New pro-life short film offers unique view into the reality of abortion

“You have to do what’s best for you,” an interrogator says in a room that looks like a police station.

With this opening, viewers are in for a surprise in this new pro-life short film, “The Appointment – a mother’s choice,” both directed and partly produced by filmmaker Brandon Rice.

We see the prisoner, bound in cuffs, behind the screen, but the interrogator says, “What’s in that room is irrelevant… The only significance he has is what you decide to give him.”

The words sound like a pro-abortion argument, but the film uses a twist that will cause viewers to see abortion in a new light. When it comes to controversial issues, it is often difficult to say something new which keeps people from tuning out. That’s the power of this film; it makes people look at abortion differently. And that was the goal.

Behind the scenes with the cast and crew of "The Appointment."
Behind the scenes with the cast and crew of “The Appointment.”

Rice says he purposely did not make the film either blatantly pro-life or overtly Christian. He says that by not having these overt overtones, the film becomes more accessible to all people, not just the usual pro-life Christian viewers, so they wouldn’t be instantly turned off by a label they might not desire. He says:

“If people without a religious faith see it, it may cause them to think and choose life anyway.”

The ending is powerful and shines light on the real “choice” of abortion a subtle but powerful way. This is what Rice and the filmmakers with this project, which he says he didn’t want to be an “in your face” message movie.

Rice’s vision for the film came about when he was sitting in church on Memorial Day. The pastor made a comment about having a moment of silence for everyone who had died in war, and how it would take years of silence to do that. “It was a crazy amount of time,” he noted. But what the pastor said next moved him more. He said that if you had to have a moment of silence for every aborted child, then it would have to be, as Rice puts it, “astronomically” more time than for the soldiers that had been killed. “I was just like blown away by that; it just hit me really hard.” Later that day, he told his wife he really wanted to do something to highlight the problem of abortion. He says:

“I just don’t see how you could ever even consider it. And I hope that there are more children in the world because of this movie, Even if it’s just one child.

“We’re getting up in arms about all these other… social issues and every single day every single day this is happening and it’s kind of been put to the side a little bit I think. It’s funny because we care more about animals being put down and shelters them we do about babies. We should have adoption drives for babies not animals.”

Behind the scenes filming in Southern California of the short film, "The Appointment."
Behind the scenes filming in Southern California of the short film, “The Appointment.”

His passion for the subject was matched by his filmmaking friends. Matt Green and Anthony Tyler Quinn had already written a script for the short film; Rice loved it and asked to direct it. Rice feels short films are “a good way to communicate something to someone in a short chunk.”

The group ran an immensely successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the film. They’re not charging for the film because they think it’s important for people to see. Rice says:

“At the end of the day, all the main crew members and the creators behind it, really the heart is to see this affect people’s lives to the point that they will make the choice to let their babies survive.

“When you have passion involved in something at that level, I just think it just shows on screen.”


He also sees the reality of his 3-year old daughter’s development: “I look at my daughter and I see how she has developed from this infant, even before she was an infant when she was still developing in pregnancy… Not being able to do anything, and now she’s three and she can’t stop talking. “

  • Jessica

    Love this! Well done and keep up the good work!!

  • LoveTheLeast8

    That was great. This would be good for young people to see and discuss in class, youth group, etc.

  • JDC

    It was a very well done film. I like how it showed that abortion involves not one, but two people. Also, it made it’s point in a very short amount of time and therefore avoided losing the interest of the audience.

    • some1

      which really a lot of people also forget it involves, 3 people…(not all the time unfortunately) but so often the father is overlooked as well… my aunt runs a pregnancy crisis center. a lot of hurt fathers that partners in the past got abortions with out telling them and it still hurts them…

  • MamaBear

    If someone were to use that kind of pressure and manipulation with any other medical condition, we would be horrified. Yet, this movie uses all the same things we hear from “pro-choice” people, that pregnant women with difficult circumstances so often hear from so many directions in today’s society.

    • Dvina

      Pregnancy is not a pathology.

  • diamondinruff

    The most powerful video I have seen to date. WOW. Felt like i’ve been punched in the chest — and that’s a good thing.

  • Tunachan

    I have a question about that “more unborn children were aborted then soldiers killed” thing. And just where would all those kids be now? Who would feed that many people, who could give them homes, jobs, everything? The good Lord? Because interestingly, when all those lovely babes grow up, no one seems to care about their fate anymore! But until they are born, until they are practically non-existing as human beings, everybody is concerned about them, of course. Are you gonna raise that child? No? Then don’t tell people to have them even if they know, that’s not the responsible thing to do, even if they don’t want a 4th kid, even if they wouldn’t be able to take good care of their children. Don’t you think their parents had very good reasons not to have those babies? You think people just prance into abortion clinics for fun? Also as long as we already struggle with providing for the people of Earth, why would we need more of us? (I just can’t get these people, the seem to have no reasons, only feelings. Very dangerous for making decisions.)

    • Barb Spencer

      “If the unborn is not a human person, no justification for abortion is necessary. However, if the unborn is a human person, no justification for abortion is adequate.” – Gregory Koukl

    • jassygrl2314

      It’s Called contraception. Why do people forget there are ways to prevent pregnancy. What is irresponsible is not using contraception, having the child is not irresponsible. Which shows how your mind set is. You would much prefer to blame a child who didn’t ask to be in this world when you couldv’e put a condom on and prevented an abortion. The fact that there are tons of contraceptions out there including free ones in free clinics makes the woman and man irresponsible for their reckless action because they could care less to abort. Unless you have been religiously taking them and you still get pregnant, have a medical need for it, or raped there is no justifiable excuse for an abortion. We aren’t in medieval times where there was no reliable contraception, which is why your point is invalid. Abortion shouldn’t be seen as a last resort, contraception should be.

      • How about abstinence instead of contraception?

        • Michelle

          Amen Margo!!! And as far as “unwanted” babies as someone earlier posted about, there is no such thing…EVERY baby is wanted and loved by SOMEONE. If someone doesn’t want their baby, don’t use the lame excuse that he or she is just a “blob of cells” and it’s okay to get rid of them… They are ALIVE. Instead, have them and give them to me. I will love them in your place. Plenty of people will.

    • vyrys

      Why is it our responsibility to justify the decisions of others? I have a crazy idea. How about the people take responsibility for their actions and raise the child themselves. I think it is bad form to suggest that people can’t control themselves. “We couldn’t control ourselves, now these evil Christians won’t raise our child for us!”

    • Linda Byrne Horn

      these millions of aborted beings would now be grown and part of our society. Probably be parents and even grandparents by now. They’d have jobs, buying goods and services, supporting businesses that you might own and they’d be paying taxes and social security….social security that would be (now or later) supporting you in your old age. Now there is a disproportionately small number of young people paying for Medicare etc. of a very disproportionately large number of seniors. You are just now beginning to see the surge of baby boomers entering retirement and they haven’t saved enough. You probably haven’t saved enough either and need to be worried about who will pay for you and your generation. The babies died every year that would have been welcome in our society. Sad.

      • Tunachan

        I’m 25. Did you see any poor people in your life? Because that’s what I was talking about. Most of those unwanted babies would be poor today, that’s the problem for me. Or homeless. Or hookers, whatever, but usually there is a good reason why people don’t want those babies. And it’s their choice, nobody else’s.

  • Carol

    Awesome video!

  • Diane VanHandel

    Wow! Well done!

  • Mary Lindberg Polanec

    Gave me goosebumps! Beautifully done!

  • Jan

    Wow!! Great message, great work!

  • Basset_Hound

    Powerful and well done.

  • Debbie Nieport

    I work for a pro-life pregnancy medical center- this is powerful…plan to share it with our staff.