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Obama video: 6-year-old’s career dreams require HHS birth control mandate

President Obama’s YouTube channel recently released a video titled “Letters to the President: The Dreams of Our Daughters.” Check it out below:

Behind the cute story, scenes of children laughing at a playground, and emotional piano music is a completely incorrect message.

Erin Bilbray-Kohn, the narrator of the video, follows her description of her young daughters’ dreams saying:

It is upsetting to me that in 2012 the use of birth control has become controversial.

Remember who started this?

Birth control wasn’t a focal issue until President Obama made it one.  Though the media would love to paint the HHS mandate debate as a war on birth control, birth control is not the issue today. Forcing religious schools and organizations to pay for birth control – as well as sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs – is the issue. Depicting this as an attack on birth control is a deceptive straw-man argument and blatantly false.

This video, as well as the entire push for taxpayer-funded birth control and abortion-inducing drugs, is incredibly offensive to women. Six-year-old Daisy can become a doctor for dolphins only if we pay for her birth control? Ten-year-old Caroline should give up her military dreams now? This is just not the case. Daisy, Caroline, and women across America are better and more capable than that – and the narrator of the video inadvertently agrees.

Bilbray-Kohn says in the video:

[Birth control] is as common in a woman’s medicine cabinet as cough medicine.

If this is the case, why do we need additional funding for birth control? If, as the argument goes, 99 percent of women use contraceptives, the counter-argument is that 99 percent of women currently have access to contraceptives. Why must we change an apparently successful system and force some Americans to violate their conscience?

Bilbray-Kohn continues:

This is just one reason I’m so passionate about getting you re-elected this year. We need a President who will stand up for women’s health and stay focused on jobs and economic recovery. The dreams of all our daughters are at stake. And they’re counting on us to fight for them.

Having started with a faulty premise, it should come as no surprise that the narrator reaches the wrong conclusion: re-election of President Obama. Our current president cannot fight for the “dreams of all our daughters” as he actively fights against the dreams of many of them. What about the Daisys and Carolines of this world who dream of working at the hospitals, schools, and charities that are under attack through Obama’s new mandate? Are their dreams and beliefs less important?

But the issue goes farther than the birth control mandate. President Obama actively supports Planned Parenthood, an organization that has been caught concealing and even aiding the sex trafficking and abuse of minors. Where was he when those daughters needed help? President Obama is also an avid abortion advocate, supporting the deaths of thousands of our daughters. Why aren’t their dreams worth fighting for?

Bilbray-Kohn’s support of Obama is based on an offensive, faulty foundation. Women can do (and have done) better than hanging their dreams on the subsidies of others. Women can do better than forcing women of faith and those opposed to abortion to violate their conscience. It is time that we dream bigger.

  • Sarah M

    This video is maddening. Do people who come from a family with a large home, a convertible, and surfing trips on the California coast typically lack the resources to purchase contraceptives? I make very little money and yet a portion of my tax dollars will have to subsidize birth control for rich women who can’t have their dreams barred because their sexual activities might lead to the creation of a person they’d rather not care for. I know this point was brought up in the article, I just had to reiterate how ludicrous it is!

    • Jordan Elizabeth

      haha, good point.

  • SuperLogic

    Great article Lucy! Very well reasoned argument!

  • lifer

    You never realize how much of a victim you ate till you talk to a liberal. I was on the honor roll, graduated high school, went to college…2 actually…while working 2-3 jobs, made the Dean’s List, graduated, got married worked, volunteer, run a ministry, and have a family, adopted, fostered children & care for my child with special needs…all without birth control! All without tax payer funded birth control. All without government programs. Not because I had money…but because I was willing to work! Birth control was not a factor in my achieving my goals. Self control, hard work, self respect, and a willingness to serve others have been.

    • MDK66

      You mentioned things that are being more & more removed from society with each generation:  “willing to work,” “self control,” “hard work.”

  • Kimberly Wedel

    What mother would pimp out her daughters for free birth control? This to me is a form of child abuse. What a shameful exploitaion of those two little girls. How embarressing for them. That woman should be ashamed of herself. Sick. Just. Plain. Sick. I imagine a lot of pedophiles enjoy watching that video showing little girls while juxtaposing their future sexual activity.

  • Matthias

    That’s really sick. And once again, people speak about birth control as if it has NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX. As if getting pregnant has nothing to do with your own choices and self control and happens “magically”. For all the sex education that Planned Parenthood has supposedly been doing… people still don’t know where babies come from. 

    • Yes, but the belief is that women HAVE to have sex to be “normal” and “healthy.” That is the terrible belief in society these days. That women should be able to have sex without the responsibility of pregnancy.

  • Brandon Allen

    Even without access to artificial birth control the dreams of little girls, and little boys, for their future are not out of reach.

  • bayougirl13

    She says birth control is as common as cough medicine. Does that mean the government should pay for cough medicine now too? If birth control is so common – that means people are managing to pay for it without forcing those of us who don’t like it to cover it against their conscience. This is NOT an issue about birth control. This IS about FIRST AMENDMENT rights to freedom of RELIGION. 

  • Utes

    “It is upsetting to me that in 2012 the use of birth control has become controversial.”
    This is simply NOT TRUE! They tried this during the Republican debates, and even the candidates were wondering where this came from. Did you notice, it now isn’t about free birth control, now it is about banning birth control, something NO ONE is talking about!
    It is upsetting to me that in 2012, the sitting President can’t stand on his own record, but has to lie and make things up to campaign on.

    • Utes

      In case you don’t remember Stephanopoulus asking about this during the Republican debate, here it is. Can you say “set up” for this entire issue? Unfortunately, Romney says everything the opposite of what the women in the video in this article says.

      • Oedipa

        Then there was the Arizona debate, moderated by John King, where the audience booed just the question being asked, Newt used it as a moment to showcase his usual antipathy towards the media, the all pretended that it was offensive t even talk about it, but then went on to talk about it for 30 minutes.

        If it was a Democratic trap … well, it worked. They haven’t yet figured out how to extricate themselves from it.

  • Oldmanbob

    What has been missed is the FREE birth control that anyone can use without any goverment money or even programs, and it always works.

    Don’t have sex unless you want to make a baby.

    • What!? You’re asking adults to be responsible for their actions!!! How dare you!?


      • Stocktonelizabeth

        Heaven forbid that adults take responsibility for their actions rather than blaming it on someone else.

  • Irelandreilley

    This does not mean other people have to be forced pay for it.  Personal responsibility. Not public charity.

  • Sarahewooten

    sounds more like selfishness, Birth Control is taking control of when I child should come into ones’s life on your terms. It can be cause an abortion. Woman who take Birth Control are more likely to get breast Cancer. There was a study done that involved woman who were on Birth Control and then they were taken off. The scary finding is that when they were taken off of it,most of them were no longer in love with their husbands. Birth Control is making woman fall in love with the wrong guy for them. No longer 50% of marriages end in divorce. 

  • Rebecca Downs

    I don’t understand what being or not being a dolphin trainer or being in the military has *anything* to do with birth control… 

  • MDK66

    The last line was best.  “It is time that we dream bigger.”

  • Kristen M

    *goes to check my medicine cabinet* Hmmm. Nope. No birth control there. Not now, nor has there ever been any. How did I ever manage to get through high school and college without it? I must not be really going for my dreams if I didn’t use it. I mean cuz obviously girls dreams are only reached if they are birth control. *sarcasm*

    • Socktonelizabeth

       No joke. There’s no birth control in my medicine cabinet either.

  • So women cannot pursue their dreams unless they’re on birth control?

  • I just have to say, I read this article and was pleasantly suprised that it was written by a high school student.  For two reasons:  This was written as well as many of the pro-life writers out there today-very eloquently :)  And I am so proud of the high schoolers who are willing to stand up for what they believe in, even when the majority of their peers disagree.  Kudos to you Lucy for being the kind of young woman that the “Daisys and Carolines” of today can look up to as a great example of what it means to “walk and talk” your faith!

  • Thank you Lucy LeFever! Such a brave and wise young woman. I’m so glad we have women like you on the cause of life and freedom.

  • Elise77

    Sad to say that this president is doing more to kill little Daisy and Caroline’s dreams of the future than an unintended pregnancy ever could. Even if GOP policy created barriers to birth control access, which it DOES NOT. The future they have to look forward to is one of being rewarded for failure and penalized for success. And that’s in the short-term. In the long run, “progressive” policies will have them performing whatever services the government deems appropriate to benefit the collective, and being rewarded for their services with whatever the government deems an appropriate compensation according to their need, while the government continues to bloat itself and grant itself raises and send itself on vacations at their expense. That’s little Daisy and Caroline’s future, all because twits like their mom are so eager to reelect this president.

    Dear Daisy and Caroline, you might want to abandon your dreams of saving dolphins and serving your country in the military and shoot for jobs as government bureaucrats. That way, you might not starve with the rest of us.

  • Sam Lopez

    “That most women NEED”?? Sooooo what did they do BEFORE the sexual revolution?

  • AmyEForsyh

    Wow…what a joke. Teach abstinence. Quit emphasizing sex, abortion and birth control as the ‘norm’. I dont want my tax money to pay for birth control. It is not a ‘Right’ that should be granted.

    • Oedipa

      Couple of things.

      (1) Abstinence-only education is a proven failure. The worst ten states in teen births all have abstinence requirements in their sex ed (except WV, which has, laughably, no sex ed requirements). The best ten states in teen births all have comprehensive sex ed requirements (except WI, which stresses abstinence).

      (2) There are no tax dollars at stake when insurance regulations are employed. It’s merely setting a baseline for what acceptable health insurance coverage is. Now, if you said you don’t want your insurance *premium* paying for other people’s birth control, you’d be at least making an argument that was coherent. But you’d also be misunderstanding insurance. You’re pooling your risk with other people in the plan. As such, I have no standing to complain about the plan paying for my co-workers’ allergy medications, insulin, cancer treatment, stitches for that dog bite, drug treatment, cavities, and so on and so on.

  • Birgit Jones

    Don’t shatter the dreams of this woman’s daughters – birth control – as common as cough syrup in a medicine cabinet and necessary for the happiness of women everywhere! ::SNORT::

    You’ve got to watch this video in order to see how far these people will go!

  • Wpalcher7

    I applaud Lucy LeFever for her clear analysis of the ridiculously false accusations made in this video. The woman in the video is just one more sucker ready to do a terrible disservice to her little girls by teaching them to have “safe sex,” instead of teaching them to be modest and pure. She’ll be wondering some day why they have STDs and health problems connected with the use of birth control, and will try to figure out some way to blame that on the government rather than on her own misguided parenting.

  • Pedro_Schwartz

    What a crock.

  • davenisbet87

    Couple of reactions to this : First, it honestly makes me cry that people “treat” pregnancy like it’s a disease. Second : Any parent who is encouraging their kids at a young age, and especially girls, to sleep around should be reported. That is not at all a healthy attitude.



  • annoyed

    Yes, the dreams of all our daughters are at stake because our government is running this country into the ground…and we are allowing them to do it!  First of all, birth control is covered when used for medical purposes.  Stop trying to stomp on Christian beliefs.  Seriously, we have to be respectful of other religious groups, why should Christians be any different?  Religious employers not covering birth control has nothing to do with whether it is still readily available for all women, if they choose to use it.  Does this mother truly believe that if the government does not force all employers to cover birth control that her daughters can not have a happy and successful life?  Of course she doesn’t, she doesn’t appear to be uneducated.  Let’s put on a show a make a big deal out of nothing.  Yes, I believe in Jesus and the Bible, however, that doesn’t even need to be the issue.  The issue is the government wants more control and we have to STOP giving in and allowing it.  (and of course, Obama is just trying to get women voters)  Well, we are not that blind to see what the agenda is here.  Stop the drama Mr. Obama, and get to work on the serious issues this country is facing!!!!!!!!

  • Sharon Schmidt

    So they are saying they want their little daughters to be whores, and do away with the very idea of growning into a responsible adult.  One of the biggest problems in America/world today  is there are to many people who think they they should not have to be liable for their actions OR lack there of like bloodsucking leeches,who are sucking the life out of America from the top and bottom,they either don’t care or are to dumb to know they are destroying Our once great country. When you finish destroying America then what about your kids?  Grandkids? Where will you go? The rest of the free world is in the same situation.

  • Sonria

    I quit listening when it stated that birth control was preventive medication.  The use of birth control to treat conditions such as endometriosis is not preventive care based on the ACA definition of the term…unless a special exception is made.  Which is, of course, exactly what is happening.