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New study further proves the inherent humanity of the unborn

Abortion advocates have a big problem with pro-lifers describing the personhood of the unborn. Telling pregnant women about the inherent humanity of the children in their wombs can cause big problems for the abortion industry, so naturally, it’s important to keep the truth about unborn babies quiet.

Unborn child, 20 weeks gestation

Science, unfortunately, just won’t cooperate with the pro-aborts, and a new study has been released which further proves the inherent humanity of the unborn. This study has found that babies begin learning language in the womb, showing that these are human beings who are not only growing, but thinking and learning as well.

From their very first days, newborns’ cries already bear the mark of the language their parents speak, reveals a new study published online in Current Biology. The findings suggest that infants begin picking up elements of what will be their first language in the womb, and certainly long before their first babble or coo.

“The dramatic finding of this study is that not only are human neonates capable of producing different cry melodies, but they prefer to produce those melody patterns that are typical for the ambient language they have heard during their fetal life, within the last trimester of gestation,” said Kathleen Wermke of the University of Würzburg in Germany. “Contrary to orthodox interpretations, these data support the importance of human infants’ crying for seeding language development.”

… Wermke’s team recorded and analyzed the cries of 60 healthy newborns, 30 born into French-speaking families and 30 born into German-speaking families, when they were three to five days old. That analysis revealed clear differences in the shape of the newborns’ cry melodies, based on their mother tongue.

Specifically, French newborns tend to cry with a rising melody contour, whereas German newborns seem to prefer a falling melody contour in their crying. Those patterns are consistent with characteristic differences between the two languages, Wermke said.

Knowing that unborn babies are not only growing in the womb, but thinking and learning as well, shows that these aren’t just blobs of tissue. It shows that they are humans long before they are actually born. And while pro-aborts continuously seek to dehumanize these babies, the real science shows the truth.

  • Wow, I am glad I ran across this article. My family participates in a Right to Life oratory competition every year and this material might help some of my younger siblings.

  • Jenny S

    Not surprising at all considering, I believe, the spinal chord, base of the brain, and major parts of the nervous system are developed before 8 weeks! These are major components of being able to perceive things around us and then interpret the meaning of what’s perceived. It’s fetal development 101. You know, the part that most pro aborts skip over.

  • Joanne13

    Fascinating! Not that I need ANY convincing… I’m a staunch pro-life supporter. But just the same when ever science makes a new ‘discovery’ (however it’s no discovery to our creator) it not only supports what we already know but makes a stronger argument AGAINST those who want to treat the unborn as if they are nothing more than a nuisance or potential commodity (as they sadly are in many ways). Everyone who reads this needs to RE-post it on Facebook (public) and where ever else they can get it out! Thanks Cassy for updating we Pro-Life truthers and giving us yet even MORE to (hopefully) use to open the calloused eyes (and hearts) of those who prefer to murder our unborn.

  • Wow. Thank you so much for posting this. I am always fascinated to learn about prenatal development. This link has a good timeline of development:

    Development of the Unborn