Jezebel is furious that a baby with Down syndrome won’t be aborted

hThis week, a story went viral on the internet. It was about a young couple who learned that the baby they were pregnant with had Down syndrome, at which point they planned to abort. Father Thomas Vander Woude somehow learned of their story and reached out to them to ask them to consider adoption instead of abortion. The couple agreed – if he could find an adoptive family in one day. So the priest put out a plea on the parish’s Facebook page. What happened next was incredible:

“When we got in and opened up around 9:30, it was nearly nonstop. All day long, we were receiving phone calls from people who wanted to adopt the baby,” church staff member Martha Drennan toldthe Washington Times. “Father Vander Woude has gotten over 900 emails in regard to the baby.”

Offers to open heart and home to the baby with an extra copy of chromosome 21 poured in from across the country and around the world, including from England, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands, Drennan said.

The response was so overwhelming that seminarian David Dufresne offered to help field calls.

“I was taking calls for about three hours straight, just talking to people who are willing to adopt this little baby they never knew about until that morning,” Dufresne, who will be ordained to the priesthood next year, told The Times.

The Facebook posting had gone viral. And at the end of the day, Father Vander Woude had not just one, but three families for the couple to choose from. And with the assistance of an adoption agency, that’s what the couple is doing. The baby’s life seems to have been saved. It’s a heartwarming story that you would think would make anyone who came across it happy. Who could have a problem with a couple choosing adoption for their child?

Radical pro-aborts, that’s who. Enter Jezebel, where blogger Katie J.M. Baker is furious that this priest would have the nerve to give this couple another option besides abortion. It doesn’t make sense, of course, but it’s Jezebel, so you just have to go with it.

Here’s a heartwarming story about a Reverend who learned of a young couple planning to abort because their child, if carried to term, would have Down syndrome. “But abortion is sin!” the pastor said (we’re paraphrasing). “Let me pressure you into carrying to term by hastily crowdsourcing an adoptive family!”

… Lo and behold, hundreds of people from all over the world volunteered! The church narrowed down the offers to three families, which the parents are reviewing with the help of an adoption agency, according to the paper. It’s great that so many families were interested. But the woman in this story is still being coerced into carrying to term.

So many mistreated babies and kids with Downs live terrible lives. Instead of throwing resources at a nonviable fetus, why can’t the church help children with Down syndrome that are already alive? Because anti-abortion folks care more about fetuses with fairytale narratives than actual babies.

So, evidently, no one is ever allowed to offer someone who is even considering having an abortion any other options whatsoever. Because hello, that’s coercion, or something. Of course, back on planet Earth, giving someone another option, which they then agree to, is not coercion. These are the people who call themselves “pro-choice.” But when someone is given another choice besides abortion, they’re outraged. But don’t you dare accuse them of being pro-abortion!

Then there’s her drivel about how people with Down syndrome so often lead terrible lives (blatantly false), and that the church doesn’t help people once their babies are born. Perhaps Ms. Baker should brush up on her facts a little, because the Catholic Church could arguably be said to do more social good than any other organization in existence. One example alone would be Catholic Charities. But that doesn’t fit into her “DOWN SYNDROME BABY MUST DIE!” narrative, so of course, she has to say that the baby would lead a terrible life and the church wouldn’t help after birth, anyway.

This is an example of a “pro-choicer” who is angry that a pregnant woman didn’t make the “right” choice, all because a priest had the gall to tell them they had another option. Baker and her ilk like to use that word a lot – “choice” – but the reality clearly is that they only support choice if that choice is abortion.

  • Anonymous

    The Jezebel blogger says “why can’t the church help children with Down syndrome that are already alive?” Fetuses with Down syndrome are already alive!

    • Marauder

      Yep. If the kid’s not alive, then his/her mom has a miscarriage and there’s no life left to choose.

    • celsma

      excellent catch! Of course the baby is alive! I didn’t even notice that blatant attempt to redefine the word “alive” … I guess I’m just too naive.

    • Ed DeMatteo

      Someone call security. This person is brandishing dangerous logic! I try to pray for the hearts of pro-death people to be turned. I used to be an uninformed pro-choice liberal and only after an encounter with the risen Christ was I able to really see for the first time. http://liveactionnews.org/the-logic-cop-says-its-a-human-baby/

      • John Dillinger

        Why are you not concerned about the over 20 thousand children that will die before the age of 5 in every 24 hours? Where is your god, why does your god allow that to happen? could it be that there is no god?

        • Megan

          This is an imperfect world. Bad things happen and will happen until He returns. Our finite minds cannot possibly understand His infinite wisdom. He simply asks for faith.

        • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

          john take a good look at what you said.take a good look at the errors you said.who said nobody is concerned about those who will die or have been killed? where is God? God has always been here but humanity doesnt want him,he cant come to you if you dont want him.hes not going to force himself on you he doesnt work that way.why does he allow this to happen? he has nothing to do with what goes on,ever heard of a thing called free will? every choice has a consequence john.everything.he allows you to make the choices you want because he loves you but he does want you to know him.hes not going to come to you if you dont want him.take a good long think about that.

        • Ed DeMatteo

          I’ll take these one at a time. First, how do you know I am not concerned about the 20k you mention? You use that as an argument to justify killing them in the womb? The fact is I do care and I put my caring into action. So your solution is to kill those 20k before they are born, and you see this as compassion? You think there is no God, but in fact you do believe in one; your god is you. And you think you are more compassionate and loving than the one True God? Tread carefully.

          Secondly, you ask where is God and why does He allow it to happen? God is right there, he understands what is happening, but He sees things from an eternal perspective. This post isn’t the right place to explain all of this to you, and since
          you and I see the world differently it would be hard for you to
          completely understand. But, we are fallen, and God said there are consequences for sin; namely suffering and death. I know the 20k children you mention are innocent, but they are born into a world of disease, hardship, etc. It is unfortunate, but God calls us to make a difference and killing them before birth is not how God calls us to deal with it. God calls us to love every life and treat it as valuable because each of us are uniquely created as a reflection of Him.

          Lastly you suppose that perhaps all of this is because there is no God. I understand that question because I thought that way myself at one time. I thought that way until I was almost 40 years old. But then I started to really think about it. I applied the scientific method to the question “Why is there something rather than nothing”? Or another way of asking is “If at any time there was absolutely nothing, not even a God, what would there be today?” By using the scientific principle of causality coupled with the law of non contradiction I determined that it is a logical necessity that there must be a being in whom contains the power in and of itself to create something from nothing. As Einstein put it, an original uncaused cause. Without this, the only logical answer to the question “If at any time there was absolutely nothing, not even a God, what would there be today?”; the only answer would be nothing. For something to come from nothing without an outside causal agent is illogical and violates the previously mentioned scientific laws.

          I’d suggest you do what I did some 13 years ago and try and determine exactly what, or rather Who, this causal agent is. Knock and the door will be opened.

        • InTheLight717

          John, Jesus told you and me to feed the children. I would adopt if: 1) I could qualify (single parent) 2) had the $$$$ to get lawyers to do so. The problem is the red tape to adopt, while abortion can be done without even parental consent, thus covering up many rapes of young girls.

    • Frankie Addiego

      Not only that, but who says they don’t? There may not be a specific focus on down syndrome, but I have to believe that somewhere, sometime, a church held a fundraiser or something to help the handicapped. So desperate.

    • Linda Heilman

      “…because their child, if carried to term, would have Down syndrome.”
      Their child already has Down Syndrome.
      “Instead of throwing resources at a nonviable fetus,”
      A child with Down Syndrome is not nonviable. Down Syndrome is not immediately life threatening, except in very rare cases with extreme heart defects.
      These parents have the right to choose adoption for their child and should be given all options to consider before they act. They should not be coerced into abortion.

      God bless the three families who came forward for this little one.

      • John Dillinger

        So I guess your god gave that fetus down Syndrome “smh”

        • Skye Rose

          No, friend. God did not give that child down syndrome. Satan did that. What God will do is use this child’s testimony to further his kingdom. We are living in a world ruled by the prince of darkness, and the Prince of Peace is working in mysterious ways to slowly but surely restore his perfect kingdom.

          • John Dillinger

            wow you live in such a fantasy world

          • Skye Rose

            I do not wish to fight with you, friend, but you are dangerously misinformed about my God. Before you attack Him or me, I suggest doing some research into His word and learning more about my God and who He is and how He works.

          • John Dillinger

            Listen Rose lol you can believe in what ever sky daddy you want! I find no credible evidence for an existence for your sky daddy. You want to tell people that they’ll burn in hell for not believing in your sky daddy is abusive & nothing less than hate speech! But you didn’t say that, but I bet you say that often. There is no such thing as a god or gods. there are thousands of gods & depending where you were born determines what you were indoctrinated in & what god or gods you believe in. Here is a little fact! All humans are born atheist. Also if you don’t believe in other people’s gods then you are an atheist to their gods. Peace!

          • Alden Smith

            No they are not they born Deist believing some created the Universe then they become Theist or Atheist based arguments so yeah tell your lover Dawkins to have a nice day

          • John Dillinger

            You are of course wrong! it all depend on where one is born as to what a religion a child will be indoctrinated into. The lucky ones get born to parents that use logic & critical thinking & let their children chose as to what they want to do with their lives. Children don’t know anything, they are taught by their parents.

          • Alden Smith

            And you are of course wrong too! I was raised in a Christian home and was taken to Church every Sunday since I can remember, but parents never forced me to become one I made that choice myself. I going to medical field so I definietly have logic and critical thinking. Again tell Dawkins hi for me. Oh Hugh Ross came to the conclusion that God existed before ever met a single Christian through his study of Astronomy, he read ever Holy Book there is and came to conclusion that the Bible by itself was correct. I have a guy in my Church that was raised in the Church and is going to school for pre med and he has logic and critical thinking. So do the couple that lives in neighborhood that go to church with me they both Pharmacist.

          • Guest

            I disagree with you, John, I know of missionaries who played Christian music for days on end to cover up the chanting of the witch doctors…until the witch doctors begged the missionaries to tell them what was going on because the spirits/demons would not come because of their music. Then the witch doctors went on to accept Christ. It does not depend on indoctrination of a religion what people believe, it depends on whether they are told the TRUTH and whether their heart is open to that truth or not. Satan is the one who blinds the eyes of people so they do not want to accept the truth of God’s Word.

          • LindaM

            I disagree with you, John, I know of missionaries who played Christian music for days on end to cover up the chanting of the witch doctors…until the witch doctors begged the missionaries to tell them what was going on because the spirits/demons would not come because of their music. Then the witch doctors went on to accept Christ. It does not depend on indoctrination of a religion what people believe, it depends on whether they are told the TRUTH and whether their heart is open to that truth or not. Satan is the one who blinds the eyes of people so they do not want to accept the truth of God’s Word.

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            sky daddy? john if Jesus kingdom was of this world everybody would have accepted him.he is not of this world.nobody is telling you your going to hell but if you must bring it up truth is if you do not repent and come to Jesus you will die in your sins.the bible says many will hate somebody for the truth because they do not have it in them.what your living in is a fantasy world.there is only One True God and that is Yahweh.

          • Alden Smith

            Atheism is the lack of belief in a deity. That is the definition from Atheist.org. So you are wrong. Peace!

          • Skye Rose

            John, friend, you are not understanding at all my point. Humans are not perfect. God is. You cannot find evidence of his existence because you do not want to, not because it is not there. You have blinded yourself to the truth, and I sincerely feel sorry for you. Like others of your beliefs, I know that nothing I say will persuade you to change. I can honestly say that I have tried, and that is all my God asks me to do. I can only tell you the truth – I cannot force you to believe. I wish you a happy, full life, and nothing short of the best of what this world has to offer. If you ever do change your mind, I will not say ‘I told you so.’ If you do not change your mind, I will not tell you that you are going to Hell and shove scripture down your throat in a effort to change your mind. All I can say is that God loves you, and I love you, and I wish you the best.

          • Eddy S.

            So far from the way it looks (from the point of view of a reader) Skye Rose is winning this conversation. Take notice to to the way that he or she never makes an accusation towards Mr. John whereas Mr. John bases quite a bit of his argument on accusations… “You want to tell people that they’ll burn in hell for not believing in
            your sky daddy is abusive & nothing less than hate speech! But you
            didn’t say that, but I bet you say that often.”
            Oh, and to Mr. John… nice grammar buddy.

          • Jacob solis

            Really? People are born athiest? People are born to learn. Where do you get your morals from? Did you create them yourself? Impossible. Did you get tthem from your parents? Or did you get them from the world’s most prominent athiest? Still, impossible. Why? Because all morals come directly from religion. They come directly from God. The reason you can choose from right from wrong is because of the doctrine that was indirectly passed on to you, the one that you’ve been learning sice your “athiest birth”. Morals are direct proof that God is real. And if your counter argument is that morals are created by trial and error, you’d still be wrong because no matter how many trials an athiest performs to create morals, there will always be one error: human nature, and by nature we are greedy. A human by nature is greedy, therefore cannot create their own morals without staining them with greed. Like C.S Lewis said, “If man’s religion is abolished, then his morality is abolished; and if man’s morality is abolished, man will cease to exist himself.

            And you argue that religion is directly correlated to the lacotion in which they are born, but once again you are wrong. I have met poeple who lived in In certain parts of Asia, where the leading way of life is Buddhism, and christianity is forbidden. Well, those people would hold underground services to praise God. Still not convinced? Lets use your life. are your parents athiest? are the ones that live all around you athiest? Do you live in the U.S? Because if you do, then you live in a country where 78.4% of poeple are christians. So, your correlation between religion and location is invalid.

            and Skye Rose, The Lord is using you in great ways, may God Bless You.

          • anon

            I derive my moral barring from my empathy and compassion for my fellow human being and not from a bloodthirsty bronzed-age load of rot myth txt like the bible/quran. You, the religious are the immoral ones

            morals are inherent. You have a bit cognitive dissonance there don’t you lol even lower life animals have morials. My dog has morials. you need read up on some science. Your religion does not dictate my morals, nor does it determine my worth!

            The human brain is
            an amazing organ. It keeps working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks
            a year, from before you leave the womb, right up until you find religion.

          • John Dillinger

            Please I’ve read the bible new & old & there is no god

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            you have not read the bible john that is a lie.

          • Alden Smith

            John believes that aliens brought us here and that you can get nothing from something. Hawkings said aliens brought us here

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            well if johnny boy doesnt repent he wont be going to a good place

          • Alden Smith

            He wont

          • Alden Smith

            He is a Dawkins atheist that is so full of hate and bigotry. I hope you have a Nice day

          • Tina Marquez

            Alden and fellow-Christians we have to pray for atheists and non-believers because after their life is over they have nothing to look forward to. It’s such a completely sad and lonely way of life. Heaven is going to be amazing! Praise God forever!

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            Ignorance is not bliss john.its not as fantasy as youd like to think.

          • Mark

            So Satan is more powerful than God? You might want to go back to church.

          • Skye Rose

            I did not say that Satan is more powerful than God. I believe that God is very hurt by the fact that humans give Satan so much power. God has not yet struck Satan down because Satan’s existence somehow works to fulfill God’s master plan. I do not pretend to understand God – he is far beyond my human comprehension – but I know that he has a plan, and I trust him to work in all things for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to their purpose (Romans 8:28).

          • Tina Marquez

            Hi Mark! My guess is you were once raised in the Catholic or Baptist faith because you have such an apparent hatred for church.

          • devrie

            No, my friend. God did it. If you don’t LIKE a child being born that way, that is of Satan. God gives us all that we see and experience in this world and He alone knows the value and purpose. We have to have faith in HIS purpose. You’re walking on slippery slopes when you think everything you happen not to like is of Satan.

            Satan works on our minds. All that is here is Earthly and temporary. Only our souls and the faith we bring with them are permanent. If you don’t like your house being washed away in a flood, blame Satan for your misery over the loss of an Earthly object. God did it, though. It’s of God and He will be with us eternally. All that’s here is only temporary, and all that Satan can do is tempt you into misery over what doesn’t go your way.

          • Skye Rose

            I respectfully disagree, friend. God created man in his own image, and his image is perfect. Down Syndrome and other such genetic mutations as well as things like floods are not caused by God. Humans brought evil into the world, and with the evil Adam and Eve let into their hearts, such imperfections began to manifest themselves. Had Adam and Eve not sinned that first time, God never would have placed in the world such things as Down Syndrome and floods because there would have been no need for them – the world would have been perfect. God is perfection. Anything that is not perfect is not God’s doing. Do not misunderstand me: I believe everything works for God’s purpose and a person with a genetic disorder like Down Syndrome can be used in God’s plan as well as someone without a genetic disorder. And a flood can be used to his purpose as well: we see such examples in the story of Noah’s Ark. God always has the last say in his master plan, but Satan is the ruler of the Earth. The Prince of Darkness has claimed this world as his domain and defiled God’s perfect creation. God does not make anything imperfect.

          • Ingrid Heimark

            God created that child with Down syndrome, and in His eyes, that child is perfect. Satan has no saying in the creation of a life

          • Skye Rose

            Friend, God created the child, but Satan manipulated the perfect creation God made and gave the child down syndrome. As God is perfect, he cannot create anything that would have what humans consider an “imperfection.” I am not saying the child is imperfect – far from it! God will use that child in amazing ways, and his or her disability will fit perfectly into God’s master plan. You are suggesting that God created this disability, when he did no such thing. He made all things perfect, and with the fall of man, Satan brought these disabilities and “imperfections” into the world. It is Satan, not God, that causes illness and disabilities. God, however, uses what Satan has tried to destroy to do amazing works in this fallen world.

        • Steve Bruno

          Your comment is beside the point. You don’t have to believe in God to agree that aborting a baby/fetus with down syndrome unethical and wrong. Being against abortion is an ethical/moral statement not necessarily a religious one.

          • John Dillinger

            But most people that are against women’s rights to have a choice are religious & get those so called ethics from their respective religions. But you are right, I know a few atheist that don’t like that particular choice (abortion) to be available. & people who are against women’s right to have a choice Life is not sacred. Think about that next time you step on bug to kill it. There are good reasons for abortions like not letting a damaged human being live in agony. Or like in my nieces case where she lived to only 7 & died a horrible & painful death, that was really unethical, as it could of been prevented by an abortion.

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            if abortion is a womans right
            what is the childs john?

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            its not ok for you to decide the fate of other peoples lives.people who have disabilities are actually pretty happy people.even people who die painful deaths can be happy and are.your bascialy saying that my child deserves to die.that is not ok.

          • Alden Smith

            John the unscientific side of the abortion debate.

          • Basset_Hound

            S.E. Cupp is a political commentator and columnist. She is also pro-life. Guess what, John, she’s also an atheist. In fact her stance so enraged pornographer Larry Flint that he photoshopped a picture of her to show her committing a sexual act.

        • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

          john you have much anger inside you.why dont you use the energy of being angry to actually look at Gods word.people who have disabiities are very special.God doesnt make mistakes people do.everybody is perfect but the choices they make are not.

        • Truef Naphtali

          Why do people like you always blame God? Too lazy to do research? Actually, it is YOUR god (scientists) that are responsible for diseases http://www.naturalnews.com/042770_guillain-barre_syndrome_h1n1_vaccines_toxic_effects.html

    • Katie

      The better question should be, “has Jezebel itself done anything to help children with DS?”

      Like I said, my family is still waiting for a check from Jezebel.

      No, instead they are too worried about a woman who changed her mind. I’m sure this lady is not an idiot, I don’t mean any disrespect to this Reverand and the people who offered to adopt her child, but I have a strong feeling she came to her final decision on her own. I highly doubt she was coerced and for anyone who cries about “choices” and to “trust women” to assume the woman involved in this particular situation is too stupid to make her own choices is a big fat hypocrite.

      F U Jezebel. I am tired of your BS.

      It’s creeps like you who have finally and 100 percent turned me against the pro-choice movement. Thank you for illustrating your judging, your ridiculous assumptions, your misogynist, Nazi esq ue attitude s. W/out you show ing your true colors, people like me and many other s who are not quite on either side of this war may have been won over. You just lost me.

      • Elizabeth Jarzombek

        Welcome home, Katie. I have a Katie. Are you in your 20’s too?

    • JDC

      Yeah a lot of pro-choicers are really bad at biology.

    • Tina Marquez

      There are many churches and groups that help people with Down syndrome, autism and other special needs. I thank God every day for my church community.

  • finishstrongdoc

    ummmm….how’s about this: pro aborts stop saying we only care about keeping fetuses alive and we stop saying all they want to do is to make them dead…. hmmmm?

  • Hannah Mallery

    I’m getting pretty darn tired of hearing the same complaint over and over that “pro-lifers only care about fetuses.”
    Many adoption agencies are Christian based, and I would wager that many would identify as pro-life. Christian, pro-life people are the most genuine I know, when it comes to adoption- even foster care. I know folks who have poured their hearts and souls into precious little children, only to have them moved along by the “system.” Why do they allow themselves to be so vulnerable, and to have their hearts torn time and again?
    Because they believe that the time, however short, that they invest in these children will bring about some good in those little lives.
    Pro-choicers have a lot to learn about what God can do with a human heart.

    • Mark

      People like you say that adoption is always an option without looking at all the children we have growing up in foster care and completely ignoring the dangers of carrying a child to full term. Growing a child is very difficult on the mother.
      Please look at facts before spouting off what you think your holy book says. God killed more children than any doctor.

      • Hannah Mallery

        Mark, I am well aware of the facts. I am currently half-way through a somewhat difficult pregnancy myself, so I really don’t appreciate being told that I am just “spouting off.”
        It seems that you ignored the content of my comment entirely, as I said that there are many good people who take in foster children (as well as adopt them) who are also pro-life.
        Also, I think it’s worth noting that a large percentage of foster children are not adoptable. Those children end up back with their families, relatives, or are emancipated.
        So foster care and adoption, though related, are different, in that adoption is permanent, while foster care is very likely to be transient. I know familes who have done both.


      • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

        adoption is better than abortion i would know i did it.mark where do u get carrying a child to full term is dangerous? it hasnt been proven to be dangerous over the last thousands of years.women were designed to have children for a reason.your logic sucks.

      • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

        actually wrong doctors have killed more children than hitler during ww2.since roe vs wade over 54 million babies have been aborted.try that one on for size.

  • Didaskalos

    Uh oh. A mother chooses life, a baby escapes the abortionist’s clutches, and the Jezebels and Planned Parenthoods of the world are enraged. No surprise. Like her murderous Old Testament namesake, Jezebel gives no quarter and takes no prisoners. She also has a spineless King Ahab in the White House who obeisantly does her bloody bidding.

    • Diane McLaughlin

      Don’t blame Planned Parenthood – they are there to help you whichever way you “choose” to proceed. The Jezebels are the ones in the wrong – they forgot that it is a choice.

      • Didaskalos

        Planned Parenthood never met an abortion it wouldn’t enthusiastically countenance. It routinely fights popularly supported laws: parental notification of a minor girl’s abortion, women’s right to know, and positive alternatives laws.

        According to its most recent annual report, during fiscal year 2011-2012, Planned Parenthood reported receiving a record $542 million in taxpayer funding in the form of government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements. Taxpayer funding consists of 45% of Planned Parenthood’s annual revenue. Unlike pregnancy resource centers, which survive on donations from supporters, Planned Parenthood would go out of business if it weren’t for government bailouts.

        In 2011, Planned Parenthood performed a record high 333,964 abortions. Over the past three reported years (2009-2011), Planned Parenthood hasperformed nearly one million abortions (995,687). In 2011, abortions made up 92% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services, while prenatal care and adoption referrals accounted for only 7% (28,674) and 0.6% (2,300), respectively. For every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood performed 145 abortions.

        Cancer screening & prevention services and contraceptive services provided by Planned Parenthood continue to drop. Contraceptive services have dropped by 12% since 2009, and cancer screening & prevention services have dropped by 29%.

        Besides all this, Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, clams up and refuses to answer when she’s asked if late-term abortions on healthy babies are wrong. [ http://www.lifenews.com/2013/07/11/cecile-richards-cant-say-if-late-term-abortions-on-healthy-babies-is-wrong/ ]

        • Allison Clancy-Berkemeier

          Dearest Diane,

          PP does NOT help whichever way you “choose” to proceed. Case in point – Lasalle St. PP in Chicago 2004. A young woman (my closest friend and roommate), who has used PP for her “health care” – std testing, birth control, and two rounds of morning after pills finds she is pregnant. She quits drinking on the spot – quite a feat for her. She decides to change her life and be a mother. Friends and family support her, me included. I take her to PP on Lasalle St. for a check up and to help her get pre-natal care. I drop her off and plan to pick her up later. She calls and says not to pick her up, she has made plans. Later, at home, after she staggers home from the bus a bloody mess – she tells me what happened at PP.

          She was told that it was highly inadvisable that she continue with her pregnancy because it most likely would have fetal alcohol syndrome and myriad other health problems. She was told that she would probably fail at staying clean, and that her past would make the likelihood of becoming an abusive parent a near certainty. She was also told that PP did not provide any pre-natal care, nor did they have anyone to refer her to. They told her that she would be buried under staggering debt and receive sub standard care. They browbeat her until she agreed to abort and called in a “doctor” after hours to be sure she did it right then, before she could change her mind. She was actually told and convinced that this was “best for the baby” – that she would be such an awful parent, that her baby was better off dead. They performed the abortion with twilight sedation. When she was mostly awake and able to walk, they put her on the bus. My sweet friend suffered an infection and needed an emergency hysterectomy two weeks later. She began drinking again and was put on antidepressants. She attempted to commit suicide three times. Nine years after my friend was coerced and brutally assaulted by PP, she still needs antidepressants and drinks heavily. She lives half a life and constantly wonders what her life would be like if she had never set foot in PP. I wonder if I could have changed things if I had gone in with her.

          Before this, I was very pro-choice. It was the way I was taught to believe, never questioning what the choice actually was. I was brought to my local pp and put on the pill at the first appearance of my period. Getting your little pack of tiny pills was a right of passage. Virginity was a nuisance best shed as soon as possible. I should “claim my body and sexuality”. I was taught that an unplanned baby is an invader in a woman’s body and should be got rid of as quickly as possible. No fuss, no muss, not time for questions. It was silly and naive to think there might be some moral implications. So many women of my generation were taught the same thing.

          If you truly believe PP is there to do anything other than prevent parenthood, you are so very misguided. This is a true story – and since this experience, I have learned that this is not unusual. PP destroyed more than one life that day.

          • Damien Johnson

            What a story. If I knew a word that meant the opposite of heartwarming, I’d use it. This is so sad.

      • Kathy McGlaughlin

        Blinders on. Planned Parenthood offers no choice either. They do not offer adoption counseling and they oppose any legislative attempts to require them to offer it. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion mill in the nation.

        • jayjay

          “Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion mill in the nation.” – in the world.

          • coop

            no, that would be the chinese government sadly

      • battaglia1

        Diane have become subhuman.

      • CommonSense5201

        With respect Diane, I believe that based on PP efforts in several states to close down any and all women’s health clinics that lead with adoption rather than abortion makes clear where they really stand.

      • Elizabeth Jarzombek

        Let’s not be too hard on Diane everybody. Planned Parenthood lies and manipulates very well. Diane….please read “Unplanned” by former clinic director Abby Johnson. That will give the REAL picture regarding PP’s true motivations

        • Aggie12

          I read that book and i highly suggest it to everyone. It sheds light on Planned Parenthood and it was one of the books that solidified my pro-life stance.

      • BKennedy

        Google “Susan G. Komen Planned Parenthood.”The very first thing you must learn about Planned Parenthood is that it is a political operation.

        It is a government subsidized arm of the Democratic Party that seeks and destroys any organization foolish enough to get entangled with it, then want out. the Susan G. Komen Foundation For The Cure (Breast Cancer) found this out the hard way when they wanted to rescind Planned Parenthood from their grants because Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms.

        Needless to say, Planned Parenthood ramped up their political machine and dragged Susan G. Komen’s reputation straight through the mud that Planned Parenthood wallows in. It accused them of being anti-woman for daring to find Planned Parenthood’s lack of services other than condoms and abortions lacking to their mission. There are an infinite number of other instances where Planned Parenthood muscled some group or jumped up to fund or support partisan races – but no person in good conscience should send Planned Parenthood a dime.

        “The Jezebels” ARE Planned Parenthood. They are its founder, eugenicist and white-supremacist Margaret Sanger. They are its current board of directors. They are the vast majority of its leadership, and I’d bet more than a little they perfectly describe most of their staff in most of their offices. If the devil himself isn’t their head, he’s certainly on call whenever they need him.

        • rrtimetables

          The government under Hitler as a matter of law would have had babies with Down syndrome aborted in the name of purifying Aryan blood; and saving the State future expense. Children and adults found with low intelligence and birth defects were neutered so they could not conceive. And we know that gypsies, Poles, Russians, gays, criminals, Jehovah Witnesses, other religious, Freemasons, communists and Jews etc. were liquidated at concentration camps. So, with 999,000+ abortions in three years, or 333,000 average a year, isn’t that on par with the Nazi’s who wiped out 11+ Million from 1937 – 1945? And if 64% of those aborted were Blacks and Hispanics, wouldn’t we call that genocide? so tell me, if the Germans recovered their cost to kill through resale of the victims personal goods and their remains, does $542,000 a YEAR equal per $544.35 in revenue per abortion for Planned Parenthood? Their getting a better Return on Investment than the Nazi’s.

          • Julia

            Add Catholic priests and religious, and anyone elso who stood up to them to that list of Nazi targets.

          • John Dillinger

            the Catholic church stood with the Nazis.

          • Allison Clancy-Berkemeier

            That is absolutely untrue.

          • John Dillinger

            It’s simple matter of record that the catholic church helped many Nazis escape Germany, they also protected & hid child rapist. the catholic church is one of the biggest criminal organizations in the world. That is a fact. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.

          • Julia

            More like the biggest charitable organization in the world.

          • John Dillinger

            Again your ignorance is astounding! the catholic church is the biggest criminal org. in the world! Do some research! they hid child rapist. I can see that you love org. that like to protect Child rapist! shame on you!

          • Calvin Freiburger

            “Do some research!”

            ‘Kay: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/08/24/opinion/main1933687.shtml

            Fun fact: kids are far more likely to be molested by a public-school teacher than a Catholic priest.

          • John Dillinger

            that doesn’t changed the fact that the catholic church hid & protected child rapist! the catholic church has been around long before public schools so Statistically that could be wrong. I find it horrendous that you would be an an apologist for a horrific criminal org. like the catholic church! that is a terrible thing. by your god your soul is doomed…

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            the rcc is not charitable when the pope cant get rid of all of his luxiries.

          • Julia

            Definitely untrue. The whole Nazi system of euthanizing, “purifying the race” , including killing of down syndrome people, is directly against Catholic teachings, and the Church condemned it.
            Speaking of, we’ve come full circle – down syndrome people, should not be killed whether they are still sucking their thumbs in their mother’s wombs, nursing in their mother’s arms, holding their mother’s hand to take their first steps, being cared for by their mother in middle age, or when they are totally helpless again, bedridden in a hospital when they are 90.

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            julie anybody can say anything but its the actions that speak.the catholics say their against this against that but during the crusades war constantine and the other guy i forget his name ordered all christians to be killed that is how the 24 apostles were killed as well as martin luther.

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            that is a very true statement.the last pope we just had was photoghraphed as a soldier for hitler and he actually admitted to secretly giving hitler jews.

          • Julia

            Growing up in Germany as a boy, Benedict 16 was forced to join the mandatory Hilter youth. His family (and him) however, were completely against the Nazis.

            I have heard that claim of secretly handing over Jews to Hilter, and I am sure it is false. if it was true or even a widespread rumor, the notoriously liberal anti-Catholic news outlets would have been all over it by now.

          • Julia

            I meant “I have *never* heard that claim”

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            no he was not against the nazis he gladly helped them.

          • John Dillinger

            a fetus is not a baby, so everything you just wrote is invalid,.

          • Allison Clancy-Berkemeier

            An infant is not a toddler, a toddler is not a teenager, all are human beings, what is your point?

            At what point is a human valid? Is a human conceived by intent more valid than one who is not? Is a human with all of the “normal” chromosomes more valid than one who is different? Is an older human more valid than a younger one?

            You are ridiculous.

          • John Dillinger

            Look I agree someone aborting a fetus in the Third trimester just because they don’t want it is messed up, but what if the woman having it was going to die from it? my wife had a tubular pregnancy & it almost killed her. I had to rush her to the ER, they had to operate on her to abort that fetus. If abortion wasn’t legal then she would have died! You know like what happened in Ireland, when the doctors let that poor woman just die because of their backwards religion. They refused to abort her baby that was killing her. Is that truly the kind of world you wanna live in? Where laws are based on a book written 3000 years ago by people who didn’t even know the Earth revolved around the sun? A fetus is not a baby, it is a fetus. Also my niece might have to have an abortion if that fetus shows sings of the blood disease that killed their last child at age 7. her fetus has an 8 in 10 chances that it will have that same disease. They don’t want to put another child through that horrific pain again. There are many reasons for abortions. In a perfect world men & women would not fool around & get pregnant, what is needed IMO is more sex education in schools (information) contraceptives should be passed out in High schools. & the issue isn’t really about abortion, it’s about having a choice. Like I said someone else in here to a woman, if you want the Gov. to have control over your reproductive organs, that’s like punching your self in the face.

          • Jasmine

            So your neice is going to brutally and painfully kill her unborn to keep her baby from suffering? Makes PERFECT sense. Smh. Did your child have a heartbeat? If not it wasn’t abortion. Did they inject poinson into your childs heart or rip it apart with forceps and such to kill it? If not, she didn’t abort. Also, the woman in Ireland didn’t need an abortion idiot. She died from INFECTION. Which by the way COULD HAVE BEEN TREATED WITHOUT ABORTION. Her doctors were just too stupid to realize that. Abortion doesn’t save anyone. And the government is controlling my reproductive organs by making it illegal to rape someone. Are you pissed about that too?

          • John Dillinger

            No My unborn wasn’t a fetus! it was an embryo in her TUBE that would have killed my wife! so that “embryo” had NO heart beat! as embryos are not developed enough to have heart beat! LOL WOW even your ignorance is astounding!

          • John Dillinger

            So Jasmine you would rather my niece have that kid with that blood disease & die a horrible death? You have no idea the horror that we all went through watching that poor child die. Even that child suffered unspeakable pain. Her skin rotted, her face turned brown & bloated from that horrid disease! This time they will NOT let another human being suffer that fate! How dear you sit there and judge someone else’s pain! You are uneducated in these issues & all you have is your stupid religious so called values! Children born with this bool disease die at around age 6 or 7 & it is horrible! So yeah it’s better to abort that that fetus than to let that child die of a horrible death later.

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            do u not cherish life john? if you support abortion u do not value or cherish life only your own.

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            “its better to abort a baby than to let that chid die of a horrible death later” how is abortion not horrible as it is? how is murdering a child in the womb versus outside of a womb different? you are a true example of what pure selfishness is.

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            any mother who wouldnt die for her child is sick in the head.

          • John Dillinger

            Where did I ever say that a fetus or a baby is not a valid human being? You are ridiculous for even asking that question. Life is not sacred.

          • Julia

            Go look at an ultrasound of a 20 week old fetus in her mother’s womb – sucking her thumb, dreaming, moving, etc. – that baby my friend, is “alive and kicking” as the saying goes!

          • John Dillinger

            human development an embryo is not a fetus, like a fetus is not a baby, like a baby is not a toddler, like a toddler is not a young adult… etc. Basically if you find the definition of Embryo it is: a developing human from conception to 8 weeks.
            Get your facts straight woman!

          • John Dillinger

            life is not sacred

          • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

            actually fetus does mean baby.

        • Basset_Hound

          “Planned Bullyhood” was an exposé of the battle between Komen and Pp

      • Elizabeth Marie Balentine

        all planned parenthood is good for is surgically ripping a helpless baby who wasnt wanted by the parents out of inconvenience to pieces.

  • blair miller

    It always puzzles me, when people say the baby will not live a fulfilling life. If he/she disabled or sick, and aparently the only merciful thing to do, is to abort him or her. I mean how do you know the child is going to not live a good life? I really doubt that any of these people can predict the future, and know whats going to happen in the child’s life.

    • Carolyn Lemcool

      I think Doctors are also to blame trying to make judgements on what is going to happen to a babies health. I would wager more than 50% of what they “think” they see on scans are wrong. I had a personal friend who was told her baby was showing multiple problems and disabilities on in utero scans. Not only was her baby born healthy they were even wrong about the sex of the baby. There are thousand upon thousands of couples who can not have babies who want to adopt and they wait years and sometimes never get a baby. If so many more would change their minds and go for adoption there would be more babies for childless couples.

      • Basset_Hound

        Also, an OB/GYN is a good source of information for pregnancy and conditions of the female reproductive tract. He/she is NOT an educator of special needs kids, nor is he/she a physical or occupational therapist for special needs kids. It breaks my heart that they don’t even think of directing the parents to people that are in these professions, nor to support groups made up of parents whose children have disabilities.

  • JDC

    So, I see that Jezebel continues it’s decent into insane self-parody.

  • Diane McLaughlin

    I am pro-choice, operative word being “choice”. Jezebel is totally wrong. If this couple truly wishes to take the fetus to term and let someone adopt him/her, that is their “choice”. I wish the best to the young couple whichever way they decide to proceed. Jezebel needs to learn what pro-choice really means.

    • Mary Lee

      Though I disagree with your stance, I really appreciate your honesty. Yes, Jezebel does not do anyone any favors, on any side. I don’t really know why anyone reads Jezebel, beyond some of the pop-culture articles (which can be a lot of fun). To be sure, when I was a Gawker commenter (back when you had to “audition”), the Gawker crowd didn’t like the Jezebel gals so much.

    • Katie

      Diane, I wish there were more pro-choice people like you. I can at least respect it and appreciate where you are coming from.

      I have seen nothing but hate come from some so called pro choicers. My Mother chose to have a child with Down Syndrome and she and my brother suffered terribly from the attitude of family members and friends after my he was born. Some even cut us off. Their attitude was that if my mother “chose” to have my brother, then she should be the one responsible and therefore, he and my mother deserve to suffer the consequences. We never got any help, assistance or anything from self proclaimed pro women, pro child pro choice family members.Seeing this Jezebel article infuriates me. I cannot speak for the Catholic Church as we are not Catholic, but we have yet to receive a check from Jezebel (seeing that they care So much about living people with Down Syndrome). My Mother has been judged harshly for her choice. Yet, my mother would never judge a woman who chose opposite.

      We were always an agnostic and politically moderate family, yet after what my family went through, I can definitely sympathize more with the pro lifers.

      I hate to use the term “pro life” though.

      If there was a genetic test that would determine that one would grow to be a hateful, sanctimonious a hole like the writers at Jezebel, then I would most definitely be pro abortion. Unfortunately, in this imperfect world, there is only genetic test ing for Down Syndrome. I would much rather be in a world full of people with DS.

  • Sara

    “So many mistreated babies and kids with Downs live terrible lives.
    Instead of throwing resources at a nonviable fetus, why can’t the church
    help children with Down syndrome that are already alive?” O. M. G. She actually called this baby an nonviable fetus? NONVIABLE? Jezebel’s blog seems full of spurious reasoning, offensive remarks….and a meanness of spirit…

    • Brigette

      That’s what I couldn’t believe. How is it a “non-viable fetus” if it can be carried to full term?

      • Ben

        Because the beautiful child has (will have?) Down Syndrome.

    • Julia

      Seriously! Reading the quote from the article also made me think – like aborting them (i.e., pulling this kicking baby apart limb from limb) isn’t mistreating them?

  • Carol Dickinson

    Oh… there are soooo many organizations in this nation that will help the unborn ‘living babies’ and born living babies. There are places like Foundation for Life… Maternal Assistance etc. There are over 100’s of CHRISTIAN organizations right here in Houston, Tx. They ARE meeting the needs of these young scared mothers who need help for them and their unborn baby. They don’t want to kill their baby so these places of LIFE and HOPE give not only LIFE and HOPE to the unborn ‘Live’ Baby… but also the mother who would rather give birth to her child and give it life… rather than kill her child. Children are like a field of flowers. Saying there are too many babies is like saying their are too many flowers. They are precious and soooo need our love and can be put up for adoption. Adoption is an option… and these organizations will help out if a mother decides to give her child away. At least she will not kill the child…. but give it a chance for LIFE! Halleluia!!! :) Amen!!! Thank you mommas who do that. Thank you mammas who give their babies a chance! May God bless you for that! Amen! :)

    • So now a kid is like a flower? Kids are PEOPLE who have feelings and need to eat! They also become adults! Dumbest thing I have heard in my life…

  • Bex

    Thanks for clarifying that the author of that Jezebel article is a radical pro-choice. As a woman who is pro-choice, I find people of that extreme offensive. You’re right, offering different choices is not coercion. I’m glad this family was able to make a fully educated choice about what was best for them.

    And thank you personally for not using this Jezebel author as a spokesperson for all pro-choice. Most of us do believe in having a choice, which does, of course, include birth as an option

    • Allison Karlson

      Murdering your baby should NEVER be an option or a choice! There is no VALID reason for murdering a child or anyone for that matter. With that said, feel free to blabber on about your possible “reasons” why abortion may be permissible. 34 weeks + 3 days with unplanned pregnancy number 2 and I couldn’t be more happier. And no I did NOT have the chromosome testing done to find out if my baby would be born with any kind of abnormalities because my baby is beautiful and perfect NO MATTER what the outcome may be! For the record this is unplanned pregnancy number 2 with my husband of 10 years. We are truly blessed!

      • John Dillinger

        abortion is not murder.

        • Allison Karlson

          if it’s not murder than what is it? Oh that’s right…it’s legal to murder unborn babies in America…I forget…my bad….technically you’re right it’s not murder…but to me…and a lot of others…it is murder.

          • John Dillinger

            a fetus is not a baby! get your facts straight, also you wanting to have the gov. regulate your body is like punching your self in the face. SMH

          • Allison Karlson

            my unborn fetus is indeed a baby…ignorance must be blissful!

          • John Dillinger

            a fetus is not a baby, like a baby is not a toddler, like a toddler is not a young adult. definition of Embryo it is: a developing human from conception to 8 weeks. The definition of Fetus is: a developing human from 8 weeks to birth. I never said that you don’t have a developing human being. Your ignorance is astounding!

          • Basset_Hound

            A neonate is a developing human. An infant is a developing human, so is a toddler, a kindergardener, and a teenager. It is not OK to kill them for your convenience. There is nothing magical about a trip down the birth canal that conveys personhood on an entity that is not already a human being. Likewise for size and level of development. Repeating the same lie over and over doesn’t make it true. Neither does your astounding ignorance.

          • Julia

            OK. So what that the fetus is “developing”; people develop till they are about 20 years old or so (that’s why the drinking age is 21, because the brain is not fully developed till then).So if your argument is that it is Ok to kill them because they are still developing, teenagers should start getting worried for their safety. Do you consider babies born at about twenty-four weeks or so not fully human until 16 wks after birth (40 wks from conception)? or do you also subscribe to this strange idea of the magic, all-right conferring birth canal?
            “Baby” is not a technical term – you mean “infant”. And that fetus is definitely a child, which describes one’s offspring at any age in development.

            Funny thing is, if the preborn child is wanted everyone calls her a baby. Do you go around correcting everyone talking about Princess Kate’s “baby” or have you ever attended a “fetus shower”? If princess Kate’s baby was discovered to have down syndrome, I suppose everyone would call her child a fetus, until/unless she decided not to kill her child anyway when they would go back to calling her a baby again. Mental gymnastics!
            FYI, fetus is a Latin word meaning “young one”.

          • John Dillinger

            Women should have the right to abortion with out apology.

          • Allison Karlson

            Fetuses should have the right to life without you or anyone else saying or thinking otherwise!

        • Jasmine

          Neither is smothering adults with pillows John…

          • Jasmine

            I meant to put *sarcasm* after that

      • Bex

        Just to be clear, I was trying to be gracious ad polite to the writer of this article. Thanks for showing me the same courtesy :) I bet you do a great at convincing people to agree with your beliefs

    • Elizabeth Jarzombek

      I’m glad you support the family’s decision Bex. (Cool name!) You do sound more sane than most people who believe abortion is okay but unfortunately you are the exception rather than the norm. I want to ask you something though. Do you believe there is a point in the pregnancy or a circumstance in which abortion should be prohibited?

      • Katie

        Allison, I understood your passion, and I think this article has royally ticked a lot of people off. However, I think you should be less harsh with Bex. She has been respectful and reasonable about her opinion and she at least agree s with all the pro lifers in regards to this particular Jezebel article.

        I actually was linked in to this article, by a friend on fb, who is pro choice, yet was disgusted with the the Jezebel insanity.

      • Bex

        I support choice. Adoption is a beautiful thing when families are able to get a child they want and love.

        I do have to say, the majority of pro-life advocates I come across tend to use their faith as a weapon and are cruel and violent towards people who choose or support abortion. It’s nice to come across those who, while strongly disagree on an emotional topic, still treat each other like people who deserve respect and dignity.

        To answer your question, I do support restrictions on abortion. I don’t think abortion should be allowed after the point of viability has been reached for the fetus, with exceptions in cases where the life of the mother or baby is at risk.

        I live in Texas, and I have to say, I do support some of HB2 (SB5) Abortion clinics should meet health standards, although those that only offer the abortion pill should not need to meet surgical standards, as no surgery is performed. My problem with the 20 week ban is that the majority of abortions take place before 20 weeks. 20 weeks is the point where scans will show any abnormalities or risks for both fetus and mother. At that point, I believe most women are carrying a much wanted child, but unfortunately are faced with a situation where they have to make a painful choice. And they should have that option. So that’s my question for you: do you make any exceptions for abortions due to risks for the mother/fetus?

        • Jigs

          In such cases (in life-threatening situations such as ectopic pregnancies), physicians are obliged to do everything in their ability to attempt to save BOTH the mother and unborn child. If in such a case it is deemed that the only way would be to perform a procedure that would result in the death of the unborn child, the procedure is carried out. However, the death of the unborn child is not a means to the end, but an unfortunate (and unwanted) side effect of the procedure. Saving the mother’s life should not be caused by the death the unborn child. Ultimately, the death of the unborn child is not desired, but is unintended (this assumes that all possible options to save both mother and child have been exhausted). This is contrast to abortion, whose direct purpose is to kill the unborn child.

          I do hope I managed to somehow answer your question, Bex. I share the same disappointment in what I’d like to call overzealous pro-life advocates.

          Though I hope I’m not misinterpreted. I oppose abortion. I believe that both the lives of the mother and child are valuable.

          • Mary Kay

            I as well am disappointed when I see overzealous pro-life advocates. Not just because it reflects poorly on our side but also because I think it is of utmost importance that we try and understand (but not agree with) pro-choice advocates and their reasoning.

        • Elizabeth Jarzombek

          That’s a tough one for me. I do NOT believe in aborting children with disabilities no matter how severe. I DO believe that a mother’s life should be preserved and if the TREATMENT results in the death of the baby that is a tragic but acceptable CONSEQUENCE of that treatment. Killing the baby directly to save the mother’s life is not only unacceptable, it is unnecessary. I hope I worded that clearly. If not, let me know.

  • Troy James Martin

    So… let me get this straight. Abortion is a “choice,” while adoption is “coercion.” It may make sense to Jezebel, but not to me.

    • CommonSense5201

      Nicely encapsulated – that is precisely their stance

  • lucylou314

    Abortion is their religious sacrament, when someone chooses life it infuriates the devil himself and likewise those who are of the pro death mindset. They must sacrifice to Baal, babies are nothing more than that to be sacrificed on the alter of selfishness.

  • Ron

    Calling the baby a “nonviable fetus” and contrasting “fetuses” with “actual babies”, shows either the abject ignorance or the blatant disregard for truth of this incredibly depraved blogger. A fetus *IS* an actual baby, and the fact that it has Down Syndrome does NOT make it any less viable.

  • Karin Huff

    Of course we care about fetuses/babies, THEIR LIVES ARE IN DANGER BY THOSE THAT DO NOT CARE. They are KILLED every day. Wanted/Planned (already here) Children are protected by LAW. You will be prosecuted by law if you harm them.

  • Rae

    We have a college that teaches these down syndrome people how to adjust to an adult world. There’s a group in our town that teaches them how to work, balance a check book, take care of their own living areas. Some have even gone on to own their own business. These people are far from being a burden. They are loving & capable individuals. God has richly bless us for knowing them.

  • Brian

    I’m sure there’s a special place in Hell for people like this woman.

  • Karin Huff

    BY THE WAY, Jezebel, a child with down syndrome is just as viable as you were as a fetus. All of US would have died without care at birth. There is no such thing as a “viable fetus”.

  • Micqey

    I love the absolute stupidity of this quote from Jezebel: “Instead of throwing resources at a nonviable fetus” WHAT? If a fetus that could be born and live with Down’s Syndrome is a non viable fetus, does that mean people who are already born and living with Down’s Syndrome are nonviable people?

  • Lydia

    My mother works in a home for handicapped people. It was started and is continually funded by….you guessed it, the catholic church! That lady has absolutely no clue or a brain. Not to mention, even someone with downs will tell you it is wrong to kill a baby! Maybe this lady should have her head checked??

    • CommonSense5201

      Sadly she likely does not need her head checked for her assertions. She is, in the end, following the maxim that a lie told loudly enough and often enough eventually becomes “the truth”.

  • Brandy B-Lotus Powell

    There are literally waiting list for people to adopt babies with down syndrome, you will not find a down syndrome baby in foster care anywhere. this woman is nuts and needs to do some research before she spouts off, I would have gladly taken this baby too, I told my husband about it, by the time I had seen the post they already had 3 families to chose from.

  • claudette

    Jezebel did not paraphrase, she fantasized a totally ugly rhetoric and claimed to speak for the priest and the birth parents. What an imagination! She may be speaking from an experience in her own past, but there is nothing in this story but beauty and hope. Too bad her vision is too clouded to see it. And God bless the birth parents, the adoptive parents and the baby.

  • Damien Johnson

    I can’t believe I used to read Jezebel.

    • I don’t want a godly man like you! So we’re even.

      • Damien Johnson

        Hey, your loss lady ;P Then again, you already have issues if you think killing a child just because he isn’t perfect is ok.

  • CommonSense5201

    Well, it is consistent with their condemnation of Pam Tebow for, 1st not aborting Tim and 2nd for having the nerve to actually speak about it

  • Tammy

    My cousins daughter has Down Syndrome – and her life isn’t terrible!!! Tell her 2 sisters and 1 brother that they would be better off without her? I don’t think so!! They would tell you they love her just for herself!!! She flourishes in school, home and other activities – just like any other child. She may have some challenges in her life – but her life is just as precious as anyone else! Her parents wouldn’t trade her for all the other children that they have – each child is unique, wonderful, precious and loved. It’s very sad that Ms. Baker has such a limited viewpoint on children and families! Praying for The Lord to touch Ms. Baker’s heart.

  • Anon

    Okay, seriously, Look up Tim Harris. Albuqueruque, NM. Tims Place Restaurant. He’s a downs syndrome child, and OWNS A FRIGGING RESTAURAUNT.

    • Basset_Hound

      Okay, seriously, here’s another one for you. Go to imdb.com and look up Chris Burke who played a lead part in an ABC drama for four years, from 1989-1993. He was nominated for a Golden Globe award. Granted, he hasn’t been on the screen for the last 10 years, but his acting career is quite an achievement.

  • Diva

    She should tied down a Brick on her neck and be throw herself in the middle of the ocean. Something like this is fair. Because for all the hate she has against little precious babies. She will go down and contaminate the ocean floor. She sounds so heartless ,brainless, and so wicked like Jezebel. The evil woman. ! Feel sorry for us who believes in life so precious. Living in a world with people who believes in aborting discarding. Precious babies. When they can adopt instead they want to abort. Or in another words they prefer to murder or kill they’re own flesh and blood.

    • Do everyone a favor and learn how to construct a sentence please! Also, you could give a shit about the “precious babies” when they become teens and have no health insurance (also suffering from depression and self harm) or heat in the house when it is winter in Minnesota! Plus, contaminating the ocean floor, won’t that kill LIFE!

  • Robin

    I have an amazingly wonderful brother who has Down syndrome. He is a delight and a joy to be around. Everyone in our family adores him and his zest for life is contagious. I cannot imagine life wthout him (or at least the idea of doing so is horrible). And he has been welcomed, supported and encouraged by many different church organizations ranging from social dances and summer/ winter camps to weekly biblestudies and sunday school classes. This last summer he and three of his friends from special olympics went to summer camp with Calvary Chapel Refuge and the whole camp from fellow campers to staff members and councelors was very warm, friendly and accomodating to all of their special needs. In my experiences with my brother ihave found that his difficulties often bring out the best in those around him and his smile is a reward that is well worth the effort. So . . .thanks to all who support the lives of those with special needs both before and after birth. :)

  • Andres Columbus

    I’ve taught plenty of Down Syndrome kids. They are awesome. I’m actually disappointed the parents still decided to give the kid up for adoption but better that then murder. This Jezebel is a sicko as are all who think abortion is simply a form of birth control. Its murder, not birth control. ‘Birth control’ happens before conception.

  • Roger Thibodeau

    “why can’t the church help children with Down syndrome that are already alive? ” is the same attitude that Judas had when Mary Magdalen poured the expensive oil on Jesus’ feet and wiped it with her hair; ” That oil could have bee spared and spent on the poor” . These people don’t give a hoot for anyone but themselves.

  • Troy James Martin

    I just took a look at that entry of the Jezebel blog. Not only is she displaying full-on ignorance and rage-induced blindness, but most of the comments are just as hate-filled and unthinking. Many of them would like to think they sound sensible and reasonable, but their hearts are dead and their minds are dulled. It made me very, very sad looking, even briefly, at it.

    • Basset_Hound

      Look at the top of the page….at least until the comment is deleted.

    • Katie

      And many of them call themselves Christian s. It was actually people like them who turned many of my family members from going to Church. Morons who care more about the life of a pedophile or rapist sitting on Death row, morons who want to help the poor criminal or the exotic-looking starving child in Africa, yet don’t give a rats behind about another parishioner s handicapped child and are even angry that such a child dare exist. If there is a Hell, I hope these people go straight to it when they die.

      I also like to point out that it was people like this who let their pedophile buddies infiltrate the Catholic Church and and now these same sickos are acting as if they weren’t the one s who were the problem. What pigs.

  • Gr8fullhrt

    I haven’t been following this story, so I don’t know if this has been discussed, but I’m wondering what the biological parents will do if it turns out their baby is NOT born with Down’s Syndrome? After all, doctors and tests can occasionally be wrong.

  • nunsmom69

    Here’s an FYI….My sister in law and her husband were told that their baby was going to be a downs baby. “so what?” and they happily carried their first born to term. BTW, their first born is now about to enter law school in the fall…clearly, doctors mistakenly diagnosed them! Put your faith in God’s hands and ignore idiots likes this jezebel person!!!

  • Tess the Best

    Pro-choice as long as abortion is your only choice. Sounds legit.

  • areyoupeoplethisstupid

    First off, the author should actually KNOW what pro-choice means before she writes about it. It DOES NOT mean that women should be offered choices, it means she offers HERSELF the choices.
    Second off, I don’t think that she was “changed” by a priest or some shit. No, she was guilt tripped. That’s what all pro-lifers do, they say stuff like “You are a horrible person” and shit. That’s just a no-no
    Third, IT SHOULD NOT BE SOMEONE ELSES CHOICE. Woman should have the rights to their own fucking body parts.
    Now, you may say that “OH NO IT WAS A POTENTIAL FOR HUMAN LIFE WAHH”. Yeah, so is semen that people ejaculate nonstop. So are eggs that are flushed out of women every month, so you are only pro-life if you do not have a menstrual cycle.
    Also, I noticed that the author is a woman, and I’m sad that some woman are brainwashed to think that someone else should control their uterus.
    But alas, this article is classic pro-life stupidity at it’s finest

    • Damien Johnson

      1. Semen is 1/2 of the process for making a life. Semen in it of itself is not a life.
      2. Pro-choice means the woman can kill the baby and neither the baby nor the baby’s father get to object. That is wrong.
      3. You do own your own body parts, that’s why you shouldn’t use them to get pregnant in the first place if you do not want a child.
      4. She was not “coerced” into making this deal. Is that not what a “choice” is? Choice means she kills her baby and shouldn’t consider other alternatives?

    • JDC

      Using your screen name to call others stupid, I see. Projection much?

    • Katie

      Moron, the woman chose what she wanted to do with her fetus. You are just ticked because she had the audacity to chose to carry a “defected foetus” to term.

      Further more, you are judging her situation based on a third party who does not even know the person.

      I doubt she was coerced into doing anything, how do you know she didn’t come to the decision herself?

      You are so utterly stupid. How did you become so stupid. Was your brain partially aborted? What the fudge does this issue have to do with periods or semen? No
      Periods or ejaculation were involved in this woman’s decision making.

      It just shows you can’t argue. The point to this particular to this topic is that a so called feminist pro choicer is going to attack the choice of a woman she does not know and then make assumptions on how that person came to her choice and then attack her choice. That does not sound pro choice at all. That sounds oddly authoritarian to me.

      And if being a woman is someone who wants to force another woman to abort her handicapped child, then please sign me up for sex reassignment surgery, because I don’t want to be like you or the creepy bee atch who wrote that Jezebel article.

  • Damien Johnson

    Comment from the author herself on that article responding to another person.

    “When the Rev. Thomas Vander Woude learned about a young couple planning to abort their unborn baby that had been diagnosed with Down syndrome, the priest reached out and offered a deal: Deliver the child and he would help find an appropriate adoptive family.”

    So, according to the story, the Rev. suggested it; they were planning to abort. Why go out of your way to “offer” adoption to women — totally unsolicited — who’ve already chosen not to carry to term?

    emphasis added by me. But, somebody should tell this woman um… maybe because he’s a Reverend? What Reverends does she know that’ll up and say “Oh sure, God is totally ok with you killing your child”?

    • Basset_Hound

      Sadly, there are some that would tell the woman “the child will only know a life of suffering”…..”it would be showing mercy and compassion if you did not allow that to happen”….”picture your child in heaven surrounded by angels, healthy and whole”…ad nauseum….

      • Damien Johnson

        some people out there are just awful…

  • minxcomix

    And what about all those umbrellas and talking to distraction “escorts” have done to keep women who are walking into their abortion clinic from hearing or making any kind of eye contact with those who are offering them other choices. That isn’t coercion??
    I heard testimony of a woman who said she had to fight off the escorts in order to take a pamphlet someone was handing her, and the escort tried to grab it away when she got it.

  • johno

    Why does Jezebel even care? Its because someone was an advocate for the Down Syndrome child that was going to be born.

  • Scarlett

    So, a baby with Down syndrome is “non-viable”? Jezebel is a great name for this witch. In the Bible, Jezebel fell out of her castle, and her dogs ate her.

  • George

    Peace and prayers for Jezebel. May the Prince of Peace love her, may His Holy Spirit surround her and guide to the truth. May Our Lord pours out His blessings on her and change her heart. Amen.

  • anonbaby

    I am against abortion unless it is a medical emergency for the mother or if the child has died or has many medical problems that can’t be fixed after birth, or if it happens through rape. Any fetus aborted over 14 weeks is murder as far as i am concerned as it takes on its human form more-so about then.

  • Stephanie Ann Crumley

    Hell yeah! Well written!

  • carolyn

    The Jezebel writer obviously thought she was just “preaching to the choir” in making her ignorant arguments. I fervently wish that she’d read all the comments on this site — she would learn a LOT if she would only read with an open mind.

  • Dissgruntled

    The comment section is very enlightening. I found the original article to make sure it wasn’t altered (though I was sure it wasn’t) and Katie Barker did indeed write it just as it is above. She needs prayer, just like all of us. Jezebel is poor journalism, which anyone with half a brain can see, so they won’t get any prestigious awards for their so-called journalism. Most of the responses from their readers pointed out the incongruous statements, and many expressed shock and outrage at the notion that (paraphrasing) “most DS babies live terrible lives” so abortion is justified for these often misdiagnosed children. If anyone wants, here is a link to the original article. Scan the comments, and pick people to pray for, this is a spiritual battle after all. http://jezebel.com/church-saves-fetus-with-downs-everyone-lives-happily-e-732677707

  • Kay

    I can’t imagine that abortion is the first choice of many. I would like to believe that if offered an alternative, a woman would take it. I think many times fear is involved.

  • Lee Anne

    Jezebel’s name says it all! Read about her in the Bible!

    • johno

      They read the Bible?

    • That’s the point, they don’t conform to your Christian standards, because not everyone is a Christian.

  • 21x3obsessed

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Jezebel’s feelings on this matter. Based on the outpouring of interest in this child in just one day, it appears she stands alone in her opinion. You can’t fix the ignorant. All we can do is pray for her.

  • Angela McClenahan

    Contrary to the murderous propaganda spread about those with downs, they are very able to lead a life of fulfillment. On a recent store excursion we were gifted with to encounter a little girl shopping with her grandma. Her grandma was helping her pick out a dress. ( her grandma with downs!) If she had been considered “nonviable” then a whole branch would be missing from their family tree.

  • AntiMisandry

    Typical for a feminist website to promote hatred for men, children and now unborn babies.

  • KathleenWagner

    So many feminists aren’t prochoice, they’re proabortion. Is there any longer a doubt from which direction this death-desiring movement is getting its marching orders?

    • JDC

      Yet, they would get so angry if you actually call them proabortion. Funny, thing about that.

      • JDC

        Didn’t type that very well. Meant to say something to the effect it’s funny that they don’t like to be labeled accurately.

        • Dude, it’s pro-abortion, learn grammar!

          • Nathan4321

            There’s no need for Grammar Nazis here.

    • Julia

      You are so right.
      They are not really feminists. Practically all the early feminists, who fought for women’s right to vote, etc., were pro-life, they saw that abortion not only destroyed the child, but the mother too, and as those “bro-choicers” make abundantly clear, reduced women to mere object for men.

      Not to mention sex-selective abortions which have murdered millions of girls world-wide, merely for being girls.
      Real feminists today are pro-life, pro-woman, and pro-child.

  • Dee

    A person should be called what they are. Clearly, this woman who goes by “pro choice” should be called “MURDERER”. I personally know more than twenty five persons with Downes, who are happy people, living life and being productive. All have jobs, some are married, some single. They do not seek to have people such as “MURDERER” killed, simply because they don’t understand them!!

  • John Dillinger

    If my wife had a fetus that was going to be born with down syndrome we “would” abort it with no hesitation. Life is not sacred, & with today’s technology there is no reason to have a baby with that horrible affliction.
    this blogger should at least learn to spell the word “would”

    • Nathan4321

      You are beyond sickening.

      • John Dillinger

        you don’t know me, how would you know that by my statement? You seem to be a little uneducated as to how to converse with someone online. You can say my statement is “beyond sickening” & that’s your opinion.

        getting rid of a deformed fetus is the right thing to do! I think it’s so sickening to bring a fetus to full term knowing that it would be deformed & be born with a horrible birth defect. My niece is pregnant again, her & her husband have blood types that made their last baby have a blood disease & die at the age of 7, after 7 years of her being fed through a tube attached to her stomach & she was born with no thumbs, they knew this long before she was born & had the option to abort it, but had the child anyways. They went bankrupt, hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, their church refused to help them when they asked. Now she’s pregnant again there is an 8 in 10 chance that this fetus will have the same disease that their other child was born with. If this is so They will abort that fetus rather than having another child die in such a horrific way, I was there! I saw how her little 7 year old died, it was so awful & painful for that kid. It was awful to see my niece & her child like that. Abortion is a needed choice, woman should have the right to a choice & people like you should stay out of it.

        I don’t judge them for having their child she was an amazing little kid & I was happy to have known her.

        • This woman does not even have a website that works! Plus she is a real snob who think she knows everything and likes to slut shame other women for having sex. She’ll most likely put this comment on her deficient website a hate mail or something, so I will throw her a bone, Mellaril is a Anti Psychotic, yes, I know I should take more, but alas, I have no insurance, so what’s a crazy girl to do! Also, the reason I would NEVER set my child up for adoption is the fact that the child would have a very good chance of being brought up by people who would think that the they are, “such a good and pure little downey.” Makes me want to puke!

          • *as.

          • Basset_Hound

            “What’s a crazy girl to do”…How about not posting incoherent comments!

          • How was my comment incoherent? I gave Cassy a chance to make fun of me, something she likes to do. And then I said that I would not set my child up for adoption if I were to have one. I never mentioned having an abortion. Wow, that’s really all you got?

          • Basset_Hound

            1. This blog post had nothing to do with sex or “slut shaming”.
            2. How is the fact that Mellaril is an anti-psychotic relevant to anything in Cassy’s post? Likewise for your insurance situation. If you don’t have insurance, why don’t you call your county mental health agency to see what you can do to get back on your meds and to find treatment you can afford.

            Also, you shouldn’t criticize someone else’s grammar when yours is absolutely atrocious. Maybe you should enroll in an English composition class when you get your meds straightened out.

        • Basset_Hound

          The fact that you are arguing that those with Downs Syndome are horribly afflicted, and should be eliminated before birth IS sickening.

        • Nordog6561

          “you don’t know me, how would you know that by my statement? ”

          This represents what Plato called “double ignorance”.
          You don’t know, and you don’t know that you don’t know.

        • Nathan4321

          “getting rid of a deformed fetus is the right thing to do!”

          How in the hell is a fetus with one extra chromosome “deformed”? There are plenty of people living with Down syndrome that are happy. There are also plenty of couples that would love to adopt a baby with Down syndrome. You can find someone online to adopt a child that the mother deems “garbage”. There have been over 54,000,000 babies aborted since Roe v. Wade. That is disgusting.

          Your first comment reveals that you think that any baby with the chance of being born with Down syndrome should be aborted. That IS in fact sickening, which is why I called you sickening.

      • Alden Smith

        What do you expect from someone that believes in the same thing as Stalin and Mao

  • Jenny

    Doctors and tests are not always right! A friend of mine was being pushed, by the doctors to get an abortion, because her child was going to have Down Syndrome, guess what folks the doctors were wrong!! My friend refused Abortion and had a baby girl without Down Syndrome. My friend said I felt my baby’s soul within me and no matter what she was mine, not the doctors, not planned parenthood’s but mine! It was never a choice to her because once the baby began to grow within her, all she wanted to do was protect her!

    • That’s lovely isn’t CHOICE a wonderful thing?

      • Julia

        Everyone is free to do wrong. That’s why no matter how hard people try to stop them, rapes, murders, thefts occur. People CAN still choose to do them or not. Even if abortion were illegal, people could still choose to do it, as with any other crime, though it would be much harder than when it is legal, so most would decide not to.

        A choice to steal that car where its keys were left inside it or a choice to abort your helpless child, even if wrong, is still a choice – it’s just a bad choice that we should try to prevent by making it illegal.

  • Pro-Truth

    Ok this is incredible.

    Regarding Jezebel’s remarks:

    Error #1:
    Jezebel said “Here’s a heartwarming story about a Reverend who learned of a young couple planning to abort because their child, if carried to term, would have Down syndrome.”

    Correction #1:
    The child HAS Down syndrome – not “would have”.
    By aborting you are not avoiding a child [with Down syndrome] from coming into existence – you are killing a child [with Down syndrome].

    Error #2:
    Jezebel said that the priest is “pressuring” her into carrying the baby to term, and that she is being ”coerced”.

    Correction #2:
    – The couple said that if an adoptive family could be found, they would not kill the child.
    – The priest gave them another option.
    – If Jezebel is truly pro-“choice” she would have no problem allowing this couple the “choice” to give their child for adoption. Instead, Jezebel is furious that an option other than abortion was made available.

    Error #3:
    Jezebel: “So many mistreated babies and kids with Downs live terrible lives.”

    Correction #3:
    I’ll let the parents of kids with Downs and the teachers of children with special needs put you in your place for that uncalled for disrespectful statement.

    [Even healthy children are often mistreated, first of all, and to propose that having a disease sets you up for a terrible life is unfounded. Furthermore, children who are mistreated (ill or not) do not deserve to be killed, and it is not the disease that would be the cause of their lives being ‘terrible’, if in fact they were, but it would be the fault of those in whom their care is entrusted]

    Uncalled for statement.

    Error #4:
    Jezebel: “Instead of throwing resources at a nonviable fetus, why can’t the church help children with Down syndrome that are already alive? Because anti-abortion folks care more about fetuses with fairytale narratives than actual babies.”

    Correction #4:
    Step 1 – Get a biology book
    Step 2 – Get a dictionary
    Step 3 – Read them and get an education
    Step 4 – Take back what you said, on the grounds that you were completely in error, because in fact:
    – A fetus is the latin word for “offspring” or “little one”
    – The child in the womb IS alive (do you really need me to explain that to you??)
    – Zygote, Embryo, Fetus, Infant, Toddler, Child, Teenager, Young Adult, Adult, Senior = names for stages of development of a HUMAN BEING – no less human at any stage of development. A fetus IS an actual baby.

    Seriously go back to school.

    The Real Problem:
    You would rather see this child dead than see the world reach out in love to take care of one another.

    You’re in my prayers Jezebel.

    • Mary Lee

      I like this post.

    • Rebekah

      Thank you.

    • Damien Johnson

      must be said.

  • 1peevedbob

    If this condition is a good reason for an abortion, What will be next, and WHERE WILL THAT END????????????????????

  • dogluvr

    Hey pro-choicer……Roe v. Wade was not to be interpreted as a form of birth control. So the kid’s not perfect (in your world), let’s just get rid of it, until a perfect one comes along. I’d like to see a survey on how many abortions one person has had. Is it a recurring form of an individual’s birth control methods? Anyone who thinks late term abortion is not murder, is delusional.

    • Nordog6561

      The Jezebel argument is not that abortion should be used as birth control in this case.

      Rather the argument is that abortion should be used for eugenics.

      It’s bad enough for the pro-vivisectionists to say, as they do, that babies only have the right to be born if the mother says it’s okay.

      This is a worse scenario: Not only do Down syndrome babies not have the right to be born, the mother really doesn’t have the right to “choose” to allow that baby to be born.

  • Alyssa R.

    Of course. It makes perfect (non)sense. If a woman has an abortion, it’s her “choice” – whether or not she is given anything else to choose from. If she doesn’t, no matter how sincerely she wants her child to live, it is “coercion.” After all, nobody would ever voluntarily choose *not* to commit murder! Right? Wrong! Also, the last time I checked, giving someone no other option than to do a given thing fit the description of coercion. It seems Jezebel wants to hush up people offering women other options than to do a given thing (abortion.) Who again is being coercive?

  • JJ

    I have had two beautiful red headed girls ages 17 and 11 now, living across the street from me. Their parents were told that both girls were definately down syndrom babies and were strongly encouraged to terminate the pregnancies. Their parents gave them life and guess what? Neither girl had down syndrome. Their lives would have been no less valuable even if they had down syndrome but how many children have been murdered due to such a diagnoses?

  • Alden Smith

    If you looking for evidence of God look at Reasons to Believe

  • Alden Smith

    John is one of many reasons why I’m not atheist. If John is how atheist respond to people that have different opinion then them then I’m glad I became a Christian. So John have fun being angry and bitter atheist.

  • Chances Mudder

    I’ve seen this scenario before and the parents ended up keeping the baby once it was born. Having a child with Down’s is not a curse, it’s a blessing, and an opportunity for parents to learn things, like real unconditional love, they would never learn otherwise. God did not make any of us perfect. For us to abort those we perceive as imperfect is purely wrong.

  • Chill311

    NON-VIABLE??? Perhaps “Jezibel” is non-viable. She clearly has no brain and no heart. Many, MANY children with Down’s syndrome grow up to have good lives; the work jobs, enjoy hobbies, are very loving people and many times have families of their own. Wow. So everyone who doesn’t get a perfect child, or the child is conceived at an inconvenient time should be killed. This woman needs prayers more than most, because she is so very lost that she cannot appreciate every miracle of life.

  • bionicgranny

    “The Jezebel blogger says “why can’t the church help children with Down syndrome that are already alive?” The next time you see men standing outside a store, wearing yellow & red aprons, collecting money & handing out Tootsie Rolls, know that they are Knights of Columbus & are rasing money to help retarded & disabled children. 100% of the money raised goes to that cause. The Knights of Columbus is an organization of Catholic men. The rest of the year they raise funds for other good causes. Even though there are millions of Knights worlwide, this is only a small part of the charites the Catholic Church supports. So, don’t show your ignorance by sayng the church should “help children with Down syndrome that are already alive?”. Instead do some resarch & see just how much churches really do.

  • John Dillinger

    the human brain is an amazing organ.

    It keeps working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

    and 52 weeks a year, from before you leave the womb,

    right up until you find religion.

    • Nordog6561

      Your bigotry is duly noted.

    • Rebekah

      In what way does being a Christian make me brainless? I would like scientific facts and logical inferences, not opinions.

  • Nordog6561

    From “Jezebel”: “So many mistreated babies and kids with Downs live terrible lives. Instead of throwing resources at a nonviable fetus, why can’t the church help children with Down syndrome that are already alive? Because anti-abortion folks care more about fetuses with fairytale narratives than actual babies.”

    What total lunacy. How totally wicked.

    This case IS a case of the church helping children with Down syndrome that are already alive.

    Still, her’s is the hackneyed lie that pro-lifers don’t care about people once they are born.

    Not only is that a lie, but EVEN if it were true, this harpy of a person is basically arguing that if Christians don’t agree to provide every need of every child then “we” must have the right to destroy that child, break the child’s bones and chop him or her up, in the womb.
    Satanic stuff on the “pro-choice” side.

  • Secular pro-humanity

    Wow, that’s deep. And this is comming from a mother of a DS toddler? Mama, your baby is special! Don’t listen to disgusting morbid pessimistic women like this, you keep on keeping on. And if any pro-death person wants to preach a GROWING, EATING AND DEVELPING “UNBORN HUMAN OFFSPRING” (the definition of a “fetus”, mind you) is dead(???????), Throw a secular embryology text book in their stupid face! And teach them about the human-freakin’-life cycle!

  • InTheLight717

    How fitting she calls herself Jezebel. Jezebel is the same spirit that almost had me abort my son. I named my son Elijah and he is almost 10. At the time, I was *not* a Christian, but in retrospect, I see the spiritual warfare that was taking place. Thank G-D He put people in my path to plant seeds of truth (I used to also be pro abortion).

  • politicaljules

    Those pro-aborts who like to throw around the claim that anti-abortion folks do not care about unwanted babies or low income families in need. When in fact, the opposite is true.

    As PP clinics have closed for various reasons, the number of pregnancy crisis and resource clinics have increased 10 fold. These are free clinics that take care of those very women and their babies that are reaching out for help. For free.

    This particularly rabid blogger from Jezebel stated, “So many mistreated babies and kids with Downs live terrible lives. Instead of throwing resources at a nonviable fetus, why can’t the church help children with Down syndrome that are already alive? Because anti-abortion folks care more about fetuses with fairytale narratives than actual babies.”

    Now besides the face that my child with Down syndrome is more viable than she believes, her hurtful word indicate that she is only concerned with attacking the prolife position than actually opening her eyes to see the truth.

    Darned if you do, and darned if you dont. They continue to dig themselves into a hole and honestly I am ready to let them do it.

  • Gabriella

    I think you’re spinning this around so it becomes “Wow this pro-choice a**hole demands this child gets aborted!” instead of what it actually is. Rather, I think she’s talking about how the church concerns itself more with anti-abortion than helping the already-born children who are abused/mistreated/etc. Many pro-lifers believe that abortion is wrong and you should allow all fetuses to be born but after their birth, to hell with them. Many republicans and pro-lifers don’t believe in food stamps or welfare, so how the hell is a struggling pregnant woman supposed to provide for the child she was forced to have by the government?
    You preach how a fetus should be born! That fetus has rights! Don’t infringe on the fetus’ rights! But when it’s born, it’s a child, and who cares if they have food? Screw food stamps, you’re on your own? How the hell does that make sense? I think that’s what the Jezebel writer is trying to say, and you’re too busy twisting it around to make her sound like some evil, abortion-happy b*tch.
    No, I don’t believe in aborting a fetus with Down’s syndrome just because it has Down’s syndrome. I believe that if you want to be a good, loving parent then this is your opportunity to act like one. However, I do believe in helping those already alive and in this world just as much as those not born.
    Rights for fetuses? How about rights for everyone?

  • Tina Marquez

    I am a proud mother of a beautiful six-year old son that was born with Down syndrome. He’s amazing and a gift from God! Thank God for the pro-life community!