Maria Cahill, Miss Delaware 2011, takes a stand for life

Courtesy of MissAmerica.org

Townhall Magazine will run a story in its May issue on Miss Delaware 2011, Maria Cahill. Maria is a vocal pro-life advocate and doesn’t shy away from speaking about pro-life issues whenever she has the opportunity.

(You can check out a video of Maria sharing about her pro-life convictions before becoming Miss Delaware 2011 here.)

Maria told Mallory Carr of Townhall that as a part of the Miss America Organization, she was told by some not to speak up for life. But Maria has done just the opposite, telling the magazine that “I heard a lot of people say that because I was Miss Delaware and represented the Miss America Organization, for that reason, I had no right to talk about anything political. In my mind, I thought exactly opposite.”

Speaking at an event at the University of Delaware, Maria noted that she comes from a very large and “very pro-life family.” Maria stated, “This topic of abortion and birth control and all these things are so taboo now. And why is that? These young people in high school, its something that we don’t talk about anymore…and I think the reason for this is…is because this is murder we are talking about. You know, people don’t use that word anymore…that’s a bold word…but that’s what it is. It’s murder.”

In the article for Townhall Magazine, Cahill stated, “With this [birth control] mandate and the so-called ‘war on women,’ I feel like people don’t know both sides and they’re not getting to the real root of the problem, and that is another life is at stake. I think getting to the root of the problem is where the solution lies.”

Unashamed of what she believes, Maria told Townhall that “no one likes to think of themselves as selfish. But whenever those terms get thrown around like ‘My body, my choice,’ you’re just bringing it all back onto yourself, and, to me, that’s selfish, whether people want to believe it or not.”

Maria Cahill also made an appearance at the March for Life in January as Miss Delaware. She has attended the event every year before as well.

You can read the preview for Townhall Magazine’s article on Miss Delaware 2011, Maria Cahill, here.

  • Isaac

    Way to go!! Be bold and speak the truth!

    To those who have had abortions: We are not blasting or condemning you. There IS forgiveness and there IS a God who loves you NO MATTER WHAT! 

    To those who do not acknowledge abortion as murder. This girl is right, it is because you ARE selfish! We as human beings ARE selfish! 6,000,000 Jews were murdered because their status as human beings was taken from them. Over 25,000,000 human babies who had no chance or choice to flee, have been murdered for the same reasons, we have taken their humanity away! NO MORE. 

    • Nirmalkoshy007

      jus lik Jews, in India Narendra Modi of Gujarat is silently promoting denial of minorities.
      If he becomes PM in coming elections, world will see another “Hitler” promoting once a race of hinduism in India, and is causing fears among Christians and Muslims in India..
      Despite his criminal charges of racial attacks, he was declared free by court (politcal power can buy justice,thru corruption)….. and A fear similar to these unborn angel  babies are prevalent in our minds…hoping that Jesus will avoid another Holocaust in India

  • robert

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  • Kudos to Miss 
    Delaware for speaking up for the voiceless! It’s so important to be unashamed about sharing your pro-life views, and it’s so good to hear stories like this. Whoo hoo!!

  • Thank you Maria for standing up for your beliefs and not bowing down.

  • Debl80

    Wow…beautiful in all the sens of the word!!! I am very proud…greetings from Colombia!!!

  • Rndidonato

    What right does anyone have to tell someone what they should or should not say?  I think it’s disgraceful.  Now, even the government wants to take away our right to religious freedom.  And they say it’s a “war on women” because people don’t want to pay for abortions.  And why should abortions be “free”.  They would be free for the mother who wants an abortion but not for the rest of us.  I’m a diabetic.  Why shouldn’t my medications, etc be “free”? 

    Thanks Miss Delaware for voicing your beliefs no matter what anyone else says.  Well done!!