UC Santa Barbara Mireille Miller-Young

UC Santa Barbara Vice Chancellor blames the victim for professor’s assault on pro-life teen

UC Santa Barbara Mireille Miller-Young
UC Santa Barbara professor Mireille Miller-Young in the foreground with an UC Santa Barbara student in the background that holds a sign stolen from 16-year-old Thirin Short.

A recent incident at the University of California, Santa Barbara made nationwide waves. Thrin Short, a 16-year-old pro-life high school student, was handing out pro-life literature in the campus “free speech zone.” She found herself face-to-face with Mireille Miller-Young, an associate professor of feminist studies, specializing in “race, gender and sexuality in visual culture and sex industries in the United States,” with a focus on pornography and sex work.

Miller-Young approached the group of pro-lifers and began yelling and mocking them. Short was holding a pro-life sign, and Miller-Young began a chant demanding that students “tear down” the sign. (She was comparing a pro-life sign to Gorbachev’s wall; nice.) Miller-Short then tore the sign out of Short’s hands and gave it to other students. As Short followed her, asking for the sign back, Miller-Young responded by assaulting Short.

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Unmasking the push to terminate children with Down syndrome

h down syndrome

In Australia, much like the United States, only 5.3% of people diagnosed in the womb with Down syndrome are actually born.  About 95% of people with Down syndrome are never given the chance to live their lives. That means 95% of parents who receive such a diagnosis for their child have given in to their fears and now live everyday with the pain of having ended their child’s life.

News.com.au asks, “Is this the beginning of the end for Down syndrome?” And it very well could be.

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Dear kinda, sorta, maybe pro-life candidates

As another election cycle begins in earnest, some pro-life candidates are playing political games.

One common argument making the rounds is that campaigns are not “focused on social issues.” The all-important economy is the focus.

Where do a focus on the economy and a neglect of vital social issues get us? In the past, they’ve gotten us slavery and discrimination. They gave Germany the Holocaust. When moral people focus on the economy and put their blinders on for social issues, do we think our opposition ignores the social issues?

No. That’s why slavery continued and the Holocaust began. The opposition doesn’t let up. They don’t ignore social issues for the sake of the economy. They claim that their side of the social issues is imperative to the success of the economy. They use pro-lifers’ social-issue blindness to advance their own cause. They don’t hold up a white flag and say, “Sure, let’s all just forget about abortion for awhile.” Instead, they laugh at our folly and floor the gas pedal on their own advance.

Kinda, maybe, sorta pro-life candidates are emerging where true leaders once stood. Instead of finding a concise, courageous way to explain their convictions, they deny they ever had them.

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DC Abortion Fund defends its cringe-worthy coat hanger pendants

The DC Abortion Fund is a nonprofit organization that gives grants to women in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia to help pay for abortion services. The organization came under fire recently when conservatives on Twitter viewed a picture of the fund’s thank-you gift for donors. Donors who sign up to give $10 a month or more to funding abortions will get a coat hanger pendant necklace as a sign of thanks.

Cringe-worthy? I’d say so. Here are a few tweets that express the disgust some people felt after hearing about the fund’s donor gifts:

Mike Warren @MichaelRWarren
This is either a very sick parody or a sad reality

What kind of person thinks of this?

Horrific. Disgust is too weak…

News of the backlash against these hanger pendants got back to the DC Abortion Fund. They released a statement from their President, Val Vilott. The article is titled “The Coat Hanger as a Symbol, and Why Abortion Access Matters.”
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Vanessa Lopez

J.J. Redick’s ex, who signed “abortion contract,” pens tell-all book

Vanessa LopezLast summer, I wrote about NBA player J.J. Redick’s “abortion contract” with an ex-girlfriend, former model Vanessa Lopez. The contract itself was bizarre, callous, and incredibly inhumane – especially considering the fact that Redick boasts about being a “Christian.”

The “contract” stipulated that Lopez would receive $25,000 to abort the child, despite Redick’s denials that the baby was his. Redick also agreed to stay with Lopez for another year, and that any further contact would be considered “stalking.”

“She told me she wanted to have this baby but he was adamant in his opposition. She thought if she did what he wanted her to do, he would continue the relationship with her,” a source close to Vanessa told [Jill Stanek]. “She had no attorney. She hoped somehow, some way that doing what he wanted her to do would benefit her in the long run.”

But now, Vanessa Lopez is seeking justice by publishing a tell-all book, Fouls of the Courts. The book, which is slated for publication in August, will “expose the off-court bullying that takes place among sports superstars.” According to a press release from Garson & Wright Publications, it will especially focus on “the aggressive coercion she received from J.J. Redick to abort their unborn child with the infamous ‘contract to kill.'”

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ap logo

AP gives correction for accusing senators of calling abortion rights activists satanists and savages

ap logo

Earlier in March, the Associated Press released an article with a dishonest opening paragraph. Phillip Elliot reported on speeches given by Republican lawmakers at the Susan B. Anthony List “Campaign for Life Gala and Summit” in D.C.

Elliot wrote:

Calling their opponents Satan worshipers and savages, anti-abortion lawmakers on Wednesday insisted that Republican contenders keep an intense focus on social issues in the upcoming midterm elections and the 2016 presidential race.

Satan worshipers and savages? Those are some pretty serious accusations. In reality, Sen. Ted Cruz referenced the pro-choice activists who chanted, “Hail Satan” last year during a heated debated over abortion legislation in Texas. Video clips of the pro-choice activists chants quickly spread through the internet.

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Forced to abort her girls: An all-too-common tragedy

man and woman pregnantEarlier this month, Steve Conner of The Independent told the story of a British woman, forced by her husband to have multiple abortions. The reason? Her babies were girls.

The British-born woman of Pakistani parentage wanted her story to be told so that the wider world can know of the physical and emotional torment she and others in her position have had to endure as a result of terminating a pregnancy because it would have led to an unwanted daughter.

So far, “Samira” (not her real name), has been forced to have two abortions. At the time of Conner’s article, Samira was pregnant again, and dreading a likely third abortion if this baby, too, turns out to be a girl.

“Since falling pregnant, I think about it all the time. What’s going to happen? I’m really, really scared. I’m stressed out and I’m having nightmares about bleeding and being beaten up,” Samira said. “I think about running away with her and having the baby somewhere, but the thing is I can’t leave my children with him… I have my duty to my other children. I can’t leave them for someone who is not born. I don’t want it to happen.”

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Margo Davidson

Irony: Democrat cousin of Gosnell victim loses Planned Parenthood endorsement for being pro-woman

Almost a year ago, Live Action News brought you the story of Margo Davidson, the cousin of one of Kermit Gosnell’s adult victims, Semika Shaw. Semika was killed by Kermit Gosnell in 2000 in a botched abortion, and her cousin is haunted by the memory of what Semika suffered at the hands of the cruel abortionist. Her cousin also happens to be a State Representative in Pennsylvania, where Kermit Gosnell operated his House of Horrors.

When Davidson, a Democrat, first ran for office in 2010, she was endorsed by Planned Parenthood. But in late 2011, Davidson voted in favor of a bill designed specifically to prevent the kind of horrors that killed her cousin from being perpetuated in other Pennsylvania abortion mills. Davidson publicly acknowledged the tragedy that befell her cousin when the latter went to Kermit Gosnell for what Planned Parenthood would call “pro-woman” health care in an emotional, heartfelt address to the legislature:

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Aborted babies incinerated and being used to heat British hospitals


A report out of England today is making waves around the world. An investigation found that the bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were burned and then used to heat UK hospitals.

Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat.

… One of the country’s leading hospitals, Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge, incinerated 797 babies below 13 weeks gestation at their own ‘waste to energy’ plant. The mothers were told the remains had been ‘cremated.’

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From Bump To Buzz

Time-lapse video of wife’s baby bump has nearly 5 million views

Tom Fletcher, the husband in this video, wrote a song titled “Something New” and performed it in this time-lapse video of his wife’s baby bump. The charming video has garnered millions of views in just a few days.

A baby at only 7 weeks.

Breaking: Aborted infants burned to heat hospitals in the UK

There are times words truly fail in their ability to express evil.  These times come far too often when the truth about the slaughter of the innocent must be told; such a time has come yet again as an investigation in the United Kingdom has discovered that the bodies aborted infants have been being burned in “waste-to-energy” plants to heat hospitals.

Incinerating the slaughtered to provide comfort for the living has been taking place in some of the country’s most prominent hospitals, and has included not just victims of abortion, but also the remains of children lost to miscarriage, with parents being told their lost children were “cremated”, and given no other option for caring for their little one’s remains.

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Wendy’s making strides to help foster children find permanent families

Since 1992, the Wendy’s restaurant chain has been working to raise adoption awareness through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Adopted himself, Dave Thomas knew first-hand the need for adoption awareness, especially today when tens of thousands of teens are aging out of the foster care system in America every year without ever being welcomed by an adoptive family. These teens go into the world and the workforce without a family to call their own. The need for loving families seeking older, or even troubled children is greater than ever. Wendy’s launched a TV commercial to promote its mission to abolish the term “unadoptable.” The Foundation sums up the message in this moving video:

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Pregnant woman

“Texas Gosnell” sued for nearly killing woman in abortion as new details revealed

One week after the Texas Medical Board dismissed a complaint against the infamous Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen due to “insufficient evidence,” Karpen committed a wildly botched abortion on Melanie Mendoza. The event occurred a year ago, but new legal documents have come to light revealing new facts about the case.

Thanks in part to the testimony of three of his former employees to Operation Rescue last year, America finally came to see Douglas Karpen as the “Texas Gosnell” that he is. Karpen is accused of routinely murdering babies born alive after his unsuccessful abortions, often very large babies whose abortions are committed much later in the pregnancy than is allowed by state law. Photo documentation evidences this claim (viewer discretion is advised).

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Why Christians should embrace adoption


Despite efforts at awareness of such a miracle of life, sometimes people still don’t embrace adoption. Sadly, many of those ideas emanate from Christians who are pro-life.

Recently another sad story of a “returned” child made news, leading others to question whether adoption is the best thing—at least for the parents—especially when children are difficult and need more support, whether emotionally or physically. “You don’t know what you’re getting,” they say, often adding that an adopted child could be “damaged.” He or she could make your life uncomfortable, ruin the family dynamic.

To the Christian, the answer to all of that should be, “so what?”

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Upcoming Life/Peace/Justice conference emphasizes pro-life unity and ethic


On March 29, 2014 (next Saturday) the first ever Life/Peace/Justice conference will be held at Villanova University in Philadelphia. This conference will feature antiabortion speakers as well as speakers on other life issues such as euthanasia and the death penalty.  Aimee Murphy, executive director of Life Matters Journal, which is sponsoring the conference, was kind enough to give an interview and talk a little bit about the upcoming event.

What inspired you to organize the Life/Peace/Justice Conference?

Murphy: There were a lot of different factors at play when I finally decided to take the leap and start the planning for Life/Peace/Justice. The seed of the idea had been planted back when I was in undergrad at Carnegie Mellon. Our pro-life group had a consistent life ethic woven into its constitution, and we had taken the opportunity to start more conversations about the hard issues with our student peers. I wanted to do the conference back in 2010, but we just didn’t have the resources. So I kept it in the back of my mind, retaining the hope that someday we’d have the resources and the opportunity to present a conference on a whole range of life issues.

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Portrait of pierced teen girl

Virginia Department of Health under scrutiny for refusing to verify reporting on child sex abuse


After learning of a possible incident of child abuse at a Roanoke abortion mill, and attempting to investigate the allegation, the Family Foundation of Virginia has hit a brick wall with the Virginia Department of Health. The department has has failed to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in releasing documentation to verify that the department did in fact report the alleged abuse. The Family Foundation of Virginia reports:

On Tuesday, March 4, 2014, The Family Foundation, for the second time, asked the Department of Health for any correspondence it has regarding whether it had notified law enforcement about the possibility that an incident of child sexual abuse had taken place and had also gone unreported by the Roanoke Medical Center for Women.

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A woman hold contraception in the form of birth control pills.

Hey ACLU: Catholics “shocked” by Catholic contraceptive policies are really getting old

Is the American Civil Liberties Union having trouble finding actual civil-liberty violations to challenge these days? That’s the question raised by one of their latest blog offerings, an anonymous sob story by someone who claims, “My employer shamed me for using birth control.”

Arguing that “no one should be forced to choose between her job and her dignity,” “Jessica R.” says she fears pressing her (also-anonymous) Catholic university employers for contraception coverage. Upon her hiring, the Human Resources secretary informed Jessica that birth control wasn’t covered, though she later learned the insurance company did cover it. So she happily received birth control coverage for more than a year, until… Continue reading


40 Days for Life campaign seeing results as abortion clinic turns away patients

On Wednesday of last week, the abortionist in South Bend – Dr. Ulrich Klopfer – shoveled snow in an empty parking lot instead of killing babies.

Dr. Klopfer shovelsabortion clinic 1

Dr. Klopfer has been under investigation by St. Joseph County Special Victim’s Unit for allegedly failing to meet the state’s reporting regulations for child sex abuse.  Only employee vehicles were visible in the lot on Wednesday.
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Former clinic worker describes seeing parts of babies

Jewels Green. Photo via jewelsgreen.com.

Jewels Green is a former clinic worker who became pro-life. On her website, which can be found here, she describes herself as “an ardent human rights advocate who supports the right to life from conception to natural death.”

I asked Jewels to answer some questions about her time in the abortion industry and she was kind enough to give the following answers to my questions.

1. What was the counseling like in your clinic? Did you give accurate information? Was it biased?

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Dollars for death: How D.C. Abortion Fund raises money to terminate life


The D.C. Abortion Fund (DCAF) is a non-profit organization that defines empathy and concern as raising money to fund abortions for the women living in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia who want to dispose of an unborn child, but can’t afford to pay for the procedure themselves.

The organization’s logo is a clever coat hanger and their motto is “Her rights shouldn’t depend on her wallet.” In other words, DCAF is looking for willing people to open their wallets and help bankroll the destruction of living flesh and blood.

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