Planned Parenthood CEO wants to drop pro-choice, pro-life labels

The news that the most recent Gallup Poll on abortion shows that a record low 41% of Americans consider themselves pro-choice compared with 50% who consider themselves pro-life has Planned Parenthood in a bit of a panic, as to be expected. But Planned Parenthood isn’t just worried about this decline in pro-choice support – they’re terrified. So much so that CEO Cecile Richards suddenly believes we should put an end to the labels “pro-choice” and “pro-life.” In her May 24, 2012 statement, she says:

Instead of putting people in one category or another, we should respect the real-life decisions women and their families face every day.

In addition, she never backs away from labeling politicians, legislation, and activists as “anti-choice” in an attempt to brush pro-lifers off as people who want to suppress women, rather than people who want to stop the brutal slaughtering of millions of innocent children.

In the same May 24 statement, Richard also claims that most Americans want abortion to remain legal. She says:

A majority of Americans still believe abortion should remain a safe and legal medical procedure[.]

The truth is that most Americans (59%), according to a Gallup Poll this month, believe that abortion should be illegal in most or all circumstances.

Richards, and the rest of Planned Parenthood, will twist the numbers and use labels such as “pro-choice” and “anti-choice” for as long as it suits them, and for as long as the misleading labels keep those large paychecks coming. Now that those same labels signify a decline in support for abortion and therefore Planned Parenthood, it seems that labeling is suddenly unwarranted. What Richards wants is for us all to forget about labels and care about women’s health, but she fails to realize that pro-lifers already do; they just care about the babies, too. Now, if Richards would like to drop her labels and respect the lives of unborn children, then maybe we can get somewhere.

  • Shrek6

    Thanks for the heads up Nancy.  It is always heartening to see the faces of evil scrambling to change tact, because someone has shone a torch light on their evil practices, or the majority of their followers are starting to leave in droves.

    This woman is peddling evil that originates from the very bowels of hell.  We should pray for her redemption and that she will work hard to rectify the damage she has done to millions of innocent children and their still living parents.

    We must always remember that there are two parents who suffer when a child is murdered.  It is not just the mother who suffers.  Fathers receive a mortal wound as well!

    • LizbethgG13

      Thank you for mentioning praying for her.  So many people are influenced by the harshness and anger we so often receive from the other side and forget to pray for them.  Even Christ asked God to forgive those who put Him to death.  Let’s pray for, hope for, and encourage a conversion of their hearts.

  • “Instead of putting people in one category or another, we should respect
    the real-life decisions women and their families face every day.”

    Translation: Instead of describing each other’s position, let’s all shut up and agree to mine.

  • Didaskalos

    Not surprisingly, a new Gallup poll shows pro-lifers a majority in every category except the non-religious and people with postgraduate degrees.  Funny how abortion supporters, who are chary of even using the “A” word these days, are now trying to ditch their self-chosen (and inaccurate) “pro-choice” moniker.

    Abortion advocates Frances Kissling and Kate Michelman admitted in a 2008 letter how tough life is for those who are still trying to cloak their grisly business with euphemisms:  “Advocates of choice have had a hard time dealing with the increased visibility of the fetus. The preferred strategy is still to ignore it and try to shift the conversation back to women. At times, this makes us appear insensitive, a bit too pragmatic in a world where the desire to live more communitarian and “life-affirming” lives is palpable. To some people, pro-choice values seem to have been unaffected by the desire to save the whales and the trees, to respect animal life and to end violence at all levels. Pope John Paul II got that, and coined the term “culture of life.” President Bush adopted it, and the slogan, as much as it pains us to admit it, moved some hearts and minds. Supporting abortion is tough to fit into this package.”

    • Shrek6

       This is not directed at you Didaskalos, but because used the word, I would like to comment.  This word is also used everywhere to describe an unborn child.

      I would like to make a comment on the use of the word “Foetus”.

      Isn’t it interesting how when a pregnant woman who wishes to keep her child and who visits doctors surgeries and hospitals for pre-birthing classes etc, her child is always referred to as a ‘Baby’.

      Yet, if the woman wishes to murder her unborn child, then these same medical people refer to the child as a ‘Foetus’.

      They use this scientific/anatomical name, because it disconnects them from the reality that this so-called Foetus, is actually a fully functioning “Baby” human being, who just happens to be residing on the inside and not yet made a physical presence in the outside world.

      Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring about a change where our unborn brothers and sisters are given their due respect and never again referred to as a ‘Foetus’!

      • Didaskalos

        Women coming into abortion clinics have the unsettling (to abortion clinic workers) propensity to use the word “baby.”

        Abby Johnson stated in an interview:

        “As many as 8 of 10 women who view ultrasounds [ ] and view the heartbeat of their child change their minds about abortion. . . Abortion facilities don’t want women to make that maternal connection because then they lose money if the woman chooses life. . . Almost all the women walking in to have an abortion think it’s a baby; when they ask you questions, they say, ‘What about my baby?’ They call it a baby, but the clinic workers are not going to respond in that same kind of language.” — Interview with Abby Johnson