Planned Parenthood’s unethical fundraising scheme

A recent report by the Orange County Register documents how Planned Parenthood is one of many organizations that participate in what are largely believed to be unethical fundraising campaigns. Planned Parenthood uses a commercial fundraising telemarketing firm to raise some of its donations, but donors are likely unaware that only a small percentage of their offering (if any at all) is going to Planned Parenthood (America’s abortion conglomerate). The rest of their money goes into the coffers of the for-profit fundraising firm. The author explains:

One campaign for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in New York had revenues of $2 million – but the nonprofit wound up losing $1.8 million nonetheless, for a return of minus 92.8 percent, according to data collected by the California attorney general.

Doug White, who teaches ethics and fundraising at Columbia University, says he doesn’t blame the for-profit fundraisers. “I blame the nonprofits [like Planned Parenthood] that use them over and over and over again,” he told the Register.

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Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton’s gutsy tweet about Margaret Sanger, black abortions

Patricia Heaton
Patricia Heaton

Hollywood is known for its liberal ideology and agenda, and few actors stand out as outspokenly pro-life. Celebrities who publicly oppose abortion are diamonds in the rough, and one of these — who has been an audacious pro-lifer for years — is Everybody Loves Raymond’s Patricia Heaton.

Once in a while, Heaton takes to Twitter to voice her pro-life convictions, like when she tweeted multiple times during the Gosnell trial in April about the horrors of his practice. She even called out network television for its silence on the matter (undeterred by the fact that she is employed by one such network — ABC —  where she currently stars on its primetime comedy, The Middle).

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Online for Life: 101 — How OFL is changing the pro-life landscape and helping save lives

Perhaps you’ve been curious about how Online for Life is able to cooperatively help rescue so many unborn babies and their families from abortion. We understand that the way in which we carry out our mission has some moving parts, so we decided to shed a little light on who we are and what we do at Online for Life.


In the four years since we founded Online for Life, we’ve discovered that each month in America, there are more than 2 million internet searches for the words such as abortion or abortion clinic. That’s approximately 70,000 internet searches every day! What this tells us is that the majority of women facing crisis pregnancies are turning to the internet first – an anonymous place where they can look for answers, their secrets are kept safe, and no one else has to know.

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Adopted paralympic athlete loves birth mother “because she gave me life”

Paralympic swimmer Jessica Tatiana Long was born in Russia and lived there until she was adopted after she turned one. Her adoptive family was American, and Jessica was raised in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland, where she grew to love swimming from a young age. Jessica’s legs had to be amputated shortly after she came to the United States with her adoptive family, but that didn’t hold her back from pursuing sports growing up, and learning to love swimming. In 2004, at the age of 12, Jessica was the youngest member of the U.S. Paralympic Team at the games in Athens, Greece.

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Michigan’s “House of Horrors” abortionist discovered managing taxpayer funded medical clinic

Some evil just refuses to go away. Like “Doctor” Robert Alexander, who ran Michigan’s very own “House of Horrors” abortion clinic, complete with blood-spattered walls, garbage strewn near unsterilized medical equipment, and a string of women suffering botched abortions and serious injury.

The clinic was shut down after inspections revealed the unsafe and unsanitary practices of the doctor and his facility, but Alexander’s medical license was never actually revoked. He retained the ability to practice “medicine” – a status that allowed him to be hired as the managing physician of a taxpayer-funded STD clinic in Detroit, MI, despite the allegations surrounding his competency as a physician, and despite his criminal record illegally selling prescriptions. The Detroit Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic, which Alexander was recently discovered to be managing, is operated by an agency called the “Institute for Population Health,” but the non-profit is actually funded by taxpayer dollars. It also functions as Detroit’s public health department.

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Dignitas euthanizes elderly woman because she “lost her looks”

Euthanasia advocates frequently tout all of the “rules” put in place by countries which allow assisted suicide. This, they claim, makes it A-OK to have legalized assisted suicide. Only the terminally ill can be euthanized, or those who are in extreme suffering. People who are depressed won’t be euthanized, the elderly can’t be pressured into it by their families and now, with Belgium legalizing child euthanasia, children will have to be terminally ill and ask to die. Because, you know, there are laws set up to prevent rampant abuse and corruption in assisted suicide.

If only the doctors who euthanize people would cooperate with that little fantasy. Dignitas, an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, has just euthanized an elderly woman because she was upset about losing her looks. She was also lonely and, most importantly, physically healthy.

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Planned Parenthood baby onesie

Bad marketing move: Planned Parenthood sells baby onesies

Planned Parenthood baby onesieIn a remarkably baffling move, Planned Parenthood is selling baby onesies in its online Marketplace.

The abortion giant writes:

Care for your little one in this adorable 100% combed ringspun cotton onesie. Featuring our tagline, Care. No matter what, in an adorable heart design, this onesie is designed to handle everyday knock around.

Well, for starters, “everyday knock around” doesn’t exactly describe how a caring parent should treat an infant. (Keep in mind that these onesies are sold in sizes as small as newborn.) But I suppose the idea of “knocking around” a kid shouldn’t sound that foreign coming from an organization that performs abortions on 92% of pregnant women who come to it.

Especially not when you consider the reality of what abortion is.

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She needs a home, just as much as a newborn does.

Abortion from a 7-year-old’s perspective

Washington, DC (LifeNews) A few weeks ago, my parents and my 7-year-old sister came to hear me speak during a pro-life rally in our area. Though my little sister may not understand the details about abortion, she knows that abortion kills a baby in its mommy’s belly.

But during the rally, my sister heard something that she had never thought about before – abortion centers.

As her innocent mind processed the thought, she looked up and asked my mom, “Is that where they kill the babies?”

adoption15“Yes,” my mom answered.

“Do they kill children there, too?” my sister asked.

“No,” my mom replied. “Just babies in their mom’s bellies.”

“But they don’t kill children?” my sister asked again.

“No, it’s against the law to kill children,” my mom said.

My sister’s question came from a logical conclusion. If babies aren’t protected then children must not be either, because there is no significant difference between a baby and a child that would justify killing one and not the other.

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Monica Kelsey

From almost aborted to in my arms: The beautiful story of baby Blake

Seeing the fruits of our labor doesn’t happen everyday in the pro-life community. But when a baby is saved from abortion, all glory be to God!

June 10, 2013 started out like any other day at “Allen County Right to Life” in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Everyone was working on projects for upcoming events. I was making calls regarding our Banquet dinner in October when my cell phone rang. It was my oldest daughter, Ali. I answered the phone and she informed me that a friend of hers had called her and asked if she would drive her to her appointment today at the abortion clinic. I sat stunned for a moment thinking why is this girl calling my daughter knowing that my daughter is against abortion. Ali asked me if she should go with her friend, and as stunned as I was, I immediately said “yes! She is going to need you!”

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Handmade for Life, Etsy

Handmade for Life: Artists unite to support a culture of life

Handmade for Life, Etsy Calling all crafters and artists…

Etsy is a popular site for those who like to purchase handmade gifts. It’s also popular among those who like to create in their spare time and share some of their unique creations with the world. But today, I discovered something even better on Etsy: Handmade for Life.

Handmade for Life is “a group of artists and crafters who believe in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. We uphold the truth that all people have an inalienable right to life that should be protected and defended.”

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House of Cards ep. 204 (Screengrab)

“House of Cards” gets faux feminists to publicly endorse lying for abortion

House of Cards ep. 204 (Screengrab)Spoiler Alert: This post will discuss plot details from the Netflix political drama House of Cards.

It’s a remarkable time to be a witness to America’s abortion debate. With both the progression of public opinion towards life and the science behind the core question firmly against them, pro-aborts have increasingly been forced to let their masks slip. Usually this takes the form of horrifyingly blunt offspring execution justifications, but what’s even more shocking is how they occasionally endorse other ethical lapses in the name of “choice.” Continue reading


Kirsten Powers reflects on her blockbuster Gosnell column and the complicity of the pro-abortion media

On April 11, 2013, journalist Kirsten Powers did something that no other major media journalist had dared to do. She wrote about Kermit Gosnell. In her now-famous column, she not only outlined the horrifying case against the late-term abortionist, but also called out the media for steadfastly ignoring a case that should have been front-page news.

Let me state the obvious. This should be front page news. When Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke, there was non-stop media hysteria. The venerable NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams intoned, “A firestorm of outrage from women after a crude tirade from Rush Limbaugh,” as he teased a segment on the brouhaha. Yet, accusations of babies having their heads severed — a major human rights story if there ever was one — doesn’t make the cut.

You don’t have to oppose abortion rights to find late-term abortion abhorrent or to find the Gosnell trial eminently newsworthy. This is not about being “pro-choice” or “pro-life.” It’s about basic human rights.

The deafening silence of too much of the media, once a force for justice in America, is a disgrace.

Powers spoke with Real Clear Politics’ Carl Cannon to revisit that column, and the failure of the media to do their job.

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Baby Kayden

“Pro-Choice” advocates fight against choice — again

Baby KaydenAbortion advocates like to trot out stories from women whose babies are diagnosed prenatally with life-threatening illnesses as an excuse for why late-term abortion is needed. While the overwhelming majority of late-term abortions are not performed because of medical abnormalities, much less for life-threatening ones, a common vein often runs through these stories. It was the kindest option. Their quality of life would have been terrible. They were killed before they ever had a chance to feel pain. It is described as some kind of mercy towards the child, robbing them of their lives.

What’s never mentioned in those stories are the other options, of giving birth to the baby and undergoing palliative care or perinatal hospice. Several states — Minnesota, Kansas, and Arizona — have enacted laws requiring doctors to give women in these tragic situations information about perinatal hospice before undergoing an abortion. It doesn’t make the abortion illegal, but it ensures that mothers facing what will likely be the most difficult time in their lives will be armed with all of the information, rather than be lied to, manipulated, and pressured towards having an abortion. Oklahoma and Alabama are both considering passing similar laws. Isn’t that truly informed choice? Having all of the information and making the decision based on that information?

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What the UN Report on North Korea reveals about us

The Western world is understandably horrified at the UN’s recent and very thorough report on the unparalleled human rights abuses taking place in North Korea, including widespread forced abortions and infanticide.  We ought to be.  It is horrific.  It is evil.  It causes any person with a remnant of empathy and moral sensibility cry out “how can a human being do this to another human?”

It’s a question that ought to cause deep introspection in our civilized culture, because at the root of every good or evil deed is a thought process, a worldview, an ideology, that drives a person to act.  Dear America, can I plead with you to examine our own beliefs and consider, are we not far behind?

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a call for the local church

Speak for the Unborn: Louisville’s unique pro-life ministry

Kentucky’s sole abortion clinic is known as one of the worst places in the country to get an abortion.  It’s not because women are routinely being seriously wounded, as they were in Gosnell’s “House of Horrors,” or because baby body parts are washing up through the sewers outside the clinic, as they did near Douglas Karpan’s office.    It’s not because, as in so many clinics, the surgical equipment is stained with blood or the medical personnel is unlicensed and untrained.  It’s not even because, as one of one of Live Action’s own undercover investigations revealed, clinic workers will assist in covering up the reported sexual abuse of a minor, nor because of any danger posed to women.  No, EMW Women’s Surgical Center has received the title of one of the “worst places to get an abortion” because there are just too many pro-life sidewalk counselors there.

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An extra dose of love: a brother’s story of Trisomy 21

EvaMy youngest sister, Eva, just turned 12 this past December 31st. Each year, my parents invite friends and family over to celebrate the new year and the birth of our favorite family member at our New Years “Eva” party. Now I know, we aren’t supposed to have favorites, and our large family would seem to make unanimous consent impossible.

Maybe it’s because she’s the baby of the family. But there is something special about Eva, qualities she possesses that I believe truly make her a superior human being. First, she has an extra dose of adorable, that magical quality that melts frowns and lights up the faces of the grumpiest strangers. Second, she possesses an effervescent life and joy that I, with all my striving, have never been able to attain.

But most importantly, Eva is blessed with an extra helping of Love. Eager to shower you with affection and quick to forgive, she exemplifies 1 Corinthians 13:5 which says that love keeps no record of wrongs. Sometimes, I think she must realize her superiority, because she also has an extra pinch of stubbornness. Just calling it intensity would be too generous, but either way, it just makes for never ending jokes, playful sarcasm, and fun!

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Coca-Cola ad, parent, pregnancy, mother

Four commercials that celebrate life – by Coca-Cola, Boba, and Tide

1) “Life as Parents” by Coca-Cola

This has to be one of the all-time best commercials! When the mom holds up a positive pregnancy test, the music breaks out in, “There’s a life!” And you’ve got to see the dad’s reaction to what must be a second, unplanned pregnancy. If only all parents celebrated and loved life just like these two.

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Johns Hopkins Voice for Life Members

Johns Hopkins University Voice for Life overcomes discrimination and attacks against their freedom of speech

Johns Hopkins Voice for Life Members
Johns Hopkins Voice for Life Members

Students for Life of America recently awarded Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Voice for Life as the Best New Group of the year, and with good reason. JHU Voice for Life had to overcome obstacles just to get their group started, facing attacks and discrimination from fellow students and the student government. Their application to form a new group was initially rejected by the student government on the basis that the student government considered sidewalk counseling a form of harassment of women and therefore a violation of the university’s anti-harassment policies. In addition, they claimed the group’s web link to The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform was “offensive and poor representation of the school” and they couldn’t approve a group associated with it. Twice JHU Voice for Life was rejected, but once the news picked up their story, things changed. Continue reading

Brody File

Lila Rose featured on ‘The Brody File’

Lila Rose, the president of Live Action, featured on the February 20, 2014 episode of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s The Brody File.  Calling her a “pro-life prodigy,” Brody joined Rose in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she spoke to students at Sacred Heart Catholic School about the need to play an active part in the “spiritual battle” against the evil of abortion.

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Brady Surovik: killed without being a person

A-voice-for-bradyOn July 5th, 2012, Heather Surovik was driving her car with her two young sons and her mother when they were hit by a drunk driver. When she woke up in the ICU, she knew something was wrong when she saw her parents crying. She was right. Her son Brady had been killed in the accident.

But the drunk driver was not charged with Brady’s death.

Why? Because Brady had never taken a breath. Heather was 8 months pregnant and carrying his 8 pound 2 oz perfectly formed body still inside of her while on the way home from her last prenatal appointment before his expected birth. The horrific accident left her injured and took her son, but the law of Colorado did not recognize his life.

Now she’s working to change that.

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