Knoxville News Sentinel falsely claims Knoxville, Planned Parenthood doesn’t do abortions

The Knoxville News Sentinel in their in-house editorial says:

Planned Parenthood, which offers abortion services in some locations across the country but not in Knoxville, had drawn complaints from some parents.

The problem with this statement is that it is factually incorrect. Screen shot from Planned Parenthood’s website (which you can see for yourself here) showing that their Knoxville, TN center aborts unborn children:

We kindly ask the Knoxville News Sentinel to make this correction.

H/T: ProLife On Campus

  • Adrrya

    It looks like they only provide the abortion pill and referrals to clinics that do abortions, but do not perform actual abortions (besides giving people the abortion pill I guess). I could totally be missing something on the page though, I just didn't see it.

    Edit: I read the page again and noticed it only said "abortion services," not "abortions," my mistake. The abortion pill definitely counts as an abortion service. Maybe the article is talking about clinics that actually perform abortions? That seems to make a little more sense.

    • LiveAction_Blog

      Yes, they may have been meaning that they don't perform abortions on-site but their statement doesn't indicate that. They not only offer abortion services but offer abortion. They don't do abortion there but offering the chemical abortion is offering abortion.

    • FinalEcho

      Even if they were meaning that, it's certainly not what they wrote. In fact, it's only through good will that I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. Anyone reading this paper, but not looking into the matter further, will simply believe that no abortion services were offered there. Which is simply untrue.

      Seems to me to be nothing less than good ol' favoritism. Maybe that's a little pessimistic, but I think assuming they were only talking about performing surgical abortions is a little overly optimistic.

      Most realistic scenario, then, must be: the folks at the paper don't edit/fact check, and cannot be trusted to give accurate information due to incompetence. Live Action, in this case, is doing them a favor. ;)

  • ok_go

    i'm confused…. what is the point of this?

    • LiveAction_Blog

      The point is to have media accurately report facts related to the abortion industry and debate. That is helpful to everyone.