New reality series exposes the truth about post-abortion syndrome

There’s a new trend among abortion proponents – convince the world that abortion is not shameful. Convince post-abortive women that any guilt they may feel is unfounded. Convince post-abortive women who have kept their abortion a secret that they should shout about it from the rooftops with pride. The Democratic Party line that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare” backfired. That word – rare – points out that there actually is something wrong with abortion, because nothing that is good and beautiful should ever be rare. Now abortion proponents are trying to counteract that party line by claiming that abortion is nothing to feel guilty about, and certainly nothing to keep “rare.”

Now, a new reality series exposes the truth: that post-abortive women often do feel shame, guilt, and remorse over their decision to abort their children. Sometimes the pain comes immediately, and sometimes it surfaces many years later. The show, “Surrender the Secret,” follows five women on their journey together to post-abortion healing and self-forgiveness. Emmy Award-winning producer Cecil Stokes (October Baby) is involved in the project and had this to say:

Following the success of the feature film October Baby, my eyes were opened to the multitude of women around the country who had buried the secret of abortion deep inside. Audiences flocked to us wanting to share their stories, many for the first time. These women needed a voice and Surrender the Secret gives them that voice.

The show provides powerful testimony to the long-term emotional effects of abortion. The heartbreaking stories will transform you, whether you have a personal experience with abortion or not. “Surrender the Secret” shines a bright light on the lies of abortion, as Kelly, a post-abortive women proves:

The lie [is] that it’s just a procedure …  A Band-Aid and you’re good. And that is not the case. This goes much deeper than a doctor’s visit.

Continuing the lie that abortion is no big deal keeps women locked in their emotions, unable to move on and forgive themselves. Telling women to be proud of something that they truly regret, something that deeply wounded them, only perpetuates their pain. Once again, their raw feelings of failure, like those they felt when they sought the abortion, are being brought to the surface.

Women are just as much victims of abortion as their babies are. As Jill, the group leader, explains:

When people say, ‘it’s not a big deal,’ you want to talk about a lie from the pit of hell? It’s a huge deal. One point five million babies, and it’s not just the babies that are the victims – that’s 1.5 million women every year that walk out of a clinic never to be the same.

Post-abortive women do need to talk about their choice. However, they don’t need to be and shouldn’t pretend to be proud of it. What they need is understanding and acceptance, as well as the ability to heal and forgive themselves. “Surrender the Secret” is a step in that direction for America.

The powerful ten-episode series is set to premiere on KnockTV on January 22, 2013, the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. KnockTV is a Christian internet television network, which will make “Surrender the Secret” available on computers, mobile and handheld devices, and on-demand. You can get a sneak preview of the series by visiting

  • Basset_Hound

    This is a good start. The way we start winning back the country is to engage the culture, and demonstrate how pro-life and conservative principles play out in day to day life. I hope someone picks up on this and expands this outside the Christian “bubble”.

  • OH Please

    No one is an abortion proponent. This is why the GOP lost, bizarre accusations. We just don’t want women dying, like they did before Roe vs Wade, due to sham artists who terminated pregnancies or back room abortions. You are way to young to know anything about that.

    • kgarman

      I’m sorry but you don’t know what you are talking about. There is a movement of women who are screaming that they love abortion. Google It. Also , abortion still kills women. Google that too.oh and lets not forget the over 54 million babies that have been slaughtered.

      • Marlowe53

        There are millions of women who have had abortions and are not screaming anything because they are unique individuals who made their decision based on a unique set of circumstances. Stop telling women that they are sinners and murderers, particularly since neither pov is supported by the Bible, and you won’t have women who feel the need to say that they love abortion when, in fact, they love their bodily integrity.

      • Maybe you should have tried reading some of the articles instead of just the headlines.

        Also, why should we not forget something that did not happen? A fetus is not a baby. It is a potential baby. If you’re so concerned, why not go adopt a 6 week old fetus? You can take it home and….oh, wait, you can’t, because it’s not actually a person yet, it’s still a part of the mother. Oops, your bad.

      • Moi

        you are off your medication if you are hearing voices screaming abortion in your head.. shut off the computer and go refill your meds
        If you want to GOOGLE something how about the difference between a baby and a group of cells that can’t live outside the body, it’s called A FETUS not a BABY,,, why don’t you promote thought and science? oh maybe because then everything you think you know would turn out to be wrong and hateful and well. just plain IDIOCY.

      • thousands of women have died because of back alley abortions before abortion was legal. is that what u wanna go back 2? are u financially able to care for unwanted children?

    • Nancy

      Thanks for the compliment on my youthful looks. But if you follow the links, you will see that there are people who literally “love” abortion. And women are still dying today from abortion.

      • Marlowe53

        Childbirth is much more dangerous than a legal abortion. Half-truths are no different than lies.

      • John

        If you’re take-away from that link is nothing but “There are people who literally love abortion” then I’m under the impression that it is you who has not read the article at the link. Your choosing not to take the nuance and context into account does not negate the nuance and context. You’re twisting and selectively omitting the author’s words. Nice try.

      • Moi

        Nancy I wish you were smart enough to research the fact liveactionnews is none of those… but then you probably still watch FOX which should be labelled’ for entertainment purposes only because we wouldn’t know the truth if it crapped in our lap”

      • u seem to have left out the fact that there are more women that die from giving birth than there are from abortion.

  • If you do some real research you will discover some places in the world dont even allow abortions as an alternative because, often a woman will choose their babies life over her own…yes woman do still die even having a supposely safe abortion, in this country. For the ones that choose an abortion over using birth control, you are just ignorant…someday you will better understand how immature and irresponsible you really were.

    • Marlowe53

      How wonderful for you that you are perfect! It must make life so peaceful. I do wonder why that perfection has not led to the willingness to extend grace to others who are not perfect but, since I’m not perfect, I’ll never know..

  • Christine N.

    My mother in law had an abortion before she had any of her four children (and one miscarriage). It haunted her for the rest of her life. That “baby” would be about 38 today. I wonder about my missing in law often.

    • Marlowe53

      How about being grateful that your mother-in-law was able to continue her life and create a family?

  • This ought to be a really interesting series.

    I do have a quibble with the term “post-abortion syndrome,” though not the fact that many women who have had abortions suffer emotionally afterwards. I think we should focus on the fact that abortion can trigger depression and PTSD instead of giving it its own syndrome, which sounds like we’re trying to “make up” a new psychological condition instead of pointing out that abortion can cause psychological conditions established in the medical world.

  • I’ve led abortion recovery groups for nearly 20 years and have seen great success in many women coming to know the love of God through His Word. They are finally able to forgive themselves, receive God’s forgiveness, forgive others, grieve the loss of their children and move forward into God’s grace and His future for their lives! For help where you live, see There IS hope and healing! I KNOW!

  • Anonymous

    Why do pro lifers always have to attach God to it? Being pro life and being religious aren’t mutually exclusive. It almost makes you wonder if there are any pro lifers that aren’t religious. Even if there was, it’s somewhat alienating to those who choose not to believe but are also pro life.

    • Basset_Hound

      Nat Hentoff founded the Village Voice. He’s a leftist, and atheist and a member of the ACLU. However he considers abortion to be the ultimate violation of human rights and has written many articles to argue that point.

      S.E. Cupp is a conservative columnist. She is also an atheist AND is pro-life. In fact, last spring she was the subject of a grotesque caricature in Hustler magazine because of her stand.

      • Moi

        funny how most anti-choice people have penises and therefore WOULD NEVER HAVE TO MAKE THAT CHOICE OR LIVE WITH GIVING BIRTH Tell me has Nat done his part to combat abortion by getting a vasectomy?

  • bubblegummine

    This show seeks to shame women. What a horrible, ungodly thing to do.

  • Who, exactly, has EVER claimed that abortion is no big deal? No one, that’s who. Who, exactly, has ever been “proud” of having one? Again, the answer is no one.
    Refusing to hang your head in shame for making a very difficult decision is not the same as pride. Perhaps you should invest in a dictionary.

    Are you even remotely aware that there are abortions performed for the life/safety of the mother? Go look up the recent case in Ireland of the pregnant Indian woman denied an abortion while she was in the middle of a miscarriage, and subsequently died. Then go do a little more research into the history of abortion, and the horror that women went through as well as their reasons for doing so, before you attempt impose your misguided “morality” on others.

    Until you actually educate yourself on facts rather than manufactured rhetoric and talking points, just keep your mouth shut, because you obviously have not the first clue what you are babbling about.

    One more thing…while your doing that research, go look up the difference between a “fetus” and “baby”, because they are not even close to the same thing.

  • Moi

    Wow way to be a woman-hating-woman… let’s shame five women in a 10 part series for making a difficult but probably CORRECT decision.. why don’t you go focus on “mothers of CF babies that wish thy had aborted them?” but wouldn’t want to touch something so close to home and a reality would we?

  • Vulpix

    How about a series following the lives of young mothers who felt they had no choice but to go through with pregnancy. She had her whole life ahead of her, hadn’t even finished college and now she has a screaming baby being brought up in a loveless and torn home. The “father” had no interest and refused to be apart of her life. And her parents…well they pretend to be ok with everything but she feels they’re not the same people she knew her whole life. They’ve distanced themselves in a way. So here she is, in a tiny 1-bedroom council flat, living off welfare. Sure she loves her baby, she is a mother after all but in the back of her mind she’s always thinking about the life that she could have had…all the things she had planned to do… and this in time, perhaps when the baby grows up, will come back to her and bring a sadness that you can’t imagine.

    • Tell me, would the set of circumstances and sadness you’ve laid out justify a mother in killing her three-month-old to escape them?

    • Especially if she sees one of those posters in New York that show the kid yelling at his mother because she was a single teen mother and that’s why he/she is less likely to graduate from high school.

  • vulpix

    “because nothing that is good and beautiful should ever be rare”

    A total eclipse of the sun is rare AND it’s also beautiful and I don’t know what you define as “good” and what should or shouldn’t be rare…I don’t think rarity is for us to decide but it’s very weird to use that as an argument. Plenty of the wonders of the world are good, beautiful and rare and I like them that way…that’s why they’re wonderful.

    I’m not saying abortion is beautiful…or “good” in the true sense of the word but it is the best option sometimes. But I digress…

  • If men were the ones to get pregnant, there would be morning after pill vending machines on every street corner and abortion rates would skyrocket.

  • I had an abortion and felt neither proud nor ashamed. It was something I needed to do and am glad that I was able to obtain a safe and legal one.