Is Siri, Apple’s must-have iPhone app, pro-life?

Pro-abortion bloggers are fuming over the fact that Apple’s newest and hottest iPhone app, Siri, apparently will not tell you where the nearest abortion clinic is.

Instead, the app often points women to pro-life pregnancy resource centers!

First, some quick background: Siri, available on Apple’s iPhone 4S, is an advanced voice-recognition app which, among other things, allows you to ask your phone to find things for you simply by asking the question. Hungry for Pizza? Just ask Siri.

The Washington Post calls Siri “The must-have Christmas gift.”

Now, the tech blog Gizmodo reports what pro-abortion users of the app have discovered — Siri doesn’t serve up abortion results:

If you ask Siri for an abortion clinic in New York City, it will tell you “Sorry, I couldn’t find any abortion clinics.” A simple Google web search—which Siri itself uses to find results—gives you seven to start with, some within walking distance of where I’m located. Apparently, women across the country are having similar experiences.

RawStory reports on what happens if you search for abortion clinics in Washington, DC:

Ask the Siri, the new iPhone 4 assistant, where to get an abortion, and, if you happen to be in Washington, D.C., she won’t direct you to the Planned Parenthood on 16th St, NW. Instead, she’ll suggest you pay a visit to the 1st Choice Women’s Health Center, a [pro-life] Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) in Landsdowne, Virginia, or Human Life Services, a CPC in York, Pennsylvania. Ask Google the same question, and you’ll get ads for no less than 7 metro-area abortion clinics, 2 CPCs and a nationwide abortion referral service.

Of course, I think it’s great that Siri points women asking about abortion to pro-life pregnancy resource centers. After all, that’s the right place to go if you want the full story about abortion!

That said, I know we can expect rabid pro-abortion groups to start putting pressure on Apple to add pro-abortion search results to Siri. I think we should mobilize a counter-response asking Apple to ensure that Siri continues to give women seeking abortions accurate information — by pointing them to a nearby pro-life pregnancy resource center.

  • GO APPLE!!!

  • Anonymous

    If you search for “abortion clinic,” I think it’s very clear what you
    want.  You’re not asking it to “Show me a place that will give me what
    some people think the full story about abortion is.”

    If the software doesn’t give the user what they clearly are asking for,
    then it’s a broken piece of software.  I expect my gadgets to give me
    what I want – not to try and influence what it is that I want in the
    first place.

    You personally might not like the fact that people are looking for
    abortion clinics.  But if you want to change people’s opinions, try
    doing it honestly – face-to-face.  Don’t trick them with misleading
    gadgets and broken software.

    • Lee

      You personally might not like the fact that the app doesn’t give addresses to abortion clinics, but doesn’t the provider or designer of the app have a say in what their app does? Doesn’t liberty have to work in both directions, not one way? 

      And it’s funny, when I stand on the sidewalk and pray in front of an abortion clinic, I’m told that I have no business there and should do my praying in church or at home and say nothing at all about abortion, least of all face-to-face with women actually wanting abortions. Now I’m told that I should try doing what I’ve been criticized for doing for years.

      Software is not necessarily broken just because it isn’t doing what someone wants it to do. Perhaps one just needs different software. And don’t I remember the Apple app store removing the Manhattan Declaration app because they didn’t agree with some, if not all, of its makers’ views? Influencing what people want — isn’t that what Apple is famous for?

    • Makinsawdust19

      After a pro-life march last Jan 22nd, there were about ten women that spoke to the crowd that had previously had abortions, multiple ones at that.  They told the crowd they had suffered mental & physical hardships due to the abortion.  (some women, not so long ago, have died on the abortion table).  These former pro-abort women realized what they did to their BABIES. They had them killed, & the thought of this haunted them later in life.  I am not making this up.  If you want to hear them for yourself I suggest going to a pro-life rally on Jan 22nd at your state capital at about 12 noon & after maybe there will be some women speakers, such as I stated above.  I live in MN.  I truly hope people think about the harm that can happen to them as well.  For more info on this I suggest looking at   Please pray for more PP clinics to close & for people’s selfish hearts to change.

  • Guest

    Maybe is trying to save the next Steve Jobs…

  • Sparky

    Sounds like an argument to buy a Droid.

    • Lucky#7

      Droid’s suck i have one… ive had to get 4 new droids, because of the screen not working, keyboard went bad, and random software problems like searching for a letter on google, while typing a txt message or searching for someone.. I am waiting to get an Iphone in July.

    • Txlady

      this will be fixed by iphone/apple. they are liberal and this will change

  • Neil Caswell

    AMEN. If a woman really wants an abortion, she will not use Siri to find a clinic…though I love that Siri gives them Women’s concerns. 

  • Pointe2purity

    Way to go Siri! I knew I liked you!

  • Meg

    This is wonderful news. so why are you not suggesting we thank Apple? where is contact information to let them know they are doing the right thing? Don’t drop the ball now, pick it back up and run with it. Be more than pro-life be pro-active!

  • This is great.  I hope Siri can stand against the pressure to change.

  • Em124

    So Siri will tell you how to hide a dead body, but won’t direct women to the nearest abortion clinic? Ridiculous. 

    • Anonymous

      That was one of my first thoughts – I was hesitating on expressing it, though. However, I think it’s great that it doesn’t direct you to the abortion clinics.  The dead body thing is just a programmer with a warped sense of humor, but abortion clinics are true killing fields.

  • Mw001611

    How do you contact Apple to say thank you?!

  • Butterflykisses68

    Way to go Siri! Just because Planned Parenthood might lose some money if women actually go to a pro-life CPC and that makes them want to cry doesnt mean the software is broken or that it needs to be changed or anything. I might have to go buy an iPhone instead of a droid like I was planning on when I start working again.

  • Kimmy S.

    Thank you!!!!!!!! I’m tired of all this abortion bull! It’s bad enough women can’t get pregnant, but it’s another to try playing creator and kill your own child. I can’t stand to even see abortion clinics around. I wouldn’t even consider ending my child’s life even if it means it will cost me my own life. And another thing; if a woman were to get raped, I hope it never happens to any girl, it isn’t the child’s fault, they did nothing wrong to you. SO why would you hurt them when they could grow up and become the person who cures cancer or saves someone’s life? Pro-Life all the way. <3

    • kev

      i agree with everything except one point.  please do not use the “next person who cures cancer” argument.  for all we know, you also could be ending the life of a child who grows up to be the next Hitler or saddam hussein.  im in no support of abortion, im simply giving you some advice to not use that argument.

  • Marty

    Steve Jobs said he was against abortion.  By the way, the Manhattan Declaration was removed from IpodTouch and Ipod Phone some time ago.  Evidently Steve gave in to the same-sex marriage crowd on that one.

  • Relaxrx

    Thank YOU Steve Jobs may you rest in peace!!!!

  • Apple
    1 Infinite Loop

    Cupertino, CA 95014

    408.996.1010Write or Call Apple and Thank them for standing for Life!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a big fan of Apple products, but kudos to them on this one. It’s amazing how the smallest thing will get pro-abortion / pro-choice activists to throw a fit. I’m pretty sure that someone who wants an abortion can still do an internet search for it, you just have to type a few letters into a search engine instead of talking to your phone. This isn’t to diminish the symbolic value of what Apple did here so much as to show how absurd pro-abortion activists are. Then again, if Ginsburg and Stevens can sign their name to an opinion that says a law that won’t prevent a single abortion can be an “undue burden” in a partial-birth abortion case, we can see how backwards and prone to overreaction pro-abortion advocates are.

  • Mimi

    God bless Apple! This is fantastic!

  • pro-choice people using this app to find abortion clinics really proves how shameless and guiltless they are… I mean looking for abortion clinic is just like shopping for them… just another activity to cross off their list… it’s like “Hmmm… i think of killing my baby today because i just don’t dig the responsibility let me find the nearest baby killing center using my high tech phone..”

    • Lydia

      This might just be the most disgusting and ignorant things I’ve ever read. I am not here to start arguements, but seeing something like this just truly makes me sad. I respect that you have the right to your own opinion, as do I. But maybe take into consideration the fact that MOST women don’t get abortions simply because they can’t handle the responsibility? There is adoption for that problem. Most women who get abortions either have a high chance of dying via childbirth, or they are thinking of the baby’s life if they had to keep the child. Sometimes it’s not worth it, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to support him or her financially, or aren’t mature enough to be a good mother. Some girls don’t have help from fathers or their own parents or grandparents. Sometimes it’s just not worth putting a child through that kind of childhood, one where they won’t be happy. There should always be an option, and personally, I don’t see how you have a damn thing to do with it. By all means, educate women on what choices they have and what abortion means. But don’t tell them what to do with their bodies. If you disagree with it, don’t do it. It’s a simple matter, and one I think way too many people are sticking their noses into. Please, friend, just try and look at it from someone else’s point of view. YOU NEVER KNOW THE CIRCUMSTANCES. Don’t just assume they’re all ruthless, disgusting monsters. You are being the only monster here. 

      • Just wondering

        First you say “MOST women don’t get abortions simply because they can’t handle the responsibility.  There is adoption for that problem.” 

        Then you say, “Sometimes it’s not worth it, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to support him or her financially, or aren’t mature enough to be a good mother.”

        Would this latter comment be a reason to put the child up for adoption since basically what you are saying is that they mother can’t handle the responsibility.

        You contradict yourself.

        And sorry, but most women who have abortions don’t do it because they have a chance of dying because the percentages on that are REALLY low. 

        Also, you say that you respect that she has a right to her own opinion and then go on to say you don’t see how she has a damn thing to do with it.

        You sound really ignorant and really confused.  You are all over the place in your comment. 

        Are you sure you even know what an abortion is?

        • Lydia

          Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I don’t agree with this article, about the tone of most of these comments, but it’s not my place to say anyone is wrong. I’m not wrong, you’re not wrong. It’s a matter of views and opinions. However, since you have a right to voice your views, so do I. And I am. I didn’t see anything wrong with people being happy and agreeing on something they believed in, (because geez that’s a nice thing to be able to [email protected]:disqus) until I read the comment I originally replied to. I wasn’t upset in any way until I did. And maybe I let my own personal opinions make the voice in my own comment a little more distressed that it should have been. I apologize, I was just a bit angry.
          Yes! It so happens, I do know what an abortion is. See, when I said some girls have a high chance of dying, I was thinking of someone I know and watched go through the decision of getting an abortion. She was thirteen, raped by a family member. She was small, and there was a high chance her body wasn’t going to be strong enough to produce a healthy baby. Additional health problems would have come from the other half of its genes being inbred. This is a common problem! Not to mention she didn’t have the finances and help necessary to raise a happy and healthy baby, even if the childbirth had been successful. Having seen this happen with my own two eyes is what made me upset to see someone basically having such a crude, negative opinion on anyone who gets an abortion. It’s not easy for the mothers, it never is. It’s not an oops, casual decision. It’s awful enough as it is, going through the pain and guilt knowing you can’t give a baby the life it deserves. Calling these girls “shameless and guiltless” is gut-wrenchingly untrue. That is what I really wanted to get at here.Maybe, instead of calling names and using what really is kind of a trick like in this article, people should focus more on actually helping these women! Offering support and finances and a place to stay if need be, not scaring them or guilting or misleading them like the intentions of this iphone app. Positive reinforcement is always going to be more effective than negative. If someone is really pro-life, calling a girl who is going through something as unfathomably difficult as this “guiltless and selfish” could lead to really awful things, ie suicide, seems to be the opposite of what should be happening. I’m not accusing anyone of this of course, not here anyway, just offering my two cents! :) I figure at least one different opinion couldn’t hurt.I really don’t want to cause an upset, friend! I don’t want to make anyone angry or cause a fight, that’s just silly. You gave me a good reply and made me see that maybe I should have worded things better.Also! As to your first contradiction. I’m not at all trying to defend all abortion. I personally am not in favour of it unless it’s possibly life-threatening or adoption simply isn’t an option (I have seen some cases where the girl’s family forces her to have the baby and raise it! It’s not common, maybe, but it’s an occurance you can’t rule out). Thank you for being mature about your reply!!! Again, I’m not targeting anyone or trying to make a soul angry. I have just personally been a witness to a situation where abortion was a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and it makes me sad to see these girls attacked.Yes, there are girls who simply don’t want to deal with it. They don’t want the pain and responsibility and want to forget.That’s not who I’m trying to defend here, friend. Thank you for your time and opinion!

          • Better Off Alive

            So what your saying here is that if she could POSSIBLY die in childbirth or her parents force her to raise her child, it justifies the killing of her child. The baby is innocent in this situation. Wouldn’t the child be better off alive even if it wasn’t the best childhood, than DEAD. The mother Is also at risk of serious complications (such as breast cancer, depression and sterilization) or death from the abortion. So the choices she has are kill her child and possibly die herself OR let your child live and raise him herself or put him up for adoption and let a family who really wants a child raise him. Which do you think is the better option: DEATH or LIFE?

            Also, what do you mean by “they are thinking of the child’s life if they had to keep the child”? The best option for the Child’s life would be to kill it? What if your Mom thought about aborting you because she thought it would be best for your life? If you could talk to her then what would you say after what you wrote in your comments above?

            I don’t mean to jump down your throat, I just think your not very well informed. Please visit for more information

            Plus, you stated the people should educate these girls about abortion. That’s what the crisis pregnancy centers and websites like do.

  • Brandon Garcia

    Way to go! Pro-Life. I think apple should stay true to this and keep it pro-life. Thanks

  • David Siler

    I was so happy to read your blog. However, I asked my own Siri to find abortion clinics in my hometown – Indianapolis, IN and “she” identified 2 of them!
    I am the director of Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and in my role I oversee our 2 pregnancy and adoption programs, which I was hoping that Siri might direct people to, so I was especially disappointed.
    I don’t know if our location is unique or if we are too late in fending off a change of policy.

  • Anyone have a good contact link to let Apple know how much we love this?

  • Anyone know of a good contact link to let Apple know how much we love this and applaud them?

    • 12angrymen

      See my link in the comments below. 

  • Stone

    The pro-child murder groups already have 25000+ signatures on their petition to get Apple to change the way Siri works.  Please sign this online petition to encourage Apple to leave Siri alone….

  • Lee

    The argument that someone has value — and that we can not murder him — because he might do something good for us later is utilitarian. The argument that someone has no value and that we can murder him because he might do something bad to us later is utilitarian. Both arguments are saying that someone’s worth/value — and, therefore, his right to exist — depends upon what he can do either for us or to us.

    But the truth is, a human being has value simply by virtue of existing. Each and every human life is equally valuable and should be protected. No one is worth more than any one else. The artist is not worth more than a millworker. No one is worth less than any one else. The artist is not worth less than a millworker.

    If we are going to speak out for life, let us keep in mind that ALL human life is sacred. The drug addict, the politician, the cab driver, the thug, the teacher, the student, the doctor, the patient, the mother, the father, the child, the senior citizen, the newborn, the conservative, the liberal (even though most of them don’t know what the term really means and abuse it horribly) — each and every human life is sacred. Not because of how we view them but because that life exists. No. Other. Reason. At. All.

  • 12angrymen
  • Singinpraise

    What a happy app!

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow. The fact that you people have taken a glitch in some software as a idealogical stance from a giant corporation is laughable. Apple has repeatedly said that Siri is a beta product- meaning there are still problems to be worked out. They have also said that this is nothing but a server error, and one that will be corrected in the next update, at that.