Shotgun abortions replacing shotgun weddings of the past

On her recent visit to China, Michelle Obama said nothing about the suffering of women who have undergone forced abortions there. Could part of the reason she did not venture to say anything be that unwanted, coerced abortion, though not as overtly sponsored, is becoming an increasing threat in this country?

CHINA_ABORTIONSocial mores change. Shotgun weddings have recently been declared a thing of the past, yet like a force-sucking vacuum, that void was filled by what amounts to shotgun abortions. Cultural expectations have morphed sufficiently so that fertility is now conventionally viewed as life-leaching. Rivaling the dictate to wed, this new dictate to abort employs subtle and not-so-discreet force. Coercion is used in legal terminology and in this case denotes abortions committed under duress, abortions done with a lack of informed consent, or those compelled by someone holding a position of authority or power. There are dozens of such cases.

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Sports radio hosts blast player for taking paternity leave rather than playing baseball

Being a sports radio host sometimes means being full of hot air when white noise would be preferable, as in the case  Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason. The big names showed their small attitudes when New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy chose to be with his wife rather that at opening day of baseball season.

Esiason said:

“I would have said, ‘C-Section before it starts. I need to be at opening day. This is how we make our money; this is how we live our life. This is what is going to give our child every opportunity to be a success in life. I’ll be able to afford any college I want to send my kid to because I’m a baseball player.'”

Carton followed, “I got four of these little rugrats; there’s nothing to do,” as he talks about how Murphy can’t possibly have a need to be home past 24 or 48 hours post-birth. The hosts point out that federal law gives Murphy a right to two weeks of paternity leave, but he shouldn’t take that right because baseball is more important than birth.

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The story of Pam Stenzel: From conceived in rape to pro-life voice helping others

pan-stenzel2“Almost fifty years ago, a young 15-year-old girl became pregnant and had a lot of difficult choices to make, maybe more so than some teen girls, because this young girl was raped.”

Veteran pro-life speaker Pam Stenzel paused, letting her words sink into the hearts and minds of her teenage audience.  “But this young girl decided to give her child life and then decided to place that child with an adoptive family. And that child was me.”

Whether you’ve worked on the fringes of the pro-life movement or dedicated your life to it, chances are that you’ve heard the name Pam Stenzel. For the past 20 years, Pam has traveled the United States and the world speaking to close to half a million teenagers each year about the consequences of sex outside of marriage and the importance of sexual purity.

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baby thumb

Pro-abortion blog says aborting disabled children is ‘doing God’s work’


No one wants to have an abortion. That’s what they say, right? Abortion activists insist that no woman ever wants to have an abortion — they just end up in circumstances which necessitate one. But then you get people like RH Reality Check writer Valerie Tarico, who writes about abortion in glowing terms. According to Tarico, having an abortion is taking the moral high ground. To Tarico, abortion is a sacred gift.

My friend Patricia offers a single reason for her passionate defense of reproductive care that includes abortion: Every baby should have its toes kissed. If life is precious and helping our children to flourish is one of the most precious obligations we take on in life, then being able to stop an ill-conceived gestation is a sacred gift. Whether or not we are religious, deciding whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy is a process steeped in spiritual values: responsibility, stewardship, love, honesty, compassion, freedom, balance, discernment. But how often do we hear words like these coming from pro-choice advocates?

… Can pro-choice advocates reclaim the moral and spiritual high ground? Yes. But to do so will require a challenge to the status quo on two fronts. Rather than ignoring the right’s moral claims, we must confront their arguments. We must also express our pro-choice position in clear, resonant, moral, and spiritual terms. In other words, in combination, we must show why ours is the more moral, more spiritual position.

There’s a reason that no one talks about abortion as a “sacred gift”, or that abortion advocates don’t use words like compassion, love, and responsibility. It’s because they aren’t applicable to abortion.

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Grace Anna

Doctors tell mom to abort her baby girl five times, now that baby is an internet sensation

Grace Anna
Grace Anna

After three miscarriages in a row, Angie Rodgers wasn’t expecting her next unborn child to survive to 40 weeks. But she had hope. So when doctors repeatedly told her to abort her baby, she knew the answer was no. She knew she needed to give her baby a chance at life.

At three months gestation, doctors discovered that Rodgers baby girl had a rare form of dwarfism. According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, Conradi-Hünermann syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by skeletal malformations, skin abnormalities, cataracts and short stature. The specific symptoms and severity varies greatly from one individual to the next. It occurs almost exclusively in girls.

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20 week-old unborn baby

When do humans begin to feel pain?

Human fetus at 20 weeks.

The U.S. House Of Representatives recently passed a bill that would restrict abortions starting at 20 weeks after fertilization, or the stage of development shown in the picture on the right. Formally called the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” the legislation has stirred debate over when humans begin to feel pain. The act passed with 97% of Republicans voting for it, and 97% of Democrats voting against it. President Obama has issued a veto threat.

The bill states “there is substantial medical evidence that an unborn child is capable of experiencing pain at least by 20 weeks after fertilization, if not earlier.” However, Dr. Stuart Derbyshire, the director of Pain Imaging at the U.K.’s University of Birmingham and a frequently cited authority on this issue,has affirmed that humans cannot truly feel pain until one year after birth. Contrastingly, Dr. Maureen Condic, an associate professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the University of California, Berkeley, recently testified before a congressional subcommittee that humans feel pain “in some capacity” starting “from as early as 8 weeks of development.”

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11 week old fetus

Former abortionist describes how he became callous to the horror of performing abortions


Dr. David Brewer is a former abortionist who spoke at the “Meet the Abortion Providers” convention in Chicago which was hosted by the Pro-Life Action League. The full text of his speech can be found here at Priests for Life.

Dr. Brewer lived in New York, one of the first states to legalize abortion before Roe versus Wade. Like many practicing OBGYNs, he considered performing abortions once they became legal. At the time, Dr. Brewer described himself as having “no real convictions [on abortion], caught in the middle.”

He describes witnessing his first abortion during training. It was a first trimester suction abortion. (Learn more about this type of abortion here – warning: graphic images):

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Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan to Planned Parenthood: I got your back

South Korea is a fascinating place, and the two years that I spent there yielded some unique experiences. These included touring an underground invasion tunnel, appreciating the beauty of King Sejong’s palace, and wandering the streets in a smacked-out haze after I accidentally got high on codeine.

I also got to observe the global reach of hip-hop music. One Korean youngster explained that, in addition to studying, the bulk of his time was devoted to “reppin’ tha ‘hood” and “keepin’ it real” (apparently both tasks were of equal importance). He once broke out his iPhone for me and played the song “Hit ‘Em Up” by 2Pac Shakur, stopping to note the line in which Pac dismissed his enemies as nothing more than a collection of “bitches” who were unworthy of his attention. Instead, these “punks” would be addressed by a cadre of “little homies,” presumably so that 2Pac himself could focus on matters more befitting of his stature.

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Gosnell Movie

Filmmakers set to expose Gosnell as “America’s Biggest Serial Killer”

Drive west down Lancaster Avenue through Philadelphia’s “Main Line” and you’ll pass picturesque towns fit for movie backdrops. But turn east, and you’ll soon find yourself in front of a former house of horrors, the truth of which some want to censor from ever hitting the screen, big or small.

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s clinic no longer hears the cries of full-term, born-alive babies being brutally murdered or the silent screams of thousands of the unborn innocent, but one team of filmmakers wants to make sure America never forgets. Not surprisingly, the team is facing an uphill battle.

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Planned Parenthood hypocrisy exposed in location choice for new Texas facility


In its onslaught of attacks against HB2 (the historic pro-life bill that passed the Texas legislature last summer), Planned Parenthood has consistently bemoaned the “lack of access” experienced by women in rural areas of Texas as a direct result of changes incurred by HB2 legislation. For example, provisions banning abortionists from committing abortions without possessing admitting privileges at a nearby hospital have affected border counties where sometimes no hospital will grant the abortionist such privileges.

Beginning on September 1, another provision of the legislation will go into effect requiring abortion mills to meet the safety standards of ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). There is documented evidence that such provisions are a boon to women’s health and safety because the features of ambulatory surgical centers — like wider hallways — help to ensure that, in the event of a botched abortion, women can be better assisted by paramedic staff. In some cases, like that of Karnamaya Mongar (killed by Kermit Gosnell), these provisions are the difference between life and death.

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Public university goes out of its way to support abortion

4000-years-for-choice-postersThe University of Michigan may be #4 in the 2014 “Best Colleges Ranking” for public universities, but it’s currently scoring a #1 in its overt support of abortion.

The university is currently displaying a “4,000 Years for Choice” exhibit that will run for 45 hours each week until May 29, 2014. The university’s website explains the exhibit:

“4,000 Years for Choice” is an exhibition of posters about the age-old practices of abortion and contraception as a means to reclaim reproductive freedom as a deeply personal and life-sustaining act existing throughout all of human history. The “Reproductive Roots” series shines a bright light on the many voices from the abortion care and reproductive justice movements using vividly designed social media graphics and notecards to inspire conversations from a breadth of perspectives.

If the University of Michigan truly wanted to “inspire conversations from a breadth of perspectives,” it should also be displaying a Justice for All or a What has Roe Done for Us? exhibit. Instead, the university uses public funds to push acceptance – and praise – of abortion on its students.

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College invites Planned Parenthood president as commencement speaker

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards
Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards

Coming to Radio City Music Hall in May will be an act pro-lifers don’t want to see, but Barnard College doesn’t care and is giving the stage of an important event to the president of Planned Parenthood.

Barnard, a quality liberal arts women’s college in New York, made the announcement to the ire of pro-life students. The college announced that not only would Richards address the graduating class of Barnard on May 18, but as a champion of women’s rights, she will received the Barnard Medal of Distinction, “the College’s highest honor, together with three other honorees: Mahzarin Banaji, social psychologist and professor of social ethics at Harvard University; Ursula Burns, chair and chief executive officer of Xerox; and Patti Smith, acclaimed musician, poet, and artist.”

Not all students agree. Katie Christensen, a senior political science major, writes in her column for the Columbia Spectator, the Barnard student paper, that choosing Richards to speak at an event for all students is “deeply divisive”:

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Two teenagers who survived failed abortions speak out

In 2012 the movie October Baby was seen on big screens across America. The story of a girl named Hannah who discovered her life long medical conditions were linked to surviving a failed abortion was an eye opening hit. The story was based on the life of Gianna Jessen, a pro-life speaker whose cerebral palsy came as a result of surviving a late term saline injection abortion. Audiences found the film compelling because many had never heard the story of an abortion survivor. In our country we hear stories from women who’ve chosen abortion, men who’ve paid for it and doctor’s who’ve performed them. Rarely do we hear the true stories from the children who survived death by miraculous intervention.

The Abortion Survivors Network tells the stories of children who made it out alive. Take Courtney’s story for example. She writes:


‘My name is Courtney. I’m sixteen years young. When I was 14, I was told that I am adopted. When I was 14, I also learned that there was much more to the story of my life. Not only am I adopted, but I am an abortion survivor. When my birth mother was somewhere around 7 weeks pregnant, she had an abortion. Five weeks or so later, she went for a post-op checkup, and it was discovered that I was there in the womb. She didn’t know that she was pregnant with twins when she had the abortion.’

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NRLC removes Georgia Right to Life’s affiliation for being too pro-life


In a statement released Saturday, the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) announced that Georgia Right to Life would no longer represent them as their Georgia state affiliate, despite their massive pro-life successes over the past 12 years.

National Right to Life welcomed the Georgia Life Alliance as its new affiliate in the state. Georgia Life Alliance is backed by’s Erick Erickson and others who hold that legislative exceptions for rape and incest are acceptable political compromises. Last summer, Erickson called Georgia Right to Life the “Westboro Baptist Church” of the pro-life movement because they encouraged their Georgia representatives in Congress to withdraw support for the federal Fetal Pain Act once exceptions for rape and incest were included by Rep. Eric Cantor.

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Gavel and Ultrasound

3 legal reasons why abortion should be banned

Gavel and Ultrasound1) Murder is illegal.

Murder is the “unlawful killing of a human being” with some level of intent. California law includes “a deliberate intention unlawfully to take away the life of a fellow creature.”

The only thing preventing abortion from being included in the definition of murder is that it’s currently not “unlawful.” But basic science proves that an unborn child is a “human being.” No mention of “personhood” is necessary for basic murder definitions. Killing a “human being” or a “fellow creature,” even, is enough.

Why, as a society, do we pick and choose human beings whom we can deliberately kill? These human beings are fully human, entirely innocent, and helpless and voiceless. Yet we purposely target them, setting very few restrictions on their killings.

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Seuss Personhood

Why pro-aborts can’t avoid occasionally sounding pro-life

Seuss PersonhoodIt’s obvious why graphics like the above, quoting from Dr. Seuss’s classic children’s story Horton Hears a Who!, are popular in pro-life circles: it’s appealing to see a universally beloved cultural figure voice a simple truth with such obvious implications for the abortion debate.

Recently, I came across the below image on the Proudly Pro-Choice Tumblr, featuring a quote from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which holds a similar appeal: Continue reading

Life is Beautiful Platform holds U.N. to universal pro-life values

Over the years, the United Nations has succumbed to the advances of population control and abortion advocates with an agenda to defy the fundamental right to life to the peoples of all nations. Consequently, the U.N. is riddled with problematic language and policies that effectively fail to live up to its mission, found in the U.N. Preamble, “to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.”

For example, the central drive of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is to control and reduce the populations of nations based on the misguided understanding that population size dictates the opportunities and happiness available to an individual. For years, the UNFPA has centered its population-reduction policies on bogus demographic principles that are hostile to large families:

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“Do it for Denmark” campaign underscores demographic problem of aging population

Danish travel company Spies Rejser has introduced a campaign to encourage Denmark natives to procreate. Specifically, the company has launched a competition encouraging couples to schedule their vacations during the woman’s ovulation cycle in the hopes that they will conceive during their travels and populate Denmark with more young people. A couple that can prove that their child was conceived during the vacation they booked with Spies Rejser is eligible for a prize package that includes a three-year supply of baby essentials and a kid-friendly vacation getaway.

In the following promotional video, “Do it for Denmark,” the company asks, “Can sex save Denmark’s future?”

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Plan B

Plan B: It’s not just a contraceptive

Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptives

As the “Hobby Lobby case” (aka Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. v. Sebelius) is underway at the Supreme Court in our nation’s capital, this may be a good time to review what all the fuss is about. Hobby Lobby’s owners, as well as those of Conestoga Woods (the company fighting the HHS mandate along with Hobby Lobby), are Christian. As such, they believe that causing the intentional death of an innocent person is a moral evil, and they object to what they view as being party to those deaths by being forced to pay for abortifacient drugs, which can cause such deaths.

Many groups – including Christian groups and some pro-lifers – have cried foul over this allegation, claiming that the belief that certain contraceptives can also cause abortions is false. They believe that the birth control pill, condoms, IUDs, Plan B, ella, etc. are all just contraceptives that prevent sperm and egg from joining. This is true for some forms of contraception, like condoms and spermicides, which can only inhibit the mobility of sperm and have no effect once sperm and egg are joined as a new human life. Other contraceptives can take the process a step farther, though, and when they fail to serve as contraceptives (aka, conception does take place), they can also make a woman’s body hostile to the newly formed embryo and cause the child to be expelled.

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Obama’s mandate imposes his views on all Americans

In a blatant inversion of reality, the New York Times editorial board is claiming that corporations want to “impose their religious views on their employees — by refusing to permit them contraceptive coverage as required under the Affordable Care Act.” In truth, the so-called contraception mandate imposes the views of President Obama (and the Times editors) on all Americans.

The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a Obamacare) gives the Executive Branch at least 40 regulatory powers that have the force of law. The Obama administration has exercised this authority tomandate that “most new and renewed health plans” cover “all FDA-approved forms of contraception” without any copayments.

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