In abortion, money is all too often the name of the game.

Maryland suspends licenses of three abortion clinics; Carhart still allowed to practice

pro-abortion1Last year, Maryland passed a law that required more regulations and inspections for state abortion clinics. This has now resulted in the Maryland Department of Health and Hygiene deciding to suspend the licenses of three abortion clinics, one of which where a patient had died. The suspensions mean that the clinics can no longer provide surgical abortions. They can, however, remain open and provide non-surgical abortions as well as OB/GYN services.

State health officials have suspended surgical abortion procedures at three clinics, including one in Baltimore where a patient suffered cardiac arrest and died.

The physician who performed the abortion at Associates in OB/GYN Care LLC on North Calvert Street wasn’t certified in CPR and a defibrillator at the facility did not work, state officials said in a letter Friday to the General Assembly.

The other two clinics that lost surgical privileges, located in Landover and Silver Spring, also are owned by Associates in OB/GYN Care and also had licenses suspended for issues related to the ability to respond to life-threatening problems during surgery.

These inspections were prompted by a letter from 17 House delegates, written after the tragic death of 29-year-old Jennifer Morbelli at the hands of LeRoy Carhart, whose clinic had never been inspected. None of the other clinics licensed under Maryland’s new law had been inspected, either. And despite Morbelli’s death after a botched abortion – and the fact that Carhart left the state immediately after the procedure – Carhart was not found to have committed any negligence, and his license was not suspended.

Carhart is still allowed to practice in the state of Maryland, even though there have been two patients who lost their lives at his hands, and complaints against him go as far back as 1991. Inspectors claim that there were no safety reasons which necessitated the closing of his clinic or the suspension of his license. Lawmakers say his clinic continues to undergo further investigation, though.

Meanwhile, the doctors who had their licenses suspended could potentially be allowed to resume performing surgical abortions. This means they are getting away with gross negligence with little more than a slap on the wrist. From ignoring a patient’s medical conditions to performing surgical abortions without bothering to maintain necessary emergency equipment or certifications, these clearly do not sound like doctors concerned with the well-being and safety of their patients. The fact that the state is performing inspections is a step in the right direction, but unfortunately, it doesn’t go far enough.

  • Officials know abortion is big business; it wouldn’t surprise me to learn they had been paid off by Carhart, or that the doctors currently under suspension may soon be able to resume their “work” pending delivery of bribe money.

  • thatdigiguy

    I wonder about the unintended consequences….

    While I love the idea of further restricting abortion mills, it *COULD* backfire.. If they’re no longer allowed to perform surgical abortions, are they going to resort to over-medicating for questionable “non surgical” actions, and in fact kill more women?

    It is frightening to realize that an abortionist could possibly do such invasive and deadly operations on your body without having ONCE had his facilities and practices inspected. Yes it’s good that they’ve been restricted. But the women would be better served to have these butchers forced to have a signed affidavit of notification: “this clinic has killed xxxx women, left xxxx women permanently barren, and disfigured xxx women in the past 5yrs”.

    The war on women has to be stopped. yes, we’re winning slowly… PAINFULLY slowly. I look forward to the day that a fetus has a better chance of getting hit by a DUI than being killed before birth by a “doctor”..

  • In Sensed

    Carhart is a clear case of the need of the power of the sword to maintain a civil society. He should be publicly tried and executed. He is a mass murderer, on the loose. It is grotesque that a man who regularly cuts apart viable babies, and has been responsible for killing a grown woman by his malpractice should be allowed to continue that practice under the guise of practicing medicine. The Maryland authorities who know this yet permit it now also have blood on their hands.

  • SickemBoy

    (m)oral-(d)ecay-maryland is a sinister place to live in. barb mikulski is the fattest, ugliest, most pre-historic pro-abort demonrat that insidiously votes to allow the killing of unborn human beings and emotionally maul their mothers. This party has nominal “catholic” politicians misleading millions and desecrating the Catholic Faith. My eyes were open, and I only recently became Catholic. Another imposter, pendergrass also displays political signs during elections in front of St. Louis Catholic Church in the affluent clarksville town where students in the 5th grade can be heard saying, “well, it is a woman’s choice…” The principal of the church’s school proudly invites pro-abort politicians to hand out awards to the students. A priest at st.louis church denounced 40Days for Life. This school has been reported to the archdiocese and instead been given the blue ribbon award. Please pray for those responsible for the wickedness at this church and school.

  • nasarumatt

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