Oops: Planned Parenthood promotes pro-life message on Facebook

On Wednesday, PolicyMic released a list of 28 iconic feminist moments of 2013. Many of the moments are dubiously-named “feminist,” since the word denotes a person who believes in equal rights for women; but it has been hijacked to represent those who speak loudly for abortion rights (hence the list’s idol-worship of Wendy Davis and her filibuster in favor of fetal dismemberment in Texas). Nevertheless, some of the moments on the list were truly feminist according to the word’s actual definition. Specifically, the list included Mallika Sherawat’s unforgettable defense of women’s rights in India.


Sherawat, a beautiful Bollywood actress who has also done films and music videos in the US, was asked by a reporter why she believes Indian society is regressive women. Sherawat, who had done every last bit of her homework on the subject, replied by slamming India for its female gendercide, prominence of gang rape, and pride in honor killings for women who are viewed as disobedient to the patriarchy.

Sherawat said:

With female feticide, infanticide happening on almost a daily basis. with gang rapes making the headlines of every newspaper, with honor killings being tweeted about. Today I read in the paper according to UNFP that 40% of women are married below the age of 18. I think it’s a very regressive state for women, and I stand by it.

Did you catch the part where Sherawat condemns India for killing off its baby girls (because of India’s male preference) before and after they are born? It seems Planned Parenthood may not have done its homework on Sherawat before promoting the list, because the organization is now notorious for its cooperation with female feticide itself. According to a Live Action investigation from last year, Planned Parenthood is only too happy to oblige if a woman wants her daughter killed because she is a girl. Here is one of the videos:

  • Ingrid Heimark

    Wonder how long it takes for her to be removed from their list….

  • sam

    Please stop exploiting women’s struggle for gender equality as a tool to advance your pro-life agenda. It’s deliberate misleading and disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • brydy23

      So true Sam. Anything that slightly can be seen as part of their agenda is promoted out the wazoo.

      • Andrew J. Corrales

        Anyone could say the same thing about the pro-abortion movement. Have you ever noticed that all sides of any given issue twist the truth and impose morality? It ends up becoming a contest over who’s twisted truth is truer and whose imposed morality is more moral.

    • Andrew J. Corrales

      Stop exploiting women’s struggle for gender equality as a tool to advance your pro-murder agenda. It’s deliberately misleading and disgusting, and there are pictures, documents, and research papers to prove it.

      • Basset_Hound

        EVERYTHING about sam’s agenda is “deliberately misleading and disgusting”.

      • Guest

        Exactly; Sam, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Suegirly

      You know, Sam…when the woman uses the words “female feticide”,we really don’t have to “twist” anything.

    • MarcusFenix

      You mean in the same way that pro-abortion groups contort and exploit women to propagate their agenda? Please have your friends stop doing that, because it’s deliberately misleading, disgusting, and harmful to women.

      As sue below notes…when the woman is using words like “female feticide”…that kind of speaks for itself, man.

  • Part138

    It is actually possible to believe in gender equality and many feminist causes without supporting the murder of unborn children. (aka fetuses)

  • JDC

    “was asked by a reporter why she believes Indian society is regressive women”

    Would that mean regressive to or about women? The sentence doesn’t quite make sense as written.