New Mexico pro-life group uses ‘truth truck’ to educate public on pro-abortion candidate

New Mexico pro-life group ProtestABQ is taking their “truth truck” into the neighborhood of pro-abortion Albuquerque city council candidate Pat Davis to show the truth of abortion, which he supports.

The council hopeful called the tactic ‘intimidation,’ adding, “I don’t believe for a minute that City Hall has any business getting between a woman and her doctor on medical issues, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree.”

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My story of miscarriage: “I have eternal life and so does my baby”

Audra Wray

I woke up with the worst headache on February 7th. I am used to dealing with headaches, but this one was different. I just felt completely off. I stayed in bed all weekend, even missing church. Monday rolled around and I was somewhat better, but still just off. My husband Kyle was home that day and a man came by about updating our landscaping. I told him I wanted lots of bright flowers near the entryway. Then I went inside and took a pregnancy test, confirming that the “off” feeling was pregnancy.

We hadn’t been trying to conceive, but I knew I wanted another baby and was thrilled.

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He used to be an abortionist; now, he fights to save the lives of the preborn

In 1976, Dr. Anthony Levatino, an OB/GYN, graduated from medical school and was, without a doubt, pro-abortion. He strongly supported abortion “rights” and believed abortion was a decision to be made between a woman and her doctor.

“A lot of people identify themselves as pro-life or pro-choice, but for so many people, it doesn’t really touch them personally; it doesn’t impact their lives in the way that I wish it would. If nothing more than in the voting booth, if nowhere else,” said Levatino in a speech for the Pro-Life Action League. “But when you’re an obstetrician / gynecologist and you say I’m pro-choice – well, that becomes rather a more personal thing because you’re the one who does the abortions and you have to make the decision of whether you’ll do that or not.”

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Pressured to abort her baby, one mother fights for an end to discrimination

Rachel Mullen (via The Federalist)
Rachel Mullen (via The Federalist)

Rachel Mullen is fighting hard for the right to life for children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome. She knows firsthand how preborn babies with the condition are discriminated against, targeted for death simply for existing. Mullen lives in Ohio, where a proposed bill to ban abortion in cases of Down syndrome is on the line, along with countless lives.

90% of children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are aborted. Mullen learned why this number is so high after she received a phone call telling her that her own preborn child likely had Down syndrome. In an article for The Federalist she wrote:

I was sent to a high-risk obstetrician seemingly immediately. The first thing I said to this doctor was that I would never abort my child, and I didn’t want her to even suggest this. She either found this to be a challenge she wanted to win or she just didn’t care about what I said.

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Ohio Department of Health rejects abortion facilities’ exemption requests, licenses revoked

The Ohio Department of Health has rejected variance requests from both Women’s Med Center in Kettering and Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio, asking that they be exempted from a law requiring abortion clinics to have written transfer agreements with a local hospital. They have been notified that their licenses will be revoked.  The clinics, which perform 5,800 abortions per year, have 30 days to appeal.

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Triplets born at 28 weeks survive ‘miracle delivery’

On September 22, Chloe Dunstan was due to give birth to triplets: two boys and a girl. But early in July, midway through her pregnancy, the Australian mother faced an impossible choice: continue with the pregnancy and lose her baby girl (who was deprived of oxygen and nutrients), or deliver early at 28 weeks, which could put all three babies at risk.

Doctors recommended that Chloe consider letting her preborn baby girl die in order to give the two baby boys better odds of survival. But in an effort to save all three babies, Chloe decided to deliver early. On July 3, she gave birth to triplets – Chloe and husband Rohan’s fourth, fifth, and sixth children: Henry, Rufus, and “miracle” baby Pearl. All three babies survived, and arrived home from the hospital before their September due date.

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8 shocking quotes from Planned Parenthood abortionists and staffers

The investigative videos produced by the Center For Medical Progress have shocked viewers nationwide. In their own element, Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue procurement workers reveal a casually desecrating view of preborn human life, and a calloused approach to the buying, selling, and dissection of fetal bodies.

Planned Parenthood’s contempt for rule of law and exploitation of human life —along with a flurry of abuses— render it unfit to receive another cent from the American taxpayer. Here is the tip of the iceberg…

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Utah State University campus police allegedly quash pro-life chalk message

Students for Life of America is taking up the cause of a pro-life Utah State University student who alleges that campus police wrongly forced her to remove a pro-life sidewalk chalk display.

Melissa says she and friends participated in SFLA’s National Pro-Life Chalk Day by drawing 897 hearts accompanied by the messages “say no to abortion,” #defundpp, and pro-life quotes from Mother Theresa and Dr. Seuss. “I frequently see messages chalked across campus,” she writes, “Messages announcing activities, random pictures, etc…( Last year there was even a club handing out chalk during the day and people were drawing all over the sidewalks).” They further inferred it was permissible because campus security watched for nearly twenty minutes without comment.

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Bill Nye returns to unscientifically deceive America on abortion

Back in January, Bill Nye the Science Guy broke many a pro-life millennial’s heart when he outed himself as a particularly unscientific pro-abort. Unfortunately, this week he came out with a new video at Big Think imploring, “Can we stop telling women what to do with their bodies”? And once again he’s so scandalously wrong on basic human biology that it’ll have you doubting everything you ever learned on his show:

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