Is abortion pill reversal possible?

One of the abortion choices that is becoming more popular is the so-called “abortion pill,” or mifepristone (RU 486).

woman-girl-questionAccording to abortion advocacy group NARAL, this is how it works:

This procedure consists of actually taking 2 pills. The first is either mifepristone (approved for use in the US in 2000).

mifepristone works by blocking the hormone progesterone, which is necessary to sustain pregnancy. Without this hormone, the lining of the uterus breaks down, the cervix (opening of the uterus or womb) softens, and bleeding begins.

The second pill is misoprostol. Within a few days after taking either mifepristone or methotrexate, a second drug, misoprostol, is taken. misoprostol tablets (which may be placed either into the vagina, between cheek and gum, or swallowed) cause the uterus to contract and empty. This ends the pregnancy.

The abortion pill has to be dispensed by medical personnel, and after an ultrasound to determine the age of the embryo. Originally the first pill was dispensed up to 7 weeks, but between 2007 and 2008, Planned Parenthood changed it to up to 9 weeks (from 56 to 63 days).

With this change, the chances of an incomplete or failed abortion increase – making things more profitable for the abortion provider, since the woman will have to return for a surgical abortion to finish the procedure.

By pushing the limit at two weeks beyond the FDA-approved window for the drug, Planned Parenthood increased its chemical abortion business by 30% in the year 2008. In a low estimate, chemical abortions performed between 57 and 63 days failed about 5.2% of the time. Meaning that in 2008, at least 1,138 chemical abortion failures would have turned into “follow-up” surgical abortions.

drugs pharmaceuticalThe abortion pill is not cheap. The out-of-pocket expense for the woman taking it ranges between $300 and $800.

This procedure is no walk in the park, either. Abby Johnson, in one of the chapters of her book UnPlanned, narrates the harrowing and painful experience that was taking the abortion pill.

Other people, such as Angie Jackson, live tweeted her chemical abortion under @AntiTheistAngie and created the hashtag #livetweetingabortion. At first, she sounds excited by how easy it is to take a few pills and do this at home. As the hours progress, things don’t go as great and easily as she thought they would.

So what you decide to use RU-486, take the first pill, and then change your mind?

The clinic that provided you the pills will tell you there is no way back once you start the procedure.

But actually, there is a form to potentially reverse the effects of the first pill.

Not long ago, Dr. George Delgado, M.D. medical director of Culture of Life Family Services, figured out that the first pill, mifepristone (RU 486), could potentially be reversed using progesterone supplementation. He had a great deal of experience using progesterone with NaProTECHNOLOGY protocols to treat women with threatened miscarriages. He reasoned that more progesterone could out-compete the mifepristone in connecting the progesterone receptors and could, therefore, diminish the mifepristone effect.

Based on this, Dr. Delgado, with the help of Dr. Mary Davenport, wrote an article in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, where the two describe six cases of women who decided to reverse the effects of mifepristone. Of the six, four delivered full-term healthy babies.

Since most of mifepristone will be gone in 2 days, and in 5 days it will leave the body, this extra progesterone treatment is usually not prolonged.

So far, this innovation has helped 15 women reverse the effects of the abortion pill.

Those interested in more information are encouraged to visit abortionpillreversal.com, or call 1-877-558-0333.

You can call from anywhere, and the doctors will contact someone in your local area who can help you reverse the effects of the abortion pill. They encourage medical personnel who would like to learn this technique to contact them as well.

Dr. Delgado will be hosting  a webinar in March, in conjunction with Heartbeat International, aimed at health care practitioners to further the knowledge of the abortion reversal procedure.

If you’ve taken the abortion pill and have changed your mind, don’t hesitate; call 1-877-558-0333. Help is at hand.

  • Abby Johnson made a courageous decision when she walked away from her job as the director of a key Planned Parenthood clinic

  • Thanks for putting up this information. It’s a useful resource for women who have a change of heart.

    Ulipristal acetate (as accumulated doses of the morning after pill, Ella) will become a popular home abortion regimen. Its mechanism of action is like that of mifepristone, and reversal would be approached similarly.

    There is also reversal for methotrexate chemical abortions: ‘Leucovorin rescue’.

    More of this kind of info is available at themorningafter.us/chemical-abortion/

  • J

    How cool is it to see my doctor, Dr.Delgado, show up in one of your articles. God bless the work you do and for highlighting the work of Dr. Delgado, and COLFS.

  • kim

    Good information that needs to get out there. Don’t listen to Planned Parenthood, they always lie to you to make a profit.

  • Cynthia Mcardle

    This is so informative. It really pays to know all these things about this abortion pill. Thanks!


  • Stalina Dsouza

    Please read these two scenarios

    A student who do not want to become a mother in the middle east had sex with a man and got pregnant, and abortion is not allowed in the middle east. Once she had her baby she also had a responsibility on her because of unwanted motherhood, and due to hard, and critical study material (+ Some ruthless exams) beside the child she was unable to success in her exams in college.

    A student who do not want to be a father had protected sex but unfortunately the condom failed, the friend decided to keep the baby EVEN he emphasized for her from the begin he do not want to be a father and he was unable to financially abort due to SEXIST laws. He was unable to continue support a forced UNWANTED child and pay college fees at the same time.

    In the first case the woman did not have an access to Physical abortion and hence she lost failed in her college, in the second case the man was not able to continue his college because of financial problems and no availability for financial abortion.

    So no access to financial abortion may have an impact on the man’s life too.

    Now let’s hear the feminist boring answers about forced fatherhoodfinancial abortion :

    1. CondomContraception etc = CondomContraceptionmorning-after pilletc
    2. Pants on (Or wrap it) = Women also is to get her pants on (Or wrap it)
    3. Vasectomy = AbstinenceCoilDiaphragmMorning-After Pill Hysterectomy
    4. You knew the risks (OR old enough to know them = risk to financial support) = She knew the risks (Or old enough to know them = Risk to become pregnant financial abort)
    5. No one forces you to throw your sperm = No one forces you to hold a penis or NOT to do oral or anal
    6. Be a gay = Be a lesbian
    7. Perhaps this is thing you should think about before taking pants off (Child support) = Perhaps this is thing you should think about before taking pants off (Financial abortion)
    8. I decide to have to have baby or not and be responsible for your own actions (I did not force you to sex, You play with me then I decide) = I decide to financially abort or not and be financially responsible for your own actions (I did not rape, You play with me then I decide)

    Let me answer :

    Condom : May fail
    Vasectomy : Is a pro-choice medical procedure, women still have an access to avoid motherhood WITHOUT having to do a pro-choice medical procedure so the fairness and equality imply that same thing to be applicable for men. Vasectomy has a chance of 1 over 1000 to fail and make the man fertile again. It is NOT 100 certain to protect him from unwanted fatherhood by Vasectomy. Women still have 100% certain choice EVEN with having sex and men also must have 100% certain choice EVEN with having sex. Added to this Vasectomy reversal when the man is ready to be a father has a risk to fail, so after all these argument we conclude that vasectomy is NOT to be used as a defense in the abortion and fatherhood coercion debate. Yes abortion is medical procedure but it is NOT pro-choice, it comes after sex not before.
    Pants on : In any other instance if a woman have to choose either her freedom to become pregnant or risk to lose her job then this would be considered an abusediscrimination so making the man between two choices (either sexual freedom or possible unwanted fatherhood) is also abusediscrimination.
    You know the risks : Knowing the risks by itself NEVER means the law is fair, the woman also know the risks in case of financial abortion is allowed so does this mean financial abortion is fair now JUST because of “Know the risks” ? What if a higher supreme judge said : “Anyone who smack someone will have 2 years prison and 200 000 USD penalty, people you know the risks now” Does this mean the law is fair ? So it is better to defend the attitude about forced fatherhood by some other means.

    And so on for the rest of excuses (Actually a reply is summarized directly after them).

    So abortion means a woman has 100% certain choice for NOT becoming a mother, however there is no 100% choice for men except not having sex which I just refuted it and proved it is an abuse. Telling a man “You chose NOT to use condomvasectomy” which is the most common defense in this debate NEVER means that a man gave up his full independent choice on his wallet, What if “a woman chose NOT to use morning-after pill or coil”. Does this mean she gave up her right to control her body ?

    • Jami Makelroy

      Sounds like selfish people making selfish decisions and not wanting to take responsibility for their actions. They want to act like and do adult things, but they don’t want to suffer adult consequences.

      Typical of a generation of, “I, I, I, me, me, me..” Mentality.

      I am having a child soon. I didn’t want one, I had many other ambitions, but at the end of the day I manned up and did what’s consciously right. I will raise that baby and love it and show it how to work hard, wait your turn, do what’s right, and be respectful and courteous to everyone. I guess I’m going to raise a law abiding, God fearing, American who loves his country and his family.

      I made adult decisions and I have to deal with the adult consequences. If your having sex you know there is a possibility of pregnancy.

      You weren’t ready? Your fault.
      You didn’t want kids? Your fault.
      It is financially tough? Your fault.

      I’m not talking about babies getting pregnant, or women getting pregnant as a result of being raped. What I’m talking about is two consenting adults who have sex, get pregnant, and don’t want to deal with the consequences of THEIR DECISION!

  • Shawky

    where in kansas we can get this service?