Mother wins case to kill her disabled daughter

The ethical problems with euthanasia have been detailed at Live Action News extensively. People with disabilities, people suffering from mental illness, people who were just lonely or old but otherwise healthy, even children — all can be euthanized in countries like Belgium and the Netherlands. That’s not good enough for the assisted suicide lobby though, which continues to campaign for the right to kill increasingly more people, from the disabled to the poor.

This slippery slope is now headed for the United States, with cancer patient Brittany Maynard saying she will kill herself on November 1, and until then, is publicly campaigning for pro-suicide organization Compassion & Choices. This is the same group that advocates for people to “voluntary stop eating and drinking” (VSED), even if they aren’t terminally ill, but simply feel “done”.

Two and a half years ago, Dr. Phil advocated for the mercy killing of people with disabilities. Well, Dr. Phil would be happy to know that his dream has now become a reality — one mother successfully petitioned the court to kill her severely disabled daughter.

Nancy Fitzmaurice, born blind with hydrocephalus, meningitis and septicaemia, could not walk, talk, eat or drink, the Mirror reported.

Her health was so poor she required 24-hour care and was fed, watered and medicated by tube at London’s Great Ormand Street Hospital. Her health deteriorated and as she grew she would scream in agony for hours despite being given morphine and ketamine.

Her mother, Charlotte Fitzmaurice Wise, knew the pain her daughter was suffering was too much for the 12-year-old to bear. She deserved to be at peace and had the right to die, knew her heartbroken mother, who had given up work as a nurse to be with her.

…“The light from her eyes is now gone and is replaced with fear and a longing to be at peace.

“Today I am appealing to you for Nancy as I truly believe she has endured enough. For me to say that breaks my heart.

…Her application was granted immediately, setting a precedent. It is the first time a child breathing on her own, not on life support and not suffering a terminal illness has been allowed to die in the UK.

The judge praised Wise for her “love and devotion” towards her daughter… which was shown by her fight to kill Nancy. The judge ruled that she had no quality of life anymore, and therefore, she should be killed by refusing to give her any food or water until she died. It took her 14 days to die. Wise claimed that she wanted to end her daughter’s suffering and give her death with dignity, but she chose to do that by making her daughter suffer a slow, agonizing, painful death. How does that make any sense?

Dehydration is horrible for a person to endure.

The body is about 60 percent water, and under normal conditions, he said, an average person will lose about a quart of water each day by sweating and breathing and another one to three quarts by urinating, he said. In the heat and under more difficult physical conditions, that amount increases, he said.

If it’s not replaced over time and dehydration becomes severe, cells throughout the body will begin to shrink as water moves out of them and into the blood stream, part of the body’s efforts to keep the organs perfused in fluid.

“All the cells will shrink,” Berns said, “but the ones that count are the brain cells. They don’t operate normally when they’re shrinking.” Changes in mental status will follow, including confusion and ultimately coma, he said. As the brain becomes smaller, it takes up less room in the skull and blood vessels connecting it to the inside of the cranium can pull away and rupture.

… Victims’ kidneys may shut down first, Berns said, as they continue to lack access to both water and salt. The kidneys cleanse the blood of waste products which, under normal conditions, are excreted in urine. Without water, blood volume will decline and all the organs will start to fail, he said. Kidney failure will soon lead to disastrous consequences and ultimately death as blood volume continues to fall and waste products that should be eliminated from the body remain.

Dying of starvation is also agonizingly painful.

Various effects from lack of hydration and nutrition, lead ultimately to death — mouth would dry out and become caked or coated with thick material . . . lips would become parched and cracked . . . tongue would swell and might crack . . . eyes would recede back into their orbits and cheeks would become hollow . . . lining of the nose might crack and cause the nose to bleed . . . skin would hang loose on his body and become dry and scaly . . . urine would become highly concentrated; leading to burning of the bladder . . . lining of his stomach would dry out, causing convulsions . . . respiratory tract would dry out into thick secretions that would result in plugging his lungs . . . at some point within 5 days 103 weeks his major organs, including lungs, heart, and brain would give out and he would die . . . extremely painful and uncomfortable . . . cruel and violent.

So to end a person’s supposed suffering — a person who is not terminally ill, is not on any life support, and can breathe on their own — we must make them suffer a slow, painful, horrific death. But only if they’re disabled, apparently.

We don’t treat dogs this way. We don’t execute murderers in such a cruel manner. If a serial killer on death row was executed by forcing them to undergo starvation and dehydration, there would be widespread outrage. But because this girl, a child, is severely disabled, it’s considered acceptable. Putting a bullet in her head would have been kinder, because it at least would have been immediate. But then we can’t tap dance around the fact that what this mother did is murder.

Wise assumes, as many people do, that a person wouldn’t want to live in such a way. But no one knows how her daughter felt about her quality of life and whether or not she wanted to live. No one knows how her daughter felt in those 14 days that she was being starved and dehydrated. And no one cares. Nancy Fitzmaurice was disabled and could not speak, so she was brutally, cruelly murdered, with the permission of her government. And notice that the suffering Wise spoke of repeatedly was her own, not her daughter’s. She couldn’t bear seeing her daughter like that. She was going through “torture” watching her daughter in pain. So she petitioned the court to get permission to force her daughter to die a slow, painful death instead of seeing palliative care.

It’s become appropriate in the United Kingdom to kill a person now because it’s too much of a hassle to keep them alive. It’s legal for parents to murder their children because they’re disabled, because they can’t speak for themselves, because the parent has decided that their lives are not worth living anymore. And we call it death with dignity.

  • Kaitlin

    If she was trying to prevent her daughter’s pain, starvation and dehydration are certainly not going to lead to a painless death! Odd timing, but both of my family’s puppies died last night, one was put down by the vet, and the other died in his sleep later that evening, both with similar symptoms. But even my DOGS died more humanely than this poor girl! Its utterly mortifying to see what this world is coming to! Whether or not you agree with the mother initial request or not, this was NOT a BETTER alternative, she asked for her daughter to die in suffering. Even if she started with good intentions, she destroyed her daughter day by day, until God graciously ended the torture brought upon her by her own mother.

    • Starstorm

      Yeah…she should have had the doctors give her a medication that would kill the pain as she died. That’s what we do with our pets…I don’t really like killing but I don’t want to see people suffer. We don’t like seeing our animals suffer and that’s why there is euthanasia for them when they no longer can live comfortably and no chance to go back to comfortable living. But starving and dehydrating is forcing them to die a slow and painful death…

    • Tylei

      You’re right. Also, the starving children in the poorer parts of the world can vouch for the fact that starving and/or dehydrating to death is actually very painful.

    • Curt L. McGriff Jr.

      Gotta love this argument. How did ‘God’ ‘graciously’ end her torture? By letting her suffer for two weeks? ‘God ‘is good, huh? I thought ‘God’ doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. What if you have no say in what happens to you like Nancy, and you get murdered like her? According to your ‘God’ logic, that’s exactly what he intended for her. If you be live in ‘God’, accept what happens. 14 days to starve and dehydrate isn’t an act of ‘God’ Its biochemistry. Actually, She should have died of dehydration in only a few days. Why not blame ‘God’ for keeping her alive for so long after being taken off life support? He obviously made Nancy suffer longer than she should have. If you are going to blame people for being so cruel, blame your ‘God’ as well. He apparently made us in his image, so he should get credit for all the fucked up shit we do. PEOPLE are the problem. PEOPLE! If your ‘God’ let’s stuff like this happen, I want no part of ‘Him’. PEOPLE make things happen. PEOPLE get results. The fact that the mother and doctor let this happen should make you blame ‘God’ for letting it happen, or you should chalk it up as +1 for the big guy upstairs. Or do like myself and treat people with kindness for the sake of being a good damn person, and accepting the world is a fucked up place, and you can only do so much. Rest in peace Nancy. You deserved much better.

      • Kaitlin

        God didn’t say “Hey sweet girl, I know things are rough right now, but just wait, I’m going to kill you slowly and painfully.” No. That was her mother. Her mother, and her doctor, and the judge, they CHOOSE to kill her. God gives us the power of free will, we are the problem, not him. People sin, God doesn’t. This world is being overrun by the devil, But God already knows that, he told us it would happen. If any non person is to blame, its the devil, it is he who leads us towards cruelty, not God.

        • Susan Fox

          no god didnt make her suffer for 14 days…..he made her suffer for 12 YEARS….no god can be that evil surely….or can he?

          • DJ

            Her mother is the one that chose to keep her alive that long. Please remember that. Remember the talk of all the tubes that kept her alive? This was all mans making. I’m not arguing right or wrong, just the facts. Personally, no, I could not have done what she did by any means but God was not there that day that she decided to kill her daughter. I feel for all involved and trust that no matter the amount of wrong doing, one day she will meet her maker and believe me honey, he’ll do more to her than any of us ever could. :)

          • Susan Fox

            her mother kept her alive because when she was born they probably had hope…..hope that she might recover, hope that she might come home and be a happy child, hope that we all have when things are hard…but it wasnt to be, so where was this god then….did he not give man the knowledge to help people….he gave man hope….if he wanted this child to live she would have without mans help, but it wasnt to be…that would have been the miracle that this family HOPED for

          • Kaitlin

            No actually. God didn’t make her suffer. The devil made her suffer. God didn’t want us to experience anything but perfection in our world. The devil tempted Adam and Eve, thus they sinned, and once sin was created, it began to devour the earth. God allows things to happen, and we don’t always understand the reasoning, but that isn’t the same thing as blindly causing us pain.

    • Terri C

      Just because the article doesn’t mention she was kept comfotable doesnt mean it didnt happen—they would never let someone be tortured for 14 days….what they fail to mention is she would have been given so much morphine (like they give patients in Hospice who are nearing death) that the patient has no sense of what is going on. Trust me, she did not feel hungry or thirsty. My mother died in Hospice and could not eat or drink in her final days, but she was completely comfortable because of the pain meds…she was able to communicate this to me…that she did not feel hungry.

      • Kaitlin

        The point is, the only argument that euthanasia has is that “its humane, and ends suffering. “But as I stated previously, my puppy was treated more humanely at the vets office. And starving and dehydrating this poor girl, created new suffering. How did that help her situation? Some argue that abortion is ok, as long as the baby doesn’t feel pain, does that make it ok? And if morphine could stop her pain before they started starving her and dehydrating her, how in the world did she die peacefully, didn’t her mom argue she couldn’t even live peacefully?

        • Terri C

          My comment had nothing to do with right or wrong, only to reassure those that think she was tortured for 14 days is not necessarily true. The lay audience can only relate to what they “think” not eating or drinking would feel like for 2 weeks to them…but what it would feel like for you or me, is not what it felt like for her. If someone doesn’t work in the medical field they struggle to comprehend that….they made sure she was completely unaware. I’m just trying to help those understand that they did not torture her. I’m not saying whether that is right or wrong.

          • Kaitlin

            I’m sorry if I sounded forceful. My point was mainly meant to question how morphine couldn’t control her pain during her life, but that it could during her final days.

  • waffle_anna

    This is unfathomable.. It hits especially home as I am German and this story sounds exactly like something out of circa 1933, Nazi Germany, where doctors were killing their disabled patients because they were “inconvenient persons”.

    It seems the spirit of Nazism is alive and well in the UK.

    • Tylei

      I agree. I am of German descent, and know practically everything about the Nazi regime and WWII from reading and other research. The mother might THINK that it’s a mercy killing, but it’s really not. Or, it could be that she has tired of spending so much money to keep her alive. But that’s still not a good excuse to kill her own flesh and blood. I know this because I have to take a large variety of medications, and it costs thousands of dollars every one or two months. It has been that was my whole life, but my parents still love me enough to keep me alive and healthy. That’s why.

      • Bethany Munday

        They could at least give her a quick death instead! I mean, what they put that child through is inhumane was probably like torture to the child…reading this made me very angry and sick to my stomach.

      • Susan Fox

        you state yourself you are healthy…you take medications daily to stay that way…you are able to use a computor, go to the bathroom and feed yourself, this child couldnt and never could…..the mother is not spending thousands to keep her alive as we have free health care…so comparing yourself is totally different

        • Tylei

          1) YOU may have free health care, but I’m from the U.S., where health care is NOT free.
          2) Who are you to judge someone you’ve never even met face to face? You can’t just assume things about someone without any evidence about them to back it up.
          3) You misspelled “computer”.

    • Basset_Hound

      You’re correct. That’s how the Nazis desensitized citizens to mass exterminations. They first started by arguing that they were ending the miserable lives of those who were in perpetual suffering and misery. The next step was to brutally silence anyone who would dare stand up and say this was evil.

    • cranemaker

      I remember Mrs Terri Schiavo died this cruelly.

      How horrible for relatives to torture Nancy and Terri to death so slowly by dehydration. Slowly killing any creature so gradually is horrific especially in this case because Terri and Nancy are human. The joint euthanasia of the Verbassems was evil, but nowhere near as cruel.

      Will justice ever be brought to torturing Terri and Nancy? What about others in the Liverpool Care Pathway?

      • WorldGoneCrazy

        I can assure you that justice will indeed be meted out by Terri and Nancy’s Creator:

        “For I the Lord love justice; I hate robbery and wrong; I will faithfully give them their recompense, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them.” Isaiah 61:8

        ‘ “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” ‘ Romans 12:19

        “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28

        “16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.” John 3:16-18

    • Susan Fox

      dont be ridiculous….one seriously ill child to thousands stuck in concentration camps is nothing alike

      • cranemaker

        Genocide and torture are distinct from each other but both are evil for different reasons. Genocide is defined by the volume killed and torture is defined as the intensity of each affected individual’s suffering. Jews died quickly en masse in Auschwitz’ gas chambers. That’s genocide. Torture includes crucifixion, passive dehydration and starvation.

        Recall General Ishii and procedures performed upon his logs for an example when both evils (genocide and torture) converged. Abortion is the other case. Think carefully when comparing evils that turn deadly. Neither torture nor genocide are ever acceptable.

    • patricia

      I don’t think this is at all comparable to the Holocaust, stop using mass genocide to eccentuate your points. To compare this to nazism is disgusting, you should he ashamed of yourself

  • MamaBear

    I am not exactly rushing to die, but as another stage 4 cancer patient put it, “I already have my ticket, just the date hasn’t been stamped on it yet,” so this hits very close to home.
    What this mother did is the kind of thing nightmares are made of. It is one thing to slip into a clearly terminal coma and not be put on any life support or IVs to extend it. Totally different to put a person to death by starving and dehydrating them into that coma. Even murderers are treated better.
    God help us all if this becomes the norm for how we treat our disabled or sick loved ones.

    • Aaron

      In what respect is depriving someone of IVs and feeding tubes when they slip into a coma, resulting in their death from starvation/dehydration, morally different from depriving someone of IVs and feeding tubes before they slip into a coma, resulting in their death from starvation/dehydration?

      In both cases, the moral action seems strongly similar: one is bringing about another’s death through depriving them of the necessary means of life.

      • MamaBear

        When someone is already on life support of some kind, to remove that life support, you need to ask what kind of suffering removal will make. In this case, the girl has a slow painful death. Starvation and dehydration will be painful until her body begins shutting down and goes into a coma. By removing life support you are causing both pain and death.
        Now, suppose someone has already gone into a coma and we know they are terminal. Putting them on life support at that point will not prevent death or pain, but perhaps even drag it out. By not interfering, you are simply allowing natural death.
        Directly causing death and not interfering with inevitable natural death are very different morally.

      • HughJadong

        that is an excellent question aaron. and the obvious answer that it is not. both are wrong!!! the only suffering being relieved in any of the cases we know of is the “suffering” of the survivors.

      • Ace Niles

        Maybe the reason is because morality doesn’t exist and ethics are poorly defined. Ethically someone in coma would not feel /suffer the sameway some one awake would, therefore coma would be considered humane. But again why make someone suffer if they are wanting to die anyway? Make it quick for those who want it.

  • Cassie Wonderalke

    We have passed laws that allow mother’s to terminate their pregnancies. The methods used are barbaric. Why does this surprise anyone? This is the natural path that evil takes. In the very near future this will happen to the inconvenient elderly and disables. We haven’t done any better than the Nazi’s or Lenin and Stalin. We are still as barbaric and murderous as ever. God help us.

    • Delilah Jenks

      You have told the truth!

    • vampamdaz

      Yes the way the daughter was killed was terrible, but she deserved the well needed rest. She lived day in day out crying in pain. Every moment was torture, and she knows nothing of a pain free moment. Letting her detariate until she most likely died of a severely painful cardiac malfunction, brain paloupe, sezure, or even worse a long antagonizing life ending in a moment of the worst pain she ever felt. The child deserved to be free of her torture. To be more than a disabled child with no way if commu ication, happiness, ect. RIP oI hope she finally gets to live a life

      • Kat Wilkinson

        It was approved by the judge to end the suffering of this child. But why 14 days of torture? Even Jesus got to die in 1day. So why not approve a quick painless death and put her to rest? Why would.the mom even consider torture to be in her daughters best interest? I say, starve the mom for even 4 days and see how it affects a healthy adult. Just saying.

        • ArielMalek

          Kat, the problem is not just the horrible way they are ending this child’s life, but the fact that they are doing so. This is murder whatever rationalization and spin they try to put on it. Even if she is suffering, God created her life, and only He has the right and wisdom to know when to take her from this world. When men play God, things like the Holocaust and Communist labor camps happen.

          • jack

            “When men play God, things like the Holocaust and Communist labor camps happen.” The fact that she was still breathing at her age is playing god. Without someone caring for her 247 she would have been dead long before then. If you say it is God’s will to give her life then I suppose God also wanted it to be taken away. Otherwise the child would have been fine. However, I do not like to include things that are not absolute in an argument (God). So I will say it a little different. She was born with a series of unlucky abnormalities and as a result would never live a life worth living. The mother would also be dedicated for life to her daughter. The mother would not be able to do anything with her life again. How do you know that the girl dying is not God’s will anyway?

          • Hank Grossen

            “She was born with a series of unlucky abnormalities and as a result would never live a life worth living” Who are we to declare what makes a life worth living or not? That is a HUGE judgement made on your part. You imply that suffering causes a life be not “worthy” of living. And maybe that seems like a kind or compassionate view of life but it is very skewed. Suffering is a natural part of life, of existence. It is the law of undulation. All life forms endure suffering in some form or another. I’m sure you’ve suffered in some way. I’ve suffered in ways. You then have to make a value of what suffering is fit to endure, and what isn’t. Its a complicated and morally ambiguous stance to argue and I think it’s counter to observable nature.

          • Radwa

            Hank you totally understand life, and I guess Jack’s reply just show he doesn’t… Jack please praise your own suffering and then you will be alive… The problem with the mother is that she will literally die at the day of murdering her daughter, she just doesn’t know it until it happens!

          • Jennifer Saulsbury Miller

            I can’t stand when people speak for God and say things about the divinity of suffering in the same sentence. Again, who do you think a God is? Satan? Who is the creator of all pain and suffering? God? It’s like you people don’t even believe your own religion. You twist is so completely crazy that it doesn’t even make sense. In your opinion, God created a dis functioning and diseased body, filled it with Devine pain and willed that to continue for the goodness of the child suffering and the mother suffering to watch it. Wow! That is crazy.

          • Curt L. McGriff Jr.

            You are absolutely right. Merely waking up and breathing is living. Who needs to communicate, observe the world they live in, love, or even enjoy being awake? At least crying means she isn’t choking, so she is still drawing breath. Life. Pain is beauty right? Suffering is life as you say. If thats the case, this little girl has lived multiple lifetimes with all the pain and suffering she has been through. I am in no way defending the way she was ‘euthanized’. That is absolutely inexcusable and unforgivable. The mother and physicians involved should get the ‘eye for and eye’ treatment. I’m just glad the baby girl is finally at peace.

          • Michael

            Curt; it’s not a judgement to say her life is worth living. Every human life is worth living because we have an inherent dignity–it’s called natural law. We find it intolerable to kill animals because we recognize beauty in life–how much more valuable is human life?! If you say 2+2=5 and I say, you’re wrong, it’s 4–I’m not judging you; you’re just mistaken in matters of mathematical truth. There are moral truths. People should never be raped. People should never be killed, etc. You are judging how much she suffered when in fact you, nor anyone can ever know how she lived so who is anyone to tell her that her life is not worth living. Why are people deciding the fates of others? “The way” people are euthanized has no factor (absolutely none) in deciding whether it’s wrong or right. One method may be more grotesque than another, but the means never justify the end. What that means is that if an end is wrong (in this case, murder of an innocent person) then it’s always wrong–It doesn’t matter if the means differ (using a gun, starvation, etc). That’s a very simple philosophical truth.

          • Emily

            You can not declare what is the ‘philosophical truth’ by determining it with your own opinion. How js everyones life wotth living when you are unable to communicate which is a natural human need? If you are suffering in so much pain two of the strongest painkillers would not stop it there is a problem. If it was Gods will to keep her alive why would she have died at birth in the 1700s? The was she died was disgusting and should never be done to any living person, but being able to do nothing but sit in agonising pain and not be able to feed your self is not dignity in anyway. I agree there are moral truths but euthanasia is not in that category or you would not have someone arguing against you, our society determines the moral truths and if this was a rape or murderer you would be no one arguing against you because you so you can not say that this is a moral truth or not you are simply stating your own opinion and that is all

          • Ace Niles

            You state this…. Law…… It’s not even a real thing to be taken at literal, and not for every person on this planet nonnone the less

          • Elaine Lukawski

            sorry Hank’s comment was not passing any kind of judgment it’s a comment

          • Ace Niles

            In nature she is dead. Plain and simple. Buy science allowed her to live, and she and her mother suffered for that reason. The kid would’ve died 100 years ago, and another 100 years we will have ways to prevent and alter the genes of people to stop this from causing harm. But overall only the method of this poor girls end is what should be frowned on and changed. Starving and dehydration are just sick ways to end someone who already was having a hard time.

          • Kellsey

            So babies that need constant attention and love and affection and to be fed and kept hydrated and to be cared for all together to make sure they keep living all should just die because they can’t take care of themsleves? If that were the case all of us would’ve been dead a long time ago. It WAS Gods will for this child to live and to be cared for. That is the sole purpose of every humans life, to pro create. God’s plan was for this woman to become pregnant and take care of her BLESSING.

          • ali

            You didnt read the same article. She was in agonizing pain. Adding your God to this is getting ridiculous. If your God had her way, that child would have died early on.Science (which you’re clearly against with all the bible talk) kept her alive. Your approach insinuates that you would not like medical assistance when you need it.

          • Kellsey

            I assure you I read the same article. Clearly. Everyone has the right to be entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. Before you make accusations about me, because I believe in God doesn’t in any way shape or form mean I don’t “believe” in science. Idk where you picked up that because I believe in God that I wouldn’t want medical assistance if and when necessary. Anyways back to the REAL ISSUE, who are you to say God would’ve taken her early on? He CLEARLY didn’t so your observation isninvalid. And idk if you read the same article because science did not have a role in keeping her alive, only in killing her. As you said yourself “her mother was forced to live her life caring for her 24/7” not science, her mother was keeping her alive. I find it horrible and disturbing that she lived in such agonizing pain as the mother described. It would be hard and idk how I’d ever make it through but MY opinion, I would never take the route she did. I would care for my child making her as comfortable as possible day and night 25/8 so to speak I would give my all just as that mother did, only difference is I would never give up. I think I’ve stated my beliefs upon this horrendous situation so I’m done with this conversation, everyone have a wonderful day!

          • Laura B80

            Science did keep her alive through medical surgical intervention called a feeding tube. Not to mention the scientifically engineered ‘food’ that she ate through her feeding tube. The food is made in a lab.

          • Kellsey

            Science wasn’t sitting in a chair next to her feeding her bathing her changing her loving her talking to her giving birth to her. No, a human was. And let’s stay on topic and not get into where the food was and is made.

          • shellylee

            This childs mother loved her and tended to her childs needs around the clock for 12 yrs. The mother is the only petdon here who knows exactly what her own baby was going through. Obviously medical experts were consulted before this decision was made. Until you or I are in this mothers situation you should not judge.

          • Ace Niles

            You are right. Science wasn’t next to her, because it’s a term.

          • Ace Niles

            God is not an active participator in life. Just putting that out there. Look at Africa, where is your God there to help people? Hell, the Catholic Pope said god is not magic and is not a participator in our lives. Read and learn the bible and understand God’s willwill.

          • Kellsey

            Um, for the second time I can assure I did read the article. What I can also assure you is didn’t read anything other than the first sentence of your argument. Have fun believing you’re right. Whatever helps you sleep at night. May this VICTIM OF MURDER rest in heaven ♡

          • Jake Scantland

            Who are you to say what Gods will is?

          • Kellsey

            Um sorry to burst your knowledgless bubble, but God did when he put her on this earth. Read up before you come to me with something you clearly know nothing about.

          • Jennifer Saulsbury Miller

            Uhm, last I understood, man is the procreator. Procreation was given to mankind. Thus, sexual intercourse creates life on earth, which soul is supplied by God. Which is why, unfortunately, rape and sexual abuse result in human life, as despicable as these things are in God’s sight.

          • Ashley Camp

            God’s will is clearly stated in His holy word. His “will” is that we not murder each other. I don’t find any exceptions in scripture. Disagree as you will, but every knee will bow, and any negativity toward the one true God, Father, son and holy spirit, will not shake me. <3 What happened to this child is horrible.

          • Jennifer Dixon

            I amm appauled and disgusted! I have a17 yr old severly handicapped son also and to think of doing that makes me sick who is the judge to say what her quality of life is theres only1 true judge and he has the final say and this judge and this childs mother will b held accountable! How do u b inhuman and starve ur child and dehydrate them and watch them suffer more than before it takes a very sick individual she had a purpose and if God wanted her dead he wouldve took her its not our job to do his job and that child was loaned to her by God and she took her life wow!

          • Donella Adams

            Pfftt…have you read the bible? There are exceptions to that rule all over in you book.

          • God has no place for her in heaven, don’t you read your bible?

          • Jennifer Saulsbury Miller

            Wow. Hi, nice to shake hands with you, what did you say your name was again? Oh, God? Yeah, wow, fancy meeting you in an internet thread. (Yep, sarcasm. You, a mortal, have no clue what God will judge of this woman. Unless I didn’t get the memo and you took His job. If that’s the case,a dress please. I need to know where to direct my prayers from now on. An email address will do as well. I assume you are a “newish age God” since you are here)

          • stiltz

            God has no place for who in Heaven? Where does it saythat in the Bible?

          • Jennifer Saulsbury Miller

            God killed His own son. As sure as He led him to it and did nothing to prevent it and had for – knowledge of it. And He did so for the suffering of others, you and I. Maybe want to understand that in this context, both spiritually and literally! Just saying.

          • Ace Niles

            No just the Jews are allowed to butcher and god can cause genocide…….. Get real the bible talks about murder slavery and much more dark and taboo subjects in a positive way.

          • Lorna

            First of all you are entitled to your belief in God, but you are not entitled to use it to decide whether people live in agony or are allowed to die. (Though doesn’t the Bible say “there is a time to kill”?). Using science to keep a person alive but in agony for the rest of their existence is utterly barbaric. However the way this girl was killed is barbaric. She should have been killed in a painless way.

          • Alexandra Clarke

            Um I’m sorry but do you really think that girl would have reproduced??? Who in their right mind would take advantage of her like that and what makes you think she could have taken care of a child

          • Kellsey

            I’m talking about the mother, hun.

          • Alexandra Clarke

            But you said the sole purpose of every human’s life is to pro create

          • Kellsey

            Wow you are twisted in the head. Literally. I’m sure God would make an exception for someone physically enable to do so. Get real stop talking just to hear yourself.

          • Ace Niles

            Where in the bible does it have the meaning of life? Have you been reading the Qur’an instead…..

          • sophie

            that is literally the stupidest reasoning. babies need constant attention for a short period of time and they grow and develop and are able to look after themselves as they get older. so how on earth is that the same thing? nancy’s condition didnt change. everyone needs to stop bleating on about god and how this mother is awful. if god is responsible he’s bit of a dick. i can understand ‘testing’ us with suffering but what poor nancy and her family had to endue day in and day out is unimaginable. and stop thinking about how YOU feel as an outsider. think about how you’d feel if you were nancy or her family. this wasn’t your decision and it really doesnt impact your lives so butt out.

          • Guest

            I assure you I read the same article. Clearly. Everyone has the right to be entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. Before you make accusations about me, because I believe in God doesn’t in any way shape or form mean I don’t “believe” in science. Idk where you picked up that because I believe in God that I wouldn’t want medical assistance if and when necessary. Anyways back to the REAL ISSUE, who are you to say God would’ve taken her early on? He CLEARLY didn’t so your observation isninvalid. And idk if you read the same article because science did not have a role in keeping her alive, only in killing her. As you said yourself “her mother was forced to live her life caring for her 24/7” not science, her mother was keeping her alive. I find it horrible and disturbing that she lived in such agonizing pain as the mother described. It would be hard and idk how I’d ever make it through but MY opinion, I would never take the route she did. I would care for my child making her as comfortable as possible day and night 25/8 so to speak I would give my all just as that mother did, only difference is I would never give up. I think I’ve stated my beliefs upon this horrendous situation so I’m done with this conversation, everyone have a wonderful day!

          • Mymsie

            Actually, science did keep her alive. She was tube fed which means she had to have her stomach surgically altered in order to pump food and water into her stomach.

            My youngest child is tube fed, is non – verbal, cannot walk or sit in his own. He communicated in his own way. He is snuggly and loves to laugh. There are times, however, when his seizure activity is so severe that he cannot sleep for days and he stares like a zombie. He moans and whimpers and cries. If you have ever been sleep deprived, you know how bad it can be. Nothing calms him, nothing soothes him. He no longer smiles, he is not ‘present’ and won’t make eye contact. He is miserable. I could never let it remain that way for him. 2 days at a time is bad enough. If it was like that all of the time, I honestly don’t know what I would do. Letting him suffer would be so cruel. I would try everything I could first but if nothing helped him, I can’t say I wouldn’t be tempted to stop it for him.

          • Laura Bonen

            But you wouldn’t starve him for 2 weeks, would you?

          • Susan Fox

            you my love sound like a devoted lovely mum who can admit how hard it is and be truthful about your situation….until people walk in your shoes they have no right to say what is right or wrong…one of the hardest things in life is to watch your own child suffer….heartbreaking x

          • Tullia_Ciceronis

            However, you aren’t your son. My little sister is in a lot of pain, but is verbal and communicates a desire to live. You don’t know what your son wants, so don’t make an unalterable decision for him.

          • Jessie B.

            I would like to ask you to please spend one month pretending you have no way to communicate what you want to other people from even the most simple to the most complex things; that you can’t form conversational sentences even just to talk to YOURSELF; that you can’t get medicine when you’re in pain by yourself, that you can’t shower yourself or brush your teeth, and then see what you think about how substantially being unable to speak or do things for yourself affects your quality of life.

            I’d be losing it after about two days.

          • Tullia_Ciceronis

            That’s you. I know some people with quadripologia that still think that their lives are worth living. I would find life completely paralyzed from the neck down to be unbearable, but they don’t. Ableism is assuming that someone’s life is not worth living because it is much harder than yours is.

          • Jessie B.

            (( )) I hear you. Unfortunately, if you do anything about it, though it would break your heart to do it, so that at least the rest of your family can go on to enjoy a somewhat normal, productive life that doesn’t revolve around your son’s tragic disability, you would be considered a felon in all 50 states. It’s hard enough to contemplate doing without having no avenue for making a case that it needs to be done. It’s hard enough to be the mother or father standing up having to make that case, without not even having the choice. I can’t imagine much hurting more than seeing not only the end of your child’s life, but having to be the person actually asking for it…but not all quality of life is worth living. The option has to be there.

          • Tullia_Ciceronis

            So, you support giving parents the power to murder their disabled children in the name of mercy? As a disabled woman and as a sister to a severely disabled woman, I find that absolutely terrifying. It is tyranny in the guise of compassion. Check your able-bodied privilege.

          • Donella Adams

            science was keeping her alive, she was fed through feeding tubes (not a natural way to eat).

          • Dawn Marie Kwiatkowski

            wow what is wrong with you people ? my son is 4 he has a G-tube tube feeds . and no it may not be natural but that gives no one the right to kill some one and that is what this mother did she did not want to do her job as a mother and killed he daughter and not just that but did it in a nasty very upsetting way !!! my son don’t walk or talk or eat food on his own but he is a happy baby and I bet if that mother did her job as a parent that child would have grown up to be ok but she faild as a mother and that is a fact and for the government to give the ok on this shit is nuts there are people fighting for are country every day and dyeing every day and here we are killing people crazy and just sad I will pray for this mother may God have mercy on her soul !!!!!! bless this little girl she is with the lord now :(

          • abi

            Oh Dawn, you clearly haven’t read the article. Your son may be very happy and i’m sure you are a very good mother, but Nancy was in pain every single day. Would you just sit back and watch your son scream out in pain constantly even after taking the strongest pain killers the medics could give him? This has nothing to do with people fighting for our country. And i’m sure Nancy’s mother or the judge didn’t take this decision lightly, it was a last resort to put the poor girl out of pain.

          • Sabrina Asencio

            Excuse my language, but fuck you for saying “she failed as a mother.” You have NO right. That woman gave up everything for her child. And in the end, she made the BEST decision for her child. NO ONE wants to live in constant, agonizing pain. My aunt works as a CNA. One of her residents had a very rare, incurable disease. Near the end of her life she was in constant pain, all she did was cry and moan and scream. Her legs were useless. She couldn’t even feed herself. Every single day she would beg the nurses to kill her because the pain was too much to her. But she couldn’t because of the bullshit laws. Screw your God. If he’s so great why the hell is our world shit, riddled with pain and disease and pure evil? That mother did what was best for her daughter. No, I do not agree with the starvation and dehydration. There are much more humane ways to end a life. I do agree with her choice to end HER OWN CHILDS pain and suffering.

          • Nigel

            I totally agree with what your saying , but why do you not think the Father may have been involved in making the decision also ?

          • judgmentiscruel

            Just because your son can’t do those things doesn’t mean it is the same. Is he in noticeable pain 24/7? She did all that she could do for her child by being there with her, loving her. She didn’t GET to do all the things she should have, she had to leave it up to medical professionals. Can you imagine what that must be like? No because you get to do those things and don’t have to sit in a hospital room sharing your with a bunch of people you wouldn’t know had it not been for the daughter being sick. She has watched her daughter suffer for 12 years with no signs of getting better. This wasn’t for her. She wanted the pain to stop and her daughter to be at peace which I seriously doubt she could have done not being able to experience the wonderful things life has to offer. I don’t agree with the way it was done that is the evil part and I’m sure the mother didn’t choose how. but the mother wasn’t being selfish. She will live with the fact that the no longer has her daughter by her side and she knew that when she chose to end her suffering.

          • Alyssa Rogers

            Maybe the purpose of this child’s life was even possibly for that mother to learn to be more selfless.
            Oh no she can’t work and go for cocktails and whatever? The point of life is love. You are meant to care for the blessing you are given. They say this “God” fellow only gives you what you can handle.
            I’d rather spend everyday of my life trying and praying to make my baby girl comfortable than torture her.
            This mother needed to learn how to care, truly care and truly love something outside of herself. Her ego.
            But than again… Look at the egotistical world we live in. Poor Nancy didnt have a chance.
            It’s the way it was brought about that is so heartless and heart wrenching..
            And the fact that a single person can agree to torture shows a lack of love and compassion. The main things this damned world needs.

          • My Info

            Do you have any disabled children? You have no idea what this woman’s life was like or her daughter’s life.

          • Naomi

            I have 2 disabled children and I feel so blessed. Both are tube fed and are in wheel chairs. They can not talk and are totally dependent on me and my husband. They have had a lot of pain and been through a lot of surgeries but they also can smile and laugh. My whole life is devoted to Tommy and Mindy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Before I had Tommy, now 19 and Mindy, now 17 I felt empty and like I hadn’t found my calling, then after the shock and all the emotions that go with what I was up agents, I realized God’s plain for me and I feel the most fulfilled caring for the most precious, Innocent, children in the world. Do unto others as you would have them to do to you. I would want love so I give love, not death.

          • Mjjmlover

            That’s your calling not hers.

          • Orjela Selenica

            This made me cry! God bless you!

          • Jezz Burn

            This is so unfair. Maybe your invited you all intoto this cconversation to learn.
            Its not about the kid being g disabled, its aboutthe kids life. It was pain. Solely pain. That’s the point. Thus mother did not get to love her child like you so righteously love yours. There was no smiles no laughs. Nothing but pain.
            Pain that was brought upon the child by the doctors and technology, by people like you quite frankly. This child was a science experiment that failed. Nature (god) had different intentions, humans played around with life.

            Most importantly… This is about pain.. Not disability. Not even children. Pain.

            You All really think about that. Think. All that pain. Only there because they didn’t let nature take its course. You hopelessly just stuck in a world of indescribably pain. Nothing else but pain and time. Pain you couldn’t imagine. Some call that hell. I call it hell on earth.
            How would you feel?

          • james

            How sad. You must really have had something bad happen.

          • Jezz Burn

            Well done, you now understand.

          • Free bird

            Some are just hateful!

          • Bryan Arender

            Free bird it is amazing to me that when we give atheist feedback and they cant dispute us they resort to name calling

          • Free bird

            Sometimes I get tired of the names ! But I Pray so much for these Atheist ! Thank you for being Kind ! Talk to you later !

          • Tullia_Ciceronis

            My little sister is in a lot of pain but commicates a desire to live. We don’t know what this little girl wanted, her mother forced death on her.

          • Leigh

            TY, so much for sharing this. I’m in almost identical situation w/ one and I’ve worked w/ many other children/adult’s like our’s. You said perfectly what I think and feel. God Bless :-)

          • Melissa Haggith

            “I have….,I feel…,I wouldn’t…,I had…,I felt…, I hadn’t…., I realized…., I feel….,I would want….,I give….I I I I…..!!

          • james

            How wonderful it is to hear from someone why truly understands the situation personally and continues to share your love and Gods love to your two wonderful children. Be at peace “God loves you all” and your reward is coming. God bless you and yours. I’ll be praying for you. Jim

          • Free bird

            Amen !!! Never change !!!!May God bless you and your family !!!

          • Susan Fox

            and what happens when you are elderly or even die and there is no one to care for your children…a home, carers, what then….everyone needs to think about the big picture.

          • Nichola Briggs

            At least you got to care for your children. Nancy lived her life in hospital with 24hr care. This child didn’t have moments of pain she just had pain period. She had no smiles or laughter or anything else except pain. I am sure you would not want your child to live like that even if they weren’t disabled.

          • Leigh

            I do.

          • Leigh

            I do, and I agree w/ Alyssa.

          • Alice Mortlock

            That is so horrible to kill your own daughter it’s just nasty crule

          • Alyssa Rogers

            You have no idea either.
            Personally my child with disability? No. But many of the closest people to me are which is in fact why I feel strongly about this and needed to make my views heard. Their lives are valuable. and they can’t be heard. It’s tragic.

          • Beskulmo

            Well, I certainly have no idea what is like to murder my child.

          • Williamdrago

            I’ve taken care of these people, but I’m opposed to the manner the girl was killed, we put pets to sleep, we don’t starve them for two weeks, are not children more important than pets?

          • Megan

            By letting her live, you are torturing her. You’re right, she didn’t have a chance, but because of the way she was born, not because her mother allowed an end to her suffering.

          • Mjjmlover

            I bet you are pro choice too

          • Alyssa Rogers

            Actually- I’m very pro-life.
            I’m for life in general, new life, long life, natural life.

          • Theresa Easley

            Pro-choice? I would say she’s more pro-life.

          • Susan

            I would be curious Alyssa – do you have a child? A disabled child? Do you know what that child went through or what the mother went through?

          • Leigh

            I do! I completey disagree w/ you.

          • Leigh

            Anyone who can read can find out that starvation from food and water is said to be the worst way one can die. People should read some of the nurses account’s of watching Terri Schiavo (sp?) die.The most cruel thing a judge and doctor’s could have done to a person. I agreed w/ what you had to say and am passionate about this issue.I wanted to share some of my experience w/ you. If you’re interested I just posted it. :-)

          • Debbie Richmond

            Easy to say when we aren’t the ones isolated and consumed by what’s happening in these families lives 24/7 365 days a year.

          • Sara Loverock

            Your own ego is astonishing

          • Nigel

            Torture?? really. you haven’t got a clue about assisted dying have you?
            How have you the nerve to patronise the parents of this child? “this God fellow” doesn’t exist and so doesn’t give anybody anything but yet has been and continues to be the cause of so much suffering, pain, hatred and abuse. You have no right to judge anybody, If I were reading this as one of the parents who have had to make this awful decision I would be suing you for defamation of character.

          • Theresa Easley

            You are being judgmental yourself. Just because you say God doesn’t exist doesn’t make it so. Suing? Just because she expressed an opinion? You are hilarious.

          • Nigel

            Expressed an opinion publicly to potentially millions of readers. You’re right , just because I say God doesn’t exist doesn’t make it so, the fact that there is no God makes it so. Just because people believe and have faith in a fictitious character doesn’t give them the right to use this to judge others, neither does it give them the right to wage war on others.

          • Free bird

            YOU HAVE NO CHARACTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day you will face the God you rejected !!!!!! Good LUCK !!

          • Nigel

            You obviously have mental health issues, it’s people like you that start wars. I won’t face the god I rejected because there is no such thing. get over yourself. The biggest evil on this planet is religion, it has and continues to cause pain misery and abuse to millions of people.

          • Free bird

            May the Holy Spirit Open your eyes ,ears , understanding And your heart to the TRUTH !! In time for you to be saves !! Remember God loves you !!

          • Nigel

            Sorry but I never trust a person
            who can clear their conscience of any immoral act by asking
            forgiveness from their imaginary friend. Therefore although I fully respect your right to have a belief , I find your judgement of others based on that belief to be quite disturbing and as it has an impact on others , morally wrong.

          • Jinx

            expressing opinions to millions some of whom are sure you’re just blowing hot air is what politicians do all day.
            I respect that you have your own opinions but just because you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be atheists too

          • Gary Gayisok Whiteman

            This Christian agrees with you.

          • Cathy F

            You realize that it is because of the church we have healthcare and education to begin with? Try studying some history. Of course the church is not perfect, but that is because people are imperfect. Having a moral code that tells you to love your neighbor and a devotion that helps you be unselfish enough to do so it not a bad thing. It is also amazing how many ‘fraudulent’ miracles have occurred that no atheist can disprove. Try looking up verifiable miracles some time or the appearance of Mary over a Coptic church in Egypt. It’s obviously a fraud that the church-burning government covered up. Or maybe they cut power to the city because they couldn’t be bothered to investigate? Ask any Christian if they have felt God’s presence or had a prayer ignored? I know I have had thousands upon thousands of requests. Also, while I don’t believe Muslims have the fullness of truth, there is one universal God who hears and answers their call as well.

          • Nigel

            Having children is totally selfish, they don’t exist before conception therefore you can only be doing it for yourself. These parents acted in a totally selfless way, Their daughters suffering was ended, theirs will last them until the end off their days. Dehydration and starvation are not a painful torturous way of dying and for you to say that they tortured their daughter just shows your ignorance on the matter.

          • Theresa Easley

            Are u nuts? It is absolutely a torturous way.

          • Jinx

            please explain to me how starving someone is merciful
            3/4 of the human body (even a disabled human) is water if you take that away the brain shrinks the kidneys fail the heart slows
            have you ever been hungry? can you imagine feeling that sharp ache in your stomach for two weeks?

          • Gary Gayisok Whiteman

            As a person who cared for both his mother and aunt during their last days, the discomfort doesn’t last that long – they’re pretty much out of it within 4 or 5 days.

          • Jinx

            and I suppose you’re a psychic and could tell exactly how they were feeling? you could tell that they weren’t in pain?

          • Gary Gayisok Whiteman

            Not psychic – just familiar with the physiology involved. Once the organs start failing and the brain dehydrates to a certain point, all neural activity drops off sharply. A grossly obese person who has more fluid in their body might take a bit longer, but not more than another day or two.

          • And 4 to 5 days is a reasonable amount of time to suffer?

          • Mr. G.

            I don’t think anyone should be required by someone else to suffer for a particular length of time or degree of suffering.

          • Nigel, how do you know? How many times have you died via dehydration?

          • Nigel

            I researched it in depth when my step father was dying and was allowed to dehydrate and starve. obviously I had concerns and so rather than listen to uneducated judgemental idiots spouting their crap i researched it fully. My Stepfather had spent 3 years in a near vegetative state living in his flat not knowing what day it was or who was visiting him. 4 to 5 days in a hospice being cared for and allowed to die peacefully and pain free was a merciful and pleasant end to his life. Any more stupid questions ?

          • I wouldn’t say my question was all that stupid. I can appreciate that you did some research, but my point was “how does anyone really know?” My being an “uneducated judgmental idiot” status comes from over 20 years worth of experience in such matters. I lost count long ago of how many long, drawn-out dehydration deaths I have witnessed. A couple of my own elders passed that way as well. From what I have seen, some people are downright miserable for awhile, and others appear very peaceful. But once they reach the phase where their brain function prevents them from communicating by any means possible or showing possible signs of discomfort, how do we really know? Nobody has ever died in such a manner and lived to tell about it.

          • iscream2478

            Really, why do you assume she even wanted to go out for cocktails?? As for work, she worked for 12 years taking care of her child. And worked harder than the vast majority of people with paying jobs. She gave 12 years of her life for this child and could no longer bear to watch her child in constant pain. It seems to me that she was very selfless. Who are you to judge?

          • james

            You are right.

          • Jessie B.

            Do you have any idea what it’s like to worry every day from the time you realize how sick your child is what the world is going to do to her when you’re no longer here to protect her?

            The possibility of rape, becoming pregnant without knowing why to a child she has no idea how to raise, people abusing her and your not being there to stop it, homelessness, being that person everyone moves away from on mass transit because they don’t understand, being dirty and unable to clean herself?

          • Leigh

            I’d like to add to what you’ve said by pointing out that many parent’s who reach a point where they can’t or don’t want to care for their child any longer have them placed in specialized group homes and visit them. Other’s can get private or government provided home health care. As I said in my earlier post I’ve worked w/ mentally and physically disabled children and adult’s since I became an adult. I’ve seen suffering and joy in the person. Ihate when people say they have a poor quality of life. The people usually nothing about the person.There are many I’ve worked w/ who use wheelchair’s are tube fed,mentally retarded etc. and are content w/ their live’s, even though they often suffer. One precious disabled young man from our program, we call him Elvis, bc he listen’s to Elvis w/ hid dad and give’s regular performances for us. :-) He and his family have had many struggle’s, but like most of those in our program and other’s I’ve know who were suffering he is one of the happiest people.He’s developed cancer now and is having a harder time than usual. Still when you visit him he alway’s muster’s some smile’s. He make’s video update’s and send’s them to the center. He leave’s out the pain, vomiting etc. I’ve seen a lot of pain and a lot of joy in these year’s. I’ve seen many pass on and that’s been hard. Still, I’ve never seen more smile’s,love,strength or better attitudes from anyone, anywhere than w/ these people I’ve been blessed to know. I certainly don’t see what I do there out in the ‘real world’ around people who claim to have a “good quality of life”. I do see a lot of sad, rushed, frazzled, tired, & rude and hateful people. Maybe we should remove some of them from the mainstream. No human should ever decide whether another’s life is worth living.God Bless

          • Free bird

            Amen !!! Never stop caring !!!!!!!

          • Sara Loverock

            You can’t possibly say that you would never give up, until you’ve experienced caring for a child in the same situation. How very ignorant of you to assume that.

          • judgmentiscruel

            Yes he would have taken her early on, without medical help she would have died of starvation not being able to feed herself. I believe he intended for her to go home to him at a young age but then came medical and scientific interference. How do you think the meds and tubes and everything were discovered? BY DOING SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS!

          • Ian Harbison

            If someone is on fire, slowly burning to death in agony and there is nothing around to retard the flames (think napalm) and all you have is a gun loaded with one round, would you not be merciful and put him out of his misery? Or is that murder?

          • Anorien

            The kid wasn’t dying. What part of that do you not get? She was still alive, she wasn’t terminally ill. And the agony of what the shitstick mother did is worse than anything she was going through in life.

          • james

            You are spot on. God says He will reward those who care for the sick and downtrodden not those who murder. Thanks for speaking out.

          • Free bird

            I agree with you !!!

          • Nichola Briggs

            This child was in hospital tube fed she wasn’t allowed home and her care was mostly given by nurses!!! You can go down whatever route is right for you, Nancy’s mum did what she felt was right for her child. I bet if you were the one in constant agonizing pain that couldn’t be relieved by the strongest available pain meds you would wish for death but because it was a child who couldn’t talk or communicate her feelings across the mother is a murderer? I don’t think so fool..

          • Kellsey

            Hypocrite. No wonder your going along with murderers. Im aware that not everyone csn pro create, thats why those certain people adopt and find other ways. As I SAID so babies should just be able to walk up and get milk and take care of themselves? That’s what your saying because apparently your the judge of how long it takes for a person to grow and develop and they have a time limit and if they don’t meet that time limit they should just die? Reality check everyone is different (clearly) and that’s not and never has been the way this world has worked. Do you know how many people are mentally disabled? How many parents face this with their BLESSING and would never think once to end there child’s life. Selfless act my ass. Weak and selfish that woman is a coward and a fake pathetic excuse of a human. Take care.

          • sophie

            i don’t see how I’m a hypocrite. your argument was that babies should be left to die because they need constant care. and I’m saying that that comparison was completely stupid. yes each person is different develops at different rates BUT, what i’m saying is normally people grow and at a certain age they are (typically) able to look after themselves and are able to ask for food or water or get to a stage where they can get it themselves. I’m not saying if a 5 year old can’t use the toilet kill them. that argument would be along the same lines as your stupidity. what I’m saying in rebuttal to your first argument was that nancy didnt have this opportunity. yes there are other people out there with disabilities who are able to lead relatively normal and happy lives, but nancy didnt have that. to be honest if you fought for your child to live when you knew they were in constant agony i would say youre the fake and selfish parent

          • Christine

            Really? Our only purpose in life is to pro create??? No. That is not our purpose. That is your opinion. what your saying is ridiculous. No babies cant take care of themselves. But obviously this child would have NEVER been able to care for a child of her own. She couldn’t walk or talk. How the hell was she supposed to take care of a child of her own? It was wrong the way they killed her. On the other hand, this child couldnt even communicate. How could she ever be happy? Please explain this to me. Because she COULDNT be happy. She would never love a man or laugh at a joke. I dont think it was wrong to put this poor kid out of her misery. Which obviously she was in misery if she screamed for hours on end in pain. Dont bring god into this. If god wanted her to live then he was so very cruel to put her in that kind of emotional and physical pain. Stop with all of your god crap people. Keep that to yourselves. And take your edited versions of a fiction book (the bible) as your own beliefs. This mother did what any mother would have done, tried to make her daughter happy. And this was just the only way. Though I wouldnt have chose to starve and dehydrate her. That was harsh and extreme

          • shana

            Who is anyone to say what this child was feeling? Maybe she cried out but maybe the cry was just a noise she made. If she couldn’t communicate as we do then who are we to say if she was happy or not. The quality of life cannot be measured by another. You are not the family nor the child so we have no idea what they felt all we are certain about are our own views on life and what makes the quality of our own lives. This child may have suffered during life all the way to the end but regardless of how anyone feels what is done is done. It is unfortunate what happened all the way around but no argument will bring this child back or sway anyone’s opinion of what happened.

          • Nick88999

            Just a noise that she made?? Lol wow. She was under 24 hour watch by medical professionals since her birth, so i’m sure that with today’s medical advancements (and also common sense), they can tell that she’s suffering and that those are screams of agony, hence the reason that they would give her morphine and ketamine on the daily to try and relieve the pain. Stop thinking with your emotions and use some logic for once.

          • Kellsey

            Don’t manipulate my words dear. Last thing you want to do I promise you that you look stupid as all hell. And I will being up God if I choose to. Focus on me and my opinion of God and this situation instead of the REAL ISSUE which is INHUMANE MURDER OF AN INNOCENT SOUL! As for your argument I read two sentsentences (accidentally) So I had to respond. But whatever helps you sleep at night. May this innocent VICTIM OF MURDER Rest in Heaven ♡

          • Ace Niles

            Souls are fiction. Also babies can swallow and process for naturally, this child could not. Stop projecting your god onto others and maybe you’ll finally understand your bible. Also, you don’t understand how people with disabilities feel and you can never understand the want of someone who wants to die. Murder, manslaughter, and suicide ate different and should not be mistaken as the other. The mother was wrong on the way to end the suffering of a person but that’s it. Morals do not exist, only ethics.

          • kady

            I’m just curious here…..so if some of you believe that it’s ok to terminate your child’s life due to a disability then my question is this? Why did you not abort the child before birth or better yet take birth control to keep it from happening. It’s a risk every woman takes when you decide to have sex. You usually get pregnant right? Then there is always a chance of birth defects or disabilities. So if your not strong enough or willing enough to handle it then stay on a contraceptive and don’t have children. They are living breathing human beings. We can’t throw out the “damaged” ones. There are too many people in the world willing to adopt a baby with disabilities. If you can’t handle it give them to someone who can and will give their own life for your child.

          • Ace Niles

            Some things are not known til birth, the way this child was killed (inhumanely) is horrid. And as for adoption vs death. There is nothing wrong with death.

          • Christy Whitaker

            God made us!! Forget science!!! I’m blown away by these comments!!! What’s it matter if we as Christians want to put God in what we say!!! God will be her judge not you or anyone else!!! You all think u know so much but when it comes right down to it, its God that that has the last say in the matter. God kepted this Lil person alive!!! Don’t judge lest you be judged!!! You don’t know what u would do if u was in this situation, so easy to say one thing but do another!!! Remember no one is perfect besides Jesus!!! We should be praying for the family & praying for others in situations like this!! Life is not easy & I thank the Lord I have him to rely on!!! We are nothing without God!!!!

          • Nick88999

            lol forget science? how much more ignorant can you get… That’s just like driving straight towards a brick wall, but saying “forget physics, I truly have faith that this wall is not truly there”.

          • macca


          • randomer

            Forget science? Really? Science is the reason such advancements in medicine such as feed tubes which kept this girl alive exist today. The fact is this girl wasn’t able to eat and drink by herself. If she didn’t get the feeding tubes and was left to God she’d have died, unable to eat or drink. Fact. I respect your interpretations of religion and it’s fine what you believe in, but when you think about it, when science plays a huge part in this kind of story, it’s kind of hard to conveniently forget science exists. It’s most of the reason this child lived to 12 years old. Fact.

          • Eric Marsh

            From what I can see there is no god.

          • DANZIG

            gods decision was obviously not to “kepted this Lil person” alive hence their death

          • shanna

            And that’s the problem with the world today!

          • Free bird

            One day you will the very one you rejected !

          • Ace Niles

            Make sense or go away, read what you said and cortically think about what you said, is that really the Christian way? (If you think it is then you at least know your god)

          • Free bird

            Sorry I am bad at typing !! I believe that God created life ! And in the end I believe the we will see our creator ! Both Christians and non christians ! Again sorry !

          • HarryB

            STUPID HIPPY

          • Mjjmlover

            You are so delusional and sound psycho

          • Bryan

            Kellsey, I sincerely hope that you nor anyone you love have a long and painful death. I hope to live in a world that if I am in constant pain and decide that I no longer wish to live, I can take a pill or push a button to end my own life. This girl does not have the mental or physical ability to communicate such a wish, so her mother made the best judgement call she could. The means to end the childs life was poor I can agree, however several days of dehydration vs (guessing) many years of constant crying still seems like a valid tradeoff.
            I hope you can remove the smoke from your eyes and see that.

          • Free bird

            She is with God now !!!!!!! She is in peace !! It is not right to murder anyone !! Sad it was her mom who murdered her !!

          • shanna

            U don’t have to be able to communicate to be happy. And no one should be put to death for what others assume about them. No one knows what the child would have been able to do nor if she was always unhappy. “You can’t miss what you never had nor knew”. In other words she was born blind she can’t be bothered by that because she doesn’t know or understand what sight is because she’s never had it. I’ve seen ppl very bad off get better I’m just saying. That poor girls mother and that judge don’t deserve their own lives.

          • Leigh

            Don’t tell me to keep God out of anything! This is America. Maybe you should keep your opinion out. You should work at a center for those w/ special need’s..You have very limited knowledge on these issue’s. I’ve lived it as a mom and worked w/ ill and physically disabled people for my adult life.This may have been a bit harsh but you’re very insensitive.

          • Nicole Davey

            This is America? This is the internet and being forced religious views doesn’t go down well…at the end of the day this mother put her child out of her misery, that’s something to praise. The way of death was wrong, yes. But it was the only option. I’m happy that euthanasia has gone ahead in my country because quality of life is the most important thing, a life of pain and without happiness isn’t worth living.

          • Tammy

            She would have been put in coma…. -.-

          • Jordan

            How about you try to understand with that pea-sized brain of yours that this girl had no way of being successfully treated for her painful and unfortunate conditions. She was 12 years old, not making any progress (in fact her condition was progressively getting worse) and was living with physical and mental pain 24/7. And to make it worse, she could not even communicate other than “agonizing screams” which could not be remedied in any way. You should try to empathize instead of contribute useless commentary on how you feel about a situation no-one could understand until facing it point blank. It’s not cool in any way form or fashion that this situation occurred, but holy shit you’re telling people they should extend the pain and misery this child bore for 12 years. You’re no better than the murderers you’re putting on trial here.

          • Kellsey

            I’m sorry, I chose not to read your opinion as you start it off immature and arrogant. I only read the first sentence as well. So whatever helps you sleep at night monster. May the innocent VICTIM OF MURDER rest in Heaven ♡

          • Free bird

            Agreed !!

          • yazyaz

            So you’re saying if you had a child and she became older but needed to your help you wouldn’t help her? Because they grow older and are just meant to know what to do without any support?? A child’s life and an adults are completely different, and harder than what children would think, it is none of these peoples business but who said they weren’t aloud discussion? Starving a little girl is wrong… Her mum did have the right to put her poor daughter out of suffering but at least do it quickly, that’s all they are trying to say. And if there is a god, (which I don’t believe in) would there not also be Satan?? So bad things happen just as much as good things do, doesn’t mean god has the power over absolutely everything, we all also make our own choices, its not just him making them for us….

          • iscream2478

            The laws in most states do not allow people to “do it quickly”.

          • Leigh

            So, it was your decision? Is that why you don’t butt out?

          • Amanda

            Sophie in a way it is similar I have a very similar situation in my family but being a mother I would never put my child through that torture no matter what!!!! God made nancy that way for a reason and her mom failed at her job to protect her child! And my father is mentally disabled because of a brain injury he’s not the same and requires 24/7 attention should I put my father down just because we need to take care of him and his life “isn’t worth living anymore” you aren’t in the situation either so you have no idea!!!!! People like you who have no idea piss me off because of your ignorance! You are clearly not a parent if you think it’s ok to put your child down just because of some health problems!!!!

          • sophie

            No I’m not a parent, but I stand by my decision, and if this happens to me as a parent I would want the best for my child, and having her in a wheelchair screaming in pain for the rest of her life is not the best for her. I’m not ignorant, and you shouldn’t make sweeping statements, how do you know I haven’t been in this situation? Not once have I said that this should be the norm for all situations, not at all, but rather you need to look at the context of the situation and judge what the best course of action is. But again back to my ignorance, I think it’s actually you who is being ignorant. Using God as a justification is ridiculous. As people have said if God has his way Nancy would have died rather soon after birth, but it was SCIENCE and modern medicine that kept her trapped in a painful life for so long. And let’s be honest, what Nancy endured wasn’t a few ‘health problems’. That poor girl suffered day in day out and didn’t have one moment to enjoy being a little girl, while others with different issues do. I’m not here to tell you to go put your father down, I’m saying look at the situation with some context and if you still can’t understand why they did it or don’t agree with it, tough shit. It was their decision and you should respect that, and you should at least be glad that poor Nancy is at peace. As I’ve said before this is about NANCY, not you

          • iscream2478

            These weren’t simply “health problems”. She had many chronic conditions which caused her severe constant pain. Narcotic pain relievers did not help her. Would you allow your father to undergo severe, horrific and chronic pain that caused him to scream and moan constantly with no expectation of relief for the rest of his life, possibly for decades?

          • noraini

            agreed. no 1 know what her mom has been through all tortured. but why she choose to let her daughter to be unfeed for 14 days? where is humanity?

          • lynn

            I totally agree with you sophie there are to meny people that judge others if they were in that situation would they like it as it must of been so heart renching to watch such a youg child go through wat she did every second of her daughters little live I take my hat off to there family god blees them whos left to mourn leave them alone with there pain and sad loss xx

          • Williamdrago

            I’m thinking about how they made her die. We put dogs and pets to sleep if they are sick, but a child isn’t worth the same consideration, I will not say the mom is awful, but the manner of the girls death was more cruel than the deaths of mass murderers.

          • Wubbsy

            Indeed, and while all babies are temporarily useless blobs for some time, they are developing, not disintegrating, and they are also not in pain. In no sense of the word is this true infancy.

          • Cortney Minth

            I have to agree with others here – that is the stupidest thing I’ve read/seen in a very long time… this article has brought up a lot of differing viewpoints and has brought a lot of moral and ethical dilemmas or questions to the surface. I would never say that someone’s viewpoint is stupid simply because I don’t agree with it. However, this statement……… is moronic.

            Killing babies because they need to be cared for? I know this isn’t your opinion, but come on! It clearly is not the viewpoint of anyone else either! And I am sure you know this. You are simply taking someone’s comment too literally and have pushed it into the realm of irrational. Why? Because they don’t agree with your beliefs and views?

            First, I’ll address the huge debate about quality of life and whether or not this girl could be happy. Without any science or medical data to back anything up… can I just ask…. who would be happy living that way? Can anyone honestly say, “Yes, I would be happy with my life, if I were blind, sick, couldn’t talk, walk, function as a normal, healthy person. I would be happy with my life, being in so much pain that some of the strongest painkillers available are not capable of dealing with it. Ketamine – A medication for HORSES, is not enough to ease her suffering. Even with terminally ill patients, one of the first things they look at, in terms of quality of life, is pain. How much pain is the person in, due to their disease? How is this case any different? The only difference here is how she died – starving and dehydrating her for 14 days is unethical and immoral. If I had been the mother, I would’ve done it quick and painless. And you know what? If I’d serve jail time for that, then so be it. But letting her suffer even further for 14 days is wrong.

            Back to the point though, prior to being given the green light on this, now do we know extensive medical research wasn’t done first? Scans of the brain can show us all sorts of information now. I am sure they would no problem seeing which parts of her brain lit up when she crying out, or making different sounds, doing different things. They can see, “Oh, yes… she IS actually in pain!! No wonder she’s crying out in agony!” So maybe they knew that her quality of life was very poor. I doubt anyone could reasonably say that her life was worth living. Would anyone want to trade places with her? Even when my depression was at its worst, when I felt my own life wasn’t worth living….I know that mine is a much better one than what this poor girl had to suffer through.

            Second, let’s look at the future ramifications. What if this request had been denied? And she couldn’t kill her daughter? What if, by not granting that request, the woman eventually lost her marbles from the stress of caring for her sick daughter, from watching her daughter suffer day in and day out. On a selfish side as well, watching her own life suffer? Watching life pass her by? Logically speaking, why should two lives waste away like that? If it’s better that the daughter’s life end, due to suffering, pain, lack of quality of life, etc, then why not? The mother was making a decision that seemed right to her. We do that every day – we think it’s right to bring another child into the world, or to euthanize an animal, or… I’m even sure that everyone has had thoughts similar to, “Wow, this person is so bad, the world would be better off without them,” and it may be on regards to someone doing a lot of harm. People in positions of power committing genocide, or other horrible acts against people, against humanity. So if we have those thoughts…. why can’t those thoughts be applied on a smaller scale? End one life to save thousands, but in this case, it’s simply.. end one life to save another.

            I am sure some of my comments will be taken out of context, too literally, or irrationally. There is no way to treat all cases such as this, the same. The determination is a case by case thing. But, this case is no different than how species deal with these situations in the wild. It is natural selection. The only issue for humans is that we have been gifted with morals, with feelings that other species are not capable of. We don’t look at things on a purely instinctual level, but that’s all this is – even though we don’t realize it, this is our natural selection. It’s a very detached and cold way of looking at it, but we were any other species, we would’ve removed any sick or genetically damaged members from the pack, to help ensure the survival of the group as a whole. That’s all this woman was doing, really. Looking out for her pack (even if it did only consist of her and her daughter.)

          • Jennifer Saulsbury Miller

            This is so well written. And so intelligent. Well done. And I agree 100%. The greatest commandment is to love The Lord your God and the second is liken onto the first; to love thy neighbor as thyself. I would never want to be this girl or live as she did in pain, cut off from life outside her limited realm. And I would not want to be the mother, equally in pain ( for her daughter) and cut off from life outside her limited realm. If the greatest commandment is to Love God and it is liken ( the same as) to love your neighbor as yourself. Than Loving God is loving your neighbor. And loving your neighbor as yourself means something different to each of us. To one, taking care of the child, sacrificing the child’s peace and their own, is how thy want to love in this world. To one, living a life of utter pain and unable to function in a free-will capacity physically, maybe even mentally, that is how they want to love and live. Ok. But it says, as yourself. So you have no place to judge another. Only yourself. Otherwise God would have said, Love thy neighbor as I love thee. He didn’t. He said; as yourself. I wouldn’t choose a life like this child for myself, ever. I am glad she is free from it.

          • Believer

            Well said.

          • Michael

            Well if it was “god’s” will for a child to live in excruciating pain then “god” sucks!!!

          • Eric Marsh

            Agreed. The common conception of “god” is a monster.

          • Nicole Rule

            There is a rather massive difference between rearing a health and dependant baby to watching your child suffer for her entire life. I’m sure Nancy’s mother would see her as a blessing and this will be the exact reason why she cared enough to put her child’s needs before her own.

          • Ace Niles

            No cause they can breathe and function, parents only need to have the food and water they need. A handicapped person who needs IV would have died. And today we can only maintain the living part, not the whole thriving and being able to fully live. To be alive is not the same as living.

          • Jennifer Saulsbury Miller

            How do you suppose to speak for God? And if you will, then you should have to recognize in the same breath that you utter The Lord, you necessitate to mention the devil for whom all disease and impurity is responsible. So then to say God willed this child’s broken I functioning form is the will of God, you replace satan’s will with God’s. How does that even make sense to you?

          • Jennifer Saulsbury Miller

            Or do you not believe your own religion? And think that God and satan are somehow the same? God bringing disease and malfunction? I’m not proclaiming to know Gods will for this child. I am only pointing out that your reasoning doesn’t make sense.

          • Haley

            Nothing in the bible makes sense. Turning water to wine, people actually saw God apparently in bible stories. Why can’t anyone see him now? How did Noah fit all of the animals in the world on one ark? How did he feed them all? Why did some of the animals not eat each other? Like I said, nothing in the bible makes any logical sense.

          • randomer

            No, babies shouldn’t just die. The way they are born they don’t know much about themselves or the real world, so their parents care for them until they are able to take care of themselves and can go solo in the world. The HUGE difference here is that this girl was 12 years old, yet she couldn’t even use basic functions such as eating or drinking by herself, and not only wasn’t she going to get any better, she had gotten progressively worse as she got older. Whereas babies go from taking first steps and eating to learning more to teenagers where they get their qualifications and are able to take care of themselves, she would never take her first steps, or be able to go out by herself. She was always in pain and suffering. Sure her death was painful and other methods such as drug enduced euthansia would be more humane, but her life only seemed to get worse. As for her mother, couldn’t it be seen as her performing the ultimate act of kindness by ending her daughter’s suffering, so she won’t feel constant pain anymore, and God can take care for her? Mothers may consider pregnancy a blessing, but it’s unimaginable how much suffering her and the child went through. And also, she did this legally. She wasn’t one to do it herself like some others choose to do by ending their child’s life single-handedly. She campaigned for her daughter’s suffering to end and was granted this right to do so by a court of law.

          • iscream2478

            “the sole purpose of every humans life is to procreate”??? Apparently you think this poor little girl should have become pregnant to fulfill her “sole purpose”?

          • Bri

            Kellsey babies aren’t in excruciating pain every day of their lives, mothers aren’t watching them for 14 years live a life where they cannot walk, cannot talk, cannot see anything and cannot live to their potential. Babies grow up and do not need all around care for their entire life. This child needed this care and was never going to be able to grow up, she was never going to grow out of needing 24 hour care. The situation is completely different and your comment was irrelevant, let the child rest in peace, and let the mother be at peace knowing that her daughter is not in pain anymore. Yes the way that she was killed was horrible and could have been done with far less suffering, but it wasn’t. Those 14 days of pain and suffer is better than living an entire life full of pain. What was the point of her living in pain her entire life? The decision that her mother made would have been the most heart breaking decision she has and will ever have to make. She wouldn’t have wanted this for her child, but she would have known that it was what was best for her.

          • Uhmn

            “God’s plan was for this woman to become pregnant and take care of her BLESSING.”

            By that logic it was gods plan for her to die of starvation and dehydration over 14 days.

          • Tammy

            She was put in a coma first. She wouldn’t have felt a thing. I mean come on they did it humanely. This article is completely biased!

          • james

            A beating heart is not dead in nature or the womb.

          • Ace Niles

            No it’s not alive. Thanks for the comment.

          • Susan Fox

            you might feel different if you lived in that mothers shoes….

          • Laura B80

            I encourage you to do even a brief amount of research on hydrocephaly and the problems it causes. This was just one of this poor child’s ailments. This is an excruciating condition for its sufferers. Moreso than anyone not affected could ever fathom unless a direct caregiver of someone who suffers from it. It’s terrible!

          • Laura Cortez

            its all about attitude

          • Jennifer Saulsbury Miller

            Exactly. Who are we to decide what life is worth existing? And that is exactly what we are doing when we prolong a life, that could not exist without the aid of human invention, and decide over nature to will it to exist. It is useful to understand that by your own argument, we do not have the right to interfere with the natural order of things. Then those stricken with disease or other abnormalities should be left to them as they are, by your own reasoning. It could be just as easily said, who are we to judge that this life should continue? And in fact, both sides have to be asked, otherwise you are asking a false question and merely making a statement in question form. It doesn’t make sense. What you are really saying is that mankind, in your opinion, should always intervene in the cause of continuance of existence. But that’s a heavy statement to make. Do we believe that all who are life support, with machines running their basic functions, should remain that way until the natural breakdown of their aged body? Do you believe that? Or that

          • Hank Grossen

            Nurturing the wounded, sick, or dying is not contrary to the natural order of things. I’ve seen animals lick one another’s wounds, lay beside dying animals, etc. Intervening with medication would, in my opinion, be an advanced or higher form of doing the same thing. You don’t have to agree. But tending for the hurt is not contrary to nature, that’s observable, unless you think animals can have the mental function to think they have the right to prolong an existence. Also, if someone exists we obviously no longer have a say in whether they should exist, they already do. The desire to prolong that existence, to me, seems perfectly in order with the observable nature around us. If someone on life support wants to die, that’s their choice and no one has a say in that. But the question you asked is infinitely more complicated when we’re making the choice for someone else, removing their say in the matter. Especially someone who can not communicate their will, its even more complicated… I just don’t think ANYONE has the right to say another human being’s life is not worth living. That’s what I’m trying to argue, and yes, my initial question was an attempt at making a statement.

          • Rose Mary Shelton

            This is so true! I suffer every day with horrible back pain. So bad I can’t sleep and have trouble walking. I’m only 37. I had my first back surgery when I was 9. What if a judge declared my life was not worthy because I would be suffering for the rest of my life. I want to live. I have a pretty decent life even though I am in constant pain. Every disc in my back and neck is either herniated or gone from degeneration. My spine is horribly curved and sometimes causes me to have difficulty breathing. But I WANT TO LIVE. Maybe this little girl also wanted to live.

          • Lorna

            You can communicate what you want so that wouldn’t happen. A person who is bleeding to death and can’t be saved may want to be kept alive for the next few hours even if they are in agony. They may also just want to die in that moment. What if the girl wanted to be free of her pain and we forced her to stay alive for decades? That is the worst kind of torture!

          • Rose Mary Shelton

            All I’m saying is. This child had a right to live.

          • Lorna

            The “right” to be forced to stay alive in horrendous pain every day.

          • Mjjmlover

            You can speak, you can smile, laugh, love do anything you need to do to LIVE. She couldn’t! She was a vegetable. You have a medical condition. She was dead before she was euthanized

          • Rose Mary Shelton

            We do not know if she couldn’t smile or love. We were not with her. Its not up to us to decide who lives and who doesn’t. She could breathe on her on. She wasn’t breathing with machines. I had to take my daughter off of life support when she was a day old. She was dying on the machine. As soon as they unhooked her she died. She couldn’t live or breathe on her on. This child could. They starved her to death. You go without eating a few days and see how painful that is.

          • Mjjmlover

            Wow!!! You are a hypocrite, seriously. What you did was just as bad as this mother. Your child and her child were in the same both. K can see your point that the girl could breathe but THATS IT. She could not eat by herself, drink by herself she couldn’t even walk! This girl has no quality of life and her future will never change to anything better. It’s not right to let her suffer and die off slowly year after year. What this mom did is the same you did. I see nothing more than a tragic and heartbreaking decision

          • Rose Mary Shelton

            No I am not a hypocrite. I was wrong for taking her off life support. I was still drugged from having c-section. The dr kept telling me I need to take her off because she was dying. If I had to do it over I would have never took her off. I wish she was still living even if I had to take care of her every need. There was a huge difference. My child couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t cry. She couldn’t do anything. Her internal organs were all in her chest. She had lungs the size of peas. She would never survive. This child was breathing on her own.

          • iscream2478

            Many people have pain and want to live. But to be in a position of having horrific, never ending severe pain that leaves you screaming and moaning with no relief from medications 24 hours a day is something I never want to experience. Please put me down if this happens to me!!

          • Leigh

            I completely agree w/ you. Well said, btw. TY

          • Guest


          • Lindsay Myers Ross

            Natural PART of life. Suffering was this child’s ONLY part of life. I in NO way agree with how they ended this child’s life but you can’t even sit there and pretend like you have any clue what level of suffering she was enduring. Have you ever screamed in pain for an entire day with no relief? Or even just a week? She was in AGONY for 12 YEARS. I would say that gives anyone in their right mind the ability to declare her life was not worth living.

          • Nathaniel Brittingham

            Observe this then : survival of the fittest. The most ovetlooked natural law there is. We cater to the weakest, proven by the comments written by these wheezing pathetics, barely able to muster the strength to regurgitate their useless opinions.

          • Jessie B.

            When you are unable to provide for your own basic human needs and body functions, I think that qualifies as a life not worth living.

          • Jeff

            ” She was born with a series of unlucky abnormalities and as a result would never live a life worth living.” Who decides if a life is worth living? A life worth living to one person, can be much different than another. I worked with people with disabilities like this for 14 years. The place I worked at, provided the most amazing care and opportunities for people just like this girl. It is rare to find places or people like this who can provide help like this. But they do exist. I worked in this environment and was completely amazed by how someone with many disabilities could enjoy so much. I pray that more people like this girl find places and people to care for them better than to resort to taking their life away. Or as it is seeming to be mostly worded on this blog – “killing them”

          • ArielMalek

            Right on Jeff. We all undergo suffering, and we all have certain abnormalities and handicaps-most just not physical. That is why we needs God’s help and grace to endure and overcome our pains and difficulties and suffering. And with His loving grace, peace and strength, etc life becomes beautiful and precious even in the midst of suffering-including those with physical abnormalities.
            But without God assisted suicide and involuntary euthanasia (as happens in hospitals in Holland to the terror of seniors) seems a plausible solution-or the Holocaust to Communist extermination plans because someone doesn’t fit the regimes standards of a worthy citizen. So again, men play God and make the decision which only God has the right to do-that is to determine whether a life is worth living -or not as the Nazis and Communists and other evil tyrants have done.
            What is both sad and alarming is that so many people -including in this post-simply cannot comprehend what is at stake here. And have strayed from and lost the foundational perspective of our Christian founding Fathers enscribed in our Constitution-, that all life is precious and sacred and worthy to be protected-and to each person is given inalienable, God-given rights to “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” That we are called to protect the weak and vulnerable-not exterminate them.

          • Kellsey

            So babies that need constant attention and love and affection and to be fed and kept hydrated and to be cared for all together to make sure they keep living all should just die because they can’t take care of themsleves? If that were the case all of us would’ve been dead a long time ago. It WAS Gods will for this child to live and to be cared for. That is the sole purpose of every humans life, to pro create. God’s plan was for this woman to become pregnant and take care of her BLESSING.

          • Ace Niles

            Uh….. Satan causes sickness… No? Or are you saying God is evil and punished this woman? Also no father mentioned! Propably commited adultery! Get over your self, and stop spreading your beliefs of ignorance.

          • iscream2478

            You know nothing about this woman. How can you assume she “probably committed adultery”? She may be widowed, divorced. Or the father may have left her because he couldn’t cope with a child with severe disabilities. and “Satan causes sickness”? Germs, viruses, genetics cause disease. Learn the basics

          • Ace Niles

            Good job taking my comment above out of context. She is a Christian who made it clear science is bad. I wasn’t making a generalization about everyone nor you. Go calm yourself down.

          • Pro Logic

            If it was “God” and his will that determines the outcome of everything, then so I would assume so was the end of this child, isn’t that so?

          • Laura B80

            This woman would not have survived without human intervention. Therefore, you are 100% correct that we have already played god and not allowed god to ‘cull his herd’ by natural means.

          • Leigh

            Who are you to say whether or not someone’s life is worth living?

          • Leigh

            I can’t believe a woman would even partly base her decision to take her own child’s life because she wouldn’t be able to do anything else if she has to care for her/him. Of course in this sick world women abort full-term babies bc they aren’t ready for a child, or the baby is the wrong sex. So sad.

          • iscream2478

            Late term abortions are done because a child has severe problems or is incompatible with life. These are not decisions taken lightly by either the physicians or the parents.

          • Shellie

            Also, all the steps previously taken to keep her from dying were “playing God.” Feeding tubes aren’t natural.

          • james

            Your kinda arguing with your self. Also, when God created everything it was created perfect. It was Satan who convinced Eve and then Adam to sin and bring sicknesses and death to all of us. Let’s all place the blame where it should be>Satan and him alone!

          • noraini

            at time we are created, God has set the date of our death, same goes to the girl, in the 1st place, her time has come. God is the one who gives and takes life. but, the the girl, the way she died is not acceptable bcoz her mom or maybe the govern has been very cruel to decide that she should die where this is the God job. in watever we do, be good, do no cruelty. this case should not happen

          • Eddie Zamora

            United states already are housing the homeless in camps where mass grave sites are present and being covered

          • Williamdrago

            God didn’t make death, nor does he take us. Satan made death by tricking Adam and eve. Satan causes disease. Or our bodies wear out and we die. That is the truth.

          • JOnes

            Religion is at the core of all evil. Many of today’s worldly problems are in fact caused by religion.

          • Elaine Lukawski

            I disagree

          • ArielMalek

            Jones with all due respect, Christianity is not truly a religion but the way through Jesus to a personal relationship with God.
            However, if one wants to examine the roots of so many world’s problems & evil as you refer to-you must know if you know any history-that Western civilization over the past few centuries has progressively turned from the Christian faith(-which by the way our Christian Founding Fathers said was the very basis of our nation and liberties by which you and I speak freely-at least for now. ) And corresponding to that decline of Christian faith-at least in the West,-in particular culiminating in the 20th and 21st centuries where atheism (secular fundamentalism) has become the popular ideology among the ruling elite, has been a sharp increase of Tyrannies, wars, man’s inhumanity to man, cruel and barbaric dictatorships like Naziism, Communism, etc. Although wars have existed throughout most of the 2000 years of Western civilization, I think you will probably find that far more of the above such evils have occurred in about one century under the non-theistic religion of atheism than all previous centuries of a watered-down Christendom. Christianity-which is Christ Jesus-says to love your enemy. Islam says “Kill your enemy” (the Quran). But under atheism-per Sartre-all moral choices are equal-so if you love your neighbor or kill him, those are moral equivalents. Atheism provides no basis for morals including love-so killing can become quite tolerable when the end justifies the means (eg Marx).
            I would encourage you to think for yourself and not drink of the toxic Kultural-KoolAid. God bless and cheers!

          • Ace Niles

            Faiths are religion based….. Christianity is the term used for all religions that split from Catholicism.

          • ArielMalek

            PS the fact that you are I take it free and alive-including freedom to share your ideas-, can only be attributed to the truth and reality that our Christian Founding fathers gave us a Constitution which gave you and I such liberties as freedom of speech, religion, assembly,etc -and which they made clear were based on Christianity and the Bible-despite revisionist rhetoric to the contrary.
            If we were in an atheist-based society-such as under Communism-if you were still alive, you would probably be afraid to express your opinions publicly. Blessings.

          • Susan Fox

            god making a child suffer….nothing wrong with that!!!….he is the only one to be able to take her….well he did….cos as sure as can be he wasnt there feeding her and holding water to her lips….just like he was for the previous 12 years….opps that wasnt him that was her mother!!!!!!!!

          • Kellsey

            So babies that need constant attention and love and affection and to be fed and kept hydrated and to be cared for all together to make sure they keep living all should just die because they can’t take care of themsleves? If that were the case all of us would’ve been dead a long time ago. It WAS Gods will for this child to live and to be cared for. That is the sole purpose of every humans life, to pro create. God’s plan was for this woman to become pregnant and take care of her BLESSING!

          • Susan Fox

            not every human can pro create….babies need care and attention…to grow into children, to adolescents, to adults….something this child would never do….it god had meant for her to live she would have woken up, walked to the tap and got herself a drink, fed herself….you cant justify what god wants/does to fir in with your own agenda!

          • Kellsey

            Yet you are!? Hypocrite. No wonder your going along with murderers. Im aware that not everyone csn pro create, thats why those certain people adopt and find other ways. As I SAID so babies should just be able to walk up and get milk and take care of themselves? That’s what your saying because apparently your the judge of how long it takes for a person to grow and develop and they have a time limit and if they don’t meet that time limit they should just die? Reality check everyone is different (clearly) and that’s not and never has been the way this world has worked. Do you know how many people are mentally disabled? How many parents face this with their BLESSING and would never think once to end there child’s life. Selfless act my ass. Weak and selfish that woman is a coward and a fake pathetic excuse of a human. Take care.

          • Brent

            You are a special kind of stupid lol. West boro baptist stupid.
            Also, you do all realize how many different gods there are according to you theists right?..Incredible how someone gives reason through a fantasy object yet to be proven. According to christian logic (which this stops them cold on being able to give any opinion period) some how the men of 2000+ years ago had more intelligence than the people of today and somehow this version of god knows everything about the technologies we would create today. Either medical science is the devil or its gods work…I don’t understand how some of you theists dont see the hypocrisy in what you are saying. God give’ith and he take’ith away…is that not how things work for you people? This is one more reason why religion must be separated from our government and all forms of life. They just feel as though they can infringe on any persons life just because a 2000 year old book has some words slightly (very slightly) related to whats going on here.
            Any ways starving the girl was a horrid way to do things. A lethal injection should have been given to her. Same as what I have had to do for my animals who I see as my children.

          • Kellsey

            GOD will forgive your worthless and idiotic, selfish existence. Going completely off topic to bring up something completely irrelevant. I’ll pray for you.

          • Brent

            Also, speaking of a baby and using it as your example for this story is about the most idiotic arguement anyone has ever made. It is common sense as to what you do with a baby. You clearly have never lived with someone or been around someone on the regular who suffers like this.

          • Ace Niles

            I believe in the bible there is a special verse from Jesus about preaching and going to hell…. You fair lady have more to fear than ignorant patrains of this world, but keep it up. God takes ‘care’ of his own.

          • Donella Adams

            first give proof of god, second prove you know that gods plan included all that suffering, and all that nasty science that kept said child alive.

          • Ace Niles

            You need to stop copying and pasting.

          • Cassie Jo Vandermolen

            in reality man played god keeping her alive on tubes she would of died around a year old if she was bottle fed back then, if MAN didn’t intervene by feeding her with tubes! God didn’t create people to be fed by tubes. i do think this is barbaric to be accepted by society and for this to be OK at all but when you talk about man playing god you have to look at it on both ends!

          • Kelly Lockett

            if you say god is the only one with the right to say who lives and who dies then anyone who works at a hospital in your eyes is evil. hospitals where peoples lives are saved on a daily basis like those who are shot or stabbed who then go on to lead normal, happy, healthy lives by doctors and nurses who would have died if they just ‘left it up to god to decide whether they had the right to live’.

          • Charis Male

            Surely people are playing God by keeping her alive in the first place, without all the medical care and attention doctors were giving her she would be dead. And most children like her over the course of human history were long dead before reaching this point in their lives. When men play God, things like medicine and hospitals happen.

          • Hank Grossen

            I don’t think sustaining life is playing god in the same way taking a life away is…

          • Charis Male

            Why? God gives and God takes away. No its not in the same way, it’s the opposite, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t both examples of playing God.

          • Hank Grossen

            This is my opinion, we don’t have to agree but I think the opposite of taking a life away would be creating a life, not keeping an already living person alive. Wounded animals will lick each other’s wounds, thats a natural impulse, not a god thing.

          • Charis Male

            Wounded animals don’t exchange organs with the dead, put other animals blood inside of them, perform corrective surgery, provide life support systems

          • ali

            They removed her tubes. Thats what starving and dehydrating her means in this case. Your God tried to take her from this world. Humans kept her here through medicine. Once they took away medical assistance, she laid there and let God do the work.

          • Akiva Chanae Fitzgerald

            Lol these bible thumpers kill me. God feels everything we feel. He suffers everything we suffer. And cries when we cry. Do you really think he wanted her to live like that? Don’t you think he would have rather had her up in heaven with him which is why he never let her condition get better? Heck if it wasn’t for her mother and the drs he probably would have had her with him sooner but it was human flesh and selfishness that kept her alive. Granted the way they let her go was awful. But letting her go was the most God Like thing they could have done. I mean hello did God not allow Jesus to sufffersufffer but knowing he would have been there by his side? Or am I mistaken?

          • Monica

            When God plays God, rape, disabilities, and murder is allowed to happen.
            So, I don’t think that argument is valid.

          • ArielMalek

            Monica, why are you angry at God? And why do you blame Him for what people have done? PLease see my comment below to Susan.
            Life is rough and hard-primarily because of peoples’ choices-including our own foolish choices. But Father God through Jesus is the only one who will truly love you and give you the peace, love, joy and healing to our hearts and minds we all need.

          • Monica

            I respesct your right to believe, but I, for one, cannot believe in a any God I’ve learned about so far.

            How can one say life is hard primarily because of people’s choices? Do parents choose to have disabled children that suffer every day? Do people choose to get raped? (i understand that the rapist makes the decision, but still.)
            How can one be a loving, caring, omnipotent God that sacrificed his son so we would be saved (creepy and not loving) only to let us humans get cancer, be born with disabilities through no fault of our parents, and allow children to be raped and molested?

            That cannot be the devils work, because God is all powerful, the alpha and the omega. He has the power to make the world a bit better. And yet he doesnt.
            So he either
            a) has unlimited power yet watches us suffer
            b) has no power, therefore not omnipotent
            or c) does not exist.

            Not the characteristics of a loving God in my opinion…

          • iscream2478

            Of course life can be tough. Sometimes it is because of peoples own choices, and often times because stuff just happens. I blame God for nothing, my life is my own.

          • rebecca

            By that reasoning we shouldnt give anyone any medicine. Its not murder to take no action. It is actually gross negligence. Read my comment above it explains the starving element. Dont get me wrong no one should be starved to death but if we allowed euthanasia then no one would be suffering unnecessarily. People become so ill they are constantly in agony unable to do anything for themselves. Would you want to live in a state like that? Relying on all your friends and family to care for you?

          • Guest

            You will be hard pressed to find one shred of evidence of this so called God that you say created her life. This childs mother and father created her life through the combination of the fathers sperm cells and the mothers egg cells. I learned that in like the third or fourth grade. Did you skip that grade?

          • ArielMalek

            Sorry but simply resorting to personal attacks shows a tremendous lack of support for your position. But that’s ok-religious prejudice by atheists is quite common and God still loves you anyway.
            But regarding evidence for God, that is a popular meme by atheists, which really misses the point. God does not exist in the natural but the spiritual or super-natural realm. Nonetheless there is abundant evidence to anyone who has an open heart and mind-do you, neighbor?. I don’t have hours or space to go into that now as is late, but just to cite one irrefutable reality is the changed lives of those who have entered into a love relationship with God through Lord Jesus-as well as the continual and everyday interactions Father God and Jesus does in our lives. He is not a philosophical proposition or silly finite scientific theory but a personal transcendant reality we can know by a higher level of knowledge than mere sense-based, finite intellectual knowledge.
            If you are intelligent as you would claim to be-and I don’t question that-I would respectfully challenge you to search God out for yourself. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” God’s word says “Seek me and you will find Me when you seek for me with all of your heart (Ie YOur inner person not mere emotions). Cheers, God bless!

          • Christine Lee

            You are correct ArielMalek, when you begin to marginlize the value of life, there are more are more reasons to kill people. It is wrong. The only thing I can hope is this child is in the loving arms of God.

          • Shawn Earle

            Who is this God person you speak of? I think if she was able to say for herself that this is what she wants then it might be different?

          • Lynnie Matthews

            I’m sorry but by your rationalizations God meant this child to die at birth it’s only man’s intervention that’s kept her alive! So not feeding her is doing God’s will as if he meant her to live she would! As it was they put her into a coma so she would not suffer while your god did his will
            And you’re a hypocrite doesn’t your god say judge not lest you be judged?

          • God could only have created her life if his existence was actually possible. It’s not of course, god is not real. There are no gods or spirits etc. On the subject of the child’s life, it is pretty difficult to imagine any quality of life for such a severely disabled person. I fully believe it was correct to euthanise this child although the methods were unforgivable. Although, she was on so many painkillers, did she experience it that badly?

          • AutumnFall

            Well If he is so almighty then maybe that was the way she was meant to go. Maybe it WAS god’s

          • grdiv94

            The problem is that your religion doesn’t matter when it comes to things like this. I bet if this girl could talk she would say fuck your God anyway. She is at peace now and better off than she was living.

          • Matthew Tucker

            When people try using God as an excuse for anything it shows poor judgment and a frightening level of misunderstanding; were there a God, would he/she/it allow such a terrible ‘life’ to be experienced at all? I think it would be wise to avoid running to the ridiculous notion of God when the argument against it (the pain the child was in) far outweighs the alleged ownership of the life

          • Mitch

            You honestly are the biggest fucking bigot in the whole world. The fact that it is the 21st century and you still think that it is viable to use religion in an argument is ludicrous. “God created her life,” if that’s the case, then “God,” is a fucked up little piece of shit entity who is the definition of what it is to be evil. That mother has probably gone through hell and back trying to make this decision and you have the audacity to say ” when men play God things like the Holocaust and Communist Labor camps happen” are you fucking serious? If your God was the almighty being that you say he is then why in the fuck would he create something like that? This mother doesn’t want to “murder” her daughter, she wants to end the suffering you God Damn fucking bigot.

          • AMosand

            ArieMalek: Do you know how it is to be in constant pain? I don’t think you do. And i’m not talking about the little “cut my finger” pain. I’m talking about the level of pain mother’s experience during labor. Try imagining that pain all the time, year inn, year out, without a 5 minute break. Then you can add the mental pain you’ll get from using 10 different pain medications, antidepressants and sleeping medications. I have had it like this for 3 years now. For the last 2 years I have wished to die, just to get away from the pain. Every single day, I think about taking my own life. If I could not speak for my self, I would have wished my parents have had the courage to let me be in peace. As you said; “God created her life, and only He has the right and wisdom to know when to take her from this world.” Then “God” must be the biggest torturer the world has ever had. Hitler, Stalin and Lenin is just a cute girl stepping on an ant, compared to him!The way this girl left earth, is horrible, and should not have been allowed. But the fact is, euthanasia was right for this girl. But the right way, would have been a large morphine dose to get her to sleep, and then, a dose large enough to take her life. And it’s the right thing to do for more people than you’d ever know.
            I have already made my self ready to die. And if I’m still in pain by the summer, autumn will not come for me. And the way I’ll go, will be pain free, and fast. And that is the way everyone should be allowed to leave life. Painless. And happy.

            I hope you never experience the pain I have been through. (although you probably should, just a little. So you understand how it is to live in endless agony.)

          • John

            if I don’t give a homeless man food and he starves am I then a murderer? wouldn’t that make everyone in the world a murderer?

            what was done to this child was very very cruel but i don’t believe ending her suffering was the wrong thing to do, just the method on which it is done.

          • Diane

            Perhaps the course of “playing God” was set in motion when they worked so hard at her birth to make sure she lived, in whatever state they could. Maybe we “played God” then and didn’t let her go when He called for her to come home. And so, this dear child was forced from the beginning of
            her life to satisfy the egos of others….

          • Heather

            God did not create the machine that has kept her alive this long.The medication that has dulled her pain for 12 years helped dull her pain for the last 14 days.Now she is out of pain instead of suffering another 14 years of the pain. 2 and 2 does equal 4 last time I checked.14 days verses 14 years .She stopped using man made machines and let God take the wheel.Kudos to that mother.

          • james

            You are absolutely right.

          • David Hunt

            God made a disabled child who experienced nothing in her short life but pain?
            If God’s that sort of being, then it sounds like the Holocaust and Concentration camps would be his ‘light entertainment’

          • Lara Taylor

            God may or may not be real so you cannot base everything you say of a book you paraphrase which was writing 3500 years ago.

        • Terri C

          The article fails to paint the real picture—they would never let someone be tortured for 14 days….what they fail to mention is she would have been given so much morphine (like they give patients in Hospice who are nearing death) that the patient has no sense of what is going on. Trust me, she did not feel hungry or thirsty. My mother died in Hospice and could not eat or drink in her final days, but she was completely comfortable because of the pain meds…she was able to communicate this to me…that she did not feel hungry.

          • Susan Fox

            you are right,,,,at end of life people stop eating and drinking naturally….look about and see elderly people around you….they loose weight, they eat small portions, dont drink much because they dont feel the need ….its a natural progression…try giving a drink to an elderly person …they often refuse..thats life…and death

        • Susan Fox

          you believe all that jesus and god mumbo jumbo….if its true why was she born disabled, why are there wars, why are the murderers and paedophiles, why is africa full of starving children….yeah that god for you!

          • erin

            In the bible God gave us a choice to live a perfect life but Eve at the forbidden fruit. God loves each one of us. He seeks us on a daily basis but we have to reach out to his seekings! Life is not fair but God gives us eternal life if we take it. It’s very simple but alot of us don’t want to take that step of faith and change is a scary thing to most people. I believe God is real and his love and mercy is greater than anything else. He died on that cross and thought of me , you, and everyone else that is and that’s going to be!

          • ali

            Why is your god mad at me because some broad ate an apple? The bible is a good read, and some of it could be true, but if we’re living by the book, why not make our rape victims marry their rapists? Oh! Its crazy! Get a grip.

          • ArielMalek

            Popular question Susan, and I don’t have time to give a detailed answer. But from the beginning unto now, it boils down to that God didn’t make robots-but out of love He made humans like you and I in His image-with the power of choice. But bottom-line when people reject God and refuse to obey His commands rooted in love-ie Love your neighbor as yourself,-they do horrible and cruel things to their fellow human beings. So don’t blame God for what people who reject Him do.

          • Susan Fox

            i am a nurse and i have seen some truly sad and horrible things happen to babies right thru to the elderly…i care deeply about people and any god who makes people suffer is not a god i want any part of….because i am a non believer does not want me to do cruel and horrlble things to people….i sat with an elderly dying lady the other night and cried …non believers are made by god according to you in his image too…..i believe we are born, we live, we die, no more !

        • eccles11

          Because of laws against euthanasia. The law prevented her daughter from dying a quick and peaceful death.

        • Sara Jane

          It doesn’t say so in this article, but most are given sedatives and pain management. So although this portrays it as a brutal, vicious, murder, it’s in reality, a horrible situation and I’m sure the hardest decision the mother has ever made in her life. This girl is 12 years old, so she had to live with her ailments for a long time. It’s not like the mother didn’t try to give her a good life. Just my opinion, but I honestly don’t blame the mother. My husband knows that if I have no quality of life, then I do not wish to live anymore. No one wants to see their loved one in agony, but ultimately, it’s not us humans that need to judge- it’s up to the good Lord upstairs, and I’m sure the decision was not taken lightly.

        • Nigel

          Torture ?? Really , you know about assisted dying then do you ? No obviously not, you choose to judge people based on your thoughtless reaction to a biased sensationalist story. “Even jesus got to die in 1 day” so your comparing this to nailing people to trees and leaving them to die in the sun (with no food and water) ? sounds rational.

        • james


        • Jessie B.

          I agreed with you until you said to starve the mother for four days to show her what it feels like. Who’s going to show YOU what her daughter’s suffering and the family’s suffering feels like?

          The problem is that no more humane option was given to her. Please let that be what upsets you the most.

      • nrs5150 .

        It sounds like she was born term ill….and was being kept alive. I assume via feeding tube?…However…the method chose…starvation /dehydration…yes…that’s pretty barbaric…I’m a nurse and I have had families decided to stop the feeding tube…however…they are “kept comfortable”(American nurses know what that means)…This issue is tough…I’ve seen the kids that are in the same/ similar state…it’s not what anyone can even imagine…They don’t “breath on their own”…they are suctioned multiple times a day…The body naturally builds up fluid in the lungs…in turn fills up the throat…No I’m not for abortion…99.9% of the time there’s not even a good argument of why abortion is necessary…”This” issue is tough…

        • Jenica Anagnostou

          nrs5150 you are probably more right than most. I have worked with the ill and elderly. and have watched their family member fear a similar fate, so living wills and Do Not Resuscitate orders are prepared and signed and power of attorneys/ medical appointed. I think the issue of Quality Of Life is a very complicated one, and doubt it was taken lightly for this girls mother or the court judge. I think the real issue here is that the individual in this case was a child, with numerous deficits, that required 24/7 care. She was a minor in the eyes of the law and her next of kin was her mother. She was unable to communicate her feelings verbally at least. The duration of her suffering after the ruling and before her death is horrible, and should have been monitored by a specialist in pediatric or end of life care. Hospice or comfort care should have been utilized. I think the person who wrote this article obvious has an opinion as they chose the word kill in the byline, and through out the term euthanize was mentioned. This child has a right to a compassionate death.

      • Roberta Fisher

        yeah maybe she was in pain and was crying out everyday but it was gods will to make her live and her mother is a murder anyway you look at it ….if she didnt want to deal with the child why make her suffer for 12 years like that ….and than another 14 days starving and making her go without water i have three wonderful boys and i would not as a mother be able to sit back for 14 long days and see them starve and suffer like that…shame on the system for letting this mother comment murder….

        • Susan Fox

          you are a horrible person…the sort of god who makes a child cry out in pain everyday is a god not worthy of worshipping….i hope you never have to pray to that god to save one of your children if they become ill….maybe if you hear that child crying out every day for 12 years you will feel different

        • JosephDempster

          If God intended her to be alive why did humans have to feed her via a tube? Why did God not give her the means to feed herself?

      • Susan Fox

        she was on morphine so she would not have been aware of what was happening…..from the day she was born she was not aware of what was happening

      • justatwist

        I agree the way she died could have been better but, the little girl was suffering.

      • Elsa4ever

        But its okay to let her starve and die of thirst? How is that better?

        • Casey

          agreed!! starving sounds the same to me!! i sure as hell wouldnt want to go that way

        • Mymsie

          Starving was a horrible way for her to die but after giving it some thought i bet the mom figured that at least it would be over sooner than later. A more merciful way to die would have been preferable but you can blame the law for that. We will remove care but won’t actively take action. It is barbaric. We are Kinder to criminals and animals than our sick.

        • JosephDempster

          It’s not ok, if we didn’t have whiny holy rollers fucking with the law maybe she could’ve had a more graceful exit.

          Just pointing out that Mark 12:17 is not optional Christians.

      • Dawn Marie Kwiatkowski

        you no nothing really you are just as bad as that crazy wack job of a mother having a disabled child don’t mean that child will not be HAPPY it don’t mean that child will not talk there are ways to talk to the disabled in NO WAY was this right

      • dihart199

        I can tell that we have been living in a pro death society when it comes to convenience!

      • dogs and cats get put to sleep

    • Petrichor

      The truth has been spoken here.

    • You just ^ got my vote on that one!

      • God Saves

        The truth had been spoken.God help us all..

    • hisashi

      nazi lenin or stalin? did you just pull these from a hat? This girl suffered day after day. life was torture to her.

    • rebecca

      I disagree that allowing someone to suffer a life of agony is evil. However i do believe that if euthansia is going to be allowed in our country. The law should be stated clearly with limits on who it applies to and with a method that is instant and painless like an injection.

      This is not murder. Do you honestly believe that this is the same as stabbing an innocent girl on the sidewalk? You are clearly uneducated and if you ever end up that ill I’m sure you would be praying for death. It’s people like you that prevent the law from changing to deal with the change in technology. God did prevent suicide but back then things such as life support and effective medicine were non existant. Now people can remain alive trapped in their bodies unable to speak, move, eat. Its degrading and its no life for anyone.

    • jenn

      Your right on…..God help us indeed!

    • chloe AF

      It is a horrible situation for a mother and child to have to live in and that poor little girl suffered a great deal of pain i dont agree with the 14 days of torture but i also dont think it is anyones business and too many people are ready to judge and for the statement about terminations if a woman was to get raped and ended up pregant or someone was tricked into being knocked up (and it happens a lot more than you think) then why isit fair for the woman to have to live that day over and over again? I think that little girl was kept alive and looked after for 12 years would you not say that was crule and the child was not going through hell every day of her life not being able to see move or enjoy life like anyone else?

    • You’re bad

      You’re an idiot. That’s all I have to say.

    • ar

      Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. Pslam 137:9

    • Jack Knox

      We are hardly barbaric have you really though of comparing abortions to hitler? Honestly you haven’t thought through all the factors of the abortions cause like a woman who has been raped or if the child has a serious defect like trisomy ?

    • Cadence22510

      Your comments are ridiculous and hyperbolic, to say the least. Like a crazed bible-thumper. Seriously–Nazis?! Do you even recognize the gravity of the words you use, and how ridiculous it is to compare MAKING THE CHOICE OF EUTHANASIA to the Nazis sending 6 million Jews UNWILLINGLY to death camps, and, subsequently, their deaths?

      This is why there can’t be an honest and reflective conversation about this topic because nutjobs like you sully the water with your crazed fire-and-brimstone BS. Good grief. If you read a book at all, ever, you’d know that this day and age we live in is actually the MOST peaceful time in which we’ve all existed on the planet at the same time. Please, save your end-is-nigh babble for another topic.

    • dawn twinn

      Would you say the same if it was your child, until you are in that situation you don’t know, a mother carries her child and has the bond no one else has and loves and cares for her children for her to have to make that choice is the hardest to make in the world and would not make that choice lightly,

    • uberwinsauce

      God won’t help you barbaric, murderous shit.

    • martina

      to keep suffering people alive is barbaric, not to get them die in peace.

    • Dina Krichker

      What barbaric things did Lenin do? Why Lenin?

    • mplo

      Terminating an unwanted pregnancy is NOT the same thing as terminating the life of somebody who is already outside the womb.

  • AugustineThomas

    Whether or not the powers that be in London judge her, she will be judged in the afterlife.
    No one is happy about the tragedy that has affected her daughter, but murder is never the answer, no matter how hard it gets.

    God bless the poor child and God save her mother from Hell!

    • Midwester

      Not only that, but that judge also has blood on his hands. Woe to you who call good evil and evil good. In this case life=bad, a painful, torturous death=good.

  • 032943

    I have no words…. Just want to cry for this young child who endured 14 years of pain, and 14 days of worse torture all in the name of what? This young girl is now gone. Honestly this was MURDER. The mother walks with her daughter’s blood on her hands, may she seek God’s Love, and Forgiveness, that He may give her the Mercy, she refused to give her daughter.

    • Amanda Belge

      I agree with you, 100%!

    • nateDAgreat123

      They should have given her medication so she would have died quickly and peacefully. But keeping her alive would have been more cruel than letting her rest. As is says in the article, she was in constant pain and cried in agony from just being alive, she couldn’t eat, drink, talk, walk or see. I don’t know what type of sick God you have that would keep this child in this kind of agony alive rather than resting at peace.

  • Jude

    “The light from her eyes is now gone and is replaced with fear and a longing to be at peace.”

    Hmmm, maybe that fear was from sensing that her mother was going to have her killed. I guess if you don’t have enough light in your eyes (clearly a very objective and quantifiable measurement), then you are fair game.

  • Niall Kelly

    I particularly love the fact
    that most of the commenters on this have decided to focus so much on the pain
    that this poor girl went through in her final 14 days but seem to have
    overlooked the fact that she was already in so much pain that even morphine and
    ketamine did not stop her from crying in agony. Can we please try to read an
    article objectively?

    starving a person to death is not the best way to go about euthanising
    somebody. Unfortunately though, the UK does not have any proper euthanising
    clinics and that is why the judge allowed her to be starved to death rather
    then put in an induced coma and then euthanised.
    Is it not wrong to keep a person alive who is constantly alive even though they are highly medicated on extremely strong pain killers. That would be seen as torture in most situations.

    • Midwester

      You do not know what you saying. Your eyes are only focused on this passing world. Suffering has a purpose in this life, and some suffer just so others have opportunity to show compassion.

      • disabledboysmom

        I don’t think you know what your saying. At all!

        • Midwester

          I know exactly what I am saying. Several of my children have suffered extreme disabilities their entire lives, including epilepsy brought on by cerebral hemorrhage, Chrone’s Disease, and Multiple Sclerosis. Until you’ve lived with and raised children with disabilities (as it appears you have), you cannot know the pain of it. But suffering can be redemptive. That is my point, though not well stated.

          • disabledboysmom

            But a totally non responsive child you have raised? A child with no emotions or even expression? This child suffered from birth and once the pain was unmanageable they ended her life. I do not agree with how they did it but the fact that she found peace is a blessing for that family. Suffering for 14 was probably unnoticed by the little girl because I’m sure she was tube fed.and yes I’m raising g a child that is in pain everyday. But he us able to smile and show emition. And if he ever gets to the point where he suffers non stop I hope I can be a big enough person to let him go. Not be so selfish to keep him on this earth because it’s going to hurt my heart. Aren’t we suppose to weep at a birth and rejoice at a death???

          • Midwester

            We cannot play God. God is the author of life. We do not “own” our children, nor do we own their lives. We accept the children that come to us with all the problems and do the best with them until the end of natural life. It is never mercy to intentionally end a human life. What I do not understand is that so many today have no moorings in the philosophical and religious underpinnings of Western Christian civilization. It is never permissible to “end” the life of an innocent. We try to do the best to make them comfortable, to alleviate their suffering. But in this case the suffering that was truly alleviated was the suffering of the mother who watched her child suffer. I have no answers for suffering except to endure and trust God. He is God. I am not.

      • Brea Plum

        “…some suffer just so others have opportunity to show compassion.” That has to be the most self-serving, self-involved statement I have ever heard. Why the hell should anyone suffer endless agony just so someone else can benefit? What the hell is *wrong* with you?

        • Curt L. McGriff Jr.


        • Midwester

          Brea, one man suffered and died, though totally innocent, so that every person might live eternally, if they so choose. If there is no immortality of the soul, if this “vale of tears” is all there is, then your outrage makes perfect sense. But how do you know what was in the soul of this child? How do you know what God’s plan entailed for her? My suffering can benefit you if I offer it up for you. Suffering is a condition, but can also be a beneficial human act. You are limiting the awareness of a person to that of the 5 senses, but people are more than just a body and mind. They are also spirit. My point is that in the Divine economy, there is a place for redemptive suffering. God wastes nothing – not even pain.

          • Morten Dahle

            If God is allmighty, and had a plan for the child, why did he not intervine?

            If God was allmighty, and good in every way, then there would be no evil. God himself is a paradox in the Bible.

          • Midwester

            False. The existence of evil is not a paradox when you consider that each person is endowed with free will. Each person was made in the image and likeness of God. Evil entered the world at a point near the very beginning, but it was not always so. if you wish to blame someone, blame our first parents and satan, but not God.

            God does have a plan for that child – eternity with Him. That is His desire for each person that he created. It is up to us to choose God, to respond to Him. If we reject God and instead make ourselves gods (the sin of our original parents), and we do this up to the moment of death, then we will suffer eternal consequences. However, we are far afield of the topic of the original article.

          • Morten Dahle

            So Satan is giving children leukemia? And God can’t do anything about that? Seems like Satan is God’s match then. In might that is.

          • Midwester

            What a stupid comment.

          • Morten Dahle

            What a stupid person. Can’t even argue.

          • Midwester

            Morten, first, it is puerile to cast ad hominem aspersions rather than address the fundamental issues. Your original comment doesn’t logically follow from anything I wrote, hence the appellation “stupid comment”. If you can explain to me the chain of reasoning that led to your final comment, then I will respond. I do not “argue”, but I will discuss and debate.

            I never stated that satan was giving people leukemia, and never implied that God could do nothing about it. God can do all things, but He alone knows the full consequences of human actions. Sin, suffering and death entered the world as a consequence of the rebellion of our first parents. In order to restore a fallen humanity, God himself became man in order to save human beings from the eternal consequences of the fall. After the fall of our first parents, human nature became fundamentally damaged, so much so that it required the direct intervention of God himself to repair the damage.

            Meanwhile, God permits evil that good may come from it, but does not will evil. How could satan, a creature, be more powerful than God? You limit God when you blame God for suffering and evil in the world. Evil is self-limiting. It is never creative, but always destructive. At some point, there is nothing more to destroy, and it collapses within itself. However, God is pure being, pure act, ever ancient, ever new, without limit, fundamentally essentially truth. There is no potentiality in God. We cannot thus describe any creature. Creatures are subject to change. God is not.

          • Morten Dahle

            “God permits evil that good may come from it”. OK. You’ve got me with that flawless logic there.

            This is why you cannot argue with someone who believes in something that nobody has ever seen. It’s all riddles and metaphores.

            1. You cannot imagine something into existence. Like you do with God.

            2. Because God allows pain, disease and natural disasters to exist, he cannot be all-powerful and also loving and good in the human sense of these words.

            3. Destinies are not allocated on the basis of merit or equality. They are allocated either arbitrarily, or on the principle of “to him who has, shall be given, and from him who has not shall be taken even that which he has.” It follows that God cannot be all-powerful and all-knowing and also just in the human sense of the word.

            4. Since the Gods of various religions differ widely in their characteristics, only one of these religions, or none, can be right about God.

            5. Since God is invisible, and the universe is no different than if he did not exist, it is simpler to assume he does not exist

          • Midwester

            Ah! I understand your perspective now. I sincerely hope that you come to a true knowledge of God before you die. Faith is paradoxical, but also the truest form of knowledge for those who possess it. Peace,my friend.

          • Morten Dahle

            What the f.. That’s like saying: “I know 2 + 2 doesn’t really equal 5, but believing in it feels too good not to!”

      • Jennifer Kirkpatrick

        I’m so tired of hearing without suffering there would be no compassion. And Ur God is an awesome God huh. Why would such an awesome God allow anyone to suffer like this child for so many years? What’s Ur answer to that? Was Her death handled in a descent way, no but that awesome God was doing what to change that? Oh wait nothing! If God is an almighty God and can heal then Why do people have to suffer everyday all day? Why do children die when their lives have just begun? Oh never mind it’s because someone has to suffer for Us to be compassionate…Makes Me sick…

        • Midwester

          Jennifer, you touch on the problem of suffering. Why is the world the way it is? I do not know. However, due to the fact that each individual is a free agent, someone who can freely choose to do evil or to do good, God permits those choices. However, God is almighty. Evil is permitted so that good may come of it. The greatest evil ever perpetrated by man was the crucifixion of the God-man, Jesus Christ. God used that event, the suffering and death of God Himself in the second Person of the Trinity, to extend to humanity his compassion. That compassion, that mercy, is that we do not have to fear death, nor go to death like galley slaves with no possible hope in the life to come. Rather, we are given the capacity at death to know God, the source of all good, the author of all virtue (Blessed be His holy Name), at the instant of death, and for all eternity. We all must die – the result of Adam’s sin. That we all must perish eternally is up to us. In the economy of salvation, suffering is a coin of great price.
          Obviously you were outraged by the suffering inflicted on this poor girl. That outrage is a sign of compassion in your own heart, and is to be commended. With the grace of God, her suffering was highly rewarded and she is now in His presence eternally. Her mother, not so much. Who knows – perhaps in the soul of this poor child was the compassion to offer up her suffering for the salvation of her mother. We will never know until eternity. Thank you for your response.

    • disabledboysmom

      I totally agree! They never thought of the pain the child was in before the 14 days

    • Amanda Belge

      The humane thing to do would have been to not terminate her life at all. Humans are not animals!!!!!

      • vampamdaz

        ISo it would have been better to let her live a full life of endless pain? Constantly screaming out? She’s never had a conversation, she’s never ate. She’s never had a chance to live in the first place. So why would you want to torture her further by letting her deteriate even more? If anything is in humane then you are. Its along the lines of animals. For if you had a dog who you raised who had no legs, couldn’t eat, drink, bark, play, but only sit in the middle of your floor, getting worse crying in agony all day, and nothing made it better, you to would give it a new chance at life with death.

      • HughJadong

        thank you.

      • ar

        Humans are animals.

    • Meagan Hughes

      When you’re in pain, you go to the hospital to receive help.. not to be killed. I would NEVER kill anyone, let alone someone in pain. That is assuming you know their life better than they do. No one can know that. Just hope one day you dont fall off a cliff and break your leg.. cause then your buddies will just put a bullet in your brain instead of helping you to safety, which would be so aweful on them because your in so much pain. It is inhuman. It is wrong and it is murder.

      • vampamdaz

        You do realize that daughter was in the hospital all the time, and doctors did everything to help her constant agony? That they have cat scans and neurologist who can read their brain waves and all they could see was pain pain pain? Have you ever had to spend your life in a hospital? Have you ever had any cronical problem as in migraine every day for hours at a time? Cuz my srltep mom has since she was 8. And I had to Skipp 2 YEARS of high school to go to the hospital cause I would pass out twice a day? I had concussion after concussion, and realized how hard it must be for the cronicaly I’ll. Especially this little girl who cried every day, screamed in agony every moment, and yet has never EVER had a conversation? WHY would we let her suffer. That would be in humane.

      • Curt L. McGriff Jr.

        So.. You’re assuming you know better? And comparing what she went through to a broken leg and a bullet to the head? She probably would have welcomed the bullet, had she known what a bullet was. How arrogant of you. How she died was deplorable. There is no excuse for this, but the fact you compare her situation to a broken leg means you have little understanding and empathy and you should probably not comment on such a subject.

      • Jennifer Kirkpatrick

        That’s two totally different ends of the spectrum! Having a broken leg that can be healed is totally different than This child’s situation, She wasn’t born with a way to be healed…

    • Dorothea Dillman

      This situation disturbs me very much. As you stated, Niall, the child was being treated with Morphine for pain. Morphine is an opioid. A single large dose would have caused unconsciousness and a pain free death very quickly. The UK should do something about the mother’s choice to cause this torture and suffering before death. I’m sure the mother did not just withhold food and water. She most likely withheld her pain medications as well, making the torture and suffering even worse than is being supposed.

      • Jennifer Kirkpatrick

        Why in the world would U say that? Do U know this Mother? Surely She would with hold The Child’s pain medication to make it worse…if U are not the person in the situation U have no idea or should U judge anyone! Could it have been done in a better way yes I’m not debating that but so many are quick to judge what is right or wrong…Forbid We should ever be put in the same situation…

  • Marjorie Eileen Reilly Smith

    Anna, you are so right……

  • Lucy

    This is evil. Absolutely horrendous. Blood of Jesus, save us.

  • Virginia McCabe

    What right have we to determine someone else’s or even our own worth in this world! God has a place and a plan for us all, how then can we question a God who makes no mistakes!

    • Hannah Murray

      The problem with this is that not everyone believes in God….

  • disabledboysmom

    Until you have been in the position this mother was how can you judge her? You know nothing of the child’s details just what you were told. Screaming in pain for hours and hours? Could any of you stand to hear your child scream in pain that long? I think not! This was done out of compassion. Not out of hate or selfishness. The child was 12 the mother spent all that time taking care of her but she gets compared to hitler? Until you have walked in that persons shoes you don’t know what you would do!

    • on the right path

      on the right path.
      I am in agreement with disabledboysmom. Until you have sat through doctor visits only to go home and see the pain your child suffers while they have no idea how to stop it. Then get up in the morning just to check to see if she is still breathing, and try another doctor. Hoping that the pain medication doesn’t kill her tonight? Until you have to discuss burial arrangements with your child, you have no right to judge a mother. I was at that threshold and was lucky enough not to have stepped through. By the Grace of God, judge not.

      • Numenorean

        It is always wrong to kill someone who has done nothing to deserve being killed. A just war is a hard thing to have because when we go to war people die. This little girl may have lived in agony all her hours, but she was alive. To put her down is to treat her as an animal and something less than human. If that doesn’t mean anything to you look at how the Nazi’s started out. Doing things just like this. Ultimately it was selfish of the mother to make that decision, it’s somewhat understandable but unquestionably wrong. God alone knows her state of mind and her intentions. But the action itself was murder.

        • disabledboysmom

          In that case wouldn’t it have been considered selfish of the mother to save the little girl at birth? Should she have let her die instead of intervening with medical attention? Just a thought!

        • Aaron

          I don’t think it’s correct to claim that it is always wrong to kill someone who has done nothing to deserve being killed. Take abortion, for example: let it be the case that the child will die at birth, but if (s)he is allowed to be born, (s)he will kill the mother, yet if the child is killed before birth, the mother’s life will be saved. Here, the child did nothing to deserve being killed, (s)he was completely morally innocent; however, at the very least, many Christian ethicists would still maintain that one has the moral freedom to kill the child. Here, then, is a clear counterexample to the moral principle that killing someone is always wrong if they have not done anything to deserve it.

          • Amanda Belge

            Having worked in Hospice, I know there are more humane ways of helping terminal patients. This girl was not terminal in the same sense, as she was not sentient, but how are we to know she did not suffer more by withholding food&water?

          • Brea Plum

            There are more humane ways – all of which are illegal in Britain. This was the only legal means to end the child’s agony.

          • Meagan Hughes

            I am a mother of 3 healthy boys but if I had to jump in front of a bullet for them I would. Same when I was pregnant. I’d lay my life down because one day I will stand in front of a just God and have to explain to him why I killed my child so I could live selfishly. Or I’d hear him say “well done my good and faithful servent” because john 15:13 says no greater love is there than he who lay down his own life for his friend” or in this case your own child. That is true love.

          • Susan Fox

            and there lies your answer….you are the mother of 3 healthy boys….you have no idea what this child and her family have endured over the years…her mother doesnt live selfishly …she is probably heartbroken at never having a ‘healthy child’ who came home and could climb trees or play in the park….theres no god…if there was dont you think that would have happened

        • kim

          you say, ‘this little girl may have lived in agony all her hours, but she was alive’
          Alive? really? alive, but quality of life? NO

      • Hannah Murray

        Well said! I have had this debate before and people tell me that they have every right to judge and critisize a mother doing this. Why? “Because if we don’t stand our ground then how will the world know that it is unacceptable”. To me it is UNACEPPTABLE to criticize someone for the choices in life one makes. You can judge and tell someone that what they are doing is wrong, BUT you can extend grace as well. Only God knows her heart and what she went through. A few STRANGERS on here have extended any sort of grace to this mother, KUDOS to you few. You get it. To the rest, You don’t openly condemn a mother for her choice, someone you have never met and bash her on the internet. We will all need to answer for the choices we make in this life, we all sin. We are sinners by nature. Don’t lose sight of that please. God has extended souch more grace than any of us deserve. Never lose sight of that!

        • Meagan Hughes

          No, we are being a voice for that little girl who didn’t have one. That is why its okay for us to be advocates and demand justice and prevent this from happening again.

    • Tara Franks Gist

      She didn’t have to starve her to death she could have just overdosed her with her pain meds instead. It’s is pure and simple torture.

      • disabledboysmom

        I don’t think that would be an option. I think that the court decided.

      • Amanda Belge

        I agree.

      • MamaBear

        We have a problem in many parts of this country with giving terminal patients enough pain meds. And I am not talking about deliberate overdoses either.
        In a discussion in an online cancer support group, one lady commented, “if I’m dying, why do they even care if it is an addictive dose?” She has a point.
        Perhaps, if we started focusing on comfort more for the terminal and the disabled, there would be fewer cries for euthanasia and assisted suicide.

      • Meagan Hughes

        If they did that, it would literally be on their hands as to a natural way of withholding nutrition.

      • Brea Plum

        Overdosing with pain meds is illegal in Britain and would have landed the mother in jail. There are documented cases of family members taking their terminally ill loved ones to Switzerland where euthanasia is legal – and the family members being prosecuted upon their return to Britain.

      • Susan Fox

        thats murder….in the eyes of the law!…..all hypocrites on here!

    • Meagan Hughes

      So your saying the mother’s life matters more than the childs? Let someone else take her! Give her to the state! Good grief, send her to the U.S I’d take care of her. When she screamed I’d be there to hug her and to comfort her to let her know I loved her, not kill her.

      • disabledboysmom

        Oh my if it was just that simple. It was not a lack of love. This child suffers day in and day out. No meds or love could fix the problem. This child had no quality if life. Unable to live outside of her own head. You really think that this mother just killed her child?? And a judge just agreed pssshhh! Please! Get a clue before you judge something you know nothing about. This act happens in the us as well. What do you think a DNR is??

  • GuBEE

    This would not be legal to kill a disabled animal in this way. Why is it we give animals kinder deaths?

    • AG70

      Humanity will be judged by how we treat our fellow neighbors. You’re right – many treat animals better than human beings.

  • Guadalupe

    If the mother was truly only interested in saving her child from suffering, she could have killed her very quickly and by comparison relatively painlessly without any regard of what happens to herself. Instead she has sought out an authority that would allow her to save herself any consequences for killing her child.

    The helpless and dependent are truly in danger of being wiped out if they no longer have protection from those who seek to take their lives.

    • Alex Wolfjob Carter

      So would you have preferred if she suffocated her with a pillow or something? Rather than make sure that what she was doing was in the best interests of the child, and make sure she wasn’t instantly arrested?
      The way you talk, you act as if this is something she wanted to do, and that’s fucking ridiculous.
      If all someone knows is pain, that is horrendous. No-one wants to live like that, and if I couldn’t speak, see, eat, speak, walk or even use the bathroom for myself, I would welcome my loving mother doing what was right for me.
      And I wouldn’t want her to be sent to jail for freeing me from a flesh prison of pain and torture.

      “Seek to take their lives”

      Absolutely shut up. You make it sound like everyone is sick of old, disabled and weak people. Just be quiet. No-one “seeks” to end these lives. They only do what they think is best, for the afflicted and also themselves (Which happens to be human nature).

      • Guadalupe

        No I would have preferred she not kill her daughter. Just because you can’t see value in all human life don’t get all nasty with people that do.

        just because you would want to die in that situation doesn’t mean everyone wants to die. We are on earth to do a great many things but not all the same thing.

        Your language is vile show some respect for others, not everyone wants to read foul language.

  • Topher Brink

    I totally support this. I think it could have been done more humanly, such as with morphine, but then all you conservative nut jobs would be wailing about how she was high before dying.

    You shouldn’t be forced to care for a vegetable, nor should the state and therefor everyone else have to pay to keep your potato growing.

    • AG70

      Topher Brink: Your lack of compassion, reason, and your use of derogatory remarks such as “vegetable” and “potato” shows me that YOU are not to be taken seriously or listened to whatsoever. When you have learned to listen more than you spew garbage out of your mouth, and let compassion, reason, and well-speaking take hold in your heart and mind – THEN…maybe then…you will have something of value to offer in such a heavy conversation. Good day.

      • This debate is being taken far to seriously. We are not talking about a person who experiences life, atleast not like any of us. 24 hour care, screaming in agony, how was letting that continue more compassionate?

        But you are right, that was not my original and callous point. I do not think anyone is owed life, not myself, not you, nor any of the other 6.8 billion. Caring for those who can never benefit you or anyone else is illogical.

    • Brea Plum

      It couldn’t be done with morphine, that is illegal in Britain.

  • Marge Plevak Gajkowski

    We have watched our oldest in pain and agony for 29 of her 36 years. We want her to live.

    • Meagan Hughes

      Keep fighting for your child. Show her your love everyday. She is so blessed to have you as parents. Your on the right track. Be her advocate more than anyone else.

    • Brea Plum

      You want her to continue to live after 29 years of pain and agony? You people are sick.

      • Mimi – CA

        Brea you have absolutely no right to talk to Marge that way. Why don’t you shut your filthy mouth. You have a cold wicked heart. I pray you never have to go through what her family is going through.

        • Brea Plum

          I have every right to talk to her that way. She put herself out on a public forum stating very clearly that she and her husband have willingly allowed their daughter “to live after 29 years of pain and agony”. Her own words – they allowed to to suffer for 29 years. She also states very clearly that she wants her daughter to continue to suffer pain and agony – again, her own words: “We want her to live.”

  • katielyn0916

    I’m pro-life all the way, so in no way do I condone her decision to euthanize her daughter, especially since she was breathing on her own. But,IF I did condone euthanasia in extreme cases, there has got to be a much more painless/merciful way to go about it, other than starvation and dehydration.

  • Jinx

    Ms. Wise I have but few words for you
    there are many things that can be forgiven but this isn’t one of them

    • Meagan Hughes

      I’m not siding with the mother but technically if your a Christian, all things can be forgiven except blasphemy (denying Christ) Jesus said his grace was sufficient for all. It is hard for us to forgive but its so much more easier for Jesus. When we walk closely with him it does become possible. I still dont like what this woman did though. I pray she finds forgiveness.

      • rtanen

        Do you really believe that it is unforgivable for me to be an atheist and say “Jesus was a fraud,” but it would be forgivable for people to commit genocide as long as they asked for forgiveness? Is my blasphemy worse than genocide?

  • Steven

    This is a slippery slope. And i am 100 percent against this. They call it the right to die” but its really “euthanasia”. We have this on a case in Canada with the Courts siding with the government aganst this. We all know what happened in the past.. Do we want this to happen again? Because it can. I feel empathy for families who have disabled children like her.

  • disqus_vVRIoAxjOT

    I could not do this this is a terrible way to die.

  • Tina Riley

    We can understand her not wanting her child to suffer, but the only one that should make a decision of when life ends is God..I feel for her,bc she’ll have to not only live with her choice, but she will have to answer to God on judgement day!!

    • Meagan Hughes

      She will get up one morning and get dressed, go on her way to see her daughter and then realize she’s not there… Thats when her judgement begins.

  • Amanda Belge

    Horrible! Disgraceful! Don’t go to England if you’re disabled. I pity the ones that live there.

    • Meagan Hughes

      We’ve already seen it in America, remember Terri Schiavo?

      • Brea Plum

        Terry Schiavo’s brain had liquified long before her husband was finally able to let her rest. She was beyond brain dead. The autopsy report was made public.

        • Lilian

          You are correct that Terri’s brain sustained serious loss.

          However, she was not medically brain dead. Findings were consistent with someone in a persistent vegetative state. To be brain dead is not the same as being in a persistent vegetative state.

  • chick

    And everyone thought Dr. Kavorkians style was bad!!!! I personally see nothing at all wrong with the terminally Ill or suffering people deciding when they have had enough. Its all how ya do it. a simple injection and there ya go. but starving is sad and inhumane.

  • suz

    Uh, that’s not true. The qualification one has to meet in Belgium and the Netherlands is extremely strict and strident.

    And we are better than this to our dogs. Letting this child live the rest of her days in unending untreatable agony is beyond cruel.

  • November

    You can call the way she died cruel, but you can’t then slander euthanasia in the same article. She was denied, so this happened. And if you want to say people with terminal cancer should stay alive whether they want to be or not for your moral well-being, you need to pull your head out of your ass.

  • vampamdaz

    I believe that the daughters death was well deserved. Agony is agony. And death is death. But the way of death is torture, although the way of death wouldn’t of made the daughters life any less painful, it didn’t stop the fact that injecting her with a drug that stops the heart or any other way would have been way WAY more humane.

  • Kim Felini

    If they were going to do this, why not one lethal dose of morphine to truly make it swift and painless?? That’s pure torture for 14 days of starving sunshine. Death!

    • Brea Plum

      Because a lethal dose of morphine is illegal in Britain.

  • Mimi – CA

    This article is about people who are already dying. This girl was not.

  • Petrichor

    How can humans allow things like this to happen and celebrate them whilst calling ourselves civilized?

  • Madelyn

    There are likely thousands of individuals around the world who would of rather taken the young girl under their wing and spend all of their own time caring for her than to ever hear of this taking place. Who is to say that she had no emotions or desires, dreams or ideas if her own? There are parents that are fighting the same battle as this one, caring for their disabled child(ren), and they dont give up and kill them.

  • colleen10001

    No Way can accept this.

  • kgstyle

    Broke my heart hearig how she was left to die by dehydration and starvation. Whatever pain the girl was feeling prior, was doubled with the pain of starving to death.

  • Bridget Breidenbach Miller

    I think people should be very careful before they judge mothers or others on this topic. I do not believe in abortion or killing for dignity, but I have also been in a position where I had to choose if I pulled a daughter off life support or not. It is a horrible place to be and it is a hard enough choice without having people judge you. In our situation our, our daughter’s life support machine was failing and they were concerned if they switched her to a new one, the additional water weight she would gain would be to much for her to handle. My husband left the choice to me. I told that is fine, if he wasn’t strong enough to make the call, I would do it, but he had no right to judge me after it was done and if it didn’t work. I seen many other mothers in intensive care that had to make these terrible choices everyday. You never forget the screams of a mother loosing a child. In our case, we pulled her off the machines and she lived. Others pulled them off and they did not live. The doctors did not have a recommendation either way in our case and in many of the cases I seen. They did not know if they had a better chance either way. I seen my grandpa die the same way. I really think people need to stop being judgmental. Even if they have walked in the shoes as I have, every person has a different story, so we should not judge eachother. All we can do is try to learn the facts and help other’s learn the facts. To say it is barbaric is crazy. We do not know all the facts and it is not our place to judge.

  • Sally Vanbenschoten

    she is one sick and twisted bitch can i win a case to kill the mother i just cant stand sick individuals like her they really need to get their heads examined or not have babies period children like that little girl are a gift and a treasure they arent a curse

  • foreverinchrist

    I don’t know why people are shocked? We kill babies in the womb everyday and no one seem to care.

  • Sally Vanbenschoten

    i had a disabled daughter who had seizures, severe congenital hydrocephalus with porencephally, scoliosis, reflux disease of the kidneys, a hole in her heart, 3 cm missing from her esophagus, she also had to be tube fed, she had respiratory issues that caused her to have to have a trache, she couldnt walk or talk both her hips were dislocated at birth she was blind and she was deaf the doctors told me when she was born i should just let her go and let them take her off life support and i refused and she only lived till she was 3 1/2 she died at home in her own bed ik how it feels too but i would NEVER get a court order to kill my own child one of gods greatest gifts

  • lisa

    Thats sad the mom needs put down also… this baby is gods miracle and she is a flipping monster doesn’t even deserve to be called a mom

  • RHardy

    Why should anyone assume she was in pain… just bc it’s been stated? It says she couldnt talk, which leads me to believe that screaming or crying COULD be her only means of communication. I hope there was a thorough investigation by multiple professionals before such a rash decision was made. I don’t understand how someone else can determine another person’s quality of life. People endure pain all the time (granted some more than others) but if they knew there was one more smile to be had, one more moment of love, or happiness would they want to experience that ‘one more moment’…? I would like to think yes…. but everyones different. The decision to end her life is debateable but the method used to end her life is not and was completely inhumane!

  • Dixie Hernandez

    Sick my cousin is extremely disabled. She can’t eat on her own or talk or walk. We take care of her. We have no thoughts of killing her.

  • CJ Powers

    This is Sparta!

  • Ashley

    This is messed up. You are going to kill your baby by making her suffer. This is wrong on so many levels i want this women to be locked in a dark room and no food or water for 14 days and when she is on the brink of dieing revive her then put her in there again. This little girl has the most curliest parent in the world. They could of found someone who would be willing to help out the child or something other then making her suffer. Shame on you court system and that piece of garbage mother who would do that to her child. No soul. This is what really makes me tick. Disgusting.

  • John Bear Rambo

    It’s so refreshing to read an article that isn’t biased.

    And I’m glad the author of said article hasn’t made unnecessary comparisons nor embellished overstatements to attempt their point.

  • Meagan

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just give her something that put her to sleep and end her “suffering” immediately. It took my mom 7 days to die and to starve one’s body like this is just as cruel as allowing them to suffer day in and day out.

  • f&f

    How could you not feed your child knowing theyre hungry or thirsty? I couldnt idc the circumstances i just couldnt cruel world i just hope there is a better place after this life on hell/ earth

  • thatgirl3

    Would this child have survived even a day say 60 years ago when healthcare wasn’t as modernized? The parents would have allowed nature to take its course. Nowadays allowing for natural death is “inhumane” . Just because we can keep someone alive for extended periods does not mean we should. This is coming from the view of a critical care nurse that deals with this gray area frequently.

  • liz

    I watched my granny suffer as she REFUSED to eat but the unbearable pain she was in before “making her comfortable ” was an option was one ill never forget. Granted this mother may have been heartbroken and torn to pieces watching her daughter suffer day to day but letting her die not by her choice but a parent making that decision is unexcusable. watching her suffer the horrible ending to
    a precious life by starving to death will be engraved in her mind. As parents we are the keeper in sickness and health the worst thing to hear is a mothers cry for her child. A parent should never bury a child but she willing did so inhumanely. She will answer to her decisions. RIP sweet angel.

  • Rosey

    Some hospice groups operate in the same way.. They denied my mother food and water and chastised me for giving it to her.. This was in West Virginia. If they want to argue the point with me… I say come on..!! I was told that I was making her dying more difficult for her… I was even threatened with being barred from contact with my mother. The Hospice Group in Texas was different… They made my boyfriend’s passing as comfortable as possible for him.. That is what I thought Hospice was supposed to do…

  • brandy mccaffrey

    God placed this little girl into this life for a reason. And he should be the only one to take her out of this life. By adding nothing to eat nor drink to the little girls problem only added that much more torture to her. I could not imagine seeing no one go without food or water for days to be killed. Lord Jesus please help this family. I have taken care of disabled babies several times and they can be the most precious gift from God above!

    • Jenny

      Great… There is nothing more selfish and flat out warped then thinking there is some magical reason for anyone to go through this torment. God or no God – the fact that you seem to think it’s quite alright for your deity to bestow anyone to a life of pain and misery ‘for his reason’ is vile.

  • Ryann McAdams Burkart

    So I’m guessing that we should also take away hospice because we are in fact allowing people to die comfortably and at peace?! And that information on the article about starving is very painful is a bunch of crap. As a hospice nurse, most patients who stop eating say they have a feeling of euphoria. But anyone can find any statistic to make their point. People should have a right to choose and if this were 40 or 50 years ago we wouldn’t even be talking about this but because we have all these medical breakthroughs we keep people alive just because we can. How is that ethically responsible? You don’t know what this mom lives through on a daily basis and this article is nothing but inflammatory.

  • Jenny

    “She was screaming and writhing in agony 24 hours a day. Not being able to ease her suffering was too much to bear,”

    The article did not seem to think the above was relevant… No one said the child was not made as comfortable as possible.

  • Susan Fox

    all that is listed above is how people die all the time, they become ill, dont eat or drink, organs fail and they die, whether you are 20 or 90, without hospital intervention you die,,,some people cannot be saved its a sad fact of life…this poor child had no quality of life, her family had no quality of life, she spent her whole life suffering, now shes at peace….and she was also on morphine for the horrible pain she was in, the effects of morphine probably made her unaware of what was going on….its not murder, stop judging this family on something you know nothing about….PRO life…yeah, this girl was not living a life…she was living a nightmare 24/7 since the day she was born….you have no idea about death…or a living death…the mother has my deepest sympathy and compassion ..bless her for her strenght!

  • Susan Fox

    stop with the ‘ this is like the Nazis’ and the ‘god’ stuff….god made this child like this….what sort of god is that!….to make this child suffer for years and years…..hospital machines keeping her alive…thats no god!….and nazis….totally different…she wasnt in a camp starving for years, you all go on about her ‘being murdered’ tucked up in your nice homes with your perfect familys…you havent lived this familys life….shame on you all!!!

  • What..what…what…this has got me scratching my head in utter confusion. Why was this allowed? …why, why, would any mother just let her ailing daughter starve and dehydrate? How..could she just…sit there and watch her daughter deteriorate in intense pain?! Oh my gawd. I’m so sorry Nancy! I’m so sorry you had to end your precious life this way! God, why? SMH

  • Ray Sheehan


  • Marsha E Thrower

    I’m disabled, but I LOVE my life! I take morphine every day, but still have pain, but I wouldn’t want ANY ONE to decide that I’m too much trouble for them. I need a power wheelchair to get around, and even sometimes require oxygen. I still don’t want to die. I take large quantities of medicine, but I’m grateful to be here. Thank you God.

  • Deidre Rea

    This is how my father-in-law was left to die in Northern Ireland 8 years ago. It was not our choice but that of the hospital that was suppose to be caring for him. He had broken his hip in a fall at a different hospital and was moved supposedly to have it fixed. He never had this done and was left for 11 days without food or water until he passed away on the 28th December 2006. Christmas has not been the same for my family since. We felt at the time, and every day since, this was a very barbaric way for such a gentleman to die.

  • Becky Taylor

    A worldly mindset excuses evil if done for the “good” or what they pretend is good. The world strives for better health for themselves but death for everyone else. Islam is a cult of death. Secular society embraces assisted suicide and abortion. The only way on earth that believes in LIFE for all even the unborn is Christianity.

  • Emily Jayne

    Can’t you just leave God out of this and think about how much both the mum and the daughter suffered? It’s not about how ‘God’ died, the fact is she will be at peace now, after 12 years of suffering. Maybe it’s not the best way to let her rest in peace, but I wish everyone would stop referring to it as ‘murder’ like it’s such a bad thing, like she’s a psychopath. She was doing what was best for her child, if you were in her shoes I’m sure you would choose to do the same, instead of watching her in pain for so long.

  • Bill Goldsby

    A convicted murderer gets gas or lethal injection. If the mother truly wants to stop the pain, get the court to authorize the injection.

  • Susan Fox

    you can never reason with people who seem fit to mention how they would lay down their lives for their healthy children, when they have never had to deal 24/7 with a severly disabled child/adult …..if there really is a god we need to stop all hospital intervention on any person and lets see what this supposedly good man can do for them….

  • tyanmeup

    I think everyone should find ALL the information and facts on this situation before making conclusions or passing judgment. The Author of this article is one sided and clearly does not want to provide ALL the facts but just what they find to be wrong. Yes it was sad and from reading just this article I can see how one would immediately freak out and side with this person, but after reading everything I could find on the story I do not agree with this articles opinion at all. Just saying, before passing judgement on something that you do not have all the facts about is wrong and passing judgement is also NOT our job.

    • Susan Fox

      wow…you are so right, but everyone on here is sided with the biased author of the story…thanks

  • Iris

    This is wrong. My faith in humanity is dwindling. How is it called justice to starve a disabled child, call it “legal” and “praise” the parent for wanting this?! The fact the child had no voice or opinion on this matter is what’s wrong. I’m not okay with this.

  • JD

    My GOD can heal the sick, the lame and the dieing. Why should anyone else be granted the omnipresent and omnipotent responsibility of playing God? It’s not their call but GOD almighty. Where’s the grace of God in the midst of the chaos and turmoil? He’s always there even when we don’t see or feel him, he’s there for he knows the hearts of man. He feels our pain and suffering. He cries when we cry. He can always heal those that call upon his name. So why play God? Let God be the physician and help Him heal those that need him most.

    • Susan Fox

      i think this child waited 12 years for ‘your gods’ help….maybe cos she was so severly disabled she couldnt call his name….oh….your god only chooses people who can help themselves or can give money to church funds ….hallelujah!

      • Tylei

        Are you an atheist? It’s okay if you are. I’m an atheist, too.

        • MamaBear

          But Tylei, I have never seen you show that kind of disrespect to others faith. You always seem to be a very tolerant and polite atheist.

          • Tylei

            Thank you. I know that others have their own beliefs and faiths, and don’t judge people for it. I’m just trying to reason with Susan. That’s all. :)

      • JD

        Why are you mad at God? Is it because he didn’t answer your prayers or do you blame him for things that haven’t gone the way you wanted them to? God does things on his time. He doesn’t do anything in vain. He knows what we think or what we are going to do before we do it. He’s compassionate and he loves us greatly. Though we might not understand everything, He’s still in control of all things. That’s where faith comes in. This girl couldn’t speak for herself but God knew her heart. Though her mom taking her daughters life may have believed it was for the greater good, that’s up to God to decide.

  • janette

    the laws passed in washington and some other states called the death with dignity laws let a person terminal decide to end their life and the state pays for teh medication and a “specialist” to help them through the process–the only problems is now they are denying care to those who have diseases like cancer that are in stages that are totally curable, but they don’t want to pay for the treatment–one man was told the treatment would not guarantee to make him live more than 5 years, but they wouled be happy to send him the drugs to end his life —- People need to open their eyes about what is happening—you now have a price tag on your life, and if it’s too high, you are not worth saving

    • MamaBear

      Thank you for your comment pointing out what is happening to cancer patients. One correction, it is those treatable, not curable.
      Just one example that proves your point. Metastatic breast cancer has an average survival of about 3 years. It is not considered curable, you are in treatment for life. Yet, my support group has a 9 year MBC survivor who is NED (no evidence of disease). My on-line support group has one lady at 16 years and a couple at 11. True, these are exceptions. But, as my oncologist says, we are not statistics. They just have no way to predict who those exceptions will be.

  • brandy

    I’m sad how this girl suffered her last days, but no one would want to be disabled to the point they can’t enjoy life, and if she was suffering every day that’s not enjoying life. There had to be a more peaceful way, as a mom I would not have allowed them to starve my child!!! No one should judge what she was going through or her decision, but everyone of you are, even the religious ones!

  • Digital Diva

    I understand that you’re trying to slant the story so that it reads in such a way that you feel bad for the daughter – and you should. But in my mind, this is exactly why we need to allow assisted suicide and euthanasia. I take offense to your statement that “nobody cares”. Obviously the mother did care. Who are you to judge that woman? What would you do if you had to listen to your child scream in agony day in and day out, with no way to help, and with no end in sight? What does it matter if the child was breathing on her own if every breath was in drawn in pain? You’re right…we wouldn’t allow our pets to die in that manner. That’s because our beloved animals are allowed to die in dignity. They aren’t forced to die due to starvation and dehydration just because some human on their high horse thinks they shouldn’t be “allowed” to be euthanized.

  • Briel

    Do I agree with the way she died, no. There is pills out there even 1 single pill with the same effect, death. Though here all of you ranting about how horrible starvation and dehydration is…fact is your brain shuts down fairly quick, you do not know you are starving. Almost every geriatric patient that is a DNR dies this way in nursing homes EVERY single day (unless they die from a heart attack or something that will kill them instantly).
    Failure to thrive = dehydration and starvation
    Stroke = dehydration and starvation
    Cancer = eventually dehydration starvation
    List goes on; keep in mind the words DNR = those whom do not want life saving measures.

  • kate french

    Im sorry but when I first saw the headline I was disgusted but reading what this poor child has had to suffer in her short life, everyday in constant pain, made me realise that those headlines were wrong. As a parent and grandparent the thought of having to on a daily basis watch my child suffer would be my worst nightmare, this poor mother did not take this heartbreaking decision lightly she will have been on occasions disgusted in herself for even contemplating this, People will rightly say ‘how can you even think of murdering your child’ but this isn’t ‘murder’ this is a mother torn between watching her child suffer and in constant agony and doing the kindest thing she possibly could. but there will always be different opinions on this subject. I have read numerous article’s on euthanasia and sometimes this is the kindest way to stop the pain but everyone is not going to agree on this and it is a very hard personal decision to make. There is no right or wrong answer this has been done out of love and heartache not malice. The poor mother and father has had to suffer unimaginable heartbreak at this time but they have a little comfort knowing that there baby is no longer in pain and is resting in peace. There will be no words if comfort for them just the heartache they will feel losing there baby. My thought’s are with them at such a sad time please think how they must be feeling

  • India Benjamin

    The only point I have taken away from this is that we should legalise assisted suicide, so those suffering can have a quick and painless death rather than suffer a long and painful death, or a long and painful life.

  • JS

    I do not support human euthanasia. However, I think the real crime occurred after she was born. If a baby cannot feed and/or breathe (etc) w/o medical intervention, I feel the baby should be permitted to die naturally. This situation should have never come to this. Just because it’s possible to medically intervene, does not mean we should

    • Susan Fox

      because medical intervention gave her a chance….god didnt

  • SnarkyQuill

    So, I’m just going to throw this out there and deal with the backlash. Why has this turned into a religious discussion? Why are we referencing God at all? This woman killed her daughter. God didn’t. The judge sanctioned her murder. Not God. The doctors supported the decision. God didn’t sign the paperwork. Don’t use this girl’s suffering to stand on your soapboxes. It’s not about you and your opinions. It’s about Nancy and the life that was stolen from her. It’s about the selfishness of her mother; who decided that her own life was more important than the daughter she brought into this world. It’s about the lack of ethics on the part of all judicial systems for allowing things like this to happen.

    But since we’re talking about God, let me elucidate: Yes, God has a plan for every life. But He also granted each person the free will to choose for themselves. Just because He has a plan for you does not mean that you will follow it. YOU make your choices and YOU live with your consequences. People need to stop blaming God when things go wrong and take ownership of their actions. Its not God’s fault that this little girl is dead. Its not his fault that she was born with a disability.

    God suffered for her; with her. He counted her tears and knew heart’s desires. He and Nancy were the only ones who did. And, when she died, He was the one who welcomed her home and granted her peace. He was the one who enveloped her in his arms and comforted her as a father does for his children. His was the first face she saw.

    • Susan Fox

      why the reference to god…..because you have done exactly the same…preaching on about ‘god has a plan’ there is no plan ….you are born and you die…..in between good things happen and bad things happen….some people have no good moments at all….they live a life of pain and suffering, some never get that far and die at birth…if thats gods plan then hes no god worth worshipping

      • SnarkyQuill

        Susan, you obviously didn’t read the whole post and are the embodiment of my point. Thanks.

      • SnarkyQuill

        Susan, you obviously didn’t read my whole post and are the embodiment of my point. Thanks.

  • Amanda Erdman

    thats so fucked up why would the government let her do this to her own child

  • Kathryn Sliwinski Brandys

    The only issues I have with this is the way in which it was carried out. That poor girl was suffering with every fiber of her being and there wasn’t a second in the day during which she wasn’t in pain. As a mother, I can’t imagine having to sit day after day month after month year after year with no end in sight, having my child in so much pain and unable to enjoy the slightes thing. No walking in the sun, could play with dolls…..never hug her family. So I agree with the mother but the child’s death should have been swift and painless.

  • cesema

    because it took 14 days for her to pass, i would hazard a guess that she was not denied all liquid. the human body typically can not survive beyond 3 days without hydration. and actually a typical end of life treatment is to withhold food, not to cause physical harm but as a palapative care. near the end of life, the ingestion of food is actually uncomfortable due to slowed perastalsis, the reduced function of organs and distension of the stomach. i learned this as a dietition student on rounds in a hospital. i kept leaving tube feeding reccomendations for a patient and was becoming concerned that the doctor was not introducing nutrition. come to find out this was for her comfort in a hospice situation, not neglect.

  • Chey

    I am ventilator-dependent quadriplegic. I am fed through a feeding tube and my trache prevents me from vocalizing. People, out of ignorance, often see me as an unproductive member to society. However, I carry a 4.02 gpa and my parents know I am their retirement. It terrifies me to see our world move in this direction. A man once came up to me and said, “Our country would be more productive if retards like that were put in gas chambers.” Just because someone has a ‘disability’ doesn’t mean they are worthless burdens. I cannot breathe, eat, or walk on my own; will I be next?

    • Susan Fox

      you have your faculties about you….you are a valuable member of society…this child was unresponsive and never would be…2 totally different aspects….i presume you have not always been a quadriplegic….do you think this was gods plan for you….i hope you dont think im being rude but people on here saying god has a plan for everyone so i just wondered

      • Chey

        Absolutely. I lived in a pediatric rehab hospital for 9 months after I got sick so I saw quite a few cases like this. I can assuredly say that it sucks and the strains and difficulties a family endures are immense, but their was always a lesson to be learned. Even though some of those kids were barely a step above vegetables they and their families made significant impacts on the communities they are a part of. As for God’s plan, I will admit living like this can be flat out miserable sometimes. It’s tiring and “God has a plan” does not always suffice as comfort, but then I look and see the difference I’ve been privileged to make and it reminds me that He indeed has a plan.

        • Susan Fox

          thanks for you reply…not everyone is alike and im sure you appreciate that every case is different….i hope you keep well and you are no doubt a real inspiration…your parents must be very proud of you!

          • Chey

            Thank you that’s very kind. My only wish is that people understand that persons such a this girl do lead incredibly difficult lives and it’s taxing on the caregiver, but there is always beauty in life. Sometimes the silver lining isn’t as shiny and it can be extremely annoying constantly trying to look for one, but it’s there and worth looking for

  • ciera

    You’re a damn idiot because without modern technology, her life would’ve been taken much sooner. She couldn’t even eat on her own. I think the way they went with her death was unjust HOWEVER, you’re saying that being doped up on morphine and ketamine every day is okay? I’d rather die than have that shit happen to me.

  • Season555

    I agree with some of the commentators, want to kill her kill her, ( they have to answer for their decision some day) BUT why torture the child to death?

  • becki ahrens

    I can reasonably understand where this Mother is coming from. Her child is in horrible, horrible pain continuously with no relief. The medication is not working. It seems that instead of starving her to death they could have given her some of the medications they do in the US for death roll inmates. It would have certainly been kinder. I never could do this, I can say that because thanks to God, my children were not born with the things this woman’s child has. All can say as a Mother this must have been heart wrenching and not an easy thing to do as she tried for many years. As a Mother I have sat in the hospital after my children have had surgeries and it hurt so deep to see them in pain. This circumstance is so different. So heartbreaking.

  • Gemma Marie Conroy

    You need to be in the position of the parent before you can even begin to judge. Just FYI I am not one of those parents but I have great amount of respect and admiration for them!

  • Matthew Johnson

    In all honesty, I’m glad she won it and was able too let her daughter finally rest in peace. I mean, yes it’s sad she had to die like that, but sometimes the hardest part of love…is knowing when to say good-bye.

  • Michaela Perkins

    You people have no right to judge until you’re in this woman’s position. She did what she thought was best for her child. Would it have been any kinder to allow her to spend the rest of her life in agony.

  • Lissa Carver

    For heavens sake, what a horribly written, biased article. Kidney failure and dehydration is not painful. For the most part, at this stage, the client feels no hunger or thirst.

  • ali

    This article began sounding sensible. At the end, it went south. I agree 100% that starving and dehydrating someone until they die is about the worst way to approach assisted suicide, but calling it murder is visious. That mother must be crumbling. Her world has ended. There are so many suffering people that would finally find a glimpse of hope and happiness at the mention of legalizing assisted suicide. Until YOU see a family member kept alive but miserable, you wont know the angst of making that decision. If my child was kept alive through tubes, if he screamed through pain medication, I would consider the idea. That doesnt make me a bad mom. That makes me a human.
    …..and your dog cant tell you it wants to die either, but thats okay….

  • patricia

    I think comparing abortion to mass genocide of millions of people in a totalitarian government just might be a bit far fetched. I understand that euthanasia is essentially ‘murder’, and I can completely understand why people are against it, especially in this instance, and how someone from a religious stance would be utterly against it. However, no one other than the mother and her daughter have been through this ordeal and therefore only they can be their own judgement. I can guarantee anyone faced with the same tortuous and tragic circumstances would act very differently to how they say they would act on a comments section of a news article, and I consider it very naive to jump to condemn this mother’s decisions without her side of the story, and only an extremely opinionated ‘news’ article as evidence. Furthermore, it is unfair to project your own religious views on to her decisions, as she may not share your views and preaching how in your religion she will be condemned will not help anything. It’s unfair to judge a mother and daughter who have suffered 12 years of agony together, and who finally want peace, just because YOU dont believe in euthanasia. I am neither for or against euthanasia, however I believe it is highly unlikely it will turn in to genocide of the disabled or elderly, and to jump to the conclusion that this particular situation is ‘wrong’, ‘barbaric’ and ‘cruel murder’ is extremely heartless and naive, considering how much they have already suffered, and how little you have heard from their side of the story.

  • Darlene Marie Polizzi

    This is a slippery slope….. and is why we must not be lenient with the “idea” of wishing the death of the disabled.

  • Adrienne

    Question: Do the most devout of Christians individuals here believe there can come a time when the medical interventions being used on an individual are inappropriately delaying the death that God intended? Or that the medical interventions are no longer being used to benefit the patient, but rather the family members or caretakers who do not want to let the patient die? Is that possible? Is it possible to ever stop medical treatment without it being either suicide or murder?

  • Emma

    When people have children there’s always a risk that there may be something wrong with their child and every parent has the responsibility to lookJ after that child no matter what. I think it’s disgusting. If shed done this without the courts approval shed of been put away for child abuse and murder, slash to pieces by the tabloids and been on the front page of ever news paper. But because they said it’s ok for her to do it, then we should all sit here and feel sorry for the life she’s had to have for the past 12 years looking after HER OWN daughter? There’s kids out there who look after disabled parents who I bet this thought to kill them would never even cross their minds, it’s the same thing. It’s murder.

    • abi

      Emma you are absolutely moronic. I don’t even think you have the mental capacity to understand what this poor girl was going through.

      • Emma

        I’m moronic? So her starving and dehydrating her daughter to death is the correct thing to do in this situation?

      • Emma

        It is also true that if the court had not approved for her to do this diabolical thing to her child she’d be going to prison for murdering her child and also for child abuse

  • alicianna penglase

    The only thing that makes this cruel is how she died. She was suffering in life and should have been allowed to end it peace. Euthanasia should be the only way they allow people who are suffering or want to be killed should die. Ive read comments regarding serial killersand convicts and honestly dehydration and starvastarvation should be there punishment. If someone murdered people out of enjoyment (and no, euthanasia is not the same) or had the audacity to rape or murder children dont deserve to be treated with compassion or mercy because they’ve done something so dispicable. Honestly, i believe there punishments should be decided by the victims families. Anyway, people are making a big deal about euthanasia (usually religious people) and its quite amusing to read. Children who are disabled to the point they cannot speak, eat or talk would die naturally if it wasnt for science. Babies who are healthy are not a good comparison because well like every anianimal, they are allowed to be helpless until a certain age. Point being that they aventually can take care of themselves and survive on there own. Thats what happened before science got involved. (To you religious people science and medicine is the equivalent to playing god. If we really wanted to leave it to god we wouldn’t be allowed to give them medicine or hook them up to tubes because thats not natural. Its stuff MAN created. ) As you can see i am all for euthanasia. I do believe there should be limitations and extensive consideration put into granting people the right to be euthanized, but other than that i find it quite acceptable. Thats probably because ive seen and sñoke to people whi suffered in life due to illness and disabilities, ive seen people who were helpless and unable to survive on there own. I’ve seen their pain and the pain of there families. Maybe i think to logical. Maybe i paid a little too much attention to nature shows. Maybe im wrong for thinking like this. Maybe i appear heartless to some. Ether way, its my opinion and im sticking to it.

    • alicianna penglase

      And for you grammer nazis i wrote this from my cell phone so yes there are going to be some grammar and punctuation errors . Sorry for that.

  • abi

    “It’s become appropriate in the United Kingdom to kill a person now because it’s too much of a hassle to keep them alive” What an outrageous and narrow minded statement to make. Sorry Cassy, I wasn’t aware that you knew what it was like to be in constant pain where you were unable to walk, talk or eat. Or seeing the one you love scream in unbearable pain where just staying alive hurts. People shouldn’t be so quick to judge, but unfortunately we live in a world where you can’t walk down the street without being looked up and down. This poor girl deserved to be at peace and any sane person would agree. Anyone bad mouthing Nancy’s mum need to take a long hard look at themselves.

  • liz

    People. … do you really think a mother would put her own daughter through that horrific 14 days if she had any other option? Brave and courageous. The problem here is that she had to die a painful way over 14 days….that we don’t have a legal option to make that easier. All the NOnesense about gods will!!!!!! What a loving god who disables his children. ….. love to the family. …may they find peace in their souls x

  • jennifer golding

    The only thing that upsets me why such a slow death wby not let her rest quickly. All i can think of is pain on top of pain. I wouldnt be able to starve and dehysrate a girl even though she was suffering.

  • cassandra

    I think she should have given her a coxtail instead of starving her i mean give her a dbl or a tripple dose of morphine would have been relaxed fell asleep and stopped breathing not starvation

  • Laura B80

    Keeping food and water from a child is NOT death with dignity! None of us knew this child or her suffering but I cared for a woman for years with some of the same conditions and the pain and agony she want through was heartbreaking. We give animals and murderers the compassion of a quick, painless death. Should we not do this as a choice for humanity? We can all sit and judge but you really can’t possibly fathom the pain and suffering that people have to endure at end of life stages as well as people like this girl who suffer in pain and agony just to wake up and go through the same torture again, day after day with no relief until death comes for them. :( Should we let them starve and die of dehydration? Absolutely not!!! Allow for lethal injection or medications designed to allow a person to pass peacefully and painlessly.

  • Casey

    This is a horrible story. Weather she was suffering or not she was still a human being. there are thousands of disabled, mentially ill etc. does that give us the right to kill them all off?? i think not! every life is precious and i can understand the mothers point of view by her child suffering and not being able to handle to see her pain but 14days really?? thats sooooo uncalled for there are a million other ways to solve this problem and starvation wasnt one of them!!! what do we do when our animals get old or sick etc they suffer too but we put them down by a shot not starving them!!! this is a messed up story and i dont approve but whats done is done i hope the mother feels horrible the way she did this. so sad. Nancy your in a better place now where you cant be hurt anymore may u finally rest in peace

    • abi

      Casey your missing the point here, it wasn’t the fact that she was disabled that her mother wanted her to die. It was the fact that she was in unbearable pain everyday. Put yourself in her shoes, would you want to live if you couldn’t talk, eat or drink? Would you want someone you love to go through that every single day of their life? Being tortured just to be alive? It is so easy for people to judge, yet so hard for people to understand.

      • Casey

        im not saying i dont underatand but the point beig there are other ways to do this why make her suffer more than she already was?? its just crewl. i wouldnt want to put my loved ones through that either but there are other ways. thats my point

      • Alexandra Clarke

        I know someone who is always in horrible pain. But he still thinks his life is worth living. He would never dream of ending his own life or asking someone else to because he values his own life. Hrbstill finds beauty in it. So how do you know that girl didn’t have the same opinion no voice does not mean one can’t think for themselves or value themselves no matter how pitiful their lives may look to us

        • Casey

          exactly!!! just because she couldnt talk doesnt mean she didnt want to be here! good pointing out!!

        • abi

          I understand that, but the fact that she couldn’t speak may also have meant that she wanted to die and couldn’t voice it to anyone. I too know people who live in pain everyday and still find positivity in it, but these people can communicate, they can tell the people they love that they love them. Nancy was blind, couldn’t talk or eat and would have been dead a long time a go without modern medicine. Obviously no one will ever know what was going on in her mind, but her mother who knew he better than anyone made the decision that her suffering was too much. Imagine your life like hers, you can’t see anything, you can’t communicate with anyone, you have tubes coming out of you left right and centre and all you feel is pain. I realise that every life is valuable but sometimes the right thing to do is to end someone’s suffering. You might disagree that Nancy wasn’t suffering, but her mother, the judge and probably a lot of health professionals treating her believed she was.

          • Casey

            yes but the point being theres other ways to do this starving and dehydrating her for 14 days?? i thought she wanted to take her pain away but instead she was making her suffer more?? pretty pathetic.. but thats my opinion.

          • abi

            There was no other way to do it! It was the only way for Nancy to die without someone being accused of murder.

          • Casey

            there are other ways the judge just chose the worse one possible and even then this is still considered murder. i read and hear stories of parents going to prison for starving their children to death. what makes her different ?? Just because she got an approval? maybe we all should just do this to get away with murder..

          • abi

            So what your saying Casey is that if we want to kill someone, all we would need is for that person to come down with a debilitating illness that leaves them blind, unable to walk, talk and to be in constant pain, quit our jobs and become their carer for the next 12 years, go to court and convince the judge for them to be put out of their misery by starving them. Your right Casey, why has no one thought of that before? THINK about what your saying – yes the fact she got approval makes ALL the difference. And the only other way for her to die would be euthanasia and that is illegal in the United Kingdom.

          • Casey

            no what im saying is its still murder approval or not. there are other ways this could have been done it should go higher than just 1 fucking judge to make the damn decision!!! and i also believe the mother rush into this..starving that poor girl made her suffer even more than she was before?? if this was my child i would fight for another way for her to go!! instead of watching my child suffer even more from hunger!! do u know what its like to go even a week with out food!!!??? i do and it fucking sucks!! you people make me sick

          • Casey

            and i never said nancy wasnt suffering her mother just made her suffer worse.

  • Sharna Feeney

    I really don’t understand how 14 days of suffering is a ‘dignified’ death, surely there must have been a quicker, more painless process? Absolutely horrific the way this has been done.

  • Janoy Cresva M.D.

    If I was retarded I would have wanted my parents to kill me. Just saying. But I am not retarded, I am a very successful doctor with what some might call loose morals.
    -Article approved after a detailed examination by Dr. Janoy Cresva M.D. and his backing team.

  • Keith

    You have no right giving this mothe jip over this yeah it should of been done in a more humain way but at the end of the day you have a f**king clue what that family was going through Neva mind her poor daughter now go right about sum dirty old cunt wanking off to kids and get a fuc*ing gip this mother has already been through to much to be slated…it all pritty and perfect when slagging people off your child is a normal child you should be ashamed hart goes out to the family and RIP little girl rest tight

  • Nehj Jhen

    I think parents should have the right to terminate their kids of they are really messed up with absolutely no quality of life but maybe giving them a euthanasia needle is more humane then starving them for 14 days. At least with the needle it is painless and over quickly. They really need to look into this and set guidelines to make mercy killings legal but also “merciful”

  • julie q

    I wish people would stop involving god! God is a made up charachter. Fact remains that this child should have been granted a quick way to pass if it was deemed she was better off that way. It is cruel and barbaric to starve her to death. An overdose would have been much kinder.

  • Clara Williams

    If nature had taken its course, without human interference, most likely the beautiful child would not have survived. We had a female dog a short while back. She gave birth to four puppies, but we could only find three. The mother kept throwing the fourth out of the cage. Apparently it had abnormalities and was unable to eat. Momma pup knew. I tried for three days to feed this baby pup, but alas she died on my chest. It was my selfishness that kept pup alive three days. I am by no means comparing this beautiful girl to a dog, but their suffering was, perhaps, the same. Sometimes a Momma just knows when her baby has had enough. I don’t know if I could make the same decision this mother made, but am almost positive the decision does not come from a place where evil resides

  • Shawn Armstrong

    I have no problem with this. We put animals down due to suffering, and I wouldn’t want to suffer what this 12 year old girl is suffering. People kill their babies all the time for no other reason than it’s inconvenient, your moral high ground isn’t so friggin’ high.

  • Christine

    If this were me, I would want my mom to pull the plug. I would rather die then live life like that.

  • peppercorns

    More parents of the hopelessly ill need to make this choice. It is far more disgusting to listen to bleeding heart keep their child alive for no purpose other then their own selfishness. These children will never know life without pain or have a chance at love or even the ability to do the simplest things for themselves. Let them go….you don’t get a medal for keeping them alive for no reason other then you cant let go.

  • Jess Gordon

    She was high as a kite all her life on morphine and ketamine. She won’t have felt hunger. Why do you think junkies are so thin and look unhealthy? They don’t feel the need to eat, just get high. Also, having seen MANY patients on morphine towards the end of their life, I can’t say a single one ever felt hungry or thirsty when offered food or fluids. Although i still wod rather this child received a quicker death, I doubt she had suffered any more than she had the rest of her existence (yes, existence because this wasn’t a life)
    Also, to all the posters calling the mother a murderer.. you have not been in her position, you cannot judge. She wanted what was best best for her daughter and herself. When you can wave goodbye to your child when they hit 18, she’d have been living her life for her daughter.. who would never achieve a life at all. It’s bad enough she lived this life without calling her a murderer too..

  • Amy Bowyer McComb

    Who’s to say that dying of dehydration etc. doesn’t equal the same amount of suppossed torture she endured throughout her life? It is an easy step, then, to just kill the elderly or other disabled people, or, for that matter, anyone we choose. A difficult choice to be sure, but one that seems, at it’s roots a matter of God’s hand – not ours.

  • Morten Dahle

    So many retarded comments about the starvation:

    When removing life support, or feeding, from any patient in the modern World, they are, if consious, drugged down to a point that they do not feel any pain or fear.

    This child was likely drugged out of her mind during the starving phase, and probably had the best days of her poor, miserable life those last 2 weeks.

    • notso

      Are you in the health care profession?

      • Morten Dahle

        Are you implying that you believe that this girl did not get pain supression?

        • notso

          are you attempting to put words in my mouth?

          • Morten Dahle


      • Morten Dahle

        Damn! Too bad they didn’t think about that…

        • notso

          Sarcasm and nonchalance in the same sentence?

          • Morten Dahle


          • notso

            You are entitled to your beliefs and application of those beliefs in regard to your person. Your rights and beliefs cease at the end of your arm span.

          • Morten Dahle

            “Nancy was screaming and writhing in agony for 24 hours a day”

          • notso

            Which is medically impossible. The girl would have had a heart attack and died on her own from elevated blood pressure and the added stress on her heart. Likewise, such would have been considered a crisis situation in which alternate pain control options would have been implemented. She would have been placed in a medically induced coma until the correct combination of pain control was figured out. They would have reduced the coma meds a little at a time and administered new pain meds to see how she responded. If not favourably, then she would have been put back into the coma.

          • Morten Dahle

            You do not believe they tried everything do you? Do you believe they ended this life from the evil of their hearts? You are talking as if they had more options, which they clearly state that they did not.

          • notso

            I am saying from a medical perspective there are too many unfeasible exaggerations for me to believe that there was nothing else to be done for the child. There is no way possible for a person to be continuously screaming and writhing in agony 24 hours a day. The body’s stress responses would be too traumatic, as I stated before. As I was not the person making the decision to deprive this individual of her life, I don’t have to live with the choice that was made, personally. As a person with medical experience,

            I do however have the knowledge and understanding to comprehend there were other options. The child was starved and denied water for 14 days up until she died. Dehydration causes severe muscle cramps and spasms as the body does not have adequate means to move creatinine from the muscles. If she was writing in agony before, the added pain of cramps, spasms and organ failure surely didn’t alleviate her level of pain. If she could get no pain relief before,(like they are trying to say) how then was her pain brought under control with the extra stressors added on??? Medically impossible with what is being described I tell you.

          • notso

            I am saying from a medical perspective there are too many unfeasible exaggerations for me to believe that there was nothing else to be done for the child. There is no way possible for a person to be continuously screaming and writhing in agony 24 hours a day. The body’s stress responses would be too traumatic, as I stated before. As I was not the person making the decision to deprive this individual of her life, I don’t have to live with the choice that was made, personally. As a person with medical experience, I do however have the knowledge and understanding to comprehend there were other options. The child was starved and denied water for 14 days up until she died. Dehydration causes severe muscle cramps and spasms as the body does not have adequate means to move creatinine from the muscles. If she was writing in agony before, the added pain of cramps, spasms and organ failure surely didn’t alleviate her level of pain. If she could get no pain relief before,(like they are trying to say) how then was her pain brought under control with the extra stressors added on??? Medically impossible with what is being described I tell you.

    • Anne

      So what you’re saying is that it’s okay that they killed her because she couldn’t feel anything? By that logic, why don’t we all go around drugging people with problems like this girl had and kill them? I mean, surely death could be better than this pain that WE say they’re experiencing. Whether she couldn’t feel anything or not, the way that they chose to end her life, let alone the fact that they ended her life, is horrible. This is a problem that is plaguing people today, and it’ll only get worse. With every generation, more and more people are diminishing the sanctity of human life.

      • Morten Dahle

        It is the best way to kill anyone at least. I am not saying it’s right to end her life, but I’m saying it’s not correct that she suffered during these days.

        Personally, I would rather die, than live the life that the mother describes.

        • Anne

          There are much quicker, painless ways to die, mostly in the form of drugs, but for her sake, I really hope that you’re right.

          I personally would rather die as well, but who knows how she felt about it? It could be that she wanted to fight for her life, but just couldn’t tell anyone. It really is a horrible situation both ways.

    • notso

      am saying from a medical perspective there are too many unfeasible exaggerations for me to believe that there was nothing else to be done for the child. There is no way possible for a person to be continuously screaming and writhing in agony 24 hours a day. The body’s stress responses would be too traumatic, as I stated before. As I was not the person making the decision to deprive this individual of her life, I don’t have to live with the choice that was made, personally. As a person with medical experience,

      I do however have the knowledge and understanding to comprehend there were other options. The child was starved and denied water for 14 days up until she died. Dehydration causes severe muscle cramps and spasms as the body does not have adequate means to move creatinine from the muscles. If she was writing in agony before, the added pain of cramps, spasms and organ failure surely didn’t alleviate her level of pain. If she could get no pain relief before,(like they are trying to say) how then was her pain brought under control with the extra stressors added on??? Medically impossible with what is being described I tell you.

  • Paul Dunay

    Totally disagree with your acidic, narrow-minded tone and completely biased opinion piece. I believe with the proper counseling and acceptance of all issues by the “nearly departed”, that ANYONE should be able to end their life. They didn’t get to chose being here. And I don’t care what the reason is. These smarmy religious rightists make me SICK. Keep your laws off my body.

  • MissyT111

    Glad I’m not related to this woman……….

  • Billie Jean Washburn

    So sad, that child starved to death. I hate to imagine what was going through her mind as she suffered in pain, dying, her Mother not feeding her. This is so sad.

  • notso

    All it breaks down to is this-Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. The common mind set these days being no one should be inconvenienced with any responsibility nor should anyone be held accountable for their actions. It is wise to remember, religious or not, each of us await the day of our receding health. I wonder how many would be pro-death when it becomes personal?

  • Zandolie

    It’s crap how this girl died, people get a criminal record for doing that to a able-boded kid but its ok for a disabled kid? WTF!!. The judge who granted that way if dying should get there head looked at, and the mum should have thought is was the wrong way. It would have probably been “nicer” quicker and less painful if they had given her an overdose of her pain meds.

  • rebecca

    What bothers me is the ignorance here. I’ve studied euthanasia extensively and this is another example of the courts not allowing it to exist as a law in our country. They are following old case law where a womans life support was turned off. And taking it one step further. The courts cant allow someone to actively kill another person and they cannot make up law themselves. The government need to address this issue. Technology has advanced so much that often people can a way that they would rather be dead. Where someone cannot feed themselves eat or even smile. People should have the right to die in extreme circumstances such as these. We just need government to legislate it in clear terms with clear restriction. That way no one needs to starve, no one needs to worry about allowing murder. It would be doctors giving a quick and painless end to unecessary suffering after thorough clinical assessment

  • Sandra

    He without sin cast the first stone…I am 100% christian and I do not believe what this mother did was right…but who are we to judge…you never know what another person is goin through physically or mentally inless you are walkin that persons path…don’t be judgemental…he that judge shall be judged…God rest her soul…nothing is a mistake…God allows things to happen for a reason…and its up to his ppl to love…love the ppl but not the sin…pray for the mother cuz you don’t even have a hint of what she has gone thru and what she will continue to go thru

  • Jolene Powell

    I don’t believe that she should have had to starve and become dehydrated. She should have had a kinder death. I believe that we should be able to make that choice. What was the quality of life for this child? She was in constant pain. I am sure that it was documented. I would hope the same kindness would have been shown to me. I watched my father-in-law die from dementia. He refused to eat and drink in the end. Was that cruel as well? He was not in a state of mind to make that choice. Should he have been force fed? I have a will stating that I am not to be put on any type of medical measures. I don’t want that life. I don’t want my children or husband to go through that. I am a firm believer in this death.

  • Mel S. Accristo

    dogs and fetus get better treatment when facing their own demise
    … whatever happened to human rights

  • Sharetherainbow Sherry

    This is disgusting every severely disabled person doesn’t deserve to die like that her mother most likely did love her but that just wasnt the right way to do it

  • hope

    lets not jump to conclusion here ,don’t very much she would of been conscious

  • Terri Millard Dearborn

    I have read through this article more than once and through pretty much all of the comments; I normally don’t like to say much because I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion but I had to ask these questions to you all. Have you have / had a child with a terminal illness? Have you ever watched your child suffer in pain with you there, completely helpless, crying right along with them because there is absolutely nothing that can be done to ease the pain anymore because they have reached the maximum amounts of whatever is needed? Have you ever talked with your 11 year old child about being an organ donor? Have you ever planned your child’s funeral with them? Have you buried your child? – I have to every question that I just asked. As a mother of a child that was born terminally ill and who is now deceased; I completely understand what Nancy’s mother was going through and the turmoil that she went through to get to her decision. Unless you have walked in her shoes you shouldn’t judge; I have walked her path and I still won’t judge her because it is not my right to judge others and although I am not an extremely religious person I do believe in GOD and from the way I understand it only GOD has the right to judge. Anyway enough about that; I also want to know how this is any different then the way terminally ill cancer patients die? Nancy’s death sounds exactly like my grandmother’s with the no food, water, etc. Yes my grandmother was able to make her own choice and she chose to “die with dignity” this EXACT way and while I sat with her day in and day out; she was given morphine for the pain but I couldn’t help but think that there had to be a better way – people who die on death row die faster and, I feel, with more dignity then letting your loved ones waste away until their bodies just give out. Death is painful for everyone but with Life comes Death – that’s the circle of life. I was also wondering what everyone thought about the parents that give their disabled child up at birth because they can’t “handle” their special needs? At least Nancy’s mom stuck around and cared for her. Do you know how many children a born with disabilities and left in the care of the state? I don’t know the numbers but I do know that it happens a lot more then anyone of us are willing or wanting to admit. Anyway my rant is over – my heart and prayers go out to Nancy and her family because that is the worst possible situation that anyone can ever be in and although I have also lived it I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Just for the record – my daughter passed due to complications of her illness which caused a cerebral hemorrhage; she died instantly.

    • Laura Gambrell

      I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • lcm93

    This is possibly the most pointless article I have ever read. Whoever wrote it already had fixed ideas of Euthanasia before they approached it and therefore even if poor Nancy was laid to rest in the most dignified manner would still have found an issue with it. After searching the internet I have found no proof she was allowed to die in a such a way, and don’t believe she would have been.
    But anyone as a parent or just a half decent human being would know how hard it would be to allow someone, you have loved and nurtured for 12 years, to die. Just because Nancy’s mother made that decision, doesn’t mean she’s automatically wiped of the right to miss her daughter.
    A bad mother would have been the one who wanted to kill their disabled child as soon as they were born because a disabled child didn’t fit with their lifestyle. But Nancy’s mother gave up her job, and stood by her side everyday whilst watching her daughter in excruciating pain. Yes Nancy didn’t have a choice, but can anybody say they want to sit there for the rest of their lives in what was clearly excruciating pain on a daily basis?
    You may not agree with the decisions that have been made but to have such a fixed, narrow minded opinion on the matter says more about you than it does the people involved in this situation.

    Whoever wrote this article should be ashamed and they shouldn’t be allowed to have as much influence on such a public forum.

  • Danny

    I think this article rather misses the point.
    The main argument presented in this article is that the method of ending Nancy Fitzmuarice’s life was cruel and inhumane, and scientific evidence justifies this; however the author also recognises that she was in unbearable pain whilst she was receiving exceptional care and treatement for her condition, from both her family and the state. The court aknowledged this in granting the right to end Nancy’s life due to her poor quality of life.
    Furthermore, the author claims ‘we would not treat dogs in this way’ and that there would be ‘outrage’ if a prisoner on death row were executed in this manner.
    Therefore, the real argument here is surely against the legal system that allowed the judge to grant the ending of Nancy Fitzmaurice’s life only by starvation; and did not either allow full euthanasia or explicitly prevent this.

    • Danny

      Additionally, I find it offensive that the author does not consider the issues, which are sensitive in a dispassionate, professional manner and instead accuses the mother and state as ‘murderers’. It is absolutely wrong to turn a case lile this into a personal, vindictive attack. Shame!

  • kat jordan

    For a journalist to write an article in such a judgemental way the only thing it makes you is a moron. Sadly in this country we dont have a lethal injection that could of out her out of her misery much sooner. This is what we have, this is the only choice we actually have. Has this mother not suffered enough without mindless judgemental people all trying to degrade the love she had for her daughter? She was in agony! When morphine and ketamine does not stop someone from screaming 24/7 give the people that love them and know them best the choice.
    Stop bringing gods name into every argument you have, how the hell do you know what he wants and what he believes is in the best? He gave us minds to think ourselves, not to read scriptures that were written hundreds of years ago and believe everything that was written in them.

  • Hanna Moy

    The daughter was put in a coma beforehand, so no, it was not a painful death. This article is so biased it is conning the reader. It is ok to take one side or the other in this debate, but not to openly misrepresent what happened and pretend the girl slowly died in agony. If the author of this article is willing to lie so openly, then this article becomes worthless. Maybe some honest anti-euthanasia people could write a decent piece.

  • susan jacoby

    A right to die I believe in. Especailly when it comes to never ending suffering. But why couldn’t she have gotten a pill like the lady that’s going to end her life Nov 1.??? Why the slow torture??? …….That’s just wrong!!

  • Liam

    Vulgar article, utilising emotionally charged words to gloss over what is a misrepresentation of facts. How could you possibly argue that this mother was a ‘murderer’? Find a shred of empathy next time before you go espousing moronic diatribe.

  • Nicole Rule

    What a disgusting way to portray Nancy’s mothers brave decision. As her mother and carer for 12 years she clearly understood Nancy and knowing that her little girl no longer wated to survive must have been heartbreaking! She chose the only option available to her-not the easiest one. Take a moment to think about the position she was in and pray you never need to be there, I applaud her bravery.

  • Yes

    Thou shalt not kill!! Its a commandant! I feel terribly sad for all this ppl that r blinded, in the end of dayz the thibgs that r called bad will be called good and the good things will be called bad, so sad, but Jesuschrist is near, all this things will come to pass and he is coming to judge the world for their wickedness…

  • Stephen

    my heart goes out to that we girls family. It must have been so hard for her mother to make the decision to let her go. However I think it is disgraceful the way it was done. What kind of person allows someone to starve to death. And what mother gives permission to allow that to happen? shouldn’t she have had something to say? I know I would if someone wanted to end my childs life that way!

    Animals are sedated so that in their mind, they are just falling asleep. Then they are given a 2nd injection that will end their life. That is a quick and comfortable way to go. It is as painless as falling asleep.
    Over the past 4 years I have lost 5 people in my family to cancer. Watching them deteriorate to skin and bone. Not knowing anything of their surroundings, until slowly they drift into a coma like state and then stop breathing altogether. It was something I will never forget. I don’t think any family should have to watch someone suffer and not have any power to help them.

    Euthanasia should be approved in my book.. If you are terminally ill and you have less than 6 months to live. Whilst you still have a quality of life. So your family can remember you the way they have always known you. You should be allowed to be sedated into a peaceful sleep and then euthanized. You have your time to say your final goodbyes. Sort out your affairs and then go knowing you will not be in pain.
    People with severe disabilities is such a difficult one… How can you make a decision for a person when they cant agree? People that cant talk cant agree to being euthanized. Is it right to euthanize a person who cant decide for themselves? I think maybe in some cases it is the right thing to do. If you are watching someone in agonizing pain every day, unable to communicate, unable to get up and move around. Cant even walk out the door for some fresh air to get some peace and quiet. Having to have someone feed you through a tube. I don’t think anyone would want to live like that? Is that an acceptable quality of life? I don’t think it is. do you? Would it be better to end their life so they can move onto a pain free peaceful place?
    I have seen conversations on here that have taken this to the religious section of the argument. I think that this goes way beyond religion. This is a very human governed world. We hold the cards and make the decisions. god doesn’t do it for us does he? He cant press the off switch on a ventilator. He didn’t starve that poor we girl. WE DID! He doesn’t shoot or stab innocent people. We make are own choices and this is a matter of what we collectively think is right.. isn’t it?
    If euthanasia is to be legalized. It NEEDS to be done in a quick, painless, peaceful and above all respectful manner. Allowing that poor kid only aged 12 to die in the most pain she has ever experienced is WRONG. Allowing her to die peacefully drifting into the unknown, knowing that she put up the best fight she could would have been dying with dignity.

    • Laura Gambrell

      Well said.

  • Heather Haba

    Just saying, if i were in agonizing pain day in and day out, knowing i’m bringing my loved ones down, not being able to see or anything, i wouldn’t want to live a day like that, constantly in fear and pain, but hell, i wouldn’t want to die of starvation, a lethal injection would have been good, quick and painless, waaay better than a slow painful death, this judge was stupid to assign such a fate

  • Hayz

    All this is filled with is a close minded opinion. Those who are suffering have a right to die with dignity, yes even when they are NOT terminally ill. Would you have rather she die of lethal injection? Or would you still be going on your little rant on a subject that isn’t your buisness. This little girl was suffering unimaginable pain! Instead of freaking out about her having died just be glad she is at peace.



  • Yvonne

    People get cancer and people are disabled because of the gene they inherited. It has nothing to do with god.

  • Carla Coria

    I do agree that the mother should not have petitioned to kill her daughter usig the method of dehydration and stravation, but the ending 2 paragraphs are pretty ridiculous. Yes the mother used how she felt about the situation her daughter was because like the article stated we have no idea how the daughter felt, all the mother knew was the constant pain her daughter suffered since birth. SHE was by her side for 12 years, SHE was the closet and saw what her daughter was going through. I don’t believe she did this because she could not handle taking care of her daughter because if that was the case she would have petitioned a long time ago. No although you may not see it, she did it out of life, she has no job, her daughter will never be able to experience life, her daughter will be stuck in a hospital being fed through a tube 24/7. So tell me what kind of life is that? Why would you let your daughter suffer so much? The mother believed that with death she would have a much better life, she chose to believe that there is a heaven in which her daughter can experience in a way a new life. Yes death by dehydration and starvation was cruel and they should choose another method but killing her daughter was not for her benefit it was to benefit her daughter.

  • Cate

    You people are so ignorant, and clearly live in a world of much naiveté and privilege, as you clearly have no experience in seeing people suffer or faced the struggles of these individuals you persecute. It baffles the minds to how you feel you have the right to judge these people in totally different circumstances to your own. Pretty sure Christ said ‘judge unto others as you would have them unto judge you’, and i digress, if you have not been in their shoes, you are not entitled to be on your moral high horse and tell people you know better. Get a life and mind your own business.

    • MamaBear

      Have you ever actually taken care of a disabled person? Even for a little while?

  • Misty McCormick

    I have hydrocephalus. Had it since i was born. Bur no child should die the way this poor little girl did.

  • Pam Crawley Flowers

    MY grandson is a disabled 9 year old child.He was hit by a van in 2012.He does not speak either so…does the sounds he makes prove he is in PAIN? I do not think so. So did GOD make a mistake when he did not die but was left with a brain Injury?I do not think so.If someone thinks they can decide that their lives are not worth living.Then that sounds like The devil to me.

  • Laura Gambrell

    The way they brought on her death is just disgusting, but I don’t want anyone to suffer in agonizing pain. I don’t know how long she would have lived even with them keeping up the same feeding and medicating. For me it wouldn’t be because I was uncomfortable seeing her that way or it was inconvenient to care for her 24/7. No mother wants their child to be in pain and would do anything to stop it. I’d gladly give my own life if it meant my kids didn’t have to be in pain like this. I can’t imagine it’s an easy decision to come to.

  • disqus_1Er7W2JZ8t

    She was on pain medication the whole time, so regardless of 14 days it would have been humane. Don’t skew this situation just to use it as ammo for what you think is right. Your article is biased as hell.

    • MamaBear

      If pain meds were not sufficient to relieve pain before, they were certainly not sufficient to relieve the added pain of starvation and dehydration.


    The mother should rot in hell for what she did, she thought it was right but its not im disabled and my parents never tryed to kill me.. she took the cowardly Way out of taking care of her daughter and should be punished for it but law is law and the law shouldn’t have ever been passed. 14 days really starve her for the same amount of days she did her own flesh in blood daughter her own baby that she gave birth to and she goes to kill her because she has a disability wow people these days should suffer the same pain at the poor girl did I hope she doesn’t have any hatred for the mother when the mother passes away. Well thats my opinion On this story. so sorry for the young lady who sufferd and I hope she is well now and happy.

  • notso

    From a medical perspective there are too many unfeasible exaggerations for me to believe that there was nothing else to be done for the child. There is no way possible for a person to be continuously screaming and writhing in agony 24 hours a day. The body’s stress responses would be too traumatic and result in shock. As I was not the person making the decision to deprive this individual of her life, I don’t have to live with the choice that was made, personally. As a person with medical experience, I do however have the knowledge and understanding to comprehend there were other options. The child was starved and denied water for 14 days up until she died. Dehydration causes severe muscle cramps and spasms as the body does not have adequate means to move creatinine from the muscles. If she was writing in agony before, the added pain of cramps, spasms and organ failure surely didn’t alleviate her level of pain. If she could get no pain relief before,(like they are trying to say) how then was her pain brought under control with the extra stressors added on??? Medically impossible with what is being described I tell you.

  • Shawn Earle

    Yeah well just like with most Abortions it boils down to the parent not wanting to take care of a kid! Maybe if the girl could talk and say that this is what she wants it would be different? But the look of fear in her eyes is probably cuz she can’t believe her mother is gonna have her snuffed out?

  • Ace Niles

    God did not create man, logic created science and the bible is against free thinking. And the bible is suppose to be gods words, therefore free will is a test and humanity failed about the time science was widely accepted. So yea this child was a product of your Satan.

  • Ashley Reinke

    To those who made comments comparing God and science need a reality check. When one is arrogant enough to compare “our lives are in God’s hands,” and “if that’s true we should never intervene by medical measures” obviously haven’t needed extreme measures taken themselves. If God didn’t want us to have the medical knowledge, we wouldn’t. Also your remarks are very personal to me. If I lived by your version of “leave it all to God and have no medical intervention my daughter wouldn’t be here. Those of you comparing being tube fed as “a measure we shouldn’t take” have no idea. Try having twins born at 24 weeks weighing 1lb 3oz and 15oz. One of my daughters died 11hours after birth, and the other spent 6 months in the nicu. Her eyes were still fused shut, her skin transparent, and she was 100% dependent on life support. She couldn’t even be tube fed, she had to receive lipids through a central line. She has scars all over her body due to IV’so. She even had them on her head. She had so many that it became extremely hard to place one in. She had a fractured femur from a simple diaper change, she suffered a brain hemorrhage from simply being transported to another hospital for surgery. According to what some of you are saying, I’m in the wrong for fighting to keep my child alive.without medical intervention she would be dead, just like her sister. Yes, she suffered greatly, but guess what. Without all those measures taken I wouldn’t have a healthy, normal, pain free child. So yes, I take your ignorant comments personal.

    Also, I’m pro life so I don’t even agree with abortion. Despite how much pain this poor child was enduring doesn’t give any human the right to commit murder, especially in such a harsh manner. Even given her pain not a single person can say if she loved life. She had no choice in whether she lived or died. I’m not disputing how hard it was for this mother to watch her child in agony or how difficult the care was, but a slow antagonizing death was absolutely not the right choice on any level. It was completely inhumane. As a Christian and a person with humanity, this abhors me. I want to throw up.

  • Rose Mary Shelton

    Why is this ok??? I don’t care how disabled someone is you don’t starve them to death. If she was going to do it she should have found a more humane way of doing it. My daughter died six years ago. She had a rare birth defect and only lived 13 hours. She died in my arms. I wish she was still alive every day. Even with her problems. I know I would be able to take care of her. God decides when someone dies. The mother had no right to kill her just because it was inconvenient for her. The child couldn’t state how she felt about it and the momma just assumed it would be best. ppl like this make me sick.

  • david

    People who do not live with people with disabilities have no CLUE! Not lived on natural causes but threw technology.truly feel sorry for the parents and family to this young girl for the mental as well as physical strain that they have been under. Cheers the years and memory’s you have with cherished ones. R.I.P may your pain now be at rest.

  • Alex

    14 days of pain is better than a life filled with pain.
    you can not even start to understand what their situation is! So how dare you make judgements about the mother or tell her she is evil or wrong. What she did at the end of the day was to let her child find peace, you can not imagine how hard for her that must have been. My sister, not even my daughter, was on the brink of death a few weeks ago due to a car accident and i can not even begin to explain the emotions i felt so i could never understand how this woman felt but i know it wont have been easy for her. And she won’t have done it just because her daughter was disabled!!
    The courts in the UK are not allowed to give a judgement where they can instantly kill someone as their must be the chance for them to stop and regain health if they show a chance of improving their standard of living that is why it had to be done the way it was.

  • Kirsty Handford-Spendlove

    Abortions later on in pregnancy are the same. The foetus is unable to communicate and say they want to live, regardless of disability or not but people still choose to do it.

    • Tom

      The foetus isn’t in constant agonizing pain for twelve years beforehand, unable to perform any of the functions it needs to survive (because it will as it develops). It’s nothing alike at all.

      • Kirsty Handford-Spendlove

        Can you be 100% sure the foetus is not in pain?

        • Tom

          Fair point, but it still isn’t the same. I don’t agree with abortion because it is the taking of a potential life- I agree with this case because the girl had been in terrible pain her entire life and would never have lived in anything near normality if morphine couldn’t stop her screaming. I agree with this because they waited for 12 years, did everything they could to help the girl and make her comfortable, but in the end it was prolonging the inevitable by keeping her life.

          • Kirsty Handford-Spendlove

            Yes, I agree. I don’t think I would be able to see my son in pain and nothing could be done to soothe him. Has to have been the hardest decision to make.

  • Tom

    Are the people saying this is ‘barbaric’ and murder insane? The poor girl couldn’t walk, talk, or eat! She was in 24/7 intensive care and ‘screamed out in pain for hours on a daily basis’. Are you really saying you wouldn’t let the girl’s mother, her legal guardian and person who loves them more than anyone else, to end her suffering? She wasn’t going to get better, she wasn’t ever going to lead a normal life. The method she was killed by I disagree with wholeheartedly, but the people yelling that the mother is heartless and a murderer have never had a child or experienced true suffering.

    My grandfather developed skin cancer and had several other disorders late into his life- after the amputation of his leg and finger, and several years being bed ridden, we could all tell that he was simply waiting to die. As hard as it was, we respected his wishes and gave the DNR. Life often becomes less attractive the more you suffer, and my grandfather had no where near as much to deal with as this poor girl.

    I hope this girl is happy and free, regardless of what awaits us on the other side.

  • Craig Hughes

    I do love how everyone’s jumping on the same wagon of ‘she tortured her daughter for 14 days’ – don’t you all think if there was another option she would have taken it? Obviously she would have, but until the point the euthanasia laws change that isn’t going to happen for anyone.

    And another thing – did anyone read the part about her screaming in agony despite being on the strongest pain killers in out medical arsenal?
    Because it sounds like people are saying that’s fine to allow to continue but 14 horrifying yet legally necessary days to end that pain isn’t?

    • Tom

      Exactly right!

  • guest

    The ignorance of some of these comments is.amazing .. if Your child screamed all day in pain and she would NEVER be relieved from it. who are u not to do everything in ur power to help them? When ur child is sick u give them medican .. why? Ppl say ‘i hate to see them suffer .. for a few days! This poor child suffered for 12yrs!! I wanted to die with a toothache … to the truely ignorent person who said ‘oh she had to give up work and cant go out for cocktails’ i truely hope u never have to deal with a sick child .. altho i do hope karma knocks on ur door… god made her ths way which dies make him a bit of a dick .. im so over god is good god is the only one who can judge .. cause apparenty hes not because all of u ppl are sitting here on ur high horses judging something u only know about form a couple of things uve heard … shame on YOU!

  • Shauni

    For goodness sake! All this arguing about religion and barely anything on the poor child that went through a worse death that a murderer on death row! Get a grip and maybe take a second to think of this girl and hope her well where ever she may be.

  • Tamzin

    Unfortunately there was no other way that she could be allowed to die, because the UK is yet to pass a law to allow assisted suicide, or euthanasia. Therefore, no drugs etc. could be administered to speed up the process. Rather than pointing fingers at the “cruel mother” why don’t you do your research and look at the real problem – The people refusing the let dying with dignity be legalised. Rant over.

  • Janet

    Clearly noone watches This Morning or whatever it is called because the mother actually told them that the child was put into a coma before being dehydrated or starved, so clearly none of you have your facts right. if she was awake then yes, that is vile. but she was comatised! stop arguing about Religion and think how the poor mother felt let alone how the child probably felt that she didn’t want to suffer anymore either! SHE HAD NO QUALITY OF LIFE!

  • lauren

    The poor mother has been through enough the little girl was put in a coma so she wouldn’t suffer. I think people should keep their nasty opinions to yourselves clearly none of you were brought up right as I was taught never to judge and never to say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say.

  • BryonyElizabeth

    We don’t call it ‘death with dignity’, that is merely this article trying to sway us to make the decision that this woman is wrong for doing what she thought was best.
    I don’t know that I would have been strong enough to care for my child that had such barriers to overcome for so long so, regardless of her actions, the fact she did everything for her daughter before that moment is amazing.
    As regards to euthanasia, I personally think it is that person’s or families choice.
    How can we judge how it feels to know that your son/daughter will never be able hug you or actually tell you how they feel? Or how heartbreaking it must be to never be able to hear your husband tell you he loves you ever again?
    We can’t.
    Let those people do that if they want, but for a supposed free country it’s a little cruel to not even give a person that is wanting to kill themselves, with valid reason, at least the option to do so.

  • foggycat

    This article is so bias it’s not even funny, I can’t see how a team of doctors and professionals would let that type of euthanasia actually happen

  • Charlie Yummymummy Chivers

    Maybe they should of gave her an injection to kill her not starve and dehydrate the poor girl, she was already in pain and her mother caused more by doing what she done, in my eyes it’s disgusting!

  • Seyhan Dawson

    And this is why religion should be kept away from people.. So many disgusting people with no compassion always seem to comment about things and bring up religion

    It’s not like you love god.. i see no love for god in religion.. i see fear and a worry of being seen as a bad person and the possibility on going to hell.. you’re all cowards, your scared of god, you dont love him

    This woman had to live every fucking day of her life, witnessing the greatest love of her life in torturing pain.

    Would i personally do this? Most likely not, but then im not in the situation so i cant say for sure.. but im not going to stand here and judge a woman on what she did to end the suffering of her daughter

    You religious people talk as if death is a good thing and you get to go to heaven.. so why are you all always so quick to comment on these subjects with hatred

    Love god. dont fear him.. and dont be so confident on the bible being “Gods” words.. cause face the truth, man written that book, and its been altered thousands of times.. dont you dare tell me a god would purposely put a child in that position and daily pain and say its his “Test”.. because if he did, then your gods not loving, hes a cunt.

  • Vicky M

    Frankly its not the mothers fault but the courts fault for only allowing it to happen in such a way, if anyone can possibly say they would want to stay on this planet in that kind of excruciating pain with no way to communicate and the strongest pain killers clearly making no difference, id have to call you a liar. as far as god goes well yes he did create her life but its us humans who were intervening in order to make her stay in such a painful barbaric state. the courts should have allowed a quicker less torturous way to let this poor girl rest in eternal peace and end her suffering, but by no way was this the mothers fault. Can you imagine having to ask for permission for your child to die because of the incurable pain she was in everyday?? I very much doubt it. That mother has my fullest support, saying its heartbreaking for her is about the biggest understatement I have heard this year, bless her for being so brave as to end her daughters life to stop her unbearable suffering, its just one serious bad on the courts heads to have only allowed it to happen like that xx

  • Cameron Lintott

    There’s a lot of talk of men playing god and what that might lead to. Although I agree that can definitely be a worrying position when we presume to take choices from an omniscient perspective because none of us are. However, this girl survived till the age of 12 entirely through the help of modern medicine. If we had not helped her she would be dead already. Yes agree the method was extremely cruel but I sincerely doubt the judge would have sanctioned a gun, the only thing he might have allowed under current law is a cessation of treatment. We were the real ones playing god in prolonging her painful and lacking life.

  • Lorna

    If God kept her alive cause man did then God also killed her cause man did.
    Anyway I believe it is wrong to keep a person alive and in constant agony forever, but it is equally horrific to chose starving as the way to let someone die.

  • tracy

    End of day noone likes anyone to suffer it was not the mums choice to end.her daughters life this way it was the judge so all of u blaming the mum should sit back and think if a dog or any other animal suffers they put it down this poor girl has suffered 12yrs with pain every second of every day at least u won’t b in pain anymore sleep tight R.I.P XX

  • Thomson Figueroa Nancy

    This is just the door opener for people to become numb to the idea of killing under the guise of helping. Murder is murder no matter how it is implemented by others who make the decision to end a life. Am I my brother’s keeper? Cain would agree with those who justify killing without a conscience to the aftermath, because he was the first to practice it.

  • Kim

    OMG I have just read this… what a disgusting way to let your child die….. I actually do agree that if someone is living a life of misery and pain then it seems fairer to let them die…… however each case is very different and needs looking at in depth. But to let someone die over a period of 14 days is in my opinion barbaric. I have a daughter and god forbid ever having to go through this myself but I would want it to be quick and pain free for her!!!

  • kathymichelle

    I am a Christian and am 100% pro life. That being said, if I were ever in the place of that little girl, in a total vegetative state and being kept alive by machines, I hope the people I love would let me go and allow me to enter the freedom of heaven. Someone commented below about babies, babies are certainly fully depedant but they are growing. There is a huge difference.

    • Nick88999

      You are a fully logical christian, and you don’t let your faith cloud your judgement. I respect that, and totally agree with you.

  • Ashleigh Jordan

    All you people relating everything to God, he isn’t here, he didn’t make any of these choices so why keep menioning God? Surely the only person that has a say in that childs life was the mother or the child herself, the child couldn’t make her own decisions so the mother did, you’re all sitting here arguing over whos right and who’s wrong and your not even caring about the situation, i believe the mother done the right thing and i couldn’t care who disagrees with me.

  • Karen Martin

    This is ridiculous even having this debate … How about we all let this poor family be grieve on peace! … The little girl was in constant pain!! .. How is that fair! … How would you have dealt with seeing your child scream out in pain for hours on end and there was nothing I could do?? It makes me laugh that the so called Christians r the most judgemental and in some cases rude!!! … Surly if ur beliefs in god are so great u would happy that the wee girl is at peace and pain free in heaven now??

    • Tylei

      “Nancy Fitzmaurice, born blind with hydrocephalus, meningitis and septicaemia, could not walk, talk, eat or drink…”
      She couldn’t have been screaming in pain, because she couldn’t even talk…

      • Karen Martin

        Mayb a wrong choice of words I used! … But in obvious pain!! … Otherwise she wouldn’t of been on the pain relief she was on! … I haven’t seen this story on the news which I find very strange!! … Hard to know if it’s even a true story

  • yagriffiths

    I cannot judge the mothers decision, but i trust her perception of her daughters feelings more than anyone. I have worked with severely disabled people, and although they cant communicate in the conventional sense, they communicate in their own language which you learn as you get to know them. No mother wants to bury her own child, let alone be responsible for their death, therefore even considering this decision was extremely brave of her, and was by no means the easy option. Leaving a child crying out in pain and agony is never acceptable. It is all too easy to judge when you werent there and have not gone through it.
    As for the nature of the death itself, this article gives a very bias and not necessarily correct version of information. Many terminally ill people in hospices voluntarily refuse hydration and nutrition as a means of controlling their own death. Reports given from these people themselves indicate that no/little suffering takes place. This article also fails to mention that the child was in hospital for the 2 weeks leading up to her death, therefore i am sure that doctors and nurses would have done everything possible to relieve any symptoms of dehydration and starvation. Remember that many people, including doctors, were involved in this decision, and it was no means taken lightly.

  • Paul Phillip Seddon

    This is beautiful, to think thi loving other had the strength to kill her own daughter to end her suffering, you people that think this is wrong, spend 1 DAY in that little girls shoes and you’d be begging for death too, what most of you people think is that the mother killed her daughter and thats the end of it, NO, this mother will live with this for the rest of her life, questioning if she did the right thing, wondoring if there is an afterlife and her daughter is okay, she did the most bravest and strongest thing ever, most of you could never do, Respect to her.

  • toffeebum

    What an absolute load of cods wallop! Whoever wrote this does not know what they are talking about. It is still illegal to practise euthanasia in England so there is no way a judge would have allowed this and certainly not by starvation. An adult in their right mind is able to refuse medical treatment but nobody would be allowed to ‘kill’ their disabled child. Utterly ridiculous article, and utter morons who believe it to be true!

  • Jessica Stroet

    I understand where the mother is coming from in some degree, to end your daughters life for her to be out of agony I do respect that. On another hand to end your daughters life by stopping the supply of nutrition (food and water) completely un ethical. It is complete agony for a person without disabilities or illness to be cut off of their nutritious needs, now take into consideration the little girl she was already in agony now add on what agony a person without what she was going through that then resembles torture. In her final days even though she may have been completely incapable of doing regular things on her own she would have still had brain activity and had knowledge of what was going on around her. Death by dignity is something that is ethical and will not hurt the person. That would have been the better thing for her to do. If anybody were who I knew were to do this I would stop them give me a reason as to why they can not do death by dignity and then ask them to rethink their decision about what they are planning to do.

  • Jamie Garcia

    This is beyond sad.

  • Karen Blair

    As a humane society we have two sayings: we will prolong life where there is a life and sustain a life where there is a quality of life. WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE?

  • Brenda

    First let me point out A CHLID WAS MURDERED. I am sure God acknowledges the fight on his behalf.This article is not based on the belief or non-belief of GOD. Every life is precious in the eyes of GOD. Hydrocephalus, high dollar word for water-on-the-brain.Was Nancy treated with a shunt to drain the fulid? Septicemia, a condition where bacteria is found in the blood. Meningitis, I am sure a number of us grew up hearing about it. Sleep-deprived? Nancy was in a hpspital all here life, so it states in the article. It also states her mother gave up her carrier , was she there 24/7, does not say so. I am not pointing this out to be heartless. ANYONE who has worked in the medical field can state that faimlys who have a member in long term care do and can live a life and they are not chained to the love one’s bed. Yes, I did work in a nursing home, and I took care of Mother a few years before she passed away. I also had help from a in-home nursing care company. Am I the only one who took the time to read about the medication this child was on? In 1989, psychiatry professor John Olney reported ketamine caused irreversible changes in two small areas of the rat brain, which, however, has significant differences in metabolism from the human brain, so may not occur in humans.[43]

    The first large-scale, longitudinal study of ketamine users found current frequent (averaging 20 days/month) ketamine users had increased depression and impaired memory by several measures, including verbal, short-term memory, and visual memory. Current infrequent (averaging 3.25 days/month) ketamine users and former ketamine users were not found to differ from controls in memory, attention, and psychological well-being tests. This suggests the infrequent use of ketamine does not cause cognitive deficits, and that any deficits that might occur may be reversible when ketamine use is discontinued. However, abstinent, frequent, and infrequent users all scored higher than controls on a test of delusional symptoms.[44]

    Short-term exposure of cultures of GABAergic neurons to ketamine at high concentrations led to a significant loss of differentiated cells in one study, and noncell-death-inducing concentrations of ketamine (10 μg/ml) may still initiate long-term alterations of dendritic arbor in differentiated neurons. The same study also demonstrated chronic (>24 h) administration of ketamine at concentrations as low as 0.01 μg/ml can interfere with the maintenance of dendritic arbor architecture. These results raise the possibility that chronic exposure to low, subanesthetic concentrations of ketamine, while not affecting cell survival, could still impair neuronal maintenance and development.[45][46]

    More recent studies of ketamine-induced neurotoxicity have focused on primates in an attempt to use a more accurate model than rodents. One such study administered daily ketamine doses consistent with typical recreational doses (1 mg/kg IV) to adolescent cynomolgus monkeys for varying periods of time.[47] Decreased locomotor activity and indicators of increased cell death in the prefrontal cortex were detected in monkeys given daily injections for six months, but not those given daily injections for one month.[47] A study conducted on rhesus monkeys found a 24-hour intravenous infusion of ketamine caused signs of brain damage in five-day-old but not 35-day-old animals.[48] Some neonatal experts do not recommend the use of ketamine as an anesthetic agent in human neonates because of the potential adverse effects it may have on the developing brain. These neurodegenerative changes in early development have been seen with other drugs that share the same mechanism of action of NMDA receptor antagonism as ketamine.[49]

    The acute effects of ketamine cause cognitive impairment, including reductions in vigilance, verbal fluency, short-term memory, and executive function, as well as schizophrenia-like perceptual changes.[50] Morphine and ketamine. This child was in a drug induced schaphrinic state. I know that I am not the only one who has felt being caught up in a nightmare where it seems you can not wake up. Could this have been ” the fear in Nancy’s eye’s”? Schizophrenia, yes i do know about this too. At 48 I was diagnosed with bi-polar with schizophrenic tendances. It seems this statement has been over looked And notice that the suffering Wise spoke of repeatedly was her own, not her daughter’s. Nancy could not speak or defend herself. Did Nancy suffer, I am sure she did, But the way in wich she died was horrendous.

  • colleen10001

    Prayers for everyone in this family, and everyone.
    Completely agree with post shocked, horrified by this….

    I just read Tuesday night……THE WORST (Most dangerous) THING I HAVE EVER READ. NO way we will ever NOT WORK to Stop this or where this leads.
    Work means educate and act against this.


    (1 point, not the main reasons society can’t let this happen).
    There are people that specifically offer to adopt when it is know a child will start life with a disability.

  • Matt

    I think everybody needs to understand something from a scientific and philosophical perspective as well as just the ethical one.

    1. We can all agree that her life was painful and filled with daily agony. Such situations are widely talked about in contemporary philosophy and science and evaluated. The verdict is often a life in such a state would have been better if it had not existed at all.

    2. Because of the pain and low/boderline non existent quality of life – anybody who loved her would win the right to end her suffering. We can all agree on this too, we’re rational beings who would care for her.

    3. So we then reach the conclusion: it’s best for this girl to not suffer and the only way to do that is to end her life. I and others agree completely.

    However, ending her life in this way does not give the girl, as some of you have stated, ‘relief’.

    What happens when you die? Let’s think about it – You cease to exist. You feel nothing, no ‘relief or happiness’. You’re dead. One second you feel pain and suffering, which are conscious states, and life exists, that’s why it’s called a state of being. Then the next second there is nothing. Relief? Where does this relief occur? Relief and painlessness are emotions, bodily functions and states of being – and unfortunately they require a prerequisite: consciousness, in other words, they require life.

    Relief would have occurred if a powerful drug was given to create a conscious state while she still existed, she could then pass into a coma and die with no feeling. There would still be no feeling of relief or peace when she died, for the same reasons above, however, whilst in a conscious state, her last feelings would have been of ‘the relief of pain’.

    This girl and her mother had the right to end her life and I commend her mother for doing so. It is just a shame that she died feeling nothing but the most excruciating pain. This does NOT make it the wrong thing to do, just a hard story to read, and makes us realize that perhaps better ways to end a life is required, and therefore, actually grant people the feelings of ‘peace and relief’ that this girl deserved.

  • Ken Weedman

    They withdrew life support, just as is done with Hospice. Am I missing something here?

  • Joshua Ferguson


    He is a fiction to make you feel happy about your ultimately purposeless life. God is NOT an argument and those of you using him as one are fuckwits.

    To the point of the article, the reason a humane way for her to die was not available is precisely because simpletons keep blocking attempts to make it legal. They could not actively cause her death (humanely) so they had to passively cause her death (inhumane). You, sitting there thinking about what God would do, YOU caused this child’s suffering. I hope you are proud.

    • animalia

      Well said.

  • Claire

    Journalism at it’s best. Full of misinformation, lies and scaremongering! Excellent use of the word “kill” . Anyone who is at end of life will be starved and not hydrated. Medication helps. Why do you think people are given morphine? It aids the process. Anyone with no quality of life should be allowed to die, whether an advocate or family member makes that decision. If you’re Pro life, shouldn’t there be a life not just an existance? There is a difference!

  • OTHG_DiZZy

    I have had a heart attack, and if the pain was anything like that girls, I would have gladly, stripped my skin off inch by inch, if I had to live with that pain, for more than one year, never mind the 12 years, that poor girl had to endure, The article did not say, it was the mothers choice to let her die that way, it was probably the judges decision, as that would have been natures way of ending a life, and not by someone inducing her death, which would have been murder, not that I agree with doing it, by the way it was done, the later, would have been more dignified, and would have been quick, and pain free, at least now she can rest in peace, and Bravo to the Mother for fighting the courts, and societies views, there is only one thing worse than seeing your child suffer, and that is to watch them die, so i cant imagine what that mother is going through, My heart goes out to her. but for the godly folks out there. Jesus, however, said, “Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom from heaven belongs to people like these.”

    S Rumney (atheist)

  • Connie Doyle

    Pretty Sure the child was put in a coma before the process began. She wouldnt have felt a thing. Thank god this child has found peace and is no longer in constant pain. Any one who thinks that this was the wrong thing to do abd thinks that it would be better to let this child live in pain and suffering always – you are the truely evil people!

  • Off_pace

    By focusing on the method of death/killing of this girl you miss the point (By the way a horrible way to die). For one you say there was no life support, but the child could not eat or drink on their own, so is that not life support? Constant pain, with no way to interact with the world, screaming for hours not hearing your own voice or knowing if any one could hear you, or perhaps that you were making any noise at all. This is not a case of a child having their world ripped away from them by sickness, but a case of a child never knowing anything else but darkness and pain. Perhaps with better rules/laws in place there would be a better option than starving the poor girl to death.

  • peng

    Luke 8:49-55….

  • Katie

    While I do believe in God, it is difficult to include him in discussions such as this. He doesn’t come to us in person saying “this is what you should do…” He hasn’t done that since the Romans and Jesus. But times have changed since then, 2000+ years is a long time! Maybe not to God, but it is for us and if he’s all knowing he understands that. The bible says we should not murder, but back when the bible was written Nancy wouldn’t have survived past babyhood. It’s a very cold thing to say but it’s true and no one can say otherwise. They could not perform the operations she needed to eat and drink so ultimately she would have died. This means when the bible was written euthanasia was not a big issue. Does this mean we can use it in this debate? Maybe, it’s very clear cut and simple on the matter which is often a good approach, but then it could be likened to using the Doomsday book as a way to asses the population of Britain, it’s not very up-to-date.
    Ultimately this poor family had been faced with an unenviable situation. A mother loves her child, no matter what, and the fact that this girls mother looked after her everyday for 12 years only proves that this case is no exception. I don’t pretend to know what I would do in this situation because every disability is unique, even if it is technically the same condition causing it. However I can understand completely why her mother felt it was in her daughters best interest to end all the pain and get her some peace. The method is a bit horrible though she would have died of dehydration long before any of the symptoms of starvation set in. This maybe over now for the daughter and I hope she is in some nice version of heaven, but it isn’t for her mum because now her daughter has died and that carries with it years of grief especially since she played a part in its occurrence.

  • Nancy DeVisser


  • *que the pro life people who throw a fit over fetuses comming and jumping on this post*

  • clark

    I am a mother who may have to face this decision for my daughter one day and I can tell you it is not an easy one. I understand this mother’s greif. It is hard to see your child suffer day in and out. I can also tell you that this woman will live with this choice forever and it will either give her peace or she will have it weighing on her forever either way she did what she felt was right for her child and it is not our place to damn her for it.

  • Ed Scott Barnett

    People are more humane to animals and death row prisoner’s. This mother just wanted rid of her burden, and God knows this. Why she choice to torture her child is beyond me, why not give her an injection and just let her sleep till she was gone. I think people like this mother are the beasts of the human race on this earth.

  • enough nonsense

    Whom ever wrote this article should take a long hard look at themselves. A person who dedicates 12 years of their lives to the 24 hour care of a child completely incapable of any normal expression is far more qualified to understand their wishes then some bored judgemental person at the other end of an internet connection wo has never met them. Shame on you for passing judgement on people in pain.

  • ♪ Opheliac ♥

    Good for the mother. I know if I saw anyone I loved in this kind of unrelenting pain, I would like to end their suffering. I hope that those who love me would grant me the same mercy. Not only that but I would hate to be such a burden on someone I love! This poor woman gave up everything for her daughter – but she has a life too and she was suffering as a result of her daughters suffering.

    That said, I feel that how they killed this child is wrong. This article makes a valid point; when we euthanize animals we ensure it is done quickly and painlessly, with dignity and without stress. This poor child seemingly was granted none of the above – and shame on the government for allowing it. Yes, I suppose 14 days of suffering to end a lifetime of it, could be argued as a fair means to an end – but I disagree. She should have been given an instant, painless death via drugs – or at the very least put into a medically induced coma to allow the starvation to take its toll without hurting her.

  • Rachel Bulloch

    People saying the way she died is disgusting do you know that happened everyday to palliative care patients? When people are dying food a fluid is withheld and they slowly die but they are pumped full of painkillers so they no longer feel it. It happens all the time every single day. It just has been worded very badly in the articles. Get a grip your narrow minded people. She stop a person she loves from suffering and in her shoes I’m sure you would all do the same!

  • Flo

    As a care worker in a care home, I have a few facts to share with you about dying.

    For many, when close to death, you naturally will stop drinking and eating. Your body no longer needs food or hydration, you literally starve yourself to death. You may have an illness that was killing you, but ultimately, its your body’s decision to stop taking in nutrition and let itself shut down. She was already in so much pain that she wouldn’t have even noticed the difference from not having fluids or food. She would have spent most of her time unconscious, completely oblivious to the world around her. It completely natural, and anyone who has dealt with end of life care would know this.

    This mother did the kindest thing anyone could do; she let her daughter go when she knew that she was ready. She didn’t force her to continue living for selfish reasons, she knew that her daughter was in an extreme amount of pain and needed to be put to rest. Anyone who has anything bad to say about the brave decision this mother made needs to consider what they would do in her position. Let your child live out the rest of its life in constant, unbearable pain… or stop their suffering and let them go?

  • macca

    How can you idiots believe in God when this poor child spent the whole of her life suffering, your all members of the biggest cult in the world and have been brainwashed from children If there was a God there would be no suffering in the world!!!

  • lisa

    I actually watched the mother being interviewed on tv the other day. What this article fails to mention is that her daughter was in constant excruciating pain. Pain meds failed to work any more. She had to be force fed which was agonising for her. And she was going to die. The mother. .With the support of the doctors decided not to put her thru it any more. She slipped into a coma. .then they stopped force feeding her. The mother made a decision no mum should ever have to make not for her own need but so her daughter would no longer suffer.

  • Jillian Marie

    Who wrote this biased shit article?? Brittany Maynard isn’t advocating for suicide shes advocating dying with dignity. Overcome your ignorance and realize there is a difference. She doesn’t want to die but she can’t make her disease magically go away. Whoever wrote this article should be fired.



  • craig

    What if it was you in the childs position. What would you want?
    I know what I would want.
    But I cant tell you, because I c a nt speak

    It is extremely sad when a child is born in this state, but we have been taught to treat people, animals, in fact all living things with care and respect, this is why when your pet dog is slowly dieing we decide it is kinder to put them to sleep.

    Why should this rule be any different for us? anyone that thinks suffering, be it a child or animal, is better than ending things is far worse in my opinion. You call it murder I call it caring

  • Elsie

    Euthanasia has never been an easy or comfortable topic. Ending life (our own or someone else’s) goes against our moral code. Where that “code” originates from is equally as compelling, be it God, our society or even our genetic makeup. Regardless it is a question that has no answer. We cannot dictate or control anothers moral code, although we certainly try by establishing laws that judge and condemn certain behaviors. It is by these means that we fail so miserably because our judicial system is not the arena to do this in. Morality is something that needs to be taught and shown by example. It has to be generated from within and lived by in principle. Our courts only operate on a reactive basis, after a violation has occurred and punishment is rendered. We will never escape our moral dilemma until we begin to focus on supporting and providing for all members of our communities, which fosters love and compassion. Our society has, for the most part, accepted euthanasia as an option for us to end the suffering of our pets because we don’t want them “to suffer.” This judgment is done with no feedback from our pets – they have no voice. Just like this child had no voice. She had no way to communicate what she was thinking or feeling. What were presumed to be cries of pain could have been psychosomatic or physical reactions to other stimuli – we have no way of knowing. Just like we have no way of knowing if our pets are “suffering” or not. At the end of the day we are left only with our presumptions, assumptions and judgments. As for quality of life – again, another judgment call. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I had a child that had no ability to develop into a full functioning adult. Perhaps worse would be to see a human being living with a conditionor illness that made them suffer. It’s heart wrenching to see. At the end of the day I hope that what we are all left with is compassion. Compassion for this child with no voice, and compassion for this mother who now has to live with the decisions she’s made. Nobody wins.

  • Deborah Carson

    I can only imagine what this mother is going through…a lovely daughter that when she was born could not Eat or Drink then as time progressed she could neither Walk nor Talk…in agonizing pain most of the time…I as a mother could never judge a mother who has been through years of emotional hell…No parent wants to see their child in Pain…and would do anything within their power to prevent it.
    Laws do not allow a quick and painless death, they basically just pull the plug, so to speak on any help to survive the person may be receiving…breathing machine, food or life support etc.
    Cruel? Inhumane? Yes in my opinion…but a choice I hope I never am faced with…we each have to answer for our own choices!
    My heart goes out to Charlotte and her daughter Nancy who now is no longer in Pain…but her mother will have to live with her choice every day, happy her daughter no longer suffers but she is no longer there for her mother to hug and comfort.

  • Carolyn Naden

    Did not .know all the things that go on when somebody or an animal goes through when an individual dies from dehydration or starvation Quite an eye opener

  • Blake Sharpe

    The arguments here are quite funny. I’m sure you would like to bleed from the ears and have people change your adult diapers for you everyday while you rot away in some state institution, taking money from the state, while everyone commenting here bitches about the state of the economy and what we should quit spending money on. Really, I don’t agree with the manner at which this was done, it should of been quicker. I could only imagine living a life where I could do nothing for myself and didn’t know even as much as my name. I wouldn’t know the difference between living or dying anyways. So lets all gather here and try to push our political agendas and ignore the entirety of the post while we play off false sympathy. Really, its the ones like you who I hate over everything else in the world. Your the reason why we live like we do.

  • gemma

    Wow…Starvation and dehydration sound like a horrible way to die. Well the only detail that I can see that they might have left out was that perhaps she was sedated the whole time or put in an induced coma so that she wouldn’t feel the pain…Hopefully that is the case, in the very least, to make this situation a bit more bearable to think about.

  • Brent Johnson

    Y’all do realize murder means an UNLAWFUL killing, right? Like, as in NOT permitted by the government? Get your words right, people.

  • Cadence22510

    …but we DO treat dogs this way–I just put my dog down 3 months ago because she was so ill that to keep her alive would be inhumane and cruel. Why should we not grant our loved ones the same mercy? And forget about the religious aspect of it all–you don’t need religion to grant mercy. You only need compassion and empathy. Everyone deserves the right to die with dignity.

  • Angel

    Okay I’m sorry but GOD DOES NOT EXIST he is a fictitious character made to make us “behave” because most humans don’t have the decency to do so without “god” to tell them to… So get over your self righteous asses. The child was a vegetable! She wasn’t going to get an education, a job, a boyfriend, husband, kids… she was going to suffer, that was it. There was nothing else for her but pain. Yes I agree the way they killed her was stupid, pathetic, lazy, and inhumane. but grow up and do something about it. get into law or politics so you can help set certain standards on things like this, become a doctor so you can find ways to keep this from happening, but arguing on an article isn’t going to change anything. And believing in “god” isn’t going to fix anything either. the only way to make a change is through a hell of a lot of hard work. Those of you who aren’t willing to do that work can continue to preach to everybody about how much more important your opinion is because you believe in “god”

  • Tammy

    I’m sorry but this article is biased. She would have been put in a coma first and wouldn’t have felt a thing. So yes ultimately starvation and dehydration is very painful indeed but the way they did it to her she wouldn’t have even known it was happening.

  • Guest
  • Nicola Twaddle

    I cannot believe that some people find it ok to have a go at this girls mum and say how she is a bad mother and was only thinking of herself by wanting her daughter to die. I don’t think anyone has tge right to play judge n jury on something they know nothing about. Even if you are in a similar situation every situation and story is different. As a mother it would be my worst nightmare to have my daughter in pain day in and day out. Wandering what would happen to your daughter when you were no longer there to look after her must be such a massive worry. And yes the way that poor girl had to die was shocking and you would not put an animal through that kind of death i agree but you would also not let an animal live in the pain and non existence of a quality of life that this poor little girl had. Some may say that keeping this little girl alive is a more selfish thing to do than thinking what may best for tge girl. Either way people are in titled to their own opinion but please think first before you criticise the mother so very harshly. And remember the saying never judge till you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes.

  • Deborah Jean

    This is written in such an over emotional way. Trying to enforce the writers point of view with over the top dramatic writing – rather than an intelligent factual article. I agree that it would have kinder to use drugs to end her suffering. But it was written that we don’t treat animals this way! Your right we would never keep a dog alive that was yelping in agony for weeks/months.. I think this mother is like the one on Solomon…. How many of you have suffered have watched a love one truly suffer? I have and it’s barbaric that we think life is so previous that’s it’s better to live a daily hell rather than be at peace.

  • Jeneane Dowd

    The fact the mother was a qualified nurse and knew exactly how her daughter was suffering and the prognosis has been left out of this news article along with the fact that the child was put in a coma BEFORE any withdrawal of fluids suggests that the story has been written to cause shock and horror and to sway readers to take an opposing stance. I think there are better ways to carry out this procedure, however I agree with the concept. We put animals to sleep because it is more humane than letting them suffer, so why should humans be any different???
    If my quality of life was just to exist in excruciating pain with no prospects I would hope that my family would end my suffering and let me go and be at peace with the angels.

  • Debbie Oshea

    I think anyone in this position it must be horrendous, especially a mother or father.. please don’t judge this lady nobody knows the full facts of this childs life and what she had to endure in her short life, it is no life for her or her family.. unfortunately If the facts of her disability were evident at birth or in the womb she would of been left to die or her mother could of maybe had a choice of terminating the pregnancy..there are so many disabled children in this world I believe its because surgeons play god and save these children when they are born too early..years ago it would of been deemed a miscarriage, and gods way. I for one never saw or heard of many children like this in the 60s or even the 70s. everyones entitled to there opinion but you never walked in this womans shoes to judge her.

  • Aleister Gates

    If you would want your child to live in this condition..you are the monster

  • jalbring

    Unless you have a severely disabled child you really have no idea what this is all about. you have no idea what these children go through everyday. As adults we can choose not to live this way. we can choose to have a living will and a do not resuscitate order. Im sure when the childs pain was unbearable that she was given morphine. all of you say you Christians really should not be judging this mother. if its a problem with God he will deal with it.

  • Eric Marsh

    If I were that kid I’d want it to be over. The problem is that the state won’t allow drugs to be used to make death less painful.

  • Nigel

    What a dreadful piece of journalism, First of all , let us not forget this child also had a Father who was also involved in the decision, Why do you choose to focus on the Mothers decision? is it because women are stereotypically portrayed as society’s carers and so therefore it’s somehow worse for her to have made the decision ? Secondly, the parents and family of the child have had to make an horrific decision, you have chosen to sensationalise the story for your own means (gaining site clicks) and by doing so judging them and encouraging others to do so . You should be ashamed (as should the people who are laying out judgement in the comments) , these people are going through hell and you choose to make it worse for profit. If anybody actually took the time to look into assisted dying you would realise that dehydration and starvation is not painful and can be euphoric, Hospices regularly allow people to die this way , I’ve seen it with my own relative and it was not traumatic for him at all. And finally , for those spouting Gods will, Look at all of the wars , mutilation rapes, slavery, paedophilia and abuse that throughout history and still today are carried out in the name of religion, you are the last people on the planet with the entitlement to judge others.

  • Racheal Huckabee

    Well, I think if anyone knew how Nancy felt it sure as hell would have been her mother. I don’t think her mother was the one who came up with the idea to starve her. And yea, they should have used what they do to prisoners, as far as I know, it’s painless. How would you feel, laying the in bed, unable to see the world around you, unable to eat and drink for yourself, only able to lay in a bed, doing nothing, not even capable of uttering a word?
    And even if they did use the fact, no one could truly know what Nancy wanted, do you really think living everyday in pain, when maybe she did want to die, was a better alternative? At least this way, she will be at peace, in heaven.

  • Hunter

    This is a biased article. What ever happened to looking at a situation objectively. What happened to fair and balanced journalism that didn’t show favoritism and just reported the story?

  • Katie Evans

    This article is not only illiterate but is full of opinions which have no deep thought attached to them. You have poorly written an article that has no solid foundation in fact and absolutely no proper, in depth discussion of the childs medical conditions or her real quality of life. You must be more careful In publishing such articles as small minded and ill educated people will be influenced by it, creating hate and ill will for a mother who would have undoubtedly gone through hell and back and a child you suffered every day of her short life. Shame on you.

  • Jennifer Harris

    Animals get better treatment than this poor child. Why withhold food and water-just give her a shot to kill her?? Cruel and inhumane!!

  • Hunta Brider

    This blind hatred is stupid, do you really think the Government would allow a child to starve to death in such a barbaric way. This done under the guidance of medical professionals, if they thought there was a better way to do it they would have done it. When they do these procedures the patient is normally given painkillers and other medication in order to make the death as painless as possible. It may have been fourteen days, but she probably had enough pain killer to knock out an elephant.

    Why can’t people just give this mother a break and stop blaming her for something that is not her fault.

    • Aaron

      Wouldn’t you agree it would have been more cost effective to just shoot or lethal dose this girl?

  • Aaron

    In a world without the establishments, you know, the most primitive form of living, would she have been able too survive? She would have starved to death to say the least. The old, weak, and those condemned to death or life confined to a cell have no worth or purpose. This girls situation is very tragic. However she wouldn’t have made it 1 day from birth without the use of advanced medical technology. This is a waste of time and resources. She should have and any future case like, been set free humanely. A bullet seems more humane. Putting this young girl out of her misery shouldn’t be argued all things considered.

  • Laura Bonen

    This is so fucked up! How can you sit there and watch your child starve until she dies? For 14 days she suffered and her mother, the person who gave her life and is supposed to protect and care for her, just watched it happen. This disgusts me. This is NOT death with dignity. This is child neglect and murder. The child did not choose to die. The mother chose to let her die. What an evil bitch.

  • Asce Blayze

    The cruel thing would be keeping her alive. WHY would a 12 year old who can’t do anything at all on her own, and on top of that be in pain all the time DESPITE BEING GIVEN STRONG DRUGS, want to live? I agree that they should have done it faster but holy fuck! If you think this girl should still be alive you’re sort of a horrible person!

  • Shellie

    There are some issues here. 1. A person will die in much much less than 14 days from dehydration. 2. She wasn’t “killing” her for being disabled. She was doing it to end her suffering.

  • Richard Butts

    I think you should be able to do whatever you want

  • Brittany Thompson

    I believe the mother truely saw the pain in her eyes and her happiness gone. I don’t believe that she should have been starved though, euthanized would have been a better way to end it all. She could still feel and that is the problem. She was conscious and feeling, feeling pain but feeling the hunger and everything else happening to her body as well.

  • Amy Linville McKinley

    I am an RN and I find it interesting that people are making such a big deal out of the fact that this patient was not fed as she was allowed to pass from her painful life. How do you all think it is done when patients are placed on comfort care at the ends of their lives? They are not fed. They are kept comfortable with pain medications. Nurses monitor the patient for agitation or signs of discomfort. But they are not fed. No iv fluids, no antibiotics and no feeds. Obviously if you keep the body fed, then the organ processes would continue to flourish. Dying with dignity is not a pretty process. It is long and painful and sad for all involved. There will always be a view or opinion on what decisions people make. This mother made a difficult decision; one that no mother should ever have to make. But she made it in the best interest of her daughter. She has been her caretaker for her entire life and had a bond with her. She better than anyone would be the one to know when her daughter had had too much. No one knows if she understood not being fed, but we also don’t know if the constant wailing was pain. My heart goes out to Nancy and her mom and May God bless them both.

  • Kate

    The extreme bias in this article just make the writer sound like they have no sense of empathy or fairmindedness at all. They are using the story to put across their own views – how can they presume to know what that mother would have felt when faced with such a choice? or how her child felt? Shameful

  • Michael Kantack

    10 years later science had a cure for the child. Her mother didn’t choose to kill her and by her 30th birthday she had learned to communicate and live and love. She wrote a book telling her painful journey and about how wonderful it was. She got married and had children. She lived a long life and was thankful for every moment of it. How do you know this couldn’t have been the outcome? You don’t nor do I but in this age of amazing discoveries and advancements who is to say that in 10 or 20 years we couldn’t have changed this girls life. I’m pro-science and pro-life before anything else and regardless of your religious or moral beliefs this girl didn’t get to choose what she wanted her mother chose for her. That is the job of a parent but in my opinion she was wrong. I really don’t care of you say “you don’t know what you would do.” Guess what. I know myself a lot better than you do and I would fight for life until it was ripped from my arms.

  • LaCall Karri Etoil

    The bitch that calls herself a mother to this poor little girl, is mental and anyone that gave the worthless bitch the right to starve Nancy to death is just as mental. That child had a purpose in this world or God wouldn’t have put her here. There’s a place for ‘things’ like Charlotte and those that allowed her actions…it’s called burning eternally in HELL!

  • Lilia Rodriguez

    I don’t know way they allow such inhumane actions,We are not GOD to take life away and especially by a lingering and adding more pain to here pain.I have suffered intense pain for 30 yrs and my husband has suffered for 62 yrs with childhood R.A also has had much pain and and struggles serving it.Beliving in JESUS and prayer has been our relief and our strength,hope and faith in GOD is the way out of any hell.Thank you JESUS, people don’t give up on life,GOD workes mirecals.

  • Alex Christian

    Under these circumstances, I agree with the mothers right to end her daughters life. However I certainly do not agree with the method to which it was carried out. As a lot of others have stated on here, dehydration and starvation is an incredibly cruel way to end ones life, nevertheless someone who has suffered as much as she had. I do not condone that it should be done this way and am amazed it was allowed to happen this way. Rest in Peace.

  • Joel

    Really… Really. We know what causes cancer… it’s a defect/mutation brought on by carcinogens which causes cells not to know when to die and as such when the cell replicates this trait is passed on and causes a tumour that will not stop growing to form…

  • DezGirl

    Disgusting! This is soooo bad. What is next? Doctors or governments deciding who lives and who dies? Isn’t this just like Hitler’s reasoning? Didn’t we learn from his reign of terror? We have to value life – life isn’t fair or easy but people are of value no matter their condition. And yes, I do have friends with disabled children or partners who feel the same way. It isn’t easy but love and compassion rule in their homes – they have such courage, and I look to them – not butchers – for how it should be!

  • Kathi

    As a mother, I would do ANYTHING to keep my child comfortable. I can not even imagine having a child in that kind of pain. Yes, we all have suffered. The difference is we had HOPE. For most of us, the suffering does end. I have had my share of suffering, but nothing like what this child suffered! Worst of all, it would only get worse. There was no hope that this pain would end. I have a problem with the way it was done. I have been dehydrated before. My muscles were in a constant state of contraction. I could not walk and it was VERY painful…and that is only one symptom! This is not a decision I would want to have to make. My heart goes out to the child and the mother!

  • Gloria Rodriguez

    This really breaks my heart as a mother of a severally handicap child.

  • opal

    the way she killed that child must have been more painful than what she was already feeling, she is naive. wish someone could leave her dehydrated and without food for 14 days and see how she handles it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in restraints, locked away at least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • opal

    im a nurse used to take care of kids like that, she could have done what every mother with those children do, take them to a home care if its a case that she couldnt manage to take care of her, she could visit if she liked, they r humans regardless of how damamged they are. this is a new high of crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sue

    If the courts had allowed the euthanasia by lethal injection I.E. potassium chloride and suxamethomium the death would have been ‘peaceful’. It is not about being disabled. It is not ‘killing or murder’. Walk In that mother’s shoes for 12 years 24/7 with a child of your own and then you are allowed to pass judgment. Are we murderers when we euthanase our pets that are like family yo us? I am sure this mother was in agonizing pain in the death of her child as she was when she was ‘living’. We are not a higher bring. We have no right to judge. Amen

  • Rita Rudolph

    Born with a disability, this hits me hard. Doctors don’t know everything and can’t predict the future. It took me my first 6 months to turn my head. They told my mother that I wouldn’t live past 2, and if I live past that….then I would be a vegetable. Mom and I both were thrilled to see my 40th birthday, and I never imagined my life as good as it is now! I broke about 30 bones before I was 18 so I know a bit about pain. Pain is hard, but not as evil as the world believes. I am so tired of the euthanasia debate. It just isn’t right! I can’t support this…it would be wrong of me, especially having my own painful childhood. I know it’s different but God knows how much pain we can bare, and He won’t give us more than this. We cannot judge our limits or restrictions, or someone else’s especially when they cannot speak. We cannot try to control His plans….only He knows what the future holds for us. He can turn lives around, and there are so many graces given from pain and living with those that do suffer. God bless us all.

  • Jericho

    Nobody kills healthy people in the Netherlands and Belgium, Cassy Fiano, you moron. Stop spreading this kind of bullshit. It’s clear this news site is not known for their objective, or truthful view of the news. Don’t believe this article people.

  • Isha Brown-Lemery

    I would assume that this “mother” was with her daughter during the last 14 days of her painful death! I would assume that Nancy would have been crying uncontrollably in those first few days then maybe some moaning and groaning! :( If that mother truly loved her daughter she would have never asked permission to torture her daughter to death! She could have easily stopped her plan during the first days or so after refusing food or drink to her daughter! This story about Nancy makes me want to cry! I have Hydrocephalus like she did!
    My mom told me about one of my hospitalizations as a baby. I was born in 1973 and they attitudes towards babies with my condition was that they were better off dead, because they won’t be able to walk, talk, or do anything for themselves. When I was hospitalized one time, my doctors thought it was best if they let me die! The entire ward I was on was full of babies with my condition! Over every crib, including mine, there were sheets drapped over the top! The doctors were waiting for our heads to explode! To make a long story short, my mom snuck me out of that hospital! It took her three hours to get me out of there! During the time I was in that place, they would not allow my mom to see me! This was a public hospital here in the U.S.! It’s sad to say but Euthanasia has been happening here and there in this country, as well! No one has the right to decide if a child or adult with a disability should no longer be on this earth!

  • Sherlock 890917

    It is an euthanasia to end the mother’s suffering, not the girl’s,,murder is considered wrong as taking other’s right to live, so what makes euthanasia different from murder, everyone has no right to take other’s life, not in law neither by natural justice, life is precious, u lose it and can never get it back,,so called mercy killing is nonsense, sympathizing the girl by exterminating her from our world, where ‘s the supposed mercy, even the girl cannot decide on her life, doesnt mean the mother decide it on her behalf

  • Free bird

    Oh God help us !!!!! God will put an end to this one day !! He will punish people for their murders !! The unborn and those already born ,and the elderly too ! Eternity is a long time !!!

  • cindy

    This poor child should have been injected with something that made her relax out of pain for the final last 5mins of her life an overdose of morphine would of been peaceful passes over to heaven before she knew what the difference is between life and death something shel never get to know, I hope this beautiful young we girl can be reincarnated into a life with out pain a second chance in life , I support the mothers decision on ending her disabled daughters life from unbearable pain but starving her is crawl I do not accept that neither should the law theres other ways of ending an innocent life as at the end of the day yu killed ur daughter no mater how yu did it god bless ur wee soul

  • SoBlazed

    This is outrageous! The court should of enacted the statutory regulation, penal code 420; “death by no-scope”

  • David Hunt

    There are very sadly, legal reasons why this poor girl died this way. Her mother was unable to actively euthanase her daughter as under the outdated laws that govern society, the act would be considered murder.
    So the mother was only able to ‘let her die’, which means she no longer assisted her daughter’s life in any way. It is devastating that she had to go through this; merciful euthanasia should be completely legal.

  • Kerry Clougher

    Dont judge this mother… she did what she had to do for the love of her child. She already has the rest of her life to live with this on her concience.. God bless her. My thoughts are with her. Xx

  • Chris Weakley

    “What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard. At no point were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened

  • grace

    I’ve spent the last half hour reading through these comments (I know get a life right) and I see two themes: one being the religious people saying “god created her for a reason” “this mother failed” blah blah blah and then reasonable, sensible, logical people, Discussing the fact that scientific advances in medicine were the only thing keeping Nancy alive in the first place and forcing someone to live who cannot even participate in life is cruel. Yes, there are many more humane ways to end a life and I have no idea why these weren’t considered, But as a nurse I can tell you, I want nothing more for my patients than comfort. Why would anyone want to live without communication, any kind of functionality or ability to be independent plus with the additional constant chronic pain. The only kind of people that would ever force a person to suffer like this are the type of people who have been using god as an excuse their whole lives.” just because you think there is a bearded man floating in the sky, judging everyone’s behaviour DOES NOT MAKE THAT FACT. This mother did all she could to keep her daughter well but that was out of her hands. She did what any GOOD AND SANE mother would do, and she put her daughter out of pain. I’m sure like any of you Christians would do, you know those pain killers that “god” invented. Yeah those ones didn’t work for Nancy. You have no right to say this mother failed. How dare you. Perhaps try opening a book other than the biblE and you will learn something about this world and this key emotion called empathy.

  • Chance Kiarna

    Ok reallly annnoyed at yu ppl yea her mum did want her to go thru starvation and dehydration and god and this and that this isnt fair yea I no but u all are making it ur business y and yet are use helping the kids that are literally dying from starvation and dehydration in the countries that don’t have ppl ACTUALLY CARING FOR THEM sseeeesssh it ticks me off courts say ohh its fine we must agree to it but when some1 who actually is literally dying from having no food no1 gives 2 fuks shitt

  • alex costes

    I agree with Belgium and Netherlands on the right to euthanize the special needs people. People with special needs who are useless to society And will ruin the quality of life of others deserve to just be killed for everyone including their self

    • Dina Krichker

      Stalin would be proud of you :)

  • Nichola Briggs

    I would like to see how some of you fair when it is your child laying there in agony and unable to communicate what they need. The child would of been highly medicated during this time as stated she was on morphine and ketamine and probably wouldn’t of know anything was happening. My family lived through watching someone die after everything except the pain meds were withdrawn and i can tell you now there was no torture present and she died a peaceful death. You know NOTHING of how this child passed unless you were there and i really hope you are never put in the same situation!!

  • Darius

    Honestly, it was probably for the best.
    @Everyone saying this is disgraceful, barbaric and so on, would you want to live her life? If you were in that girls position, where you were in pain every day, would you want to live? Being kept alive by carers and incapable of ending the torture yourself?
    I know I wouldn’t.
    So before you go ahead and judge, put yourself in the kids position, and if you’re a logical person you’ll come to realise that it was for the best.
    As for how she was euthanised I think this is what should be discussed; surely there’s a more humane, swift way to have ended that girls life.

  • jenny

    We pass laws to allow fathers to terminate their impregnations. The methods used are: fathers stop providing food, medical care, emotional care to the unborn children they procreated.
    A child , placed in a uterus, dies if the father deserts her/him. Does the father gives up 1/2 of his food, so that his baby have something to eat, indirectly of course, through the mother body ?
    If this does not happen, then his child dies, and the father is the killer.

  • jenny

    Do we know of any father who wins a case to kill his child? Or the father kills his child without any case …. he just takes off, and leave his child to die of starvation and lack of medical care. His child will die without a legal case in the court. Or who is supposed to feed his child? Isn’t the father ?

  • Charlaine Bolam

    This broke my heart

  • Elat

    I have no words…unbelievable..

  • Toni D’Errico Brindisi

    I don’t agree with this however, could they not use drugs used for those who choose the right to die. 14 days really? Absolutely wrong. Poor baby should have been given the medication to die peacefully.

    • Tryna Wright

      In the UK it is considered murder to use drugs, knife, gun, etc. I really dont see how this was any better because this is slow and painful. We dont even do this to our pets.

  • Peter Byrd

    How does a person remain alive without water for 12 days?

    Food and water deprivation has been used as a method of death for those in intensive care.

  • Sandra Marshall

    What a bunch of conceited, self-serving bible thumpers. I am a Christian woman but have nothing but respect for this woman and the relief she brought to her daughter and her family. Get off your high horses and mind your own business.

    • Gary Gayisok Whiteman

      Amen, Sandra, amen!

  • Lara Taylor

    This was 100% the right thing to do, the method was questionable, however that child was hurting and of course her mother was thinking about her own suffering however parents endure everything for their children and if her child was happy and wanted to be alive no way would she have campaigned for her child to die because I can guarantee not having her child is worse than anything else.

    • Tryna Wright

      If she wanted to have her child she would have kept it. She was not doing the job of a mother and decided to kill her child. And even if she really wanted her daughter gone why make her suffer even more than before. Try to make her last days at least sort of good. This girl couldnt say if she wanted to live or not so no one knows therefore she shouldnt be able to do this. Everyone has a right to live

      • Lara Taylor

        And everyone has the right to die.

        • Tryna Wright

          That is true but she never said she wanted to die… the only thing we know is that the MOTHER wanted her child to die to stop the suffering… how do we know that this child wanted to die… Everyone has the right to die if it is their own choice.

  • Tryna Wright

    I find it interesting that we all are allowed to believe in a religion and even if someone else doesn’t believe in it we should all be mature about things and accept what other peoples opinions and not judge them… Personally I think it was wrong what this mother did… A child is a child and everyone has the right to live their life’s… Many people r saying the mother ended her daughters suffering well how do u know that she wanted to die. I don’t see where she had the right to make this decision… In the US constitution we have the freedom of life and we have the right to our religion… This may not be in the US however this should be common sense… This is considered murder. I think all of u r being immature since many of u are judging others beliefs. I do believe in God and even if some people don’t this is MY belief and u don’t have to like it or live with it but that doesn’t mean u have the right to be rude to others because of it… Our beliefs effect our opinions and if u don’t like it then don’t read it and don’t comment on it because no matter what u say about it, it’s not gonna change how I feel and it’s not gonna change how u feel so it’s not even worth arguing about… I think killing someone is wrong but how she did it is even worse u don’t do that to a human being unless ur okay with doing it to ur self. Now if anyone has a problem with what I have to say than this is what I have to say to u: get over it it’s my opinion not urs, I have the right to what I think so bye. And for all of u who believe in God, bless u all and I hope this little girl is happy in heaven. Remember God loves u and he is happy that u stuck up for him and are preaching about him. But let’s leave the judging part for God.

  • gloree

    Evil? No, compassion for human life. And this is wrong, dehydration is not painful and neither is starving. lm a hospice nurse and have seen folks with living wills die the way they choose, no food or water. They did not seem to be in pain at any time, their mouths and tongues were wet if needed. lf my child screamed constantly in pain and there was no recourse. l would , seriously consider this option. This article is biased against, take that as it is.

  • Nicki H

    I feel that we all have opinions but until we experience this sort of situation then we have to understand (or try to) what both mother and daughter were going through. Yes I agree that Nancy should have been granted a more humane way of ending her life as someone did point out, “we wouldn’t let people on death row die like she did” but I do not agree it was murder. The mother that carried her for nine months inside of her and was by her side for twelve years of her life will know her much, much more than we or any other person will know and will know whether her daughter has a LIFE or an EXISTANCE. All I know is that I would rather see my loved ones at peace than in pain and if I could ease that pain in any way…..I would try.

  • morgan

    All you people saying she murdered her child you are wrong you don’t know what that child or her mum went through don’t judge people unless you are in the situation yourself she didn’t want her child to go through any more pain it wasn’t up to you so leave her alone and stop judging her !!!

  • Eponymous1

    Good lord is this sick. Dehydration and starvation in the name of “love?”

    If she wanted her daughter to not suffer, she could have at least “nut up” about it, taken a 45 magnum and blaster her brains out on the spot. That would have been more compassionate.

    • Griffonn

      There needs to be some sort of law preventing dehydration and starvation.

      If we’re going to kill sick people, they should at least get a quick, humane death.

      • Gary Gayisok Whiteman

        Yes, we should – for instance a lethal dose of medication. Having laws such that the only option available is dehydration and starvation is barbaric.

    • Gary Gayisok Whiteman

      Unfortunately, the humane, compassionate method you suggest (and I agree with) is illegal and would raise just as big an outrage from those who want to demand that other people continue to live regardless of the circumstances.

  • Gary Gayisok Whiteman

    I cared for both my mother and her sister, my aunt during the last days of their lives (7 years apart). Both of them reached a point where they just stopped taking food without offering a reason, and a day or two later, refused liquids as well. They lasted 12 and 13 days respectively. Their first week was pretty awful – then they weren’t even really aware of much of anything. I would have loved to have been legally allowed to offer them a lethal dose of medication. There is no justification for putting them thru that suffering to postpone the inevitable a few days.

    My mother stopped my dad from committing suicide at one point in his battle with colon cancer – shortly after that, he got to the point where he was unable to do it himself. When he passed away after 4 more months of living between intense pain and drugged out of his mind, my mother said she wished she hadn’t stopped him – that she felt personally responsible for his extended suffering, and very ashamed of her selfish desire to keep him alive.

  • Cathy F

    I think the consideration should be if the daughter loved her mother. If she did, then I don’t see how you can claim her life was nothing but pain.

  • Smiley

    This is just sick and sadly many of the comments are not any better. For those of you crying about this child being in pain 24/7 I would like to know how you know that? Is it because the mother who ultimately killed her own child said so? If an able bodied child was murdered by their mother would you accept whatever excuse they gave? I have a disability, my own mother wanted me dead(almost succeeded) and I could not communicate, could not walk, could not feed myself or use the toilet. Would you accept her excuses if she killed me? Does no one care that rulings like this put lives like mine and thousands of others at risk? For those of you going on about science keeping this girl alive and using that to justify her murder I would like to know, have you ever taken antibiotics? Gone to hospital? Had surgery? Would you accept chemotherapy? Has anyone in your family? I imagine so. bunch of hypocrites.

  • Beskulmo

    She basically murdered her child for being disabled. There is no excuse for that. Pain and suffering is not an excuse for murder, and it certainly doesn’t give you a right to take someone’s life. For those who think that being disabled is hell or being in the mother’s “situation” hell, believe me, if you were in hell right now, you would trade Nancy’s life or her mother’s life for a thousand years just to escape one second in hell.

  • hmmmm….dogs and cats get put to sleep, bugs get stepped on, horses have been shot….and some people cannot see the evil in this slow death. It does not take deep thought to figure this mess out. I say a trial now for the judge on deciding to allow torture and a trial for the mother. One person cannot decide, let them stand trial.
    PURE EVIL, just no compassion on so many levels. With religion or lack of is none of my business, but if I was the neighbor of this person and knew what was going on….oh boy…I do love children and would break the law and well I can only handle so much of this evil that is being debated over. I do stand for something and would take the heat. I’m a fool and would probably be dead.
    I took care of quadriplegics and I was recognized each day. I do not need to go into detail about the suffering of disabled, I worked with them for 10 years. I also saw very tired exhausted and abusive caregivers. I saw patient ones.

    What a MESS to come to a decision of death by torture. You deny me food…lock the refrigerator and cabinets and lock me in my home, I will not see you as loving me. I will see you as starving me, even if I am suffering and you think death is best. You would be evil and my enemy.

    sick sick sick

    Kids play video games, what next…a side character, dying slowly for 14
    days to further desensitize them. Extreme example? Maybe, but then
    again, maybe not…

  • Susan Howe

    I do not care how you wrap it and put pretty bows on it this is still WRONG!!

  • alex forselius

    It’s just sa matter of time before this will happen in sweden (bet it already happening illegal now) and with a government that forced ill to suicide our country is going to hell

  • alex forselius

    In Sweden this is what we does to the eldery already neglect them to die. A legal but more cruel alternative to give them a death coctail all to cut taxes and increase profits

  • Rae

    I was diagnosed with a terminal illness at the age of 6 and things went down hill very quickly. I needed 24 hour care, I had daily grand mal seizures that lasted for hours, I had shingles over my entire spine and scalp, horrific sclerosis, I lost bowell and bladder function and lost all my motor skills and became bound to a wheel chair, my body slowly just shut down and I became a rotting vegetable. The pain I physically felt will never be explainable to anyone, no one can imagine even 1% of the pain I felt, except for Nancy Fitzmaurice, i can only scratch the surface of what she went through. It made me cry to read the pain she was in, and no matter if you go a whole lifetime in pain, it doesn’t make it any less painful. NO ONE knows what it feels like to slowly die while you’re slowly trying to live unless they have been through it, thats what Nancy was going through, and its miserable beyond imagination. If I was a mother watching my daughter go through this? I would kill her because I love her more than I love myself. It sounds horrific, and it is, but theres no beauty or life in torture and Nancy’s own body was torturing her every moment of the day.

    I think it should be on a case by case basis who is allowed to euthanize, and also how long the parent has tried to find a cure or form of solution to the problem. I spent over a decade in agony before finding that Australia medications, treatments and Drs. just weren’t working, but Germany meds, Drs. and treatments helped significantly with motor skills, seizures and bodily functions returning slowly. I am so grateful to those who have helped me, and just hope and pray that others can find help before its to late.

  • CAT

    I have a chromosome disorder called Turner Syndrome. The fact that Dr. Phil thinks i

    should die is awful. I think it should be considered a hate crime to kill someone just

    because they are different because of medical stuff

    • Jessie B.

      Cat, it’s not about being “different.”

      Nobody wants to take life away from any person who can assist in his or her own care and can speak to voice a preference.

      All it takes is some empathy to imagine what another person’s quality of life must be. I know little to nothing about Turner Syndrome, and I am sorry for whatever struggles it causes you, it’s not fair, but if you’re able to type on a computer to have an actual conversation, trust me, you’re not living what my child is living. She’ll never be able to do that. She’s 16 and we’ve waited and hoped, and things only seem to be getting worse. The collection of things that can happen to her when we’re no longer here to protect her are a nightmare to contemplate. In the meantime, everyone else in our family, especially me, are living life to a fraction of what its value and enjoyment could be.

      I love this child. I love her so much. I can’t do anything else for her. I also love my other child who can’t play with her sister. Today I had to keep her home for the second day in a row because she was throwing such a screaming tantrum (no words, can’t speak) that I knew she’d attack someone if I put her on the bus and sent her to school. I wanted a career, but I’d be fired from any job I ever tried to have for all the times I’d have had had to stay home for her. It’s not selfish to see that her life will only get worse, and meanwhile, time is ticking away for everyone else.

      • CAT

        im am sorry about youre child. Turner Syndrome varies in mildness. I know some women with TS that are not able to live a neurotypical life. I am not as well. Many girls with TS have Nonverbal Learning Disorder. It causes struggles with school, social skills and other problems.

  • Jessie B.

    What’s horrible is that grieving and long-suffering parents who feel this is the best choice are given no more quick, simple, painless way to do this than to starve and dehydrate their own children. There are drugs for this. Even in the states that allow assisted suicide to end your suffering, you have to be diagnosed to be likely to physically die within six months anyway, and you have to be competent to ask for it yourself. Thus, those who have the least quality of life and can’t communicate for themselves can’t avail themselves of it and have to live in hell in their heads because they’re disabled.

    It would be less this way if other people who oppose it would please finally realize that their own religious beliefs are not sufficient to dictate the lives of others, however deeply held.

    I wonder how many people here raise a severely disabled child and have any idea what toll it actually takes.

  • Silverquille

    What ever happened to prayer? God remains the Author of Life. Only God truly knows how much suffering one human being is destined to bear.

  • Williamdrago

    There is more humane ways of doing this, I agree this is a horrible way to die, murder is murder legal or not.

  • Joseph Hickman

    I was born deaf… suicide never crossed my mind cause my disability was due to third trimester maternal exposure to ruebella. .it pisses me off to no end , as an intelligent educated adult see “normal” people thump bibles and say handicaps are God’s will…fuck all religeon u take hearing for granted. Deafness is the least empathy provoking handicap. Just needed to rant!!! This includes all religions. .never pray for me i wipe my ass with bible pages when i find the book in a hotel room. Ha ha lol! !! No heaven nor hell!!!

  • c.cooper

    To the people saying god wanted her to live
    The child was suffering every day to keep her alive as long as they did was worst than starving her for the 14 days.
    You look down on the mother yet you fail to read the whole article. That child was suffering.

    I am starting to think the “god” believers are really the devils advocates. As
    It is quit clear the child wasn’t even meant to be born in the first place.
    She suffered for 12 years and 14 days. Thanks to ass hole like you I hope one day you go threw 12 years of pain lets see how much of a pro lifer you are then.
    she should have been aborted and shouldn’t have suffered for as long as she did.
    You “god” believers wanted her to suffer longer .
    As far as I am concerned you are worst than the mother
    The mother was a stain ending her child suffering and I am sure if the mother could have given her an overdose of morphine she would have done it in an heart beat.
    ( or at least a pain free death)

  • Wubbsy

    There is no excuse for this at all, whether you’re for euthanasia or not. ‘Passive euthanasia’ is nothing more than the worst of both worlds, and pretty words for a cartoonishly horrible death. Keep someone alive nicely if you’re going to keep them alive, or kill them swiftly and mercifully if you’re going to euthanize them. This is gratuitously brutal and a compromise that actually satisfies no-one except cowards and sadists.