Jim Caviezel: Pro-life in Hollywood

Jim Caviezel.

Jim Caviezel, famed for his role as Christ in The Passion of the Christand currently starring as the leading man in TV’s Person of Interest, is no stranger to being, well, different in Hollywood. From his publicly Catholic faith to his committed pro-life views, he stands in stark contrast to the typical movie star.

Caviezel’s personal life is even more remarkable than his incredible on-screen talent. Taking the road less traveled, Jim and his wife Kerri have adopted two children from China, both of whom had special needs.

Their first adopted child, Bo, came to the Caviezels after a traumatic first five years of life. The little boy had a brain tumor and had been abandoned before he was taken in by an orphanage and subsequently adopted by his loving parents. Bo is a remarkably boisterous child, and with the love he has received from Jim and Kerri, it is hard to believe that just a few short years ago he was struggling to survive in a hostile environment.

Also five years old at the time of her adoption, the Caviezels’ second child, Lynn, has a lot in common with her brother. She is also from China and suffered from a brain tumor. Although the Caviezels were originally offered a healthy infant, they knew that the young girl’s chances for finding a loving adoptive home were slimmer, and so they welcomed her into their family.

Caring for children with special medical needs is a challenge that many doctors recommend be avoided by opting for abortion. But the Caviezels stand as witnesses to the fact that beautiful families can be formed out of unexpected and imperfect circumstances, such as medical problems that require much love and care to overcome.

When asked how becoming a father had affected him, Caviezel told Catholic Digest, “Even though they’re adopted, it’s as strong as any instinct. That’s what blew me away. I always thought if I adopted that I wouldn’t have the same feeling [as I would] if they were genetically my own children. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

  • Susan Chipps

    I was especially touched by fact that not only did Jim and his wife adopt special needs children, but they like his very own flesh and blood. Wonderful, encouraging article.

  • Susan Chipps

    left out a word in my comment…..”but they are like his very own flesh and blood”….

  • Cat2727

    Wonderful testament to what’s good and right :)

  • Robert the Undaunted

    This is an encouraging story. Hollywood is a hive of scum and villainy (to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi) that produces sleaze and promotes sleazy values. It is good to see a Hollywood actor who lives and promotes life-giving values. Bravo to Jim and Kerri Caviezel.

  • diggadonkey

    Sadly, Obama probably thinks guys like this are diabolical. But hey, calling evil good and good evil is the liberal way.

    • 27 “likes” for a silly insult of someone whose thoughts and intentions you’re determined to demonize–without evidence, of course. And kudos for following up with a categorical smear of approximately half of the U.S. population. So much for the breadth of “love” and “humanity” an article like this was designed to inspire.

      • Joseph

        Steve not sure what more proof you would like to consider. Just look at his voting record in the Illinois legislsture, the US Senate and His actions and words as POTUS. The abortion industry he fully supports does just that. I am a grown “nest of cells” and “a product of conception”. Why not just say what those children are, human beings?

    • Deege

      I very much doubt that Obama thinks Jim Caviezel is “diabolical” for adopting children and opposing abortion. That is a ridiculous comment. Obama is wrong about abortion, but that has nothing to do with demonizing Jim Caviezel. He wants people to be able to make a choice we believe shouldn’t be available, he’s not saying everyone should kill all their children or refuse to adopt.

      50 likes for bashing all liberals is absurd unless you think abortion should just be a political football. According to Heidi Miller’s recent piece here about the Gallup poll, more than a quarter (26%) of self-identified conservative Americans are pro-choice and just under a quarter of those who identify as liberal (23%) are pro-life. Making “all liberals are this way” or “all conservatives are this way” arguments doesn’t achieve anything. I happen to be one of those 23% of liberals who are pro-life. I’d submit that those 26% of conservatives who support abortion are “calling evil good and good evil”, and that the condition is not limited to pro-choice liberals, nor do all liberals support abortion. Abortion is not a team sport. The prolife goal is to get the numbers on both sides to a consensus against. No one has to give up their political philosophy to oppose murder.

  • I truly admire him, keep it up!!

  • dentalgirl57

    What an awesome gentleman to do this… it is also great that he and his wife have the financial means to help these children overcome/fight these very expensive health issues. Sure doesn’t take people long to make this a political issue instead of celebrating this for what it is…a family formed by love and caring. To make it anything else is wrong. I am sure that there are plenty of families who do this very thing and do not get the credit for doing so…probably don’t want or need it. Maybe Lauren should write an article about them…

  • I just love this guy!!!

  • I am adopted, I was adopted at the age of 7 years old with my sister who was 5. We were taken for neglect & abuse. My parents went on to adopt 3 others. They just adopted another brother for me last Thursday! We are so excited to have him in our family, he is almost 6. She also has her Biological children. We were all treated the same growing up, we all love each other & are close with one another. If I had not been adopted, God would not be in my life. I can not imagine my life without him, or my siblings, or my parents! It was an open adoption, so I can see my biological Mother & some of the siblings who stayed in the house when I want. I have to say it has made me more grateful that I was able to get out of that situation! I feel for my biological Mother, I wish she had made better choices for herself & my siblings who stayed with her. Many times I have wondered what would of happened if they had been taken out of the house as well, if they would have had a chance at a better life. Nevertheless, I am grateful for what I have, a loving family, who treats me like their own, God, & children of my own that I can raise in a loving & caring environment! I received a chance to live a good life, I hope & pray that others give babies a chance to do the same!

    • I’m adopted also. I was scheduled to be killed by abortion, but was instead given up for adoption. I also have biological siblings some of who stayed with our biological mother. I am grateful everyday that I was adopted. MY LIFE IS GREAT. Life is precious and I KNOW THAT ALL BABIES DESERVE THE SAME CHANCE I WAS GIVEN.

    • HL

      That’s wonderful! Thank the Lord for people who will open up their lives and hearts to children in need of love from a family and God. :)

  • Not only is James Caviezel a total heart throb on Person of Interest – but a great role model for husbands and fathers (and would be husbands and fathers) everywhere. He is truly exceptional.

  • Please check this our.

    • JDC




  • God bless him! His did not have the career he might have had if only he had been like many others in Hollywood but he knew God would provide and this has been the case. He can sleep in peace at night.

  • Cathy Bernatowicz

    what a great family… That what is a loving God does… he gives hope and love!

  • tank

    This man rocks.

  • James Caviezel is a BRILLIANT actor and all around nice man. Blessings to you and your clan James

  • Lea Black

    I cannot think of a better man to portray our Lord than this. He is so clear about where his priorities are. His faith first and he’s unashamed to proclaim it, despite the impact it has on his career. He could have easily convinced himself that movie sex isn’t real so it doesn’t count, but he took the road less travelled.Surely the Lord will bless this beautiful man. He attended my parish in Seattle where we are all very proud of him!

  • Basset_Hound

    This man is brilliant whether he is playing Our Lord in The Passion of the Christ or a mad bomber in Deja Vu.

  • rhic

    My salute to you Jim and Kerri!

  • kkoppy

    Thank you for this awesome article. So tired of the trash that comes out of Hollywood as though it is something we Americans aspire to. There are still small pockets of decent human beings on the sea of godlessness.

  • tom721

    Stand up guy.

  • Sandi

    I, too have 2 children from China, one of whom would never have walked, sat up or gotten around without medical attention. He is now a boisterous 5 year old, incredibly smart, loving, sweet boy. God bless ALL people who build their families through adoption.

  • Michelle

    I admire Jim Caviezel for adopting these 2 children that weren’t wanted by their birth parents or any other Chinese couple. I was adopted as an infant and now know my birthmother. It’s all good. I love her for just giving me a life after she went to a clinic to abort me (to kill me were her own words). She left after hearing 2 girls scream and cry. That was in 1971. And it’s so sad how China forces women to abort girls as well. Children born with health problems still deserve to live, smile and laugh and love. Maybe we are to learn from them as they grow.

  • davidforeman
  • *Pro-abort hat on*

    HEY JIM CAVIEZEL, if you REALLY care so much about all these clumps of cells, then why don’t you go ahead and start adopting ohhhhhhh boy.

    *Pro-abort hat off*

  • ProfessorEmeritus P. Bagnolo

    Good man. We are fans of Person of Interest. Great show! God Bless, we too are Catholics. Wife Irish. Me Etalian.

  • A good and interesting article about an actor I already liked.

  • Valdemar Hallett

    My wife and I adopted our son at 3 days old and now we are the proud grandparents of two girls, one five years old and the other is short of 1 1/2 years old. The younger of the two was adopted. Our son is currently is serving the LORD as a family pastor at a church in Kennesaw Ga. and his sweet wife works alongside him in the children’s ministry.

    Proud Parents and Grandparents of Adopted Children in Our Family

  • Sue Serdar

    The miracle of a child growing inside your body is an incredible blessing beyond words. The miracle of the journey He sends you on is equally as incredible when your feet are put on the road to your adopted children. I first became a mother at age 37 when I gave birth to my son. Seven years later we were sent to Kazakhstan to adopt biological siblings, our second son and daughter. I knew the moment I looked into their eyes that they were mine. My adopted son has taught me a patience and compassion that I didn’t know existed. I have been active with Right to Life, McHenry County (IL) for 10 years and acted as their PAC President as well. I have listened to stories of doctors (mis)diagnosing congenital defects and advising abortion, heard abortion survivors speak of their pain and guilt, and have waded through Planned Parenthood’s propoganda of “unwanted children”. I’m here to tell you that this is a lie and that there is no such thing as an “unwanted child”. There may be a mother on the north side of town who is unable or unwilling to care for her child, but I can personally attest to knowing a dozen happily married couples on the south side of town who would readily adopt that child. I have friends who have been waiting for years to adopt but can’t find children. Some have had beloved foster children taken away and put back into abusive homes with their “biological” parents, others are on waiting lists with adoption agencies, competing with too many other parents, many of which are much younger than they are. I am happy to support a person of strong moral character like Jim Caviezel who stands outnumbered in a world that’s been turned upside-down. Do you ever notice that people will readily believe the nonsense that they hear on the evening news but they won’t believe what’s written in the bible?