Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

U.S. Senator remembers Gosnell on trial anniversary; issues statement on pain-capable legislation

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

In a statement released March 18, U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky honored the memories of those murdered at the hands of callous abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

The statement’s release date was the one-year anniversary of the opening of the Gosnell trial, which ultimately led to the abortionist’s imprisonment for multiple counts of murder, illegal late-term abortions, and many other violations of the law.

Gosnell will be in prison for the rest of his life, but because of him hundreds – probably thousands – will never live at all, and many of them died excruciating, inhumane deaths. Lest the nation forget the realities that came to light during the Gosnell trial – namely, the realities associated with the science of fetal pain and late-term abortions – Sen. McConnell issued the following statement (emphasis added):

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“What has Roe Done for Us?” Tour shatters pro-choice lies about abortion’s safety

Jennifer Morbelli - one of the countless, tragic deaths Roe has given us.
Jennifer Morbelli – one of the countless, tragic deaths Roe has given us.

In 1960, Planned Parenthood president, Mary Calderone, said that 90% of illegal abortions were being performed by physicians.

So much for the coat hanger argument.

Did you know that “[s]uicide rates among aborting women are 6 times higher compared to those who give birth”?

So much for abortion’s non-harmful effect on women.

Jennifer Morbelli. Tonya Reaves. Karnamaya Mongar.

Read their stories – and look at the names of these hundreds of women – before you believe that abortion is “safe” for women.

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Abortionists: Attacking or under attack?

Who's actually under attack here?
Who’s actually under attack here?

Meet Americas Most Hated Doctors” is a provocatively written article from Think Progress, describing eight abortionists who consider their job very risky.

But risky to whom?

These abortionists, “on the front lines of the abortion wars,” are not concerned about the risk that their profession poses to women or to unborn children, but to their careers.

“It’s very clear to me that the work I do puts me at risk on many levels.  I’m willing to take these risks, but it’s ridiculous they exist in the first place,” said abortionist Dr. David Eisenberg.

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Down Syndrome

Dear future mom: A message of hope from children with Down syndrome

One pregnant mother recently discovered her future son would have Down syndrome. She sent an email to CoorDown, an Italian organization that advocates for children with Down syndrome, looking for help with the anxiety she felt.

Here was their response.

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Letter: No voting allowed, unless you vote for the United Way

Letter to the editor:

I have always loved Meadow Park Elementary School in Port Charlotte, Florida.  It has great nostalgia for me as I started Kindergarten at that school the year after it was built.  Now all four of my children attend or have attended Meadow Park Elementary School.  It is a great school with amazing teachers!  I have rarely had any issues as a parent with how my children were treated or with parent/school communication, until now.

Things are changing in our society as we stray far, far away from the basics in education, and push “forward” using ideologies I was never exposed to as a child.  As an American, I would say I am of average –to above average intelligence, as are my children.  I say this, because I worked hard later in life to educate myself as to what is really going on in our country and I use every opportunity to teach my own children as I go.  With that being said, Kalei my 11 year old 5th grader, and 23 other children learned a little bit about how socialism works and why capitalism must always precede a socialist takeover.  They also learned it doesn’t matter if you oppose abortion, you will support it one way or another.


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Yeah, her again.

Amanda Marcotte: Babies are time-sucking monsters, abortion like removing a cavity

Amanda Marcotte

Most abortion advocates are careful to act as if they’re not really fans of abortion. No one likes abortion, they’ll say. It’s a necessary decision that is painful for most women and they always think long and hard about it, and it isn’t a choice that is made cavalierly. No one wants to have an abortion, they’ll say. It’s only about “choice”.

Unfortunately, sometimes they let the mask slip and expose their rabid fanaticism for abortion show. The most recent person to do this is pro-abortion femisogynist extremist Amanda Marcotte in a two-part rant on Raw Story.

The first post shows a picture of a happy, smiling pregnant woman with the caption, This is what my version of hell looks like. She then goes on to talk about how only abortion activists can debate while thinking freely. (Caution for language — this is Amanda Marcotte, after all.)

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youth pro life

Another example of pro-life discrimination in Connecticut


Here’s a question for Mr. Lee Panagoulias, the principal of Branford High School in Branford, Connecticut: in a state where there is no law requiring parents to be notified if their minor daughter seeks an abortion, isn’t it still important for minors, if they should seek an abortion, to have a comprehensive and realistic understanding of what they’re having extricated from their uteruses?

Guess not. Because Samantha Bailey-Loomis, a 17-year-old pro-life senior at Branford High School and founder of the school’s pro-life club, says that educator Panagoulias has banned her club from displaying life-sized fetus models. After all, nothing ruins school spirit faster than a life-sized model of a developing baby!

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lila cnn

NARAL’s absurd pro-choice arguments

Nine-month pro-choicers (those who support unqualified abortion) have many weapons in their arsenal, but none is more powerful than obfuscation, the deliberate confusion of ideas. On the forty-first anniversary of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, right after the March for Life, CNN invited Lila Rose, president of the pro-life group Live Action, onto its show to debate Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. “Crossfire” was hosted by Sally Kohn on the left and Newt Gingrich on the right. Ms. Rose seemed to this writer to be the winner of the debate, but the pro-choicers were successful in employing dishonest arguments that there was not time to undo. Let’s try to clear up some of the confusion now.

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UC Santa Barbara Mireille Miller-Young

Feminist professor physically attacks a pro-life teen
Mireille Miller-Young of UC Santa Barbara.

Mireille Miller-Young, Ph.D. is an esteemed associate professor of feminist studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Miller-Young has specialties that include “race, gender and sexuality in visual culture and sex industries in the United States.” That means Mireille’s scholarly research focuses primarily on sex, and more specifically on blacks in pornography and sex work.

Dr. Miller-Young has spent years studying the inequities black sex workers face, enduring what she calls “multiple axes of discrimination and harm.”  In her sphere of influence, Mireille works hard to expose “structural inequalities and social biases black women face in the adult industry.”

One would think that with those credentials, regardless of a woman’s political persuasion, Mireille’s advocacy of “women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men” would embrace and advance those equalities for all women.


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Dr. Alveda King recalls her uncle MLK Jr.’s pro-life views, exposes Planned Parenthood’s lies

Dr. Alveda King, Director of African American Outreach at Priests for Life, is the niece of civil rights champion Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A strong pro-life voice among the African-American community, Dr. Alveda King is following in her uncle’s footsteps as she leads a crusade to restore civil rights among the most vulnerable minority group in America: pre-born black children.

Earlier this year we learned that, in New York City, more black babies are aborted than born. Dr. King takes on abortion giant Planned Parenthood each year, as she steps to the fore to remind America that Planned Parenthood’s legacy is completely out of step with the views of her uncle, Martin Luther King, Jr. In a recent video address from Priests for Life, Dr. King once again set the record straight regarding her uncle’s pro-life convictions.

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Remembering John Lennon as Hillary Clinton tells the UN abortion is the answer to everything


For International Women’s Day, Hillary Clinton recently spoke at the UN calling for a right to abortion and making development money contingent on abortion. She couched her “thin the herd” mentality as essential to both women’s progress and escape from poverty:  “There is one lesson from the past, in particular, that we cannot afford to ignore: You cannot make progress on gender equality or broader human development, without safeguarding women’s reproductive health and rights.  That is a bedrock truth.”

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Overflow of abandoned babies causes Chinese “baby hatch” to be suspended

One of the baby hatches that saves hundreds of lives
One of the baby hatches that saves hundreds of lives

BBC News reports:

A baby hatch in southern China has been forced to suspend work after hundreds of infants were abandoned, overwhelming the centre, its director says.

Currently, while there are 1,000 beds at the center, there are 1,121 babies and children living there – in addition to “another 1,274 in the care of foster families.”

This “baby hatch” is one of twenty-five such places, opened since 2011, throughout China. Equipped with “an incubator, a delayed alarm device, an air conditioner and a baby bed,” a baby hatch is a safe place for Chinese parents to leave their infants. Mirror News reports:

Parents place a child in the hatch, press an alarm button and then leave, remaining anonymous.

Someone then comes to retrieve the baby five to 10 minutes later.

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Pregnant woman

The postpartum body: Ruined, or empowered?

Pregnant woman

A woman’s body, before ever carrying and bearing a child, is brimming with untapped power and potential. Her anatomy is, in every way, designed for the journey of motherhood — down to her last chromosome. Her pelvic bones are set wider than a man’s, so that they can expand to accommodate the passage of her baby’s tiny body (which, at that moment, doesn’t seem so tiny!). Her breasts are filled with ducts — unique to the female body — to accommodate the milk that her body will begin to manufacture before her little one is even outside of the womb. Once he is born, just watching him sleep or hearing him cry will trigger her body’s milk-making powers.

During pregnancy, her blood volume will increase to meet the needs of sustaining a life inside of her, and her hormones will dramatically change over the stages of pregnancy to ensure that her body meets the needs of the life it is growing. A woman’s body will also begin to designate “maternal fat stores,” like a rainy day account ensuring that during the first few months of the baby’s life her body will have what it needs to guarantee a milk supply to the little one.

Her own skin will stretch to accommodate her burgeoning uterus as baby grows. Her seesawing hormones may cause changes in her skin and hair, and these fluctuations don’t usually taper off very quickly after birth, as the body transitions from caring for a baby inside of her body to caring for the same baby outside of her body.

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Science writer outraged over Nazi analogy to new IVF experiment; toying with human life, not so much

Any responsible practice of science must bind itself to ethical standards that remind us of science’s just purpose, the betterment of human life, which cannot be achieved by violating human rights. But disturbingly, too many in our culture find noticing and describing such violations more offensive than the violations themselves.

In the January-February issue of American Life League’s Celebrate Life magazine, Terrell Clemmons challenged RealClearScience founding editor Dr. Alex Berezow’s endorsement of a new in vitro fertilization method that creates embryos from the cells of three separate parents: one sperm, one egg, and a nucleus from a second egg. Clemmons questioned the ethics of creating human beings in an experiment that Berezow admitted was of “unknown” safety to them, and reviewed the ugly history of what happens when science disregards a respect for human life: Continue reading

Told to abort, family of baby with hydrocephalus glad they chose life

NEWCASTLE, UK – Five weeks before her due date, doctors advised the parents of Ella-Jai Harvey to abort their child because she was found to have hydrocephalus, or water on the brain. Now, six months after Ella-Jai was born, her parents are grateful they ignored the recommendation.

“It doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened if we had decided on the termination,” Ella-Jai’s mother, Toni-Louise Hubbart, told The Sheilds Gazette. She and Daniel Harvey saw their daughter arrive on September 16, 2013. And while she did indeed have hydrocephalus, Hubbart reports now that “Ella-Jai is doing fantastic, she’s meeting all the markers she should be, and she’s great.”

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StandUpGirl: Changing hearts and saving lives through abortion alternatives


Imagine you’re a young girl facing an unplanned pregnancy. You’re scared, confused, and you feel alone. You’re getting pressure — from your parents, your boyfriend, your friends, your teachers — to have an abortion. Maybe you’re even being threatened or being coerced into it. Yet deep down, you feel it isn’t right. You want to keep your baby. What do you do? Where do you go for help?

This is a scenario that countless women face every single day, and here to help them is StandUpGirl is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing pregnant women with alternatives to abortion. has been growing rapidly since it’s inception in 2000, with over 26 million visitors total and over 400,000 visitors per month.

Volunteers, called StandUpGirls, help man the site by moderating chat rooms and forums, answering e-mails, and help give women resources besides abortion. They also refer girls to, a 24/7 support line to connect pregnant women with pro-life pregnancy resource centers. Women can also text PREGNANT to 313131 and receive 24 hour support. They currently reach over 400 women a month through their text services alone.

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Embryotomy Scissors abortion

Self awards: Abortion industry honors abortion industry

Embryotomy Scissors abortion

The abortion industry continues to honor itself through the glamorization of death. RH Reality Check reports on the Abortion Care Network (ACN) honoring “outstanding individuals and organizations whose support and care for women in the abortion experience is exemplary.”

And apparently “exemplary” means lots of killing. The David Gunn Lifetime Achievement award, named in honor of the first abortionist killed in the United States, was presented to Amy Hagstrom Miller. Miller is infamous for founding Whole Woman’s Health, the largest independent abortion chain in Texas.

Miller and Whole Woman’s Health have been making headlines recently. Since Texas’ new abortion regulations requiring abortionists have admitting privileges at local hospitals in case a surgical complication arises, clinics in the Lone Star State have had to close for not meeting this safety requirement, and Miller’s were among them. The New York Times reported last week on Miller’s response to the south Texas clinic closures, allegedly hurting poor women in rural areas:

“‘I felt like I was having a funeral,’ said Amy Hagstrom Miller, the chief executive of Whole Woman’s Health, which ran the clinics. She and her staff and supporters held a vigil at the shuttered office in McAllen, a very poor town in the Rio Grande Valley. They read profiles of the women the clinic had served. Miller read one of a woman in her 40s, who had three children, two grandchildren and a strong conviction that she could not handle another birth.”

In fact, what actually happened was that many funerals were stopped because her clinics could no longer kill babies—and possibly mothers if something did go wrong in surgery.

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Who’s your hero? Watch this young girls answer in a life affirming commercial

Do you have a hero? Before you ponder the person you admire most, watch this uplifting commercial on a child’s #1 hero.

Rebecca’s hero doesn’t have a number one song. Her hero doesn’t star in a hit movie or look like a top model. Rebecca’s hero wasn’t ready to have a baby yet but worked hard to have her. Rebecca’s hero is her mom. Those words are spoken by an adorable curly haired child in a powerful 30 second video from VirtueMedia.

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Mother who placed one child for adoption but aborted another: “I pray to my daughter for forgiveness every day.”

Meg and her son.
Meg and her son.

When Meg Perez was 18 years old and far from home with the military, she became pregnant. Having been raised Catholic and pro-life, she knew in her heart that abortion was not an option. So, she took an honorable discharge and made her way back home to be with her family for support. She decided that she would place her son for adoption and was blessed to find a Catholic adoption attorney who helped her find Catholic parents who would raise her child in the Church. The couple she chose were unable to have children, and Meg knew they were the right people to become her son’s parents. But letting go of her baby was extremely difficult.

“Looking back, during the pregnancy I really was kind of in denial,” says Meg, “I was just trying to get through it. I denied the fact that I really wanted to keep him because I knew in my heart I couldn’t be a good parent to him at 18. I knew that I would have to depend on my parents for help. There was a lot ahead of me and I was given the grace to be able to be mature beyond my years. I loved him more than I loved myself and that’s what adoption and being a parent is about.”

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"At 8 weeks, this baby can kick and straighten his legs, and move his arms up and down." This and other incredible 4D ultrasound photos can be found here - copyright of Life Dynamics.

New abortion fund helps minors in Texas get abortions

Hailed as a hero by some pro-abortion advocates, a University of Texas student is receiving accolades for her efforts to help women, including minors, fund their abortions.

Lenzi Sheible, who was vocal last summer in efforts to protest Texas’ new abortion restrictions, House Bill 2, started an organization to help women fund their abortions. Fund Texas Women has raised over $10,000 to help 35 women have abortions. And some of those women are under the age of 18.

As the Texas Tribune reports:

“Fund Texas Women provides funding for minors seeking abortions and often works with parents who call the hotline seeking financial assistance for travel for their daughters. But Sheible said her organization always speaks to the young women directly to make sure it’s what they want.”

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