Jezebel freaks out over “sonogram parties”

ultrasoundSometimes the volatile brew of interests, biases, and misconceptions that constitute the pro-choice mindset manifest in such bizarrely hostile reactions to seemingly innocuous things that it seems like the only fitting reaction is to shake your head in bewildered pity.

Jezebel material tends to fall into this category even more than most pro-abortion commentary, and today, they’ve brought us a doozy. Tracie Egan Morrisey mocks “sonogram parties” as “the latest rage for self-important pregnant women”:

Will we ever reach the point of saturation when it comes to celebrating a person’s pregnancy? Added to baby showers and gender reveal parties, we now have ultrasound parties, in which an expectant mother can hire an ultrasound tech to bring a sonogram machine to her house so that her friends and family can take a look at her insides. At least the gender reveal parties have cake.

As Today reports, the trend for the ultrasound parties is growing, and companies are forming to accommodate the demand. Baby Face and More, Peek-a-View, and Miracles Imaging charge $100 – $350 to perform 3D/4D ultrasounds in a party atmosphere.

But as one OB/GYN Dr. Amber Sills points out ultrasounds are used to “diagnose chromosomal disorders, malformations, and to aid in estimating fetal weight or the amount of amniotic fluid.” They aren’t intended for entertainment, or even to reveal gender. Technically, they are only approved under a prescription because the long-term effects are still unknown. Additionally, in 2008 the FDA took an official “unapproved” position on ultrasound keepsake photos and videos.

What if an ultrasound tech sees something troubling? That would really poop a party.

Seriously? Of all the things in the world to get angry about, this even registers on the radar?

Sure, people can get over-indulgent and self-important about any number of personal celebrations – baby showers, bridal showers, bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, you name it. But we don’t generally label someone as such simply for having one. What makes sonogram parties uniquely deserving of derision? They seem like a perfectly innocuous way to share and illuminate the pregnancy being celebrated, and the new life taking shape rather than suddenly becoming a baby upon delivery.

And “self-important” is a particularly amusing line of attack coming from the side that’s made self-importance into a license to kill. A woman’s desire not to be pregnant or raise children is so sacrosanct that we must allow a nine-month window in which she can have her children executed, and to call that decision wrong makes one a misogynist, yet her wish to show friends and family her developing baby is somehow unseemly? The alchemy by which the abortion crowd determines which women’s choices demand respect and which don’t grows murkier by the day.

Murky, but not impenetrable. Abortion is essentially a sacrament to pro-aborts as radical as Jezebel, so anything that undermines its authority, however indirectly, must be torn down…ironically, not unlike the proverbial religious fanatic social liberals are always warning us about, who thinks the sight of Elvis shaking his hips is a gateway into sexual degeneracy. The average baby shower is harmless enough, because it can be rationalized away as celebrating a potential or future child. But throwing in an ultrasound calls attention to the fact that a visibly human child is already there. And the right to choose can’t have anyone minding the baby behind the curtain.

Hence, pompous and overly defensive bloggers have to butt in and spoil the fun of harmless expecting mothers. Which side’s the judgmental one again?

  • SKiPpEr

    I used to be an R.N. and working in Labor and Delivery when I was pregnant with my son. I used to do sonograms on myself. My parents came to visit once, so I had them and my husband up to Labor and Delivery while we weren’t busy and I did a sonogram on myself so they could see the baby. I thought it was fun. My parents loved it. I’m glad to see other people being able to enjoy it with their family and friends. If some silly people don’t want to participate, that’s their “choice”.

    • Hey, I’m all for passing around photos of the procedure (Less time. Less pressure on your friends and family. LOTS less obsessive, egotistical, disgustingly self-indulgent expense), but paying to haul the equipment out to your house??? Am I the only one with Frank Zappa’s “Valley Girl” lyrics going through her head..?

      • Yes, yes you are.

      • musiciangirl591

        her parents came to visit her at work, read it again

  • Halee

    I feel conflicted because on the one hand I DO LOVE ultrasounds for showing the truth of what is going on inside the womb, not a clump of cells but a living, moving, feeling child. But I have to say I am not in favor of ultrasound parties and the overuse of ultrasounds. I really do think there is evidence that supports doing them too much is not good, so I am very hesitant to call this harmless fun.
    I in no way want ultrasounds banned, and for a woman contemplating abortion, by all means have as many as you need to know that this is precious life, but for all others who already know these truths I really think we should err on the side of caution when in comes to ultrasound exposure on our little ones.

    • I dont believe that the physical dimensions of US are harmful. You’d have to closely interrogate the literature to see in what context US has been shown to be detrimental. My guess is that perhaps multiple ultrasound might lead to conflicting information- true EDD (delivery date) etc and prompt tenuous decisions like unnecessary induction. Just a guess. The sound waves from an US are NOT believed to be harmful.

    • I agree. They are wonderful, and I am so thankful for the amazing technology that we have, but since the jury is out on the effects of repeated ultrasound exposure, I would hope the people doing these parties would err on the side of caution.

    • What constitutes “too much” relative to the average number of times they’ll be done in an average pregnancy?

  • Jezebel calls mothers who share their ultrasounds “self-important”? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

    • They’re right. Sorry, pregnant people, but you don’t suddenly get a license to act like an undignified, egotistical, obsessive jerk just because the rabbit died. “Sonogram parties” have about as much dignity as a “Princess” license plate. GROW UP!

      • Yes. Much more dignified and grown up to string together pejoratives and angry insults at nameless people engaging in a private, harmless activity that rubs you the wrong way…….

      • Carolyn Spence

        Hey, when the baby is born, everyone gathers round and takes photos… this is just an earlier event… the baby is the focus.. and the dignity is in the life! Yay mom’s … go for it!

  • Just thinking of how it would feel if there was no heartbeat or something. I think there are state laws that regulate what a technician can tell you.

  • Folks, I’m Catholic and pro-Life, and I’m telling you that this article is itself childish, angry and unfair. The Jezebel piece wasn’t “angry” at all, but a commentary on the exploitation of pregnancy to the point of being simply ridiculously egotistical, expensive and obsessive. (Similar to the vomit-inducing exploitation of weddings, and the whole
    expensive, obsessive, egotistical, exploitative “special day” pablum.
    I’m a spinster, and EQUAL IN VALUE IN GOD’S EYES to any married person,
    and that makes EVERY DAY MY “SPECIAL DAY,” thanks very much.) And, Jezebel makes a good point that the last place you want to discover a major birth defect or other problem is when you’re in public. A “sonogram” party (Is this in addition to the shower, or instead of?) is obsessive to the point of being creepy. How about making a donation to a clinic so that all women can have access to a sonogram in a doctor’s office instead of paying beaucoup bucks to haul the equipment out to your own suburban Versailles? Come ON, women! GROW UP!

    • scragsma

      Kell, I am also a pro-life, Catholic ‘spinster’ (though that word has a rather ugly shade to it that I reject as applying to me). You sound bitter and jealous. It seems to me that a sonogram party might be excessive if it is in addition to a baby shower or whatever, but I think in most cases it’s a simple celebration of the new life about to come into the world; a new blessing God is giving the world. How can we not rejoice?
      I pray that you will soon lose your sour attitude.

    • Carolyn Spence

      Jealousy is exactly what is the problem here. They are just babies and moms want to share them … that makes the babies special.. not the moms. Try spending some time volunteering to help care for babies… maybe in an orphanage… so that you can get a broader perspective on life.

    • Carolyn Spence

      PS, sounds like a Catholic Democrat… saying “pro-life” while worrying about how others spend their own money….