Kermit Gosnell, notorious abortionist, convicted murderer, and… poet?

Kermit Gosnell
Kermit Gosnell

Kermit Gosnell, the notorious Philadelphia abortionist who was convicted of first-degree murder after the revelation of evidence and eyewitness testimony that he had the sadistic habit of murdering babies born alive after his failed shoddy abortions, is coming back into the public eye for the first time since being sentenced to three life terms in prison several months ago. Philadelphia magazine writer Steve Volk is covering the inside scoop on Gosnell’s demented psyche in a forthcoming piece entitled Gosnell’s Babies (to appear in the October issue of the magazine). According to a September 23 piece on the story,

Over the course of several weeks this summer, Volk received 12 letters from Gosnell, more than 50 emails, and more than two dozen phone calls. Gosnell also sent several poems he’s written, including one dated April 2013.

That’s right, poems. Readers got a taste of what’s to come with the publication of this Gosnell submission, entitled Abortion Providers: 

Abortion Providers

Are Labeled Killers!
Horrendous, Exploitive
Barbaric, Inhumane
Not Physicians, Oathed To Heal
Lest We Forget,
What Chance Have Those?
Those Without The Support
Of Their Parents
Their Families
Their Communities
Their Societies …
So Many
Without Sufficient Support
Stumble Into Drugs
Into Crime
Into Mental Illness
Into Institutions … And …
Languish in Jails …

Gosnell is “languishing” in jail for much more than his abortion practices, however. Although he was convicted of over two hundred counts of violating Pennsylvania’s Abortion Control Act, the reason why he is in prison extends far beyond the fact that he was an abortionist, which is –unfortunately– legal. The reason Gosnell is serving three life terms in prison, in addition to those hundreds of violations, is because he murdered babies who were alive and well after he failed in his attempts to abort them while in utero, and he caused the death mothers, like Karnamaya Mongar, who obtained abortions from him. Additionally he plead guilty to running a drug pill mill. Nevertheless, Kermit Gosnell insists today that he is “spiritually innocent” — whatever that means to him.

  • JDC

    “Are Labeled Killers!”
    If the shoe fits…

  • Marauder

    Ted Bundy wrote poetry about all the “unfairness” happening to him too.

    • Basset_Hound

      Jack Kervorkian had quite a reputation for being a painter as well. Most of his pieces were ghoulish, macabre and based on one central theme..death.

      • Marauder

        Then there was the time John Wayne Gacy got a Cease and Desist letter from Disney because he kept selling paintings of the Seven Dwarfs…

        • Basset_Hound

          There’s a troll on another thread that unloaded a bunch of F-bombs on us. He/She/It is using the handle “John Wayne Gacy”

  • Cassandra Bailey

    Author Steve Volk is taking your questions now in a live chat: bit.ly/1fzN9wa

  • nonce37

    I have a longer comment written, but I’ll say this first because I don’t want it to be overlooked. While Gosnell’s bad poetry and … other personal quirks are quite a thing, it’s a distraction to focus too much on the things that make Gosnell different from, say, LeRoy Carhart. It plays into the idea that Gosnell’s story is a bad-apple story, another local-crime horror show. But the things that matter most about Gosnell aren’t the things in which he stands out from Carhart; they are the things in which the two are exactly or almost exactly the same.

  • nonce37

    I really don’t understand why the anti-abortion movement isn’t really holding people’s fee to the fire in a sustained way on the question of Gosnell’s first-degree murder convictions. Start a petition for Gosnell to be pardoned by the governor of Philadelphia of his first-degree murder convictions. In the text of the petition, emphasise again and again and again that the petition does not address or relate to the filthy conditions, drug dealing, rudeness, racism, manslaughter and so on, which – *of course!* – everyone is thoroughly horrified by and for which he is duly punished; that it relates only and specifically to his decision to sever the spines of just-born premature infants after twenty-something weeks of pregnancy.

    If people decline to sign it, ask them why. Every time they justify their refusal by referring to the filth, rudeness, manslaughter and so on remind them that the petition explicitly demands that Gosnell be justly punished for those; that it demands amnesty only for the first-degree murder convictions. Every time they phrase this in terms of Gosnell being a scumbag who had it coming, remind them that it is profoundly unjust to abandon someone wrongly convicted of a major crime like premeditated murder just because they are a nasty, unsympathetic person who is guilty of other, much lesser (though still very serious!) crimes. Remind them that civil rights are only really upheld when they are upheld for people who are not nice or sympathetic people. Then ask them to sign again. Ask them why they won’t stand up for women’s choices and women’s healthcare providers when it really takes courage.

    Of course, some people will refuse to sign on the grounds that cutting the spines of early-premature babies seems morally dubious. This is naturally the starting point for a conversation about what they think of the partial-birth procedures of the past, their present-day replacements, “born-alive” legislation, Down’s Syndrome, Wendy Davis’ courage, Leroy Carhart and so on. On the *other* hand, some will not take that position, and eventually some of those will be honest or stupid enough to sign the petition, and that is where the snowball really starts rolling. For example, I will bet anyone a penny that P.Z. Myers can be goaded into signing a properly-drafted petition once a few of his fans have done so – I don’t think he will want to lose face in front of them. And from there the ball can roll on further.

    Because while there’s no question that Gosnell is a colourful loon with limited self-awareness, to an extent he really is on to something with his conviction that he has been hung out to dry. (Just because you’re paranoid – or narcissitic – … ) On the matter of his first-degree murder convictions, at least, he has indeed been pushed quietly under the bus by the defenders of abortion in government and in public life. (Including people and institutions who happily turned a blind eye to him earlier.) Just for example, none of the many academics who so bravely support “after-birth abortion” in the abstract seem to have uttered a word about Gosnell’s murder-one convictions. I don’t see why we should allow them to continue to keep their heads down like this.