UK health minister says abortions are not for minor disabilities — but what about the rest?


Abortion laws in the United Kingdom restrict abortions after the 24th week of pregnancy. The only exception? If the baby is diagnosed with having a disability, then the mother can choose to have an abortion right up until the 40th week of pregnancy, even if the disability is merely a cleft lip. The law was meant to allow for babies with “serious handicaps”, but that’s clearly not how it’s being used.

Now, one UK health minister is speaking out — but not in the way you might think.

Babies should not be aborted on the basis that they are going to have a minor disability such as a club foot or cleft palate, a health minister has suggested.

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Planned Parenthood: Investigate Their Plan

There’s a big difference between what Planned Parenthood says, and what they do.

Investigate thier plan, adf, abortionSo says the headline quote from Alliance Defending Freedom’s revealing project, Investigate Their Plan. Through this project, ADF invites average citizens to find out what Planned Parenthood is focused on. The abortion giant likes to keep its agenda under wraps, but a little digging reveals the chilling truth.

It’s one thing to believe what a supposedly-credible organization tells you. It’s quite another to find out the real truth behind the organization’s words.

Planned Parenthood would like women everywhere to believe it is a credible, feminist, and worthy organization. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. ADF’s Investigate Their Plan provides vital information to women – and all Americans – who want to know the facts.

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20 week-old unborn baby

Most late-term abortions are not done for medical reasons

20-weeks-human-fetus3In a house editorial about an Arizona law that restricts abortions after 18 weeks, the editors of theNew York Times assert that “the overwhelming number of abortions occur well before 20 weeks; later abortions mostly often involve severely troubled pregnancies that pose risks to a woman’s health or life.”

This allegation that abortions after 20 weeks are mostly performed for medical reasons has long been discredited by the public disclosures of abortion providers. The salient facts are documented in Just Facts’ research on partial-birth abortion and are summarized below.

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Nurse quits abortion industry after baby born alive is left to die

Marleen Goldstein worked in a hospital that performed abortions. After 30 years, she’s come forward with her story.

According to Goldstein:

My husband was a resident at a hospital and I just got “the job of my dreams” at a nearby Oakland hospital.  I was very much a believer in the abortion issue and now I felt I was going to be part of it.

I got hired as a charge nurse at this clinic that did late term abortions.  I spent about 30 days on the day shift getting familiar with everything.  I would witness and assist the doctor in the actual procedure, injection of drugs to the fetus, the seaweed, etc.  On the day shift I really never saw the actual start of the contractions or the termination process.  I was uncomfortable, but I really thought to myself, this was something new and I needed to get more experience.

In these abortions, the woman was dilated with laminaria, which are sticks made of seaweed that are placed in the woman’s cervix. These sticks slowly absorb fluid and dilate the cervix; they can be kept in overnight or longer. Drugs were injected into the baby to kill him or her on the first day the procedure. Late-term abortions are often performed in a similar way today.

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south wind womens center

Former clinic of George Tiller reopens in KS; celebrates first year in business by announcing death toll

south wind womens center

Since George Tiller’s widely condemned shooting death in 2009, the abortion landscape in Kansas has changed, as abortion numbers decline. But the late abortionist’s disturbing legacy persists now that his abortion mill, which closed down after his death, has been reopened for the past year. To mark South Wind Women’s Center’s first anniversary, The Wichita Eagle ran a piece recapping the center’s journey to reopening, and reporting on how “business” has been for the abortion mill via an announcement of the death toll it has incurred via abortion.  (The Eagle‘s original article is, strangely, no longer available for viewing on their website, but it can still be viewed here.) Emphasis added:

South Wind Women’s Center says it provided about 1,200 abortions in its first year…. South Wind said it has seen a total of about 1,500 patients for reproductive care, including abortions up to 14 weeks. Patients have come from across the state and from a few other states, such as Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Patient numbers are “right in line with our projections,” said Julie Burkhart…

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Fort Wayne bus system bans ad from pro-life clinic offering free health care resources

The policies governing Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Public Transportation Corporation (also known as “Citilink”) allow advertising to be placed inside or outside the bus, so long as the advertising does not “express or advocate opinions or positions upon political, religious, or moral issues.”  Women’s Health Link, an organization that provides free health care services for women, wanted to put this 11’’x17’’ advertisement in the bus.


According to a lawsuit filed Monday by Women’s Health Link,

Citilink prohibited Plaintiff’s public service announcement and denied it equal access to its advertising forum because of Women’s Health Link’s life-affirming viewpoint and association with a pro-life group.

Other non-profit organizations have been allowed to display advertisements – some even had to do with health care, but Women’s Health Link was denied as the “public service announcement was not commercial in nature” and their “website contained information about ‘controversial issues.’”  After a second request, Citilink responded, “We feel that this ad does not educate the general public or raise awareness regarding a significant social issue in a viewpoint neutral manner. We do not choose to post this ad as a PSA.”

The lawsuit alleges that in allowing Citilink to have broad discretion over who is allowed to advertise, they are allowing content-based restriction on speech and association, in violation of the First Amended.  Additionally, Women’s Health Link claims that their Fourteenth Amendment rights to Due Process and Equal Protection have been violated.

According to Alliance Defending Freedom’s Attorney Rory Gray,

When the city creates an opportunity for community advertising, it cannot single out pro-life organizations for censorship. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech for all people, regardless of their political or religious beliefs.


Baroness: “Lord Steel, would never have sanctioned gender abortions”

Boy Girl signpost

Sex-selection abortions and gendercide are concepts that are usually equated with countries like China or India, not England.  But sex-selective abortions are happening in the United Kingdom.  Baroness Knight of Collingtree brought the matter to the attention of the House of Lords last Thursday:

I have checked the Act a number of times and all the amendments very carefully. There are no such words or clarity in the whole lot of them. It would amaze me if there had been, for none of us dreamed then that it would become possible to know the sex of an unborn child. The noble Lord, Lord Steel, would never have sanctioned gender abortions.

Abortion law surely lacks clarity on matters that need to be clear. Furthermore, it suffers from those who play with words to the extent that it permits terminations that were never intended to be legal.

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planned parenthood giant

Lies and Misinformation: Why America Doesn’t Need Planned Parenthood

planned parenthood giantDefenders of Planned Parenthood often argue that the organization is more than just abortions. They provide low-cost medical care for women! They do cancer screenings! And if a woman does have an unplanned pregnancy, then counselors give her all the options!

If only any of that were true. The reality is that Planned Parenthood peddles in lies, manipulation, and misinformation.

Live Action’s Rosa Acuna Project exposed the rampant medical misinformation given to women at clinics around the country. Far from allowing a woman to make an informed choice, our undercover investigations found that counselors lied and used exploitative tactics to convince women to have abortions.

These tactics are blatant violations of the American Medical Association’s principle of informed consent, which says that physicians must give patients accurate medical information. And again, this happens in real life as well – not only in investigations.

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Boy reads letter with life-changing news and an incredible gift

In an endearing video, a young boy is asked by his parents to read a letter to the camera, and they record his reaction to some unexpected news:

The little boy’s response to learning that he is a big brother affirms the precious gift that a child is to a family. Everyone’s identity in a family changes a little bit when they receive a new addition. In this little boy’s case, a son becomes a big brother. He is visibly moved by the news and its impact on his own life.

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barack obama

Obama logic: Child murder is OK, but child abuse and neglect are deplorable

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services Children’s Bureau, April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The month is dedicated to child abuse prevention in order to acknowledge the reality of child abuse, and to take action to prevent the tragedy from continuing:

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is a time to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse and neglect, and to promote the social and emotional well-being of children and families. During the month of April and throughout the year, communities are encouraged to share child abuse and neglect prevention awareness strategies and activities and promote prevention across the country. In recognition of the 40th anniversary of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, we have designed a historical timeline of significant moments in child abuse prevention in the United States.

The President of the United States made the following proclamation to kick-start National Child Abuse Prevention Month (emphasis added):

In the United States of America, every child should have every chance in life, every chance at happiness, and every chance at success. Yet tragically, hundreds of thousands of young Americans shoulder the burden of abuse or neglect. As a nation, we must do better.

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Do pro-choicers get a pass on hate speech?

Mike Dickinson
Mike Dickinson

Our world is rife with accusations of hate speech. But one group that nearly always seems to get a pass on hate speech is abortion advocates. Pro-choicers can say practically anything they want.

Where is the media when it comes to pro-choice hate speech? When pro-life political candidates make unkind or inaccurate statements, the press is instantly there to criticize and condemn. No explanations or second chances are allowed.

But the other side of the coin isn’t so equal. Take Virginia Democrat candidate, Mike Dickinson, as an example. Dickinson plans to challenge Eric Cantor for his U.S. House seat in November.

The Washington Times – the only major non-conservative news outlet that seems to be covering the story – reports Dickinson’s hate speech:

A Democratic candidate running for the legislative seat currently held by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is taking the GOP head-on, slamming the gun rights crowd and the pro-life people with the same hateful brush that suggests: You’re all inferior on the intellectual front. …

He then went on to tweet out his harsh appraisal of those who oppose abortion.

“Anti choice, abortion haters are all basically mentally disabled. They cannot see or reason. It’s all bible thumping,” Mr. Dickinson tweeted, as reported by The Blaze.

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Website invites public to help give a name to every child lost to abortion


With a death toll of somewhere around 2 million American lives lost in wars, we mourn the lives cut short and honor those who gave the ultimate gift for the freedom of our country. We celebrate their homecoming if there is one, and if there is not we surround their families with love and honor the memory of a life lived for others. We list their names on memorials and remember them in our prayers.

But it’s a completely different story with abortion.

With a toll of over 55 million abortions since 1973, the number of children lost to abortion is astronomically higher than the lives lost in war. That’s not to say that the millions of lives lost in war are insignificant. Both numbers are staggering. But shouldn’t we be honoring all innocent lives lost in our country? Instead of just being a number, children lost to abortion should be remembered as the people they were.

That’s just what Charlotte Ostermann set out to do with her project 50 Million Names.

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Parents who chose life for baby with fatal disorder slammed as “selfish” and “immoral”


Bristol Palin spotlighted the amazing and heartbreaking story of Sophia Kyla Dennis, daughter of Lindsey and Kevin. At twenty weeks pregnant, Lindsey and Kevin were given the devastating news that their daughter had a brain disorder that was 100% fatal. Rather than having an abortion, they gave birth to their beautiful baby and got to enjoy ten hours with her.

“The 10 best hours of my life,” is how Lindsey Dennis describes her short time with Sophia Kyla, born last fall. Lindsey and husband Kevin found out at the 20th week of her pregnancy that Sophia had a brain disorder that is 100 percent fatal. Their heartbreak has been eased by an organization run by volunteers called, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. “As a more intense grieving began for us, having photos of Sophie when she was alive and well just meant the world to us,” Kevin explains.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is an organization comprised of amateur photographers who, at no charge, give parents like Lindsey and Dennis free portraits of their babies for the brief time that they have them, so that they can remember their child and the memories of them.

But to one pro-abortion extremist, Sophia Kyla’s life and story isn’t one to be celebrated. Instead, they’re slamming the parents, calling them selfish, immoral, and macabre.

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Bombshell: NYC tanning salons inspected more often than abortion clinics


Abortion is a big business in New York, aided and abetted by politicians eager to make it even more commonplace than it already is. The abortion rate is double than the national average, with over a third of all pregnancies ending in abortion. That rate is even higher for black women living in New York City, where more babies die from abortion than are born. But of course, none of that is enough for the scalpel-happy abortion advocates in New York, who want to make it even more widespread.

Perhaps that explains the bombshell documents that the New York Post obtained, which showed that city officials inspect tanning salons more often than they do abortion clinics.

The state Health Department is failing to inspect many of New York’s abortion clinics — with some facilities escaping scrutiny for more than a decade, bombshell documents obtained by The Post reveal.

Health inspectors regulate 25 diagnostic and treatment clinics and surgery centers that provide abortion services — though pro-choice advocates say there are 225 abortion service providers in New York state.

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New York City skyline (photo credit: Eva Abreu on Flickr)

McDonald’s, tanning salons inspected more frequently than abortion mills in New York

Embryotomy Scissors abortion

Over a twelve-year period in New York (2000 – 2012), only forty-five inspections in total were conducted on the city’s twenty-five abortion mills.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request by the Chiaroscuro Foundation, a pro-life think tank, the public has been made aware of the fact that tanning salons and McDonald’s restaurants are being inspected more frequently than the city’s abortion facilities. The New York Post reports:

By comparison, city eateries are inspected every year and graded, while a new law requires tanning salons to undergo inspections at least once every other year.

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Wisconsin Choose LIfe plate

Wisconsin pro-life license plate bill not voted on by Senate, lawsuit considered

Wisconsin Choose LIfe plate

In Wisconsin’s last legislative session, AB 206 was considered, a bill that would create specialized pro-life license plates, giving some of the proceeds to pregnancy centers throughout the state.

The Assembly passed the bill last November, where it was then sent to the Senate Committee on Transportation, Public Safety, and Veterans and Military Affairs.  The Senate Committee approved it this March.  Next should have come a vote by the Wisconsin Senate.  But that vote never came, effectively stopping the bill.

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unbornbaby24w-01 (1)

Partial-birth abortion horror revisited: nurse tells grisly tale of the procedure

Registered nurse Brenda Pratt Shafer was pro-choice when she was assigned to assist Dr. Martin Haskell in performing  abortions at his abortion clinic Women’s Medical Center. In her own words:

I took the assignment because I was at that time very pro-choice. I had even told my two teenage daughters that if one of them ever got pregnant at a young age, I would make them get an abortion.

Dr. Martin Haskell, who still performs abortions today and has sent a number of women to the hospital with serious complications,  had pioneered the dilation and extraction abortion, also known as partial birth abortion. Continue reading

planned parenthood giant

Above the Law: Why America Doesn’t Need Planned Parenthood

planned parenthood giantAccording to pro-abortion activists, we need Planned Parenthood.

They’ll rattle off a list of reasons – naming all of the supposed good that the organization does – and bury abortion somewhere near the bottom of that list. But the truth is that Planned Parenthood is an evil organization, chiefly concerned with one thing and one thing only: making money from the killing of unborn children. Nowhere can this truth be more evident than by their consistent attitude of being above the law.

Time and time again, they’ve been caught in blatant criminal activity.

Live Action began undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood in 2007, and what was found was truly disturbing. Eight clinics around the country were willing to cover up sexual abuse, in violation of mandatory statutory rape reporting laws. Another undercover investigation found seven clinics willing to aid and abet child sex trafficking. And while abortion advocates shrug the videos off as fake or doctored, the facts don’t bear that out. Planned Parenthood has repeatedly been caught doing the kind of illicit activities reported in our undercover investigations.

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Hopeless Chinese parents grieve as they abandon disabled, sick, and female children at “baby hatches”

China’s one-child policy and male child preference continue to have devastating effects on families across the country. Parents frequently turn to abortion (or are forced to abort), abandonment, gendercide, and illegal adoptions to obey the one-child policy. The abandonment of female infants is especially common, as well as abandonment of sick or disabled children whose medical needs cannot be supported by rural families living in extreme poverty.

To encourage an alternative to infant abandonment, China’s welfare services have created a “baby hatch” initiative. Desperate parents can bring children they cannot support, or are not allowed to support, to the baby hatch and leave them there for a social worker to collect and take to a home run by welfare services. Parents literally walk into a small room (the “hatch”), leave the child in a crib, and walk away. Infrared cameras detect movement in the rooms, alerting welfare workers to come and collect the child.

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The moment of fertilization; the moment a new, unique life begins to exist.

Does the Obama mandate force you to pay for abortions?

In a recent National Public Radio broadcast and accompanying article entitled “Morning-After Pills Don’t Cause Abortion, Studies Say,” NPR journalist Julie Rovner reported that the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate doesn’t force people to pay for abortion-inducing drugs. The article focuses on drugs commonly known as “morning-after” pills, which actually can be used to stop pregnancy for up to three to five days after unprotected sex.

Rovner’s argument consists of two major points: the first is that blocking the implantation of fertilized eggs does not constitute abortion, and the second is that morning-after pills do not block the implantation of fertilized eggs. Both of these claims are built upon half-truths and outright falsehoods that become evident through a comprehensive look at the scientific facts.

When does life begin?

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