Chinese government breaks up gang offering sex-selective abortions

The Chinese Ministry of Health recently reported the arrest of a gang running an illegal service enabling women to receive sex-selective abortions, according to a Reuters article.

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The Spectre of Choice: Canada edges towards legalizing euthanasia

America’s “neighbors to the north” are quietly preparing for a monumental battle that may drastically alter the Canadian understanding and definition of human dignity and worth. It’s a move pro-life advocates need to give their full attention to, as the political reality in Canada makes it likely that any changes will be longstanding and quickly hidden from public discourse.

While the abortion and euthanasia debates have raged for decades in the United States, and are constantly at the front of political and social discussions, issues of life are far less of a focal point in public discourse for Canadians, making it difficult to make any progress at all in implementing legal protections for some of society’s most vulnerable. While nearly every state in the U.S. passed or brought up multiple pieces of legislation, in the last year alone, designed to curtail abortion or further regulate abortion providers, Canada has yet to pass even one law pertaining to abortion, and current Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeatedly promised that the issue won’t be reopened as long as he holds office.

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Primetime pro-life: ‘Parenthood’ revisits last season’s abortion, “I wish I could take it all back”


In a recent episode of Parenthood, Drew (who is now in college at Berkeley) encounters his ex-girlfriend – the one who aborted his child last season after he told her that he would be there for her and the baby, and that she didn’t need to go through with it.

Live Action reported on the episode last season:

In the episode, Drew, a high school senior who is madly in love with his girlfriend, Amy, is shocked by the news that Amy has unexpectedly become pregnant. Amy’s attitude throughout the episode is one of despair and stress. Drew, in spite of being confused and overwhelmed, remains supportive and loving of Amy while simultaneously developing an unspoken affection for his child.

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©Downs Designs

Grandmother creates awesome clothing line for people with Down syndrome

©Downs Designs
©Downs Designs

Karen Bowersox didn’t hesitate when it came to her attention that her granddaughter was having trouble finding clothes that fit. She contacted a designer, and together they launched Downs Designs. The company makes clothing for people with Down syndrome that fit better than clothes off the rack. As we all know, how we feel in our clothing can change how we feel about ourselves. And it’s no different for anyone with Down syndrome.

Bowersox told The Huffington Post, “When they wear our pants and they fit and they look and feel more comfortable, they can be confident in themselves. You don’t see the Down syndrome anymore.”

Maggie, Bowersox’s 9-year-old granddaughter, may have been the inspiration behind Downs Designs, but she certainly isn’t the only customer. Their Facebook page has nearly 41,000 fans.

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“Unsung hero:” Brother would take a bullet for disabled sister

Lindsay Cochran and her brotherLindsay Cochran is young, beautiful, and sweet.

She’s also in a wheelchair, thanks to being born with SMA – Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

In 2013, Lindsay’s family was given the Unsung Hero Award by K-LOVE, a national Christian radio station. An incredibly touching video, highlighting the relationship between Lindsay and her older brother, is going viral online. In the video, Lindsay’s brother says that he would take a bullet for her and that he has no idea what he would do without her. You can almost feel the love he feels for his sister, whom he calls his “best friend.”

A YouTube commenter expresses it well:

This little boy is astounding. I don’t know him but I can say with all honesty that I love him. Don’t ever change sweetheart. Your sister is the luckiest little girl ever.

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Rep. Chris Smith

Rep. Chris Smith: Abortion is a “violation of fundamental human rights”

This January, Americans remembered the tragic Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade, and how it radically changed America through legalization of abortion on demand. In anticipation of the anniversary, pro-life members of Congress gathered to make short statements regarding the ruling and its injustice towards both women and pre-born American children. Below are a few of the statements with excerpts; the full collection of 22 incredible statements can be found here. We’ll highlight several in the coming days.

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Nancy Pelosi & Louise Slaughter: Tone-deaf to pro-life America and pro-life women

Nancy PelosiShould American taxpayers be forced to fund a practice they find morally repulsive or morally unacceptable in most cases?

The issue in question is abortion on demand. The Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted to pass the No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act believe in protecting American taxpayers from being forced to fund abortion with their federal tax dollars.

“The bill would establish a permanent, government-wide prohibition on federal taxpayer funding of abortion and health benefits plans that include coverage of abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is in danger,” Heritage Action for America explains in a key vote in favor of the bill.

Several House Democrats adamantly oppose this common-sense bill, however, and after the bill’s passage were vocal in their condemnations of the Republicans who passed it.

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Christopher Duffley

Blind, autistic son of a drug addict adopted, now musically gifted and living vibrant life

There are many people who think babies like Christopher are better off not being born. There are those who believe that, because of the presence of drugs and deterioration in a woman’s body, her child must be non-viable and unworthy of saving. There are many who believe that depriving children like him of the chance to live –no matter how briefly– is merciful. This little boy stands in the face of those ideologies as a bold witness to their falsehood.

Meet Christopher Duffley. He was born in 2001 to a mother who was addicted to the drugs Oxycontin and cocaine during her pregnancy. As a result of his mother’s unhealthy behaviors, Christopher is blind and autistic. His uncle, who is also his adoptive father, adopted him from the foster care system when Christopher was 1 year old. Moved with emotion and love for his son, it would clearly be impossible to persuade Christopher’s father that Christopher would be better off had he never existed.

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sad woman girl

RH Reality Check laments scrutiny of lawbreaking abortionists

sad woman girl

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer is a victim. Did you know that? The Indiana abortionist is the subject of a mean, mean anti-abortion witch hunt. The kindly man, who was nice enough to perform an abortion on a 13-year-old girl without reporting the procedure to the state as required, is now being picked on by us pro-life bullies. Why won’t we just let abortionists perform abortions on minors without reporting it like they want to? Why do we always have to get in the gosh darn way of baby killing?

That’s the attitude that RH Reality Check is taking on the charges filed against Dr. Klopfer. Far from being appalled that Dr. Klopfer broke the law by failing to report statutory rape, they’re his biggest cheerleaders.

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Andrew Cuomo

New Yorkers respond to Cuomo’s intolerant outburst against pro-lifers

Just over a week ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo went on a tirade against “extreme conservatives who are right to life,” telling them that they “have no place in the state of New York.” Since then, pro-life groups and other prominent New Yorkers have denounced the Governor’s comments, calling them “morally wrong” and even tyrannical.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo’s widespread call for the banishment of all New Yorkers who don’t toe his liberal line sounds like something we might hear from the mouth of a tyrant condemning those who sit on the wrong side of his throne,” said Bronx Senator Rubén Díaz. “I must ask our beloved Governor, where are all those talks about tolerance?”

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Global Watch: Spain takes stand for human life

Protecting him? Not pro-life, apparently

The government in Spain is reevaluating its abortion policies in dramatic ways, with potential impact for good or evil, on generations yet to come.  The Spanish government is looking to re-tighten regulations that were loosened under the previous Prime Minister of Spain.  Up until 2010, abortions were illegal in Spain unless necessary to “preserve the life and health of the mother,” and generally not available to minors.  Under Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero however, the law was expanded in several key ways:

  1. Legalizing at-will terminations up to 14 weeks gestation
  2. Legalizing termination up until 22 weeks gestation if two doctors certified it was necessary to preserve the “life and health of the mother”, or in the case of fetal impairment.
  3. Expand the legality of late-term abortions to include an exception for “severe” fetal impairment.
  4. Allow underage girls to procure abortions without parental consent in certain circumstances.

Perhaps most notably, the legislation defined abortion as a “woman’s right,” a massive ideological shift in how abortion was viewed.

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Sarah Silverman’s Jesus doesn’t understand biology

By now you’ve probably heard that Sarah Silverman released an offensive video about being visited by “Jesus F***ing Christ.” Silverman is in a category that is hard to exactly call atheist, because if she really didn’t believe in God, she probably wouldn’t have such a problem with him. Anyway, in her video, she asks Jesus, “When does life begin?” His answer was totally Silverman-esque, but failed to take into account actual basic biology: 

The fertilized eggs aren’t people. People are people.

Silverman thanks Jesus for his insights, and explains to her viewers that the separation of church and state desired by the Founding Fathers demands that politics don’t interfere with abortion rights (Silverman may have overlooked that the so-called “right to abortion” was the product of a political decision in 1973…). She says:

Using religion to dictate legislation is un-American. But it’s happening.

Silverman goes on to compare the “fertilized eggs” to sperm. Since both are alive, she reasons, pro-lifers must see sperm as millions of little babies. In that case, mandating pre-abortion ultrasounds, which allow pregnant women to see the life they would be ending by going through with the procedure, are the same thing as probing a man’s reproductive organs and forcing him to look at his sperm so that he won’t waste it needlessly.

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Peyton Manning (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)

Should New York’s governor cancel the Super Bowl?

Peyton Manning (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)
Peyton Manning (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)

It’s no secret that New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, is pro-abortion.

And, after his rant on Capitol Pressroom, it’s no secret that Governor Cuomo would rather not even be in the same state as pro-lifers or, as he put it, “extreme conservatives.”

Although he was elected governor of New York (and not dictator supreme), Governor Cuomo took it upon himself to declare that these so-called extreme conservatives “have no place in the state of New York.”

Well, would the governor like to cancel the Super Bowl? Or, better yet, would he like to dis-invite Peyton Manning, Denver’s star quarterback?

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We marched. Now what?


Coming back from the March for Life is kind of like coming home after a church retreat. But instead of being on a Jesus high, you’re on a saving babies high. And that is awesome. There is no better time than NOW to be excited about joining the pro-life generation in defending and promoting a greater culture of life here in America.

After being in one city with hundreds of thousands of people who also believe in the sanctity of life, I am encouraged and inspired to continue exposing and being a witness to the beauty of each life. To see so many people who are willing to stand in frigid temperatures? It was incredible. And my college was given the honor of leading the march this year, which made it even more unique and inspiring.

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Anderson Cooper interviews Marlise Munoz’s family, plight of preborn child ignored

Wednesday night, the husband and mother of the late Marlise Munoz gave CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° an exclusive interview chronicling the events that led up to Marlise’s ultimate death, along with that of her pre-born daughter, earlier this week.

The interview primarily vilifies the Texas law that required Marlise to be kept on life support until her baby, whom Marlise was still gestating in her “brain dead” state, had reached viability, and Cooper focused little on the fact that Marlise had been pregnant.

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Kid President

Kid President’s surprisingly accurate speech to a baby on the day of its birth

The “Kid President,” of YouTube fame, releases periodic speeches to boost the morale of humanity in general. Sometimes, his messages are directed at specific groups. Here, you can see what he has to say to moms in his Open Letter to Moms (and if you are one, watch it; the kid knows what we need to hear). A few days ago, Kid President released a speech with a target audience of tiny humans: it’s a message to babies on the day of their birth, Kid President’s Letter to a Person on Their First Day Here. “Today, over 360,000 babies will be born. And you are one of them. Welcome, this is the world!”

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Man who slipped girlfriend abortion drug receives maximum sentence

A Florida man who became infamous for slipping his girlfriend an abortion-inducing drug was sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison on Monday, a move that required a fair amount of legal gymnastics and is spurring renewed efforts in Florida to pass legislation which will make it easier to punish the intentional harming of an unborn fetus.

Twenty-nine year old John Welden was engaged to Remee Jo Lee when she became pregnant with his child in early 2013.  Welden, a medical student with plans of his own, begged Lee to obtain an abortion.  When she refused, he brought her to his father’s medical practice for a prenatal exam, confirming that the woman was approximately six weeks pregnant.

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Five year old Mikey. photo given to Yahoo new from Paul Cortez.

A father’s promise leads to a remarkable life of love, sacrifice

Five year old Mikey. photo given to Yahoo new from Paul Cortez.
Five-year-old Mikey. photo given to Yahoo News from Paul Cortez.

For 31 years, Mikey Cortez lived in a coma-like state. At age seven, he was the victim of a drunk driver who stole the lives of his older brother and three other relatives. After doctors told his father Paul that his son might not live, he fell to his knees, took Mikey’s hand, and prayed.

In that prayer he made a promise to God and to Mikey: that if Mikey lived, no matter what condition he was in, that he and the rest of the family would be there for him and take care of him. And he kept that promise.

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Gimme Shelter

The life affirming film ‘Gimme Shelter’ is a must-see tear-jerker

Gimme Shelter

On Saturday I went to see the new movie Gimme Shelter. I heard a positive radio review that highlighted the film’s life-affirming perspective. I knew the movie was based on a true story of a pregnant homeless teen who fought to save the life of her child. The main character in the film, Apple, played by High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, leaves her drug-addicted mother on a journey to find her biological father, Tom Fitzpatrick, played by Brenden Fraser.

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baby fetus

Obama in SOTU: We believe in ‘dignity and equality of every human being’

In his annual State of the Union address last night, Obama made a statement about human life that he would be hard-pressed to defend if the pre-born could speak loudly enough to challenge him on it:

We believe in the inherent dignity and equality of every human being regardless of race or religion, creed or sexual orientation.

Skip to 57:32 to see his comment here.

Unborn human embryo, 7 weeks after conception
Unborn human embryo, 7 weeks after conception.

In reality, the fact is that when a person does not stand for the dignity and equality of the unborn, he cannot consistently stand for the dignity and equality of everyone else. Obama doesn’t stand for who those children are, or what they will become if they are allowed to be born.

Until a child has bypassed all of the threats with which he is faced prior to birth — no thanks to Obama’s vehemently anti-life American policies — Obama does not recognize its “inherent dignity and equality.” If dignity and equality were “inherent” to “all human beings,” as he claims, then they exist indivisible from the human being from the moment it becomes a human being (which, science tells us, is at the moment of fertilization).

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