Most women do not "love abortion."

Not in Her Shoes: A new attempt at an old lie

A new Tumblr page, sponsored by the National Women’s Law Center in solidarity with Planned Parenthood’s new ad campaign, “Not in Her Shoes,” provides an eye-opening glimpse into the thought processes of the pro-abortion women who have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the propaganda of Margaret Sanger’s progeny, Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby.

The Tumblr page is part of a move to redefine the way that abortion is discussed, and to broadcast reasons why some women don’t want their “reproductive rights” interfered with. The truth, which the abortion lobby is well aware of, is that discussing what “reproductive rights” really means and really looks like and really leads to is not good for business.


The page features pictures that women submit of their own shoes, often accompanied by telling captions. A few repeated points deserve attention. This may be a new campaign, but the old lies have not gone anywhere:

  • They all use similar taglines: “It’s my body!” “No one can understand what a difficult decision it is but me.” “Stay out of my uterus!” (That last one is ironic: it’s also exactly what abortion says to the pre-born.) And so on and so forth.

The pro-abortion lobby hasn’t been very creative over the years. Maybe that’s why abortion leaders are concerned about the conviction of the next generation of pro-abortion activists. If Planned Parenthood cared about a woman’s body, maybe they would be more loath to perforate or kill it. Maybe they would be more willing to provide alternatives. But women’s health is not really what Planned Parenthood is about.

  • They are not happier as a result of abortion. Their abortions, they admit, are something they think about every day. Abortion, they believe, is the “only” reason why they had a chance at a future.

These women are the victims of lies. Did anyone tell them that they would have a productive future and that it would be free of the guilt that comes along with killing a child if they considered adoption? Doubtful. Did anyone tell them ahead of time about the psychological pain they might experience for years to come as a result of their abortions? Probably not.

  • They have all been led to believe that the Pro-Life movement is something that it’s not. Almost all of the references to the Pro-Life movement interpret it as a threat to women’s independence, a step backwards in civilization, or government intrusion into their private lives.

First, it is the abortion mentality which hampers a woman’s independence by making her feel that something is wrong with her body’s natural reproductive functions. If “reproductive freedom” is so important to the abortion movement, why is reproduction such a problem? Don’t call it independence when a woman is left on her own, feeling that her body is broken because it did something natural and life-giving. Don’t call it independence when she is not given the options, but rather is made to feel as if she will be less of a woman because she doesn’t acknowledge murder as an option. The pro-life movement tries to liberate her in the truest sense: by acknowledging her need for support and by affirming that her reproductive functions are fundamentally good.

Secondly, the abortion mentality would have women think that working against abortion is a step backwards in civilization. For abortion supporters, Roe v. Wade’s legalization of reaching into a womb and ripping out a child piece by piece is progress. They get away with this argument because they leave the child out of the equation and propagate the lie that a woman, by having the life within her torn out, is supposedly a more civilized human. This is the antithesis of progress.

Finally, there are some who protest that legislation limiting abortion is government intrusion into a woman’s private life. This claim is perhaps the most baseless. Anti-abortion laws have nothing to do with government curtailing a woman’s freedom: they have everything to do with protecting the life that is left out of the equation by the abortion lobby (the pre-born child) and protecting women from the dangers of abortion. Informed consent laws, sonogram laws, and laws to limit the availability of abortion all have the goal of empowering women to do what is really best for themselves and their children.

Planned Parenthood’s new campaign isn’t saying anything new; it’s an attempt to repackage the same old boring lies.

  • taviliz

    Excellent article Lauren:) You bring up amazing points! So many Pro-aborts act like “well if we eliminate abortions, then women might as well go back to wearing skirts that drag on the floor, wearing our hair in bonnets (nothing wrong w/ bonnets ;]), quit our jobs and go back to being homemakers and lose our personalities!” It makes me so mad, because women had rights before abortion was legalized, and pro-aborts act like abortion is the only womens right there is, and if we have that we have nothing…UGH!! anyways, keep up the good work and God bless ^_^ btw I frikken love Live Action you guys are the best lol

  • taviliz

    *if we don”t have that* lolz

  • “They have all been led to believe that the Pro-Life movement is something that it’s not.”

    That’s quite ironic, coming from a writer that would lead her readers to believe that the pro-choice raison d’être is simply a tragic misunderstanding of fertility. That’s an awfully glib denigration of women who aren’t ready or capable, or have a delinquent partner or no partner, or have a family they’re devoted to but whose size they’re eager to maintain.

    Likewise, there is no monolithic “abortion mentality” as you’d suggest. Just the opposite, being pro-choice is a recognition that womens’ lives play out in multifarious ways, that it’s a pluralistic society, and that the policy prescription that suits our diverse culture is one that allows personal decisions. Criminalization only satisfies a narrow anti-abortion “mentality”.

    • Anonymous

      Ready for or capable of what? If you’re not ready for a child, or capable of raising one, there are options that don’t involve ripping a child to pieces.

    • Calvin Freiburger

      “would lead her readers to believe that the pro-choice raison d’être is simply a tragic misunderstanding of fertility.”

      None of us think that’s the sole factor. It’s simply the most charitable, giving people who the benefit of the doubt that they’re not knowing, willful murderers.

      As for the rest, let’s see:

      – Life is complicated, therefore you should let me kill my son or daughter.
      – Society is pluralistic, therefore you should let me kill my son or daughter.
      – My decision to end the life of another human being fits the definition of “personal.”

      Really? The pro-choice position logically follows from any of that? Not even a little embarrassed to have such abysmal reasoning show up under your name?

  • Kauffman

    Very good article, Lauren. The third to last paragraph is especially insightful in how you relate legalized abortion to the opposite of progress. I think you’re right to defend civility in that way, because civilized culture when it’d done right should reflect the Creator’s laws.

    So, thank you for writing.