Virginia has America's next "house of horrors."

Planned Parenthood, left to itself, becomes another House of Horrors

investigate planned parenthoodAn ABC News affiliate in Delaware has announced a one-day closing and a temporary end to surgical abortions at Planned Parenthood of Delaware. The clinic claims to need to close only for a “routine cleaning.” But, as ABC reports, Planned Parenthood’s announcement came “just hours after the state confirmed a new investigation.”

Planned Parenthood of Delaware – not subject to any routine investigations by the state – has been left to be its own inspector. And it has failed gravely. Since January of 2013, five 911 calls have been made from the facility for women in emergency situations. The fact that emergencies are continuing to occur at the clinic in such a short period of time has “prompted a new investigation by the Delaware Department of Health and the State Board of Professional Licensure.”

These 911 calls are evidence of a large and looming problem. Planned Parenthood of Delaware – a clinic that has been teaching others how to do abortions – has been providing women with horribly substandard medical care. (This is to say nothing of the babies routinely killed at the clinic.) It appears that Planned Parenthood is interested only in preserving a pristine public image when its clinics are regularly investigated or when one too many allegations get brought to the surface.

Now, two nurses from Planned Parenthood of Delaware (who recently quit) are revealing exactly what’s been going on. Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich and Joyce Vasikonis spoke to the ABC News affiliate, and they made horrifying statements.

I couldn’t tell you how ridiculously unsafe it was.

He [the abortionist] didn’t wear gloves. Yes, he didn’t believe in – he didn’t think he needed to wear them.

It [the operating table]’s not washed down; it’s not even cleaned off, you know, it has bloody drainage on it.

They were using instruments on patients that were not sterile.

[Patients could be] at risk of getting hepatitis, even AIDS.

Operation Rescue reported:

Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich and Joyce Vasikonis told WPVI-TV of a ‘meat-market style of assembly-line abortions where the abortionist refused to wear gloves, surgical instruments were reused without being cleaned, and ‘bloody drainage’ remained on abortion tables between procedures, exposing women to blood-borne diseases.’

One of the nurses basically admitted that Planned Parenthood’s staff at the clinic was not trained:

Planned Parenthood needs to close its doors. It needs to be cleaned up. The staff needs to be trained.

And yet, according to its typical crisis-management playbook, Planned Parenthood is assuring women of its “high-quality care.” The new CEO of Planned Parenthood of Delaware has released a statement, claiming that changes are being made and standards are high. She says:

I determined that we need to take immediate steps to assure our patients of our high-quality care, including enacting immediate personnel changes. …

We are confident patient care is high quality, but if we identify any additional issues with our quality of services we are prepared to take swift action.

Why the supposed change in personnel if Planned Parenthood is “confident patient care is high quality”? Yet such a response is no real surprise. After Live Action investigations, Planned Parenthood often fires certain employees, claims that those employees violated standard policies, and then schedules “retraining.”

It’s becoming ever clearer that when Planned Parenthood is “essentially in charge of inspecting itself,” horrible things happen. Women are lied to about scientific facts and given inaccurate medical counsel. Sex-traffickers are accommodated while girls are offered up as victims. Child rape is covered up. Money is accepted to target black babies for killing. Girls are willingly killed, just for the sin of being a girl. Women’s needs are claimed to be met. Abortions are forced. Baby legs and feet are left inside women. Women bleed out on the table. And death is all around.

Planned Parenthood is finally being revealed for the House of Horrors it truly is.

  • Faithkuz

    When such practices come to light, it is harder than ever to write them off as iisolated incidents. In addition to the lack of sterile surgical conditions stemming from the “get em through quick” abortion mill mentality, we have also learned recently that Planned Parenthood resembles the House of Horrows in another way. The essentially supportive stance toward infanticide expressed in a statement by Planned Parenthood lobbyist Ms Snow in Florida coincided this past week with the infanticide trial of Kermit Gosnell. Infanticide is happening– and not just in Gosnell’s House of Horrors abortion clinic.