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Published: October 17, 2012 8:08 pm to Culture News

Call Planned Parenthood and Get a FREE Imaginary Mammogram!

If you were watching the 2nd presidential debate last night, you probably remember President Obama’s claim that Planned Parenthood does mammograms. (Aww, bless his heart. Obama actually thinks that his buddies at the abortion-giant Planned Parenthood do mammograms.)

Mr. President, I’d like to welcome you to the real world – where Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms.

Just over a year ago, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards was caught in the middle of a massive lie, when she said on national television that Planned Parenthood does mammograms. Well – Live Action was watching (or as Planned Parenthood says, Live Action “women were watching”) and decided to investigate her claims.

This is what we found…

Last night during the debate, President Barack Obama gave a shout-out to his girl Cecile Richards and her pro-abortion posse at Planned Parenthood, and he repeated Cecile’s false claim that Planned Parenthood does mammograms.

The love is mutual between Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and President Obama.

It’s time for the president of the United States, Planned Parenthood, Hollywood starlets, and everyone else who has spouted this ridiculous claim to snap out of their fairy-tale world and back into reality, where Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.

Now – here’s where it get’s fun!

Our friends at And Then There Were None came up with a creative and hilarious idea to help expose the truth even more — and launched the official “Call Planned Parenthood to schedule your imaginary mammogram” day!

Tomorrow is “Call Planned Parenthood to schedule your imaginary mammogram” day, and this is your opportunity to call Planned Parenthood and their comrades out on the false claim that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms.

Planned Parenthood, the president, and countless celebrities have spouted this fallacious claim, and they refuse to admit that they are wrong. So – we’re going to expose the truth (again), and we need your help!

What to do:

TOMORROW, Thursday October 18, 2012

Call 1-800-230-PLAN (7526) to get your local Planned Parenthood center.

Then – tell Planned Parenthood you would like to schedule a mammogram. Your conversation will probably go something like this:

Planned Parenthood: Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood, how may I help you?

You: Hi. I’d like to schedule an appointment to come into your clinic for a mammogram.

Planned Parenthood: We do breast exams, but would need to refer you to another clinic for a mammogram.

You: Another Planned Parenthood clinic?

Planned Parenthood: Umm, no. We actually don’t do mammograms at Planned Parenthood.

You: Wait, what? President Obama said in the debate on Tuesday night that Planned Parenthood does mammograms.

Planned Parenthood: Umm, yeah… I don’t know why he said that. We don’t do mammograms here at Planned Parenthood. But – we’re happy to refer you somewhere else for one.

Wow. Bombshell! You just called Planned Parenthood and helped expose the truth – that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms. And you brought it to the attention of at least one Planned Parenthood worker. You are a rock star and just helped expose the truth!

Will you help set the record straight and expose Planned Parenthood’s gigantic and fraudulent lie?

Do your part tomorrow on the official “Call Planned Parenthood to schedule your imaginary mammogram” day and schedule your imaginary mammogram.

About Kate Bryan

Kate is the Grassroots Director for Live Action. She holds a B.A. Liberal Arts and a M.A. Public Affairs and Political Communication. And she loves sarcasm, life, and love!
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  • Jennifer Lynn Readnour

    Totally doing this!!!

  • Sharon Middleton

    Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill, plain and simple. Whatever else they tell you, that is their main focus, killing babies.

  • Kelly Ann McDonnell Justus

    maybe we should do it more. tie up the phone lines

  • gary pomeroy

    be sure to say Obama said so…………

  • Lisa

    This is great, I’ll try to participate!

  • JennJ

    Obama must have stock in Planned Parenthood he talks about them all the time. They aren’t there to help women they are there to ruin their lives and kill babies. Keep up the great work Live Action!

  • LW

    just tried this out for myself! she had to put me on hold to check but confirmed that no, they do NOT do mammograms!

  • Mary Marn

    called this am at 9:45, when told no PP offices in my area do mammograms, I told her “someone needs to set the president straight.” Pregnant Pause (pun intended. MJH

  • maureen

    Called Planned Parenthood in New London CT… they are willing to do a “manual mammogram” and then refer me on. They apologized for the president telling me I could get a mammogram there. Apparently they are expecting our calls…. they had a meeting about it this morning.

    • Amy G.

      a “Manual Mammogram?” Is that really interchangeable with “breast exam?”

      • Hayden

        That sounds like a service me and my frat buddies offered back in college.

  • Craig

    NO FOR BOCA RATON, FL! Only manual exam. Refer out ti non-PP office for mammogram.

  • JustSayin’

    When you call an toll-free number, isn’t the cost of the call paid for by the receiver of the call? If so, isn’t calling one for the purposes of protest tantamount to theft? You could look your local PP up in the phone book and call the local number instead.

    • Craig

      Morals vs scruples. Relax.

      • GET A JOB

        And your number comes up on caller ID and is collected. Idiots.

        • Craig

          My number on a PP black list=Heaven’s joy. Sweet.

        • Sue

          This is a good point everyone. They could collect your phone number. No one else seems to be able to get your number and make unwanted calls, so this could jeopardize that!
          Sarcasm sign: ON

        • just someone :)

          my number’s unlisted and shows up on caller ID as either Anonymous Call or Restricted. even if it did show up somehow, i don’t care. ;)

      • VoiceOfReason

        As long as it fits your agenda, then what’s the difference, right?

  • Marian

    Just called PP in Worcester, MA and spoke with Melissa… she seemed a bit suspicious when I said I wanted to get a mammogram done, because my mom had breast cancer (which is true) and I needed a baseline done (which is also true). After putting me on hold she said they only do “initial consultations” and “breast exams,” and at an appointment they could refer me to an outside center for an actual mammogram. PP does not do mammograms! Call and find out for yourself :)

    • ProTruth2

      What happened when you called the mammogram center and asked for a self-referred baseline? I’m legitimately curious. I suppose the response probably depended on your age.

    • Craig

      We have a “winner”! Hey, 1% or less of the time is a good rate, right? Right?! Mary, help us!

  • Diane

    i called, Kate you forgot to say the prompts say, press 1 for English! ;-/ They said they do NOT do mammograms but do well women exams & can refer me to another facility. I asked her if the President lied when he said PP offers mammograms. She fumbled, maybe she missed the morning meeting…

  • Chris

    Called PP and asked here in Knoxville; they kept me on hold for more than two minutes to go find the center to which they would have to refer me. I asked how much their “breast exam” would cost-(you know the one I can do myself at home) and told them I had no insurance and they said it would be $50-$75!! So much for low cost health care. Obama lied! Why should we be surprised-these folks think killing unborn children for money is a good thing…and even better if we pay for it!!!

    • Eno

      $50 to $75 IS low cost for a mammogram and the clinical breast exam you receive from a health care provider is not the “one I can do at home”. No health care providers do mammograms in their office, they give you an order to have the mammogram performed and and review the radiologist’s report for appropriate care. Do you really know anything about mammograms? I perform these services for women. And you were kept on hold for a whole two minutes when you harassing a busy practice with your nonsense! So what? They should have hung up on you.

  • Gia

    Well Springfield Mo. planed parenthood does not do mammograms but will wright a referal for one. They do not make a statment about the president’s statement.

  • Tiffany Smith

    called the pp here in baton rogue and said they dont do mammorgrams but could refer me to someone. so yeah they dont do them mr presidenf

  • just someone :)

    they don’t do ‘em in Des Moines either. what a surprise! *sarcasm*

  • Kathy Robinette Johnson

    I called and they just said “I’m sorry but we do not perform mammograms. We can refer you to a facility or hospital but it’s not free.” hahahahah

    • Tm

      Of course it’s not free. It isn’t healthcare.
      Pills and abortions are healthcare, not Pap smears and mammograms…wait a minute…

  • Magdalene Prodigal

    I have read that now some of the abortion mills are planning to institute mammograms but we will see. Not enough money in them I am thinking. The money is in the killing.

  • Jack
  • Christin Joe Lewis-Benedetti

    YES THEY DO in certain cities! LIKE San Antonio TX!

    • Rachel

      Tell us specifically which one. I’m in San Antonio, and I will personally go get a mammogram, if they do provide them. I will not take their word over the phone, I want an actual mammogram.

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  • VoiceOfReason

    Wow. So they don’t do mammograms. What a horrible, inexcusable mistake to have been made by our president. That terrible and FRAUDULENT lie! You all are SO exposing the truth and are definite rockstars! They do screen for reproductive cancers, offer birth control, perform pap smears, among many other services. Shame on them, right?

    • Dylana Skye

      Cecile Richards also lied about it.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Mountains out of molehills. This isn’t earthshattering by any stretch.

        • Craig

          The point is PP received hundreds of millions of OUR tax dollars and supposedly none goes towards abortion; that they make a large profit and still take are money.

  • littlebluelamb

    The word is out. I tried to call and they specified that they do referrals adn just skirted the questions. Planned Parenthood has prepped their people now.

  • Prolife in Seattle

    Planned Parenthood in Seattle doesn’t do mammograms either! When I asked about Obama’s saying that they do, she responded that she can’t comment on the President’s remarks. I told her that it was too bad that the President said something that wasn’t true.

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  • Lisa

    Called in Los Angeles and was told they don’t do mammograms but that I could schedule a breast exam.

  • Dylana Skye

    I called Houston, TX. “We offer a clinical breast exam?” “So an ‘not mammogram’?” “….”

  • melissa

    I called in central Florida today. I was told I could get a referral “just like every ob/gyn office does.” When I asked again and mentioned that Obama said that Planned Parenthood did mammograms, she repeated the line about the referral. When I asked if Obama was lied when when he said PP did mammograms, she said, “I guess he did.”

  • A guy

    I’m sure he was informed incorrectly by someone. Are you saying that you’ve never used an eraser?

    • Seth Murray

      Ha! If so, then he seems habitually, conveniently misinformed.

      • PD

        kinda like someone else i’ve seen on these boards…

        • Seth Murray

          Ah, not only are you a troll. You are also a blog-stalker. Cool.

  • Gayle Jones

    St. Louis, MO. NOPE, no Mammograms!

  • Diane Crouse

    I shared this on all of my blog walls and with friends. I will be calling and I hope people call all over this Nation. It would be great to flood their lines and cause them to have to come out and publicly state that they do not do mammograms. I have always considered their name an oxymoron, the last thing they have ever cared about is parent hood.

  • Lisa

    News article I found about this, great job everyone! Apparently a few thousand calls were made =)

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