Obama’s words on human life featured in new video promoting March for Life

Blackstone Films, an Indianapolis-based creative design production company, has released a video that draws attention to the upcoming March for Life in Washington, D.C. through the words of President Obama.

You can watch the video below and share your thoughts about it in the comment section. We also would be interested in hearing if you are planning to attend the March on the 25th of January and, if so, what is motivating you most to participate.

  • Julia

    Awesome. That was a beautiful speech, and very pro-life.
    these two lines especially stood out to me:
    “can we say that this is somehow the price of our freedom?”
    “what choice do we have?”

    • Richard

      Yes, it did sound very pro-life, didn’t it? Coming out of the mouth of the biggest pro- abort/pro-death POTUS ever! Talk about double speak. Unfortunately, he’s only concerned about pro-life for those already born.

      • Julia

        Yes, unless we’re talking about a newborn baby that survived an abortion. He voted several times against a law that would have prevented them from being killed or abandoned.

        So obviously he doesn’t even care if all BORN children are protected (let alone unborn).

  • Mary

    Again we have proof his words are empty….. unless you find yourself at the end of a gun which does nothing more than open the door a little wider for him to strip us of more “rights.” Without the right to life, nothing else matters, Barry! Any nation that kills over 3000 children a day LEGALLY, is NOT great…….

  • What a fraud this POTUS IS.

  • Lynda

    The irony is telling. I hope pro-choice viewers are convicted when they see this. Thank you for your creativity and courage to reveal Truth.

  • Rick

    So far this POTUS has been the most successful Jihadist against the children and families of America through his tax supported terrorist cell called planned parenthood! How can America allow a Twin Towers hollocost every day and stand silent?? This is the true war on women.

  • chuck

    awesome video – wish I could be at the March!!!

  • Jan

    Great film! If only he meant what he said! Yes! I will be at the March for Life!