Texas reinstates crucial portion of pro-life law thanks to emergency 5th Circuit ruling

Good news comes out of Texas this week, where mothers and their unborn children are once again protected from the predatory abortion business thanks to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issuing a partial stay in favor of HB2.

Thanks to the ruling, 13 abortion mills in the state closed overnight. Although the clinics were given a year after the passage of HB2 to upgrade to meet safety standards required by the law, they did not. Seven clinics are in compliance with the law, and  only seven  can continue committing abortions at this point.

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Parents knew their son wouldn’t live long, but they gave him a chance at life

Parents, T.K. and Deidrea Lauxs, knew something was wrong when their preborn son, Thomas, was not developing correctly inside the womb. When they discovered that Thomas suffered from Trisomy 13 Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that causes severe developmental delays ranging from profound retardation, malformation of the face and head, and incomplete formation of the brain, kidneys, or heart, they knew Thomas would likely live outside of the womb for a short time. Rather than choosing abortion,  T.K. and Deidrea chose to give Thomas a chance at life.

Watch this gripping and powerful story that details the journey these parents took — the emotional struggles and moments of joy — to give their baby boy a chance at life.

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Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston on abortion in 1987: “The media have failed here”

Award-winning actor Charlton Heston (October 4, 1923 – April 5, 2008) is remembered for his roles in Biblical epics and defending the Second Amendment. Less famous are the pro-life convictions he espoused in the introduction to Bernard Nathanson’s documentary, Eclipse of Reason (1987).

Heston’s approach to the abortion debate is a gentlemanly and thoughtful one, inviting the viewer to think about the coverage of medical activity by the media as a whole.

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10 quotes that reveal how profitable abortion is

Abortion doctors face stigma from the medical community and society, protests and pressure from pro-lifers, and the emotionally disturbing aspects of the abortion procedure which often includes sorting through individual body parts,  i.e., arms, legs, etc.  So why do they do it? For some, the motive may be as simple as making money. Here are some quotes from abortion providers, from now and in the past, that indicate how profitable abortion can be.

1.) “It started out as a financial thing. But I got heavy into the [abortion rights] movement and realized there was a lot of need for physicians…. My income will go up, but I earn it. I work hard for what I do, and I am proud of what I do.” (1)

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OneRepublic launches life-affirming video “I Lived”

When my daughter was diagnosed at birth with cystic fibrosis (CF), I wasn’t sure life would ever be normal again. That was almost 6 years ago. And while life is different, it is definitely normal. There’s been doctor’s visits, and daily therapy. But there’s also been preschool, dance class, swimming lessons, temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, and princess parties.

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Reversing RU-486: Mothers tell stories of hope

As soon as Rebekah Chaveste swallowed the RU-486 pill at a Planned Parenthood clinic, she regretted it. “I was crying and I was alone,” recalled Chaveste, a 20-year-college student who lives in the Sacramento area. “Thank God for smartphones,” she told Catholic San Francisco. Sitting in her car outside the Planned Parenthood, “I googled RU-486” and found a website for RU-486 reversals, abortionpillreversal.com.

Chaveste thought it was fake, but called anyway and even though the website was for an organization based in San Diego, the woman on the other end of the telephone found a doctor nearby to help her, Chaveste recalled.

Abortionpillreversal.com is a website of Culture of Life Family Services which has a nurse on call 24/7, a toll-free telephone number (877) 558-0333, and a network of 200 participating physicians around the country.

Miraculously Chaveste was able to save her baby – because of a recently developed medical protocol that has been able to save more than half of babies whose mothers had been administered the first pill for a RU-486 chemical abortion and received the reversal therapy. Chaveste’s son Zechariah turns 1 on Oct. 20.

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The disturbing influence Planned Parenthood has on our schools

Last month, parents were shocked to see the sex education guidelines being considered in Clark County, Nevada, schools.  In a closed-door deliberation with some parents, the Las Vegas school district considered curriculum that recommends children as young as five be taught about abortion and masturbation– with pro-abortion propaganda scheduled to continue through every single grade level.

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Judges uphold TX abortion law, immediately closing most clinics

The thing the Texas abortion industry has feared has come into fruition: the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has overturned an injunction allowing Texas to enforce its abortion law, effective immediately. This will effectively shutter all but seven abortion facilities in the Lone Star State unless clinics are able to upgrade facilities to comply with the regulations under HB2.

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Grief after abortion is common.

No need to report rape of minors says Virginia Attorney General in shocking opinion

The Attorney General of Virginia recently released an opinion sure to delight rapists, sex traffickers, and pedophiles all over the state, freeing them to do more of their deeds without fear of being known. No longer do medical personnel–which includes abortion clinics–need to report suspected rape when a teenage girl is found to have an abortion. According to Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D), those reporting laws only apply if someone thinks a parent or guardian raped a girl.

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Student Spotlight Header

Student Spotlight: Matthew Mittelberg

Matthew Mittelberg.

Matthew Mittelberg  was inspired by one of the greats in pro-life apologetics, Scott Klusendorf, to start speaking out against abortion. For Matthew, what began as an academic exercise — writing a paper, giving a speech — has grown into much more.  Now, at 22 years old, he works actively on Grand Canyon University’s campus in Phoenix, Arizona to promote a culture of life.

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Cosmopolitan calls Jessa Duggar “deranged” for post supporting the “sanctity of human life”

Cosmopolitan’s senior political writer, Jill Filipovic, singled out reality television star, Jessa Duggar, over comments following a visit to the Holocaust Museum. The fashion magazine’s top political contributor blasted the pro-life personality, calling her “kooky”, “deranged” and “tone-deaf” for highlighting the plight of marginalized groups when Jessa wrote in part that:

The sanctity of human life varies not in sickness or health, poverty or wealth, elderly or pre-born, little or lots of melanin [making you darker or lighter skinned], or any other factor.

Filipovic took to Twitter and Cosmopolitan’s female audience to pinpoint that the reality star’s pro-life view is a staunch ideology shaped by the family’s involvement in what she labels that “extreme Christian patriarchy movement”, which according to Filipovic, does not believe in birth control and mandates wives to “submit to the authority of their husbands.”

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Jessa Duggar

Cosmopolitan attacks Jessa Duggar for statement that “life is precious” after visiting Holocaust Museum

Sometimes, it seems like abortion advocates are doing nothing more than lying in wait for the next thing that will offend them. In this case, it was a rather non-offensive statement from reality television star Jessa Duggar. Duggar went to Washington, D.C., and while there, visited the Holocaust Museum. Afterwards, she posted to her Instagram:

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