Planned Parenthood’s breast exams decline for third straight year

Planned Parenthood, which often touts its breast exams in media interviews, continued to see a decline in breast exam & care services.


Source: Planned Parenthood Annual Report,

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Pregnant woman

Pro-life women under 40 know that abortion is not moral

Pregnant woman

On December 4, 2013, Donna Schaper, Senior Minister at Judson Memorial Church, expressed her frustrations regarding abortion rights, Hobby Lobby, and the Supreme Court in a piece for The Huffington Post entitled “Most Women Under 40 Haven’t Heard the Pro-Choice Moral Argument.”

I’m a woman under 40, so I gave Schaper a chance to teach me about this pro-choice moral argument through her article. All I learned is that like most pro-choice women, Schaper doesn’t understand that being anti-abortion is not even remotely the same as being anti-women. Schaper writes:

It is painful to have to fight for what is already won, even more painful for one Christian to have to argue with another one about the freedom of the human to make choices. It is sad as well to see the constant struggle – now initiated by a toy and hobby company – about women being choice making human beings. What is it about women that the religious right can’t tolerate? Is it that important for us to be sub-human? Do that many people really think of women as toys or hobbies or second-class citizens? Apparently, yes. The core argument needs to be made again, no matter how hoarse we are in making it.

Schaper’s argument is that women are “choice making human beings.” I agree, as would any other person who is anti-abortion. As a woman, I make choices every single day. Some are good, like the choice to feed my children a healthy breakfast. Some are not so good, like the choice to feed myself cookies for lunch or procrastinate my work.

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Do the math: low-income women and families are better off without Planned Parenthood.

Michigan celebrates the passage of the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act

Pro-lifers stand together at the 2013 March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Yesterday Michigan won an important pro-life victory.

It started this summer, when over 315,000 registered voters, representing every county in Michigan, signed the NO Taxes for Abortion Insurance Petition, making it clear that the people of Michigan do not believe that abortion is health care and we do not want to pay for it.

On December 11, both the Michigan House and Senate passed this petition as the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act, with the House voting 62-47 and the Senate voting 27-11. According to this act, elective abortion will no longer be a standard benefit in health plans. Abortion coverage will be available only by purchasing a separate rider. This act also ensures that our tax dollars and insurance premiums will not go toward funding abortions.

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Francis I

Breaking: Pope Francis urges the Americas to defend life

Pope Francis greets the faithful in Rome on the day of his election to the papacy, March 13, 2013.
Pope Francis greets the faithful in Rome on the day of his election to the papacy, March 13, 2013.

Yesterday – the same day that he was chosen as TIME magazine’s Person of the Year – Pope Francis exhorted North and South America to “accept human life at every stage, from the mother’s womb to old age.” Amid misinterpretations of the pontiff’s pro-life stance in the mainstream media, the Holy Father continues to affirm his unwavering belief, completely united to that of the Catholic Church, that human life is sacred from conception to natural death. He said (emphasis added):

Mary’s embrace showed what America – North and South – is called to be: a land where different peoples come together; a land prepared to accept human life at every stage, from the mother’s womb to old age; a land which welcomes immigrants, and the poor and the marginalized, in every age. A land of generosity.

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Pope Francis greets the faithful in Rome on the day of his election to the papacy, March 13, 2013.

Outspoken pro-lifer Pope Francis chosen as TIME’s Person of the Year


There have been many indications over the last few years that the culture of life is gaining a foothold like never before. Recent polling data have consistently indicated that popular opinion is shifting farther and farther from abortion and towards a pro-life stance. Unprecedented pro-life legislation has been passed in many states where, five or ten years ago, similar measures would have fallen (or did fall) flat. A drop in the abortion rate could also be indicative of the shift toward greater respect for human life.

And politics and polls aside, as much as the liberal mainstream media try to ignore it, this trend is also affecting the culture at large, as evidenced by the Catholic Church’s outspoken pro-life leader, Pope Francis, being chosen as TIME magazine’s 2013 Person of the Year. And Francis actually earned the spot after only eight months in the global eye.

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Dr. James Dobson and Family Talk file suit against Obama’s abortion pill mandate


On Tuesday, yet another lawsuit was filed challenging Obama’s HHS mandate, which calls for certain employers to provide abortion-inducing drugs to their employees as part of insurance coverage. This lawsuit was filed by Dr. James Dobson and Family Talk in the U.S. District Court of Colorado.

According to the complaint:

Dr. James C. Dobson is a believing and practicing Evangelical Christian. Dr. Dobson is the Founder, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Family Talk. Dr. Dobson and Family Talk morally reject, as an abortion, the prevention of implantation of an early human embryo, and therefore they oppose the facilitation of “contraceptives” that can cause such an effect.

The fines that Family Talk faces for not providing such services are “crippling.” Family Talk has been offered a so-called “accommodation,” but their counsel argues that it “falls woefully short of addressing and resolving Plaintiffs’ moral and religious objections.”

Dr. Dobson explains:

As Americans, we should all be free to live according to our faith and to honor God in our work. The Constitution protects that freedom so that the government cannot force anyone to act against his or her sincerely held religious beliefs. But the mandate ignores that and leaves us with a choice no American should have to make: comply and abandon your religious freedom, or resist and be fined for your faith.

Dr. Dobson and Family Talk are represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom in this matter.

(Photo credit: AfrikaForce)

Effort to grant personhood to chimps fails

(Photo credit: AfrikaForce)
(Photo credit: AfrikaForce)

Will chimpanzees gain personhood before unborn children? So far, the answer in American courts is a resounding “no.”

Earlier this week, the Nonhuman Rights Project lost its first three “chimp personhood” cases in New York.

CNN reports:

Three New York courts have rejected one group’s legal effort to grant captive chimpanzees in that state the same rights as a “legal person.”

The Nonhuman Rights Project filed three separate suits on behalf of four chimpanzees in New York state last week in a bid to secure for Tommy, Kiko, Hercules and Leo – all male chimps held in various parts of the state – the “right to bodily liberty.”

Groups supporting the effort to classify chimpanzees as legal persons believe there is no need to actually be human to be a person:

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Duggars to receive Students for Life’s Defender of Life award


Students for Life of America has announced that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been chosen as recipients of their 2013 Defender of Life award. Famous for their TLC television show 19 Kids and Countingthe Duggar family is a bold witness to life in America, where the average fertility rate is around 2.06 (slightly below replacement level, meaning that women are not having enough children just to replace themselves and their partner).

The Duggars have been personally open to life, welcoming 19 children and 3 grandchildren into the world since their marriage. They have also witnessed to their pro-life convictions in politics. Jim Bob served as a state representative in Arkansas for four years, and the Duggars have spent much of 2013 rallying their community to support current pro-life legislation, Amendment 1, in their state.

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Hollywood filmmaker Jason Jones encourages the young pro-life generation

Hollywood filmmaker Jason Jones, famed for movies like Bella, and his most recent film, Crescendo, recently shared the story of how he became pro-life. His story appears in the forward to Kristan Hawkins’ book Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in This LifetimeIn telling his story, Jason relays the transforming experience of losing a child to abortion when he was very young, to dedicating his life to the cause — which eventually led him to Hollywood as a filmmaker with a message. Jason explains in his story that the pro-life convictions he now holds began when he was a teenager. He describes the circumstances leading up to his loss:

It was two days before my seventeenth birthday, a Saturday morning, the day after a football game in which I’d played. So I was tired and sore, but I could smell breakfast coming from downstairs and somebody was walking up the stairs. I was half asleep. The door opened: it was my girlfriend, I smiled, of course—but from the look on her face I could see that this wasn’t called for. This was a serious moment. I steeled myself. After a few long seconds, she looked up at me and said, “I’m pregnant.”


Although Jason was only sixteen years old at the time, he felt the sense of responsibility entailed by becoming a father, and decided to join the army to support his new family. He left high school, enlisted, and was off to basic training. The thought of his new child its mother kept him going through the most difficult parts of training. When he was almost finished with basic, and was preparing to return home, he received a phone call:

 I’ll never forget the day—it was a Sunday when I was cleaning pots and pans while everybody else was busy praying. A friend came running in and said, “Jones, your girlfriend’s on the phone and she’s crying.” So I ran out, knowing that I wasn’t supposed to leave my station or answer the phone. But I picked it up, and she was crying, as I have never heard a woman cry before. Ever. The only way that I can explain it is that her soul was crying. And she kept saying over and over and over again, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It wasn’t me.” And then her father said, “Jason,” over the other line, “I know your secret, and your secret’s gone. She had an abortion.”

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Drew Barrymore shares excitement of being pregnant with second child

Actress Drew Barrymore is excited to be pregnant with her second child. She and her husband, Will Kopelman, are thrilled to be welcoming another child into the world. Drew says that they really wanted a sibling for their first child, Olive. In fact, Barrymore has spoken publicly about her desire for a bigger family than she had growing up, being raised as an only child. She said:

I was an only child, and it was lonely. Some people love it and thrive on the independence, but I want my kids to have other kids around. Maybe two kids so they can run around life together, roll their eyes at their parents together like Rusty and Audrey Griswold from [National Lampoon's] Vacation. So however that’s going to come about, it’s gonna happen!

The actress says that during her first pregnancy, she never commented on being pregnant, and people stalked her the whole time. While she waited as long as possible before announcing her second pregnancy, she is commenting on it now, saying “yes, it’s happening, it’s true.”

On becoming a mother, Drew told Oprah Winfrey:

No words are eloquent and thorough enough to describe it… it’s like having the worst crush of your life. I drive home with heart palpitations. I just can’t wait to get to her [Olive].


Dazed and confused: Misunderstanding the pro-life message

There are many things that can lead to confusion. Possible causes include misunderstood directions, a label that wasn’t read, or a handful of off-white pills that you got at a Korean pharmacy. I’m about to address all three examples.

I spent two memorable years living in Suwon, South Korea (where all good stories have their beginning). While I gained an appreciation for bulgoggi (seasoned beef), I never did pick up much of the language. Similarly, many of Suwon’s older residents have yet to catch on to the Queen’s English. This wasn’t usually a problem, however, since, like a lot of Wei-guk-in, I found that I could get by with hand gestures and non-threatening smiles. The shortcomings of this approach became all too apparent one day when I tried to apply it to the Korean medical system.

That was the wrong time to smile and nod.

My employers had a curious attitude when it came to illness. Taking the day off from work was frowned upon, but I was encouraged to go to the hospital for any and all ailments. And so it was that I found myself in a doctor’s office attempting to explain my flu-like symptoms via pantomime. The physician was clearly putting a solid effort into trying to understand me, but judging by his frown and repeated head-shakes, I could tell that my improv skills just weren’t getting the job done. Thankfully, we weren’t alone in this endeavor, as three nurses had been summoned to help translate.

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The entire senior class at St. John's
Left to Right:
Front row - Tim Huelskamp, Hannah Eilert, Hannah Smith, Katie Greenwood, Kellan Niewald, Tommy Gunderson, (guy facing sideways with big brown coat on is Luke Chism)
Back row - Connor Eilert, Luke Eilert, Quintin Silsby

Left to Right:
Front row - Tim Huelskamp, Hannah Eilert, Hannah Smith, Katie Greenwood, Kellan Niewald, Tommy Gunderson, (guy facing sideways with big brown coat on is Luke Chism)
Back row - Connor Eilert, Luke Eilert, Quintin Silsby

17-year-old champions pro-life cause at first annual high school life rally

St. John’s Students at Catholic School Life Rally 2013.

A high school senior with the life of the unborn forefront on her mind helped make pro-life history over the weekend as the first annual Catholic School Life Rally produced attention from politicians, news stations, Operation Rescue, and pro-choice protestors.

The rally was a project of the 10-member senior class at St. John’s Catholic High School in tiny Beloit, KS. The rally location was the infamous clinic in Wichita where George Tiller performed many late-term abortions before his murder temporarily closed the clinic. Despite temperatures that were often about 12 degrees, with the wind blowing mercilessly, the teenagers stood and prayed while about 10-20 pro-choicers met them, protesting the protest. Katie notes that the pro-choicers had mixed behavior in reaction to their appearances:

What was funny is that the pro-choice people were just staring at us, but as soon as I got pulled aside for the interview, they started up a ruckus so that I could not be heard. The difference in the manners of protest were astounding. The pro-choice people were waving noisemakers, blowing whistles and shouting, and after a short period of time, they went inside while as the pro-life people sang ‘Silent Night,’ prayed a rosary on our knees, and stayed out there for over an hour.

Katie notes that one of the pro-choice signs was actually a political slam toward Huelskamp, and that surprised her. She said the sign “stood out to me because of how random it was. We weren’t there to debate politics; we were there as a witness for a faith and to show that we care for the expecting mothers, babies in the womb, and even the clinic workers.”

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Personhood USA's Facebook page has some pretty cool photos!

Aren’t we so wondrously made?

While explaining to a fellow pro-lifer why I hold such a position, I let her know that perhaps the number-one reason is because I just get so excited about how we are conceived. I’m talking about the miracle of biology here, though the idea that two people can come together so intimately and actually create another person is pretty exciting, too.

Personhood USA's Facebook page has some pretty cool photos!
Personhood USA’s Facebook page has some pretty cool photos!

Science already tells us that life begins at conception. One can find a variety of credible sources telling us this. And, as I have already asked before, if it doesn’t begin at conception, where does life begin? If it’s not from the start, but before we’re born, especially considering all the amazing ways in which the unborn develop, then the answer seems rather arbitrary. Not only is it unscientific to say that life does not begin at conception when it does, but it also seems to be a matter of mere subjective opinion to say life begins at this stage according to one person and at that stage for another.

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Helen Dean and her son, Amin. (Photo credit: Wales News Service)

Man tries to trick girlfriend into forced abortion; serves no prison time

When Helen Dean was only five weeks pregnant, her boyfriend, Karim Habibi, attempted to force her to abort their son. His means? Trickery, lies, and a poisonous pill.

U.K. news sites report that Habibi entered a medical office and asked a nurse for a pill to give to Helen Dean that would cause her to have an abortion. Habibi even admitted that he wanted to give her the pill without her knowledge. Thankfully, the nurse refused and called the police. Habibi was arrested and brought to trial.

Helen Dean and her son, Amin. (Photo credit: Wales News Service)
Helen Dean and her son, Amin. (Photo credit: Wales News Service)

Mirror News (which calls Habibi “evil”) reports on Dean’s horror upon discovering Habibi’s intentions:

She said: “I thought it was a loving relationship and that he wanted children. We’d been together three years and decided it was the right time.

“When I first told him he seemed so excited. He twirled me around and said, ‘You’re going to have our baby’. I was so outraged he tried to kill his child.”

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A life lost and a life saved

Outside the womb it’s called a baby; inside, it’s a fetus. Outside, we rush them to the hospital for care; inside, we inoculate them with sterile surgical equipment in the soft spot. Outside, it would be murder; inside, it’s called “termination.” Why the change in terms?


Let’s call it like it is. If we are for it, we should understand the procedure – the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the good and bad. At just 3 weeks, the heart is beating; the DNA is coded in every cell. The brain is developing, and yet in most cases not even the mother knows of the miracle growing inside. In Texas alone, in 2009, we ended 77,630 of those miracles. That’s 77,630 heartbeats stopped, 155,260 little feet that will never take a step, 155,260 eyes that will never see the light of day, and 776,300 tiny fingers that will never hold their mommies’ hands.

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One of Paul Walker’s last films (released next week) bears incredible pro-life message

In one of his last films, which has not yet been released, Paul Walker played the husband of a woman who unexpectedly dies in childbirth. Walker is famed for his roles in The Fast and the Furious and tragically died in a car crash last weekend. In the film, his character’s daughter, born five weeks early, is hooked up to a ventilator, which is her only chance of survival until she is strong enough to breathe on her own.

When Hurricane Katrina hits the city, the hospital loses power and is evacuated, but Walker’s character stays behind to preserve his daughter’s life. He keeps the ventilator going manually and risks his life to ensure that she receives the care she needs to survive. Walker’s character defies all odds and gives completely of himself to the point of self-sacrifice so that his daughter can have a chance at staying alive and becoming healthy.

Here’s the trailer for the unreleased film, Hours:

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Pro Infirmis

Moving video of “disabled” mannequins shows beauty comes in all forms

When I first saw Pro Infirmis’s “Because who is perfect?” video on my Facebook feed, I was intrigued. A few minutes into the video, I was holding back tears.

Pro Infirmis is a Swiss charity organization for the disabled. They have a beautiful project called “Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer.” For the project, they worked with Miss Handicap 2010, Jasmine Rechseiner; actor Erwin Aljukić; radio host Alex Oberholzer, athlete Urs Kolly; and blogger Nadja Schmid to create mannequins specifically modeled according to their disabled and handicapped bodies.

The Daily Mail reports that the project was created to “raise awareness of people with disabilities, specifically in the image-obsessed worlds of fashion and retail.”

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Legal double-standard: Personhood for chimps… dismemberment for unborn humans

Animal rights activists have filed a request for a writ of habeas corpus on behalf of 26-year-old chimpanzee named Tommy, who is being housed in a shed in central New York. This is the first time a habeas petition — which is a legal challenge to unlawful detention — has been filed on behalf of an animal, according to England’s Telegraph.

The request seeks to have Tommy, and three other chimps, recognized as legal persons. This is because, without legal personhood, they are not eligible for a writ of habeas corpus– their enclosure (or “imprisonment,” as advocates refer to the confines) are not “unlawful” unless the chimps have equal status to humans.

Supporters believe that the chimps are eligible for this status because they have shown similar characteristics to humans. According to the Telegraph:

Chimpanzees “possess complex cognitive abilities that are so strictly protected when they’re found in human beings,” Steven Wise, the president of Nonhuman Rights Project, told Reuters. “There’s no reason why they should not be protected when they’re found in chimpanzees,” he added.

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Another classy fauxminist: Jezebel editor tweets death wish for pro-lifer

Erin Gloria Ryan
Jezebel and VH1 writer Erin Gloria Ryan via Facebook.

It’s no secret that the ladies over at Jezebel seem to revel in creating eye-popping headlines about just how radical radical fauxminists can get. But file this one under plain old mean girl: Jezebel editor Erin Gloria Ryan tweeted Saturday that she wished the death of The Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker had been Scott Walker’s instead. A screen shot of the original tweet can be seen here. It read:

“why couldn’t it be scott walker :( #wisconsintweets”

Scott Walker is Wisconsin’s conservative Republican governor. He’s pro-life without exceptions — undoubtedly a main reason why Jezebel would like to see him dead. He’s also hated by the left for promoting abstinence-only sex education, and the right of pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control who have a conscientious or moral reason for doing so.

A flood of criticism came at the heels of the tweet, which was hastily deleted and replaced with the curt statement, “Dumb joke deleted. Apologies.” But many on Twitter saw Ryan’s death wish for Walker as much more than just a  “dumb joke.”

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Examples from Argentina: Standing for life in the midst of violent pro-abortion attacks

“If the pope were a woman, abortion would be legal”

Amidst crowds of angry feminists shouting that if the pope were a woman killing unborn children would be okay, brave men prayed as they defended their church.  But we see in this article by LifeSite news that it was not just the mocking of the papacy that they endured.

A still taken from a video of what happen in San Juan, Argentina last week.

What else were these men up against?

—Rhythmic chanting of: “To the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, who wants to get between our sheets, we say that we want to be whores, travesties and lesbians. Legal abortion in every hospital.”

—Being spray-painted quite literally all-over.

—Having Hitler-like mustaches and swastikas drawn on them.

—Naked women dancing and doing things that, to be honest, I’m not comfortable even typing out.

Watch this video to see for yourself.

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