Pregnant woman

More women will die of self-induced abortions

I haven’t heard much from pro-lifers about this subject, and I get why.  Talking about the death of women from self-induced abortions is tough because pro-lifers care about the lives of women and don’t want anyone to die of self-induced abortions.  Along with that, they understand that abortion is still morally wrong and should not remain legal.

The abortion issue is summed up this way: that if it is an injustice to intentionally kill innocent human beings, and abortion intentionally kills innocent human beings, then abortion is an injustice.  The pro-choice argument that more women will die if abortion is made legal, while it is emotionally strong, is intellectually hollow and deceiving.

Since when are we obligated to make injustices legal so that the person committing the injustice doesn’t suffer its natural consequences?

I cannot understand why it is a right for women to kill their children?!

I am making it easy for the pro-choicer to validate why I need to make it “safe and legal” for a person to kill her child. The pro-choicer has to show me why women have the right to kill their children, or has to show me evidence that the unborn are not human beings and are exempt to their right to life.

n fact, I make an official declaration. I, Ana Benderas, vow to forever change my mind and efforts to oppose abortion if somebody out there can convince me that women have the right to kill innocent human beings or that the unborn are not human beings and have no intrinsic right to life as assumed of born human beings.

I challenge anyone passionate about a woman’s “right to choose” to enlighten me.

Until then, I insist: abortion kills innocent persons.  Killing innocent persons is wrong.  Killing innocent persons in your own house by yourself is wrong and dangerous.

I don’t have the obligation nor feel in any way at all that I have to put aside my sense of justice so that you can kill your child more “safely.”

  • Kelsey

    Actually, the legal status of abortion has nothing to do with how many women die. Look at Ireland, which protects unborn people in its constitution yet has the lowest maternal mortality rate in the world! And the tens of thousands of women dying from pre-Roe abortions? A complete fabrication, which the co-founder of NARAL later admitted. If "pro-choice" people a) cared about women, and b) honestly examined the real statistics, they would support criminalizing abortion.

  • Jacklyn carr

    Killing is wrong. Call it abortion if you think its prettier. Does that make it all better? No it does not. Life should be cherished not deystroyed. If people are stupid enough to try to abort their baby they get what they desrive.

  • Chevydog56

    So don’t have one. Anyone who is against abortions could spend time promoting birth control. There are lots of miscarriages going on as well so I guess you would not like that either. Birth control would solve that as well.

  • Flopears123

    This isn’t Ireland tho, and abortion has nothing to do with giving a woman the right to abort a pregnancy.  She can abort her own pregnancy before 24 weeks in most states.  The laws and gestational period will vary state to state.  Only 90 years in American history were abortions by licensed physicians criminalized approx 1880-1973.  Women could and did self abort, a doctor just couldn’t perform or give her the means to do it. Ana you are not obligated to feel any other way than what you feel, but women who are not you are not obligated to be incubators because you feel the way you do about abortion.  But consider another controversial subject (homosexuality) that many believe goes against the natural order of things and society thinks it’s morally wrong.  Should homosexuals be denied medical care if they contract HIV?  Of course not and by not keeping abortions safe and legal so that physicians can perform them, you are denying another human being safe medical care.  

  • chick84

    I do not agree with abortion, I have 3 children of my own and abortion was NEVER an option. However I do think a women should have the right to choose. You do not know the circumstances that the woman is in. Yes some might be doing it for selfish reasons, but some do it because they simply can not afford to have more children or maybe there are medical reasons. And what if she is in an abusive relationship, do you think bringing a child into that would be better? You do not know everyone’s situation and have no right to judge others.
    I think instead of focusing on women having abortions you should get involved in the governments decisions on helping low income people have better preventative measures, if were are able to prevent the pregnancy they wouldn’t have to abort.