This baby should be taken to a safe place - a hospital, health care facility, fire station, or police station - if his mother is unable to care for him.

Newborn who came back to life in mother’s arms gives hope to “futile” cases

A premature newborn in Australia, born along with his twin sister at just 27 weeks’ gestation and weighing in at only two pounds, was pronounced dead by his physician after medical staff tried for twenty minutes to revive him. Jamie Ogg, now a little over three years old, is alive today only because of the undying love and affection of his mother.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, when Jamie was pronounced dead, the doctor handed him to his mother, Kate, so that she could say goodbye to her son. Kate took Jamie into her arms and tearfully caressed her tiny son.

She and her husband spoke to him, telling him what his name was, and that he had a sister. She told him the things that she had wanted to do with him throughout his life. Kate held Jamie on her chest, skin-to-skin, and occasionally he would gasp – a reflex the doctor said was normal after death.

But Kate held on to Jamie for two hours, cradling and talking to him, and slowly she witnessed him beginning to show signs of life.

Jamie’s parents Kate and David Ogg embrace their newborn, pronounced dead by his physician shortly before.

Jamie began gasping for air more frequently, and then Kate gave him a little breast milk on her finger. The baby took the milk, and then he opened his eyes. Her stupefied doctor stood next to the bed, astonished and in disbelief. It was a miracle, and it has been wholly attributed to the faithfulness of a loving mother who, although there was no reason to believe that her son would come back to life, still showed him all of the love she had within her.

Kate Ogg, Jamie’s mother, smiles as she cradles her live baby after bringing him back to life with skin-to-skin contact and plenty of maternal affection.

Jamie was fortunate to have a mother like Kate, who did not give up on him even when his survival was pronounced futile by his physician. Unfortunately, many pre-born children, who are diagnosed (sometimes inaccurately) in utero with any range of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, are not given the chance to fight for life in the loving care of their parents. Instead, they are aborted.

If we spread the word about miracles like the life of little Jamie, perhaps more parents will be encouraged to give their little ones a chance at survival and a long, healthy life.

  • Rev Michael

    What an amazing story, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Gloriart

    This story is amazing and inspiring! Thanks Lauren.

  • disqus_HnxqcZnJeM

    this is a story to share, to tell and retell to the world

  • Anonymous

    I love this! Let’s give credit where it’s due — all things are possible with God.

  • Juda Myers

    Thank you for sharing this story. I know there are many more that are never heard but should be. I hate the attitude so many drs have towards life and death. They give up so quickly.

  • Susana

    I remember when this happened 3 years ago. I had newborn twins as well! What a beautiful story and what awesome faith!

  • Rene

    Thanks for sharing this amazing story. As a Father of three daughters, I feel blessed. Love is the answer to our problems and our existence in this world. Rene

  • mackenzie houle

    that is amazing thanks so much for allowing all of us to hear about your amazing story

  • BobbyWong

    Lauren, your recent article about the Chinese baby flushed down the toilet is full of erros. That story had nothing to do with abortion or China’s population management policy:

    – The baby was a boy

    – The young woman was a poor migrant worker, not married and had no other child

    – The waman was at the squatting toilet when her water broke

    – The baby came out at the toilet and accidentally slipped down the pipe

    – The mother was the one who called police and waited around for two hours, inspite of postpartum condition

    – As consquence, there was no criminal charge

    Get your facts straight. When you blatantly misrepresent, you are doing your cause a huge disservice. Your God did not say “thou shalt not bear false witness, except against the Chinese.”

  • Demi

    I call this “The power and compassion of God”

  • nitwit

    this is a beautiful story about a mother and a pre-mature baby who survived… to even insinuate that babies with chromosomal defects should be given a chance at life because this one survived is… well… you clearly don’t think logically. you just used the Ogg family’s story to promote your own agenda even though they are not an example of what you wish to promote… sigh