Most women do not "love abortion."

New CDC data shows bungled abortion reporting in 2009

Yesterday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released their annual report on abortions in 2009 and found a 5% decrease from the previous year. The Associated Press described this drop as the “biggest one-year decrease in at least a decade.”

That is all well and good until we look back at reporting about abortion in 2009. Some outlets like The New York Times and Reuters ran with an unsupported theory that a bad economy must equal a higher abortion rate and cherry-picked facts and quotes from abortion providers as the evidence. Now we know the truth. Will the media take note of their reporting failure from 2009?

Let’s look at some major media that got things wrong;

Side observation: Evidence that Planned Parenthood share of abortions is rising

If Planned Parenthood of Illinois is reporting all-time high abortion numbers at the same time that the country is experiencing its “biggest one-year decrease in at least a decade,” it stands to reason that Planned Parenthood’s share of the abortion industry is rising.

Associated Press (3/24/2009): “Planned Parenthood of Illinois clinics performed an all-time high number of abortions in January”

Tampa Bay Times/AP (3/20/2009): Planned Parenthood clinics in St. Petersburg and Sarasota observed a 14 percent increase in abortions the first two months of this year compared with the same period last year.

Planned Parenthood’s increasing share of the abortion market is long-term trend that has seen them go from performing 1 in 10 U.S. abortions in 1995 (139,899 of 1,359,400) to slightly more than 27% of abortions today (332,278 of 1,212,400).

Theories, speculation, and experts

Also of note is the new theory going around. The big Associated Press article on the new CDC report led with the speculation that “perhaps … women are more careful to use birth control when times are tough,” and that is why abortion dropped during a recession. Talk about whiplash from the “experts” that just a few years ago speculated that a poor economy would lead to more abortions.

  • monica

    Here is an unpublished editorial that I sent into the Albuquerque Journal before the election.

    In 2008, when Professor Kmiec, President Obama’s most prominent Catholic supporter, stated that abortions would actually decrease under Barack Obama, many Catholics felt that they could remain faithful to the teaching of the Church and vote for a pro-abortion candidate. Professor Kmiec stated that President Obama would decrease abortions by implementing social programs that would reduce poverty and therefore reduce the need for a woman to have an abortion. Four years later, we should look at statistics to determine if the polices that the President implemented have, in fact decreased the incidence of abortion in our country. The problem is; we can’t. There are no national or statewide abortion statistics after Obama became president, even though the CDC, a governmental agency that focuses on public health, has compiled abortion data since 1969. Without figures, we can only rely on what has transpired in the last four years to
    determine if abortion is decreasing. In regard to the assertion that President Obama would decrease poverty and therefore reduce abortions, poverty is at the highest level in 20 years. Throughout his presidency, President Obama has demonstrated his unequivocal support of abortion by legislation,appointments, affiliations and mandates. Since 2008, two new abortion clinics have opened in Albuquerque alone, adding to an already thriving Planned Parenthood. One is over booking daily and the other has hired two abortionists from Tiller’s clinic in Kansas making Albuquerque New Mexico the new late term abortion center.No, there is nothing to support the claim that abortion will ever decrease under the leadership of President Obama.

    I find these new statistics in congruent with what we are experiencing, most certainly in Albuquerque New Mexico.

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