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Parents try to force surrogate mother to abort their disabled baby

Crystal Kelley wanted to give the gift of a baby to a family who couldn’t have children. She also needed the money that surrogacy brings. And so, she ended up becoming a surrogate mother to a couple in her state of Connecticut who had three children but wanted more. The first half of the pregnancy was friendly and happy, with Kelley and the parents communicating regularly.

article-2288237-1870CE6E000005DC-37_634x353Then there was an irregular ultrasound. After several more ultrasounds, the picture was clear: this was a baby who would be born with some disabilities. She had a cleft lip and palate, a cyst on her brain, and a heart defect. The baby’s parents immediately began to pressure Kelley to have an abortion, claiming it was the more “humane” option. Now, most decent people wouldn’t consider it humane to rob a child of her life simply because she might have a disability. This was the way that Kelley felt, and she refused to have an abortion.

First, the couple begged her to abort the baby, according to CNN:

“They were both visibly upset. The mother was crying,” she remembers. “They said they didn’t want to bring a baby into the world only for that child to suffer. … They said I should try to be God-like and have mercy on the child and let her go.”

“I told them that they had chosen me to carry and protect this child, and that was exactly what I was going to do,” Kelley said. “I told them it wasn’t their decision to play God.”

Then she walked out of the room.

Then they tried to bribe her, offering her $10,000 to have an abortion. They had someone meet with her and explain just how terrible this baby’s life would be. Kelley was also informed that if she had the baby, the parents would refuse to be the child’s legal parents.

The mother noted that the surrogacy agency was getting in touch with Kelley, and a few days later, Kelley received an e-mail from Rita Kron at Surrogacy International telling her that if she chose to have the baby, the couple wouldn’t agree to be the baby’s legal parents.

“You will be the only person who will be making decision (sic) about the child, should the child is born,” Kron wrote.

… Kron took Kelley to lunch.

“She painted a picture of a life of a person who had a child with special needs. She told me how it would be painful, it would be taxing, it would be strenuous and stressful. She told me it would financially drain me, that my children would suffer because of it,” Kelley remembers.

When money didn’t work, they tried threats, hiring a lawyer who told her she had no choice but to comply with their demands.

On February 22, 2012, six days after the fateful ultrasound, Kelley received a letter. The parents had hired a lawyer.

“You are obligated to terminate this pregnancy immediately,” wrote Douglas Fishman, an attorney in West Hartford, Connecticut. “You have squandered precious time.”

On March 5, Kelley would be 24 weeks pregnant, and after that, she couldn’t legally abort the pregnancy, he said.

Fishman reminded Kelley that she’d signed a contract, agreeing to “abortion in case of severe fetus abnormality.” The contract did not define what constituted such an abnormality.

Kelley was in breach of contract, he wrote, and if she did not abort, the parents would sue her to get back the fees they’d already paid her — around $8,000 — plus all of the medical expenses and legal fees.

At that point, Kelley hired her own lawyer, who took on the case pro bono. Kelley moved to Michigan at seven months pregnant, where she would be named the baby’s mother. She found an adoptive family willing to take the baby. The biological parents tried to fight that, too. Ultimately, the adoption went through, and the biological parents have kept in touch, visiting the baby.

This story is disturbing on so many levels. Here is a child with some medical problems and the potential to have some disabilities. And the immediate response from the people who wanted a child, and were supposed to love and protect her, was immediately to do everything they could to keep her from having a life. When that didn’t work, they then tried to ensure that she wouldn’t have a promising life, making her live in foster care, and attempting to keep her away from a family that knew about her medical issues and was still willing to love and care for her.

Not once did these people ever think of her as a human being. They didn’t deem her as worthy of life, so, as Kelley said, they decided that they wanted to play God. The fact that it’s possible for people to kill a baby, simply because that baby has a disability, is abhorrent. Who gets to decide whether someone should be able to live? Who gets to decide what a person’s quality of life will be?

It’s unclear what this baby’s future will be. She has several risky surgeries ahead of her. She may not be able to walk or talk. But she smiles, laughs, plays with toys. She may not have a long life, or what people consider a fulfilling life. But why is it that we get to choose that for other people? Why do people feel entitled to make this decision for someone else? Apparently, if a baby has any medical issues discovered prenatally, then the “right” thing to do is automatically rob her of her chance to live.

What kind of upside-down world do we live in when killing someone is considered more humane than letting her live? Where babies are allowed to live only if they’re perfect?

  • Timmehh

    “What kind of upside-down world do we live in when killing someone is considered more humane than letting them live.”

    I’ve always said, if I’m in a completely vegetative state and only alive because of some human assistance, let me pass on to the good Lord in Heaven. Now this obviously isn’t the case here, because I get to make that choice now and the baby clearly doesn’t. But sometimes I do think for people who would die anyways, and just want peace, that death is a kind option (like in the case I presented). Death is not the worst thing to happen to a person. In fact, to a Christian, it is the beginning of something wonderful, not the end.

    Just to clarify, I’m speaking only in extreme cases like the one I mentioned. I’m not advocating suicide, murder, etc. Letting someone die with dignity is different from intentionally taking their life away.

    • Lilian Stoltzfus

      Yes, there is a huge difference between letting the dying die and killing the living.

      The life support issue is more complicated, but you are true in saying that you have the freedom to choose your fate in those circumstances. If, by all available human knowledge, a person is completely brain dead and cannot breathe alone, allowing them to go seems acceptable.

      And there are many cases in which a mentally aware person decides not to undergo anymore treatment and/or the family decides to withdraw heroic measures or additional medical support. Again, that is passively allowing death for those already dying. It is NOT causing death or actively dealing it out.

      Abortion, suicide, and euthanasia actively deal death out. In other words: killing people.

  • I think the thing about this story that makes me the angriest is that the bio-parents are still in the picture. They clearly didn’t want this girl, and in fact tried to kill her. But now they care? Now they want to be in her life? How selfish are these people?

    • Basset_Hound

      They didn’t want this baby, and didn’t want anybody else to adopt her either. I guess they were ticked about being out the 8 grand and the other expenses. Wow…just wow.

    • Julie j

      They may have not thought of a child with special needs as a “real” baby, but after seeing her, holding her and realizing she is just a “normal” love able child, been very thankful their offered had not been accepted. (just guessing on that:)

      • Melissa

        They weren’t’ offering’ they were ‘threatening’ the surrogate. Big difference. I would hope they would ‘see the light’ but that’s not necessarily the case.

    • When they offered the surrogate mother $10,000 to abort the baby; the woman instead turned around and demaneded $15,000. This was never about morals and principles; it was about greed.

      • Ann T

        Where does it say THAT in the article?

        • VanTed

          There is another article on Live Action that mentions those details. It was just posted today i believe.

      • That was wrong of her. But she ultimately did the right thing, to the point of running *half a continent* away from the people trying to kill this baby and making sure that Baby S was adopted by a couple who could love her and care for her whether she lived for very long or not. As bad as this moment is, it’s not the whole story on Kelley’s part. ALL the bio-parents tried to do was kill this girl. Their entire role is antagonistic.

        …Yup, I’m still hacked.

  • ldwendy


    Are the taxpayers of Michigan going to be saddled with the medical bills for this baby if the adoptive family do not have the means to cover all the surgeries for her and her siblings? If the parents do not have the funds to provide round- the-clock care for her after they are deceased, will the state be willing to support the baby?

    For fiscal year 2011, based on the need to “balance the budget” GOP representatives in the state house put together a plan to cut the following items out of the state budget:

    $26 million in state disability assistance
    $1.5 million in SSI income (often needed by disabled adults to survive)
    $1.7 million to fund criminal background check for employees of adult foster care or homes for the aged and disabled

    The needs of the disabled are the first to be cut in many cases.

    I’m sure not all Michigan taxpayers want their tax dollars to go toward the support of this child. In their mind, investing in her is a risky proposition because her long term prognosis looks bleak right now.

    • Duh

      And THIS, my friends, is why money is the root of all evil.

    • Julie j

      Wow. Are you serious? Wow.Truth be told, all of our long term prognoses look bleak, seeing as how we all are going to get older and die.

    • The question is not who will be “saddled” with the care of this child now and when/if she’s an adult. The question is whether it is morally right to take the life of the child. When is it ever right for us to play God and take the life of the unborn? Never!

      • ldwendy

        I’m not focusing on the morality of carrying a pregnancy to term or not. I am more focused on the practical realities of raising a child.

        Every couple who brings a child into the world should also take on the responsibility of determine how they will care for the baby. Many times, money comes into play. The first time I found out I was pregnant, I was more concerned about whether I could afford baby food, diapers, clothing, not to mention the enormous amount of time I would need to take off from work to raise the child. Not to mention that having a child is always risky because you never know how they will turn out.

        Thinking about how to raise a child is the most responsible thing a parent can do. And as you pro-lifers like to say, there’s always adoption.

        • Lilian Stoltzfus

          You’re very right – people should think about what it takes to actually raise children before they have them.
          You’d find most of “us pro-lifers” agree – and we take that logic a step further to say that couples should consider the realities of child-rearing BEFORE they engage in the only natural means of child-conceiving activity. In other words, think before you sex.

          • Basset_Hound

            Oh, but we can’t expect people to think before they have sex. That’s “slut-shaming”.

          • That is why God planned the little s word for marriage only! Ther are consequences for it outside of marriage….the consequences are not always immediate like touching a hot stove!

        • Children are a blessing from God so they should be seen as more thenin terms of the money to raise thm….they bring joy to one’s life etc.

        • Giving up an unwanted child for adoption with the help of a pro-life pregnancy center is the loving option.

        • There is also – to put it bluntly – keeping your legs closed.

          Pro-choicers, as I picture you call yourself, say their bodies are their own. Is that so? Then you should be able to control your own body.

          I see what you are saying, and in some cases the money situation is inevitable. I understand that. God knows the high life of the West is expensive. And it’s almost prohibitive if you should get a disability or illness.

          I understand the gravity

          • Lilian Stoltzfus

            Very well put, Patrick.

    • sheena

      As a Michigan tax payer, I know I only speak for myself here, but I would rather see my tax money go to better the life of a child that has issues then go to all the other needless things this state has used my money on. For example the state put up a turtle fence along a stretch highway to stop them from being road kill. It only cost around a million dollars in tax payers money. Now I love turtles, I still will stop and pick them up to show my kids. But sorry there is more important things in life like that little girl!

      • ldwendy

        Great response! If only there were more people like you.

      • Are turtles more important then human beings?

    • Julie j

      And just to inform you, the adoptive families insurance will cover this little one,s surgeries no different than a bio child. And yes, the adoptive family would have been required to have insurance to complete a home study and adopt her. As an adoptive mom of 4 kids, 2 with some special needs…….I know.

    • idwendy, you’re an idiot. How can you put a price on a life? What if suddenly you needed a lot of operations and were uninsured? We can’t play God. There’s only one of those and you are not him.

    • Kristin C

      I wonder what people with disabilities did BEFORE government handouts…. ?? How is it that people survived then? Churches, charities, benevolence. It does exist and that system worked just fine before social programs. Also, without such burdensome programs, hospitals can be more charitable. Texas Children’s Hospitals, and others like it (St. Jude) help children even if their parents cannot afford health.

      I cannot stand the culture of “if we can’t get the government to pay for us murder is the only reasonable option”.

      • ldwendy

        I wouldn’t give churches that much credit.

        There are always going to be people with disabilities who are left out of “charitable” efforts to help since they don’t have the disability that the effort is targeting.

        • CDville

          And ophthalmologists do not perform heart transplants. And Yorkie rescue groups do not take in pit bulls, and vice versa. Your point?

          • Basset_Hound

            Not to mention the fact that thanks to hard economic times there are people who previously were able to contribute (or who were holding their own) are now depending on the church for charity.

      • Timmehh

        Actually, it’s quite sad what happened to people with disabilities before then. A very large amount of them were sent to psych wards where they lived out their entire lives. That was indeed a dark time in our history.

    • Snowman

      Seriously!! I live in Michigan and would be happy to pay for this little ones needs if need be but evidently you seem to think otherwise.I’m sure her adoptive parents have taken in to consideration all that would be involved in her care . I’d rather pay for this little ones needs then the millions of free loaders who do nothing but sponge off the taxpayer while they smoke their dope and play on their xboxes on their big flat screen tv’s wearing their designer clothes! Or lets take in point the million of ILLEGALS sponging off the taxpayer. But I guess you rather only be concerned about the innocent ones who actually need care!! Please go get a life!

      • Timmehh

        Okay, you just made a very wide generalization there. Not everyone on government assistance is a “free loader” or a “sponging” illegal.

        • I got cut off my food stamps because I’m incollege par time but I have no jos therefore no ince to get food….I’m single with no kids so food panties don’ work for me because I’m only feeding me. I was on them for a long time and did not abuse the system but because of people who do I got cut off because of the restrictions in place now.

    • AnnP

      Won’t Obamacare solve all of those problems?

    • Jen

      As someone who lives in Michigan, yes we will front the bill. It is up to the strong to care for the weak and vulnerable. That is why we have those programs in the first place! Could you imagine a world where the strong wipe out the weak and unwanted, instead of caring for them, because they have the power to do so? Nazi Germany? The thing about not valuing every life at any stage, means that at some point human life is worthless. The danger with this thinking is that its only a matter of time before the rules change and you or I find ourselves in the “unwanted” category. I know you wouldnt like it much if people were saying the same things about you and not wanting to protect you as if your life was worthless. :( I would still stand up and defend u though! I am prolife and see you as being just as precious as every life.

    • There are charties to help pay for surgeries. I had a catorate (sp) in my left eye and not insurance so I found a charity to pay for the surgery.

    • Irrelevant, on the grounds that she is human from the point of conception.

      Or should I be allowed to kill you because of the coldness and inhumanity in your heart – a far worse defect than a cleft palate, a physical heart defect, or water on the brain?

  • My cousin was born with a cleft palate and a hole in her heart. Now she’s thriving in her early 20’s and just got her journeyman’s certificate in welding and metal work. She loves life and loves her job and her family and overcomes every obstical that comes across her path with flying colours! She is an inspiration to me!

  • I don’t know why this stuff is so hard. It’s simple, life begins at conception, period. I know many folks at our church and in our circle of friends who would take and love this child unconditionally without hesitation. What in the world is this country/world coming to????

    • Cara V.

      I have a question..if life begins @ the moment of conception does that not mean the moment of fertilization of egg? As a woman I wonder how many children then I have in heaven? Think about it. How many feritilized eggs has my body naturaly washed away in the past 20 years of marriage? The potential for life is there, but does not start until the heart starts to beat.

      • It’s irrelevant (to the abortion debate, anyway) how many conceived children you may or may not have miscarried. It is irrelevant for the same reasons that no one can justify murder by saying that people die of cancer all the time. Even if the people being murdered have terminal cancer, it is still wrong to kill them. Just because not every conceived child is carried to term, that does not make it okay to abort those children.

        Yes, life begins at conception. Period. It’s not “potential for life,” it’s life.

      • Nana D

        If a fertilized egg of any species, plant or animal, were found on Mars,mould scientists not say that “LIFE” had been discovered on Mars?

        • Melissa

          You bet your booty they would.

      • mary

        The most humanizing characteristic is our soul and that we receive at conception. Our bodies do not normally wash away fertilized eggs. IUD’s and some other forms of contraception can prevent implantation which is an early abortion (stopping a pregnancy).

        • Timmehh

          Actually, the female body on its own washes out a surprising number of fertilized eggs. I’m on my phone now so I can’t really copy and past a link for you if you want to check yourself, but a simple Google search will suffice.

          • I’m not sure “washes out” is the best terminology, but early miscarriage (generally due to failure to implant) is not considered uncommon.

        • he fertilization of the egg is the begining of life….it’s scienfic! I one takes the pill it destroys the lining of the uterus so if oneget pregnant while on the pill the fertilited (spelling) egg does not have the lining of the uterus to attach to.

      • Human life, as we know it, definitely begins at conception. A totally genetically-distinct individual has been formed, and with proper care, (barring disaster) will grow to a point at which he/she no longer needs the protection of the womb. Later, he/she will no longer need the care/protection of older caregivers in order to survive. Designating the heartbeat as the beginning of life is arbitrary – it is neither scientifically nor logically defensible.

        Speaking of logic – the fact that many babies die very, very early does not mean they were never alive. Cara – I have news for you. In all likelihood, you DO have children in Heaven already – perhaps many! Don’t you wonder what they’re like? Aren’t you glad you are a believer and will get to meet them someday? It is a shocking revelation! But that does not make it untrue. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around it too at times. That’s okay. God knows how limited our minds and hearts are. :)

        • It’s still more excellent when you realise that they, alongside God, are pulling their hardest to get you into Heaven. You have more support than you thought. Truly, if you are married, you are probably never alone.

      • The fertilization of the egg is the begining of life….it’s scienfic! I one takes the pill it destroys the lining of the uterus so if oneget pregnant while on the pill the fertilited (spelling) egg does not have the lining of the uterus to attach to.

      • Brandy Miller

        That is the single most ignorant piece of twaddle I’ve ever heard, Cara V. At the moment of conception, the moment of fertilization of the ovum by the sperm, the child is endowed with 100% unique to itself DNA. It is a child, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. From that point forward it begins to take on all of the characteristics of life as defined by science. If you choose to believe otherwise, that doesn’t make the child less of a child because of your willful ignorance.

      • On the other hand, if conception is the only thing necessary to produce a human, whose fault is it that the life is dead? God’s, not yours. Maybe He is producing children who can pray on your behalf from the Heavens.

        Remember: death on Earth is not the worst thing. Hell, the eternal Death where you tell God he can (insert explicative here), is the worst thing.

  • Mark

    One day, the child will grow up and find out what her parents tried so desperately to have done to her. May God grant her strength.

  • those parents should be thankful that someone loved their child enough to take on the responsibility! people are just plain stupid.

    • She did’nt take on the responsibility. She demanded $15,000 to abort the baby as stipulated in the surrogacy agreement. When the parents would not pay this, she fled and GAVE THE BABY UP AS A WARD OF THE STATE.

      • I think the article saids the baby was adopted not a ward of the state.

      • $15000, $15000,

        So she was tempted by money. You’ve never been? You’ve never been tempted by anything? She’s human. Like you or me. She’s a sinner. Like you or me. Whatcha expect?

  • Crystal, you are so courageous. You stood up for this precious little life and made sure God’s plan for her was carried out. She is a beautiful little girl and she will bring so much joy to the world. I have worked with children with special needs my whole life. Until you spend time with them you will never know how wonderful they are. Some look at them as “suffering” because they are different. But, I the great happiness and love they have and share with their families and caregivers.

    • You are SO courageous for demanding $15,000 to abort someone elses baby, that has severe birth defects and will live a short life full of misery, then when you couldn’t get your ransom running off and selling the child to another couple.
      Real courage, huh?

      • jamie garcia


        • Timmehh

          I actually read that as well. I can’t remember where though; it was either in another article here or Lifesitenews.

      • Lilian Stoltzfus

        Patrick, you cannot guarantee that a child with a disability is going to live a short life full of misery. Many disabled children are quite happy with life. Where is your evidence of such a claim?
        If your words were true, then why do we not eliminate all disabled individuals? What disabilities count as causing “short lives full of misery”? If a mercy killing is acceptable to mete out to the human fetus, why is it not acceptable to mete out to newborn infants, toddlers, preschoolers, or adults whom we deem to suffer from problems making them “full of misery?”
        Try asking the next “imperfect” person you see if they wish they had been killed as a fetus and/or they wish to die now because of their disabilities. Most of them will say “No.”
        Cognitive impairment, facial imperfection, or heart defects do not automatically mean pain and unhappiness. Happiness is not about circumstances. Children, unlike some adults, are often masters of this concept. Disabled children can be even more so.

        Also, ultrasound cannot completely predict the actual condition of the infant. A cyst on the brain doesn’t tell exactly how impaired the child will be until that child goes through life. Babies predicted to be retarded turn out completely normal – should we really stake a human life on fallible diagnostics?

        Aborting due to likely defects is making a massive and irreversible decision based on hasty conclusions, fear, and sometimes fallible judgment. Even if this were not the case, people should not be killed because their bodies don’t meet some arbitrary standard of perfection.

        • Basset_Hound

          Good points. Happiness is definitely not about circumstances. How many people who seem to have everything going for them are filled with rage and despair? How many people utilize their negative experiences to reach beyond themselves and help others who are in similar (or worse) circumstances.

      • Selling? (I haven’t read the other articles on this.)

        Prenatal medicine has not nearly come to the point of being able to tell with much accuracy what sort of life any child will have. Prenatal diagnoses and prognoses are regularly WRONG.

        Re “misery” – why do people fight for life in the face of tragic injury or illness? Plenty of times it is clear just how challenging life will be, and yet, we WANT to live! If you are not aware of what abortion does to the baby (other than kill him/her), you need to visit http://www.abort73.com and find out. Only the very WORST torture mankind has come up with compares to the horrible suffering that baby goes through during abortion.

        No one has seemed to pay any attention to the fact that having an abortion is a lot riskier to the mother than having the baby. This argument was not only about the life and well-being of the baby. They were asking the surrogate mother to risk her own life and health too.

        Re “courageous”… Maybe not… bottom line for me is that she gave the child life, whatever her ulterior motives.

      • Demanding $15000: bad.

        Saving a life: not bad.

        Why can’t you separate the two?

  • Rachel

    When you say only allowed to live if the baby is perfect, you mean on the OUTSIDE. These people are covered on the inside with gross imperfections which are now obvious to us all. Yet they judge this innocent child. Even if we aborted every baby with a disability we would still be a fallen, imperfect race. Funny how the outward or physical imperfections are so highly emphasized as if only those things matter.

    • And if I can’t kill a person for their glaring, internal defects which leak into all aspects of how they live, breathe, and act… what gives me the right to kill those who have external defects which have nothing to do with their goodness or people?

      I have no right to be a judge – except to say that no one else has that right, either.

    • MoralityandSense

      Funny they don’t realize this is exactly what Hitler wanted & that mass murderer was responsible for tens of millions of deaths!

  • Anonymous

    When I was 20 weeks pregnant, the doctor informed me that my son had a tumor in his lung. I was devastated, but abortion never even crossed my mind. Several people asked me if I wanted to “consider other options” and I was appalled. I wouldn’t kill my child because he was sick.. I went in for ultrasounds every 2 weeks to monitor the tumor growth, and then was informed at my 32 week ultrasound that he also had several heart defects. I then went in to the doctor every week until the end of my pregnancy. The risks were high that I would have a still birth, that he would be born very premature, etc…but I was induced at 39 weeks. He was taken to the NICU, where he stayed for 6 days and was allowed to come home. During that time, we had doctors appointments every week to watch him. When he was 6 weeks old, we were sent to a hospital in another state to perform a double procedure to remove the tumor and fix the heart defects. The risks were high. He could lose his life. 6 hours after he went into the operating room, I was allowed to see him. The surgery went well and there were no complications. 5 days after surgery, he was recovering miraculously and was allowed to come home. 6 weeks later, he had made a full recovery. I now spend everyday with a happy, perfectly healthy little boy who brightens my days and make me appreciate the miracle of life. He is a gift from God, and no child should ever be aborted with the chance that they will have problems. Miracles do happen, and my son is living proof! God is incredible, and no one should ever attempt to make the decisions that only he should make!

  • What an idiotic article.
    In your haste to use this woman as a anti-abortion poster child, you skipped over a pretty important fact;
    This selfish woman, when offered 10,000$ to abort the baby with severe birth defects (unlikely even after many surgeries to survive to age 10) as stipulated in the surrogacy agreement, instead DEMANDED $15,000.
    That’s some morals right there, on sale for only 5 grand.
    When they refused to pay her the additional $5,000 she fled to Michigan and then gave the baby up to someone else.
    Real classy. I don’t think this is someone you would call ‘heroic’ . Greedy, abusive, manipulative, maybe, but certainly not heroic.

    • jamie garcia

      Please post your proof for your statements. Otherwise you look like just another pro-abort running at the mouth, hating children & the disabled.

      • Cassy Fiano

        According to the CNN story, the parents had a woman from the agency sit down with her and tell her all about how terrible the baby’s quality of life would be, how Kelley would have to take the baby as the parents would refuse, and how much money it would all cost. Kelley stated that she agreed to the abortion for $15,000 in a moment of weakness after that conversation, but almost immediately regretted it and changed her mind.

      • jamie garcia

        OK I read the article on CNN I see where you got the $15k finally. However unlike you I believe in repentance and forgiveness, not to mentioned I could picture myself in the surrogates shoes- broke and feeling no other choice. Late abortions are dangerous and she’d be facing the physical consequences alone so I would def ask for more $ honestly if I was not strictly pro-life. Its interesting that you don’t call the “Bio parents” evil too for threatening to drop the kid in Foster care. “Ok I read the CNN article. Here is what you are basing your emotional reaction on”In an affidavit filed in Connecticut Superior Court, DePrimo described what happened next. DePrimo received a phone call from Fishman telling him the parents had changed their minds. They now planned to exercise their legal right to take custody of their child –and then immediately after birth surrender her to the state of Connecticut. She would become a ward of the state.”

  • My grand daughter was told her baby was going to be born with very little brain. The doctor asked her if she wanted to terminate the baby? She said no, that is my baby i will not terminate it because something is wrong. He was born and was a beautiful little baby. He never walked or talked, but he knew what love was, he smiled and laughed out loud when you talked to him and kissed him. We were privileged to know and love him for over 3 years before. he passed away..

  • Of all of the disabling conditions that there are, and knowing that every human will have at least one at some point most likely in their life, being morally bankrupt is the one I could least cope with.

  • C Kelly you are a hero in my eyes and will be in the eyes of the beautiful baby girl whom you gave the gift of life!!! If only people realize that its only God and God only who gives and takes life this world would be a better place for all of us!

  • The decision to “play God” was already made once when they participated, all of them, in a surrogate pregnancy. But thank God the “surrogate mother” understood the unique dignity and preciousness of this beautiful little girl’s life!

  • With just the cleft lip, it takes 45 minutes to do the surgery. check into Operation Smile!! A while back, surgery was performed on a baby within its mothers womb. They showed the baby’s hand grasping the surgeons finger.

  • Since when is it God-like to have an unborn child killed?

  • …The sense of ownership in general is always to be encouraged. The humans
    are always putting up claims to ownership which sound equally funny in
    Heaven and in Hell and we must keep them doing so….

    We produce this sense of ownership not only by pride but by confusion.
    We teach them not to notice the different senses of the possessive
    pronoun – the finely graded differences that run from “my boots” through
    “my dog”, “my servant”, “my wife”, “my father”, “my master” and “my
    country”, to “my God”. They can be taught to reduce all these senses to
    that of “my boots”, the “my” of ownership. Even in the nursery a child
    can be taught to mean by “my Teddy-bear” not the old imagined recipient
    of affection to whom it stands in a special relation (for that is what
    the Enemy will teach them to mean if we are not careful) but “the bear I
    can pull to pieces if I like”. And at the other end of the scale, we
    have taught men to say “My God” in a sense not really very different
    from “My boots”, meaning “The God on whom I have a claim for my
    distinguished services and whom I exploit from the pulpit – the God I
    have done a corner in”.

    And all the time the joke is that the word “Mine” in its fully
    possessive sense cannot be uttered by a human being about anything. In
    he long run either Our Father or the Enemy will say “Mine” of each thing
    that exists, and specially of each man. They will find out in the end,
    never fear, to whom their time, their souls, and their bodies really
    belong – certainly not to them, whatever happens. At present the Enemy
    says “Mine” of everything on the pedantic, legalistic ground that He
    made it: Our Father hopes in the end to say “Mine” of all things on the
    more realistic and dynamic ground of conquest,

    Your affectionate uncle


  • Terrible people!!!!….they do NOT DESERVE ANY child let alone a special needs child…they were not meant for parenting…thats why GOD decided that they could not have one naturally…thats the reality behind it….I have a special needs daughter whom I love with all of my heart and soul!!!! and yes she is a lot of work…but that part of being a parent!!!…I was told prenatally she could be Downs…and I was also given the advice to abort her…NO WAY!!! she is not Downs..but she is mentally challenged, autistic, epileptic….she has a GREAT quality of life…she can run, jump, play, talk, laugh, ride a trike, push her little brother on the swing!!! etc…NO BODY SHOULD PLAY GOD, EXCEPT GOD!!!!….that little girl could still have a GREAT quality of life…medical treatments have come a long way…there was ABSOULUTELY no reason to give up on her…SHAME ON THE PARENTS and kudos to the surogate mother…she sounds like she should have the rights to the child…CONSIDERING IT IS HER BODY!!!

  • Heidi spano

    I’m sorry but I agree with the decision to not bring a child into the world that’s going to suffer and be in pain and have no quality of life

  • Heidi spano

    Regardless of the fact that they wanted another child…which is selfish ..as far as Im concerned.. I agree with the decision to terminate the pregnancy of the child is going to be sick and miserable for her life. And God’s will was for them not to have anymore children …that’s God’s Will …period