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Published: March 19, 2012 3:55 pm to Culture News

Picturing the loss of 54 million

Since abortion was legalized throughout America in Roe v. Wade, over 54 million babies have been aborted. Fifty-four million. This automatically sounds like a huge number – nearly too large for us to comprehend. How can we picture 54 million? But in order to be passionately motivated to stop this genocide, we need to picture it. We must try.

Fifty-four million = 9 times the number of Jews killed by Hitler in World War II. Nine times the number of the Jewish Holocaust!

Fifty-four million = 58.6 percent of Generation Y and 71 percent of the Baby Boomer Generation. It is also 12 million more than the entire population of Generation X. Abortion has truly created a “lost generation.”

Let’s go with this estimate that the average American buys 4.9 pairs of shoes every year. Fifty-four million people who will never buy these shoes equals 264,600,000 pairs of shoes in one year that will never be bought or worn.

The earth is 24,901.55 miles in circumference. Equating each baby aborted to one mile, 54 million abortions is equal to nearly 2,169 times around the earth. Interestingly, if you could walk the whole way (and if you didn’t stop to sleep), the average person (at two miles an hour) could walk around the world in 519 days.  Two thousand one hundred and sixty-nine times around the earth would then take 1,125,711 days to walk, which is equal to 3,084 years of walking for all the babies who have died.

In 2010, individuals ages 15-19 spent 12 minutes each weekend reading for fun and roughly 2 hours each weekend using a computer for leisure. (The babies who died would have reached this age, eventually.) That means roughly 10.5 hours of fun reading each year, for each person. And it equals 104 hours each year for computer time. That equals 6,183,000,000 (yes, billion) missing hours of fun each year.

To be extremely modest (specifically if you’re talking about me as a child), let’s say the average American child owns 10 stuffed animals. Fifty-four million babies dead means that 540 million stuffed animals were never loved, patted, hugged, and soiled by a small child. 

Of course, 54 million missing babies also equals 108 million missing baby hands to play “Patty Cake” with and 540 million missing toes to play “This Little Piggy” with.

If each of the aborted children were to complete 12 school grades each, that’s 648,000,000 years of school that will never be completed.

Assuming that the people I know are typical, let’s say each parent would have taken his or her child to the park to play 46 times in one year. That’s 2,484,000,000 play dates missed in one year alone.

The Movement for a Better America has posted a flyer demonstrating that back in 2007, when 48 million abortions had taken place, this number was equal to the population of the 60 largest cities in the U.S. (Think Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Miami, and many more.) Since then, 7 million more babies have been killed – that’s the 2010 population of Los Angeles almost twice over. If the economic loss created by this many missing people interests you, listen to Dennis Howard explain.

In the end, this video is right: “We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life – the unborn – without diminishing the value of all human life.” Watch it in full below, and be motivated to stand up and speak out for the equal right to life for all human beings today.

About Kristi Burton Brown

Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life attorney, volunteering for Life Legal Defense Foundation and also as an allied attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom. She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom, and is married to the amazing David Brown. Together, they have the cutest two kiddos in the world! Kristi loves her Savior, Jesus Christ, speaking out for the truth, reading historical fiction, scrapbooking, politics, and cooking.

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  • Realist

     Yeah, that’s a GOOD thing. The planet is running out of resources as it is, it would be screwed with all those extra people. And America would be even poorer with that kind of population.

    • scragsma

      Wrong on both counts.

      Our planet can easily sustain a much larger population than we have reached; just to demonstrate the scale, the current population could fit into an area the size of Texas, with each person having a couple of acres to him/herself, leaving the entire remainder of the planet for agriculture, manufacturing, etc.

      Nations historically grow poorer when birthrates drop below replacement levels, as America and Europe are experiencing now.

      • Realist

         We are running out of resources. Constant population growth isn’t good for the planet. That’s not debatable, that’s a fact. And imagine how overcrowded the foster system would be if those fetuses had been born. There are too many unwanted children already.

        • misterheche


          You have obviously not visited this website:

          • Realist

             You’re right, I haven’t. And I don’t intend to. But I don’t see how anyone can whine about there being 54 million less children when so many are already unwanted. The foster system is crowded as it is. 54 million unwanted children being spared can only be a good thing.

          • Hovish13

            No unwanted children- just unwanting parents. Every child is wanted. It’s calling parents to step up that is the problem here, not the children’s existence.

          • Realist

             Every child is clearly not wanted when so many people are fine with aborting and the foster system is full of children that get left behind.

          • Guest

            Every child has value. And no child is inferior to you or anyone else on this planet!

          • Alyssa Lauer

            According to my college textbook, by some estimates, only 1 in 30 couples seeking adoption receive a child.

          • 12angry_men

            Read my comment above. 

          • Kristiburtonbrown

            Realist, they weren’t spared. They were intentionally killed.  If you believe the world is too populated (or will be one day), do you believe that we should go out and kill a certain number of people to reduce the “crowded systems” we have?  I’m gonna guess you wouldn’t support that.  If you would, at least you’re consists.  If not, then the real issue isn’t population control–it’s that you don’t believe unborn children deserve the same right to life that the rest of us do.

          • TimRohr

             ummmmm, then why is there a five year waiting list to adopt a child? but never mind.

          • Realist

             I imagine that’s for legal issues to be sorted out. But there are millions of children put up for adoption that don’t get adopted and have to stay in the system until they’re adults.

          • Guest

            Are they somehow less valuable then? Does that justify killing them? 

          • Realist

             Obviously I don’t think children who are already living should be killed. But if someone doesn’t want their pregnancy and knows that they would just have a child that would bounce around the care system, I think it’s best to end the pregnancy.

          • Kristiburtonbrown

            Realist, then you’re basically admitting that an unborn child doesn’t have the same right to life as a born child…and that’s a completely different issue than population control, like I said above.

          • Laura M

            “Obviously I don’t think children who are already living should be killed” children in the womb are already living, life isn’t infused on thm as they pass the birth canal, you know?

          • Oedipa Mossmonn

             Thankfully, not for you to decide.

          • Guest

            But we have a say, just like every other American out there :)

          • 12angry_men

            Babies are in “high demand.” Unfortunately, many older children who get placed in the system are not.

          • Babylover

            I didn’t know that being violently and painfully torn apart inside your own mother’s womb could be considered as being “spared”.

          • Realist

             A fetus doesn’t have emotions or a conscience. It doesn’t think about what’s happening to it because guess what? It can’t think! It’s much more humane to end a pregnancy than bring an unwanted child into the world who could end up being abused in the care system. Instead of being ‘OMG we love babiezzz!’ all the time, maybe some of you pro-lifers could try helping the unwanted kids who have already been born. There’s millions of them.

          • MoonChild02

   pick up a scientific journal or newspaper once in a while:
            Research suggests fetal emotion
            Fetal response to induced maternal emotions.

            Babies also learn in the womb:
            Babies ‘cry in mother’s tongue’
            Unborn babies played music in the womb ‘remember the melodies when they are born’
            Babies Recognize Mom’s Voice from the Womb
            Can Fetus Sense Mother’s Psychological State? Study Suggests Yes

            Other pages:

            However, many argue that emotions don’t truly develop until well after birth. That is because many emotions are learned behaviors. So is morality, hence the feral child phenomena. Therefore, arguing that we should be able to kill fetuses because of the lack of learned social skills is arguing that killing a child after birth, before they learn behavior, should be legal. It is arguing that those with severe mental disability, who don’t know right from wrong, be killed. It’s atrocious and disgusting.

          • Guest

            Well they certainly have a heartbeat! And research shows they can feel pain. And killing is never humane, by definition.

            You suggest that we should help kids that have already been born. We do, in so many ways. Pro-lifers believe in and support life – all life. We are just trying to teach the rest of the world this.

          • Huh?

             You call yourself a “realist”, and you call anyone who disagrees with you a “lunatic”.  Yet you have no intention of visiting a website that doesn’t support your doomsday theory?  How is that supposed to make sense?

          • Realist

             Anyone who disagrees? That was one person. And I never put forth a ‘doomsday theory’. Can you not read properly or something? Go get yourself an education, dumbass.

          • Guest

            I can read, and you used similar terms to describe more than one person.

            “The planet running out of resources” sounds like a doomsday theory to me.

        • Hovish13

          Hmm. Perhaps if you perceive this to be a problem, you should channel your efforts to promote better stewardship of resources. Ending innocent lives doesn’t solve the problem- it merely puts a bloody band aid over a bullet wound. 

        • Sonja

          Realist-I’m not bashing on your opinion, just wanted your opinion on the info on this site.  What are your thoughts?

        • Sarah M

          First off, I’d rather not see unborn children die so I can have my piece of the supposedly limited resource pie. Too many unwanted children… I know plenty of adults who were unwanted as children, either placed in foster care or told by their mothers they should have been aborted. Growing up was not easy for them, but they’d certainly rather have a tough start at life than no life at all.

        • bubbalouwee

          God can sustain life for billions of people without any problem.  Life on planet earth would work much, much, much better if human beings would NOT reject their Creator.  To kill your fellow human beings is an attack against God Himself, the author of life.     

          • Oedipa Mossmonn

            Unfortunately, we have too many people who think *their* Creator is better than the *other guys’* Creator. How’s that working out for us? And, boy oboy, I am *not* just talking about Muslims.

          • bubbalouwee

            Interesting point.  Thus, to learn about God, one needs to listen and learn from Jesus Christ, Who is God.  Unfortunately, many people reject Jesus Christ and His teachings, and now you have a real BIG problem, rejection of God. 

        • MoonChild02

          Also, I know people who work in the foster system. Babies always get adopted, and, in fact, there is a very long waiting list to adopt a baby, even a special needs child. It’s older children who are not adopted as much.

        • Joanna Robinson

          ‘Fetuses’ aren’t born. Babies are born.

      • 12angry_men

        So third world countries where the birthrates are extremely high are considered rich now? That’s news to me. 

        • Alyssa Lauer

          Their deathrates are high too!

          • 12angry_men

            Did you know introducing family planning to a third world country is one of the first steps to helping them economically? There was a great TED talk on it, I recommend that you watch it. 

      • Carrie Poppy

        Your Texas visual is completely ignoring how much acreage it takes to actually run a civilization. It doesn’t just require *physical space for the human beings*, but a much larger amount of space for agriculture, industry, etc. Perhaps you wondered why the UN is constantly warning us about our unsustainable population?

        And I believe you mean that when birthrates drop “below replacement levels,” it’s BECAUSE developed nations are poorer. Developed nations have the luxury of saying “I have no money. Maybe I shouldn’t have a bunch of kids.” Truly poor developing nations, on the other hand, have out of control birth rates.

        • MoonChild02

          Not the whole UN, just the UNFPA. The UNFAO, on the other hand, says, “The world currently produces enough food for everybody, but many people
          do not have access to it.”

        • bubbalouwee

          Who cares about anything the UN says?  They have about as much credibility as Planned Parenthood.  NONE!  God is the author of life and no one has a right to take the life of a human being.  What goes around, comes around.  Have you ever considered the global elite might want a third world war, which could lead to the use of nuclear weapons?  What would a nuclear holocaust do to your over population theory?  Jesus Christ has the whole world in the palm of his hand, and He has no problem providing for people on planet earth, but He is deeply offended by the attacks on human life.  A nuclear holocaust just might be brought on by humanity itself because of sin, with the sins against the dignity of human life being among the most serious.  Lookout if Iran gets attacked in the Middle East.  God’s mercy is awesome, and so is His justice. 

          • Realist

             bubbalouwee, you are either joking with this ridiculous post, or you are batshit crazy and should be locked in a mental institution for this crap.

          • Brooke Mehr

            Wow. Tolerant, much? What happened to respecting the beliefs of others? Religious freedom?

          • Realist

             Oh, come on! This nutjob thinks they personally know that Jesus holds the earth in his palm, and that he is ‘offended’? No sane person would think that was a reasonable post. What a complete wacko!

          • Brooke Mehr

             So you are saying that people with strong religious convictions are ‘nutjobs’ and ‘wackos’?

            His post was completely reasonable from a religious standpoint. Everyone has an opinion and belief system. And, just because you disagree with it, doesn’t give you the right to call them a nutjob. You can say that you don’t agree, but it is still their belief. And they have a right to that as much as you do.

          • bubbalouwee

            It seems to me you have a bit of a problem understanding that choices have consequences.  The choice to kill a human being is a terrible choice with grave consequences.  It is perfectly fine for you to think I am crazy, as you are not accountable to me for your life.  You are accountable to Jesus Christ, who is God, for your life,   yet you seem to have little difficulty in justifying slaughtering human beings.  Please reconsider your position, and say a prayer to be guided to the side of truth. 

    • Guest

      What an awful thing to say :(

    • Sonja

      Thomas Robert Malthus FRS (13 or 14 February 1766 – 23 or 29 December 1834) was an English scholar, influential in political economy and demography. Malthus popularized the economic theory of rent. Malthus has become widely known for his theories about population and its increase or decrease in response to various factors. The six editions of his An Essay on the Principle of Population, published from 1798 to 1826, observed that sooner or later population gets checked by famine and disease. Malthus thought that the dangers of population growth would preclude endless progress towards a utopian society: “The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man”. Malthus became hugely influential, and controversial, in economic, political, social and scientific thought. Many of those whom subsequent centuries term evolutionary biologists read him, notably Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, for each of whom Malthusianism became an intellectual stepping-stone to the idea of natural selection.

      • Sonja

        I found it incredibly interesting that Charles Darwin was influenced by this man.  Hitler was influenced by Darwin, and so on.  Population control is convenient for the ones who come up with unproven theories.  The only thing certain about the future is that it is uncertain.

    • Rebecca Leigh Randolph

      then why don’t we just kill off all the non-producers in our society….estimates have this country at record high numbers of people that are living off of the gov’t…..just get rid of them because they’re not contributing anyways and then all these babies can be born and given the chance to be the doctor that comes up with a cure for cancer, for example….how is that any different??

      • 12angry_men

        I know this was not meant to be serious, but your logic doesn’t make any sense. If we killed of the non-producers of our society you would leave their children bereft, which is counter to what you are trying to say. And what about all the non-producers who are pregnant? I know, I’ve read to far into this. I couldn’t help myself. 

    • Rainbow Beth

      That’s actually a myth. The world is in no way running out of resources, and it is not over-populated, either. Those statements have been perpetuated enough that people are now just stating it as if it were fact, but do your research. You’ll find that no such claims hold true once you look into the vastness of our resources and usable space. The problem is , that certain areas, mostly coastal regions, are clustered with populations as they are the richest in access to trade, as thus can provide for more income and products. However, this has no bearing to the vast amount of resources that are available inland. It’s just that living inland would provide less access to certain livestyles that we have become accustomed to.  It would simply take people willing to pioneer these areas, much like people did with the mid-west in the formation of the United States.

      • 12angry_men

        The problem with people is that while we do have a big earth, we take up a lot of unnecessary resources.  Think of all the rain forests we have chopped down when we didn’t need to, and all of the animals we have driven close to extinction.  All of the pollution we send into the air that hangs over large cities like a cloud. Imagine what would happen if we began to populate all areas of the earth, how much damage we would do then. Until we can find more environmentally friendly ways to do things I would suggest we limit our damage to certain areas and not spread it across the entire globe. 

    • pofalici

      Realist needs to do some population research. Most countries are dieing of underpopulation. The world is NOT running out of resources. We are being brainwashed by people like AlGore who have financial gain to get from the so-called Green industries.

  • Guest

    Great article, thank you! It’s especially upsetting to think that this is our generation being killed off, and America’s future. And we’re the ones that will have to live with this mess. 

  • oneblankspace

    If you add the abortions in the state of New York from 2001-2010 to their population in the 2010 Census (for just NY and just that decade), they would not have lost any seats in Congress.

    To say nothing of the aborted Floridians (1973-1981) who could have voted for Gore in 2000.

  • G u e s t

    My friend was raped and once she became pregnant all that mattered was the baby, not her. Her feelings never mattered or what she had gone through and even though it wasn’t the baby’s fault, it WASN’T her fault either, yet it seemed that the baby had more value than she. I feel like the pro-life community failed to comfort her through all this, it just made it seem like once you’re knocked up, there is no way out and you’re pretty much screwed. It made her very unhappy, it made her feel like she had no choice. It made it seem like a woman had no control over her own body and the only value she had was having an occupied uterus. If you don’t do this, you have people all over you, within your personal life and crap. No, I don’t wanna bring ‘god’ into this, because it just makes it ‘confusing’ because some of us don’t believe in him. 

    I really think that if a law is soon passed to restrict what we can do with our bodies, what will come next? What is the next thing to be restricted of us? All this adoption stuff reminds me of betta fish, the pet store ones. There are so many waiting to get bought but not all of them go to a home, some of the fish stay in their cups until something happens. Yet there are people wanting to breed even more when others can barely get them to ‘forever homes’. People out there want to help stop abortion but will those people be willing to take in all those children that come unwanted into the world, will they be there for them their entire lives, will they give them donations or financial support, will they ever see them? Once you’re born you’re on your own. There’s no daycare, no financial aid, as long as you made here, well you made it. You’re here, now let’s ‘save’ the rest.

    • Guest

      There are a lot of resources out there. Pregnancy Support Centers, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, churches, etc. that support the mother in all stages physically, emotionally, and spiritually even after the baby is born. We care about all of them now and always: the mother, the baby, and the family :)

    • Reverend Rock

      Dear Guest; it’s very sad what happened to your friend, but two (or three) wrongs don’t make a right.  Punishing the baby for its father’s crime by killing it is not going to accomplish anything but putting mom at high risk of developing post-trauma stress disorder (much like combat veterans) down the road when she’s realized what she has done.  Murdering the child via abortion also puts mom at serious risk of many other consequences; everything from sterilization up to and including death.  There are millions of loving folks out there just waiting to help someone like your friend- just a post or phone call away.  God bless!

    • pofalici

      This statements have been debunked so often I can’t imagine why Guest is putting them out here. There are huge list of people waiting to adopt, to adopt Down’s or other children whit problems. Yes, we do give donations and financial support AND our time to help these women. There are thousands of centers where people volunteer to help women. I am a Crisis Pregnancy & Post Abortion Counselor. I know personally woman who had abortions and woman who had babies from rape. They said the abortion was the worst thing ever and that having that baby was definitely better than an abortion after rape. An abortion just more pain and dehumenization to a rape victim’s life. Itt doens’ make rape go away it makes it worse.

  • Viviana

    And we also have lost many great leader…read this and other messages given to the missionary Maureen Sweeney Kyle in Ohio. I been to this place of apparitions, read the messages of love and they have changed my life forever. You can read them too at
    June 8, 1997 2nd Sunday of the Month – To Pray Against Abortion
    Blessed Mother is here Our Lady of Guadalupe. She says: “Praise be Jesus. Pray with me now dear children for those who participate in the sin of abortion.” “Dear children, the sin of abortion is a silent holocaust destroying lives of national leaders, Church leaders, and world renowned scientists. (*) Because it is such a gruesome sin, it allows Satan to invade many lives and to influence the future of every nation and even the planet on which you live. For justice will have its way in the end. It is important that you continue to remember this very special intention of mine, that consciences awaken as to the true nature of abortion and to Satan’s lies. Pray, pray, pray. Today I am blessing you with My Blessing of Motherly Love.” (*) Four years ago Blessed Mother had advised the visionary, Maureen, that the future scientist who was to discover the cure for cancer and the future scientist who was to discover the cure for aids were both aborted.

    • Realist

       It really irritates me when anti-choicers claim that the fetuses that were aborted were people we needed, like doctors and scientists. We have plenty of doctors and scientists as it is, and they haven’t discovered cures. If the aborted fetuses were allowed live, there’s every chance they’d just be regular joes or useless religious nuts like yourself. Stop insulting serious diseases by trivializing them and relating them to abortion, you utter lunatic.

      • MoonChild02

        It really doesn’t help your argument or your cause when you start calling others names. It just makes your argument look bad. Such behavior is childish, and you know that you’re above that, so maybe you should start acting like it.

        As for doctors and scientists, everyone has their own specialty, and everyone practices in a different way. Who’s to say that they would not have developed a cure for a disease or illness? We do need more doctors and scientists. More minds equals more work getting done. We don’t know what path they could have taken. A person cannot discriminate by not knowing someone, saying that they’ll never amount to anything, before they even have the chance. It’s closed-minded (see how I described the idea, not the person, themselves?). The person may have been a regular joe, or a zealot, but they also could have changed the world.

    • MoonChild02

      Don’t listen to Realist. Many of us here know you mean well. God bless you.

      A short note: The apparitions supported by Holy Love are not in any way approved by the Church. Being that the bishop does not support them, they state that they are an ecumenical ministry and need no approval. Such private revelations are to be taken with discretion. That’s not to say that they aren’t real, that Mother Mary did not appear to this woman or others who have seen apparitions, it’s just to say to be careful.

      That said, I heard a story that a girl once asked Mother Teresa why the cure to cancer had not been found. Mother Teresa replied that she had once asked God about it, and He said the same thing, that the doctor He sent had been aborted.

      • Viviana

         Hi Moonchild, thanks for your sweet and thoughtful reply. While the Holy
        Love apparations have not been officially approved by the church,
        “Since the abolition of Canon 1399 and 2318 of the former code of Canon Law by Paul VI in AAS58 (1966) page 1186, publications about
        new apparitions, revelations, prophecies,miracles, etc., have been
        allowed to be distributed and read by the faithful without the express
        permission of the Church providing they contain nothing which contravenes faith and morals.” And
        while the Bishop of Cleavland has “admonish” people against these
        apparitions, other Catholic church leaders have endorsed the messages. The visionary also met with
        John Paul II.  And if I recall correctly the children who received the
        messages of Famita were also mistreat and called liars, and even jailed
        when they tried to share their experience and what the Virgin Mary
        revealed to them and yet those messages have now received church
        approval.  I appreciate your warning, because I can recognize you come
        from a good place, but I have read the messages and there is nothing in
        them that goes again our tradition of faith and they call us to love
        God, and neighbor above all else, and to pray. If you are open to them, read
        them yourself and you will see what i am talking about, as I can’t even begin all to describe all
        the wisdom and good things in those messages.

        As for “Realistic” okay, so you can conceptualize these potential lives
        as future leaders that is fine, but what if you flip it around and you
        think about what the world would have bee like without people like
        Gandhi, and Martin L. King, or even yourself, because I am sure those
        who love you would miss the positive experiences you have contributed to
        their lives. I am glad you are here so we can continue to have these
        lively discussions. I wish you the best of luck as you discern in your
        heart and mind what abortion is. I used to be pro-choice too, so I know
        people can have a complete change of heart. That’s it, peace out!

  • Leanne Stevenson

    Cool article.  There is a group of us in NC who are trying to show this number in the accumulation of pennies.  We are shooting for 57 million by the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade next Jan. 2013.  Here is video you can see: .  All monies raised will be used to purchased life saving booklets for abortion minded women.

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