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Four commercials that celebrate life – by Coca-Cola, Boba, and Tide

1) “Life as Parents” by Coca-Cola

This has to be one of the all-time best commercials! When the mom holds up a positive pregnancy test, the music breaks out in, “There’s a life!” And you’ve got to see the dad’s reaction to what must be a second, unplanned pregnancy. If only all parents celebrated and loved life just like these two.

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Johns Hopkins Voice for Life Members

Johns Hopkins University Voice for Life overcomes discrimination and attacks against their freedom of speech

Johns Hopkins Voice for Life Members
Johns Hopkins Voice for Life Members

Students for Life of America recently awarded Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Voice for Life as the Best New Group of the year, and with good reason. JHU Voice for Life had to overcome obstacles just to get their group started, facing attacks and discrimination from fellow students and the student government. Their application to form a new group was initially rejected by the student government on the basis that the student government considered sidewalk counseling a form of harassment of women and therefore a violation of the university’s anti-harassment policies. In addition, they claimed the group’s web link to The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform was “offensive and poor representation of the school” and they couldn’t approve a group associated with it. Twice JHU Voice for Life was rejected, but once the news picked up their story, things changed. Continue reading

Brody File

Lila Rose featured on ‘The Brody File’

Lila Rose, the president of Live Action, featured on the February 20, 2014 episode of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s The Brody File.  Calling her a “pro-life prodigy,” Brody joined Rose in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she spoke to students at Sacred Heart Catholic School about the need to play an active part in the “spiritual battle” against the evil of abortion.

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Brady Surovik: killed without being a person

A-voice-for-bradyOn July 5th, 2012, Heather Surovik was driving her car with her two young sons and her mother when they were hit by a drunk driver. When she woke up in the ICU, she knew something was wrong when she saw her parents crying. She was right. Her son Brady had been killed in the accident.

But the drunk driver was not charged with Brady’s death.

Why? Because Brady had never taken a breath. Heather was 8 months pregnant and carrying his 8 pound 2 oz perfectly formed body still inside of her while on the way home from her last prenatal appointment before his expected birth. The horrific accident left her injured and took her son, but the law of Colorado did not recognize his life.

Now she’s working to change that.

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Notre Dame Right to Life

Notre Dame Right to Life wins Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year Award

Notre Dame Right to Life
Notre Dame Right to Life

Many college campuses don’t have resources for students who become pregnant or are already parenting. Because of this, students who find themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy while on campus often feel that they have to choose between their education and their child and sadly, many feel forced to have an abortion. Notre Dame Right to Life worked diligently last year to ensure that their campus is welcoming to pregnant students, and thanks to their hard work, they were awarded the Pregnant on Campus Group of the Year award from Students for Life.

“One of the things that is great about pregnancy resources, is that even those who might be pro-choice, they think that if a women wants to be a parent she should have these choices,” explains Erin Stovell-Mulholland, President of Notre Dame Right to Life, “Any woman who makes the decision for life should be supported wholeheartedly. Everyone can get behind it no matter where your views on the abortion issue fall.”

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This child deserves justice

Something special is happening in Colorado.

Coloradans are preparing to vote on the Brady Amendment, which would “include unborn human beings” in the definitions of the words “person” and “child.”

You see, in July of 2012, a drunk driver slammed into eight-month-pregnant Heather Surovik’s car.  Heather survived, but her baby, Brady, did not.  Thanks to the ambiguous legal situation in Colorado, the state refused to recognize Brady, who was just a few weeks from being born, as a person.  The man who killed this child was charged only with assault against Heather.

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Black America: Reclaim our dignity by ending abortion

Note: This is part two of a series. You can read part 1 here: Black America: Abortion destroys our dignity.

African-Americans are a people with a collective identity. We march in the streets for a slain teenager because his pain is ours. We rally around the television to watch a young Olympian leap because her gold is our victory. We rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.

However, when it comes to abortion, we’ve failed to identify with our unborn brothers and sisters. Where are the tears for the 16 million black unborn who never entered into daylight? Where are the cries for their justice? We, a people who raised our fists through history, refusing to let our nation forget us, have seemingly forgotten our own children.

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What to do if your boyfriend wants you to get an abortion

Note: This article is for any girl or woman who is feeling pressured into having an abortion. If you are a guy who is trying to find out how to stop an abortion, please see this article written for dads.

3d-ultrasound-fetus-baby21.  Stand your ground.

You know you don’t want an abortion. Maybe you know in your heart that your child is a real, live person (you’re right!). Maybe you know your science and facts already. Maybe you can’t bear to be a part of killing an innocent human being. Maybe you already love your child. Maybe you or someone you know has had an abortion, and you know the physical and emotional pain that comes with it.

Whatever your reason, you do not have to get an abortion. It is against the law for anyone to force or coerce you to get one. You are your child’s mother, and no one – not your boyfriend, husband, parents, pimp, teacher, or lady at the grocery store – can make you get an abortion.

Let your “no!” mean “no!” – no matter what anyone else tells you. Your baby is a new, unique person who deserves a chance at life. Period.

If you ever need to be reminded why you don’t want an abortion, read real stories from real women who have had abortions.

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ultrasound, baby

Planned Parenthood ignores science, says women should choose when life begins

"At 8 weeks, this baby can kick and straighten his legs, and move his arms up and down." This and other incredible 4D ultrasound photos can be found here - copyright of Life Dynamics.
“At 8 weeks, this baby can kick and straighten his legs, and move his arms up and down.” This and other incredible 4D ultrasound photos can be found here – copyright of Life Dynamics.

In a recent NBC News story, Vicki Cowart, president of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, made a baffling statement:

All women need to have the right to decide for themselves when life begins.

So, only women “need” this right? Men have no say on when life begins? I suppose that does make it easier to allow only mothers to kill their children, if only mothers have the right to decide when a child is a life and when one is a “non-life” – or whatever else you might call a growing, developing human reproduced by your human body.

And women can decide “for themselves”? Science doesn’t matter, apparently. Facts and truth don’t matter. Every woman, according to this Planned Parenthood president, can decide for herself when life begins – even though there are hardcore facts surrounding this issue. And even though a determination that life begins at, say, 6 months after birth is dangerous and unquestionably false. Such a statement supports infanticide and the killing of children at any age, based simply on the whim and decision of their mother.

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5 ways to help the pro-life movement

Here are some ways you or anyone can help out with the Pro-Life movement:

1)      Volunteer/Campaign for a pro-life candidate

I have the privilege of interning for Peter Breen, a candidate for Illinois State Representative who exemplifies a strong pro-life record, and is currently Vice President of the Thomas Moore Society, a pro-life law firm in Chicago. Working at the grassroots level to help elect these individuals is a key to helping push for more pro-life legislation. You can check to see if there are committed pro-life candidates who are running and be willing to volunteer or intern for them.

2)      Pray outside a Planned Parenthood clinic

We can never underestimate the power of prayer. Passing pro-life legislation itself is not enough. It is important to pray and to change hearts. However, it is handy to know what the laws are and where you can and can’t stand. Going with more than one person is preferred, and not only for safety reasons, but having more people praying together might have a better influence on abortion supporters. You don’t have to just pray outside an abortion clinic, but can pray in your home, church, or anywhere else for the end to abortion


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U.N. exposes North Korea’s rampant forced abortions, sterilizations, infanticide, and persecution of the disabled

Yesterday’s United Nations Report on the human rights abuses in North Korea unveiled a level of depravity and cruelty unparalleled in modern society. The 36-page initial report and 372-page report of detailed findings also revealed the systematic murder and persecution of society’s most vulnerable – the unborn and the handicapped.

It is no secret that eugenics has been a core goal for many of history’s most brutal dictatorships, and North Korea is no exception.  So deep is the desire to eradicate any impurity from the population that no one with a handicap or disability is even permitted to live in the capital city of Pyongyang, even if that disability was acquired through injury or illness. Families with infants born handicapped or disabled are physically removed from the city and relocated to rural areas, where they are far less likely to come into contact with others or to be seen by visitors. Unfortunately, such removal also sentences families to a life of abject poverty with limited to no resources, simply for having an “impure” child.

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Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis is Planned Parenthood’s conscience — not America’s

Wendy Davis caught a lot of flack from her pro-abortion supporters after inexplicably claiming that she supported 20-week abortion bans. After a fair amount of unsurprising backlash, she quickly changed her position again, reiterating that she’s actually against 20-week abortion bans. The entire debacle started because she wanted to appeal to the rather conservative Texas voters, the majority of whom supported the bill she spent 11 hours filibustering. So she tried to talk out of both sides of her mouth, and it backfired on her.

The Daily Beast ran an article, written by Keli Goff, that offers a rather strange defense of Davis. According to Goff, Davis is America’s conscience on abortion.

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The media ought to report equally and without bias. Photo credit: NS Newsflash on Flickr

Irish newspaper bans term “pro-life”


The Irish Times, a daily Irish newspaper that claims an adult readership of more than 320,000 along with more than 3.6 million unique online users per month, has banned the term “pro-life” from its pages.

The Life Institute reports:

It’s official: in case you missed it, the Irish Times has confirmed what we all knew to be true – the paper has banned the use of the term pro-life as a news description.

In an editorial on free speech and robust debate (the irony), the paper wrote:

“And while this paper, for example, does not allow the use by our reporters in the context of reporting the abortion debate of the loaded term ‘pro-life’ as a news description, the expression may be quoted from others or used by opinion writers.”

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‘Heartbeat’ bill aims to protect unborn children in Alabama

heart-babyThis week in Alabama, four pro-life bills are having public hearings, and one of them could profoundly affect abortions in the state.

House Bill 490, known as the “Fetal Heartbeat Act,” would eliminate many abortions in the state. The bill says:

Fetal Heartbeat Act, prohibits physician from performing abortion without first determining fetal heartbeat, physician who does not make determination or who performs abortion when heartbeat detected is guilty of Class C felony.

The bill was read last week and referred to the House of Representatives Committee on Health. HB 490 is sponsored by pro-life  Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin (R-Pelham), who made news last year by sponsoring the law which required physicians to have admitting privileges at hospitals if they performed abortions. HB 490 would make abortion more limited, since a heartbeat can be detected at about 7-8 weeks, before many abortions are often performed.

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BREAKING – United Nations report finds “unparalleled” human rights abuses in North Korea

A United Nations panel has issued an official report Monday that catalogues human rights abuses in North Korea at a level unparalleled in the world, comparing some of what has been found to the atrocities perpetuated in Nazi Germany.

The 36 page initial report, followed by a 372 page report of detailed findings, catalogues a horrific story of disdain for life that is almost incomprehensible.  The reports detail the inner workings of the North Korean government in its treatment of the disabled, women, political prisoners, defectors, Christians, and a wide range of other categories, along with a nuanced political system aimed at total mind control and indoctrination.

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Black America (part 1): Abortion destroys our dignity

One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized, cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

I enjoy studying history, particularly the history of blacks in America. My bookshelves hold the stories of Fredrick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and their peers. I honor the work of their white counterparts who stood with them in the trenches: the abolitionist writer William Lloyd Garrison, the influential Tappan brothers, and Harriet Beecher Stowe. They held to the truth that “all men are created equal” and are therefore deserving of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not willing to deny this creed in times of moral depravity, they separated themselves from the masses and stood for righteousness. What was their cause? It was a fight for human dignity. These emboldened speakers stood before presidents and paupers declaring all mankind worthy of respect.

As a girl growing up in a diverse New England school, I latched onto these concepts. My teachers opened the books, and I beheld fires burning on the hearts of those who went before me. I was mesmerized by the light and captivated by the heat of their passion. Other students may have viewed our history lessons as one tumultuous battle after another. I saw our stories as a beautiful tapestry woven together by a Sovereign God.

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This Bama Students for Life display was removed by administration.

Alabama University removes pro-Life display on grounds it is “offensive”

Ahhhh, the state university! A bastion of free thought, free speech, and free exchange of ideas, all culminating to present students with an education full of rich diversity and exposure to other viewpoints.

Unless, of course, those viewpoints happen to offend someone. In which case, the impressionable young minds of these new adults are carefully guarded and babied from anything that might intrude upon their delicate sensitivities. Or perhaps more accurately, “unless, of course, those viewpoints happen to be offensive to abortion advocates.

This Bama Students for Life display was removed by administration.
This Bama Students for Life display was removed by administration.

Such is the case at the University of Alabama, where university officials removed a pro-life poster out of concern for the well-being of students who apparently were “offended” by a properly reserved display by Bama Students for Life.

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Primetime pro-life: Downton’s almost-abortion and the importance of the post-abortive community

DowntonAbbeyIn last week’s episode of “Downton Abbey,” one of the main characters finds herself in a crisis pregnancy. In a back-alley abortion mill, she witnesses the grief of a post-abortive mother and decides – just in time – not to choose the fate of abortion for her own child. Live Action’s Gina Diorio set the stage in a spoiler article several weeks in advance of the episode’s airing:

Edith is the middle daughter of Lord and Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey. Seemingly unlucky in life and in love, Edith, who authors a newspaper column, has fallen for her editor, Michael Gregson (played by Charles Edwards). A night together leads to an unplanned pregnancy, and Edith is faced not only with the prospect of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy (in the 1920s, no less) but also with the reality of Michael’s disappearance. She decides to have an abortion.

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Prominent pastors reflect on abortion and use of victim images in their churches

Just before the March for Life last month, three prominent U.S. pastors who are actively involved in the pro-life movement gathered for a round-table discussion of their work as pro-life ministers and the challenges they face in their ministry. The video of their discussion was sponsored by PassionLife, and the conversation centers on exposure to the reality of abortion, which includes the use of abortion images in order to bypass the semantic circumvention of the gruesomeness of abortion. The pastors explain that words like “abortion” do not call to mind the true reality of what abortion is until a person knows what abortion looks like.

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Motorcyclists for the pro-life cause

Nuns and motorcyclists? Maybe an unlikely partnership in most endeavors, but when it comes to the pro-life cause, the common ground is wide enough to accommodate anyone who cares about the human rights of the pre-born. This fact is evidenced by the partnership of Pro Bikers for Life and New York’s pro-life nuns, the Sisters of Life.

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