planned Parenthood provides mammograms the same way all other primary care physician offices do – by sending patients to imaging centers. Only PP has the bill sent to them instead of an insurance company. You really should do some research before writing. ”

    • Soooooo… do you think that Susan B. Anthony was a feminist?

    • Mitch Behna

      Don’t bother responding to the article then if you can’t handle the truth

  • Leslie

    The ultimate feminist is concerned about the pregnant feminist and the unborn feminist in her womb.

    • Jan

      There are no feminists in wombs. Only fetuses.

      • LoveTheLeast8

        Babies magically become female when they are born? So anti-science, lol.

        • Jan


        • peach

          Just being female doesn’t make you a feminist….

      • Bob

        Jan, let me ask you this: If you are in your living room, do you magically become a different being altogether when you enter the room next to it? No. Your personhood is not defined by your location. A “fetus” is the scientific terminology for a person in the womb. An “infant” is the scientific term for a person outside the womb. Your attempt at semantic wordplay fails even the most basic of scientific and ethical standards.

        • Richard

          Is there something magical that happens to a person on the 18th anniversary of her birth? On the 21st? No. That’s just when we begin conferring specific rights. The right to personhood is granted on the actual date of birth–no need for any semantic wordplay.

          • Woah-man

            I’m sorry, but you’re confusing the rights with privileges. The privilege to drive is just that – a privilege and can be taken away if you abuse said privilege. The right to vote takes into effect at a later time because a child can’t make that kind of decision. But rights such as voting are far different from the right to life. No where in the constitution does it say that we have the right to kill our unborn children or kill anyone for that matter. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…

          • Richard

            You’re referring to the 5th Amendment “No person…shall be deprived of life, liberty…without due process of law” which, by definition of “person”, hasn’t been found to hold in courts of law in cases regarding Fetal Rights. Your desire to deny the right of choice to women, is based on your rather minority opinion that unborn children are “persons” with full legal rights.

      • Jan the fetus PP wanted me to abort is now a beautiful 31 year old woman. A True feminist and educator who volunteers as a mentor for young ladies, empowering them with the Truth of living a chaste life.

      • Maybe you should attend a fetus shower for a friend or relative. Bring them a gift for their boy fetus or girl fetus. You could help decorate the fetus room in blue or pink. Help them choose a name from a fetus name book. Maybe have the awesome opportunity to see the fetus picture from a sonogram. Oh dear!

  • Leslie

    Abortion Is Planned Parenthood’s Business Model

    Cornerstone Action executive director: “Planned Parenthood preys on vulnerable women to drive profits.”

    August 20, 2012

    • Jan

      Leslie is incapable of making her own arguments, so she posts propaganda links.

      • LoveTheLeast8

        You stated a conclusion, not a counter-argument. Weak.

        • Jan

          And you have provided worthless crap.

  • Leslie

    Planned Parenthood CEO Caught Making False Mammogram Claim

    • Jan

      Planned Parenthood does provide mammograms. You are the liar.

      • LoveTheLeast8

        Provide a link to a Planned Parenthood clinic webpage the shows it. They list their services. Waiting…

        • Jan

          Komen’s grants go to primary care providers for screening, and in a few cases to blind screening. Again – learn before you post.

        • Jan

          Also, please consult with the litany of local Komen affiliates who value their relationship with PP, and were FURIOUS at the decision to de-fund PP arrived at by Handel and her thugs.

          • Yes we know. They were furious their scam was being ended. If Komen cared they would give to a women’s screening center with NO affiliation to abortions. The truth is they want to fund abortions.

          • LoveTheLeast8

            You changed the topic. Where is the link showing PP does mammograms. Waiting…

          • Bob

            Jan, here’s the question. If it is true that they refer them to places that do mammograms, why doesn’t Komen ONLY give money to THOSE places that actually DO the mammogram? This seems to pass muster of providing cancer-care while at the same time, avoiding giving money to an organization that profits off of the slaughter of innocents.

          • JanNeedsaKitten

            Jan, you poor thing :( This site seems to be causing you a lot of stress. Here’s a nice site featuring kittens:
   Perhaps kittens will cheer you up so you’re no longer so stressed. Kittens are nice and cuddly. Trying to stand up for the wrong side isn’t so nice and cuddly. So, go look at the kittens :)

      • Tori
      • No, they do not provide mammograms and the Obama Admin as FINALLY conceded that they do not.

        • Jan

          they PROVIDE them the same way every clinic does – they refer to an imaging center and they pick up the tab. Honestly, I don’t understand why this is so hard to grasp.

  • An Actual Feminist

    Oh poor Karen Handel. She did something and was held responsible for that by an informed public. That must be scapegoating because you agree with her political stance.

    Here’s what I really don’t get about this whole controversy– the number of people who buy into her claims that Planned Parenthood made this a political issue. Komen for the Cure defunded cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood because of a political stance and that’s not a political statement, but a GRASSROOTS movement of actual informed women and men fighting back is somehow Planned Parenthood making this a political issue.

    You’re projecting. We’re not stupid enough to believe you when even the facts that YOU state don’t support your stance.

  • Hummingberd

    You know, you’re right. Women are helpless, ignorant creatures. And we need the anti choice, self righteous moral police to use completely inappropriate timing and tactics (just like komen did) to save us from our inability to make the ever elusive “good” choice. Did it ever possibly occur to you that a race designed to celebrate beating breast cancer, and encourage women of all ages, sizes and abilities to succeed in a challenge, was not the appropriate time or place to force your opinions on others? I wonder if you would enjoy groups of people interrupting your day of celebration, by subjecting you to fundamentalist propaganda. People like you disgust me. You care only for yourself. You create a war over abortion, justified by your piety and grandiose sense of self. Have you once bothered to consider why women choose abortion? Did you know that almost 70% of women who do have incomes from 0-199% of the federal poverty line and of those women 61% already have at least 1 child? What does that translate to? The reason women abort is hardship. Specifically, financial hardship. You want to make a difference in the world? Stop standing on the street corner with your signs a judgement, and start helping to address the reasons so many women, specifically single mothers are living in poverty. In the meantime, take Planned Parenthood out of your cross hairs. Stop perpetuating vicious, self serving lies that abortion causes breast cancer. Be accountable for the things you say. And admit that Planned Parenthood has done more for reproductive health, than you or your “organization” could ever hope.

    • LoveTheLeast8

      “Women are helpless, ignorant creatures”
      What a sexist thing for you to say.

      • Richard

        How about this: “Women have to carry to term, because I say so you slut.”

    • You want us to provide women with husbands? Husbands/fathers lift women and children out of poverty – the challenge is finding a good man who respects women and cherishes children.
      Planned Parenthood promotes pornography which debases women. They fight attempts to hold accountable those rogue abortion providers who run unsanitary facilities. They are no friend to women.
      For a group of people who say “don’t judge us”, you are certainly judgmental.

  • Kiddo, you’re no feminist. Feminists are all about empowering women to make their own choices about their own lives. You are all about forcing women to do what YOU think is right.

    Also, there is no link between abortion and breast cancer.

    • LoveTheLeast8

      Maybe you should read some studies…

      Abortion ‘triples breast cancer risk’: Fourth study finds terminations linked to disease

      • Jan


      • Richard

        From the article:

        Dr Kat Arney, the charity’s science information manager, said: ‘This is a very small study of only 300 women, so there are likely to be statistical errors in a sample of this size. ‘Much larger studies involving tens of thousands of women have shown no significant links.’
        Although the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has acknowledged the possibility of an abortion-breast cancer link, most medical professionals in Britain remain unconvinced […] because an international study led by Oxford University concluded in 2004 that having an abortion does not heighten a woman’s risk.
        Your science is bad and you should feel bad too.

        • LoveTheLeast8

          There are dozens studies that have found a statistical correlation. Like this new one from last month:

          Conversely there are some studies that have not found a link. Has it been proven either way? I’m not sure but it is clear that claims that there is a link are not without merit. More research is needed.

          “you should feel bad”
          Thanks for being such a positive human being. I don’t wish the same on you.

    • Then Susan B. Anthony wasn’t a feminist? Okay then.

  • Kristen, once again, great article. Like you wrote: ” Here’s a crazy idea: why not grant to the mammogram provider directly and avoid the abortion-providing middle man?” That is the point. Before the the Komen/PP ordeal, people did not know that their money donated to Komen went to PP; and/or that PP did not provide mammograms in their facilites; and/or that there was a place other than PP that provides women care. The majority of Americans are pro-life (Gallup poll: 50% pro-life, 41% pro-choice). We have the right to know where our monies are going. Additionally, in light of the PP/Komen controversy, Americans realize that abortion is a money-making industry ($831 million in the U.S. plus $337 million in gov’t grants = over one billion), not a health care industry. If someone wants to end the life of their child, I don’t want to have to pay for it or contribute to a facility that provides it.
    In response to some of the uncivil comments to Kristen’s article, Rachel commented: “The reason for the anger and hatred and animosity” is the uncomfortable Truth”. Spot on. With the Medicaid scam (PP abortion doctor was overbilling Medicaid) in Illinois (which PP of Illinois was ordered to pay back $367K to the Medicaid program), Abby Johnson exposing PP for not providing mammograms at any of their facilities, and Lila Rose exposing PP advocating sex-selection abortions, shouldn’t the anger be directed at PP and not Kristen?

    • Jan

      Maybe if you stop spouting off poll numbers (since even so-called “pro-life” women abort), and stop believing lies like “sex-selective abortions,” we’d get somewhere.

  • Why not just give money to an organization that does everything Planned parenthood does for women EXCEPT provide abortions, nor is in any way affiliated with an organization that does.

    • pro-health

      Because many people who give to Komen really like Planned Parenthood and are pro-choice. So, oh well, they disagree with you, and they walk and they donate.

  • “They were acting in a reasonable and justifiable way” and “they should have … confront(ed) the emotion and rhetoric with reason”.

    You’re off-the-mark here. Komen’s problem from the get-go was that their reasoning was flawed and once that was pointed out, the reasoning began to be a moving target.

    First it was because they don’t affiliate with “organizations under investigation”, which was a phony excuse because any objective observers knew that Rep. Stearn’s hearing was a show trial, brewed up by pro-life activists. And the same standard didn’t seem to apply to Bank of America, who also has a relationship with Komen, and who’ve been under investigation for numerous fraud allegations since the housing bubble burst.

    Then it was because they don’t do mammograms, which is a canard. Jan summed it up pretty well below. They do referrals. And outreach. Frankly, I’m surprised some of you activists are so quick to dismiss the importance of community outreach. If you want to advocate for Mom & Pop Mammogram Clinic of North Eastern Cincinnati to get Komen funds, that’s your prerogative. But they’ll never match the ability PP has to reach under-served communities across the nation.

  • brigi

    My son learned what the middle finger meant at the Life Chain a couple years back. I can’t believe people would use this gesture in front of children.

    • I’m pretty sure that no one who was standing in a Life Chain would give your son “the finger”. Could it have been someone who is a tolerant, abortion advocate who is also against bullying?

  • Wow. The trolls are out in force today. Clearly, you have touched a nerve Kristen. Nice work.

  • Detroiter327

    This is fascinating. We have a large group of people complaining about the rudeness of internet trollers, while overlooking how rude Miss Walker was herself. The race for the cure is a place where many celebrate the lives/mourn loved ones who lost their battles with cancer. No matter how cute the hat was, her presence that day was intentionally disruptive and was viscerally upsetting to many. Im not justifying anyone’s reaction, but this was a protest where many people celebrate and mourn dead loved ones. Many people have a view that pro lifers attempt to shove their partisan and religious views into places where they are not warranted or wanted, attempting to cause distracting discourse at cancer fundraiser is doing just that. Believing that your views need to interrupt someones day of remembrance is the height of selfishness.

  • Timmehh

    Hi Kristen! I’m just commenting on your comment on the picture in your article. Yes, PP does not provide mammograms. However, they do provide pap smears (which can detect cervical cancer). While I could very well be wrong (maybe I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here), but that may very well be what the woman in the photo was referencing. That is all, have a nice day!

  • AdamJ23

    “Ok, except Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammogram cancer screenings. So… there’s that.” Okay, but the sign refers to cancer screenings, not mammograms, and Planned parenthood does provide cancer screenings. I’m sure strawmen are fun to attack, but they don’t really advance the conversation.