By donating to Planned Parenthood, you can lend a hand… to an abuser.

As you might know, I got a major surprise some years back while attending a political event. The venue was surrounded by protesters, with one of them declaring that I was a racist who hated minorities. I was surprised to learn that about myself. My biracial girlfriend was even more puzzled when she heard the news.

I recently got another surprise: it appears that I support the abortion industry. Cecile Richards seems to think so, anyway. She’s the president of Planned Parenthood, and I received an email from her asking for my help. While I have a fairly good idea as to how I ended up on Planned Parenthood’s mailing list, the content of their message is a little perplexing.

PP Fundraising Email1
Yeah, Cecile and I are on a first name basis.

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Planned pro-life film from Bruce Marchiano aims to save lives

Perhaps most known for his portrayal of Jesus in The Gospel of Matthew film, actor Bruce Marchiano has turned producer and screenwriter and is currently working with a team to bring Alison’s Choice: A Film about Life to the screen.

With a completed screenplay, now the producer is raising funds to finish the project, saying “funding is by donation, which releases the film to reach many more lives.”

The film takes a simple premise, asking, “What would Jesus say to a woman having an abortion?”

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NFL Commissioner details sweeping domestic violence initative worth commending

In July, a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Rice, was suspended for two games after striking his then fiancée. With many believing that the punishment was not severe enough, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell received much criticism.

In reaction, as well as in part because Goodell  “was affected more by people closer to him, including some owners,” the commissioner recently sent out a letter to all team owners regarding the domestic violence initiative under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. The news was reported by ESPNW on Thursday.

While Rice may have received a two game suspension for his conduct, which ESPNW notes is “less than the suspensions given for most other infractions, such as substance abuse, steroid use or DUI offenses[,]” a different punishment is now in place.

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Margaret Sanger, “After Tiller,” and the slippery slope to child euthanasia

What do Margaret Sanger, After Tiller, and child euthanasia have in common? The idea that some lives are not worth living.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a firmly-rooted eugenicist who believed that certain types of people had no business existing, much less reproducing. Her vision of the ideal world did not include humans whom she considered “unfit.” And the list of the “unfit” included everyone from “morons,” to “professional prostitutes” and “unemployables.” In Sanger’s worldview, there was a burden placed upon the “fit” to reproduce, and her goal was to eradicate all who did not belong in that limited category of humans.

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Planned Parenthood forced to face fraud lawsuit in Iowa

Planned Parenthood almost got away with alleged fraud in Iowa, until the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a district court’s dismissal of fraud claims by a former employee.

Sue Thayer, who was an office manager at Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, alleges that during her time in Planned Parenthood’s employment, the clinic committed multiple counts of Medicaid fraud and other questionable activity (such as being told to perform sonograms without medical training).

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(photo credit: Mark Udall for Colorado)

Democrats: Are they waging the real War on Women?

Earlier this month, Senator Lindsey Graham introduced the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in the U.S. Senate. The U.S. House has already passed this bill – which would protect unborn children from abortion after the fifth month of pregnancy and their mothers from the additional harm late-term abortion can cause.

But despite its popularity among the general public, the Senate has yet to vote on it, thanks to the actions of Democrats.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List explains:

Unfortunately, that legislation has languished in the U.S. Senate, where pro-abortion Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his pro-abortion allies have refused to even allow a vote.

Medical science has proven that unborn children can feel pain at 20 weeks – and likely even earlier. The Protection Act would stop abortions when science knows the child will suffer if an abortion is allowed.

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Texas pro-life law faces setback in ongoing legal battle

In a sweeping, yet potentially short-lived blow to tough Texas abortion restrictions, a federal judge Friday blocked the law’s key provision requiring abortion clinics to adhere to the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers.

Citing “undue burdens” on women seeking abortions, U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel stood with pro-abortion proponents in a decision that halted the last portion of House Bill 2, the law responsible for shuttering abortion clinics across the state. The Texas provision would have forced more than half of the state’s remaining abortion clinics, which fail to meet the medical and structural standards required under H.B.2., to shut their doors.

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Andrea Grimes complains over lack of post-abortion herbal tea

Shortly before the news broke that a judge had struck down a key part of the new Texas abortion law, RH Reality Check writer Andrea Grimes — the genius behind the “Taco and Beer Abortion Challenge” that was an utter flop — wrote about how horrible sterile abortion clinics are. According to Grimes, they’re just too cold and intimidating. And there’s no recliners or herbal tea!

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Planned Parenthood’s “Green Choices” initiative fails to inform women of toxic risks

Planned Parenthood’s Green Choices initiative misses the boat in a pretty big way. The abortion giant’s website states:

Planned Parenthood Green Choices supports the creation of a sustainable world by helping you make choices for better health and a greener environment – for you, your family, and your community.

Sounds like a reasonable idea, right? Well, as is so common with Planned Parenthood, this reasonable idea has become rather deceptive. Nowhere in the online information about toxic chemicals and personal care products does Planned Parenthood mention the very toxic (and sometimes fatal) risks associated with some popular forms of birth control.

No, when it comes to these toxic risks, Planned Parenthood is happy to pass them on to unsuspecting women. Under the guise of informing women of bad chemicals and harmful personal products, Planned Parenthood promotes some of the worst offenders.

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Dear PBS, I don’t think there’s a compassionate way to murder infants

Dear PBS,

This is quite the bold move. As a third rate, tax subsidized broadcasting outfit with a viewership in the single digits, I’d expect you’d try your best to fly under the radar. There is, after all, no conceivable reason for you to exist, nor is there a solid justification for spending tax money to keep afloat an irrelevant television channel that has long since drowned amid a sea of a million other channels.

Sure, you “only” bring in about 40 million dollars a year in tax money, but why draw attention to the scam? It might be a good 460 million dollars less than the amount that Obama gave to Planned Parenthood last year, but it’s still a sizable sum. It’s still 40 million dollars earmarked for a TV channel which provides absolutely nothing that can’t be found on dozens of other TV channels.

Yet here we are, and you’ve decided to air a 90 minute pro-late term abortion propaganda piece. Of all of the documentaries at your disposal, you chose to give airtime on your tax funded airwaves to a film that glorifies the butchery of viable, fully formed human beings.

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Meet the Right to Life League of Southern California, America’s oldest pro-life org

The Right to Life League of Southern California, located in Pasadena, boasts the distinction of being the oldest pro-life organization in the United States. The League was founded during Ronald Reagan’s governorship in California, and originally assembled in response to a 1960’s bill in the state.

Members of the League gathered and traveled to the capitol, where they were given fifteen minutes to speak with Reagan. The governor spent two hours with the pro-lifers, though, and emerged thoroughly convinced that supporting the bill in question was a bad idea, and his pro-life convictions gained momentum well into his presidency.

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