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Planned Parenthood misleads women about chemical abortions

StopThe following is from the horribly shallow explanation of how a chemical abortion procedure occurs found on Planned Parenthood’s website.  Pathetic partial-truths like these keep women in the dark about what really happens during an abortion.  What other motives does Planned Parenthood have in hiding the details from women except monetary incentives?  Denying women information is no different than from lying to them.


The abortion pill works by blocking the hormone progesterone. Without progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down, and pregnancy cannot continue.

This cursory description of the initial phase of a medical abortion is the equivalent of telling a heart surgery patient, “Well, you have a heart problem.  Without a heart you can’t live. So we’ll fix it,” and leaving it at that.

This is an intentional vagueness of what actually happens after a pregnant woman ingests Mifepristone (also known as Mifeprex).  The abortion pill can be used up to 49 days after conception— that’s seven weeks.  By seven weeks, the unborn child has a heart that beats up to 170 times per minute, brainwaves that are detectable with an EEG, and he or she reacts to physical stimuli.  It’s not just that the “pregnancy cannot continue” when a woman takes Mifepristone.  It’s that her body is artificially made halt the production of progesterone which fructifies the uterus so her unborn child can obtain nutrients from it when he or she implants there.  In other words, step one of a medical abortion is to render the uterus uninhabitable by cutting off nutrients to the unborn child so he or she starves to death and thus detaches from the uterine wall.


You will take a second medicine — misoprostol. It causes the uterus to empty.

Here is another insouciant explanation of the medication abortion.  “It causes the uterus to empty.”  This sounds as simple as getting your teeth cleaned.  A more accurate account would be something along the lines of “The powerful Misoprostol drug completes your abortion by forcing you to expel your dead child from your body.”

The second medicine — misoprostol — will cause you to have cramps and bleed heavily. Some women may begin bleeding before taking the second medicine. But for most, the bleeding and cramping begin after taking it. It usually lasts a few hours. You may see large blood clots or tissue at the time of the abortion.

It’s not just “blood clots or tissue” that many women see after her abortion has taken place.  Some women even see the fully intact bodies of their children after they’ve been expelled from their own bodies.

More than half of women abort within four or five hours after taking the second medicine. For others, it takes longer. But most women abort within a few days.

For most women, medication abortion is like an early miscarriage. It is normal for you to have bleeding and cramping. You might also

  • feel dizzy
  • feel strong cramps
  • feel nauseous or vomit
  • have diarrhea
  • feel temporary abdominal pain
  • have temporary mild fever or chills

Women may also experience uterine hemorrhaging, get viral infections, vaginitis, septic shock, and could even die.  Why aren’t these risks listed? With any other drug that could have severe side effects, it is a requirement to list what could possibly happen to subsequently taking it.  Why is Planned Parenthood neglecting to list all potential side effects?

  • I’ve also read they’ll sometimes waive the 7-week limit for its use, which makes it more likely the mother will fail to expel the baby and they’ll need surgery.

  • Jessiethompson1985

    because they don’t want to scare off the women and they want it to become “normal.”  “it’s just like having a period, may hurt a little bit more; but you’ll be fine” and telling stories of women who have taken it and had  non of the  uterine hemorrhaging, get viral infections, vaginitis, septic shock, and could even die symptoms. normal, easy, quick is what they are selling. but really whats going on is that its different with each person that takes it. hide the scary stuff and people will use it more often and that means more money in the pockets of the people pushing it. another question you have to ask is where is FDA on this? it would be interesting to see the number on how many women indeed has the  uterine hemorrhaging, get viral infections, vaginitis, septic shock, and could even die symptoms from taking this drug. 

  • This is the “back alley abortion”!

  • Johan van Zyl

    Since it suits them not to,as you rightly said it is a money making business and it will not do to scare woman about the reality of what is truly happening. For me there is a even more sinister reason and that is that most of the people performing abortions do not really care about the mother or the baby and they do not accept the fact that  God is the giver of live and death

    • Kerouac75

      Is this “God” the same giver of rape and abuse, hunger and disease? Wait, let me guess, thats the devils work right? I thought this god frowned upon those who passed judgement on others?

  • Katsy1986

    This IS an accurate description although vague, besides once a women goes into planned parenthood they MUST read and sign various forms which more clearly explain the procedure and all the possible complications aswell as a counseling session which further explains the procedure. Nothing about it is sugar coated, clearly if you had it your way planned parenthood would use words loaded with scare tactics but than that wouldnt be very accurate either. Their job is to provide clear information to women who are already in emotional distress not scaring them into continuing an unwanted pregnancy. There is no information being denied, all the risks you mentioned are on said forms INCLUDING death, it is than up to the woman to decide if she will sign and proceed with the procedure.