A developing unborn child

“Pro-life progressives” a step in the right direction, but still need work

If only liberals realized signs like this work both ways.
If only liberals realized that signs like this work both ways…

While Daniel Smyth takes fellow libertarians to task for disregarding unborn babies’ liberty, a leader on the other end of the political spectrum is challenging his ideological brethren on the same point. In an editorial for CNN, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good senior fellow Christopher Hale presents the case for “why progressives should oppose abortion” — that “protecting the lives of unborn children should be at the heart of the progressive agenda”:

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Lutheran group Thrivent Financial caught funding Planned Parenthood, yanks pro-life funds in response


A controversy is stirring in Lutheran circles over the revelation that Thrivent Financial Services, the largest fraternal benefit society in the United States, and one ostensibly centered on Lutheran faith and values, has been quietly sending thousands to Planned Parenthood through its gift-matching program.

Thrivent Financial is a Fortune 500 non-profit organization with the goal and vision of assisting its members with financial planning and services. This entails a gift-matching program by the corporation wherein an employee’s charitable contribution will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, from a Thrivent funding pool the Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation. While the company sets limits and guidelines as to how much of a contribution will be matched, they set very few limits on what type of organization can receive the funds. It has become clear over the last several weeks that Planned Parenthood makes the cut.

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Baby Kayden

Missing baby Kayden miraculously found in bag outside gas station

Baby Kayden
Baby Kayden via Facebook.

In the Justice section of CNN is a short but amazing video report on a rescue mission with a miraculous ending.

Kayden is a name that means “spirited” or “fighter.” That’s a good word to describe 6-day-old baby Kayden Powell from Wisconsin. Kayden caused a panic in his family after he went missing last week. On February 7, Kayden’s 18-year-old mom Brianna Marshall called 911 when she woke up around 4:30am and noticed that her baby was missing from his bassinet.

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Hold the phone! CREDO Mobile donates 2 million to Planned Parenthood

I guess pro-lifers have something to thank CREDO Mobile for. When it comes to organizations we support or establishments we shop at, it can take some digging to uncover where our money is going.

Don’t you hate the disappointment you feel when you discover that the business you like is cozied up in bed with a business you’d rather leave sleeping on the floor? Just look at the outrage over the Girl Scouts. A boycott or “cookiecott” is in full effect. Parents feel deceived because they didn’t know the funds from the Thin Mints their daughters were hawking could be given in part to U.S. abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

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Branford Students for Life

Student group overcomes discrimination to capture pro-life award

Branford Students for Life
Branford Students for Life.

Sam Bailey-Loomis has never been silent about her Catholicism or anti-abortion views. Even after she was pushed down the stairs and called “Mother Teresa” by fellow students at her Connecticut high school, Bailey-Loomis decided to create a student pro-life group.

Still, she likely didn’t expect the intense discrimination she would face or the award her group would go on to win. From day one, Students for Life of Branford faced enormous pressure to quit, but despite the challenges they faced, the group pushed on with a focus on helping women and girls, and educating their community.

“Starting our group was a real challenge,” explains Bailey-Loomis. “We are a pro-life group in a public high school. We went through the process of starting our group through the school board, but they never got back to us. After a month of me contacting them, going back to them, and they finally gave in and let us start.”

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Ukip chairman advocates for abortion of babies with Down syndrome

U.K. Independence Party member John Upex, chairman of Ukip’s Harrogate & Knaresborough Association, has resigned after advocating for the abortion of babies with Down syndrome. In letters he wrote to conservative MP Andrew Jones, Upex talked about bloodletting in Britain by piano wire, and talked about how babies with Down syndrome should be aborted.

In one letter he told Mr Jones: “I understand the test for what we call Down’s Syndrome is not feasible until the third month (of pregnancy) and as the God-Father of a Down’s boy I cannot but endorse the termination of those few children with that condition.”

After the remarks became public, Upex stepped down but refused to back away from his comments beyond saying that they had been taken out of context.

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Dina Madsen

Clinic worker quits, calls her former workplace an “abortion mill”

Dina Madsen
Dina Madsen

Dina Madsen began working at a Sacramento abortion clinic (which she would later describe as an “abortion mill”) in 1990. According to her, she had been living a “dysfunctional” life and knew little about abortion when she took the job.

In testimony that Madsen gave at a Pro-Life Action League conference (an excerpt of which can be found here), Madsen said she had no medical background when she began working at the clinic. Medical experience and training were not required for a position on the abortion clinic staff. The only thing that was required, Madsen said, was “a positive opinion towards abortion.”

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Stephanie Gray

Stephanie Gray at SFLA conference: Abortion images can change behavior

Stephanie Gray is the executive director and co-founder of the Canadian Centre of Bio-Ethical Reform, an educational pro-life organization. Since 1999, Stephanie has traveled the world, educating people about the issue of abortion. She’s debated abortion advocates like the Canadian late-term abortionist Dr. Fraser Fellows, Ron Fitzsimmons of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, and Elizabeth Cavendish of NARAL.

In a talk before hundreds of young people at the 2014 Students for Life Conference, Stephanie gave a talk titled “Challenging the ‘I am personally pro-life but.’” During this talk, Gray gave a justification for the use of abortion victim photography. Stephanie makes it clear that pro-lifers must make the case that the pre-born are human and the action of abortion is lethal. One way we can do that is through powerful images.

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speech square

VIDEO: Responding to “I’m pro-life, but…” statements

I was asked to give an apologetics speech at the Students for Life of America 2014 West Coast National Conference. I was given a title, “I’m Pro-Life, But…,” that I was allowed to do anything I wanted with, so I chose to respond to these four common statements and questions:

1: “I’m pro-life, but people tell me I come across like a jerk. What can I do about that?”
2: “I’m pro-life, but I don’t know how to convince people that abortion is wrong.”
3: “I’m pro-life, but I think it should be legal.”
4: “I’m pro-life, but what about rape?”

Download Audio MP3 | 00:49:02

Thanks to Secular Pro-Life for providing their video to me.

Chalk Day

Today is National Pro-Life Chalk Day

Today, students will be gathering across the country to cover their campuses with the pro-life message…and chalk. National Pro-Life Chalk Day is a simple event designed to convey pro-life slogans and information to young people in a fun and non-confrontational manner

Chalk Day

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Abortion The Inside Stor

The fake doctor will kill your baby now (part 2)

Meet the Abortion Providers and Abortion: The Inside Story are companion documentaries available for free on YouTube that I urge readers to view. They portray women and men who once worked in the abortion holocaust industry but have turned around to confess their wrongdoings.

It would be a serious mistake to believe that the testimonies in these documentaries are anecdotal. By definition, legal abortion cannot be strictly policed. It is possible that the only way to make the abortion argument is to misrepresent abortion. Certainly, pro-choicers employ many euphemisms, or they would have to argue for a woman’s “right to kill her child,” or “a constitutional right to promote a holocaust.” When people pretend that prenatal homicide equals reproductive rights, that killing children only prevents children, we get a society that is blind to the reality of abortion.

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Photo credit:  alexindigo on Flickr

Health Canada set to make decision concerning the legalization of abortion drug RU-486

The year 2014 is looking to be a massive battleground in Canada when it comes to issues of life. Not only is the euthanasia debate coming to front and center stage this year, with the country arguably set to overhaul its previous ban on the practice, but Health Canada is also slated to make its decision on whether to legalize the abortion drug RU-486.

The drug, which interferes with the hormones necessary to sustain pregnancy, is used to force miscarriages during the first trimester. Questions have arisen regarding the safety of the drug itself, as well as the way it is used, as at least fifteen women have died in the last two decades. Despite significant concern, however, the drug has become legal in numerous countries and is likely to receive approval in Canada as well.

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My debate with a pro-abortion libertarian

1395769_10151744495673531_59004482_nThe past two weeks, J.D. Bridges of TowardLiberty.com and I have been having an interesting debate about libertarianism and abortion. Our debate started with my article “2014’s March for Life: C’mon, Libertarians!,” which argued that libertarians should view all abortions as violations of unborn babies’ rights to life, to liberty, and to determine their own fates. Before the March, we went back and forth over Bridges’ claim that “a woman has a property right in her body” and so “abortion … is not murder but really eviction.”

Unfortunately, Bridges’ view is widespread among libertarians. Just last week and in reference to 2014’s March for Life, Laurie Rice of the Atlas Society, a libertarian research organization, said the “[p]ro-life [view] … means initiating force against women to separate them from the ownership of their own bodies.”

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sad woman girl

FBI announces 16 children rescued from sexual exploitation in Super Bowl sting

sad woman girl

It’s the ugly side of the Super Bowl – the reality that America’s most popular sporting event is also likely America’s biggest day for sexual slavery. The day that sells the most tickets and the most coveted ad spaces is also the day that results in the most sales of little girls and women, at prices inflated to match the expense of the event. In a cruel outplay  of the economic reality of “supply and demand,” it is not only local pimps who make a big profit – women and girls from all over the country are often brought in to the destination city to ensure that travelers for the big game have enough “side entertainment” available.

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Abortion The Inside Stor

The fake doctor will kill your baby now (part 1)

I believe in the possibility of a world without exploitation – pro-choicers do not. They believe that someone always has to be exploited, either women or children in the womb. Just by lying there asleep, growing, unborn babies exploit their mothers so gravely that the women are essentially enslaved, say pro-choicers, so that pregnant mothers have the right to kill their children through torture.

Women have wombs, therefore society must practice child abuse in the extreme, pro-choicers believe. This claim that there is a perpetual war between unborn children and their pregnant mothers is the height of cynicism and misogyny.

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Planned Parenthood refuses to use the word “abortion” in membership letter

A few days ago, a friend handed me a letter.

write, research, law, critiqueThis ominous letter was from none other than Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, inviting the addressee to become a member of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

The letter started out, “If you have any doubt that standing up for what you believe in matters,” and went on to describe a scenario in which a young woman “walked defiantly” past pro-lifers outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, simply for the purpose of “personally deliver[ing] a donation to the receptionist.”

Planned Parenthood’s president went on to say a number of interesting things. She also didn’t say a number of interesting things that really should have made her list – especially if she’s writing to potential members.

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“Extreme” reflection of a pro-life dad

I recently read that the governor of New York and mayor of New York City are intolerant to having pro-life people in their state, and they referred to these LIFE views as “extreme.” I am a pro-life father of two precious children, and my beautiful daughter Chloe was born with Down syndrome in 2003.

I love New York, and my family, and I have had many awesome memories in New York City. I have always found the people of New York to be “extremely” accepting, kind, and accommodating to my daughter Chloe, and New York City is a priority destination when we plan family excursions.

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Cosmopolitan’s approach to abortion falls short


Cosmopolitan attempts to address abortion from a complex standpoint with its January 21 piece “How Our Abortion Changed Our Relationship.” Although the abortions had various effects for the four couples, the end result remained that a baby’s life was lost. Cosmopolitan also remains committed to abortion.

The piece closes with a hotline, Exhale After-Abortion Talk Line, which is described as “agenda-free counseling.” Katie Yoder, with her piece for Newsbusters, found that Exhale is not so “agenda-free” after all, with its sponsors funding abortion.

Amanda Kifferly, the director of patient advocacy for The Women’s Center, which operates clinics in four states, gives her take on the role of men, in that they “care deeply about the women getting an abortion.”

Kifferly’s assertion may be too idealistic. If men really did “care deeply,” would they encourage the mothers of their children to end the lives they created together? Would women feel the need to abort if they had more support from these men?

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Four precious lives

Report: Abortion rate falls 13% as more mothers choose life

Four precious lives

This week the Guttmacher Institute, former research arm of Planned Parenthood, released a report on America’s abortion rate, “Abortion Incidence and Service Availability in the United States, 2011.” Covering 2008 to 2011, this is the sixteenth such report, in which Guttmacher surveys providers about the number of abortions they performed. Their results are more accurate than even the CDC’s abortion surveillance, which does not collect data from states with notoriously high abortion rates, such as California. Guttmacher’s report is a powerful indicator of the state of pre-born babies’ human rights in the U.S.

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OnlineForLife March3

How we marked the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade: Attending marches across the country

Since the 1973 Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade, more than 56 million lives have been snuffed out in America. That’s more people than the population of Texas, and it’s nine times the number of people who were killed during the Jewish Holocaust.

But every year during the third week of January, millions of Americans from all races, creeds, and socioeconomic and religious backgrounds come together in cities across the nation to stand up for the unborn and remind the world that abortion is the moral injustice of our day.

OnlineForLife March1

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