US Catholic Bishops call on voters to prioritize right to life

On Tuesday, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops released its “Faithful Citizenship” guide to the principles it believes American Catholics should observe in the 2016 elections. The document does not name parties or candidates the faithful must support, but emphasizes the moral teachings it wants them to prioritize when making their decisions.

While addressing issues such as poverty, racism, and capital punishment, “Faithful Citizenship” stresses abortion as an overriding concern. The “fundamental right to life” is a “principl[e] that can never be abandoned,” it says, arguing that supporting pro-abortion politicians constitutes “formal cooperation” with a “grave evil.”

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Salon freaks out over pro-lifers holding journalists to standards

Last week, we called out Katie Couric for acting as a Planned Parenthood mouthpiece while in the guise of a reporter. This week, Salon’s Gary Legum spectacularly misses the point of pro-lifers’ criticism in a particularly-smug column on “the insane right-wing freak-out over her Planned Parenthood interview.” The condescension rings hollow, though, thanks to the manifest duplicity of pretending that pro-lifers were criticizing her merely “for showing what PP clinics are really like”…

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Abortion scheme on college campus: purchase public sidewalk to censor pro-life speech

An exhibit at an Ohio campus, which shows images of abortion victims, has sparked such a controversy that some students are collaborating to censor the pro-life message by purchasing the sidewalk to shut down the protest completely. The pro-life group Created Equal which brings the truth of abortion to college campuses across the nation, said their exhibit of abortion victim images at the Campus Center location at Otterbein college was on public property owned by the city of Westerville.

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On World Prematurity Day parents celebrate their children – no matter how small

Today, parents all over social media took a few minutes to go back in time to a perilous, precious moment: the moment their child was born premature. Harrowing tales, tear-worthy reports, and heartfelt celebrations were all shared.

Together, these parents gave the world a picture today. Communicated in thousands of images, the worldwide picture reminded us all that every human is valuable, no matter how small. Regardless of their age, size, or level of development, each human being is worth fighting for – especially at their most vulnerable moments.

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Lawsuit: Planned Parenthood should return thousands in fraudulent money to Colorado

Following the release of videos that show Planned Parenthood embroiled in a baby body parts scandal, more fraudulent activity by the abortion giant has been uncovered in Colorado.

Public records, requested and released from Colorado State University, show that Planned Parenthood has been paid by CSU to supply aborted baby body parts. CSU has also purchased nearly $100,000 in body parts from Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) since 2010. A lawsuit recently filed in a Colorado district court alleges that these payments are fraudulent and unconstitutional.

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Woman who refused abortion after cancer diagnosis gives birth to healthy twins

Holley Tierney, 25, was 23 weeks pregnant with twins when she went to the hospital with pain in her chest and arm. Thinking it was simply a pulled muscle from lifting a heavy object earlier that day, doctors had almost released her, when one doctor suggested an X-ray and CT scan.

“I’m so thankful to the doctor in A&E that pushed me to have an X-ray and CT scan […], he has saved my life,” Tierney told The Daily Mail.

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Should people of faith accommodate abortion ‘rights’?

When asked if God was on the Union’s side during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln remarked: “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

In a recent article posted on, Alex Zielinski attempted to bring God over to her side on the controversial issue of abortion.

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Sad irony: President Obama tells daughters to ‘look out for the vulnerable’

President Barack Obama recently shared his thoughts with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos about the protests at the University of Missouri. At one point, the President mentioned the kind of advice he’s given his daughters. Emphasis is added:

We talk about this at the dinner table. And I say to them, ‘Listen, if you hear somebody using a racial epithet, if you hear somebody who’s anti-Semitic, if you see an injustice, I want you to speak out.

I want you to be form and clear and I want you to protect people who may not have voices themselves. I want you to be somebody who’s strong and sees themselves as somebody who’s looking out for the vulnerable.’

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NY restaurant partner pleads guilty to forcing girlfriend’s abortion

Josh Woodward, a former partner in New York’s Table 8 restaurant chain, has pled no contest to an attempted murder charge for giving his pregnant girlfriend an abortion-inducing drug without her knowledge in 2009.

Reportedly, Woodward first responded to the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy by urging her to get an abortion, and the two broke up when she refused. Woodward subsequently researched for “forced abortion” methods online, then resumed the relationship on a false promise to commit to her and the child.

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Will “undue burden” test throw a wrench into Supreme Court case on TX abortion law?

Now that we know the US Supreme Court will hear the case of Texas’s law subjecting abortion clinics to admitting privilege and ambulatory surgical standards, KUT News 90.5 in Austin, TX reports that the Supremes will decide the law’s fate by applying the “undue burden test,” which assumes as a given that the right to abortion is constitutionally valid yet considers whether the law places a “substantial obstacle” on exercising that right…

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