Nurse quits abortion industry after baby born alive is left to die

M. Goldstein worked in a hospital that performed abortions. After 30 years, she’s come forward with her story.

According to Goldstein:

My husband was a resident at a hospital and I just got “the job of my dreams” at a nearby Oakland hospital.  I was very much a believer in the abortion issue and now I felt I was going to be part of it.

I got hired as a charge nurse at this clinic that did late term abortions.  I spent about 30 days on the day shift getting familiar with everything.  I would witness and assist the doctor in the actual procedure, injection of drugs to the fetus, the seaweed, etc.  On the day shift I really never saw the actual start of the contractions or the termination process.  I was uncomfortable, but I really thought to myself, this was something new and I needed to get more experience.

In these abortions, the woman was dilated with laminaria, which are sticks made of seaweed that are placed in the woman’s cervix. These sticks slowly absorb fluid and dilate the cervix; they can be kept in overnight or longer. Drugs were injected into the baby to kill him or her on the first day the procedure. Late-term abortions are often performed in a similar way today.

Goldstein was insulated from some of the horror of these abortion procedures. She did not actually witness the dead baby or the pain of the women going through contractions.

Goldstein would later be promoted to a position where she would deal with the actual aborted babies. Other clinic workers have talked about how they were eased into the more difficult parts of their jobs in a similar way. They were started off doing things that were less emotionally difficult, such as record-keeping, receptionist duties or taking blood pressure, then gradually given more responsibilities until they were handling body parts or assisting in late-term abortions.  By that time, they are “in too deep” and committed to their jobs. It is a way that some abortion clinics have been known to manipulate their workers.

Whether or not this was the case with Goldstein, she would have a life-changing experience working with one late-term abortion:

One evening a young girl was having a very difficult time.  I was there with the doctor.  I knew even though the doctor wrote this patient was 15 weeks, she was close to 30 weeks.  This happened quite a bit, but no one ever said anything.

Other abortion providers, such as Carol Everett and Kathy Sparks, have spoken about their clinics doing abortions further along than was legally allowed, and trying to hide that fact. Kathy Sparks’ clinic disposed of illegally aborted late term abortions down the toilet.

Goldstein says:

When she delivered this tiny baby (it looked full term to me) she was actually alive and crying.  The doctor said to me, “Put it in the room and close the door.  Do not enter til the morning shift.”  I immediately took the crying baby and wrapped it up and laid it in a room.  I then immediately started calling hospitals around (against the doctor’s wishes) to find someone that would take it.  None around would take it cause they said it was not viable.  I spent many hours trying.  I just wanted to leave this place, but I knew I could not walk out and leave other patients without a charge nurse.  Til this day I hear this crying infant in my head.

Despite her desperate efforts to get medical help for the child, the baby girl died. Goldstein quit her job, no longer an abortion supporter.

She says:

I wish others that promote abortion, especially late term would experience what I did.  The next day, I terminated my employment immediately and landed a job in a pediatric unit at another hospital.

This experience would change Goldstein’s life in another way when, several years later, she experienced a difficult pregnancy of her own.

After a few years I got pregnant and went into labor at 20 weeks.  The doctors wanted me to terminate immediately due to my health. They stated that this baby would not be normal and I should try again.  I refused and was in the hospital, then was at home on complete bedrest.  I was not allowed to be alone..  I finally spiked a very high fever and was rushed into the hospital.  I was quite early still.. He was suppose to be born in November, I had him in July. –  a 2 pound 10 ounce little boy.  This was 30 years ago.  I was told that he was quite small and it would be touch and go to see what would happen. They also told me, “Do not expect too much. ”  He was in the ISU for preemies for sometime.  He fought all the way and was perfectly normal.  Today my son is a healthy young man.  He is working on his 2nd Masters (MBA) and has a full time job.  He is aware that he is lucky to be alive, cause if I did not have the experience I did early on, he would not be here today.

Goldstein showed great courage in fighting for that little girl’s life 30 years ago. She also showed great courage fighting for her own son’s life. And, finally, she has shown great courage in sharing her story. As more clinic workers leave the abortion business and courageously step forward to tell their stories, more and more people who are uninformed about abortion are hearing the truth. We can hope that those who have been ambivalent or uncertain about abortion will be swayed when they learn what abortion is really like, coming straight from “the horse’s mouth”: those who experienced performing these abortions first hand.

Live Action‘s Inhuman investigation shows the willingness of abortionists to not only kill preborn children in violent, late-term abortion procedures. The expose highlights Planned Parenthood’s refusal to answer what abortionists do to children born alive as a result of a botched abortion.

  • MamaBear

    I think the only way some people will understand is if they hear it from people like Mrs. Goldstein. The rest of us are often blown off as unscientific (by people who don’t know the difference between a fetus and a parasite) or even as religious (as if when religion and science happen to agree it negates the science). God bless her and may more like her come forward to tell people the truth.

    • Chandler Klebs

      That is exactly what happens to me. I mention abortion and then I am labeled as unscientific. I think that science only matters to people who are not murdered before they learn what it it.

  • Bubbalouwee

    I wonder if people in the USA will have a problem with DHS sending patriotic and pro lifers and Christians off to concentration camps in the USA for being charged as domestic terrorists because of their convictions. If people have no problem with turning little babies into chopped liver, I hardly think they will miss the aforementioned group of human beings. Jesus Christ is the answer to the global mess humanity finds itself in.

    • MamaBear

      Hope it never comes to that. I think we are still a long ways from anything like that. But, in Germany, they worked on attitudes towards Jews and Gypsies first, long before they put them in camps.

      • curtis ray

        My people (roma/sinti) were targeted along with Jews ect. as enemies of the state and therefore un fit . Denying them the rights of gun ownership, political stances and a voice in the Nazi driven administration. all this ,,years before they were targeted for death and internment. A dictatorship Always paves the way before dealing a major blow to its citizens they deem UN FIT to voice their views either political or religion based. sounds very familiar to present day attitudes of some current leaders.Im no conspiracy fanatic but I am very familiar with socialism /fascism, and where there’s smoke ………well…,
        Curtis Jeffery, (proud (Consv. American Romanichal ) Baton Rouge.

        • sarah5775

          socialism has become a dirty word to a lot of conservative s, but I’ve found that a lot of them actually do not know what its means and cannot name me a socialist country.

          • sarah5775

            “socialism” and “fascism” are two completely different things. In fact, you CAN’T have a country that has socialism and fascism a the same time.

    • sarah5775

      Do we live in the same country? The religious right has so much power that the major frontrunners of the Republican nominees for president were fundamentalist Christians. It’s not going to happen. Please stop drinking the kool aid.

      • Bubbalouwee

        I did not mention religion, you brought that up. I know Jesus Christ is the answer, and people that have a problem with Jesus have major problems, as Jesus is the source of love and He forgives everything, including the grave evil of destroying human life. Actually, I prefer water or Gatorade over kool aid. Oh, by the way, why did President Obama sign NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) two years so Americans can be detained without any legal representation or right to a trail or come before a judge in the so called war on terror? I am very terrorized by our government taking away our rights.

        • sarah5775

          Um, you said : Jesus Christ is the answer to the global mess humanity finds itself in.

          So um…yeah…you brought up religion. And Obama only updated the same legislation that was signed by George W. Bush. I don’t support it in either case, but I really don’t think Christians, who compose over 80% of the population (or even fundamentalist Christians, who are one in five americans) will ever be put in camps.

          • Bubbalouwee

            No, you keep bringing up religion. I brought up Jesus Christ. I believe the killing of human beings is about to increase at an alarming rate, including the use of nuclear weapons, but this will take place after Jesus Christ is removed from modern day society. God’s justice is amazing, and so is His mercy.

          • sarah5775

            Jesus Christ is a religious figure. Oh, what the heck. Why am I wasting my time? Forget it.

          • Bubbalouwee

            You seem to have difficulties understanding that when a large portion of society has no problem with turning babies into chopped liver, then where does the killing end? It continues to spread like deadly cancer, until the human person turns to the cure, Jesus Christ, who changes the human heart.

          • Chantelle Dauod

            No honey, as recorded by the witnesses who wrote the Gospels, Jesus was executed by request of the religious leaders called Pharisees. Jesus is God. The religious “figures” were the ones who demanded and accomplished his murder on the cross. The religious “figures ” were threatened by the things he did that couldn’t be explained other than Him being God. Look up the validity of the Bible and seek God in his word for yourself. By scholarly standards and meeting criteria for historical accuracy as a valid historical document, the Bible stands.

          • sarah5775

            Actually, Chantelle, I’ve read the bible. Cover to cover, in fact. I find it full of logical fallacies, internal contradictions (places where the bible says one thing in one place and a completely opposite thing in another ), and atrocities, not to mention many contradictions with modern science and what we know of archeology. Much of what we know of archaeology contradicts the bible= for one thing, we know that the Hebrews were never slaves in Egypt, we know that the bible gets key facts wrong, such as who was king at what point and the order of the kings there were. I also know quite a bit about when and how the bible was written. I know that the gospels were not written by the people they are attributed to and were really written 50-100 years later by people who were not eyewitness to the events, for example. Paul’s letters were the first things written, they do not even mention many of the later Christian doctrines or details of Jesus’ life. I could get into a much more lengthy discussion with you debunking the accuracy of the bible, but this isn’t really the place for that.

          • aine ni bhraoinain

            do you know much about what happens during an abortion!!! baby dies and mother is traumatised.

          • Jimmy

            The Bible was not meant to be a science book. The Bible was not meant to be a history book. It was not meant to be read like a newspaper or any other book. You should argue with Einstein who said “science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”. Faith and reason goes together, truth cannot contradict truth.

          • DianaG2

            Therefore, no need to go there, correct?

          • MamaBear

            Self proclaimed Christians are 79% according to Gallup. (Pew Forum says 78%) That includes the people baptized as babies who never enter a church again, and an interesting number of atheists and agnostics.
            People who say they actually attend a house of worship regularly (again self-defined) are 40%, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Moslems, every religion included. That was Gallup again.
            According to Harris polls, approximately half of self proclaimed Christians believe in the Virgin birth of Christ or that the Bible is either completely or mostly the Word of God. Both are key beliefs if someone in genuinely a Christian.
            A recent study by some sociologists put practicing Christians, defined as regularly participating in church two or more times a week at 17%.
            17% may be a bit much to put in camps, but like in China, they could certainly target leaders from a group that size.

      • MamaBear

        Mitt Romney is Latter Day Saint (Mormon) Many fundamentalist Christians do not even consider Mormons as fellow Christians.
        Paul Ryan is Roman Catholic. That is considered Christian, but most certainly not fundamentalist.
        If you are going to criticize candidates on their religious beliefs, at least get the facts straight.

        • sarah5775

          I wasn’t’ criticizing them. I was merely making an observation. No need to get snippy.

          • sarah5775

            And I was thinking of Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry and not to mention the vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. All fundamentalists. And Santorum may be a Catholic, but his beliefs on political and social issues line up very well with fundamentalism.

      • carrie

        I think everyone is missing the point here. This really doesn’t have much to do with Christianity, or Republicans (which are not synonymous by any stretch of the imagination). Everyone needs to face the facts: if it is wrong to kill or let a baby die outside of the womb, then it doesn’t make sense that it is okay to kill one inside of it.

        The abortion issue has to do with human rights, and what people believe about when someone becomes a human, not what they believe about Christianity. The reason why so many Christians are pro-life activists is that they believe a fetus is a human at conception, and therefore, abortion is murder. The question of abortion, then, is not who is going to win out: Christians or non-Christians. The argument should be between the people who believe a fetus is a human at conception, and the people who think that this is not the case.

        • sarah5775

          You are right. Hopefully we can move on. I’m sorry I got sucked into the discussion. Christians and nonchristians both know abortion is wrong for the same reasons- It kills babies (and wounds women) and we can definitely work together to stop it!

          • carrie

            When I read the comments later on, I saw that you did bring the discussion back to the point. I wasn’t specifically speaking to you–but everyone in the discussion. I just don’t like when people create enemies when they don’t have to.

  • MamaBear

    I truly hope we can move past both Christian bashing and preaching folks. The reason I quoted all those surveys was to show that real Christians cannot possibly be in a majority

    • sarah5775

      You’re right. It’s more productive to focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. Now that I’ve said my piece in response, (which in retrospect maybe I shouldn’t, but Disquis does not allow you to delete posts) I will let the matter drop. It is good that people of different backgrounds can work together to stop abortion.

      • MamaBear

        Thank you, because trust me, you do not want to get me started on theology, Christian history or especially archaeology. Because, you are a lot weaker than you think. First two because I have an expert with a degree in it only a call away and the last because I almost majored in it and still like to stay up on it, especially Israel/Middle East.

      • PJ4

        Yes, it’s important to band together

      • DianaG2

        I thought I had deleted several of my own posts? Maybe something changed?

    • Bubbalouwee

      Jesus Christ was brought before Pontius Pilate and Pilate questioned Jesus, do you not realize I have power to release you and power to have you crucified. And Jesus responded you would have no power over me unless given you from above. Jesus went on saying the reason I was born is to give witness to the truth, all who are on the side of truth hear my voice. Pontius Pilate responded what is truth? How many Pontius Pilates are there on the side of the culture of death? It takes prayer by followers of Jesus Christ to get souls on the side of the culture of death to convert to the pro life side. Look at Abbey Johnson, Norma McCorvey, and Carol Everett. It really takes perseverance in prayer because it is difficult to understand how grace works.

      • MamaBear

        Yes, I know. We need to pray. We need to be open about our faith. But, we need to work with others respectfully. Like when you are on the job, people can see you are different, you can share Jesus with coworkers as those doors open, but it isn’t the time to get up and preach.
        People of many backgrounds are here. Let us be light that draws, not come on so strong we scare them away. And you are right, let us pray and pray. “Pray without ceasing.”

        • sarah5775

          I just have a problem with people who pray and do nothing else. LIke people who are against abortion, but don’t’ want to dedicate the time or effort into trying to stop it, but instead say “I’m called to pray” and say a few prayers a day and feel like they’ve accomplished something, while the rest of us are out busting our tails and actually doing stuff. It is a way to convince yourself you are doing something useful when you (in my opinion) are doing nothing at all- a way not to feel guilty for your inaction. Prayer, all well and good. But balance it with action.

          • MamaBear

            Sarah, I too believe in action. Unfortunately, my health does not allow a lot of action.
            But, without prayer, I would not be here at all. You see, a couple of years ago I got a rare form of breast cancer called inflammatory – no lump and highly aggressive, not like other breast cancers. Within days, not only were friends and family praying, but they had their friends and family – all faiths. So many “coincidences,” timing of a routine appointment because without a lump I did not suspect cancer, my doctor sending me to a cancer center that does research in IBC (she just knew I needed better than small-town local and they were one of the closest).
            I have had a recurrence. It was caught and treated quickly, but it means I am stage 4. But for someone who had less than a 50/50 chance to start with….I’m not doing too bad.
            God even worked out reconstruction. Because of how drastic some of my treatments were, reconstruction options were very limited. A young surgeon who specializes in one of those recently joined them and I was able to have reconstruction in state.
            So, I believe in prayer. Don’t think I would even be here without it. I agree wholeheartedly, those who can should act. I do what I can for my local CPC and for now that will have to do. But, never blow off true prayer. I know would not be here without it.
            We must each do however much we can to help protect this precious gift of life we have been given. We each have differing gifts and callings, some to prevent abortions, some to help the mothers who chose life, some in other ways to serve in their communities – food banks, tutoring, so many things that affirm the values of life and help families so abortion is less a temptation. Some can do much, some because of jobs or small children or health can do less. Each is of value. Even prayer.

          • sarah5775

            I am very very happy you are ok and very sorry you went through what you did. I hope your health continues to hold steady. I know what its like to be sick- my RA causes me great suffering, even though its not a fatal illness it causes me a great deal of pain and tiredness.

            You are right about all doing what we can. Even occasionally posting a pro-life link on facebook will accomplish something

          • MamaBear

            Sorry about your RA. My anti-cancer meds affect my joints and causes fatigue, too, but I have to stay on them, so I totally get the pain. I’ve heard it is very similar. Try occasionally soaking in a warm bath with Epson salts. I’ve found it seems to help a little.
            But, hey, we are alive and kicking, and life is good.
            I hope you understand why I believe so much in the power of prayer.

          • Basset_Hound

            Simple stretches helps me sometimes .

          • sarah5775

            Thanks, I’m thinking of looking into what stretches and exercises are safe for people with arthritis. do you know where i could find out, BH?

          • Basset_Hound
          • PJ4

            You’ll also be surprised at how much nutrition plays a part in decreasing inflammation
            This book helped me become Psoriasis free
            It’s helped people with rheumatoid arthritis as well

          • MamaBear

            Sarah, a lady horse rancher recently recommended getting a lotion or cream with arnica for sore joints. I just got some to try. It didn’t cost much. You find it at places that sell homeopathic and natural medicines/vitamins or health food stores. She swears by it.
            RA is probably all over, like joint problems from my meds, but I’m trying it on my hands. I figure if it helps someone who trains horses, it has to do something.

          • DianaG2

            I don’t think it’s my job to decide what someone else should be doing. I have plenty of things I should or not be doing myself, so I focus on that.

        • Bubbalouwee

          This problem almost seems overwhelming to me, with a blatant disregard for truth. This article is regarding infanticide. I basically can only handle this website for short periods of time, because the overwhelming discouragement is heart wrenching.

          • MamaBear

            Abortion is evil. Ask God to show you a way you can help. And do not take the burden of this on yourself. We are not called to individually defeat the world’s evil, just to do what we are called to do. Like Corrie ten Boom could not hide every Jew in Holland from the Nazis, but she saved those she could. And keep praying.

  • Karen

    Sarah, thank you for your articles. I really appreciate how you use sizeable quotes from people who support(ed) abortion. They are always gut-wrenching to read, but they also give me hope that people can change and see how wrong abortion is, even people who have been involved in providing abortions.

  • u_go_guys

    Why did she not take the child and walk out with her? In that case, she deserves to feel guilty and have nightmares! Poor her.

  • mark abrams

    How do we know that no Hebrews were ever slaves in egypt?

  • Elizabeth Neely

    unless you are baptized by the Holy spirit you will never understand the Bible. Jesus is the Word made flesh, he is the light of the world. Worship him.

  • wellswmn97

    I would have walked out the door with the baby girl and never looked back. 30 weeks, not viable?

    • Katie Jones

      Not viable because she was born in an abortion clinic. I don’t understand how people can just turn the other way with from this. So sick.

  • Christopher Marsh

    Sweden was. Some dangerous regime that was. Kill us all with IKEA and Volvos.

  • Christopher Marsh

    Killing the baby is the point right?

  • Aarika

    Murder. These people should be charged with murder and have their asses thrown in jail.

  • Sarah Rose Miller

    Hey Sarah, I do not know if you would be interested, if not that is ok, But More than a Carpenter By Josh McDowell is a good book in explaining the reliability of the Bible. I hope you have a good day and I want you to know that you are loved by Jesus Christ, if you want to talk about the Bible or Jesus Christ I would be happy to talk, my email is [email protected] and I will try to answer any questions as best as I can. again have a good day. :)

  • TJefferson44

    These abortionists, their assistants and nurses are accomplices like those working in the Nazi concentration camps who “took care” of those sent there. They could try to assuage their consciences by claiming that they didn’t take “those Jews” there. However, they are still as heinously guilty as those who did. These medical “professionals” are merely killers and murderers dressed in garbs of respectability.

    Thank God this woman’s conscience was not completely fried that she finally was able to walk away from the current American “killing fields”.

    It’s time to end legalized abortion in America!

  • Roxana

    Those people who are in support of abortion, especially the “30 day abortion” plan are monsters. Wake up and smell the flowers people!!! We already go to war and kill innocent people from all over the world, but now we are killing children. This is when it becomes easy to realize that morality will disappear. The people who should be put down are the people who believe that this should happen. (Those who want to flag this comment, go ahead, it is because you know I and those who think like this are correct. Deny me my freedom of speech and expression.) – P.S you cannot label me as unscientific, morality comes first for one. Two I am a teenager who is very in love with science, and this is not science this is monstrous.

  • KJB007

    There are a million stories like this on the web and every one of them is manufactured by Pro-life jerks who support the GOP who doesn’t support actual living children.

    • PJ4

      Your evidence for these claims, please

  • Rob OX

    Jesus Christ, leave it to a nice jewish boy to be the answer to the global mess humanity finds itself in even years after his death.