Mother sues Planned Parenthood over forced, botched abortion

When Ayanna Byer scheduled an appointment at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains to take an abortion pill to end her pregnancy, there was no way for her to foresee the horrors ahead of her.  Earlier this month, Byer, through the assistance of the attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom, brought a lawsuit to hold Planned Parenthood liable for the botched abortion that she did not consent to.

According to that complaint, when Byer arrived at the Planned Parenthood clinic, it was determined that her pregnancy was too far along to be terminated through the use of a pill, therefore a surgical abortion was recommended. Ms. Byer agreed upon the condition that she would receive IV anesthesia, for which she would be charged extra.  Although the employees could not get the IV started, the doctor came to start the procedure anyway.

The complaint states:

At this time, Plaintiff immediately told the Planned Parenthood Doctor to stop and that she did not want to go through with the abortion procedure because she had not received any anesthetic.  Plaintiff also informed Planned Parenthood Doctor and agents or employees of Planned Parenthood Defendants that she believed this to be a sign she should not go through with the abortion.  The Planned Parenthood Doctor did not stop despite Plaintiff’s request, and assured Plaintiff the I.V. would be administered and the procedure would only take a few minutes.

At this time, the Planned Parenthood Doctor turned on the vacuum machines and told Plaintiff it was too late to stop.

Seven minutes later, due to Ms. Byer crying from pain, the procedure finally stopped. She received an apology and a prescription for a painkiller and antibiotics and was sent on her way. Planned Parenthood never followed up with her.

About two days later, Ms. Byer went to the hospital due to pain and bleeding, where it was found that part of the aborted baby was still inside her, resulting in an infection. She had to have emergency surgery.

Dr. Foley, who preformed Ms. Byer’s emergency surgery, accused Planned Parenthood of abandoning their patent:

It is not acceptable to refer your patients to the emergency department and assume the on-call doctor will take care of any complications and assume all the risk associated with the complications.

No practicing physician can maintain privileges to practice and perform surgery if they do not provide specific coverage for their patients in case of a complication.  It is considered abandonment of your patient

The complaint alleges seven different claims for relief:

  1. Negligence – alleging that the abortion was negligently performed, causing pain, suffering, and medical expenses to Ms. Byer
  2. Battery – alleging that the medical procedure without consent caused harm
  3. Uninformed Consent – alleging that the procedure went on even though Ms. Byer did not consent to an abortion without anesthetics
  4. False Imprisonment – alleging that Ms. Byer was kept against her will
  5. Extreme and Outrageous Conduct Causing Emotional Distress – alleging that as a result of a botched surgical abortion that Ms. Byer did not want to have, Ms. Byer suffered from emotional distress
  6. Breach of Fiduciary Duty – alleging that the doctor and clinic negligently performed the abortion, negligently stopped the abortion, and did not follow up with the client
  7. Breach of Contract – alleging that Ms. Byer agreed only to a surgical abortion with anesthesia, and no anesthesia was given to her

Michael Norton, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, believes that taxpayer dollars should not be used to support this type of organization:

Is this the type of organization American taxpayers should be funding to the tune of $540 million per year?

  • Fred

    I cannot fathom ho even a pro-chioce advocate would want clinics to work this way. These people are a disgrace to the medical profession even without considering the morality of their procedures.

    • Remember

      Paid for by the American taxpayer.

  • thatdigiguy

    WHat an outrageous method of business.. Just think if ANYBODY in a different line of work did that to a client/customer, they’d be strung up…..

    Planned Parenthood needs to be slowly and painfully run out of business.. Not instantly, as they would just start up under another name…. but slowly bled off until there is nothing left to rebuild.

    One day we will look back and collectively mourn for the millions of Americans killed for our pleasure.

    Look up – > we need to help these folks who are helping clinic workers get out of the industry before their souls are consumed..

    • SturJen

      I have to give props to the dude with the same avatar. I also will tell you a great statistic: has helped over 40 people who used to work in the abortion trade leave their jobs and get new work outside of the industry. They do great work and could use your help/support. It’s hard to support those who have spent years doing this work, but we need to get past that and help them to heal from that culture of death. attwn means And Then There Were None.

  • shut em down. Baby killers..

  • This is a terrible terrible story….wow.

  • itookredpill

    Planned Babymurder- 55 million dead and counting. Giving communist genocide a run for its money.

    • “Planned Babymurder” is just a shadow capitalism wing secretly promoting the Communist Manifesto

  • kayla

    the conduct of the doctors involved is horrific and extremely unacceptable. BUT, it is important to realize that this is an isolated incident and not all abortion procedures are performed so imprudently.

    • Interesting

      And some back-alley abortions were performed without incident too.

    • deeply divided

      Very few abortions occur without catastrophic results to an innocent participant in the activity. With what authority do you claim horrible, extremely unacceptable but… an isolated incident.

      • YTown Republican

        Every abortion occurs with catastrophic results to an innocent participant: THE BABY!

    • marypippert

      This doctor should have his license revoked and she should sue his butt off.

  • BobGuy

    Horrible experience at the hands of characters who could have been taken from the pages of a Stephen King novel. But since they are one of Obama’s pet charities it is unlikely that anything of substance will come of it. After all, the charges are actually Criminal charges and should be prosecuted by the DA, shouldn’t they?

  • TXLadyPatriot

    Considering the mother changed her mind at the last minute (especially the false imprisonment claim), where are the criminal charges against the doctor & his staff?

  • bayrider

    This is why I don’t want my tax dollars funding Planned Parenthood. It’s time for spoiled brat Obama to come to the table with real tax cuts. If not I hope Congress has the Nuts to let the cuts happen on their own.

    • marypippert

      I think it we got a choice as to where our taxes would go we would have less of this and better schools.

  • LV

    As bad as this story is, what they do DAILY is an abomination. I expect no less from this repugnant organization which claims to care about “women’s health”

  • west129

    I am speechless. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. We want strict gun controls but are pro-choice in killing the unborn. We are a nation of absurd contradictions, a nation without a soul.

    • Actually

      No, there’s a clear and consistent agenda here and it’s focus is death. Let me explain: The Left wants to kill you in the womb, when you are an easy target. But if you dodge that bullet and are born, then they want to increase the chance that you die sometime during your life; the gun-control laws are designed to empower the bad guys and make you less able to defend yourself, ergo, more deaths of innocents. Most other liberal laws are designed to kill off as many people as possible; even the ‘reusable bags’ laws have increased risks of food-borne illness which can kill children and the elderly. If you manage to live a long life despite the Left’s constant efforts to off you, they will then take advantage of your senile mind and promote Jack Kevorkian’s assisted “suicide”.

      The Left is very, very consistent.

      • Timmehh

        Okay I think you are taking it a bit too far with your comment. “The left” is not trying to kill you with their push for reusable bags. That’s just plain better for the environment. Furthermore, I have a close friend whose father was murdered by a gun. She is now pushing for more gun control. Are you saying she is doing this because she wants more people to die? Look, your demonizing of an entire group of people isn’t helping any causes.

        • Actually

          Every agenda item pushed by the left ultimately results in death and misery. The bags will kill people, and your friend is risking my life and safety. I would like to arm myself for protection, but because of your friend’s efforts it will become even more difficult than it already is for me to defend myself (my city’s gun laws are the worst in the country). If she wanted to protect life, she would support me in acquiring a gun. Instead, her actions will only result in the deaths of more innocents.

          * And as for the environmental issue: You really think that having “cloth” bags (which actually contain glues and plastics) made in China under horrible environmental conditions, then put on a ship that travels across the Pacific, and then put on big rigs and driven around the U.S. is a benefit to the environment? Ha!

          • Porlock1

            “Every agenda item pushed by the left ultimately results in death and misery? The bags will kill people”? I think you’re understating this a bit.

          • Timmehh

            Actually, Actually, there are reusable bags made locally in many different areas that are decomposable. I hardly see how that is dangerous for the environment. Once again, before you make such blanketed statements, I suggest you do your research. Furthermore, my friend is not pushing to get rid of all guns. She just wants to make it harder for criminals and mentally unstable people to get them. If you are not a criminal, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a gun. Yes, you may have to wait a little longer, but some good things are worth the wait.

          • Our friend is missing for a month, now. There was blood in the car. I wish she had a gun and knew how to use it. She might be here. Criminals will always get guns, quicker than law-abiding citizens can. Why should we have to wait to defend ourselves?

          • Timmehh

            Once again, that was not my point. You don’t even know the exact measures she is pushing for. Furthermore, I am a gun owner and I agree with you. I just wish people wouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. It’s sad that one comment that contains a quick line about guns and plastic bags can bring out such a bad side in people.

          • dee

            It does not matter what measures she is pushing for. Leave the 2nd amendment alone.

          • MisteryMickey

            The amendments do not give unrestricted, no rules freedom. For example, we have freedom of speech, but that does not mean we can say anything. We have things such as libel and slander that prevent people from using their freedom of speech to hurt another.

          • AverageRedneckGirl

            Does your friend actually think criminals (like the thugs that run in south side Chicago, Harlem New York and downtown Philly) actually care about how hard it is to obtain a gun? The laws on the books and the judges need to follow the laws that exist, not make more laws that actually penalize those of us who are responsible.

        • Dave

          Um, actually, your friend’s father wasn’t murdered by a gun. He was murdered by a murderer who used a gun to commit murder. Perhaps the gun should go to prison if it is found? If you’re thinking that the man would still be alive if it wasn’t for the gun, then you forget that murderers can use knives, crowbars, gasoline, rope, baseball bats, cars, poisons, box cutters, airplanes, and even one’s bare hands. Once someone has crossed that line where the taking of a life when the one’s own life is not threatened, the choice of implement is inconsequential.

          • The UK is a great example. The UK’s crime/murder rate is substantial despite the fact that types of implements you identified are used to stab or bludgeon the victim.

            One difference between US and UK crime – very few US burglaries happen when people are at home. (because there might possess a firearm?) In the UK 70% of home invasions occur while people are at home- and they have the owners go get the cash and jewels or get hit or stabbed. Burglary goes faster if the owners collect the loot out of fear of getting cut or coshed.

          • Countfukula

            Dave – You’re trying to reason with a progressive…you might as well be talking to a brick wall.

          • Timmehh

            Actually, Count I’m a conservative. I own multiple guns, never had to use them for protection, but I own them. I was simply presenting the opposite side. The person before me put down an entire group of people, which is not okay. I know many people on “the left” who are wonderful, caring people. Why do we place people in such tiny boxes?? There’s more to the world than the left and the right.

          • I admit people can be mislead to wrong conclusions and actually believe they are right in thought and action. Absolute truth, however, does exist, despite the decades of relativism and situational ethics and existentialism that has been shoved down the throats of us all. Regardless of the wrong thinking of person it must be exposed. True education must be taught.

          • cb2000a

            the problem is that the gap between the leftists and conservatives is widening. There are people out there who want to destroy everything this country was built on (including the constitution),

          • lcky9

            actually all the alternatives are used to commit MORE murders than the gun,.,

          • Timmehh

            You, all of you, are completely missing the point of my comment.

          • Excellent point, Dave!

        • Dr. Steve Brule

          Guns don’t kill people. People kill people!!!

          • Timmehh

            Okay, I get what you are saying but I’ve always thought that was a silly statement. The bullet from the gun is ultimately what killed the father. He was murdered by a person yes, but it was the gun that was the immediate cause of his death. In his case, he would not have died if the person was wielding a knife (as he was shot as someone ran away).

            Edited for grammatical error

          • AverageRedneckGirl

            What would have happened if a bust of Lincoln was thrown at the victim and that person had a cracked skull and later died? Do we now outlaw busts of Lincoln because it is now something that can kill? What about the spork that came with my Oneida Silverware? What if I use that spark to kill my mailman?

          • Detroiter327

            Dr Steve Brule? From the Tim and Eric Show!?!?!? Are you drinking Sweet Berry Wine?!?! I’m sorry I did not expect a gun enthusiast on a pro wife website to be such a big Tim and Eric Fan!

          • AverageRedneckGirl

            Yep, my thoughts exactly! If my 9mm lays loaded on my kitchen table for 1 year, undisturbed, how many people will it kill or maim? If a judge lets out a criminal who has proven they can’t be trusted, because of their track record, how many people will that newly released criminal hurt or main in one year?

        • Wait, a gun killed your friends dad? How did an inatimate object come to life and kill him? Please explain.

          • Timmehh

            The bullet pierced an artery and he bled to death. He would not have died had the perp been wielding a knife (see previous comment). However, gun control was not my point at all. Like I’ve said, I am a gun owner. My main point was to not group people together like that.

          • AverageRedneckGirl

            I see tis time to outlaw sporks, busts of Lincoln, and oh yes, the razor i used to shave my legs! Its coming folks. Run, hide, and don’t come out until the All Clear has been given.

            You can have my Oneida Silver Spork when you pry it from my cold, stiff hand.

        • 832008

          I had a niece who was strangled to death. I wish she had carried a gun!

          • Timmehh

            I do too! I am a gun owner, and I think all responsible citizens should be able to own one. My friend does too, she is just trying to push for controls that would make it harder for people who are not responsible citizens to own one.

          • Dee

            Ok this is like saying “only the educated should vote” and get the benefit of that right. The 2nd amendment is a right. period. It does not need to be messed with. Same thing.

          • MysteryMickey

            Except education does not kill people. Should we allow murderers to have unlimited access to guns because it is “their right?” The 2nd amendment is completely different from most of the others because it allows people to have possession of a lethal weapon.

        • Ted Graham

          it’s not guns that kill people; people kill people. You could rid this country of all guns and it wouldn’t make us any safer.

          • Timmehh

            Once again, not my point.

        • Brad

          He was not murdered by a gun. The gun did not grow wings, fly off and start pulling its own trigger. A person pulled the trigger. She may not want more people to die, but the people using her emotional state to push for gun control do want you dead or under control. They don’t want “children to be safe”. They want you to be a slave, which you seem to be just fine being one.

          And no, reusable bags are not “better for the environment”, no discernible evidence can be seen anywhere that any difference has been made at all.

          The left has earned every single bit of demonization it receives. They are demonic, disgusting, evil creatures.

          • Timmehh

            No, not all of them are. And quite frankly, I think it says loads about your character how you are willing to demonize an entire group of people. You don’t know them, you don’t know their hearts, and not all of them believe exactly the same thing. I am truly sad for the pro life cause if we can so willingly bash the lives of half the people in this country.

        • tell me…where are the greatest violent crime rates…GUN FREE ZONES…it has been proven that the more guns that the people have the lower the violent crime rate is.

          • Timmehh

            Once again, not my point.

          • richey

            I don’t think anybody cares about your point. They just are replying to messages and happen to reply to your message. Don’t think it is all about you chief.

          • Timmehh

            They all replied to what I said. Every one of them saying basically exactly the same thing. When you hit “reply” it shows who you are replying to. Most of them also responded to the line about my friend. So yes, they are replying to me.

        • Anna West

          i understand your friends feelings but she’s being irrational for one we all damn well know that murders aka all criminals of violence do not register guns so adding more laws to registered law abiding gun owners doesn’t help anything she’s being unfair to law abiding citizens instead she should be persuing the death penalty and harsher punishments for the criminal that shot her father not carrying out her frustrations to innocent law abiding gun owners that have guns for protection how about these laws that allow people can find loopholes with to get out of consequences and conviction by law technicalities. so what you said is irrational.

        • Barackohomo

          Timmehh – Did the gun who killed you friends father have a name? I want to keep on the look out for this gun walking the streets, but I’d like to know the guns name so I can try and reason with gun should I see it walking about. Those metal object can sure go crazy and start killing indiscriminately. Never trust the black 9mm, they’re all criminals.

        • AKBAN

          Yeah and I had a girlfriend who I dated for 4 yrs die from a drunk driver! Let’s ban alcohol! And… and cars! Yeah!
          Please, like Actually said. I want my gun beside my bed when a non law abiding person breaks into my home with a gun to kill me. You think criminals are going to obey those laws? Do you know there is a black market? If someone breaks into your home with a gun you call the police right? Right? Well 15 minutes later when the police show up, your wife has been raped and strangled and you are lying dead in a corner bc you believe gun control was a solution.
          Think on a broader scale. Not linear.

          • Timmehh

            Drinking and driving is banned. And once again, I own a gun! I’m all for keeping guns for protection! I think people are just harping on that aspect for the sake of an argument, and completely ignoring the point of my comment. The point was that we should not group an entire people (“the left”) as bad people who seek out the death of others. Because all of them aren’t!

          • Sickofuneducatedmisquotedrants

            Amazed that you’re still trying Timmehh. How hard do you think you have to knock before closed minds realize there’s something beyond the door?

        • Sasha Soetoro

          No- your friend is behaving this way because she is naive and believes she can leverage emotions to control other people’s lives. Your friend is a sniveling, opportunistic, authoritarian wannabe. It’s sad that she lost her father, but it’s not society’s fault.. furthermore, it’s sick that she would use her father’s death to push illegal political agendas.

          • Timmehh

            Would you call a mother who lost her son to a drunk driver a “sniveling, opportunistic, authoritarian wannable?” Would you call a father who lost his wife and daughter to abortion the same thing? Quite frankly, I am disgusted by your name-calling. You do not know her, you don’t even know the exact things she is pushing for!

          • Sasha Soetoro

            Okay Tim-tim-timmehh .. what’s your friend’s name.. Jimmehh?
            Anyway, how do the kids say it?
            “Cool story, bro!”

            See how this works when you’re online? I don’t even know (or care) if this person you’re talking about is real. There’s a pretty good chance you’re just trolling and even if you’re not, the emotional pandering you’ve described is exactly the type of inexcusable and- I’ll say it again.. ILLEGAL activity that so many people are complaining about these days.

            Any attempt at ‘gun control’ is clearly defined in our oldest law as an infringement of individual rights. End of discussion. The current laws and taxes restricting firearms are illegal and they will eventually be swept away. Work in progress.

            If someone is abusing or manipulating emotions to carry out an illegal, knee-jerked act against our rights, then yes, I would call them sniveling, opportunistic and an autoritarian.. and even a wannabe, because they’ll never amount to anything.. in fact, add ‘illogical’ to the list, if I hadn’t already said that.

            If your ‘friend’ is being manipulated by politicians to misuse the event of her father’s death, then she needs to grow up and deal with her grief, instead of trying to take it out on her fellow Americans. You’re so concerned about the dignity of your hypothetical friend that you can’t even be straightforward about the story- relying instead upon baiting for more questions, so it can gradually unfold, no doubt. Classic heartstring tugger.

            Frankly, I don’t really care what happened to your friend, because you’ve described her to be stupid, potentially make-believe and/or bossy.

          • Mystery Mickey

            Sasha, you are probably one of the worst human beings I have ever come across. And guess what?? All freedoms have restrictions!! Freedom of speech is restricted, freedom of religion, I could go on and on. Just because you want all weapons all the time does not mean you get them. Restrictions are there for a reason, and no freedom is without them. If that were the case anyone could say anything about anybody, a person could get away with denying their kids medicine based on religious grounds, a freshly released from prison murderer could freely buy a gun, etc etc. Do I really need to go on?

            It looks like you are trying to make the 2nd Amendment into this “above all else” amendment. If the others are restricted, then the 2nd Amendment can be too. Get over yourself.

        • lcky9

          HEY I recycle my bags,,. several times at times.. and IF plastic is SOOOOOO bad WHY do all the cities, towns etc want your garbage in PLASTIC garbage bags THICKER than those cheap store grocery bags??? Don’t hear for a big push for PAPER bags to be used to throw your trash in the cans for garbage men to pick up… I will say it’s better for the environment for them to be disposed of correctly and not let fly down a street..

          • Timmehh

            Exactly, it is better for them to be disposed of correctly. The problem is so many people don’t. But once again, my main point was not to harp on plastic bags or gun control. My main point was that not everyone on the left is bad.

          • lcky9

            OH I know that for a fact since I was on the left a short 8 years ago.. and while I didn’t support BUSH I quit supporting the DEMOCRATS .. so I KNOW people on the left aren’t all bad.. many are like I was .. Now I am an independent.. however.. I am a conservative independent 99% of the time..

        • Actually, reusable bags DO kill people. They maintain all kinds of bacteria and disease agents. But let’s not let facts get in the way of you feeling good about yourself.

          • Timmehh

            There is a simple solution. Wash the bags! That’s like saying we shouldn’t use reusable dishes, or reusable water bottles, or reusable diapers. But once again, you are nitpicking to ignore my main point.

        • Areminder

          But, common sense has to be brought into it. We developed disposable bags because science discovered that bacteria, etc was more easily spread when bags are re-used, the left throws out much of that science for their global warming hysteria and green agenda. For gun laws, I understand your friend’s pain but go to and read the story of the survivor of a school shooting when the original automatic weapons ban was in place and his open letter to Obama about the futility, then use common sense to realize that those with evil intent will always find ways to circumvent the laws which would stop them. For others to be made defenseless is never the answer.

          • Timmehh

            Thank you for being really the only one who responded rationally. I just want to point out to you that gun control laws and plastic bags were not my point. My point was it’s not okay to demonize an entire group of people. Not everyone on “the left” believes the same thing, nor has the same personality. That is all that I was trying to say. It seems that around here people are quick to jump on a perceived argument.

        • tjpride

          No it isn’t. The bags have to be washed unless you want diseased and infested food, which takes energy, soap, etc. One cubic foot of plastic bags is 2500 bags. Assuming the average family uses say ten per week, one cubic foot would last for five years. Or you could do hundreds of loads of wash. No, the only way plastic bags are bad is if they end up in the street or in the ocean rather than a landfill. People are already developing plastic-eating bacteria, btw, so at some point in the near future we will be able to break down all that plastic.

          If you really want to target waste, go after bottled water. Funny how most of the same people banning grocery bags buy bottled water.

          • Timmehh

            If you read one of my comments below, you will find that is exactly what I said. And if you really want to be good about using a reusable bag, it’s as simple as washing it with your towels, clothes, etc. I’d hardly call that “hundreds of loads of wash.” But as I’ve said, I’m completely fine with people using plastic bags if they correctly dispose of them. I’ve never even promoted the use of reusable bags before, I just think that if done right it can be a better alternative for people (obviously not everyone). Once again, people are just too quick to assume what I mean (when I probably agree with more than what half of you are saying).

          • Guest

            I’m curious how reusable grocery bags contaminate food. Unless you don’t wash your fruits and veggies before eating/cooking this is pretty far fetched.

          • tjpride

            I suppose if you can somehow put only germ-free items in your bag, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, the germs will collect. Would you poop in your bag and then carry fruit in it? After all, the poop will wash off, right? That’s an extreme example, but if you wouldn’t feel safe carrying poop in the same bag, you probably shouldn’t use a reusable bag and never wash it.

        • gavinwca

          I have a friend whose father was run over and killed by a car , guess what, the friend is not pushing for car control or elimination of certin types of cars”, ten times more people are killed and injured by vehicles than guns every year. We are going to have to start a national data base for assault cars, the ones with duel exhaust nd eight cylinder or larger engines.

        • cb2000a

          Since when has gun control actually reduced violent crime? Give me an example.

      • Very well stated. Since I am a senior who’s parents lived healthily into their nineties I expect to live to a ripe old age. Under Obamacare what do you think my chances are? Probably best for me to stay away from doctors and related “health” bureaucrats.

        • lcky9

          MY plan exactly….along with growing and canning as much of my own food as possible for not just me but family as well..

          • You are sooooo smart to do this!

          • AverageRedneckGirl

            Hey icky9, I also grow much of my food (veggies mostly and some fruit) and I also participate in the summer with trading with some of my co workers who grow things that I like on occasion like zucchini and cherry tomatoes. I also have a friend in iowa who parents raise feeder cattle along with stock cattle. Although it isn’t organic beef, it is some of the best beef in the country. I try to get beef in May.

            I have also learned to tan leather. It sure doesn’t hurt to be self sustaining because I think there is going to a huge crash in this country and I am afraid it will be sooner than later. We all need to be prepared!

          • Undettered

            Learn a few “ancient” crafts like making a bow and a quiver full of arrows. In high school shop class I made a crossbow using a leaf spring from a wrecked MG Midget car. The bolts were made from aluminum rods tipped with hardened steel heads, penetrated both doors of the doomed MG. (This project will get you expelled , for life, in todays schools, that is if they still have shop classes.) I have had some luck making a wood recurve bows from lamented plywood and moderate luck with natural branches flame hardened and straightened over a campfire. I have used hickory dowels and straighted branches combined with disposable razor blade cartridges and broken glass bottles chipped with stone, to make some pretty scary arrow heads, fletchings have been made using goose feathers I have found in the community park. If the “stuff” really hits the fan firearm ammunition will be in short supply.

          • lcky9

            Just got my first bow last summer.. pretty good at it.. it was only 20# but for learning (and working the muscles) it was good.. for Christmas I got a 30# both are recurves my husband has a compound bow (said it was for me it’s a 45# pull lol) .. and he has a 50# recurve also.. I want to get that tree or is it a bush that the Indians use to make arrows out of this year it might be handy.. the neighbor across the street is a carpenter he can’t do a lot but has all the equipment and is a good teacher.. and ammo is already in short supply…

          • There was a guy in my old school last year who made a bow for his senior project and he didn’t get expelled. It looked really nice, actually.

          • Shirley Muncy

            I can make a sling shot and those will help if nothing else is available ,there are plenty of rocks .i must say im pretty good at it .

          • Undettered

            Not just for my family, but also for those whom I consider close friends….. “An Army of One” gets its behind kicked by an Army of 10 or more.

          • lcky9

            that to but my closest friends are my family,, I have a LARGE family.. also neighbors.. thing is many of my family members like my sister think I am suppose to do for them without them putting forth an effort.. and I believe EVERYONE helps to the extent they can.. to much for just one person.. and most of my close friends and family are liberals who want it done for them.. including my sister who I gave 50# of tomatoes to last year all she had to do was come out and get them.. she came out alright and watched my husband and I pick them for her than complained about how far I lived..she also took home some cukes,and other veggies.. and she never bothered to can the tomatoes.. she expected ME to make her salsa for the holidays.. she also expects me to START her veggie plants when I start mine.. this year for Christmas I gave her the seeds.. My guess she will be calling in MAY to see if I have some extra plants and if I will bring them to her..

          • Learn about herbals too while you are at it. For every pill and every ailment, there is an herbal remedy that works equally well or better. My case in point–I self cured a varicose vein with stone root. Doctors can’t “cure” varicose veins without painful destructive surgery.

          • lcky9

            yes Herbs are important and that includes TOBACCO and WEED..I try not to take any doctor’s cures the side effects just give them something else to cure.. make sure U have aspirin it cures most if not booze.. ALSO remember to get a bunch of books before 1965 when the federal government took over our kids education and revised everything.. I also have old books on remedy’s and cures and some on Indian ones as well as first aid.. and some on repairs..

        • Legalize Freedom

          The only way to save yourself from Scary-Barry-Care is to take your health into your own hands. Avoid the poisons that they put into our food, avoid the GMO, avoid the aspartame, avoid the HFCS, avoid the vaccines, avoid the fluoride water, eat nutritious, living foods that promote health and do your homework on keeping yourself alive. The system doesn’t want you living longer, only living cheaper. Translation…die sooner and this is happening already. Lifespans are dropping, sperm counts are systematically be reduced and the attempt to cull the herd is underway. We must take health into our own hands and avoid their evil at all costs.

          • Can’t avoid GMO in CA as ‘the people’ voted for no labeling of those products after a multi-billion $ ad campaign claiming family would pay $2,000 year for labeling. Sick!

          • Undettered

            Susan I voted for labeling and I voted against all the new taxes. The labeling measure failed and all the taxes passed, so I left the state. CA will be the next Michigan/Connecticut/New York/New Jersey. Voting away their Golden Opportunities and health and further empowering the Democrats and their big corporate sponsors.

          • Legalize Freedom

            That vote in California was stolen and fixed. Everyone, regardless of political belief, overwhelmingly agrees to wanting to know what is in the food. These criminals that pull the strings will do anything to stop us from saving Humanity. There will never be an honest election again I’m afraid. And look at the horse/donkey meat scandal, not to mention the toxicity and fraud in seafood. They are willingly engaged in an attack on our health and on the citizens of the planet. GMO will be defeated. This is one argument that big pharma, big agra and MonSatan cannot and will not win. Keep the Faith.

          • tjpride

            GMO has a bad rep, for the most part. The GMO produced by Monsanto and specifically designed to eliminate farmer seed production or use of herbicides and pesticides other than Monsanto’s is hugely damaging. GMO in general, however, gives us plants with bigger yields and resistance to common pests – in other words, more food. So not all GMO is bad, and lumping everything into a GMO category without saying for what is as stupid as not labeling it at all.

          • You are clueless if you think GMO’s have a bad name, THEY ARE BAD!!!! THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THEM!! DO YOUR RESEARCH. Research has shown low birth weights, fetal fatality, and infertility! there not bad, huh?

          • tjpride

            That was (a) using soy, which has been proven to cause a lot of those problems all by itself and (b) using Monsanto products, which I already stated are bad. Doesn’t make all GMO evil poison. My points just that there are different types of GMO and just labeling them all GMO without saying what sort of GMO is misleading, just like drones aren’t all evil death machines because one type is killing people overseas.

          • Undettered

            Small hexa-copters can be used to chase cats out of the school sand box… :-)

          • lcky9

            since I am allergic to SOY ……… tell me WHY is it all the liberals LOVE all the natural stuff but think GMO’S are NATURAL…

          • NO PROOF at all; I bet you quit eating apples after the ALAR scare too didn’t you. Nothing but a gullible sheep.

          • Legalize Freedom

            Please do your homework. GMO was created not to feed more people, but to poison more people. Furthermore, the history of MonSatan is as bad as any big government backed corporation has ever been. This is an attempt to commoditize our Natural right to free and healthy food. Companies like MonSatan are creating frankenfoods that they own patents to and when the seed blows into another non-GMO field, they can sue that farmer, often times resulting in lawsuits that bankrupt those smaller farmers. Which is the entire point of their ownership of food. They want control of your food supply and owning the patents on food that will overtake native seed is the plan. Open your eyes and do the research of these evil companies.

          • More propaganda spreading from the chicken little crowd . Given a choice these clowns would STILL opt for the Barber Bleeding them to cure what ails them.

          • lcky9

            NO .. but lets see who’s around in the end OK..

          • I don’t feel that anything genetically spliced can be healthy for humans. It’s unnatural. Our bodies should be consuming natural elements from the earth, not mutated versions, no matter how good or conveinent they sound.

          • Stacie

            What GMOs do is change the composition of the food; something the human body cannot properly digest, since it isn’t natural. It’s man-made. God created perfect food, and then man is arrogant enough to believe he can improve on perfection. GMO soy, for example, is high in estrogen. Is it a good thing to pump extra estrogen into little girls or boys? The extra estrogen can also cause weight gain or difficulty in losing weight, and soy is in EVERYTHING, including all infant formulas. I know, because my youngest son was born allergic to soy, dairy, and I couldn’t eat meat. He would have blood in his stools if I had any small amount of soy (I was nursing him) and would cry for hours. Is that normal? No, food allergies are not normal, but it is the result of GMOs and other unhealthy food practices. Just a side note, my youngest was allergic to dairy, but has no problems drinking raw milk.

          • tjpride

            Oh come on, it has nothing to do with GMO. Soy is not designed to be eaten by humans, period. It is mildly poisonous cooked and very poisonous raw, and takes a long time to purge from your body, so unless you eat only very tiny amounts, you can expect constipation, bloating, impaired reproduction, etc. You get that from even organic soy. Don’t eat it.

          • lcky9

            and you wonder where the BEES WENT??? Even BEES aren’t stupid… there is a reason for things being created the way they were.. and there are ways to solve these things without frankenfoods.. take a little time and use common sense there are MORE things people are getting YOUNGER since they started messing with the food supply.. look around you at all the seniors.. they were lucky enough to get food BEFORE they messed with it and built up good immune systems.. WITHOUT going to the doctors every few weeks..

          • Excellent! I agree with you completely!

          • You are someone who would get me and my husband. These are steps we have been taking to ensure our future. I couldn’t agree more with what you have stated here!

          • Legalize Freedom

            Thank you Stacy. Fortunately, information is spreading exponentially and people are realizing instinctively what they need to do to survive since big brother cannot and will not take care of us. Since the sheeple are waking up and no one believes their lies anymore, the controllers will openly show their contempt for us more and more. Horse meat, Donkey Meat, toxic seafood…corruption and intent to harm is so blatant but I have Faith that their hubris will be their downfall.

          • lcky9

            GREED usually loses..

          • Undettered

            Google, health risks of Soy. Soy does a wonderful job of suppressing sperm counts and it used in just about everything you purchase in the grocery store from Apple Pie to Animal Crackers (Zoo).

          • Legalize Freedom

            Right! Soy is an estrogen mimicker. Why is soy lecithin and soy products in EVERY thing we buy and eat now? Coincidence? Luckily I have found some things with sunflower and egg lecithin. I remember Hershey chocolate without soy…why the H is there soy in chocolate now? Plus they’re big GMO supporters. :-(

          • Aussievick

            Hate to break it to ‘ya, but Hershey began putting “parafin” into its’ candy bars as far back as WW2. Why? Because ( besides increasing profits) it allowed them to ship world-wide & not melt as easily.
            Soy? My guess would be as a filler. I left that area of the country in 2005, but at that time there was a serious plan afoot to take their manufacturing from Hershey, Pa. to Mexico. Don’t know if that materialized or not; I don’t eat their candy.

          • Legalize Freedom

            Doesn’t surprise me. Attacking us from all sides. Thanks for the info.

          • Stacie

            Enjoy Life has soy and dairy free chocolate and chocolate chips. Very few ingredients and tastes great!

          • And costs MORE than TWICE as much.

          • Lillian Porter

            Are we humans the “herd” that is getting culled? I recommend you watch, on YouTube, the lecture by Vicki Thorn called: ‘What They Never Told You in Sex-ED”. She mentions the work of Dr. Lionel Tiger who studied a group of monkeys. Austin, an alpha male, had 3 consorts with whom he regularly had sex. Depo-Provera injections were given to his girls. Austin dropped them and found 3 others. Then, all the females were injected. Austin went ape. He started masturbating, raping, then finally turned to the males for sexual gratification. The story has a happy ending: when the Depo wore off, Austin resumed relationships with his first three partners. Dr.Tiger then turned his sights on humans. He had both men and women sniff the worn T-shirts of the opposite sex. The men preferred the shirts of ovulating women. (Testosterone levels go up in the presence of ovulating women).

            Contracepting women preferred the shirts of men who were genetically similar. If they formed partnerships with men like these (who were like fathers or brothers) they were subject to infertility, miscarriages and auto-immune diseases. If these women stopped using contraception, they often discovered, that they no longer liked the partner they had chosen.
            The men preferred by ovulating women, were more overtly masculine and possessed the greatest variety of immune factors – thus, they were more able to perpetuate a healthy human race.

          • lcky9

            Aspartame NEVER give me

        • HarryObrian

          You don’t have to worry about staying away from docs at a ripe old age, it’s built into the 0bammycare/Hillarycare2 unconstitutional law. “Anyone over the age of 76 who develops cancer will not be given chemotherapy options.” unless of course you’re one of the public and/or union servants who has been granted exemption from the law by the grand boobah or his minions.
          They also don’t want anyone whose IQ is over 90 to be living in this country.

          • tjpride

            Chemo is fifty years out of date, ineffective, and massively expensive. Nobody should be getting it, period. Watch the documentary Burzynski, or one of the many documentaries on curing cancer via juicing / enemas, or the documentaries on preventing cancer by reducing the amount of meat and dairy you eat, etc. The FDA is run by drug companies and the cancer industry is hundreds of billions per year with current protocols, not to mention the massive foundations run by rich people doing “cancer research” that amounts to solely research on patentable drugs rather than prevention or actually effective and affordable cures. Alternative medicine has an order of magnitude more success and costs dozens of times less, not to mention the same treatment reduces heart disease and stroke as well.

          • You are correct in what you say. Someone I worked with in San Diego was a medical student. She had a bad thing happen. She learned of a project that a medical research company did that showed a great reduction in cancer. The medical research company could not patent the process, so it abandoned it. They refused to make their information public. They did not care about cancer patients, just the money. Follow the money!

          • Vennoye

            Tesla came up with a machine to cure cancer years ago and big pharma shut it down. Can look it up on search….they said it didn’t work……people who used it said it did. Just like he wanted to give us electricity for free and Westinghouse wouldn’t have it.

          • cb2000a

            Drug companies produce some good meds and a lot of unnecessary and damaging drugs. They only exist to generate profits and mostly treat symptoms (not cure anything). If you want cures see a naturalist.

          • Marbran

            Always follow the money. Same with fuel efficiency. They know how to make engines that would get 100+ per gallon, but the oil companies pay to keep the technology suppressed. They buy the politicians, they buy the CEOs, it’s endless. This is reality, no different than 2,000 years ago.

          • gavinwca

            The FDA is run by blithering liberal idiots, if it was run by drug companies it would not cost them a billion dollars to but a new drug on the market. Your statement is designed to frightening low information voters, into voteing for liberal Fascist.

          • tjpride

            The FDA is run by former drug company executives. The reason why it costs a billion dollars to put a new drug on the market is because the big companies like it that way – they can afford the up-front cost and it allows them to keep competitors with shallower pockets out of the market, which in the long term gains them far more money by allowing them to monopolize and charge more for their drugs. The big drug companies also pushed in a system where they pay the FDA for “expedited service”, so essentially they also bribe the FDA to give them faster service and keep everyone else in the slow lane. Finally, the FDA (or at least one of the decision-makers) even publicly stated they would never approve any new drug that didn’t come from one of the big players. It’s a rigged game. I suggest you go watch the documentary Burzynski about a guy who invented an actual -effective- cancer drug decades ago and has been constantly hounded ever since.

            By the way, I’m about as far as you can get from liberal fascist or low-information. Before you go insulting liberals, I suggest you get your own facts straight, because then your insults will be more effective. For your information, I abstained in the last election after the GOP shafted Ron Paul and put up Romney, who is really a big-government moderate liberal.

          • DJT

            By not voting for Romney, you basically helped re-elect Obama. For every one vote for Romney, there were idiots casting 6 votes for the “evil leader.”

          • tjpride

            So what? Romney wasn’t going to put things back on track either – his plan was only nominally better and would just get us to collapse a few years slower. And by endorsing a moderate liberal, we would lose all hope of taking the high ground in the future. Better to let Obama have his own way, make things so bad even Democrats switch sides, then sweep the Senate and presidency next time. Polls showed Ron Paul being able to beat Obama, due to strong independent support and support from young voters, but the GOP leadership didn’t want a fiscal conservative and shafted him in the primary. So we got Romney. Maybe they will be smarter next time. If not, Hillary wins, because I’m done voting GOP.

          • DJT

            I share your frustration, but if you think things wouldn’t be better under Romney, you’re sadly mistaken. As soon as prez was re-elected, businesses and people put a padlock on their wallets! Consumer confidence goes a long way, and this Administration has a long way to go!

          • tjpride

            Oh, I know they would be better, but my point is that it wouldnt be -enough- better to justify electing a liberal, big-government Republican. All that would do is lose us the House and any chance at the Senate long-term, not to mention the presidency next time around. Much better to let Obama keep peeing in the pool and make everyone really unhappy with The Democrat party – which is now hard-line socialist and communist – then elect a proper fiscal conservative. We had an excellent shot at doing that this time around with Ron Paul, but the big-government elements of the GOP cheated their way around that. Had Romney played it straight up and won the primary by a very narrow margin, and had he not rode the fence on a bunch of issues, I’d have voted for him. I don’t vote for people who collude with the opposition.

          • gavinwca

            I see you got your information from a movie, it has to be right Hollywood never lies.

          • Legalize Freedom

            Exactly. Research soursop fruit and selenium regarding cancer.

          • Please cite your source(s) for “Anyone over the age of 76 who develops cancer will not be given chemotherapy options.” You put it in quotes so reveal, please.

          • HarryObrian

            That and more… remove the spaces after ‘:’ http: //

          • Legalize Freedom

            This illegal “law” is as criminal as the criminals who claim to have written it. Speaking of who wrote the atrocity, Insurance companies sure are loving it huh? Mandatory customers, any prices they wish to charge. Unbelievable!

        • I’m in my 20’s, and if Obamacare isn’t repealed, I can imagine more hack doctors and lawsuits like this. The sad thing is, I won’t be surprised one bit when it happened. Too many demanded change, and not enough voted against it.

          follow me on twitter @TheMissesHelp

        • Americaall

          Wonder how much care Robin Roberts would have gotten under obee no care? Wonder if us average folks would get the same treatment as these left wing not newscasters, but story tellers get?

        • CLAYCE

          If you want to get sick, and then be prescribed drugs, go see a doctor. In some cases a specialist is needed, but most often it’s a waste of time and money!

        • Cadi Palmer

          It’s not the doctors’ fault! The doctors are mad about Obamacare too. Obamacare is already forcing them to make decisions against the best interests of their patients because the Obamacare does not want to pay for the best option if the best option is more expensive. They call and reprimand the doctors if the doctors choose a better, more expensive option for their patient. The doctors’ hands are tied!!

        • I always said, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

      • Ted Graham

        The only answer is that this nation needs God. We must repent as a nation and ask God’s forgiveness for putting Him on a shelf and going about our merry way. We are so oblivious to His Amazing Grace that is on all believers. Pray for revival so that people will get saved and this holocaust of the unborn can be stopped.

        • so you would force those that don’t believe to worship your God…how is that any different than them? i am tolerant of all beliefs, but i also am a patriot…our country was founded on our differences not to found state religion.

          • Areminder

            Not even God forces you to believe or worship Him. He gave free choice, however, He prepared a Paradise for those who do believe, repent, and desire to please and be with Him, for those who don’t He prepared that they would never again get that chance after death. We who call ourselves by His name, must repent and quit letting those who would shake their fists in His face turn our children away from Him, and to all forms of debauchery. Hell was never prepared for man, but for Lucifer and those who would willingly follow him there, God charges us with telling them there is a much more wonderful choice. Believe in Him or not, but after death you may be disappointed in that choice.

          • Margaret Rodriguez

            Areminder, if you do not mind me asking, what religion are you? From your statements, I would say a JW? I was raised a JW and my parents still are…they are regular poineering next month, they are so very happy. It amazes me that there is a promise and so many choose to ignore it because it gets in their way. I do however, understand….to a degree. It is extremely difficult to get started (sort of like riding a bicycle) try and try and some of us end up just giving up because the oppression is too much to handle.

          • The believer in Christ is a new creature. He desires the things of God like reading the Bible, praying, serving God and His people and doing the will of God and the joy that accompanies communion with God. There is no oppression when one belongs to God. The oppression of belonging to Satan, the flesh and the world are over. Freedom is wanting to do right and having the indwelling Holy Spirit to empower one to do it while acknowledging our battle with our own natures continues resulting in failures along with victories.

          • Fred Rogers

            You’re pathetic. Where did you read anyone say you should be forced to worship God? In order to worship acceptably, it must be your will. Hence all the lost and dying people like yourself who neither know nor love Him. Stop worrying about being forced to worship, you’re free to do your drugs and kill your babies. Just don’t be surprised three seconds after you die.

          • ThreeRingCrazy1

            Daniel, No, no one is forcing you to believe in God. But God offers His love to you on bended knee in front of you, if you will have Him. That is the picture of how much He would humble Himself to be in relationship with you.

          • You have lived the benefit of a society of majority God worshippers/followers over centuries. I shudder to visualize life even 20 years from now with the new Godless one. Liberty without morality is impossible!

          • Really? You been watching PMSNBC? Cause no one else has said that or made that claim. Here we believe you can worship as you please, but for me, I would ban Islam and Black Liberation Theology. Both are antithetical and incompatible with the US Constitution.

          • Dee

            Actually, Daniel…our country was founded on God and His laws. Read Washington’s inauguration speech.

          • Here is an example of a liberal accusing someone of something he never mentioned. How surprising! Of course, we’re completely unfamiliar with this phenomenon.

          • cb2000a

            It was founded by Christians who did not want any one church to have control of the government, but they firmly believed in God and that is why God is so much a part of our heritage. To leave Him out nullifies everything that made this country great.

          • randy

            exactly. the early settlers wanted freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, but they could be very hard core in their beliefs and would force them on others who didn’t believe as they did. that was the very thing they fled from in England. cooler heads prevailed when the country was formed, and the views of religion held by our founding fathers were that you could worship God as you found him and government could not impose a state religion. religion, with its moral code, was viewed as the glue that held our nation together when it was young and weak.

        • banger377

          This is what the whole fight is about. They don’t like God’s Law. It gets in the way of their jealousy and covetousness. If you reject Truth, you must believe the lie. 1+1=3, because God said it was 2, Let’s control the weather, because There is no god to do it. On and on we go, where it stops, somebody knows!, because we read the Bible!

        • So

          As an American I constantly pray for a revival in our country. But I’m not sure God is listening to us any longer. It seems that as a whole, Americans have rejected God… our schools, our public institutions….every aspect of our very culture.
          America has become a putrid, rotting carrion. I can’t imagine, even considering the immense love our Father has for his children, that God would remain in the filth that America has collectively become. Still, as a severely divided nation that has rejected their Lord, prayer is all we have left….

          • banger377

            My prayer is that we are “Niniva”. The wicked city, with NO knowledge of the truth, which REPENTED! and gained another generation of life! (read Jonah) The fat lady hasn’t sung yet!

          • Um, “god’s” not listening because you’re talking to yourself!

          • Please study the anthropic principle, the principle that so called scientists (I say so called because the word scientia means knowledge and we know how corrupt the scientific community is in admitting truth.) can’t explain. They hate this principle because they simply are stymied by it in their quest to develop a comprehensive worldview without the need of a Creator or a God in any of their thoughts. This principle is that all of the universe has obviously been created to nurture the earth’s habitation for men, the crown of His creation. Even the placement of the earth in the galaxy so that men trying to learn about the universe can “see out” is a part of this principle. Just compare the placement of other planets which are so surrounded by matter there is no visibility from those locations. It’s a large subject and well worth the investigation. Here’s an idea: read some books including the Bible.

          • dee

            There is still half a nation that cares and believes..not all is lost–yet. Have faith and hope. “God is not dead nor does he sleep”

          • Have hope. He assures us that if we will return to Him He will return to us. He will hear from Heaven. He will forgive our sins. He will heal our land. While this was a promise to Israel, it does show the steadfast love the Lord has for His people. We only need to seek Him with every fiber of our being. The one question is: “do we really understand our pitiful, putrid condition and do we know Who lived, died and rose to atone for our sins so we won’t have to pay for them ourselves with eternal death?”

        • DJT

          I couldn’t have said it better myself! If you’re reading this, and are a believer, pray for our Nation! We are being led by an evil bunch!

      • subo

        Blessings to you, little one, who was “too far along” for a pill and whose parts were remaining after the abortion and was denied a life. Sick, sick, sick.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        C.A.F.E. standards, another fine example of your point.

      • rennyangel2

        The attacks on plastic are particularly pernicious because sterile conditions and better protection from bacteria and viruses are a particular characteristic of the use of plastics that have directly helped us have better lives, better medicine, and cleaner homes and businesses.

      • AverageRedneckGirl

        I agree, very well stated!

      • Todd

        Well said sir.

        The modern DNC is a death cult. Of course it’s easier to maintain control over a small number of people instead of a large number of people. So it makes sense that the totalitarian party would want to kill people off. New tyrants, same old playbook.

      • ali

        well said!

      • Sad but there is a lot of truth in what you say.

      • joedoakes202

        At some point though they will “eat” their own.

      • Seriously?

        Hahaha thats hilarious that you think that. You should seek psychiatric help for your disorder.

    • So

      Couldn’t agree more west. Bizzaro world marches on. Never before in my life have I ever considered myself so out of touch with the mainstream.
      Tthe politicians always tout their next big-brother legislation as all about the children……still trying to figure out how abortions are good for “children”.

      • SturJen

        I for one do not believe this is mainstream at all. It’s that those in power want us to believe it’s mainstream. You keep telling the same lie over and over until it becomes the truth. From the vast array of people I encounter day to day – from teens to the aged, I see the same beliefs that I have: Life is precious and this caca that the media and politicians tout is just caca.
        Don’t for one minute believe their lie!

    • No, thats just liberalism

    • Thank you.

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      Maybe 47.3% of them…

    • That is the standard operation of the left. They are socialists and communists. They don’t just differ in philosophical differenes any more, they are out of step with the conservative founding principles of this country. We are going to hell in a handbag and everyone is getting billed for it. Elections have consequences and the last 4 years of hard left, socialist policies are just he beginning. Watch what Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, Kerry, Hagel and the other architects of the destruction of our representative republic can do in another 4 without fear of re election. Unfettered communisim. YOu voted for it people. You got it. Put on your big girl panties and hike up your britches cause you ain’t seen nothing, yet.

    • yarply

      a million plus a year. In this country alone.

    • stnicks

      it is all about VOTES……the liberals look for that voting bloc, no matter how immoral or unamerican it is….VOTES…

    • Re Re

      And the same “people” who see nothing wrong with murdering a human baby will cry the blues over cats and dogs and bugs. I would never hurt an animals (bugs, yes!), but I agree that people really have their priorities screwed up. How many times do we see protests about abused animals, yet where are the protests about murdered children?

    • Amen. We can kill at will 1,000,000 babies per year and Obama lauds it as women’s Health, But some nut job goes on a killing spree and we blame the gun, not mental health system (or lack thereof).

    • Correct sir. The left kills the unborn while the right kills the living. Both parties have no problem sending our young men and women off to die in some politically motivated War to feed the appetite of their military industrial complex. So you see, German citizens of the 1930’s failed to recognize their true enemy….sadly enough, America is headed down the very same path to destruction.

      • west129

        Yes, those are my very fears as well. I was there. However, it is politically incorrect to point out the past.

        It brings tears to my eyes watching the political apparatus of a great nation succumb to its Grőβenwahn, personality cult and passion for destruction.

    • Dugway

      anesthetic? really? The Mom wanted anesthetic? What the heck did the kid get – besides killed?

    • cb2000a

      Exactly right. If we continue to do this it will lead to our destruction as it has to all nations who go down this road.

    • Jack Parker

      What ever you do libtards, don’t execute convicted mass murders but DO execute innocent babies.

    • joedoakes202

      Guess what happens to a nation without a soul. It’s ripe for Nazism.

    • merriel46

      Dear west129 WE THE PEOPLE give millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood each year. I say that it is time that we DEFUND this organization of murderers ASAP. God is going to bring down judgement on us for slaughtering HIS innocent children. I don’t want to be around for that judgement. Doctors wanted me to abort my last baby, but my husband and I said NO! That baby is now 35 yrs. old, a veteran of 14 months of service in Iraq, and a wonderful mother of 2 beautiful little girls.

      • west129

        Dear meriel46,
        Those who –for selfish reasons- destroy have not been able or just
        refuse to answerer the question: To be or not to be? But someone will answer it for them based upon the values they applied.

        The Almighty has bestowed upon us not just conscience but his likeness. He created us in His image and advised to create. Those who destroy rather than protect and nurture what they were privileged to create are savages, but those who respect life will live.

        You concluded that it is better for an individual to be than not to be, and now are rewarded with the joy of two grandchildren. At the same time you willingly shoulder the struggle and the pain that comes with the joy. That is love, that is life!

    • MCH

      In this case, the woman wasn’t even given a choice.

  • ruzzty

    Sue them for $540.01 million dollars. If I were on the jury, I’d support her.

  • Karma

  • quab

    Makes no difference what they did. The dems and feminists will defend planned parenthood to the death. They can do no wrong

  • JD

    Haha servers her right

  • dano

    my God! these animals killed a baby that was alive and ready to come into this world. how sick. what self centered horrible animals. you have any idea the pain and torture you inflicted on an innocent little baby. have you any idea how God is going to look at you when your time comes?? i can’t believe this actually goes on. how sick and disgusting!

    • Legalize Freedom

      Speechless that this type of atrocity still happens in this day and age! We are truly up against evil powers.

  • dano

    this “business scums off of us and probably hires failure doctors as their butchers. who really runs this hellhole? satin himself?

  • UnclePete1946

    Something about this complaint smells. It seems too far-fetched. I would understand if any of the individual complaints were plausible, but not all of them combined. I have never heard of ANY doctor conducting ANY surgical procedure without the express consent of the patient. Also, I never heard of a patient being held against their will.
    Are we to believe that a painful surgical procedure was begun without anesthesia?

    This looks a case where someone ad a perceived grievance, went to a Slip n’ Fall Ambulance Chaser and got “lawyered p”. The list of complaints seems to be
    very “legalese” and altogether fraudulent.

    That said, even though I am totally against abortion believing that life begins at conception. I am not in any way an admirer of Planned Parenthood or any organization that facilitates he destruction of human fetuses, yet I have a hard time believing that PP could be this ineptly unprofessional.

    Wait till this comes to trial (if t ever does). Once the truth emerges, I redict it will cast these accusations aside and PP will not be excoriated.

    • HA

      What quality of “doctor” is willing to do abortions? Not the best and the brightest, certainly.

      When the number of practicing baby killers is as limited as it is, and with Planned Parenthood set on making the killing of babies a major income stream, the the quality of the “doctor” certainly becomes suspect.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Well as long as the baby was killed, planned parenthood did its job in Democrat’s and Obama’s eyes. Another successful sacrafice to Molech supported by the party that denied God three times on national television…


    Also, just know that really bad things are going on not just in the above type mentioned clinics, how some ever it is in hospitals and physcians that are not out for anything other than to take your money and your life to control you, I am the power person here you are the dummy, take your medicine
    …the medical system has been hijacked by extremists…rotten apples are in all facets of so called professions…
    Second opinions…
    where did they go to school?
    are they board certified, if so board certified from where?
    what is their study field? and was it foreign schools?
    how many physicians are in the area, less physicians in an area with much disease is very monitarily $$$ great for physicians…
    what is their mortality rate in their field of practice/surgeries?
    Hacks come in all shapes and sizes…verify then trust…
    They Love Desparation and if you are weak you are a specimen, guiena pig…
    There are people that practice medicine that went to school in foreign countries that have a hiearcy with their People and are treated like gods…
    Regardless….>>>Your body is yours not some doctor<<<…!

  • Not much better than one of those “back alley abortions” we’ve all heard about. Abortion is a grisly business, best kept, at the very least, “safe and rare”, certainly not celebrated as some sort of feminist sacrament or rite of passage, as it often is.

  • Dana Joseph

    What about the baby’s pain? Or was she only concerned with hers?

  • this woman felt a small measure of the pain the baby felt being carved up. She got what she deserved. Any woman who willing spreads her legs to have her baby ripped out of her womb deserves death.

    • Any woman who had an abortion deserves to be able to come to terms with what she did, forgive herself, and become the best person she can be. Comments like yours are what drive people away from the pro-life movement. If a woman who already hated herself for having an abortion and felt as though she didn’t deserve to live looked at your comment, how do you think she would feel?

  • WCM

    I have no sympathy for a woman who chose to murder her child. It’s too bad this doesn’t happen to all the baby-murdering women. It’s too bad they have safer options than a coat-hanger.

    • HA

      It isn’t safer for the baby.

    • that statement makes me sick…you are as much a monster as the staff who committed this crime.

      • WCM

        And I find it disgusting that we allow this genocide as a society. These women are the most reprehensible members of our society. Murderers who get away with it, who do it for purely selfish reasons. They are the monsters, as is everyone who turns a blind eye to it or encourages it. There is a special place in Hell for all of them.

    • Alicia

      The problem is that children are taught from a very young age now that babies in the womb are not alive. Girls grow up thinking that they are not committing murder by having an abortion. My mom was a teacher at an elementary school and she heard the SCHOOL NURSE tell a group of fifth and sixth grade girls that abortion is a form of BIRTH CONTROL!!! She was completely horrified. Even responsible pro choice people would never be reckless enough to call it birth control. Even to them it is a last resort SURGERY. But that is the kind of garbage little girls are raised to believe now. If they were shown an ultrasound before the abortion, I bet MANY would change their mind. No, this woman is not completely to blame, and she certainly did not deserve the suffering she endured. She is a human who deserves compassion just like the unborn child she killed. I have a feeling her stance on abortion will change after this. I pray that she asks God for forgiveness. She will be punished enough living for the rest of her life with the knowledge that she killed her child. I can’t imagine living like that. That baby is being cradled in Jesus’ loving arms, but this woman will never forget what happened. I pray for her and all the other women who have been victims of Planned Parenthood.

      • WCM

        I know I come off as uncaring, but I hope you’re right that this woman will change and ask forgiveness. As a man, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand that position, but I know I’d be horrified if abortion was ever suggested when it comes to my future children. Very little in this world makes me cry, but this is one of the most deeply distressing things in our society. I do see what you are saying about them being told it is a form of birth control, that is what many use it as these days. That is one of the most horrifying aspect of this entire thing. I’ve met several women who actually have called babies “parasites” and consider pregnancy an STD. I fully support the right to “choose”, but the choice isn’t whether or not to murder a child, its whether or not to have sex in the first place. Adoption over abortion.

    • Timmehh

      Seriously?? There are many women out there who are forced, coerced, and plain misinformed into having abortions. There are those who do it fully informed and on their own. But even many of them come to realize the horror of their actions later on. Many of those women also find Jesus.

  • Why do they refer to her as a mother? A mother implies that there is a child
    involved. No one in this story cares about the child.

    She is a woman who went to have an abortion and they didn’t remove all the ‘material’ and didn’t follow up. A law suit for malpractice…fine.
    Trying to whip up ($$) tears ($$) as a ‘mother’ is a sick joke.

    • Old R.N.

      Whether she wanted to believe it or not, she was a mother the minute the baby was conceived. She still is a mother; she’s the mother of a dead child.

      Perhaps she realized what she was doing in those last moments before she was attacked? Do you feel this same way about women who have been lied to by the culture of death, only to realize later what they have done? Do you feel we are not to blame for being asleep on the job when women are coerced into aborting? Do you feel that women who stand with signs at the March for Life stating “I regret my abortion” should be treated to your version of empathy, and perhaps not allowed to march with us?

      I understand being angry at the whole thing, but being nasty to a woman who clearly wanted to stop the abortion from happening is not helpful. Being rude to women who bought into the lies of the death culture does us no favors.

  • If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

  • This story sounds like Ms. Byer received about as much care as the old illegal abortions with a coat hanger!!! This is what we can expect when obamacare kicks in!!!

  • Underdog_Is_Here

    In the article, the woman “took it as a sign” that she ought not go through with the abortion. Obviously, she was not fully convinced that killing her baby was the right/moral thing to do. She alleges that after she changed her mind and before the actual procedure began, she rescinded her consent, which if true means that she was assaulted. Had the abortionist heeded her wish to forgo the abortion, her child may have lived, perhaps even to term and birth. According to the allegation, her child was forcibly aborted without consent–legally defined as murder despite abortion itself being legal. Hopefully the culprits all end up in prison and the abortuary is closed permanently.


    So when the “Victim” sues the doctors, how much
    of her cash is she going to donate to the cause of
    stopping government subsidized abortions.
    Certainly she must donate the money since it is now
    impossible to give the money to the real Victim – her child.

    • flagirl336

      She is also a victim, because she was forced to undergo a procedure against her will, and the doctor left her in a state would have killed her if untreated.

  • John Brittingham

    1,250,000 abortions performed in 49 states every year, California does’t disclose their information with the CDC. That is 3424 a day, 142 an hour, 2.37 a minute.

    For Obama to be comparing the deaths at Sandy Hook everytime he talks about gun control, he would be crying every 12 minutes about the loss of the unborn Americans that lost their lives due to irresponsible behaviour. Abortionists are the ones committing mass murder.

  • Rick

    Welcome to obamacare……

  • usa77

    nothing like the gov’t take over of killing babies. 400,000 a year but all they want to talk about is the 1,000 that get killed by crazy people. democrats are at fault and mass murderers they wanted this to happen. now our tax dollar pay for shit like this! democrats are EVIL

  • Anonymousdude

    Is #8 really an allegation?

  • garynoff

    I don’t pity this woman in any way. She deserves the pain and suffering for aborting a perfect healthly baby.

    • Timmehh

      Could you look a man who just lost his son in the eyes and tell them that he deserves it for being such a sinner? We all deserve horrible pain and suffering. But thank God we have Jesus.

  • Rimfrinator

    This is disturbing. The hypocrisy of the left is really startling. If you don’t believe that man-made global warming exists, you are labeled as a “science denier”, yet they will tell you that an unborn child is not human; that it’s only a clump of cells, denying that is the only thing it can be: human. Wouldn’t that be a rejection of science?! If an unborn child is not human, what in the hell is it?! A plant, puppy, or bird? Give me a break!

    Like with the whole gun-control argument. Liberals are going to try and bully the rest of us into conforming to their irrational fear of guns. What I tell them is, if I have to constantly have your “right” to murder your unborn child shoved down my throat as some saintly decision, then you will have to deal with me shoving my right to own guns down your throat.

    One of those “rights” is enshrined in the constitution. The other is a direct contradiction to it. Political correctness be damned!

    • Brad

      Liberals aren’t afraid of guns. They like them just fine when they’re the ones using them. They’re afraid that we have them, because as long as we’re armed, we can fight back against their desire to control every aspect of our lives.

  • Kevin

    She is a disgusting human being, and I am being polite, that shouldn’t be given the time of day. She only wants to sue to gain monetary damages because she is having trouble with the thought of what she did to a poor, innocent child. I don’t care how much she gets, it won’t wash that poor baby’s blood off of her soul.

    • flagirl336

      I am against abortion, but don’t you understand that she changed her mind about the procedure and the doctor performed it anyway? Furthermore, he performed it negligently.

      Women who have abortions are committing murder, but most are unaware of that. Abortionists know it full well but lie to them about the fetus.

      They do ultrasounds but hide the screens from the mothers, knowing that the vast majority would change their minds if they saw the images of the children.

    • Timmehh

      You are right, only Christ can do that. Thankfully, he is a lot more forgiving than you are.

  • isthatok
  • mctalks

    This is a story with two villains and no good guys.

    No one to root for here.

  • i would add sexual assault to that list

  • recondaddy

    Ironic. She came in for the procedure, but when she found out that she might have to endure some pain because no anesthesia could be administered, she changed her mind.

    NEVER MIND the pain that her unborn child was set to endure.

    • cmdr-buzz-corey

      “NEVER MIND the pain that her unborn child was set to endure”

      Ask the death penalty for some criminal slug that rapes and murders a child and listen to these same dim-wit wet-pantie liberals yell and scream about how that is “cruel and unusual” punishment. Can we say hypocrisy?

      NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.


    I just love how all the planned parenthood people say Abortion is not murder:
    Fetus- an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception.
    How does abortion work? Lets see take a needle shove in baby’s head… STOP! Baby has a head? Vacumme out the brain….wait the baby has a brain? Doesn’t that mean he/she is alive? Yeah…… Trust me any doctor/medical professional worth his/her salt can look someone straight in the eye and say abortion is murder. The baby is alive and forming.
    If scientists consider a single celled organism life why not a human fetus?

    But there are and will be people out there who will deny these simple facts. They live in a fantasy world where the world revolves around them. Don’t want the baby? Give it up for adoption. Thousands of children never had the chance to grow up to live life like we did. How would you feel if mother one day said “I didn’t want you to be born and I almost aborted you”? You would probably be very hurt and angry.
    Last year the unborn kid with the future cure for AIDS or Cancer was murdered in the womb. “Yeah BS, you don’t know that AKBAN”….. Well to bad we will never know.
    Abortion is murder. If I dropped an unborn baby fetus on your pillow you would agree.

  • lcky9


    • They never say they don’t do abortions, just that the MAJORITY of their services are medical procedures OTHER THAN abortion. Learn how to read why don’t you.

  • The worst part is the case will most likely be dismissed.

  • Kevin Stowell

    As if abortion isn’t disgusting enough, let’s turn our unborn into in utero biohazards. My God, commies suck.

  • Socialism/Collectivism sows its seeds and reaps its evil. This is heart-wrenchingly beyond the pale of evil, repugnant, and sub-human.

  • American

    this is one government agency that should be shut down..

  • It was her choice. She can’t sue anyone. To bad the leftist were allowed to just trash the country but you deserve it. I’m waiting for day you let them march you off to death camps. Sort of a retro-active abortion but you voted for it.

  • Matt Noll

    Planned Parenthood is a butcher shop.

  • dmllc

    the pain she endured was nothing compared tot he pain the baby felt getting ripped apart

    • Old R.N.

      For all those asking about pain control for the baby, I’m just going to throw this out here to you all: If the mother would have been unconscious as the result of a Versed drip (or any other seditive-hypnotic med IV), the med would circulate systemically through the woman, including through the placenta and into the baby’s circulation.

      In other words, if mama is medicated, then so is baby. I’m not saying this to condone what she did, however, if she would have received pain med, then so would have the baby. She did not receive any med, and was physically attacked after she had changed her mind…assault and murder committed by the staff at that office, period.

  • organicroseski2

    Our taxes paid for this. Sick! (To those that say taxes do not go for abortion–wrong. It goes to the killing factory’s bucket of money.)

  • WCM

    Is she really a “mother” if she decided to murder the child?

    • HannMo

      Yes. She is the mother of a dead baby.

  • The_MaD_HaCkER

    Jack the Ripper had the same high standards. ;(

  • overy

    PP only does couseling.

  • I’m pro-choice, but this is just scary. What doctor would do a surgical procedure without anesthesia?? wow. This clinic should be sued. I disagree with the false imprisonment charge, however.

    • randyo99

      “What doctor would do a surgical procedure without anesthesia?” He probably gets paid either way. Maybe saves money on the anesthesiologist. And there are doctors, just like cops and military guys and businessmen who are not necessarily straight shooters. Just like there are doctors who got A’s in med school. And those who got C’s. Maybe he was a C guy who could not get another job in the medical field.

  • cmdr-buzz-corey

    The people and the doctor at the PP clinic have no problems with the killing of this and hundreds of thousands of unborn babies, but if you ask the death penalty for some criminal slug that rapes and murders a child, they will go ballistic claiming that that would be “cruel and unusual” punishment. Figure that one out.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  • So what your saying is…this is a story because the patient was the victum, and not the baby?! Ok, I don’t get it.

  • LibertyBelle


  • achmed

    she got what she deserved. the irony is that she felt pain the same way her child would.

  • Kevin

    The comments posted on this board are disgusting and representative of the stupidity and ignorance that are in the process of taking over our country. Medical malpractice is all too common- there’s a reason that massive lawsuits against doctors for mistakes are all too frequent, and that, like their peers, these doctors are INSURED. This is not relegated to JUST Planned Parenthood, but to ALL hospitals (this type of procedure or medical malpractice happens at other places, you fools).

    But the point of the matter here is that this happened at a Planned Parenthood, a lightning rod for criticism and all of the right wing loonies who will come out of the woodwork or off of their knees for a chance to smack around this organization. 99.9% of you have never been to a Planned Parenthood or even comprehend what goes on inside of one. Having been to one for a similar procedure before, I can say first hand that we were treated with dignity and respect and presented with a multitude of alternative options- carrying to term and placing for adoption were recommended in addition to discussion of financial means and services available. In the end, we made our difficult decision on our own, and with heavy hearts, however it was OUR decision, not that of some mouth-breathing, bible-thumping, judgmental lunatic sitting behind a keyboard.

    Planned Parenthood is a respectable organization that provides a service (more than just abortion, believe it or not!) that women NEED. The ability to talk about reproductive issues and women’s health related problems with non-judgmental, educated staff is incredibly important. This same issue could have happened at a Kaiser, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield endorsed Hospital, or any of the other thousands of places across the country and we wouldn’t be having this vitriol and hate speech.

    Re-examine your judgments and preconceived notions and you’ll quickly learn just how wrong most of you have been. It’s always easy to criticize others as long as you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes (which most of you seem to be all too good at). I know it’s an awful lot to ask people with brains that rival that of an amoeba to reconsider the services that Planned Parenthood provides, but once you wrap your head around the fact that not everyone agrees with you or falls lockstep into your god-fearing Santa Claus for adults complex and learn that Planned Parenthood provides invaluable health services for millions of scared women (whom people like you SCARE) then MAYBE, just MAYBE we can start to make some progress.

    • randyo99

      You say: “Re-examine your judgments and preconceived notions and you’ll quickly learn just how wrong most of you have been.” But you also say: “some mouth-breathing, bible-thumping, judgmental lunatic sitting behind a keyboard.” Kinda what you are doing isn’t it? (Except for the bible-thumping part I’m sure.) I won’t even bother with the rest of your rant, as it is just that, ranting. Gonna be hard to clean the spit off your keyboard and monitor isn’t it? And I am probably more in your line of thinking than you would surmise. And, I’m sure you we’re fooled twice by the amateur currently occupying the WH. You and yours’ ilk is what is at the very core of our countries problems, my way or the highway. Open your eyes.

    • Legalize Freedom

      Tell us the wonderful history of Margaret Sanger. Please!

      • spaceman99

        How about this:
        “Our failure to segregate morons who are increasing and multiplying … demonstrates our foolhardy and extravagant sentimentalism … [Philanthropists] encourage the healthier and more normal sections of the world to shoulder the burden of unthinking and indiscriminate fecundity of others; which brings with it, as I think the reader must agree, a dead weight of human waste. Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant … We are paying for, and even submitting to, the dictates of an ever-increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.”
        -The Pivot of Civilization

        • Legalize Freedom

          Obviously you’re a troll posting such callous and ridiculous views. Any real loving human being works to save any life, not kill those they arbitrarily decide are less than perfect. Funny how those who believe in eugenics always falsely think they are part of the group that won’t be eliminated. Please find your soul and rejoin Humanity.

          • spaceman99

            You managed to get the point and miss the point all at the same time. The Pivot of Civilization is a book written by Margaret Sanger. You should be directed you accurate rant at her, not me. It is a response to your request for more info on Sanger.

    • ratamacue76

      Planned Parenthood is nothing more than eugenics in practice. You should read the founding members’ letters to each other. Mrs. Sanger and Dr. Gamble hardly minced words in their private communiques. It was founded in racism and meant to be a tool used to fool people into self inflicted genocide.

    • SturJen

      Would that ‘simple procedure’ have been an abortion? HMMM? And statistically, Planned Parenthood performs very few adoption referrals; less than 1% of the pregnant women who go to PP get an adoption referral. Some 80% get abortions: To the tune of 333,000+ a year.
      There are multitudes of women’s services that can be found, FOR free in any area of the US, Those places will perform all the same things that PP does, but without the whole……….killing of unborn children thing.
      Your kind of ‘progress’ is something none of us want to see. There ARE Alternatives to killing children before they are born: I ought to know.

    • Aussievick

      Insulting people in a rant does NOTHING towards “winning” hearts & minds. Consider that in your next post. However, the poignant part of your second paragraph, giving first hand experience, was very well done. R.N., B.S.N., M.S.N.

    • west129

      “…..I can say first hand that we were treated with dignity and respect and presented with a multitude of alternative options… ” Was your child treated with dignity or was it just a conspiracy to kill the child -out of convenience?

  • BabyAdvocate

    A charge of murder should also be on the list of complaints.

  • teapartydoc

    Welcome to Obamanation.

  • KarenFonte

    Discusting! Planned Parenthood which is funded by MY TAX DOLLARS should be shut down. They do nothing ethical and claim they do mamograms for women and they DONT! All they are is baby killers. These are discusting people!

  • Ken Martin

    Butchers, every one, just out to make a buck.

  • Kevin Birge

    Planned Parenthood–founded by a racist, classist fascist British Nazi named Margaret Sanger. Her stated goal was to reduce the number of working class and black “human weeds” in society. The idea of framing abortion as a women’s rights issue arose from a belief that Hitler (though admired) was mistaken in trying to transform society rapidly by using death camps. That’s the truth, that’s history, these people are evil, there is no vindication for them. This is the rich elite forcing their agenda from the top down. And the money for Planned Parenthood to be started in America? The Rockefeller Foundation. The ruling elites are corrupt, vicious, treasonous and cannot be dealt with lightly.

    • Legalize Freedom

      If the sheeple only knew the history of this horrible organization and that disgusting thing, Sanger, we would have rid ourselves of this sin of sins long ago. You are awake and I applaud you. No one knows what they did to the “undesirables” in this country only 70 to 90 years ago…forced sterilization, etc, etc. Where do you think Adolf got his ideas for eugenics…I wonder? Actually, I know, as you do too!

  • Maya Angelou

    PPH is a bunch of whores
    what like killing children
    specially colored ones
    Dems is the fax

    • earl cornbread

      U sed it mama

  • realamerican

    west your off—-strict gun control…let rapist alone in Colorado and keep killing babys

  • Hotdog get

    The baby received no anethesia either, before it was sucked apart.

    • Legalize Freedom

      The definitions that these monsters create to define their morality are beyond disgusting. They can talk themselves into being fine with any disgusting behavior. They clearly have no soul or conscious.

  • Legalize Freedom

    Eugenics-planned parenthood and the Margaret Sanger worshipers of death will defend the right to kill unborn human beings as vehemently as those unborn human beings fight from being ripped out, that’s right…ripped out by a vacuum or worse! Tens of millions of terminations of life put these monsters right up there with the genocidal maniacs of history. We are all paying for the sins of the millions of destroyed lives we have allowed to occur.

    • spaceman99

      “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members”, Margaret Sanger.

      • Legalize Freedom

        One of many of her quotes that are ignored. She loved giving speeches to the klan too.

  • knowitall27

    We are a country of moral nihilism.

  • notsurprised

    Seriously, when your job is to murder unborn babies, why would you have ANY empathy for the woman? You have to have no conscience to be an abortion doctor. The only thing driving you is greed. Abortion is big business.

  • I wonder if she heard the baby crying when they stuck the 20 gauge syringe into the babies skull to suck its brains out?

  • Sue them for a Billion pain and suffering. Make it class action as there are more of these unwanted actions out here.

    • restoreliberty

      You are so right, this is the not so hidden secret of the carnage of abortion in America. Here is a link to a young woman that Planned Parenthood killed in Chicago.

      Women are constantly told how safe abortion is, and that abortion shouldn’t be regulated in any way, yet women die every years from the gross abuse that Planned Parenthood inflicts on them with their lies and propaganda and by the press being DEAD silent on these issues.

  • JettieG

    Good news find. I would appreciate your site more if you did spell check. :+)

  • AmericanTruther

    So what are they going to charge the mother with?

  • Why hasn’t the local police filed charges against the doctor? And our tax dollars and government barrowed Chinese money pays for this awful stuff! Sad.

  • elcal

    People need to research the origins of PP, their founders and their intentions. You may want to rethink your tax dollar support of this organization. The world would be a better place if liberals could think just a little deeper.

    • spaceman99

      The whole foundation of their belief system is to avoid the truth. They wouldn’t dig for anything if it meant knowing what really happens in the world.

  • coffeedrinker88

    I do not feel sorry for the plaintiff. She was responsible for killing a child, she should have to go through agonizing pain. However I hope this lawsuit brings an end to tax payer support for planned parenthood and thus an end to that evil organization.

  • Michael

    Michael Norton: See 18 USC 249 (FACE). Whoever uses force or the threat of force to interfere . . . .”

  • disqus_QNGH7RhUxZ

    Thanks again acorn…

  • restoreliberty

    Just remember, it’s all about health care. Sick bunch of nazi freaks and taxpayers are forced by progressive to pay for the maiming and murder of both women and infants. But remember ladies (and I say this as a woman) these folks are looking out for you, as long as they are making a profit off death. Once you are dead or maimed…..oh well, the ends justify the means.

  • gzizzle

    Gee, karma is a bitch isn’t it?

  • capecodgirl565

    I am confused. Am I supposed to feel sorry for the woman who had the botched abortion? I feel sorry only for the poor child killed by the one person who was supposed to be it’s biggest protector. No sympathy here.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    You godless heathens on the baby killing deranged Left, all need to commit self abortions en masse !! TODAY !!!! NOW !!!!!

  • “If we can only save one life, then it’s worth it.”…..Obama the Dear Leader

  • Moon bat Libs don’t believe in the death penalty for murderers and rapists…that my friends is only good enough for the fetus.

  • marypippert

    This is another reason PP should not be allowed to perform abortions. Let them give out advice and birthcontrol pills.

    • west129

      Implementing your suggestion would shut them down. The bread and butter are the abortions!

  • Well at least they got rid of the little future felon. Look at the TAX money saved by not supporting this hoodrat with WIC, EBT, SNAP, Section 8, free “brickfus” and free school lunch until it was old enough to go to prison. I wish they would have sewed her sprog launcher shut as well!

    • iamaduck

      And 6 less votes for Odumbo

  • Despite the fact she changed her mind the doctors did it anyway. Two minds here. One she put herself in their hands because she intended to end her pregnacy through the use of a pill. When that option ws no longer available she opted for surgical removal of her baby under anesthesia which she never got so she changed her mind again. The fact she wanted to end her pregnacy still up to the anesthesia issue showed she didn’t care what would happen to her baby who would feel every pain inflicted as well but only as to how it affected her own well being. In that scenerio she got what was coming. But on the other hand she said NO and they didn’t stop. To me that is like a girl saying to her boyfriend to stop before they have sex. If the boyfriend continued on anyhow then that would be considered rape. So how is this any different than that scenerio? She didn’t deserve that. nor did her baby deserve to be surgically ripped apart. Make your own mi nd up on here but I would have to recuse myself because I do not feel sympathy for someone who decides her own comfort goes over anothers well being .

  • filegumbo

    How prophetic John Paul II was when he coined the term “culture of death.” We are no longer interested in the dignity of the human person. Rather, we value life only so long as it is beneficial and productive to the younger and stronger. Any life that experiences suffering, disability, or advanced age is a burden that must be discarded. Little by little we are learning to judge life according to a cost benefit analysis, not by God-given human dignity.

  • Lynn

    She wanted anesthesia for pain control? The baby didn’t get that much consideration. Our nation is sick.

  • I wonder if we could put one of those vacuum machines up to that doctor’s ear? Surely that would solve the problem.

  • gschrank

    i believe the fetus’s name was matt drudge

  • MikeBratton

    Even when the behavior is not as egregious, the fact that these abortatoriums even exist testifies to the tangible presence of evil in this world.

  • Allen Clark

    Tell me it aint so!!! It can not be true because planned parrenthood does not do force abortions and very few at that. How can this happey to such a family friendly organization that prides themselves on helping women. “Sarcasm if you missed it”

  • Flexx Deming

    “When Ayanna Byer scheduled an appointment at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains to take an abortion pill to end her pregnancy, there was no way for her to foresee the horrors ahead of her.” I beg to differ. .. .

    • yarply

      She did not seem to care about the horror she was visiting on an innocent baby.

  • jon

    America is full of retards. Hopefully a missle from North Korea or China hits washington dc and takes out the trash. End funding to planned parenthood.

  • yarply

    Oh she went thru such a horrible experience…No matter the “horror” she endured, She wasn’t the life snuffed out by a person who has no natural affection. I would wish this on all such minded people.

  • Frank Wetz

    I’ve never seen more intolerance and straight up lunacy in one comment section in my life. It is really amazing.

  • jon

    Also some women are so damn stupid and incompetent that they don’t know how to use protection? Why would a woman wait 3-9 months to have an abortion? Don’t give me that bullshit that some women don’t know that they’re pregnant,they know they are just too damn selfish to admit it. Don’t trust or buy the condoms from pp i bet they all have holes poked in them. What place gives out free condoms? Yeah right.

  • Smitrick

    She put her feet in the stirrups of her own accord. She’s lucky she spent such a short time in Hell. Thank your lucky stars you survived, an eternity in Hell awaits, and you can’t sue your way out of that!

    • Timmehh

      Actually, you don’t know that. There have been many women who have had abortions and repented and now have Jesus in their life. There have even been abortion workers who are now pro life.

      • BadWhisky

        Yup kinda like Norma L. McCorvey, who is now pro life, imagin that…….

  • As a woman I can say Ladies if you don’t want kids then have a tubal ligation or hysterectomy as these are fool proof. Or don’t have sex as this is a choice or chance. If the baby could survive outside the womb, the the baby has a right to live and should be able to be emancipated from her deadbeat mother. Better off without her.

  • You know I really hate to hear about the whole thing. From this woman feeling like she needs an abortion to having a blotched abortion to having to sue. Sounds like she has a case. Hope she wins. My understanding to having legal abortions was to keep women safe. Not to sound too harsh. If you can’t keep women safe then you may as well make abortion illegal and they can go back to the back alley coat hanger days. Shame on Planned Parenthood.

  • Sigh…this sounds like complete bullshit to me. I’ve HAD a surgical abortion and this scenario is highly suspect.

    • It’s also unlikely that she came in for a pill and they immediately took her for surgery. Surgeries are planned in advance and it’s highly suspect that they happened to have an opening right at that moment.

      • Not in PP.. an abaortion is a quickie.

    • Why is it suspect? Please be specific.

    • BadWhisky

      Was this like a rite of passage? You seem to be proud of the fact that through you negligence, poor decision making skills and irresponsible behavior that you were given the opportunity to feminist power and exercise a right which only exists through judicial activism and no where else to terminate an innocent life to avoid responsibility for your irresponsible actions when you could have acted responsibly and avoided the situation altogether…… [How christian of you (sarcasm intended)]

    • i knew a woman who used abortion as birth control. by the time i met her she had already had 4 abortions. i must say, i think that’s sad. wouldn’t it have been cheaper to use contraceptives?

  • This site claims “Our goal is to educate the public about the dignity of every person and
    use investigative journalism to expose threats against the vulnerable
    and defenseless.” Off-topic but I’m just wondering – does this include LGBT people?

    • “does this include LGBT people?”

      Of course; why wouldn’t it? Unless you are implying that if someone does not agree with you or the way you live, they are not ascribing dignity to you. That, of course, is completely false. Do you grant dignity to persons who do not agree with you or your lifestyle?

      • even though there are things in this world i do not agree with, i treat everyone i encounter with respect and dignity. unless and/or until you disrespect me. live and let live. it’s your life, not mine nor is it my place to judge anyone. i got my own messed up life to worry about. thanks for letting me express myself here.

    • iamaduck

      Trick question right? You used LGBT and people in the same sentence.

      • Your comments are uncalled for and offensive.

    • I’m an LGBT person, I love this site, and I’ve never been treated with anything less than respect from anyone here.

    • do they get abortions?

    • junipersnippets

      It certainly includes kids in grade school. PP is coming to a 1st grade near you!

    • west129

      You are not right nor are you defenseless! The entire Obama administration is behind you and you deserve it! It pays to vote as “not right”

  • mailman

    Every 94 seconds an abortion happens in America , May God help us

    • iamaduck

      He already is 98% of those are liberals, that means less sick people with a liberal bias.

      • mailman

        yes but what crime did they commit ? and my tax dollars are going for these abortions ? and these are the same people who are against capitol punishment ?

  • RenegadeScholar

    For PP, every abortion is a win.

  • It’s Okay for a woman to kill a baby. Gotcha. When do men get to slaughter millions in the name of fairness, for are we not all created equal? Where is the Men’s right to abort? Unleash the shackles of depraved laws that treat men as slaves with no True reproductive Freedom as defined by Law… Killing unborn Babies. I am all for killing every child so long as men get to be included in this entitlement that must be shared equally by all for all. Until men can abort their child with out the stygma that backwards societies like ours still harber; we are not truely equal. Think of all the money we will save on child care?

    • west129

      This sounds like satire with a materialistic bent. It tries to make some points. However, I have difficulty extracting them.

  • Planned Parenthood is a EUGENICS operation! Thank bill gates, Barry Setoro, and Margaret Sanger! They love killing Babies! and they are doing it with your tax dollars!
    Pure EVIL my friends. The people running this country are pure EVIL! Make no mistake about that!

  • iamaduck

    That is a liberal for you can’t even do the job that our taxes paid for. Why do liberals even try, they all should just put a bag over their heads and we will not remind them to breathe

  • iamaduck

    Do remember that 98% of abortions are from Democrat voters, we can only hope that they increase their numbers.

  • So what exactly kept her lying on the table if she didn’t want the abortion anymore? She obviously wasn’t drugged to the point where she couldn’t get up and walk away. Yes the doc is at some fault here for not waiting for the meds but what I fail to understand is did someone actually hold her down and make her do it or not? Did she change her mind after the doc began when she started to feel the pain after it was already too late? I hope she felt it, I hope she felt everything and suffered as the baby suffered from being chopped up into pieces and sucked through a tube.

    • legs in stiffups and straps on… that’s what the murderers do. That’s why a false imprisonment claim.

    • junipersnippets

      Read the book “Unplanned”, Jessica. Maybe you’ll get a better understanding of how having your feet in stirrups can make you feel just a little vulnerable, and how PP uses that vulnerability to coerce. PP is evil. No excuses for the woman; she went there wanting to walk out unaccountable, free from her “responsibility.” It never works that way, though.

  • xbox361

    is her baby dead?
    mission accomplished

    maybe they can through in the iv for free on the next one
    we all know the best doctors dedicate their lives to snuffing out tissue and “growths”

  • The taxpayers are gonna pay for this lawsuit’s defense lawyers, advocate lawyers and the punitive reward, TOO !

  • John Q Public

    i have about as much empathy for her as i would a gang banger getting shot while doing a drive by

  • Well I have to say maybe a little pain was good for her, since she went in to kill her baby. It was ok as long as she had an IV for pain but the baby didn’t get a pain killer just the blender treatment. This is yet another selfish woman that went in for a “safe and legal abortion” (read paid hit on her baby) and ended up with pain, a mass infection and an emergency surgery. What did the baby get…oh yeah death and we are supposed to feel sorry for her why?

    • Old R.N.

      She did change her mind before they attacked her and her baby, so she is not some heartless monster. She obviously had mixed feelings about it prior to the actual event. I feel sorry for her being so pervasively and blatantly lied to by society about abortion and all it entails. She and her baby are yet more victims of the culture of death. God help them. God help us.

  • Will

    Disclaimer : no coat hanger was involved in the making of this Planned Parenthood abomination.

    • junipersnippets

      Yes, isn’t this touted as “a safe procedure” ? Butchers. Baby killers. Baby killers. Baby killers.

  • Aussievick

    AS a retired nurse, this is totally mind-boggling. I can assure you that this IS abandonment of a patient. Regardless of anything else, when she asked to stop the procedure, her wishes SHOULD have had first rights! Disgusting bunch of coat-hangar abortifacients.

  • BadWhisky

    I remember a few years ago a girl accused her boy friend of rape and he was sent top prison because once well into consensual sex she said stop and he did not……… The feminist said this was rape; yet, they will defend this doctor, Planed Parenthood (oxymoron alert) and this procedure when the doctor had not started and the woman said stop……. Anyone else here besides me have issues with such hypocrisy?

  • When A women gets pregnant she is not sick. As a matter of fact it is a healthy thing.Having an abortion is not very healthy thing So why in gods name is it being covered by health insurance in the first place

  • *looks at all the comments* Okay, everybody, it’s time to take a step back, take some deep breaths, and start behaving civilly towards each other. Can we please do ourselves and everyone else a favor and have a conversation without insults? When it gets to this level, nobody wins.

    • junipersnippets

      There is nothing civil about abortion. There is nothing logical or moral or justifiable about abortion. Anger about abortion is righteous and just. And yes, no one wins, especially the baby who is murdered.

      • Most people on this post aren’t doing anything productive with their anger when they comment here. They’re just lashing out at other people. No one ever became pro-life because someone insulted them. I’m also appalled that some people here are saying that this woman suing PP got what she deserved, that they hope she felt all the pain, et cetera. This is exactly where pro-choicers get the idea that pro-lifers hate women. Anger isn’t righteous or just when it’s smothering compassion and love.

  • Jimmyv

    ADF- Alliance Defense Fund

  • rennyangel2

    No. PP should receive not one dime of taxpayers’ monies for anything. It is a corrupt org., one more arm of the leftist anti-American army embedded in our nation.

  • Terrimus

    The Alliance Defending Freedom said the woman went to the hospital, “where it was found that part of the aborted baby was still inside her.” She went to have an abortion, it was botched, and now she wants to sue over the death of her baby. I wish she had thought about that before she went in the door. Why didn’t she just get up off the table and walk away? There is NO WAY I would go into an OR without an IV already started.

  • How sad a mother was raped of her baby.

  • val

    I wonder how much pain the baby felt. I guess that wasn’t a concern here! no sympathy

  • skyeyez9

    That abortion doc’s God is “money.” He could care less about the welfare of his patients.

  • Toasten Butter

    Planned Parenthood=baby killers

  • Monty

    Did the baby receive any pain killers?

  • FreudianSlip

    Just as cigarettes are heavily taxed and have to list damage to health, abortions should be paid by the mother and father, heavily taxed and a disclaimer signed that they are killing a human being they created and for their personal convenience have demanded the child be murdered.

  • FreudianSlip

    Stop all federal or state funding for abortions. The people killing their child should pay for the murder of their child. If they have to pay for their abortion perhaps they will use contraception instead of using free abortions as a means of contraception.

    • AverageRedneckGirl

      I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • musimann

    As horrendous as that story is I don’t feel to sorry for her as she chose to abort her child. How do you think the child felt as it was ripped to pieces by a vacuum? Why would you kill a child growing in you?

  • Lea C.

    You know, it doesn’t matter what Planned Parenthood does, how abominable it operations are, NO company with over $1.2 BILLION in assets should receive a dime of taxpayer funded government welfare.

  • The problem is legalized abortion was supposed to stop this kind of butchery, but Planned Parenthood is so conscious of keeping their image they actually cover for the butcher types instead of kicking them out of the business. The result is no different from the coat hanger days, except that Planned Parenthood makes an awful lot of money running the industry.

  • Citizen60

    So this woman goes to murder merchants and then is surprised they left her in the shape she is in? Perhaps they were trying a 2 for one surgery of death.

  • red_fez

    We’re combing Mars for anything that can remotely be called,”life”. Yet to Libs, an unborn child is garbage.

  • How could they force her to have an abortion? Did they hold her down? Doesn’t sound like it. There’s one solution that could’ve prevented the pregnancy AND the botched abortion–Keep your damn legs closed!

  • This is scary.


  • HopelesslyFaithful

    two words…holy fuck!

  • levotb

    PP is a criminal org that should be hit by RICO and shut down. Clandestine videos of the way it advises women makes it clear they’re criminal. So where are the Repubs in Congress? Too busy pushing Shamnesty to bother with nailing PP to the wall?

  • JRG

    How does this article call her a mother….?? She was no mother to that dead child she aborted.

  • nocab

    Abortions in the United States

    Total number of abortions in the U.S. 1973-2011: 54.5 million+

    234 abortions per 1,000 live births (according to the Centers for Disease Control)
    Abortions per year: 1.2 million
    Abortions per day: 3,288
    Abortions per hour: 137
    9 abortions every 4 minutes
    1 abortion every 26 seconds
    Planned Parenthood culling the herd , sad .

  • DearMom

    If you vote for democrats you’re voting for:
    No death penalty for convicted killers, and
    Millions of death sentences for unborn babies, every year.

  • junipersnippets

    Planned Parenthood is concerned about only one thing: MAKING LOTS OF MONEY. They are not, I repeat, are not, concerned with the health of women. After all, they abort women by the thousands every year. The Nazis, Darwin, evolution, Margaret Sanger -it’s all tied together. It is a vile cancer on civilization. It will eventually bring this country to its knees. And it should.

  • GodProtectAmerica

    Too bad the mommy survived. Has there ever been any laws passed protecting the right of the babies?

  • Too bad, you go in and Murder your baby, then complain and want to be compensated for “your” injury ?

    Every Liberal want to be a victim.

  • ReapWhatSheSows

    GOOD! Too bad she didn’t join the baby she paid to have murdered. To me that is fitting and this “Karma” stuff they believe in came around to get Ayanna Byer, just not in the way she deserved which was the same fate as the baby. Hopefully Ms. Ayanna Byer is scarred physically and emotionally for life. I hope she loses the lawsuit, goes broke and is known as the infected abortion girl.

    • Em

      I think you missed the part of the article where she wanted to stop it before it began because she saw the lack of anesthetics as a “sign”. They probably had her legs strapped and spread open for the procedure already, so she had no way to get up. Do try to work on your reading comprehension before making such hateful comments.

  • Americaall

    This country is going crazy on all fronts, defense, morals, integrity, sanity,, what a shame

  • ReduceGov

    Doesn’t this tell you that abortionists and the pro-abortion people are murderers?

  • callous murdering nazis. I hope the doctor and PP burn in their own special corner of hell

  • At one PP, a Spanish speaking woman was there for a pelvic exam. She was put into an exam room up in stirrups to wait for the doctor. He didn’t even read her chart. He walked in and as she lay there screaming, begging in Spanish for him to stop, performed a suction abortion procedure. Thank God she wasn’t a pregnant woman there for a prenatal checkup!

    But the “You rape ’em, we scrape ’em” attitude is too pervasive for PP to care.

  • Abortion is not good for the baby or the mother.

  • anon

    You live in a nation controlled by a tiny minority of zionists that hate and destroy gentiles. That should help you make sense of why we have these problems.

    • John Q Public

      guessing you wear a sheet…just not sure whether it has a pointy hat or a bomb strapped underneath

  • What’s the world coming too….you can’t murder a little nuisance, suck his little bloody corpse down the drain without somebody screwing something up…..

  • unbelievable

  • GrizzMann

    Well they (PP) were able to kill the baby? Do they get points for that?

  • IntellectOne

    It is about time that doctors speak-up about the horrors of abortions that the butchers perform. There are probably many cases just like this. With 4,700 abortions each and every day in the USA the percentage of botched abortions are ,no doubt, under-reported on the daily bases. Wait until the nurses and midwives get involved in New York and California performing late-term to full-term abortions. it will be a disaster, but then Planned Parent “Hood” could care less because that is their business (killing human beings). They will be able to operate without a doctor, as it is, they are already using non-professionals and getting millions of your tax dollars..

  • GodProtectAmerica

    Breach of Contract – alleging that Ms. Byer agreed only to a surgical
    abortion with anesthesia, and no anesthesia was given to her.
    That means the baby also has a right to sue, since the baby was in much more pain than it’s whore of a mother.

  • How can the mother allow this to happen to a living breathing child that is capable of living outside of her womb with a routine, dependable C-section?

    Is this what you must endure to kill a child that is depending on you for nourishment and care?

    You take medication, wait for three days, start an IV with Ptosin, waiit for the living baby’s head to appear, and then the doctor inserts scissors into the baby’s spinal cord and cuts it, ending the child’s life.

    Is this really what she wanted? To kill her unborn child?

  • My question is, when things go wrong during a wanted abortion, why do they then call the woman a “mother”? If she didn’t go there to seek an abortion and get on the table, then why was she there? If she didn’t want the baby how could she be classified as a “mother”…boggles the mind.

  • 1stAfterburner

    Remember, the school district may not give any unauthorized medicine, not even an asprin without the parent or guardian’s permission,..unless the underage student goes in for an abortion, if it is an abortion they do not have to tell you anything, they can transport the student to an from the clinic and the parent may never find out. If the underage student has an allergy and they don’t know about it and she has a reaction an dies, then you will be notified, but not by the school, by the morgue.

    Perhaps the dead student’s sister was the first to find out and is distraught and develops a terrible headache, well, the same nurse that procured the clinic and procedure that killed her sister and her baby must now call you to make sure it is OK with you to give your other daughter aspirin or Ibuprofen, because the school nurse does not want the school to get sued and it would be unethical and unprofessional not to get your permission!

  • I’m confused. An “abortion pill” to kill your baby should not be considered an “abortion in the same way other “procedures”? I say let the murdering ____ suffer.

  • Its not a fetus or tissue mass. It is a slaughtered child.

  • Tarmangani

    Did anyone consult the baby to see if it wanted any anesthesia? If not, then why does the host body (she doesn’t qualify as a mother) need it? Let her feel the baby kicking, clawing and scratching to stay alive and may it haunt her forever.

  • ef49

    Many taxpayers hate this family planning tripe, now of course, they’ll get the mega million dollar bill. Too bad we can’t abort the mothers…..

  • Did PP sell the rest of the BABY’s parts?

  • Firebrand98

    But I thought they did not do abortions?? Only breast exams.

  • I wonder if mankind will ever wise up and realize that abortion is truly murder. If and when mankind does wise up and see it for what it really is, this era’s pro-abortionists will easily been seen as ghoulish and evil as the Nazis. This is our holocaust.

  • Side riot

    Wow, final paragraph says it all. Anyone want to bet that this suit is 90% b.s. and just another attempt to push a political agenda rather than help someone who may have been wronged?

    • Disgusting

      Wronged? The baby was wronged. The infant child who was ripped limb from limb right out of the mother’s womb. What help can help can you possibly give to a child who was murdered by its own mother? Unless, of course you think the mother was wronged, in which case, you have it all twisted around.

  • Disgusting

    Am I supposed to feel bad for a woman who murdered her baby? What a coward. She wants anesthesia for herself so she doesn’t feel pain, but has no problem ripped her child limb from limb and then sucking it out her in pieces. She should have died with her baby, and the doctors should have killed along with her.

  • Undettered

    Abortion and Gun Control are all a par of the continued assault on minorities in line with the Eugenics movement. Where are most PP clinics located in the Inner City predominately African-American communities. Where is gun crime the highest in the Inner City predominately African-American communities. Those minorities whose lives are not ended on the tables of PP are to be left defenseless against the thugs and mercenaries of endorsed by the government. How are they mercenaries? They receive funding from the government in terms of continued un-employment claims, EBT cards, welfare payments and their actions being ignored by authorities. Face it people the Democrat Party only sees you as voter-slave. First they take your money, your time and your talents and then help you die an early death.

  • Pickles

    How about the mother seeing the parts left inside of her? How about a law suit brought against her for taking the life of a child. She is admitting there are baby parts inside of her.

  • Nate Higgers

    This is a real holocaust, and must be stopped.

    • Why must it be stopped. Abortion has reduced urbanite crime more than any other law possibly could

  • Fip1

    Planned parenthood should not get one dollar from taxpayers. Don’t you love their name? “Planned Parenthood”. They are nothig but an abortion mill.

  • Rick Henery

    Planed Parenthood = Murder Incorporated

  • SouthernWoman

    She is the one who wanted the abortion; now she needs to deal with the consequences and shut the f**k up! Abortion is NOT a form of birth control and there are plenty of families out there that cannot have their own children that would have given this poor child a good life! Shame on this woman!!! I hope and pray she loses! I am totally against Planned Parenthood BUT she went there herself they didn’t force her to come!

  • Anon E. Mous

    Its only too bad they didnt kill her in the process as far as I am concerned. If you go to PP and get an abortion you deserve every single bit of hell you receive in your life.

  • Rob

    That’s what you get for murdering a baby, live with it.

  • Cadi Palmer

    This is an outrage.

  • Dempseycoleman

    Only in Democrat and Obama’s world

  • DudeZXT

    The entire staff of Planned Parenthood should have died instead of the baby. The baby was killed with no fair trial. Look into the history of the founder of this organization and wake-up to the views of the racist anti-God fools.

  • gwedem5995

    I am hoping that she gets a big enough settlement that it would drive Planned Parenthood out of business. Of course, we know that this will nothappen as there is the liberal media and liberal judges to contend with.

    • Pro_sanity

      Planned Parenthood is here to stay … they are a bastion of the left.

  • We want to rush to change gun laws because of a few children have been tragically killed. But the government finances & supports the mutilation of OVER 1 MILLION innocent babies EVERY year, by dismemberment then vacuumed from the irresponsible mother. No nation can survive with such a dichotomy of moral values.

  • Vorenious

    When are those seeking abortions going to realize they are basically murdering an individual as well, as committing genocide to their race? The vast majority getting abortions are young black women, and if you follow stats, the black race has not moved from 13 percent for nearly 50 years via civil rights of 64 and Roe vs Wade in 73.

  • Jack Parker

    If you are looking for sympathy for a woman who tried to murder her unborn baby, don’t look to me.

    • rosalina9877

      But, maybe she will help others to see the lie “SAFE abortion”.

      • disqus_6pK0NkjKjx

        …and expose Planned Parenthood for what they are – liars and butchers!

    • Old R.N.

      Women are lied to and coerced into it all the time, Jack. How do you feel when you see women with the signs that read “I regret my abortion” at marches or out sidewalk counseling? These women are some of our best allies. And, if you want to be honest, when women are coerced into it, it is because WE, the pro-lifers, were asleep on the job…and a baby died because we weren’t there.

  • Koibaby

    Ha ha!

  • francis kelly

    What kind of whacky surgeon would consent to operate under those conditions? There’s just so much wrong with that. 1. Couldn’t he start the i.v. himself? I mean, he’s a SURGEON. 2. What surgeon abandons his patient after a procedure? 3. Abortions are not that hard. Why leave foreign tissue around to rot?

  • aberdeenvet

    Planned Parenthood, with the advice and consent and monetary support of the U.S. government, commits PREMEDITATED MURDER each time they are a party to an ABORTION. There are almost 750,000 abortions(murders) of BABIES in the U.S. every year.

  • Jim

    Nice garbage. Total fabrication starting with the fact that there is no such thing as a Planned Parenthood doctor.

  • angelccorr

    This is just one case of a botched abortion. There are many. Women think they are going into a safe, clean and professionally staffed clinic. Most of these places are dirty, with very unethical, all-in-it-for-the-money, doctors. They have nothin set up for emergencies, and just call an ambulance to show up at the back door, to dump their patients on the local hospital emergency room. And where are the aborted babies stored? Sometimes thrown in a storage unit, some in dumpsters, and some have even been found at the doctors home!
    Wake up, women! You are being used and abused! Then left with the aftermath of what you have done. If you can’t keep your baby, have it in a safe hospital and have someone adopt the child.

    • disqus_6pK0NkjKjx

      There is a Starbuck’s in my neighborhood that ‘shares’ a building with an abortion clinic! The clinic is in the back of the building with a ‘discreet’ sign telling you to take the wooden staircase to the 2nd floor. I couldn’t believe it when several neighbors spoke of it and went to see for myself. It’s true! I will NEVER buy another coffee from Starbucks – I know they are a ‘liberal-run’ company but this is unbelievable!

      • rosalina9877

        what city is that in?

  • This is disgusting!!! Planned parenthood should be ashamed!

  • Armyspouse1988

    They should ALL go to jail for murder. What did this gal expect–compassion? LOL.

  • mrbill59

    Please think before you kill your baby.
    That is all

  • Anyone surprised by this is retarded.
    Take a good look at the character of these people.
    Nazis had lab coats too.

  • D J Wood

    She murdered her own child. While committing murder she is made uncomfortable and wants justice? ???

    • rosalina9877

      You are so right. Ironic, isn’t it??

  • saints2060

    Planned Parenthood’s only concern is killing the baby. As far as they’re concerned once that’s done the mother and the “tumor” are on their own.

  • The only abortion that should ever be legal is if the woman is raped. After being traumatized for life, the last thing she would need is to see a reminder everyday that it happened (rape baby). Outside of that, abortion is MURDER. I hope this woman doesn’t receive a dime from this lawsuit. I wish we as taxpayers didn’t have to pay for a murder clinic either. This story absolutely disgusts me.

    • rosalina9877

      Don’t hurt a child because of the crimes of her father. There are many, many people who are here today because of rape. Are you saying they are less human than you are? Only sick, selfish people kill their little babies.

      • Because of the ‘father”????? How the hell would that make him a father??? You think if she were to keep the child anyway the “father” would be there to help raise and fund this child??? He wouldn’t be a “father”. He would be a punk thug criminal that raped a woman….. Father….. your post blows my mind. Why the hell should the raped woman be burdened to carry an unwanted child for a full term? i didn’t say anything about them being less human either. What if this woman had a lot of good things gong for her in life? In college, just started a new job, maybe just got married, and BOOM!!! she gets raped by a punk thug and ends up pregnant. You think her new husband wants to raise that child? You think her professor is going to care about her reason for being absent? NO!! I am all for pro life but what the hell… If you think that a woman should have to carry a child after being raped you are as dumb as your post makes you sound.

        • rosalina9877

          You are off the chain. You don’t like the word father. So what? You are deflecting from the argument. You said “the only abortion that should ever be legal is if the woman is raped.” Either that’s a baby or not. Either that’s a human being who deserves the protections of the constution or not. You said abortion outside of rape is MURDER. Whether the child is conceived by a violent act of rape or not does NOT have any bearing on her humanity. GROW UP.




    • wow tell us how you really feel…

      • I EXPAT



  • Just Planned Parenthood’s way of assuring it’s patients/victims that their baby even though killed, will always be near and dear to them.

  • Melvin Leppla

    Murdering bastards, no civilized or so called civilized society should have to contend with such evil. This isn’t the work of man, it is the work of evil to destroy man.
    The beings in Planned Parenthood are nothing more than blood thirsty murderers, and should be charged, tried, convicted and crucified because lethal injection is too good for em, These evil beings need to be crucified and have crows peck their eyeballs out, so that they die and wither on the cross.
    I know my opinion is a bit drastic and off color, but I have no place for a person that murderers an unborn child. Fuching hypocrites are the same ones who say, “We need to control firearms to protect the children.”
    Maybe on the other side of the coin we need to start a ban on banning coat hangers so the abortionist cannot ply their evil trade.

    • rosalina9877

      awesome post thank you

  • jimjr11

    Our tax dollars at work!

  • Obama’s health care at work !

  • Pro_sanity

    Sounds like her “change of heart” was inconsistent with Planned Parenthood philosophy. What a delightful organization.

  • rosalina9877

    Say what you want about this selfish, disgusting “mother” who had her baby murdered by the butcher down the street. This is exposing ‘Planned Parenthood’ for the dirty, rotgut, evilmongers that they are.

    • disqus_6pK0NkjKjx

      I abhore abortion but I thought the same thing. An exposed case of the real Planned Parenthood and by a horrific experience is a good thing; perhaps deterring others of ‘like mind’ regarding abortions. There may be a little bright side for us against this horrendous group of butchers and their ‘patients’.

  • Now that we are being forced at gunpoint to deliver our money to the murder of “unwanted” children, we are further co defendants in this case. For it is the blood of our labor that will pay for the continued operation of these charnel houses whether THEY win or lose.
    Do not willingly agree to this millstone about the neck of our country. Return to the way the truth and the life and be again a free people, who love life.

  • Michael

    I hope this woman receives every penny of her lawsuit which she rightly deserves. I am sure she will sue for millions!

    • Mercyful

      All the money in the world won’t be enough to pay for killing an innocent baby or to erase it from her concience.

  • Maria K

    This is sick!!! What is this kind of abortion doing inside of a woman’s uterus? She was in violent pain – so obviously the anesthesia is preventing women from knowing the devastating physical effects of abortion.

  • LadyAryana

    Really she told the Dr she had changed her mind BEFORE he turned on the machine.. Why didn’t she just get up, and leave the room.. But instead she stayed there for 7 minutes and suffered in pain. Hell when my Dr hurts me stop him from doing what he is doing, or I put my hands in the way.. Sorry granted the DR fucked up the abortion, and I feel for her on that dept. But she consented to it when she showed up and agreed to the IV. As for the rest, she wasn’t bound and gagged, she could have stopped him, so she should only get an award for his fuck up in the abortion period. Nothing more since she wasnt drugged and could have stopped it if she really wanted to

  • RespectLife

    WHAT was she expecting from Parenthood? They are cold blooded killers. Karma karma karma. I feel bad for the baby though. Wasnt gonna have a chance anyway, abortion or a “mother” who was so selfish and irresponsible. Having unprotected sex when you arent ready for a baby and spreading your stds around has no justification.

  • RespectLife

    *Planned Parenthood i meant

  • IntellectOne

    Planned Parent-“Hood” is in your back yard in every American town (every High School) and Middle School. What is their excuse for being there? Sex education? This is why it is so damaging to have introduced sex-ed into the Schools instead of a Healthy Health Class and or Biology Class. It is really the People’s fault to have allowed these unconscionable people into the lives of your children. Not only do they take the innocents away from you children, but kill your future Americans neighbor with your tax dollar.

  • There is a price to pay when a Nation commits murder and mayhem upon Elohim’s children, Hos 9:11 “As for Ephraim, their glory shall fly away like a bird— No birth, no pregnancy, and no conception! 12 Though they bring up their children, Yet I will bereave them to the last man. Yes, woe to them when I depart from them! :13 Just as I saw Ephraim like Tyre, planted in a pleasant place, So Ephraim will bring out his children to the murderer.” Shalom!

    • rosalina9877

      Pray for God’s mercy for this country.

  • Diane Logan

    Am I to be sympathetic to this woman whose actual complaint was the lack of a pain killer for herself while she allowed a painful murder upon her own baby. NOT EVER!

  • Gi

    I have read as many comments as I could. Everyone has missed the mark completely! We are talking about a young women practically being held prisioner (are we in China?) to endure a forced abortion. Where is the concern for women? All Plnned Parenthood cares about is making as much money as possible off abortions.
    They don’t give a hoot about “women’s reproductive healthg rights”. Wake up Americans! This young women wasn’t given a choice & her life was put at risk by inadequate health care. Women are being lied to, used & abused. We have given up so many rights just to be able to be used as available sex objects & to kill our own children. Personally, I choose Life.

  • MysteryMickey

    I have never come across more utterly despicable people than I have on this article. And you guys call yourselves Christians??? Think of it this way, if you were trying to convert someone to Christianity and had them read this blog to see what Christians are all about, do you think they would convert? I’d say NO! In fact, they would probably run the other way!!

  • Mercyful

    Where are the rights of this innocent little baby? What did the baby do to deserve to be killed?
    I hate Planned Parenthood but, they didn’t force her to walk in (knowing it is a slaughter house) and then just because “she” was in pain, changed her mind, never mind the pain that was inflicted on her innocent baby.
    No money in the world will bring back this baby nor erase the consequences she’ll have to live with. Every time she sees a child she will remember what she did with her’s. If she felt like killing someone she should’ve looked for someone her own size who could fight back, screem, run…

  • Jerry Harkrider

    Poor girl, how dare she have to suffer a bit of pain for a little while as she was having her baby murdered inside her womb.

  • Old R.N.

    Any time a woman even considers abortion as a solution to an unplanned pregnancy, we have failed her. We have failed to make killing unborn children unthinkable. We have failed to expose the culture of death for the evil that it truly is. God have mercy on the women that commit such an atrosity; and God have mercy on us, who so obviously dropped the ball…yet again.

    None are without sin. Granted, not all have sinned by murdering their child…but all have indeed sinned. No one can claim a higher righteousness over another, for even to do that is a sin as well! Can we not give her mercy and forgiveness for her sins, so that we may be given mercy and forgiveness for our own? She is our sister, as is the baby who died. I grieve for them both and pray for our forgiveness and deliverance from the evil that pervades our world. God bless.

  • Absolutely DISGUSTING !!! I hear time and time again more horror stories about PP, for example not reporting suspected or even confirmed cases of child sexual abuse and performing abortions on the kids they know are being abused and never tell the police. In one instance the girl had been held against her will (a ‘missing’ young teen) repeatedly sexually assaulted and was not located for another year by police. Found locked in a space under the stairs.

    Where’s the oversight? Where’s the consequences?

  • RockyMtns

    Seems like this article got hijacked and has moved away from the issue, planned parenthood does not care about a womens health or they would not be performing abortions. They try to promote their agenda but I always say if you follow the money trail you will see the motivation behind the scenes. The directors of Planned Parenthood make millions and protect their agenda to the end. As lond as they can say its not life then they can justify the abortion as a medical procedure. Human life starts at conception and the heart is already forming after four days, watch this amazing video using new ultrasound technology:

  • brosia82

    And they call,this women’s health?????

  • disqus_TSDKY6uRiT

    An empty soul of a nation who treats human life like garbage. No wonder we are in the mess we have now.

  • Jewish Republican

    Oh the irony! This b**ch complains about feeling pain during the “procedure”? What about your unborn baby you heartless witch? Did your now dead child not feel any pain?


    I understand that pregnancy is not an easy thing to deal with. And that there are certain circumstances where it would be difficult to raise a child in. However, killing the child is NOT an acceptable option.

    Growing up adopted or in a poor area and with special needs is MUCH preferable to never experiencing the joys and pains of life.