Louis C.K. and the death of the modern gentleman

Who doesn’t love Louis C.K.?

The FX show of which he is the writer, director, editor, and star, “Louie,” is critically acclaimed and frequently appears on top-ten lists and “best ofs.” C.K. has been nominated twice for an Emmy for his performance, and he won the Emmy for Best Comedy Writing this year. I know a few young men who idolize C.K. and record every episode of his show, watching them over and over.

Louis C.K. and his character, Louie, have entered pop culture as a kind of everyman anti-hero. He is positively dripping with post-modernity: bitter, sarcastic, and adorably self-loathing, yet bewildered by his inability to relate to other people or attract a woman.

I have watched two or three episodes of the show, which is autobiographical in that it’s about a 40-something New York comedian named Louie who is divorced with two daughters and lives in a crappy apartment.

Gone are the days in which popular media shows us man as he ought to be. Instead we are shown, for our own good, man as he “really is,” except if a man I met in real life said anything half as despicable as what Louis C.K. says, he would get face smacked like a cad in an old black-and-white movie. And he would deserve it.

In March, Louis C.K. was slated to headline the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner, but he ended up bowing out due to public backlash, fueled by Fox News correspondent Greta Van Susteren’s promise to boycott the dinner if C.K. hosted.

Why did she – and many others – threaten a boycott? Because Louis C.K., every young liberal male’s hero, referred to Sarah Palin’s “f**king retard-making c**t” during an appearance on the Opie and Anthony radio show. During that same exchange, he added thoughtfully, “I hate her more than anybody.” He also tweeted the following to @SarahPalinUSA: “kudos to your dirty hole, you f**king ja**off c**t-face jazzy wondergirl.”

Rush Limbaugh suggested that wanting people to pay for you to have sex (i.e., provide free birth control) might make you a slut, and everybody shouted for his immediate censure, termination, and in some cases probably beheading. He had to publicly apologize, and President Obama called the object of his scorn to ask her how she was holding up.

Bill Maher and Louis C.K. called Sarah Palin a c-word and refused to apologize, and they got nominated for Emmys and invited to host things. And I doubt the president called Sarah Palin to see if she was okay.

Go into your local hipster watering hole and bring up Louis C.K. Watch young men line up with their Stella Artois glasses to praise his holy name. I have a close male relative who hero-worships the guy, and he is not the only one in his peer group. Louis C.K. is so “real,” so “honest,” so “smart.”

Google “Louis C.K. Sarah Palin” and try to count the number of publications, bloggers, and commentators who cannot write about the c-word incident (or his disgusting drunk tweets) without smirking or outright guffawing at C.K.’s comments.

This is America. Louis C.K. can say what he wants. But the fact that he chooses to say this, and that young men continue to look up to him and praise him, is troubling, to say the least.

I have said before that abortion does not exist in a vacuum. I have pointed out that misogynists like Hugh Hefner and Tucker Max are champions for abortion and birth control because it lets them use women’s bodies while not having to be held accountable for the natural outcomes of that usage. Louis C.K. hates not only Sarah Palin, but everything that comes out of her, including her “retard” baby, of which he said, “Stick your t*t in its mouth and shut up.”

He has also compared Palin to Hitler, which leads me to believe he does not have a particularly sophisticated grasp of politics or history. (It always makes me chuckle when conservative Christians are compared to Hitler, considering Hitler was neither a conservative nor a Christian, but rather an atheist socialist like many of the politicians these same people idolize.)

It’s bad enough to say horrifying things about a woman and her baby with Down syndrome. It’s even worse to do it publicly and then refuse to apologize for it.

You can believe this guy is funny, but it’s sort of hard to deny he’s a misogynist if you listen to his stand-up. It’s not all Sarah Palin-related vitriol. He really doesn’t like women. Listen to this tidbit:

A man will cut your arm off and throw it in a river, but he’ll leave you as  a human being intact. He won’t f**k with who you are. Women are non-violent but they will s**t inside of your heart.

Louis C.K. is smart (to a point) and funny. I love comedy, and I admit I see the humor in some of what he says. But I don’t watch his show or listen to his stand-up because he disgusts me. He trashes religion, fears and loathes women, and is just generally dark, bitter, and hateful.

And he is a modern-day hero.

He’s a hero because he seems smart, espousing the kinds of ideas that sound intelligent to someone with only surface-level knowledge of religion, politics, and history. He says evolution is obvious and Christianity is stupid; he’s so über-sophisticated that he can call his young daughter an “a**hole” and make it funny. He’s sarcastic and death-obsessed, and he has all the right opinions about Republicans. He must be smart.

His opinions reflect those of too many young people who regurgitate what they hear in the media. And unfortunately, he and others like him add misogyny to the mix. A generation of young men has been sucked in by this garbage, believing that you no longer have to be respectful of women as long as you are “real” and “honest.” To many young men today, being a gentleman means offering to pay for the abortion.

Only those who harbor deep hatred and contempt for women need to be dishonest and “fake” to be respectful.

A culture corrupted by abandonment of traditional morality and an embrace of radical feminism has led to this: men are now told to treat women like “equals,” but because of the inescapable, natural fact that we are not the same as men, treating us the same as men doesn’t work. It leads to unhappy women and, as a result, confusion and anger on the part of men, as evidenced by Louis C.K.’s obvious bewilderment at the hurt done to him by women, which is reflected in his stand-up and in the desperate, sad, “single-and-looking” title character of “Louie.”

I have a fiancé. He is almost the same age as Louis, but he was raised in the South. Never in a million years would he ever call me – or any woman, no matter how much she “deserved” it – a name half as foul as what Louis C.K. called Sarah Palin on the radio. There was a time when virtually no man would do that, and certainly not where any woman could hear it.

There was also a time when other men would shun and possibly roundhouse punch any man who said that about a respectable woman and her disabled child. Apparently those times are gone, because dudes on the internet can’t get enough of it.

If these are the heroes we’re offering to young men, this generation is doomed.

  • Sparky

    So you would be happier if someone reacted to his offensive speech with violence? Humm.. who is really more disgusting?

  • Pepper

    worst.article.ever. MORE LOUIS!

  • And Rush hates women? Huh. It’s an upside-down world.

  • Michelle Lynn

    When I went to a Catholic event a man tripped on a step, then lead my hand through the dark so I woudn’t do the same. Chivalry isn’t dead, no matter how hard men like this try to kill it. Ladies, we all need to make pact to not reward this nonsense behavior with so much as a nod in their direction. Men like this are the problem, but ladies who actually date them don’t help!!

    • Harry

      Yeah, even one of my female friends who is a Christian was praising some non-Christian who drank excessively, swore, disrespected women, because in her words he was so “honest and real”. How disappointing is that??

      • Andre

        In the bible it says if you rape a virgin, you owe her father 50 sheckles. And then it’s cool. lol

        • Except that you have to also marry her and take care of all her needs for the rest of her life because you ruined her eligibility to be married off to a respectable husband. Different times different rules. Back then a woman needed a husband, and no one would marry her if she was not a virgin. In this situation the only option would have been prostitution in this time. So, this law made the man take responsibility for his actions and gave the rape victim security after she had been shamed. Now that a woman can work for herself and does not have to rely on prostitution if she is violated, jail is the better punishment for the man. You can’t take passages out of context.

        • John Beck

          Give us a citation….

      • Michelle Lynn


  • Sacha Delaunay

    You seem to be longing for a time when there was more chivalry but less women in politics, or high responsibility jobs.

    But if you look below the surface, you could see that in Louis C.K.’s show, women are often portrayed as better people than men. For instance, his daughters or his ex-wife are smarter and much more mature than he is, and in general the women he meets seems funnier and more competent than the male characters. In fact the overall message of the show is not misogyny. Quite the contrary!

    Of course, that requires a deeper analysis. But, if as a “feminist”, you prefer a good-mannered gentlemen that will think that women are not cut for high responsibilities and that they need to be protected to a guy like Louis C.K. that really considers women as equals and denounce, through his show, an unfair society where men are still at key positions , I think, just like you said, that this generation is doomed.
    BTW sorry for my poor english, I’m not from the U.S.

  • Dallas.413X

    Oh please. A slap is considered “violence”? I would say the slap is the warning shot of the ass whooping that is soon to follow if you don’t speak to a lady in a more respectful manner. I’ll play the devils advocate and say that there is definitely a similar female counterpart to Louie’s woman hating character. I think this article was more directed in regards to women who truly DO NOT deserve to be spoken to that way.

  • I’m marginally aware of Louis C.K. I’ve seen a couple of things that were funny and a couple of things that weren’t funny. I had no idea that he was, in any pop culture circles, a “hero”. Nonetheless, I’ve seen LA writers build straw-men out of B-list (and C-list) celebrities many a time and if the examples of his attacks on Ms. Palin are accurate, I’d say he’s an adequate straw-man, representing the coarsening of popular culture.

    But I’ve got to call you out on two toss-off lines that you squeeze into this piece (1) Even though National Socialism has the word “socialism” in it, it was not socialism. Fascism was, in fact, born of opposition to communism. The idea that Nazism represents a leftist ideology is the laziest kind of dime-store reasoning. (2) You seem to think your fiance is a gentleman solely because he’s from the South. I’ll bet you he’s a gentleman because he’s a gentleman. As a Californian adopted by New England, I can attest to the existence of gentleman outside of the South. What a shocker that they’re evolved enough to know how to behave properly despite what might be on the tee-vee.

    • Mark Meed

      Please read Hayek, Mises or even Jonah Goldberg (Liberal Facism) — none of whom could remotely be referred to a “dime-store” theorists — before pronouncing on the differences between fascism and communism . The ends are the same for both, they merely quibble over method.

      • Don’t patronize me, one only needs a rudimentary reading of history to pronounce on fascism’s relationship to communism. Mises and Hayek might have weighed in on the topic from their libertarian perches (whilst having puppy dog eyes for Mussolini and Pinochet, respectively), but their writing on the matter is complex and not at all conclusive. And you do those two men a disservice by folding Golberg into the mix — a beneficiary of right-wing nepotism with no credentials as anything but a hack revisionist.

        • Let me count the ways that the Nazis and the Communists are similar: Both hated Christianity and drove it out of public life; both constantly censored free speech and controlled the media the schools; both had atrocious records on human rights; both practiced a form of heavily-regulated Keynesian economics; both engaged in cradle-to-grave welfare programs and pushed immense public-works projects; both are known for the deification of their leaders. There are many other examples. Both are advocates of government of limitless power.

          Which American party does that sound more like to you?

          Communists and Fascists had different ideas on the rights of the individual to private property, but apart from that they were (and are) very similar in practice if not in ideology. Both Hitler and Mussolini considered themselves lifelong men of the Left and called themselves Socialists. Both Communism and Fascism were leftist ideologies because both were hostile to free-market capitalism and Christianity.

    • Jeff Danger

      Are you aware of Lenny Bruce or George Carlin? Louis is much like those men. He’s opening doors that were shut and locked without explanation. Maybe every door he opens isn’t safe, but how else could we move forward as a society if we weren’t willing to take a chance in hopes of something better?

  • Bryan McMillan

    Although I am a big fan of the show (I find it very funny and very well-written) you are entirely correct to point out the frothing-at-the-mouth hatred/ double-standards in play whenever the so-called-Left goes after whatever object-of-Two-Minutes-Hate they are programmed to go after. The comments made by LCK about Sarah Palin – or the myopic and disporportionate hatred for Palin in general – are so above-and-beyond that people SHOULD be appalled. instead, as you point out, they are celebrated. Intolerance is not only allowed but encouraged from that side of the national politic.

    And Mr. Meed gets a tip of the cap for pointing us all to the theorists and economists he mentions. ESSENTIAL READING to understand our national situation.

    Thank you!

  • Really thoughtful article. Louis is one of those comics that I think has gotten trapped by his own success. I used to laugh uproariously at some of his routines, but he has become singularly obsessed – like Maher – with being angry. It’s disappointing because bits like “Everything’s perfect, nobody’s happy” are absolute classics.

    I agree that no man should speak to a woman like this, but at the same time – speaking as a guy – I think that Louis gives voice to that frustration all modern men feel (as I believe you point out) that we’re supposed to treat everybody the same, and then we’re chastised when we call out a woman for bologna the way we’d call out a guy.

    Great article.

  • John

    This is a sloppy article. Not only is it all over the place, but you criticize a show that you don’t watch.

    He usually portrays women in a much better light than himself
    on his show and on his standup. He is one
    of the few entertainers who refuses to put his career ahead of his
    daughters and has spoken about this in numerous interviews. He also donated some of the money he made off his special last year to The Fistula
    Foundation (organization for women who get raped).

    You are right about him being the anti-hero on his show, but if you watched the show you’d see that that usually means he ends up finding a strange/funny middle-ground between liberal and conservative world views. There is a subtext to the show that I think would surprise you.

    You also failed to mention the main reason for his current hype, which is his ridiculous work ethic. This is the real reason for hero worship. He asked for less money to shoot a show in which he wears almost every hat. He releases a new hour of comedy every year and sells it directly to his fans. And both his show and stand up are wholly original and interesting.

    You may not like his comedy or his perspective on life, but you should be objective enough to see why people admire him.

    Also evolution is obvious (not sure why you brought that up…)

  • section9

    Superb piece. No one will censure Bill Maher or Louis C.K. for their barbarism (that’s what it is), but they will take their money.

  • kristen walker is silly

    I love Louis CK and think he’s a beautiful human being.
    He literally says girls are better here. Louis also donated a lot of the money he earned from his Beacon special to an organization that helps women who were raped. Yes, he did say those harsh Palin things, but he was drunk on an airplane. Give him a break, he raises two goddamn daughters he clearly loves very much (he even cried when he told Marc Maron the story of his first daughter being born). People who don’t punch their ponies make me sick.

  • Gary

    Kristen, I’m sure you mean well with this article, but please, look up Tig Notaro. She’s a stand-up comedienne (or FEMALE comedian, for the no-sense-of-humor-or-understanding-of-context layman, sorry, layWOMAN) who was diagnosed with breast cancer the same month her mother abruptly passed away. Not long after the diagnosis, Tig did a set at a comedy club in which she spilled her heart about her recent run of awful luck. Louis CK, a person whom Tig admires and respects as do many other FEMALE comedians, was in attendance that night because Tig had asked him to perform a set after her on that same night, to which he obliged. After the show, Louis tweeted “In 27 years doing this, I’ve seen a handful of truly great, masterful sets. One was Tig Notaro last night at Largo.” You’d be a fool not to think this tweet introduced her to a fan base that might now have heard of her before, seeing how he’s soooo “hyped” and popular these days.

    And that’s not all. Louis later talked Tig into putting a recording of her set on a CD so that it could be sold on his highly-praised, anti-corporate-middleman website for $5 so that proceeds can go to breast cancer research.

    So please, don’t form opinions about people based on one comment that person said that you’ve blown way out of proportion and context. Like it or not, some comedians/comediennes say things that sound mean and crude…but they don’t mean them because that’s how some forms of comedy just are. That form of humor is not for everyone, and that’s fine. I completely understand if you’re put off by it. But if you’re going to attack a person’s character, make a damn effort to do research that person’s larger body of work before forming an opinion. Otherwise, you’re not any better or any more thoughtful than the misanthropes and misogynists that you condemn or the sensationalist hacks that are ruining journalism.

  • actually abortion does exist in a vacuum..

  • Tony

    C.K. and Maher are Comedians. Limbaugh is a political troll and he’s not funny.

    There’s a double standard for a reason. Also they hate Sarah Palin for being stupid and hateful, not for being a woman. If they went after glen beck you probably wouldn’t have a problem with it. If you want equal rights it comes along with equal rights to be ridiculed. Using the white glove treatment on a female political figure would be real sexism. And Sarah Palin is a snarky C—-. I think the strong language thrown at her is a backlash to the fact that the neutral/corporate media treats her as if she has ever opened a book that didn’t say “color within the lines”

    And whats the point of being a feminist in this day and age? Women have over 50% of the money and 100% of the pussy.

  • Your statements about Hitler are false and reveal your bias in this article. Bias not only against CK but of anyone who disagrees with you or speaks in a way that you disapprove.

    Below is a quote from Hitler:

    “My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was his fight against the Jewish poison. Today, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before the fact that it was for this that He had to shed his blood upon the Cross. As a Christian, I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.”

    • There’s a rumor going around, Sean, that Hitler was not a very honest guy. Perhaps you shouldn’t take his words at face value. Hitler also famously referred to Christianity as a ‘Jewish mistake’.

      • Belloso


    • Mike McTighe

      Hitler was a politician, first and foremost, and probably a pretty adept liar. There’s not much out of a few quotes from a highly political book to suggest he had much religious beliefs. Some claim he even believed in voodoo or Norse Gods (he respected their strength).
      Hitler came about during a time when Jews were in Europe what blacks were in the states. When Social Darwinism was all the rage, and Evolution was still wildly misunderstood as having application far beyond what the theory actually represented. It was new, and fashionable, and thus was applied to everything. Hitler knew all this and crafted an ideology to campaign on just like any other politician. Did he really hate Jews? He was related to Jews, and given his initial job in politics by Jews, could he have really hated them? It’s hard to say. Those beliefs, along with pandering to Christians kept him in power, so he did that. He was, more than likely not much of a believer.
      I say this as a firm agnostic/lean atheist.

      • Belloso

        Source on the Norse god quote? Yes he hated Jews. He had 6 million slaughtered.



        • Mike McTighe

          Sure he did order their deaths. But like I say he’s a politician first a foremost. They say things, and it’s really hard to say whether they say it because they believe it, or it’s just smart political talk to keep them in power. They may even come to a point where they don’t even know where their beliefs end, and the beliefs they adopt to stay employed begin.

  • Cuntpuncher

    Sooo Kristen you want free speech… as long as it doesn’t offend you?

  • DGAF

    Obviously a homely female wrote this article.
    It is a known fact that homely females can’t appreciate humor.

  • Wait you have a 50 year old fiance? Couldnt find a man your age that wants to put up with you….?

  • Shellie

    This article makes me sad in that the author is severely misjudging someone based on a few tidbits taken way out of context. Louis C.K. has said in multiple interviews how much he likes to see women succeed, how he loves his daughters and wants them to grow up confident and happy, and how he admires women who are strong.

    He’s a comedian and he uses gender in his comedy. He exaggerates the frustrations of raising a toddler by calling his daughter an a-hole. He exaggerates the affects of a broken heart by saying women sh** in your heart. If a female jokes that “all men are dogs” would you say she hates men and think they are all actual animals and not human??? You can’t take a joke literally; it defeats the whole purpose of comedy.

    He’s apologized about his Palin comments and admitted he said some incorrect/insensitive things about her child because of his dislike for her political views. Louis C.K. is pro-women. It’s sad Kristen can’t see that (or doesn’t want to see it so she can push her agenda). I wish there were more men like him out there.

    • Laura M

      ” I wish there were more men like him out there” Really? Because that’s what the world needs, grown men insulting babies with down-syndrome and their mothers?

      • Jeff Danger

        How about some forgiveness for the grown man who apologized?

  • Ginger Spice

    Shut your mouth you snagle-toothed cunt.

  • dan

    Hey Kristine,
    You suck :)

  • Bobby

    You do a really piss poor impression of Ann Coulter, Kristen.

    Also, people in these comments have absolutely destroyed your article with positive accounts of Louis by women, his outreach to victimized women and a number of female comics who have great friendships, relationships, and partnerships with Louis, but you’ll never acknowledge any of that, since the nature of these columns is to get as many hits to a website with your exhausted rhetoric to attempt to label another successful man as a women hating, violent pig, without ever acknowledging facts or counter-points from women and men alike, because that would be career suicide for yet another mental midget completely misconstruing the fundamentals of feminism, using it as an outrage industry rather than a message of strength and self respect.

    I’d say you should be ashamed of yourself, but you’re probably too busy getting your ass waxed by an editor seeing only hits and ad revenue rather than a misinformed, unprepared babbling fool who co-opts movements for the sake of canned insult and victimization. Brutal.

  • James Toney

    Author is a cunt.

  • Denise

    Well written.
    This kind of stuff makes me so angry. What is wrong with these people? I swear they have no souls!

    • Of course they have no souls. There’s no such thing as a soul.

  • Tim

    Great article, Kristen! I sincerely love the stuff written by you and other Live Action writers. Keep up the good work! :)

  • There was no time that men were “gentlemen”. The whole idea that men “used to respect women until they decided to become a bunch of feminists whores because they got the birth control pill” is malarkey Take the Victorian age for instance. If you were a wealthy white woman you would be treated as a “lady” due to men being afraid of retribution from the woman’s father or husband. Poor women did not have this luxury and were frequently the victims of sexual abuse.

  • Harry

    Awesome article. You are dead on. Which makes it all the more sad and disappointing. It’s too bad that there is a shortage of “real men” and women who appreciate their femininity and have replaced it with radical feminism, and men who have no respect for women. Society is paying a huge price.

  • Andre

    There are female comedians who joke about chopping mens’ penises off. Where is your article about that? Oh right. You don’t want to bring up men’s problems, because you’re a hypocrite.

    You’re a person who cannot differentiate between a joke and seriousness. Or you just wrote this article because you desperately need attention. Well here it is.

    Do you not realize the gravity of what’s going on with women in this world? Wives are getting physically and mentally abused in households worldwide. Women are being stoned to death for being raped in the middle east. Little girls are being sold to sex slave markets. There is rape happening everywhere.

    And you want to talk about a comedian who cracks jokes about women? People like you cheapen the the feminist movement. What the comedian is doing by being honest about his/her views is bringing both sexes together in a great medium and opening up a public forum for honest discussion. And when honesty is present, some people get uncomfortable, but at the end of the day, it’s progressing the relationship between different groups, whether it be racial, religious, nationalist or gender relations.

    But you believe everything must revolve around your sensitivity level. You think every single woman on the face of this planet gets offended like you do. Rather than speak about real issues plaguing women today, you would much rather duct tape people’s mouths, so all the anger and frustrations building up inside them manifests into the real world.

    Lady, you live in the real world, and if you want to help people, you need to get out of your comfort zone and overload your neurological nerves from time to time. There are women who want someone like Louis CK in their life rather than someone like your fiance, because guess what, people are different. And just because a girl might find a rape joke amusing does not make her inferior to you, nor are you in any way superior (in my opinion, I think the opposite).

    Do you understand the type of people that live on this planet? There are surgeons out there who buy 9-10 year old girls from orphanages in Ukraine and keep them as sex dolls in their homes. Isn’t that something you should spend your time exposing rather than what Louis CK says?

    People like you make me lose faith in our species. People like Louis CK? The complete opposite.

    Get real. You’re human scum.

  • Guest

    Not every woman is like you, Kristen. I really hate people like you. I hope you get punched in the face by some female cunt. Maybe then you’ll understand what Louis CK is talking about.

  • tittays

    It’s 2012. Shock value is funny. Get over it, bitch.

  • Andre

    This bitch is batshit insane. She’s a christian AND a feminist. Here read this retard.

    1 Timothy 2:12

    • Once again, taking scripture out of context. First of all, the church that Paul was writing to had a problem with women being disruptive and supporting false teachings. Also, this time period was male dominated and the words spoken came from Paul, not God. Different times, different customs… Plus name calling just shows your immaturity.

  • Guest

    Hipsters drinking Stella?

    What a dumb fucking out of touch dip shit.

    Hipsters were into stella back in 2001, it’s all about IPA’s motherfucker.

  • Torinn

    You want gentlemen heroes like the old days? Like when women couldn’t vote, and were beaten into submission by their husbands? How about you mention that Louie went on FM and satellite radio and admitted that he was drunk on an airplane, tweeting random thoughts, and was sorry about some of the things he said.

  • Guest

    I bet this openly call people niggers. Out of all the things to be pissed at Louis CK for she is upset of Sarah Palin…… YES SARAH PALIN….. I felt dumber after I finished reading that shit.

    Typical feminist bullshit, no women can do wrong and all men should worship women.

  • Andre

    I bet you openly call people nigger. Out of all the things to be pissed at Louis CK for she is upset of Sarah Palin…… YES SARAH PALIN….. I felt dumber after I finished reading that shit.

    Typical feminist bullshit, no women can do wrong and all men should worship women.

  • Jimmy R. Ussels

    I don’t like Louie CK either, his shit really is that funny.

    But you dont have to have a cactus shoved up your ass about it. Wanna know who killed chivalry? Feminists did.

    I held a door open for a girl out of politeness, and she had the nerve to yell at and embarrass me in a public setting, calling me a “chauvinistic pig” and repeating over and over that “she can do it herself”. So I obliged, and slammed the door in the fucking cunts face.

    • Jimmy R. Ussels

      his shit really *isn’t* that funny

  • Alexandra Dietrich

    Why are you looking to the media for role models of any sort? This world is fallen and falling further every day. Have you not read that these signs will come on like birthpains? Why are you in awe of the fact that the world around you is immoral? Jesus said it would be so. You can’t change it with things like this. You’re just stirring up unrest. Are you planning to go out and evangelize to Louis CK? Do you really care if he is saved, or are you just filling up the air with clanging brass and cymbals? We have all had our fair share of plank-in-the-eye moments, but please, you are leading others astray. Consider your words. Be slow to anger, slow to speak, because others are reading and forming opinions about Christians based on you.

  • beaivs

    the world needs somebody who will shit on everything and just openly masturbate and drink beer excessively and hate everything that isnt himself. someone who has no politics or god or affiliations and just comes out and talks about how everything is stupid, a bitter sarcastic intelligent loner. someone like louis ck or charles bukowski. ive said my piece

    • Jeff Danger

      He isn’t the hero we need. He’s the hero we deserve.

  • Histpoli Buff

    This is a good Fucking post, i motherfucking love it!

  • Mike McTighe

    I think one of the things you have to understand about Louis CK is as a comedian he plays a character, whether on twitter or on stage, and those characters frequently parody the exact kind of person who’d laugh at those jokes.

    You remarked “He’s a hero because he seems smart, espousing the kinds of ideas that sound intelligent to someone with only surface-level knowledge of religion, politics, and history.” Exactly, only frequently the audience laughing isn’t entirely “in” on this aspect of the joke. They don’t realize that comedians make broad generalizations for the sake of a punch line, not for the sake of actually getting to any real truth. If the generalization wasn’t funny, he wouldn’t make it.
    Family Guy is a great example. It’s main protagonist is a TV obsessed man, whose now sole means of related to the world is television. The entire show holds a mirror to it’s audience and says “yuck it up scumbags”. Louis CK does the same thing to his audience, but to your point many get caught up in this cult of personality and think “man, he’s really onto something”. Which he is, it’s called nihilism, and it’s been around for decades, centuries even. It is sad that for you and me we can yuck it up, but understand that it’s humor. That it’s not necessarily brilliant or meaningful social commentary. That all Louis CK does it get up on stage a craft a character that says all those awful things that cross our minds but we know you don’t say in polite society, and that he’s not actually encouraging anyone to say them, or act accordingly.

  • Guest
  • Jeff Danger

    As a comic Louis CK sits upon a metaphorical precipice seeing the most horrible aspects of humanity for what they are, and then he stands in front of people and makes them laugh about it. You can’t be fearless and happy at the same time. His happiness is derived from talking about moments in his life when he’s not happy in front of people because it makes him nervous as it would most. He is a thrill seeker. You aren’t supposed to take him seriously unless he asks you to. Being a comic isn’t just a job, but a life station full of thankless duty and responsibility.

    I understand that the changes brought to this nation by comedians like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin (two people who are both similar in aesthetic to Louis and are so old they are dead) is challenging for someone who likes traditional morality, but the changes are long over. It’s done. Louis isn’t a hero; he’s an every-man. We are here for now, but when someone else does change us for better or worse it will be different than the past. You can’t move backwards away from us, so why not move forwards with us. It’s not an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” situation. I’m just saying that since our culture isn’t going to stay the same, you should play a role in it’s future rather than living in the past. If the past is where you are comfortable, no amount of media attention is going to allow you to be taken seriously. This isn’t a right vs. left situation; it’s reality vs. your personal views. When we are all dead, he will be remembered for his contributions to society, and you will be another naysayer. In that light Louis CK is much like Noah, Jesus, and many other fictional characters used to represent life’s struggles in a dramatic if not educational way.