There is still hope.

Mother releases autopsy pictures of 18-year-old daughter who died from abortion ** mature content **

Deborah Caradamone refuses to be silent about her daughter’s untimely death. Marla Cardomne died at 18-years old from a botched legal abortion at a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Hospital.  The horrific images of her daughter’s body have stayed in Deborah’s mind every day since she passed. Deborah knows Marla died an unnecessary death at the hands of the abortion industry. As a grieving mother should, Deborah wants justice for her daughter. Deborah courageously reached out to Mark Crutcher, President of “Life Dynamics” to help her share the graphic autopsy images of her daughter’s death.  Deborah wants the world to know what happens behind the closed doors of abortion clinics and hospitals throughout our nation.

Life Dynamics, along with Operation Rescue and Priests for Life have released photos of Marla along with brochures sharing her story. Information on Marla’s life will be posted on the soon to be up website Mark Crutcher believes Deborah’s decision to reveal her daughter’s autopsy photo is like Mamie Till’s choice to show the world her murdered son. Mamie Till was the mother of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old African-American boy that was murdered in the south for allegedly flirting with a white woman.  The all-white male jury acquitted the men who were on trial for Emmett’s murder. Mamie Till chose a public funeral and left the casket open to show Emmett’s disfigured body. The picture was a shocking look into the effects of racism in the South.  It stirred thousands to action, compelling them to take a stand for civil rights.

Marla’s mother is showing the world that abortion hurts women and destroys lives. These are Deborah’s words, taken from a Life Dynamics handout.

“Since her death, I have discovered that what happened to her is not nearly as rare as we have all been led to believe. I can also tell you that the pro-choice movement cares nothing about these women. Everyone they kill or maim is written off as just another martyr in their war to protect the abortion clinics. Believe me, when it comes to pushing their political and financial agendas, these people will do anything to keep the information you see here hidden from the public. Today, Marla’s father and I have joined with Life Dynamics to make sure that this cover-up ends. If other young women see this brochure, maybe they will make a different choice and not end up like this.” 

Life Dynamic recorded a video interview with Deborah Cardonome:

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics explains the upcoming Safe and Legal website.

Mark Crutcher told LifeNews, “The pro-life movement has never had images to illustrate the unimaginable brutality and ugliness of women being killed in America’s “Safe and Legal” abortion clinics. But those days are over. We are going to show America what it looks like when women climb onto a table in one of these places and end up on an autopsy table a few hours later.”

Crutcher continues:

“These images are a powerful new weapon unlike anything the pro-life movement has ever had before. Because of Deborah’s courage, we finally have the ability to expose one of the pro-choice lobby’s dirtiest little secrets. And that is exactly what Life Dynamics is committed to doing. Starting today, we are sending a clear and unmistakable message to Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry that they will no longer be allowed to kill the Marla Cardamones of this world and then just walk away from them like they never existed.”

Father Frank Pavone from Priests for Life made these statements in reference to the Safe and Legal project, “I am grateful to Marla’s mom, Deborah, and her husband for their full support of this project and their permission to use these photos.” “As they know, this project isn’t just about Marla; it’s about the countless women Marla represents, who are killed by abortion without the world ever knowing.”

Pro-life organization Life Dynamics has a virtual “wall” listing the names of 347 women who have died from botched abortions.

“We ask everyone to get involved and to spread the truth about Marla and others killed and wounded by abortion,” said Father Pavone. “As Deborah Cardamone has said often, we have to speak, because if we are silent, we are part of the problem.”


  • I pray that G-d watches over Maria’s family extends his love and mercy to this poor child and her unborn child.. May God bless this family and help them to heal from this deeply tragic loss.

  • What courage they have!!! So sorry for the loss of their daughter and grandchild!

  • Erik

    I am 100% pro-life and I support what you are trying to do. Abortion is murder and I long for the day when the right to life of the unborn baby is protected. However, I think this particular strategy of using a botched abortion to generate opposition is a mistake.

    Yes, I agree that abortion harms women – morally, spiritually, and emotionally. However, abortions CAN be done with physical safety for the mother. And one of the abortion-rights most common arguments is that legal abortions are safer than illegal back-alley abortions. This campaign, focusing on a rare botched abortion, however well-meaning, opens the pro-life movement up to charges of sensationalism and dishonesty.

    We have to keep the focus on this: what makes abortion a crime against heaven is that abortion always kills a baby.

    • Try telling that to this woman’s family!

      • Erik

        I don’t want to downplay at all the horrible tragedy suffered by this poor young woman and her family. Forgive me if I sounded insensitive to them.

    • ColleenK

      Erik, remember that wars do not just kill/damage the people on the battle field. Abortion is a crime against heaven because it kills/deeply damages babies, their moms, the people who perform abortions, and all humanity besides. If you’re interested in exploring how factually uncommon the Marla Caronne’s of this world are, read the book Life Dynamics put out called “Lime 5.” I’m pretty sure you can get the book for free or at a good price from their website. If you read that book cover to cover, I can guarentee the putrid extensiveness of the abortion holocaust can be realized.

      • Erik

        I agree with you about the horrible damages of abortion, and the abuses of the industry need to be exposed. But the pro-life movement has to be impeccably honest if we really want to change the hearts of those who are unconvinced. The vast majority of abortions are not physically botched like this one. We also have to be rational in our arguments. Even necessary and ethical medical procedures can also go wrong. What makes abortion wrong is that it intends to kill a baby.

    • there really is no sensationalism or dishonesty here. people DO die from abortions, it isn’t all 100% safe. these are just the dead, how many women are left alive unable to ever have children again, or left with a horrible infection, not to mention emotionally damaged for life. the pro-abortion movement will say whatever they want to say regardless of what we do, but it’s our duty to tell the truths of what is happening behind closed doors, babies are dying and so are these women…347 on their list alone is not a small number. how many of these women would have even dared to get a back alley abortion in the first place? i truly believe abortion is so prevalent because it is so easy. we have no way to estimate how many women MIGHT have died from illegal abortions if Roe v. Wade had not been passed, but we can see how many women and children have died since abortion was legalized and we need to speak up.

    • Erik, I honestly believe there are few abortionist today that are any different that the back alley abortionists. The biggest difference is now we have antibiotics. Believe it or not, states have had to fight hard to pass legislation to protect women’s lives from these scumbags. I am from Indiana and until probably about 6 years ago (if you doubt me I will look up the exact date) free-standing abortion clinics in our state COULD NOT BE INSPECTED BY THE INDIANA BOARD OF HEALTH OR LOCAL BOARD OF HEATH DEPARTMENTS. They had no auspices and it took a long time (thank you to stupid Planned Parenthood and their democratic supporters) to pass laws to protect women’s health AT ALL! Planned Parenthood protests against every single bill we have ever tried to pass to make abortion safer for WOMEN. It is IMPORTANT for people to understand that women still die from abortions today because the laws to do protect women’s health to the extent it should AND a lot of the abortionists who WERE doing them illegal are the same ones the law now protects….

    • Cassie Wonderalke

      Illegal back alley abortions? When they legalized abortion the only thing it did was give the back alley abortionists the right to put their signs on the front door. Did you also know that the abortion industry is the least regulated of all medical procedures if they do it at all? Abortion is never safe for anyone.

    • There are more regulations for Hair dressers and Nail salons to follow than abortion clinics. And hair dressers are more careful with a young woman’s hair than an abortion clinic is with a young woman’s body and life. It’s horrible. There are so many ways to ‘botch’ an abortion it isn’t even close to funny. And we treat them as if they are simply birth control and sell it as tho it is an easy out for younger and younger girls. Well, it isn’t. Abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood abortion clinics need to be shut down, and surgical procedures need to be dealt with on the same scale of gravity and seriousness as having a wisdom tooth cut out, (no one I know would stop by a drop in clinic for that) or having serious abdominal surgery. One life is bad enough, two lives because the medical or physical or psychological burden of a pregnancy is too much for someone to bear is just unacceptable in this day and age. I know we can agree on that point. There are medications, physical attributes, age, and one hundred other considerations we should always keep in mind as parents, as women, and with our doctors. We have worlds of options now. And I say this as the mother of a 10 year old. it’s scary out there.

    • Sophia

      The pictures and the stories of botched abortions are certainly terrible, but they present a truth that pro-aborts NEED TO HEAR and that is that abortion HURTS WOMEN. Planned Parenthood lies to women and tells them that abortion is safe. We need to expose the lie that Planned Parenthood is and tell the world that abortion is not safe, that it kills babies, and that it hurts women.

      In all honesty, the reason that people make other issues so much of a big deal than abortion is because you can’t SEE the baby. Abortion is a choice you make once, whereas another issue like gay marriage is a lifestyle. Planned Parenthood tells everyone that abortion is safe and we need to show everyone the truth – which is that abortion not only kills a child but HURTS WOMEN.

      That’s why this is necessary. Abortion is NOT all about the baby. For every abortion there are 2 victims. God bless!

  • Ashley

    I am so very sad that this happened to Maria and her family, and I am sad for the other women and their families that this has happened to. It breaks my heart. I pray that God would use Deborah in this time to help bring justice to those who lost their lives and I pray that her efforts would help save the lives of many more women and children.

  • Basset_Hound

    My own daughter is 18. My heart breaks for this mother.

    • Red_Castle

      That’s very kind of you.

  • anonymous

    I’m so sorry for Marla and her family. Unfortunately this does happen but it can as easily happen in childbirth. The best way to avoid it period is teaching our children about birth control and making them feel ok about talking to us parents regarding sexual issues. Seeing a photo a a young adult laid out on an autopsy table is frightening no matter what the cause of death. There are many risk factors that could have been involved in this rare instance where someone has lost their life.; As was mentioned above, this is an example of what hundreds and thousands of women experienced before the abortion laws were passed.

    • Barry

      Wrong!! Teach them to NOT have sex until they’re Married! Birth Control leads to accidentally getting pregnant, that is why PP is pushing birth control!

      • Red_Castle

        Wrong!! It’s called a biological imperative. But you would rather control/regulate people’s completely natural behaviour of having sex, something that’s been ingrained in our genes for tens, and perhaps hundreds, of thousands of years, rather than educate and provide means to prevent accidental pregnancy and the spread of disease. And it’s all because of your personal bias and lack of independent and rational thought.

        • Basset_Hound

          People have a “biological imperative” to eat, but that does not mean people can’t be taught to control and discipline their dietary habits. Why should not teach people to control and limit their sexual behavior?

          • Red_Castle

            Maybe because people are not dogs meant to be trained in sexual habbits according to religious beliefs they may not share. Now, I personally believe in moderation. But I also believe that people, especially younger people, should be taught unbiased facts regarding sex so they can make informed decisions. They should also have easy access to contraceptives to avoid accidental pregnancy. Problem is that the dimwitted are against sex education in schools as well as easily accessible contraception for teenagers. They are too busy trying to enforce their own morality onto everyone else, subsequently publicly judging those who do not conform. Is any of this familiar?

          • Basset_Hound

            We train young people about eating disorders. We don’t give them “unbiased information”…on one hand telling them that body image problems are an indication of emotional stress, and then turning around and telling them about new and fun ways to binge and purge. We are not “judging” them by telling them that eating disorders are a very unhealthy behavior.

            In the case of sex, DO they actually receive “unbiased facts”. Are they ever told that a revolving door of hook-ups and break-ups makes it more difficult to trust another person enough to form a bond strong enough to sustain a stable marriage? Are they ever told that the “hook-up honey” is MORE likely to suffer from self-esteem issues, as well as abuse chemicals than her abstinent friends? Are they ever told that a young teen is MORE susceptible to sexual transmitted diseases than is an adult woman? Are they ever told that many STD’s are “silent” in women? That is they have no symptoms, and a woman may not even realize she’s infected until she is told that she is permanently infertile, or has to make a trip to the emergency room – doubled over in agony from a raging pelvic inflammation? No. The so called sex educators gloss over those little details.

            As for your statement about easier access to contraception…study after study has shown that this actually increases unintended pregnancy, as it gives a false sense of security to people who would have not engaged in sex had they not been so readily available.

            So no, it’s not the “dimwitted” or those who are “too busy trying to push their morality” on other people who oppose “comprehensive sex education” and easier access to contraception for teens. Its parents who want their children to complete their educational goals, to remain healthy, and to form healthy relationships.

  • Andi Price

    Marla PAID another person to murder her child… a child that was completely innocent. But she became collateral damage and suddenly people CARE about the travesty of murder. Either I’m missing something major here or those turning this into a sudden crisis are missing the point. Every year thousands of innocents are murdered in the name of ‘women’s rights’ but, apparently, women think their rights should come without consequence. Yes, it is sad that she paid the ultimate price for her choice but the real tragedy is that there is a whole generation of women who see abortion no differently than a dental visit. How did Marla become the kind of person capable of abortion? How did she reach adulthood with so little compassion for her own child? Possibly, Ms. Caradamone wouldn’t be dealing with Marla’s
    death if she had instilled in her a better value structure.

    • Red_Castle

      Yeah you’re missing something very, very major. Abortion is legal and not murder. And I don’t care about what your personal views are, just the facts and legal definitions. Oh, and criticizing Ms Caradamone’s parenting, how very sensitive of you considering she just lost her child. How is the weather up there on your soapbox where you’re above everyone else?

      • Does the term “circular reasoning” mean anything to you? What the legal definitions *are* tells us nothing about what they *should be*, which is, y’know, the WHOLE POINT OF THE ABORTION DEBATE. And you haven’t demonstrated anything about “facts.”

        • Red_Castle

          I wasn’t making an argument for or against abortion. Just stating a fact
          that it’s legal, thus not defined as murder. I was disgusted by the Andi Price’s statement that Ms Caradamone’s daughter dying is her getting what she deserved because of her failure as a parent. And I do know what circular logic is. Example: Killing a person (human being; take your pick) is murder. A foetus is a person (human being). Therefore aborting a foetus is also murder. Many people posting here, and most people who are pro-life, are guilty of this.

          • No, your example is a syllogism. Syllogisms *can* be circular, but are not *inherently* circular. The pro-life argument is neither. Unjustly killing somebody is the basic meaning of “murder,” and “a fetus is a human being” is a statement of basic scientific fact, not a debatable proposition.

          • Red_Castle

            That is not introspection. It’s dusting off an intro to philosophy textbook. Murder is the UNLAWFUL killing of a human being. It implies criminality. Simple, inarguable, fact is that abortion is legal and therefore cannot possibly be defined as murder, regardless of one’s personal opinions or religious beliefs.
            In the end, debating semantics and throwing out a bunch of fancy terms means but one thing: that one’s argument holds no water. They may fool the uneducated into thinking them smart, instead they simply have the wit to use Google.  There is little reason for me to take this discussion further.

            Peace out.

          • Calvin Freiburger

            Wow. If you think “murder” only has meaning in a legal context, then intro to philosophy isn’t the only book I’d suggest that you dust off. But since you bemoan semantics in a thread where your only argument WAS a semantic one — something you yourself call an indicator of an empty argument — we shouldn’t hold our breath for that to happen.

            Better luck next time.

    • Basset_Hound

      From what I’ve read, Marla was pressured into having an abortion by a social worker under the premise that the baby would be disabled because of medication Marla was taking. According to a couple of the people who post here, I’m not capable of processing abstract thought, but it seems to me that situation is a travesty in itself.

  • Michelle Lynn

    when the woman dies it just makes it a double tragedy. its already sad because a baby dies, then the distraught woman who just made a mistake (who hasn’t?) goes down with her child. so sad. I only pray our merciful Father brings them together in heaven. we wont see this story on CNN. are women hearing the risks of abortion the way you would any medical procedure before it happens? its become too political to actually be safe…

  • Brandy

    Anyone know how far along she was? Her belly is noticeably swollen.

  • Lisa

    She was so young, my heart breaks for the mother on the loss of her daughter and grandchild.

  • Eugene

    Lets show the Autopsy Pics of the darling Kids that were murdered in Connecticut and see if we get outcry to make it harder to get these “Military Grade Guns” for home use

  • This young woman’s death occurred in 1989. That doesn’t diminish the tragedy for Marla’s family, but the omission of the date, both in your article and in the video, is conspicuous.

  • Sorry, double-post.

  • Thank You Sweetie, and may God continue to Bless You and your work. I look at Marla’s photos daily. They bring tears to my eyes and sorrow to my heart and it keeps me motivated to stay alive and work for Life. God Bless You – Romeo Hernandez (the original).