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Obama to Planned Parenthood: thanks for protecting women’s health

President Barack Obama, the most pro-abortion president in our country’s history, has come out with a new video just in time to pander to his friends at Planned Parenthood. In it, he thanks the organization for protecting women’s health and slams lawmakers seeking to defund them.

Obama frames this mainly as an issue of protecting women’s health, suggesting that Planned Parenthood provides life-saving care for women such as mammograms (a patently false claim, as Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms) and boasting about how women are not an “interest group.”

He also thanked Planned Parenthood for never forgetting whom they’re fighting for. Apparently, Obama has forgotten what they’re fighting for: the right to break the law, repeatedly, and to use women in the most despicable ways in order to make blood money.

As Live Action has uncovered in undercover investigations, there is no end to the lows that Planned Parenthood is willing to sink to in order to keep its lucrative abortion business running. Planned Parenthood associates have been caught covering up child sex-trafficking, intentionally breaking state and federal laws. They were found to consistently give women inaccurate medical information, breaking the American Medical Association’s principle of informed consent. They were willing to accept donations to specifically target the abortions of black babies. And they were also found to repeatedly cover up the statutory rape of young girls, breaking mandatory reporting laws over and over again.

How exactly do any of the above actions show an organization willing to protect women? To the contrary, Planned Parenthood’s actions show that, time and time again, they’re willing to put money above the well-being of not just women, but also underage girls.

And fighting for women’s health? An organization that routinely lies and gives women false medical information, violating the AMA’s principle of informed consent, could hardly be considered a women’s health crusader. They also lie about providing potentially life-saving services – mammograms – and happily cheer on the president for continuing to spread that falsehood.

Mr. President, if you truly care about protecting the health of women, then there is only one thing to do, and that is to cut ties with Planned Parenthood and to stop the taxpayer funding of this evil organization. Planned Parenthood has proven time and time again that, far from being advocates for women, it is more than willing to victimize them in order to make money. It’s time for you to take a side: either you stand up against such atrocities, or you continue to accept the endorsement of the country’s largest abortion provider and an organization that routinely puts its own profits above women’s interests. If you truly care about protecting women and our health, then you’ll end your relationship with Planned Parenthood.

  • Guest

    Cassy, I just want to mention that I have been reading your blog for years now and have also read your post and Hotair and I’m glad you’re posting here. I love what you have to say about feminism. Congrats on your marriage and I admire your courage in raising your children when other refuse to because it is too inconvenient for them.

  • Julie

    I love how he left out abortion.

  • Katrina Peterson

    I left my comment

  • Isn’t it convenient that he puts out this video while campaigning for another term? He is not only showing his support of Planned Parenthood, he is trying to pick up the voters who have been conned into believing that all other presidential candidates are “anti-women’s health.”

    It’s despicable, but not at all suprising.

    • Oedipa Mossmoon

      Agreed. Not at all surprising that a politician would “put out a video”, or “campaign for another term”. How dare they?

      • My point was not that it is at all out there for a politician to campaign. My point was that he is clearly putting this video out there in order to glean supporters from the current abortion/PP mess that is going back and forth in our country right now.

  • Rita

    It isn’t the woman’s choice to start a family, It’s God’s. And it shouldn’t be a woman’s choice to kill, a child is a gift from God, not a burden. 

    • Not quite. The woman has a choice (in most situations) whether or not to have sex.
      But I do agree that it should never be a legal “choice” to kill.

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    • Oedipa Mossmoon

       Very funny. Thanks for the chuckles.

  • ThatPersonWhoCares

    God is the only one who is able to give and take life. This is an outrage to every single Christian in this country. I am pro-life and proud. I can’t believe our president would go against this. May the Lord help change his mind and turn his heart…. Goodness gracious… 

  • StephanieRose

    Wow, such lies. I feel such a deep saddness at the depravity of our laws and the nonsense that is spoken to so many people, and they believe it. PP does not care for women, and Obama really cared about families, as he says, then he would not support the murder of the smallest members of our families (and most defenseless). I am currently pregnant with our second child, 8 weeks, and it breaks my heart that not every baby finds him or herself in the womb of a loving Mother

    • SuperLogic

       Yeah, isn’t it sad that now the most dangerous time in every persons life is inside their own mother??  :(

  • 4 girls

    alot of people will convince themselves of the good of anything when it comes down to 3 million in campaign contributions.

  • SuperLogic

    Yeah, you gotta love how all these people like the President stand by a womans choice to choose Abortion, but don’t even have the guts to say the word.   If you’re so much in favor of it, why you so afraid to call it what it is???   Cowards!!

  • MarmeeG

    This video makes me cringe! Wake up America before it’s too late! Wake up Christians and Jews, and all who cherish life and vote for life in November! Don’t stay home from the election and expect things to change… we have a responsibility to vote for those who will uphold life!

  • Virtusophia

    Your are a HERO, Cassy! Thank you!

  • Thankful One

    If my birthmother went to planned parenthood I am sure that I would not be alive right now.  I am so thankful that my birthmother chose life for me and gave me a loving family.  It wasnt easy for her to do but I am thankful everyday for it.  She originally wanted to commit suicide but she called for help and Sister Helen came and supported her throughout her entire pregnancy and all through her labor and my birth.  The Catholic church helped her find a place to live since she had just graduated college and had no where to live while raising me until I was given to a family.  She now has 3 children of her own and happily married.  My parents I have now consider me a gift.  They couldn’t have children of their own. 

    According to American Pregnancy Association there are 6 million women who are infertile.  Check out there statistics on their website.  You can google it. 

    Sex is a gift to save for the one you truly love and marry.  Abstinence is such a blessing because I don’t have to worry about unplanned pregnancies occuring or sexually transmitted diseases.  It is so nice not to have to worry about that occuring. 

    800-848-Love can connect women to the closest pregnancy center.  I called the line myself just to check.  I do believe they know what they are doing.  Most of them provide the women with free necessities for the babies from diapers, formula, clothing, baby furniture and more.  There is help for women who want to choose life.