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Pew Research survey reveals strong global opposition to abortion

A survey released this week by Pew Research Center indicates that 56% of people in countries around the globe believe abortion is morally unacceptable. The study, which surveyed 40,117 respondents across 40 different countries, found widespread opposition to abortion, with a significant majority of respondents calling it morally wrong.

In fact, not a single nation in the 40 countries surveyed had a majority who believed abortion to be morally acceptable.

Pew Global Research

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Several countries that have either adopted holistic protections for human life in their national constitutions or heavily restrict abortion were among the most pro-life. Countries like El Salvador, Bolivia, Uganda, Kenya, and the Philippines registered the highest levels of opposition to abortion. Based on survey responses, a striking 93% of the population of the Philippines believes abortion to be a moral wrong.

This news is sure to exasperate global abortion-peddlers at the United Nations, who have spent millions upon millions of dollars trying to push abortion into developing nations. Clearly, trying to convince these countries to legalize the killing of unborn children is a harder sell than the U.N. Population Fund and the International Planned Parenthood Federation expected.

Even in countries where abortion has been foisted upon the people, the majority of the population remains pro-life. Sixty-one percent of South Africans oppose abortion, despite their legal abortion regime. Despite their vast financial and political resources, Planned Parenthood’s international agitation has failed to win the hearts and minds of people in many countries around the world.

In order to maintain these strong pro-life majorities, we need to renew our efforts to provide local pro-life activists with the information and resources they need to reach local populations. And we need to let international decision-makers at the United Nations know that sound majorities in countries around the globe oppose the U.N. abortion agenda!

  • MamaBear

    I think unless they have been specifically taught otherwise, most people have a natural revulsion against abortion.

    • Ingrid Heimark

      True, but what makes me most surprised is that so many people don’t see abortion as a moral issue at all….

      • DianaG2

        I think that is mostly due to four decades of being scorned and humiliated if you question whether abortion is a good idea or not.

        It started a long time ago, even before abortion was legal in the U.S. The rhetoric changed. Pro-life folks were becoming deliberately marginalized and trivialized.

        When my daughter was born, in 1977, I said to the nurse, “I can’t believe I thought about getting an abortion.”

        Her reply? “You shouldn’t think about that. You were a different person back then.”

        ??? But, my daughter was NOT a different person back then. And, she would have been changing from living to dead.

        They just developed this whole thing about “not making moms feel guilty for having abortions.”

        Well, what about helping them make a better decision? I guess that has no bearing on it.

    • DianaG2

      Absolutely, Mama. We are all human, even those young, tiny little brothers and sisters.

  • Bubbalouwee

    Get the USA out of the UN and get the UN out of our country. Put the entire organization on trail for treason and for crimes against humanity.

  • peach

    “In fact, not a single nation in the 40 countries surveyed had a majority who believed abortion to be morally acceptable.”

    Except there are 4 countries where the majority thought abortion was morally acceptable and 4 where the majority thought it was not a moral issue.

    • Josh Craddock

      Czech Republic had the highest percentage of people who said abortion was morally acceptable at 49%. France had the highest percentage of people who said that abortion was not a moral issue at 47%. No country had a majority that said abortion was morally acceptable and no country had a majority that said abortion was not a moral issue. Several countries had minorities that said abortion was a moral issue, but that doesn’t contradict the claim I made. I’m not sure what statistics you’re looking at.