Murder: what’s not to love?

Most of us have seen our parents or grandparents shake their heads and say, “What’s the world coming to?”

The more I read about pro-choice advocates, the more I am unnerved by the direction the world is careening toward.

Recently I came across a blog of nauseating content.  Activist Jessica DelBalzo takes “pro-choice” to an entirely different level of passionate support. It is no longer enough to just “grant abortion” or to allow it to exist as a necessary evil, but now DelBalzo insists that women must fully embrace abortion, and joyfully celebrate what it is.

She titles her blog post “I Love Abortion: Implying Otherwise Accomplishes Nothing for Women’s Rights.” Unable to understand why people half-heartedly rally behind abortion, she writes that saying abortion should be rare “implies a value judgement, promoting the idea that abortion is somehow distasteful or immoral and should be avoided.

You hit the nail on the head, Honey.

DelBalzo testifies from her own experience the joy and liberation she felt in her abortion. She writes that she will encourage her children to regard abortion in a welcoming and positive light. DelBalzo condemns America as being filled with anti-feminism and with religious conservatism that shames women’s sexuality, and  insists that abortion will always be not only normal, but also a perfectly acceptable and reasonable choice for women. Finally, DelBalzo concludes that “women who value their freedom should be proud to say that they like abortion. In fact, they should venerate it whole-heartedly. Abortion is our last refuge, the one final, definitive instrument that secures our bodily autonomy. What’s not to love?”


So. Love abortion, in the name of celebrating women’s rights?

I find it contradictory that when one does this, there is zero consideration for the emotional scarring and physical risk and danger a woman goes through during an abortion.

The BBC recently highlighted a study performed by the University of Oslo, which observed the psychological ramifications of women who had abortions. Norway, a country in which 20% of pregnancies result in abortion, gathered a testing pool of 40 women who had had a miscarriage, compared  with 80 who chose to have an abortion.

The team at Oslo found that “after 10 days, 47.5% of women who had miscarried suffered from some degree of mental distress compared with 30% of the abortion group.  The proportion of women who had a miscarriage suffering distress decreased during the study period, to 22.5% at six months and to just 2.6% at two years and five years.” The initial  “relief” of women who’d had abortions resulted in less of a psychological strain than those who had lost their baby due to natural causes.

However, the Oslo study found, upon continued observation, that “among the abortion group 25.7% were still experiencing distress after six months, and 20% at five years.”   The long-standing psychological scarring stayed relatively high, sustained over several  years.

Such statistics give strong evidence for the psychologically harmful effects for a woman who has had an abortion.  If the results of this study come from a country where abortions are more socially acceptable, and certainly more common, imagine the increased sense of guilt and distress for women in the USA, where there is a prominent pro-life presence.

Because of the current social climate, it is very likely therefore, that American women would struggle even more intensely with remorse, anxiety and depression.   A true feminist would have all of a women’s wellness at the heart of her concern. But DelBalzo’s position entirely disregards a woman’s psychological well-being in a thoroughly marring process. Let’s not even mention how “loving abortion” also readily discounts the value of unborn female (and male) babies’ lives. How does that accomplish anything for human rights?

What is the world coming to…when convenience and sexual “liberation” dictate morality?

Last week  I rocked a 9-week-old baby to sleep, and I thought about how a little more than 2 months before, it would have been completely permissible in some places to kill this child in a partial-birth abortion. That sickened me. That perfect little soul asleep in my arms would have been helpless against such violence. All in the name of convenience, and celebrating women’s rights.

Murder. What’s not to love?

  • Hope4teens

    My heart breaks for these little babies. God will take care of these little ones and love them and you bet he will also take care of these women who choose to take the lives of their babies. These babies are “NOT” tissue, they are not just cells, they are a precious baby a gift from God.

    • Wade Felty

      What a loving God you have! 

  • Dns_tmlnsn

    How?Why? This brings tears to my eyes.

  • Thank you for your response.  It is frightening that pro-choice advocates are touting abortion as something to be celebrated.  We need to pray hard and act lovingly to pregnant women.  We need to be the whisper of hope.

    • Wade Felty

      And what is your solution to over-population? That is the bottom line here, the world is already crowded and will get worse and worse. Where do you plan to go with all these extra people? Have you ever thought about that? Even for a second? It will be a disaster. 

      • you have been sold a bill of (ROTTEN) goods by the radical Left, there is always room for another Child, if not with the mother & father than the baby can be adopted by a family who would love to have a child, Wade you have fallen for Planned Parenthoods’ BIG LIE!

  • wideyedradical

    she says she will encourage her children to consider abortion? what children? u killed  your child. hopefully u can still have kids by the time you realize your tired of spreading your goods. 
    **** DelBalzo condemns America as being filled with anti-feminism and with religious conservatism that shames women’s sexuality*** well i believe that women wanting power often leads to abortions so yeah… anti femenist might fit there. you wanna get screwed but not have to give up school, work, goals, good figure, etc. thats reality sweetheart. shaming womens sexuality!? LOL! thats a complicated way of saying ‘i feel guilty about being a whore’ its depressing (to me) that I can see the shame and filth of this wretched plague but somehow women dont. if u insist on haveing sex before you want a child, its not that hard to take intelligent steps before hand that can avoid taking a life. its not a life you say? the mothers life may be at risk u say? to that i only ask this… how many mothers would sacrifice themselves to save there child if it came down to that? if your toddler was wandering down the RR tracks toward a train, would u or would u not jump out and push them off the tracks there by risking your own life? answer that question honestly and i think this issue should settle itself. ther will always be people who wnt this sadly. the problem is with the ability to note a difference between wants and needs.

    • Esther Followwill

      oooh a little harsh  but i think you have some really good points the “bottom line” of what decisions are being made. people dont want accountability or consequences. its heeartbreaking. 

    • 12angry_men

      In many cases where the mother’s life is in danger the child’s life is as well (this is indeed not the norm for pregnancies, but it does happen).  Why not save one life instead of losing two?

      • MoonChild02

        I used to think the same thing. Then I actually looked into it. There are other ways of dealing with such things. In many cases, the mother can be treated, and it can be hoped that the baby will not suffer. Many treatments include bed-rest, oxygen pumps, early delivery, etc.

        In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, a salpingectomy, the surgery used in the situation, is not an abortion. It is a procedure in which there is a double effect, in other words, the ending of the life of the child is a sad, unintended side-effect of the procedure needed in a grave situation, and is not the direct effect. Some people go with a salpingostomy, which is also not an abortion, but does have the direct effect of killing the child. The tube is damaged, anyway, so why not remove it, or at least the injured part of it?

        In the case of pre-eclampsia, the only solution is to end the pregnancy. Therefore, the answer is to induce labor, and hope that the baby survives, not do a late-term abortion.

        For hyperemesis gravidarum, there are a couple of websites specifically dedicated to resources to help with the illness, including nutrition suggestions, medication, etc. Since I can’t possibly post all of the information on it here, I’ll post the links:

        • Wade Felty

          hahahah so you go so far as to oppose abortion to protect the life of the mother, by arguing it doesn’t happen…”
          I used to think the same thing. Then I actually looked into it. There are other ways of dealing with such things. In many cases, the mother can be treated, and it can be hoped that the baby will not suffer. Many treatments include bed-rest, oxygen pumps, early delivery, etc.”

          So glad we have a real live OBGYN right here. 

          No wonder you guys support the Let Women Die Act. 

        • Wade Felty

          Hope none of your female friends or relatives has a dangerous pregnancy, because according to you, all they need is some bed-rest and oxygen. Tough cookies for them right? If a woman isn’t a good enough baby-machine for you, too bad she has to die.

          What a wonderful sense of Christian love I get from you! 

          • Dnorgaisse98

            If you had read MoonChild’s full post, you would have seen that there are surgical procedures as solutions for dangerous pregnancies that are early deliveries, not abortions. Next time, read the whole post before making a claim based on nothing, k?

    • MoonChild02

      Men are just as guilty, so why don’t you go give them a good, stern talking-to, as well?

      It’s the fact that men tell us that we are such tiny, little specks of dirt that don’t matter as long as we have kids in tow, and that men say that they will leave or kill their girlfriend/wife if she doesn’t get an abortion, that makes women choose abortion, not the want of power. It’s human to want power, and women didn’t resort to abortion in such droves before. Men want power over women, so, many times, they force them to have abortions. I know that not all men are like this, and some actually want their child, but a great many abortions are for these reasons. Many times, it’s just plain fear that leads to it.

      Yes, there are many who don’t think of the outcome of their choices, so they do jump into bed without thinking. However, women are not the only ones guilty of it, when it happens. If only we could get a little respect from men, there probably wouldn’t be such an issue.

      By the by, you shouldn’t go throwing the word “whore” around, it doesn’t get you anywhere in this debate, not on the pro-life side, not on the pro-abortion-choice side. It just makes you look bad.

      “Guilty? Yes. No matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; But oh, thrice guilty is he who drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime!” – Susan B. Anthony, on abortion.

  • Lord have mercy

    IN the US, statistically speaking, 51% of those babies killed in utero are girl babies. As in future grown women? Please how does that further the cause of women? In many countries, where abortion is unrestricted, it is baby girls who are aborted, because males are seen as more valuable. Killing based on gender. 

    Each human being is precious. May we all stand up for those oppressed, that includes women who get forced into abortions by whomever, be it the fathers of the little ones, or the grandparents, or by peers like our feminist example above. Victims of violence and abuse everywhere need to be protected. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean something is right. I grew up in Germany. Nazi law declared a person disposable because of race. In many countries where slavery (often along lines of ethnicity) was enforced, one’s life was at the discretion of the person’s “owner”. Might makes right? Gee, then wife and husband or anybody beating should be ok, after all, most of the time, the person affected survives. In an abortion, the tiny human never survives, but dies a rather brutal death. In contrast, we usually euthanize  our sick pets  “humanely” with overdoses of anesthetic and sleep inducing medication. 

    In abortion, the  perceived ownership of the preborn person as belonging to  the Mom is justified because of geographic location.  In utero, no matter if baby is viable outside the womb, it’s her property, outside even if at a younger stage of development, it is considered protected. If Mom of a newborn preemie chooses to smother the infant, she’s held liable by law. But she could have aborted the baby even at a later gestational age  fresh inside the womb without legal consequences. Now extend this concept nationally, or internationally. Some folks in some locations can just be eradicated?  No way, you say? Happening in regions of the world right now. Think Darfur genocide as only one example.  

    It is also the taking of a life based on age. Or on developmental level, or on dependence. Those of us who would like to live to a happy, ripe old age, or who are physically or mentally impaired, or are dependent on someone else for support, (anyone temporarily in the hospital starting to get creeped out yet?) or have loved ones who are, should think long and hard about the implications of what we are teaching indirectly. 

    And please let’s not have any more of the “it’s my body” myths. A person cannot be  both male or female, as mother and preborn son can be. Nor can one person have two different blood types, as many moms and babies have. There are distinctly different DNA, different characteristics, different fingerprints, the list is endless. It’s as different a life as you and I. You are valuable, as am I, so is every baby regardless of location, gender, race, handicap, stage of development, etc. 

    My heart goes out to every woman who has ever had, whether by choice or by force, an abortion. It even goes out to the people advocating them. And performing them. Please extend your prayers, love and even empathy to them, because the reality of those precious lives lost not just the little ones themselves, to their Moms and Dads, or to us all as a society, is tremendously overwhelming. Once it sinks in, they will all need our loving support, and direction toward forgiveness, from God and from themselves. 

    Please help  defend the life and liberty of every person, pre or already born. Thank you. Blessed Easter to all. 

    • Wade Felty

      I’ll hold my breath for that to happen 

  • Abortion does not do anything for women’s “bodily autonomy.”  Pregnant women are not non-autonomous persons.  Claiming abortion is “the one final, definitive instrument” to liberate women shames pregnant women and disrespects female biology.  Women do not need abortion for equality.  Women do not need to be changed to be empowered.  We are equal and empowered as we are.  If there are those who do not treat pregnant women this way, that is not something that needs to be fixed about the pregnancy, it’s something that needs to be fixed about those who view pregnant women wrongly.

    It is not feminism to support abortion; it’s misogyny.