Kicked out of the showers by the YMCA

So there I was. At the YMCA in Austin, just minding my own business, trying to be as discreet and quiet as possible. It was almost 10 p.m., and I just wanted to take a shower after a long day of rallying and reporting on behalf of Live Action News at the Texas state capitol. We had traveled on a bus for over thirty hours from Washington, all the way to Austin, to show our support for the omnibus pro-life bill and to raise awareness about the need to stop abortion — activism at its finest.

I had been looking forward to that shower all day long. I hadn’t taken one for days. Thankfully, Students for Life of America (SFLA) had an arrangement with the the Austin Town Lake Branch YMCA to let us use their showers for the week of the SFLA Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour. Brendan O’Morchoe, the field operations manager for SFLA, had given us strict instructions on the bus to be quick, be quiet, and stay out of the way of the gym members once we arrived at the YMCA.

That’s exactly what we did – and I’ve never taken a shower so quick in my life. We came into the gym in shifts of about ten at a time, being careful not to overwhelm the locker rooms. In short order, all fifty-some pro-life students took their seats back on the bus, happy to finally be clean.

Expecting to return to the YMCA the next day for showers, we were told to bring all of our shower supplies with us on the bus in the morning. About halfway through the day, the YMCA informed SFLA that the students were not going to be able to return to the use the gym’s showers. And even though we were told by the Y’s manager that we had been respectful of the facilities and staff the previous night, pro-abort members had bullied the staff and told them that it was “too political” to have pro-lifers in the showers.

Planned Parenthood It is so shocking to me that a Christian organization such as the Young Men’s Christian Association kicked young pro-life Christian students to the curb. You would think that of all places, the YMCA would be more than willing to assist us while we stand for life in Texas. It goes to show how the pro-aborts stay active around the clock, and spread out in more places than just the capitol.

During our long bus trip to Austin, I washed my hair in a rest stop sink – a sacrifice I was happy to make for the chance to #Stand4Life in Austin. However, having been kicked out of the YMCA, the week looked a little more daunting with the prospect of similar less than optimal “shower” situations in my future.

As the SFLA press release on Tuesday, July 9 states, SFLA staff on the ground in Austin scrambled to find a place for 56 people to shower for the week. The Lord provided again for us, and thankfully, a Catholic school here in Austin is allowing us to use its locker rooms for the week so we can stay clean, and keep our witness while reaching out and speaking with the pro-aborts here at the capitol.

It’s been amazing how pro-lifers in Austin have come together to support us while we get our feet wet in real-life activism. SFLA has made an impact just by being present in Austin, showing up to rallies, counter-protesting rallies, and spreading the truth of the pro-life message.

Students in Austin this week are standing up for what they believe in. These students get up in the morning because they want to help save the lives of people they may never meet – they are motivated by the fact that a third of their generation is missing today because of abortion. These students are motivated because the lives of women and children are at stake.

“When we work together, we are a lot more powerful,” said Jason Vaughn in a private conference to the SFLA student group.

SFLA made national news — and it was all because the YMCA kicked us out of their showers. The pro-abortion members may have intended to shut us down, but instead, they put a national spotlight on what we are doing this week. Thanks to the generosity of others, we’ve gotten our showers and are back to doing what the pro-life generation does best: saving one life at time.

  • Marauder

    That is really weird. I know the YWCA gives money to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, but I don’t know about the YMCA.

    The YMCA is the Young Men’s Christian Association. Something tells me Jesus wouldn’t kick respectful, rule-following people out of the showers.

    • lifematters

      I honestly believe those who complained were part of the YMCA staff who are pro-abortion advocates…so sad.

    • Josey

      True, Jesus would probably give them a VERY warm welcome. ;) ;) ;)

  • olaler

    YMCA must be going the way of the Boy Scouts. They don’t realize that by not showing a backbone, they are just cutting their own throats ( so to speak).

    • JDC

      Uh, what have the Boy Scouts done? My understanding is that it’s the Girl Scouts that keep partnering with Planned Parenthood and stuff like that. Do the Boy Scouts do similar things as well?

      • olaler

        Yeah- the Girl Scouts have been scandal ridden for over 20 years. The Boy Scouts have held high standards. When I was commissioner for them, they said the “3 Gs” they wouldn’t budge on- gays, girls, and God. Now they are allowing openly gay boys in. Here’s the breaking news: http://www.onmyhonor.net/category/news/

        • Marauder

          Aren’t Boy Scouts not supposed to be having sex anyway, regardless of whether it’s with girls or boys? If Boy Scouts can have diverse beliefs over religion, I don’t see why they can’t have diverse beliefs over sexual orientation.

          • olaler

            Beliefs are different from orientation. I don’t think they want drug dealers or sexual perverts in their organization. That’s their prerogative. The Gay-Lesbian League doesn’t have to accept fundamental born again Christians, either :)

      • Basset_Hound

        The activists are slowly bludgeoning the Boy Scouts into abandoning their principles.

  • Robert the Undaunted

    Bravo to all the SFLA students who went to Austin to stand up for the unborn. I think that the Wendy Davis filibuster has done America a huge favor by giving pro-aborts time to reveal their true colors.

    We have seen pro-aborts chant ‘Hail, Satan,’ a little girl being given a vulgar and sexually suggestive protest sign to hold, a male blogger complain that abortion restrictions will mean that he has less chance of using women for his own selfish sexual purposes, and also pro-aborts harassing YMCA staff to deny students hygiene facilities on the basis of their beliefs. They have hearts of ice.

    Thank you for this article. It’s good to read a first-hand account of the the YMCA situation, which has been reported in other places on the ‘net. And I’m glad that you all found somewhere else to shower :)

    • starophie

      that “little girl” wasn’t given that sign. she designed and made it herself, and has stood up for herself for weeks as she’s been called a slut and whore by your comrades. perhaps you could take a few moments to collect facts before you post silly and cruel things on the internet.

  • An Austinite

    Activism at its best would take place in your home state or district – that is, the one where the laws affect you. Busing into a state 1000 miles away to argue a law that will not actually effect you is a bit fanatical. Glad you guys have the initiative to do something with your summer, keep your eyes on the positive. Not getting to shower is a minor mishap, not a reason to call the media.

    • Robert the Undaunted

      If you didn’t get to shower because the water system broke down, that would be a minor mishap.

      If you didn’t get to shower because an organization reneged on an agreement when their staff were harassed by people who think children can be murdered in the womb without restriction – that is more than a minor mishap. It is an example of the bullying that pro-aborts will use to maintain the Genocide of the Unborn.

      I’m glad that this story was made public, because otherwise I would not have heard of it. Light must be shined on the pro-aborts, so that all can see the darkness of the abortion industry.

      There is little certainty in politics. But I have no doubt that what happens in Austin, Texas, with this legislation will have repercussions that will reverberate through Texan and national politics in the near future.

      I applaud anyone who has committed the time and effort to travel interstate to Austin to stand up for the welfare of women and the unborn. A pro-life presence has meant that the anti-democratic pro-abort mob has not had everything their own way and has also been able to expose to all the evil nature of pro-aborts.

    • JDC

      Yep, you can only protest things that directly effect you. Great civics lesson there.

      • JDC

        In case anyone finds themselves confused, I was being sarcastic.

    • Marauder

      Lol. If you really thought this was a waste of time, you’d be quiet and just let them waste their time.

  • Britt Treece

    YMCA’s across the country may be losing the nerve to stand up for the C in their name, that is, the name of Christ.

  • Basset_Hound

    So it’s OK for pro-aborts to post Facebook messages that wish rape on a legislator’s daughter. Yet when they see a group of teenagers with pro-life tee shirts, they get their panties in a wad because they “feel bullied”?


    • blair miller

      Because aparentaly in pro choice world, when they do something like that its free speech. But if we were ever, do something like that its harassment.

    • Not all Pro-Choice people approve of rape threats, just like not all Anti-Choice people bomb clinics and desire to rifle through bloody tampons.

      • JDC

        The term is pro-life, not anti-choice.

        • Buzz

          No, I’m pretty sure anti-choice is the correct term…

  • blair miller

    Bravo girl, you stand your ground. Pro choicers can bully or tried to itimedate us as much as they want.But they’ll still never shut us up.We’ll still be here spreading the truth, rather they like it or not.

  • yaboo daboo doo

    At Texas State Capitol I saw that those who do not respect the life of a baby will not respect the life of an adult. We were dealing with aggressive, disrespectful, bullying pro-abortion people there…. It made me just want to LEAVE but I felt like I had to stay to support my Texas Legislators who are dealing with a bullying biased media in order to represent us and I had to speak up for babies who cannot speak for themselves. Thank you for valuing ALL life and all people. #stand4life

  • Alan

    The YMCA was never a “Christian” organization. It started out as a secularist organization with the belief that nudity in the pool was healthier, hence many homosexuals found it to be an excellent place for voyeurism and trysts.

  • Kinu Grove

    This is a war for the hearts minds and soul’s of people. It is all to easy to just give up but with a 5 weeks old son in the house I just can’t keep silent any longer. The strong hold of death and murder must not be allowed to continue ravaging our nations. We must expose the truth at all cost and bring light into the dark areas. I pray that God has mercy on us all the one’s that murder and the one’s that do nothing and just let it happen.

  • Good.

  • Julia

    The YMCA has a right to refuse their showers, but, of course, we have a right to raise hue and cry about it!

  • Cole

    Good for them. You should spend less time showering, and more time planning on how you’ll support all those unwanted babies.

  • Eric

    LOL @ 1) You thinking you made national news, and 2) you thinking that “pro-abortion” is an insult to people. Yep, I’m pro-abortion ALL DAY EVERY DAY and I’m not ashamed in the least.

  • Cynthia Mabee Madrid

    I suggest anyone who holds a membership with the Y and is as outraged as I am contact the fulfillment office ([email protected]) of the National YMCA and voice your concerns. We are seriously considering dropping our membership because of the way this group was treated in Austin. I will be wearing my pro life t to work out and see just how I might be treated. As I pointed out to fulfillment, the Y just lost a generation of potential members, and most probably those like me who will not support that type of behavior from staff that is compensated by my dues.