Flawed, biased Turnaway study now claims 95% of women happy after abortion

In the latest chapter of the never-ending quest to put a happy face on abortion, ThinkProgress’s Tara Culp-Ressler writes that a new study has concluded the vast majority of post-abortive women conclude it was the right choice: 

The new study was spearheaded by Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health, or ANSIRH, a think tank based at the University of California, San Francisco that’s conducting extensive research on women’s experiences attempting to obtain abortion care. The findings related to women’s emotions after abortion are part of ANSIRH’s “Turnaway Study,” which is following nearly 1,000 women who sought abortions in 21 different states. According to the group, this represents the “first U.S. study to follow women obtaining abortions and women denied abortions over time.”

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Pro-abortion writer: The United States needs abortion drones

Recent reports about pro-abortion group Women on Waves sending abortion pills to Poland with a drone has sparked insistence by pro-abortion publication Jezebel that we “need” abortion drones in the United States, because places like Texas make it so hard for women to receive access to kill their babies.

Of course, instead of being portrayed as the tragic death of a preborn child, Jezebel makes it sound like the people operating these killer-pill drones are some sort of heroes worthy of praise for helping the needy.

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Ben Carson blasts abortion, but says it’s too soon to endorse pill reversal

Carson Scholars FundOver the weekend, retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson broke ranks with his fellow pro-lifers by telling the liberal blog ThinkProgress that he believes it is premature to support abortion pill reversal.

“Generally speaking,” Carson said, “the scientific method requires accumulating data, accumulating evidence and making sure that it’s statistically significant.” He did not suggest the concept of the practice was wrong or rule out supporting it after more studies had been done.

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Ohio AG pushes for closure of Toledo’s last abortion clinic

road journeyOhio Attorney General Mike DeWine has filed an appeal to close the last abortion clinic in the city, the Associated Press reports.

Last year, the state Health Department had ordered the closure of Capital Care Network for lacking a patient-transfer agreement with a local hospital, and instead had an agreement with an out-of-state hospital over 50 miles away. Last month, the Lucas County Court of Pleas allowed the clinic to stay open, claiming the transfer requirement was unconstitutional.

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Father of child with Down syndrome: These kids love us until we love them back

Ninety percent of babies who test positive for Down syndrome in the womb are tragically aborted.

One father of a living child with Down syndrome, Dr. Thomas Elkins, said the following:

We look at our child, Jenny, who has Down’s syndrome, and see our own limitedness. She shows us love even when we, at first, were not totally accepting of her. These kids love us until we begin to love them back. And by loving them, we learn whole new definition of love – something very akin to grace.

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Abortion clinic workers acknowledge Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s racism

Pro-choice author Carole Joffe interviewed abortion clinic workers for a book she was writing. The workers acknowledged that Margaret Sanger, birth control crusader and founder of Planned Parenthood, had been a supporter of eugenics and racism, and that the birth control movement, which led to the legalization of abortion, was established by eugenicists.

Eugenics is defined as: “a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of hereditary qualities of a race or breed.”

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Face the Truth Tour brings fetal images to Chicagoland all week

This weekend, the Pro-Life Action League began its annual Face the Truth Tour, the group announced on Facebook.

Running from July 10 to this Friday, July 18, pro-lifers “will visit sites throughout the Chicago area, holding pictures of beautiful unborn babies and huge signs depicting the victims of abortion.” The post has full details of where and when demonstrations will be held all week.

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Dr. Byron Calhoun

Pro-abortion extremists launch witch hunt against pro-life OB/GYN

To the abortion lobby, there is no bigger sin a doctor can commit than having the audacity to be pro-life. Never mind that the science backs up the pro-life position that each preborn child is a human life; never mind that they claim to be “pro-choice”. The abortion lobby does not care about the science – they’ll lie about it whenever possible – and they do not care about people actually exercising any modicum of choice. The only acceptable choice is abortion, so it’s not surprising that a group of pro-abortion extremists have decided to launch a witch hunt against a West Virginia OB/GYN because he committed the crime of being openly pro-life.

Dr. Byron Calhoun is the unfortunate target of their wild accusations, with abortion fanatics seemingly trying to get him fired. From RH Reality Check…

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Two states to allow birth control pills over-the-counter, one to minors

Planned Parenthood is praising California and Oregon, where women will soon be able to have a brief consult with a pharmacist and walk out with hormonal contraception. And in California, even a 12-year-old could theoretically walk in and buy birth control. Oregon will require women to be 18, or to show a previous prescription if they are under 18.

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Unborn human embryo model for education purpose

Medical student on abortion remains: “You’ll see arms and stuff”

In 2008, the Reproductive Rights Action League (RALY) at Yale held an abortion workshop to commemorate Roe v. Wade. It was also sponsored by Yale Medical Students for Choice.  The participants received training in how to do abortions. They simulated abortion procedures with abortion instruments and papaya fruit.

One of the organizers, a medical student named Rasha Khoury, said the following in an article about the event in Yale Daily News. She was talking about the remains left in the suction device after an abortion: “It’s not as scary as it seems. It’s just blood and mucus. You’ll be able to see arms and stuff, but still just miniscule.”

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Life of the week: Former abortionist John Bruchalski – ‘I bought the lie’

We all want to do our jobs to the best of our ability. The same is true for pro-choice OB/GYNs. And as John Bruchalski, a former abortionist, explains it, if you’re a pro-choice OB/GYN, than you’re going to want to learn to do abortions and you’re going to offer abortion to your patients.

“I bought the lie,” said Bruchalski in a speech he gave at a conference for the Pro-Life Action League. “Abortion and contraception were good for women. […] I held the forceps. I twisted. […] That cannula that you use is only about eight or nine inches long. That’s how close I am when I’m taking the life of that child. And it goes through the cannula, through my fingers, through my arm, into my heart. And my heart becomes a little bit more hardened every time. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve done that.”

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Tennessee’s Brittany Maynard

John Jay Hooker is a familiar name in the state of Tennessee. Until recently he had been described in a tongue and cheek manner as a political gadfly and perennial candidate.   A gifted orator, born to a prominent family,  Hooker’s  verbiage  often got him in trouble as in 2010 when he had his law license suspended for thirty days  and was publicly censored for filing frivolous law suits and making statements regarding judges with “reckless disregard of their truth or falsity.”  Hooker is known for championing his causes with passion and flamboyance. Now in his eighties and diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, he is now being revered as Tennessee’s version of Brittany Maynard as he seeks to bring physician assisted suicide to his home state.

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