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Pinterest and abortion: The top “abortion” search results

“Abortion” might seem an odd search term for Pinterest.  But since this explosive, relatively new social media site is increasingly becoming an addictive place to share opinions, beliefs, and ideas – in the form of images – we ought to check in and see just how abortion is doing.

At various times this year, Pinterest has been ranked the 4th and 5th most popular social network in the U.S.  Worldwide, the site’s been ranked 14th on the popularity list.

Of the first 20 images to show up (as of 7:04pm EST today) on Pinterest when “abortion” is searched, a full 19 of them are pro-life. What’s more, these images represent a creative cross-section of truth – not simply a collection of bland talking points.

Take a look at the images below (chosen out of the top 20 Pinterest results), and add your own commentary on how you think these images could be effective.

Pinterest abortion image

This image was the current top “abortion” result on Pinterest. This image illustrates the stark reality that abortion brings death and does not solve what many people view as a “problem.” Instead, abortion creates its own host of true problems – chief among them the unnecessary death of an innocent child. It’s time we learned that death is never a solution…

Pinterest abortion imageThis image puts a face to the Down syndrome holocaust that is occurring today.  Studies indicate that at least 90% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome in utero are targeted for abortion today. Parents whose children have been diagnosed with Down syndrome would be aided by learning the real truth about these beautiful children, and by being put in touch with a network of other parents who have been in the same situation. Live Action’s own Cassy Fiano relates five things new parents of children with Down syndrome need to know here.

Nancy Flanders has also written an article introducing our readers to Noah’s Dad.  Noah’s Dad writes beautifully about the joy of life with a son diagnosed with Down syndrome.  His writing has saved other babies just like Noah.  The bottom line is this: parents need to be exposed to the real facts, the real truth, and the real, beautiful images like this one on Pinterest.

Pinterest abortion imageEven Nietzshe – arguably a major influence on Hitler’s thinking – realized that people don’t always want to know the truth. Of course, this opens people up to the deception and lies of the abortion industry. We must take it upon ourselves to broadcast the truth until everyone hears it – whether they want to or not. As this poster accurately proclaims, “abortion kills.”

Pinterest abortion image

Few images could be more accurate or more straightforward than this one. The recent Kermit Gosnell trial (where an abortionist was tried and convicted of murdering babies after failed abortion attempts) highlighted a major inconsistency in our nation. How can a few inches or a few seconds be the deciding factor in whether or not an innocent human being can be killed?

The image below presents the same question in an even clearer way. (It is in the top 50 results on Pinterest.)

Pinterest abortion image

Pinterest abortion image

This image gives a unique twist on illustrating the selfishness of many abortion decisions. The majority of abortions are done for reasons that boil down to convenience or choosing an “easier life” for oneself. Are such things truly worth the life of an innocent child? Is any reason really good enough to execute a small child with no voice or ability to help herself? Have we become so callous to the daily sacrifice of children that we fail to speak up about abortion?

Pinterest abortion image

This beautiful images illustrates the humanity and perfection of an unborn child. This child is at a similar age to thousands of children who are aborted throughout our nation. And his beautiful feet speak volumes for the right of children just like him to live.

Pinterest abortion image

This image (the 2nd to come up on my Pinterest abortion search) is perfect for a social media site in many ways. Social media – and Pinterest in particular – is designed to be personal. There are countless ways to personalize Pinterest, and many use the site as a way to make a statement about who they are. This verse from the Bible can remind users that, even before their life was recognized here on earth, they were already known as the unique person they are today. What a beautiful message about the timelessness and value of every single human life.

So, how can you influence what people see when they search Pinterest for abortion? First, follow Live Action on Pinterest.  You’ll find plenty of images you can repin. Second, read this creative article by Katie McCann. And finally, find and create you own pro-life images about abortion. Spread them as you use social media, and expose the world to the real truth about abortion.

  • AugustineThomas

    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.”

    Thus says the Lord!

    • Sara

      It’s a nice quote indeed, however it can be questioned by non-religious people. Therefore I like the “Question Abortion” one as well, so if you’d want to persuade pro-choicers, that would be the way to go I think.

      But still, I think it holds validity beyond religion as well, when a child is created, it has a whole life in front of it. There is a purpose for everyone in this world. That’s not any different for a baby, just because it’s in the womb.

      • AugustineThomas

        There is no validity beyond religion properly understood.

        God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is everything.

        But how ever we can stop them from murdering babies, I agree with you, that is the way to go!

  • doglovr2

    My favorite – the one that you cannot “argue” with, is “Question Abortion” with the baby in the womb, then out of the womb.

  • patriciacarrasco


  • Izbeth

    Wow thank you SO MUCH for your insightful opinions on this post, I’m totally going to change my opinion on abortion now!

    Yeah, right. Let me give you some cold hard fact and slap them right in your face.

    From my personal experience, I’ve seen abortions more on high school teenagers than on adult women because women are usually ready to have a family and their bodies aren’t STILL DEVELOPING. So a pregnancy in a teenager can really harm their body (and no, I’m not talking about weight gain), by possible tearing, as they’re still growing and not ready to have a baby.

    I’ve also seen more pregnant teenagers drop out of school at the end of their pregnancy, and they never came back. If they did, it was difficult for them because they had school, and probably a part-time job on top of that. In fact, I did an interview with a teenage mother and she said that “it’s stressful for me that I don’t get to see my baby for almost 20 hours out of the day sometimes”.

    For most pregnant teens, their parents either kick them out, or the father runs out on them, leaving them to support themselves AND a growing baby, which is stressful, and they usually end up having to depend on a different member of the family, which could include moving or a very judgmental environment.

    And no, not all abortions are received by teenage girls. A higher percentage of older women (20 and up) get abortions. The main reasons are usually: they’re not ready (unwanted pregnancy in the first place), rape that resulted in a pregnancy, the child wouldn’t survive (heart defects, or something else that would kill them outside of the womb [be it ten minutes or ten days]), the mother wouldn’t survive, or other health reasons.

    Some women get abortions because they think they have too many children already (be it one child or five). Which, in all honesty, makes plenty of sense since the adoption system in the U.S. is pretty fucked and isn’t the best place to put a child. You THINK it simply goes “oh, I’m going to put a child up for adoption and they’ll get adopted immediately~”, but it really doesn’t. I knew someone who bounced from foster home to foster home from when he was five until he was 16 years old. It’s not fun for the child, and it certainly is a long and tedious process for those trying to adopt (they have to go through various house inspections, background checks, financial checks, etc [I know someone whose aunt couldn’t adopt a child because one of her windows was too small for a fireman to get through in full gear when it was standard size]).

    So, before you go preaching about “pro life, don’t abort an innocent baby!”, think of all the other options that baby would have, which are 1. adoption, 2. an over-worked, over-stressed mother with no time to give them attention or raise them properly, or 3. a teenage mother who isn’t even ready to have a child and can’t support them because she didn’t finish high school.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather finish college (because gee I’m in debt and I’d LOVE to pay that debt off), than have a baby that’ll cause me to drop out because my parents AREN’T going to take care of that baby for me back home.

    Essentially, if you really want to stop abortion, why not change the way things are? Educate teenage girls more about contraception (condoms are a biggie and are 99% effective, more so than just birth control), make the adoption system less of a monster to go through, and maybe some other things that will create more options for your “precious innocent child” that may just die anyway.

    But until you can get your heads out of your (mostly religious) asses and actually make HELPFUL changes to government systems, don’t force your God-fearing “GOD MADE THAT CHILD JUST FOR YOU” ideals on women when there are more reasons than just “I don’t want that child” that most women get an abortion for.

    • Chari

      If I didn’t believe in God, I’d agree with you that having my parents just kill me would be a mercy rather than leading an imperfect, uncomfortable, maybe even very unhappy life wherein I was a burden on some other people. But then, that’s every life — everyone has imperfect circumstances, times of discomfort and intense unhappiness, and every one is a burden on someone they love at some point or another. So, if I didn’t believe in God, I would pretty much just say life wasn’t worth living and end it all for myself or others and consider that a mercy. Yet even atheists still often say, “Live and let live” and “live life to the fullest.”

      What the pro-lifers are trying to say, then, is, “Give the infant its best chance,” because you can’t just decide for another human being how good or bad its life is going to be. Many of the greatest historical figures, the “best” people we idolize, the individuals who have brought the greatest improvements to our nation’s lifestyles were born in sub-optimal conditions and lived hard lives. So sure, improve the systems that make life hard or uncomfortable or that don’t meet our ideals, but don’t (literally) throw the baby out with the bath water just because life isn’t perfect.

    • jhd


      It sounds to me like “YOU THINK” you have it all figured out!

      You are a PSYCHOPATH and an IDIOT!!!!!

      If someone has sex and gets pregnant they’re the victim??!!! So in your eyes, EVERYONE is a victim except for the child?!!! That doesn’t even make since!! The child is the one that is being murdered!!! Human life is NOT disposable!!!!

      You and everyone else that believes like you, are no better than Hitler!!!

      You have proven that your conscience is seared and your mind is ruled by satan!!!

      You are a disgrace to the human race!!!!

    • Kristiburtonbrown

      Pretty sure most children would rather live and have a college or high school dropout for a mother than to be killed by that same mother. Goodness, my own mom was a “college dropout”, and I’m pretty happy to be alive! Of course, we should fix the systems and make people’s lives as good as possible. But that does not mean that killing innocent people is the solution in the meantime. You talk about pregnancy possibly damaging a growing body, but abortion can also damage that body. Read here about teens who have been killed or damaged in a serious way by abortion: and And are you really saying that we should suction or rip a baby apart as the solution?

      You should also to check your numbers on how many abortions are done for rape, fetal defects, and the other reasons you mentioned. Far and away, the biggest reason for abortion is that a woman or girl thinks she’s not ready in some way or that the baby isn’t convenient. Health and other reasons are waaaay low on the list.

      We should give teenage (or 20 something or any) moms the help they need – and this is exactly what lots of pro-lifers and pregnancy resource centers do. (Find one in your area here: Teen moms who get support usually DO go on to finish high school and even college. We need to help them get plugged into pregnancy resource centers with people who are willing, ready, and able to help them. It’s terrible to tell these girls that killing their child is the answer – something that will have effects for the rest of their lives.

      And actually, as far as adoption goes, there are more parents waiting in the U.S. than there are available babies. A baby given up for adoption isn’t going to go around the foster care system. Today, a girl or woman can handpick the parents for her baby. Take a look at this story about a teen mom who made a choice of adoption for her baby and herself: Here’s more good info on adoption:

    • lisalisa

      if ya don’t want a baby keep your legs together!!! that’s the solution…not condoms. think for yourself instead of regurgitating the same old tired feminist bs. there are thousands of couples (stable normal heterosexual the way nature intended couples) waiting & pre-approved for adoption!! sorry your friend had problems…he was in the systems @ age 5–so he was removed from his home b/c his parents couldn’t take care of him. i bet his mom had an abortion & it left her messed up & unable to be a good mom. abortion is unnatural, violent, unneeded, evil & always wrong. period!!! abortion = slavery. abortion says that we OWN our children & can do with them what we want!! just like slavery, abortion will be illegal someday. YEAH!!! victory is assured and Lord have mercy on us!!!

  • Josie

    People wanting to adopt children are given things like home studies BEFORE they are accepted to be eligible to adopt, not to mention that there are far fewer(apparently)*healthy infants of all colors available than people who want to adopt them.
    Also, why are people who want to adopt infants looked at as if they are the “bad guys?” A child of a single woman who has decided (and hopefully it is HER choice alone) that she would not make a good mother is just as needy as one removed from a bad situation, in my opinion.
    *problems can shown up later of course, but by that time generally a bond has been formed between the child and their family.