Abortion to Feature at the “Night of a Thousand Vaginas”

Sarah Silverman.

On January 19, a host of the most rabidly pro-abortion organizations out there (A Is For, Lilith Fund, TEA Fund, etc.) will host an event called, exclamation point included, “A Night of a Thousand Vaginas!

The purpose of the event, of course, is to raise money for abortion – in this case, the Texas Abortion Fund. Some of pop culture’s more crass comedians, including Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis, and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, will take to the crimson stage to advocate for the dismemberment, poisoning, and suction to death of children in the womb.

Lila Rose, Live Action’s president, comments:

If the event is supposed to raise money for abortions, why not market it as the “Night of a Thousand Abortions”? Or even more accurately, “Night to Kill a Thousand Children”? The fact is, even pro-abortion organizations recognize that their gruesome pet procedure continues to horrify most Americans – so, in this case, they try to divert attention to women’s body parts.

It’s also telling how these so-called “feminists” refer to women. Based on their approach, you would think that the pursuit of equality is about reducing women to their reproductive organs. This is insulting to women – as well as to the children they are fundraising to kill. But when you’re boosting abortion, one of the most fundamental rejections of the philosophy of equal rights, you can’t help but devalue women as a side-effect.

There is something to say for a member of the Queens of the Stone Age featuring at an event boosting abortion. It takes a true stone-age mentality – or perhaps something out of the “exposure” days of ancient Rome – to think that women benefit from destroying their babies.


Texans running back Arian Foster being sued after allegedly pressuring girlfriend to abort his child

Arian Foster. Photo by AJ Guel.

Houston Texans player Arian Foster, who is married with two children, is being sued by Brittany Norwood, a University of Houston student who claims that Foster fathered her child and is now pressuring her to have an abortion. She is suing for emotional distress after allegedl yhaving received many threatening texts from Foster and having been approached by his brother, who also tried to pressure the woman into aborting the child. According to the local CBS affiliate:

Norwood said everything changed when she told Foster she was pregnant and wanted to keep the baby.

“He’s like, ‘You can’t have this, you can’t have this kid, like, we cannot bring a child into this, like, think about my kids,’” Norwood said.

She said Foster’s brother, Abdul, also sent messages.

“He’s like, ‘You know, if you loved Arian at all you would have an abortion because this child is going to ruin everything,’” Norwood said. “’Like, our whole family will never accept this child.”

The question of paternity has been settled, according to the woman, who claims that a DNA test has confirmed the 99% probability that Foster is the father of the child.

A recent study by King’s College in London found that around 25% of women who seek abortions are abused by their partners. This includes the type of psychological abuse for which Norwood is suing Foster. Norwood’s child is a baby boy, and she is due to give birth in June.

Steven Cohen

Grossly uninformed: US Rep. Cohen claims Pope Francis downgraded Catholic Church’s pro-life stance

U.S. Representative Steven Cohen showcased his own failure to apprise himself of facts before a judiciary hearing regarding federal funding for abortion on Thursday when he praised the pope for supposedly downgrading Church teaching on the sanctity of life to merely a “part of the Catholic history.”

The pope, he believes, has been “real good” at agreeing with liberal Democrats that the right to life is secondary to the distribution of wealth (and a host of other matters). Apparently Rep. Cohen missed the newsflash that the pope is practicing the same Catholicism that has remained unchanged on life issues for thousands of years. Maybe we can give him points for creativity, but unfortunately the representative flat-out failed in the facts department. Here’s what he said:

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Love Letter to Lily 3

29-year-old L.A. woman’s beautiful answer to “Why are you STILL a virgin?”

Twenty-nine-year-old Mandy Dobbelmann is a Minnesota native who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Mandy is a singer/songwriter, music teacher, blogger, and justice-fighter who is passionate about the issues of sex trafficking, prostitution, and abortion.

I stumbled upon an article Mandy wrote,”Keeping Sex Complicated,” for her blog,”Forte e Bello.” The title of her blog post made me curious, and since it was floating around my Facebook feed, I decided to read it. I’m thankful I did.

The Italian “Forte e Bello” means “strong and beautiful.” After reading through Mandy’s blog, I’d say that description fits her perfectly.

Mandy has a striking physical beauty paired with a loving heart that exudes vibrant joy, hope, and faith. In her article, Mandy tells her readers what it’s like to live in a city where sex appeal is everything and sexual addiction prevails, and where your sexual history is directly correlated with your identity.

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(Photo credit: Outcast104)

Organization ‘Women Speak for Themselves’ proves many women disagree with mandated contraception

The organization Women Speak for Themselves (WSFT) was recently established to acknowledge the many women whose views on contraception and the HHS mandate are not represented by so-called women’s rights groups.

In an open letter to congress (specifically to President Obama and Secretary Sebelius), WSFT outlined the concerns shared by large numbers of American women about the nature of the HHS mandate and about the fact that progressive organizations have been erroneously claiming to speak for all women in their approval of the legislation.

The letter is straightforward and to the point. It acknowledges that the voices being represented are those in line with Catholic teaching on matters of sexuality, but affirms that there are many non-Catholic women who stand with the Church as representatives of their own thoughts in this regard. These women feel slighted by the notion that potentially abortifacient drugs with a high propensity to cause physical detriment to women’s bodies are being touted as a boon to women’s freedom. The letter, penned by Helen M. Alvare, J.D. and Kim Daniels, J.D., reads:

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Every person has worth says new TV commercial from Pro-Life Wisconsin

While our culture may push perfection or productivity as way of deciding the worth of a person, Pro-Life Wisconsin recently launched a TV commercial that shows that all people were created with worth and all people are valuable.

The commercial states that worth is defined not by “his physical abilities or occupation, not because of her skin color or status, each person is valued not because of his productivity or age, but because we are human created by God in His own image and likeness, and neither economics nor emotions should alter the length of each person’s gift to humanity.”

Watch the 30-second commercial here:


How the sci-fi film “2001: A Space Odyssey” helped me be pro-life

2001: A Space Odyssey. Warner Bros.

During a wintery January night in my apartment, while attending college years ago, I was channel-surfing and found a sci-fi movie: 2001, A Space Odyssey. I watched in hypnotized awe at the spectacular cinematography. Later on, I was shocked to learn the movie was made in 1968, and not during the late ’80s as I originally supposed. There were many profound moments in the film that inspired me, influenced my imagination, and expanded my love for sci-fi.

One such moment was the scene called the birth of the star child toward the end of the film. Within a womb came an explosion of life and rapid development of a human embryo, nourished by an umbilical cord, heart beating and fingers moving. It was an amazing spectacle.

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Female law professor testifies: abortion not a social good worth taxpayer funds

On January 9, 2014, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice held a hearing on H.R. 7, the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.” The bill was given a hearing by the pro-life subcommittee chairman, Arizona Republican Representative Trent Franks.

National Right to Life News Today reports that H.R. 7 would “permanently prohibit subsidies for abortion and health insurance coverage of abortion in federal programs – both within longstanding federal programs and within the health care law signed by President Obama in 2010.” If passed, the legislation would cause elective abortion insurance coverage in the Affordable Care Act to cease.

The subcommittee heard testimonies in support of H.R 7 from Helen Alvare, a pro-life professor of law at George Mason University School of Law, and Richard Doerflinger, associate director and secretariat of pro-life activities for the United States Conference of Catholic bishops. An opposing testimony was given by Susan Wood, associate professor of health policy and of environmental and occupational health at George Washington University.

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Abortion backers demand removal of pro-life banners in San Francisco


January 22 is a date that pro-lifers will always remember. It’s the day that Roe v. Wade was decided, and abortion became legal in all 50 states. And so, many pro-lifers participate in walks, demonstrations, and prayer vigils in January each year to protest the court decision and to remember the millions upon millions of lives lost ever since.

One group, Walk for Life West Coast, placed pro-life banners along Market Street in San Francisco. The banners had one phrase on them: “Abortion hurts women.” And, predictably, this has abortion advocates in San Francisco outraged.

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Chevy commercial shows dads as “the richest guys on earth”

One of Chevy's "rich guys"
One of Chevy’s “rich guys.”

In Chevrolet’s new commercial for the 2014 Malibu, men who are involved in their families’ lives are portrayed as “the richest guys on earth.”

It’s odd – oddly beautiful, really – when a car commercial showcases the way things really ought to be. A culture that values life values the roles of men in families.

Such a culture realizes that children need their dads and that women need men to be true partners in any relationship.

Our culture’s got it backwards in so many ways.

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Live Action’s phenomenal 2013

Live Action LogoLive Action is already putting its ambitious 2014 plan to work. And considering how much we accomplished last year, we’ve set a huge legacy to live up to.

Here are ten ways Live Action made an impact last year.

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Do the math: low-income women and families are better off without Planned Parenthood.

Washington taxpayer appeals dismissal of case against Planned Parenthood

Back in July 2011, Jonathan Bloedow, a private citizen of Washington State, filed suit against Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest under the False Claims Act. In the lawsuit, he alleged that Planned Parenthood was requesting and receiving extra government reimbursement for contraceptive pills. According to his lawsuit:

At all times relevant herein, Planned Parenthood falsely certified that it has been in compliance with all Applicable Laws and that it has been entitled to retain amounts it has been reimbursed for dispensed [Emergency Contraceptive Pills] and/or [Oral Contraceptive Pills] which amounts, as is set forth in more detail below, Planned Parenthood has known were in excess of the amounts Planned Parenthood was entitled to bill, receive, and/or retain.

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Your life is over when you have kids

I remember when we told people that my wife was pregnant with twins.twins

There were plenty of handshakes, hugs, and congratulations. But I also heard this line quite a bit:

“Oh man, your life is over!”

A common refrain, and one which all parents have heard expressed, in some variation or another, many times.

Of course it’s usually said with a smile and a laugh, but there’s a message beneath the surface.

Your life is over when you have kids.

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Alliance Defending Freedom submits first brief to Supreme Court in abortion pill mandate case

In preparation for oral arguments in March, Alliance Defending Freedom has submitted its opening brief in the case Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Sebelius. Conestoga Wood Specialties is a business owned by the Hahn family (“the Petitioners”), a Mennonite Christian family who believe that paying for abortion-inducing drugs would be a violation of their religious convictions. They chose to file a lawsuit when Obama’s HHS Mandate required them to provide insurance covering abortion-inducing drugs to their employees.

The brief explains that the “Hahns consider it an abortion to prevent the implantation of a human embryo into its mother’s uterus after its fertilization.” According to the brief:

The Mandate substantially burdens Petitioners’ religious exercise. It directly commands Petitioners to buy a healthcare policy that funds abortifacients in conflict with their religious beliefs regarding the destruction of human life. It also imposes ruinous fines and authorizes lawsuits if Petitioners fail to surrender and comply.

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Rasmussen shows plurality of voters support waiting periods, but abortion advocates still do not


A Rasmussen  poll from July 9, 2013 shows that although slightly more Americans polled consider themselves pro-choice, that percentage of 46% is “the lowest finding in three years of regular surveying.

In a poll from just last Sunday, January 5, 2014, Rasmussen Reports starts off with this:

While most voters identify themselves as pro-choice, support for a mandatory waiting period prior to an abortion is at its highest level in over two years.

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Proud abortion advocates come out of the closet

Typically, “coming out of the closet” has to do with one’s sexual orientation. But “coming out” also means ’fessing up to something you’ve kept secret in order to avoid embarrassment.

When it comes to the subject of abortion, having a vehemently radical pro-choice advocate in the White House has emboldened militant abortion and even latent infanticide supporters to slowly inch their way of the closet.

A prime example of someone who’s no longer embarrassed is Melissa Harris-Perry. Melissa is the tampon-earring-wearing, Mitt Romney black-grandson-mocking talking head from MSNBC.

No longer ashamed of embracing the unthinkable, Melissa joined the ranks of bioethicists when she said she believes that life begins when parents “feel” life begins. Harris-Perry came out of the antiquated first-trimester closet when she answered her own question: “When does life begin?” Melissa’s answer: “[it] depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents.”

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If ultrasounds make no difference, then why do pro-aborts oppose them?


A rash of mandatory ultrasound laws across the country have had abortion advocates outraged. To them, it’s unnecessary and akin to rape, and it pressures and guilts the poor, poor women who just want to kill their unborn children and get on with their lives. Far from ultrasounds being medically necessary, they argue, it’s all just a ruse by us evil pro-lifers to guilt women into not going through with the abortion. And now, Katy Waldman at Slate is arguing that they really don’t make a difference anyway:

This latest study is much larger. Researchers analyzed 15,575 medical records from an urban abortion care provider in Los Angeles. Each patient seeking an abortion was asked how she felt about her choice: Those who made “clear and confident” replies were rated as having “high decision certainty,” while those who seemed sad, angry, or ambivalent were said to show “medium” or “low” decision certainty. (Only 7.4 percent of the women fell into the latter categories.) Patients underwent ultrasounds as part of the standard procedure, and 42.5 percent of them opted to see the images. Of those, 98.4 percent terminated their pregnancies; 99 percent of the women who did not look at the photographs ended their pregnancies. But here’s the thing: The women who viewed the sonograms and then backed out were all part of that 7.4 percent of women with low or medium decision certainty. Women who knew abortion was the right decision for them continued with the procedure whether they were shown the images or not.

… Yet viewing the ultrasound images did influence some of the wavering women to stick with their pregnancies. Even though the number is very small, this is important to acknowledge. It means not only that forcing or pressuring women to look at their fetus will probably prevent a sliver of abortions—which is relevant for those who oppose and want to reduce abortions—but also that some women do respond to these pictures.

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Case of pregnant, brain-dead mom has pro-aborts unwittingly making concessions about sanctity of life

marlise-munoz094936Today we have a tragic pregnancy situation out of Fort Worth, Texas. At LifeNews, Rachel Cox summarizes:

In November, Erick Munoz’s wife Marlise, who was 14 weeks pregnant, suffered a blood clot and is still in the hospital hooked up to machines. Doctors say she is brain dead and will never recover. Erick Munoz believes the baby will have defects and the baby’s life won’t be worth living. Her husband says his wife clearly stated she never wanted to be on life support. Erick Munoz wants to “honor his wife’s wishes” and remove her from life support which would kill her and their unborn baby. However, Texas law prevents the removal of a pregnant woman from life support and Erick Munoz is publicly voicing his opposition. Continue reading


Slate admits “sonograms change minds”


I’ll never forget the sonogram I had of my now 2-year-old daughter at around 10 weeks pregnant. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was ambivalent. Part of me felt certain that I wanted to have the baby. On the other hand, I struggled with the reality of rearranging my life in order to take on motherhood at age 25. I questioned every day whether I was making the right choice.

Then I saw my 8-week-old fetus arching her back, rolling around, and extending her arms and legs in the womb. Although no one was pressuring me to “keep it,” I decided on my own that I had passed the point of no return. I was continuing the pregnancy. After seeing the sonogram, I finally felt confident that it was what I wanted.

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We are not militants. (Photo credit: Bethany Bolen)

Clinic administrator converted by pro-lifers

Kirsten Breedlove was the administrator of the now closed A-Z Women’s Health [abortion] Clinic in Dallas. Her clinic did late-term abortions. When pro-life activists started demonstrating at A-Z in the early 90s, Breedlove was initially very hostile to them. The pro-life protesters were very aggressive. Breedlove had Mark Gabriel, one of the activists, frequently arrested and jailed.

But it in an article in World magazine, Breedlove told writers Joe Maxwell and Roy Maynard that things began to change.

“Around January I noticed a definite change,” [Breedlove] she says. Mark and other protesters started asking her to pray with them; something clicked in her and she started talking with them. “They would show me a lot of love. … they would be out there praying for me.”

Breedlove ended up responding to the the pro-lifers’ efforts. She said:

“Every day I would go in the clinic and hear the same thing over and over again, and I started thinking about what they were saying; questioning my own self.”

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