Not ready to be a mom? You can help someone else who is.

(Note: I’d like to thank the ladies who were nice enough to share their stories with me.)

So, you’ve just discovered that you’re pregnant; this could be cause for joyous celebration or fear and apprehension. If your baby’s father is less than enthused, then it’s probably going to be the latter. That’s particularly true if he immediately transforms from a supportive, apparently responsible man into a weepy mess who, between sobs, implores you to have an abortion. Your feelings are unlikely to improve much when, after you refuse, he declares that he will play no role in the raising of his child and then seems to disappear into the Witness Protection Program.

Now, you might have already decided that you’re just not up to the job of being a single mom. If so, then you’re probably not alone, as there’s a good chance that some of the other people in your life have reached the same conclusion about you. Don’t be surprised if one of them announces in a concerned but firm sounding tone that “every baby should be wanted.” This is supposedly a nice way of  implying that your son or daughter is unwanted and should therefore be killed.

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Bruce Braley says he’s against late term abortion. His record says something else.

NARAL Pro-Choice America’s president, Ilyse Hogue, said in a recent fundraising email that she’s “seriously starting to panic.” No, it’s not because she’s suddenly realized how her organization makes life easy for sexual predators.

Rather, it’s because “[a]nti-choice Republicans are about to take over the Senate–and Mitch McConnell has already said that one of the very first things he’ll do is pass a ban on abortion after 20 weeks.” For evidence of the impending takeover, Ms. Hogue pointed to the Iowa senate race, where “polls say the anti-choice candidate is ahead by 2.5 points.”

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“Filthy” abortion clinic “treats patients like cattle” according to patient reviews

Best Women’s Medical Care, at has an attractive, professional website. Abortion care gets the biggest billing on the website, but they also offer other services. Their website says they offer “complete gynecological care and New York abortion clinic services in a comfortable, private and supportive environment.”

This clinic, located in Brooklyn, advertises birth control management, STD testing and treatment, and even prenatal care. They offer abortions up until twenty weeks.

There is nothing in the beautiful, professional looking website to indicate the horrible reviews they have received.  On Yelp, the facility received one and a half stars out of five. 

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Katha Pollitt, who inspired some of Rosin's ideas

Katha Pollitt: Glamourizing abortion won’t redeem your mother’s suffering.

This past weekend I attended the well-known Texas Book Festival in Austin, where I saw feminist writer Katha Pollitt speak about her recently published book “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights.” This particular work, which has received considerable praise in the pro-choice community, aims to explain how and why abortion is not only a moral right, but also “a positive social good,” thus worthy of reverent respect.

Pollitt opened her speech by telling the audience why she is so preoccupied with abortion rights and its societal de-stigmatization. [Click here to view her whole talk.] She immediately informed the audience that long ago her mother had an illegal abortion. Her mother never did tell her about it, though. She never even told her husband. Not for as long as she lived. Granted, she did die young, at age 54, from years of alcohol abuse. Pollitt only found out about the clandestine abortion after her mother’s death, when her father uncovered FBI files that revealed the painful life-long secret she had kept from them both.

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Pro-choice advocates wage war on abortion stigma, but does that help women?

If you follow the undertakings of pro-abortion organizations, you have probably witnessed their massive push to “de-stigmatize” abortion. The projects gained momentum when Emily Letts released the bizarre video of her purported abortion. Her so-called “bravery” fired up the abortion movement and led to the creation of campaigns to depict abortion as a positive, simply awesome choice.

Because at face-value the abortion movement is despicable, it relies on semantic ploys to keep a positive facade. The impetus behind their movement is to constantly come up with creative ways to keep the abortion industry in business, and all the while ignoring the constant technological advances that allow us to further confirm that the preborn child is a living human being.

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LAN More Than 2 header

What the world would have missed if some parents refused having more than two children

There really is no such thing as having “only” one or two children, because having babies is not a numbers game. Rather, it has to do with welcoming souls into the world, however many there may be.

Sadly, Margaret Sanger, who came from a large family herself, failed to see babies as individuals with the potential to improve society and instead saw them as probable burdens to themselves and society. “The immorality of large families lies not only in their injury to the members of those families but in their injury to society,” wrote Sanger in a chapter titled “The Wickedness of Large Families”.

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November conference tackles assisted suicide topics

The tragic Brittany Maynard assisted suicide saga has alerted many Americans to the lesser-known topics of euthanasia and assisted suicide. With its emotional appeal, 29-year-old Maynard’s push for assisted suicide has raised questions about these difficult end-of-life issues among many Americans. The Family Institute of Connecticut is tackling the assisted suicide debate head-on, sponsoring the East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide. The event is the first and only of its kind, but sponsors hope that this will not be the case for long.

Bringing together national and international organizations into one conference, educators will teach anti-assisted suicide advocates and activists how to counteract the detrimental work of groups like Compassion and Choices, the organization behind the Brittany Maynard Fund.

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Children should not be put to death because of a health diagnosis and this girl’s video shows us why

When I was pregnant with my first child, there was a slight indication that I might be a carrier for a genetic condition called cystic fibrosis. But my doctor said that CF wasn’t a reason to terminate – not that I would have anyway – and that they test for it during newborn screening.

CF is a chronic condition that affects the entire body, but most specifically the lungs and pancreas. Life expectancy is currently 40 years old. But according to a Kaiser Permanente study, at least 87% of those whose unborn children are diagnosed with CF abort their children out of fear.

Abortion is never the answer for any child or parent, no matter the situation. In a previous post, I wrote about Matt Mitchell and his incredible life with CF. Now, I want to show you a different CF fighter who, unlike Mitchell, spends much of her time in the hospital. But that’s fine with her.

Claire Wineland is a high school student, and despite her hard work and strong fight against CF, Wineland says in a post for CNN that she has spent a quarter of her young life in the hospital. At just 13 years old, complications from a routine surgery left her in a medically induced coma with a 1% chance of surviving. But she fought her way back and continues to fight every day.

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(image from Alliance Defending Freedom)

Mother tells the world: Spina Bifida is “simply another way of being a person”

Sarah Sweatt Orsborn, the mother of twin three-year-old girls – one with Spina Bifida – has spoken out about how little Claire’s defect does not affect her humanity.

She writes (emphasis mine):

“I wish I could show…a picture of my beautiful Claire, with her loopy blonde curls and deep belly laugh. Spina Bifida is part of her, always has been, and always will be, but it is not all of her.

More than anything, I want Claire — and you — to know that disabilities like Spina Bifida are just another way of being a person in the world. Claire is whole and complete, just as she is. Her life is not tragic. She’s not fighting Spina Bifida because she’s not in a battle against the body she has always had. Every day is not a struggle. Every achievement is not a victory struck against Spina Bifida, and every setback is not a cause for pity. She’s just a little girl, learning to navigate the world in the only body she’s ever known, testing out the limits of her potential just like anyone else.”

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Jeff Bell, Cory Booker

Behold the anti-Akin: NJ’s Jeff Bell turns the tables on Cory Booker over hard-case abortions

This election season has seen no shortage of ostensibly pro-life politicians who thought shameless pandering might get their pro-abortion tormentors off their backs. Still haunted by the specter of Todd Akin, these would-be leaders apparently cannot imagine a path to political success that doesn’t include copious amounts of groveling.

Fortunately, there are still some Republicans who don’t scare easily—and actually have the competence to stand firm without shooting themselves in the foot. During last week’s New Jersey Senate debate (transcript only, no video currently available), Democrat incumbent Cory Booker asked Republican challenger Jeff Bell: Continue reading


Killing of disabled girl “wholly inappropriate” and “extremely troubling” says Autism group

The euthanasia of Nancy Fitzmaurice, a severely disabled child who was not dying has made international waves with disability advocates especially outraged. Nancy’s mother had requested that her daughter be killed and was granted approval by the British legal system. While the 12-year-old Nancy had significant disabilities, she was able to breathe on her own and did not require life support.

Following the starving of Nancy through the withholding of fluids, the Autism Self Advocacy Network has released a statement slamming this decision, calling it “troubling” and “concerning”.

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BREAKING: Brittany Maynard may not die November 1

Brittany Maynard, a terminally ill 29-year-old who planned to end her life on November 1, has announced that she now plans to wait to see what happens. “It doesn’t seem like the right time right now,” she said in a new video.

Assisted suicide advocate organization Compassion and Choices released a second video (posted below) of Maynard yesterday, in which she discusses her latest decision regarding her death, and reveals that she does not feel this is the right time to die.

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