Cecile Richards insults women voters who disagree with her

As a pro-life woman, I take my right to vote very seriously. While political pundits may like to lump one very large and diverse group together, not all women vote the same way.

It’s offensive to hear people use the term “women’s issues” when what they really mean is free birth control and access to abortion. It’s even more offensive to me because I believe individuals should provide their own birth control. And, more importantly it’s offensive when I fight to remind women they have other options besides abortion.

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Rep. Marsha Blackburn reveals what will happen at the hearing on baby body parts today

This morning, Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s office released her opening statement for the Hearing on the Pricing of Fetal Tissue. Blackburn is the Chairman of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives that is investigating the facts behind the fetal parts industry and the late-term abortion industry where babies are sometimes born alive. The hearing began at 10am ET and can be watched live here.

Opening Statement of Chairman Marsha Blackburn

“Welcome to all the witnesses who are here today.  I will be introducing each of you in a moment and I look forward to hearing your testimony on The Pricing of Fetal Tissue.  As part of my opening statement, I will present a narrative about the exhibits that today’s hearing will discuss.  I have said many times, my hope is that both parties can work together on some things and today’s subject matter should be a perfect opportunity to do so for two reasons:

First, at our initial hearing on Bioethics and Fetal Tissue, all witnesses from both sides agreed that no one should profit from the sale of baby body parts. No one.

Second, the Democrats overwhelmingly supported a prohibition on profiting from fetal tissue sales during the 1993 passage of the National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act.

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Should women get “punishment” for abortion? Abusive men should.

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy, something he proved again last month. When asked if women should face legal consequences for abortion, Trump said they should, arguing “there has to be some form of punishment.” His comments provoked condemnation, much of it from pro-life organizations.

Trump later claimed he misspoke and only favors punishing abortionists, a position many in the pro-life movement take. But while the issue is heated, it’s largely hypothetical. Even if pro-lifers did favor punishing women (and they usually don’t), the Supreme Court would have to overturn Casey v. Planned Parenthood first for it to be an option in most cases. However, there’s another group that we can go after, and I doubt many people would object.

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BREAKING: Documents present evidence that Planned Parenthood profited from selling fetal parts

A document released Tuesday evening from the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives shows evidence that Planned Parenthood appears to have profited from selling fetal parts. The 46 page document is a list of exhibits that will be presented at Wednesdays hearing, and it shows that Planned Parenthood did not have apparent associated reasonable costs in fetal tissue procurement, indicating that the abortion giant’s role was profitable.

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Michigan abortion center investigated thanks to one vigilant pro-lifer

A lawsuit recently filed by the Michigan Attorney General against a Detroit abortion facility operating illegally can be credited to the hard work of a persistent pro-life activist.

Lynn Mills

Lynn Mills has kept a watchful eye on abortion facilities in the state of Michigan for many years, and spends hours combing through documents connected to either abortion facilities or the abortionists or owners of the facilities. Her ‘dirt-digging’ skills have led to the revocation of abortionists’ licenses as well as closures of abortion facilities.

Recently, Mills discovered that Summit Women’s Center of Detroit – which performs abortions up to 24 weeks – did not have a licensed physician listed on their corporate filings, which is a violation of state law. As a result, the state has moved to not only dissolve the facility as a corporation but to enjoin the officers from operating a medical facility in the state ever again.

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Former Planned Parenthood board chair says miscarried babies “were never alive”

Planned Parenthood’s preferred strategy in its campaign to dehumanize its victims is to simply pretend they aren’t there by talking as if women are the sole interested party in abortion. When that fails, the abortion giant’s fallback is attempting to pretend there’s simply no consensus about when life begins. And when that fails, Planned Parenthood has to get… creative.

Enter an editorial in Kentucky’s Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper by Dr. David Nash, who has served on the boards of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project, in response to an earlier pro-life editorial by Dr. A. Patrick Schneider.

It attempts to discredit pro-lifers by explaining what “science really says” about personhood, but the only question it raises is: do they really let just anyone put an MD after his name these days?

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Pro-abortion Rep. Jackie Speier to talk on “mercy” at Catholic retreat house

Controversy has erupted over news that pro-abortion Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) is scheduled to speak at a Catholic retreat house on April 23.

The speech, at the Catholic Sisters of Mercy’s Burlingame Mercy Center in California, is slated to address the subject of “mercy in public life.” Pro-lifers have noted the irony of contrasting the topic with Speier’s 100% pro-abortion ratings and voting record from Planned Parenthood Action Fund and NARAL Pro-Choice America.

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Planned Parenthood denies its nurse is doing illegal abortions

Planned Parenthood has denied allegations from a pro-life group that a New Mexico Planned Parenthood nurse is committing abortions in violation on state law. As Live Action News has previously reported, ProtestABQ, a pro-life group in New Mexico, says they have uncovered documentation showing that registered nurse Vivianne Clark (license number RN-71112) – whom they claim is employed by Planned Parenthood of New Mexico – committed several abortions, some late-term, in violation of state law which requires that only licensed physicians perform abortions. The group has filed a formal complaint with the State’s Nursing Board.

On Monday, Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Whitney Phillips responded in a written statement to the Journal denying the charges against Clark, claiming that, “Nurse practitioners with prescriptive authority prescribe mifepristone as requested by a patient.” Adding, “No surgical abortions are being performed by any nurse practitioners.”

But there’s a problem with that…

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Cruz defends Center for Medical Progress videos, blasts Obama for inaction

This weekend, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz rebuked pro-abortion claims that the Center for Medical Progress falsified its undercover Planned Parenthood videos, and argued the controversy also served as an indictment of President Barack Obama.

Cruz was participating in a MSNBC town hall event. During a discussion of abortion, he noted that “virtually none of the network news would show the videos on air”(neither ABC, CBS, nor NBC covered the releases of any of the seven videos released after July 2015). To that, host Chuck Todd claimed “some of it was made up.”

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Mississippi pro-life student’s efforts help breastfeeding moms on campus

In a display of providing mothers with real options, Mississippi State University (MSU) senior Anja Scheib, as part of the Pregnant on Campus Initiative, has successfully lobbied her school to provide key card access to campus lactation rooms for breastfeeding students and staff members.  Her efforts may go a long way, as Mississippi has one of the worst breastfeeding rates in the country.

Fortunately, a 2006 state law says that breastfeeding mothers cannot be discriminated against, according to WTVA. But, Scheib still felt the need to act with the recent system in place not working.

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Florida abortion center to pay fine for illegal abortions

On Monday, Aastra Women’s Center agreed to pay a $3,000 fine as part of a settlement with the state of Florida. The state filed suit against Aastra and four other abortion facilities late last year, alleging that they performed illegal second-trimester abortions without proper licenses. CBS Miami reports:

The Agency for Health Care Administration in September accused Aastra and four other clinics of performing second-trimester abortions without proper licenses. The clinics filed legal challenges, arguing that the agency used a shifting definition of what constitutes the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Government Accountability Office to investigate Planned Parenthood

investigate planned parenthoodJust when Planned Parenthood might have thought the investigations on their financial practices were dying down, more seem to crop up, like the abortion provider’s nightmare of a Whac-A-Mole.

The latest investigation is from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), which granted the request of Representatives Diane Black (TN), Pete Olson (TX) and Senator David Vitter (LA), along with more than 120 members of Congress requesting a report from the GAO on “how taxpayer funding is specifically used by Planned Parenthood and other federally funded organizations that perform or promote abortion.”

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Guttmacher’s defense of deleted pregnancy data falls short

Last week, we highlighted Willis Krumholz’s Federalist article detailing how the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute appears to have dropped a 1994 data point from its materials on unintended pregnancy rates to obscure Planned Parenthood’s role in driving them up in the mid-1990s and falsely suggest its promotion of intrauterine devices was key to driving them back down.

Guttmacher Manipulated Pregnancy Graphs

Guttmacher spokesman Joerg Dreweke replied, claiming the data point was flawed, and removed to more accurately reflect the true rates. Now, Krumholz has answered the charge, defending his work and maintaining that Guttmacher still has some explaining to do.

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