Upcoming Life/Peace/Justice conference emphasizes pro-life unity and ethic


On March 29, 2014 (next Saturday) the first ever Life/Peace/Justice conference will be held at Villanova University in Philadelphia. This conference will feature antiabortion speakers as well as speakers on other life issues such as euthanasia and the death penalty.  Aimee Murphy, executive director of Life Matters Journal, which is sponsoring the conference, was kind enough to give an interview and talk a little bit about the upcoming event.

What inspired you to organize the Life/Peace/Justice Conference?

Murphy: There were a lot of different factors at play when I finally decided to take the leap and start the planning for Life/Peace/Justice. The seed of the idea had been planted back when I was in undergrad at Carnegie Mellon. Our pro-life group had a consistent life ethic woven into its constitution, and we had taken the opportunity to start more conversations about the hard issues with our student peers. I wanted to do the conference back in 2010, but we just didn’t have the resources. So I kept it in the back of my mind, retaining the hope that someday we’d have the resources and the opportunity to present a conference on a whole range of life issues.

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Portrait of pierced teen girl

Virginia Department of Health under scrutiny for refusing to verify reporting on child sex abuse


After learning of a possible incident of child abuse at a Roanoke abortion mill, and attempting to investigate the allegation, the Family Foundation of Virginia has hit a brick wall with the Virginia Department of Health. The department has has failed to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in releasing documentation to verify that the department did in fact report the alleged abuse. The Family Foundation of Virginia reports:

On Tuesday, March 4, 2014, The Family Foundation, for the second time, asked the Department of Health for any correspondence it has regarding whether it had notified law enforcement about the possibility that an incident of child sexual abuse had taken place and had also gone unreported by the Roanoke Medical Center for Women.

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A woman hold contraception in the form of birth control pills.

Hey ACLU: Catholics “shocked” by Catholic contraceptive policies are really getting old

Is the American Civil Liberties Union having trouble finding actual civil-liberty violations to challenge these days? That’s the question raised by one of their latest blog offerings, an anonymous sob story by someone who claims, “My employer shamed me for using birth control.”

Arguing that “no one should be forced to choose between her job and her dignity,” “Jessica R.” says she fears pressing her (also-anonymous) Catholic university employers for contraception coverage. Upon her hiring, the Human Resources secretary informed Jessica that birth control wasn’t covered, though she later learned the insurance company did cover it. So she happily received birth control coverage for more than a year, until… Continue reading


40 Days for Life campaign seeing results as abortion clinic turns away patients

On Wednesday of last week, the abortionist in South Bend – Dr. Ulrich Klopfer – shoveled snow in an empty parking lot instead of killing babies.

Dr. Klopfer shovelsabortion clinic 1

Dr. Klopfer has been under investigation by St. Joseph County Special Victim’s Unit for allegedly failing to meet the state’s reporting regulations for child sex abuse.  Only employee vehicles were visible in the lot on Wednesday.
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Former clinic worker describes seeing parts of babies

Jewels Green. Photo via

Jewels Green is a former clinic worker who became pro-life. On her website, which can be found here, she describes herself as “an ardent human rights advocate who supports the right to life from conception to natural death.”

I asked Jewels to answer some questions about her time in the abortion industry and she was kind enough to give the following answers to my questions.

1. What was the counseling like in your clinic? Did you give accurate information? Was it biased?

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Dollars for death: How D.C. Abortion Fund raises money to terminate life


The D.C. Abortion Fund (DCAF) is a non-profit organization that defines empathy and concern as raising money to fund abortions for the women living in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia who want to dispose of an unborn child, but can’t afford to pay for the procedure themselves.

The organization’s logo is a clever coat hanger and their motto is “Her rights shouldn’t depend on her wallet.” In other words, DCAF is looking for willing people to open their wallets and help bankroll the destruction of living flesh and blood.

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Joseph’s House: A New York grandmother’s dream to help pregnant women

Two Catholic grandmothers with a dream and some prayers are responsible for the opening of Joseph’s House in Syracuse, NY, which offers pregnant women an alternative to abortion by giving them a home, care, financial and educational help, and ultimately life for both mother and baby.

Providing a practical and comprehensive alternative to abortion, the home – which opened this week – will start receiving women next month. Continue reading


New non-profit organization launches on World Down Syndrome Day


They are the words that no one is ever prepared to hear about their baby: we believe the baby might have Down syndrome. But millions of parents hear these words, parents of every age, race, and creed. They were spoken to me while I was still pregnant, and after an amniocentesis at 15 weeks, that belief was confirmed.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing doctor who was supportive of my decision to keep my baby and never pressured me to have an abortion. I was lucky enough that my doctor had up-to-date information about Down syndrome rather than outdated, inaccurate stereotypes, and that he was willing to help me find resources and support groups. Unfortunately, not everyone has this kind of experience.

How do we change that? What can we do to make a difference?

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How to respond when a woman says she’s happy about her abortion

Many Live Action readers may remember New York Magazine‘s piece chronicling the abortion testimonials of 26 women in late 2013. The stories were mostly sad — tragic, really. Women were coerced, manipulated, unsupported by the baby’s father, and felt that abortion was their only means of self-preservation in the face of crisis.

A few, however, recalled their stories flippantly, or stated that, not only was there no regret about the decision, but that they were happy about it. What do you do, if, say, you’re explaining the effects of abortion (such as Post Abortion Stress Syndrome) to a woman, and they surprise you with the statement that they are “happy” about their abortion? Pro-life educator Josh Brahm weighs in:

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“This isn’t about birth control,” video explains why Americans oppose the contraception mandate

Americans United for Life has summed up the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) contraception mandate, and how it affects the First Amendment Rights of Americans in a video presentation. The contraception mandate is behind the many religious freedom lawsuits against the ACA (like Hobby Lobby’s). While fauxminist and abortion-promoting groups cry foul every time a group makes a conscience-based claim against government-mandated coverage of contraception, the video concisely and easily overviews the fundamental problem with forcing Americans to pay for birth control and abortion.

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Julia Holcombe

Mother of Steven Tyler’s aborted son actively pro-life after reading compassionate piece on abortion

On May 4, 2011, Kevin Burke released this article to National Review. The piece is about an abortion that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler instigated. Kevin is an expert on the relationship between men and abortion. He’s written about it extensively, and he helps men who have been affected by abortion to find healing through Rachel’s Vineyard retreats.

Abortion’s impact on men is an issue that is close to Kevin’s heart, and he has an ability to cut through statistics and facts about abortion and get right to what matters most: the individual person who is suffering from the abortion decision in which they were involved (or, in some cases, over which they had no power or even prior knowledge).

One of the individuals who saw Kevin’s piece was Julia Holcombe, the mother of Steven Tyler’s aborted child. Julia had parted ways with Tyler (and, consequently, the limelight) long before. But after seeing the article, she reached out to Kevin Burke, and re-emerged with a deeply personal pro-life message. Today, Julia mourns the coerced abortion to which she was subjected at a very young age, and speaks out about her story in the hopes that other children, women, and fathers will not endure the same experience. LifeSite News released the following video:

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Photo from ABC news, courtesy Mindy Tran

Brave mom stops rolling car with her body to save twin daughters

Photo from ABC news, courtesy Mindy Tran
Photo from ABC news, courtesy Mindy Tran.

Mindy Tran was just starting to feel like her life was improving. The 22-year-old mother from Lawrence, MA spent a hard season in a homeless shelter with her 2 year old twin girls, Saleen and Sydney. Her circumstances changed for the better when she found an apartment and got her girls into daycare.

On an ordinary morning Mindy buckled her girls into the car and went to shut the door of her home. As she was shutting her door the car began to roll towards traffic. What happened next is being described as an act of sacrifice brought on by a mother’s love. When Mindy saw the car rolling towards the street she made a quick decision. She told ABC news, “My daughters are everything; I knew it was me or them.” Realizing her daughters’ lives were in danger, Mindy lay on the ground and stopped the moving car with her body.

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Hannah Sheboy with her donated items for Birth Right.

Girl Scout skips the cookies, raises money for pro-life groups

Hannah Sheboy with her donated items for Birth Right.
Hannah Sheboy with her donated items for Birth Right.

Hannah Sheboy, 16, has been a Girl Scout most of her life and believes that there are some clear positives to being a part of the organization. From helping girls build their confidence and making new friends to having a strong foundation to grow up with, the Girl Scouts have helped Hannah become who she is today.

“The positives can’t outweigh what’s going on [with the Planned Parenthood-Girl Scouts connection], but they are certainly there,” says Hannah. “I don’t think I’d be able to do a project like this without the strong foundation I have from both my church community and my Girl Scout community. So even if it’s not Girl Scouts that you’re involved in, it’s important to have some foundation. I’ve gained a lot of confidence, gained a lot of friends, and gained a strong relationship with my older sister and my mom through Girl Scouts.”

Hannah’s Girl Scout Gold Award project needed to include something that had a lasting impact. It had to be something that would affect her community in a positive way. So Hannah decided that she would help pro-life causes. With the support of her parents and her church, Hannah got to work on her three-part project.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

U.S. Senator remembers Gosnell on trial anniversary; issues statement on pain-capable legislation

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

In a statement released March 18, U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky honored the memories of those murdered at the hands of callous abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

The statement’s release date was the one-year anniversary of the opening of the Gosnell trial, which ultimately led to the abortionist’s imprisonment for multiple counts of murder, illegal late-term abortions, and many other violations of the law.

Gosnell will be in prison for the rest of his life, but because of him hundreds – probably thousands – will never live at all, and many of them died excruciating, inhumane deaths. Lest the nation forget the realities that came to light during the Gosnell trial – namely, the realities associated with the science of fetal pain and late-term abortions – Sen. McConnell issued the following statement (emphasis added):

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“What has Roe Done for Us?” Tour shatters pro-choice lies about abortion’s safety

Jennifer Morbelli - one of the countless, tragic deaths Roe has given us.
Jennifer Morbelli – one of the countless, tragic deaths Roe has given us.

In 1960, Planned Parenthood president, Mary Calderone, said that 90% of illegal abortions were being performed by physicians.

So much for the coat hanger argument.

Did you know that “[s]uicide rates among aborting women are 6 times higher compared to those who give birth”?

So much for abortion’s non-harmful effect on women.

Jennifer Morbelli. Tonya Reaves. Karnamaya Mongar.

Read their stories – and look at the names of these hundreds of women – before you believe that abortion is “safe” for women.

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Abortionists: Attacking or under attack?

Who's actually under attack here?
Who’s actually under attack here?

Meet Americas Most Hated Doctors” is a provocatively written article from Think Progress, describing eight abortionists who consider their job very risky.

But risky to whom?

These abortionists, “on the front lines of the abortion wars,” are not concerned about the risk that their profession poses to women or to unborn children, but to their careers.

“It’s very clear to me that the work I do puts me at risk on many levels.  I’m willing to take these risks, but it’s ridiculous they exist in the first place,” said abortionist Dr. David Eisenberg.

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Down Syndrome

Dear future mom: A message of hope from children with Down syndrome

One pregnant mother recently discovered her future son would have Down syndrome. She sent an email to CoorDown, an Italian organization that advocates for children with Down syndrome, looking for help with the anxiety she felt.

Here was their response.

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Letter: No voting allowed, unless you vote for the United Way

Letter to the editor:

I have always loved Meadow Park Elementary School in Port Charlotte, Florida.  It has great nostalgia for me as I started Kindergarten at that school the year after it was built.  Now all four of my children attend or have attended Meadow Park Elementary School.  It is a great school with amazing teachers!  I have rarely had any issues as a parent with how my children were treated or with parent/school communication, until now.

Things are changing in our society as we stray far, far away from the basics in education, and push “forward” using ideologies I was never exposed to as a child.  As an American, I would say I am of average –to above average intelligence, as are my children.  I say this, because I worked hard later in life to educate myself as to what is really going on in our country and I use every opportunity to teach my own children as I go.  With that being said, Kalei my 11 year old 5th grader, and 23 other children learned a little bit about how socialism works and why capitalism must always precede a socialist takeover.  They also learned it doesn’t matter if you oppose abortion, you will support it one way or another.


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Yeah, her again.

Amanda Marcotte: Babies are time-sucking monsters, abortion like removing a cavity

Amanda Marcotte

Most abortion advocates are careful to act as if they’re not really fans of abortion. No one likes abortion, they’ll say. It’s a necessary decision that is painful for most women and they always think long and hard about it, and it isn’t a choice that is made cavalierly. No one wants to have an abortion, they’ll say. It’s only about “choice”.

Unfortunately, sometimes they let the mask slip and expose their rabid fanaticism for abortion show. The most recent person to do this is pro-abortion femisogynist extremist Amanda Marcotte in a two-part rant on Raw Story.

The first post shows a picture of a happy, smiling pregnant woman with the caption, This is what my version of hell looks like. She then goes on to talk about how only abortion activists can debate while thinking freely. (Caution for language — this is Amanda Marcotte, after all.)

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youth pro life

Another example of pro-life discrimination in Connecticut


Here’s a question for Mr. Lee Panagoulias, the principal of Branford High School in Branford, Connecticut: in a state where there is no law requiring parents to be notified if their minor daughter seeks an abortion, isn’t it still important for minors, if they should seek an abortion, to have a comprehensive and realistic understanding of what they’re having extricated from their uteruses?

Guess not. Because Samantha Bailey-Loomis, a 17-year-old pro-life senior at Branford High School and founder of the school’s pro-life club, says that educator Panagoulias has banned her club from displaying life-sized fetus models. After all, nothing ruins school spirit faster than a life-sized model of a developing baby!

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