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Planned Parenthood admits on tape: ‘It’s a baby’

In the latest investigative video released by the Center for Medical Progress, Dr. Savita Ginde, Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) bluntly admits, “It’s a baby.”

Her admission comes as Ginde, a medical assistant, and fetal parts buyers are standing in the lab room, piecing through the body parts of a newly-aborted baby. As the baby, covered in blood, is being sifted through, Ginde admits what everyone at Planned Parenthood knows:

“It’s a baby.”

Yes, it’s a baby. Ripped apart – brain matter lost in a water-washing, kidneys intact, spinal column still attached, heart easily found, legs more difficult to locate.

“It’s a baby.”

Earlier in the video, Ginde bluntly states that about 10% of babies in the second-trimester are delivered intact. She says that, in nearly 10% of second-trimester cases at PPRM, the babies are delivered by their mothers before an abortionist gets to them.

"It's a baby!"
“It’s a baby!”

Forcing dilation in a woman – part of the abortion procedure – can cause some women to go into labor. This is likely what causes about 10% of second-trimester babies in Denver, at PPRM’s mega-center, to be born intact. Are they born alive? Very likely so, as there are countless stories of women who suffered miscarriages during their second trimester, but were able to hold their living babies for a few minutes or even hours.

In fact, viability comes during the second trimester – as early as 21 or 22 weeks. How many babies at this age have been born at PPRM? (PPRM says that it plans to extend its abortion procedures to 20 weeks by the end of the year, but often determining fetal age by ultrasound involves some amount of guesswork. It is entirely possible that viable babies have been born alive at PPRM.)  How many have been left to die or murdered in a Gosnell-type way by Dr. Ginde and her associates? These are legitimate questions that the newest undercover video raises.

They are especially troubling considering the depth of corruption at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Not only is PPRM “one of the largest Planned Parenthood affiliates” that performs “over 10,000 abortions per year,” but this affiliate has been embroiled in legal controversy for years.

PPRM has been sued for a forced and incomplete abortion that left Ayanna Byer in need of emergency care. It has just recently been sued for its failure to “report the sexual abuse of a minor by a person in a position of trust and performing an abortion on the minor wthout providing the required notice to her parents,” according to an email from Colorado Family Action.

Additional corruption in PPRM is documented here.


Colorado’s Attorney General, Cynthia Coffman, is pro-life. Please contact her – especially if you are a Colorado citizen – and ask her to order an investigation into Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Tell AG Coffman:

  • The newest video documents PPRM planning how to profit off of fetal parts, while attempting to skirt the law.
  • PPRM’s Vice President, Dr. Savita Ginde, is documented discussing how she can train her providers to modify abortion procedure to collect additional fetal organs – another violation of law.
  • The video raises concerns that babies are being born alive at PPRM and left to die, or perhaps worse.

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  • Jasmine

    there have been many large-scale human rights abuses throughout human history such as slavery, the holocaust, and so many other things. the problem with america today is that we think we are too advanced and civilized to allow something like that to happen. i guess that’s why there are still a lot of people who are for abortion. they try to convince themselves “it’s not actually killing” and “it’s not actually human.” they don’t want to face the fact that this is a modern-day large scale human rights abuse.

    one day, america will look back on this time in history the same way we look back on slavery. we will say “wow, how did this happen? why weren’t more people trying to stop it? it’s so obviously wrong.” people are going to look back at this time and think “oh my goodness. killing innocent people was actually LEGAL?”

    let’s make that day come as soon as possible.

    • Djinnenjous

      This comes down to what one philosopher (whose name I can never remember) called “chronological snobbery.” Folks today think our predecessors—from Adam to Aristotle to our own parents’ generation—were all idiots deprived of modern science and progressive morals. In twenty, fifty, a hundred, and a thousand years, the folks of the future will be saying the exact same thing about us while committing their own atrocities in broad daylight.

      I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday and think it’s fitting in light of what you said:

      “Today, some would call me an enemy of “women’s rights” and accuse me of regressive thinking that roadblocks “equality.” I can live with that because nothing could be further from the truth. I believe the end of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and abortion as a whole to be a humanitarian inevitability—as were the ends of slavery and men’s rights (in the US) to beat their wives.

      I have the comfort of knowing here and now that whenever that day comes, even if my existence is long forgotten, people will speak of today’s pro-abortion groups as we now do of Mengele; and they will revere the pro-life movement as we do Frederick Douglas and Harriet Tubman. (If you think this is ridiculous, remember: that’s what the Slave South thought, and how the patriarchs saw the world.) In this rarest of cases, to be “regressive” is the ONLY way to truly be progressive.

      From conception to death, I will have lived on the right side of the fence. Have you?

      ‪#‎WomenBetrayed‬ ‪#‎DefundPlannedParenthood‬ ‪#‎AbolishNARAL‬”

      • Jasmine

        excellent comment. you explained it well!! it’s arrogant the way people today think our society is so intelligent and highly advanced. it’s not true. people will look back on this time in history and wonder why there were not more people fighting to end this.

        • Djinnenjous

          They won’t just look down on us for abortion, either: the very science and technology we believe makes us incredible will seem trivial and ignorant by future generations worldwide.