Planned Parenthood continues to fail when it comes to the real health of women and girls.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin to close four clinics

Planned Parenthood announced on Monday that starting in April 2013, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin will close one clinic a month for four months. By July, four of the twenty-seven Planned Parenthood clinics in Wisconsin will have shut their doors.

Planned Parenthood is feeling the effects of the decrease in state funding and points to the Wisconsin Legislature’s cutting of an estimated $1 million of funding to the organization in the last state budget as their reason for closing down these clinics.

Matt Sande, director of legislation for Pro-Life Wisconsin, spoke of the victory that this is for taxpayers who were being forced to subsidize abortions as a results of the state’s support of Planned Parenthood:

Wisconsin taxpayers who conscientiously oppose the use of public funds to directly or indirectly subsidize abortion applauded last session’s state budget bill partially defunding Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, the state’s largest abortion provider. Today they welcome Planned Parenthood’s decision to close four of its state funded birth control centers, centers that refer for surgical abortion and dispense abortifacient contraceptives – often to minor children without parental notification. Pro-Life Wisconsin will continue its hard work to totally defund Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin of all public monies.

In 2008, a Live Action investigation found Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin failing to report suspected child sexual abuse as required by state law. The video of this investigation has been embedded below, and additional information surrounding this incident can be found here.

In 2009, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin was back in the spotlight as a Live Action video investigation found two clinics (Milwaukee and Appleton) providing inaccurate medical information that drew condemnation from medical professionals.

  • Dawn9476

    It’s not a victory because those four clinics don’t offer abortion services. Stop with the myth that all Planned Parenthood clinics have the means to provide abortions because they don’t.

    • Jill Farris

      Actually, although the clinics that don’t offer abortion services are very dangerous as well. When I was 16 my mother sent me to one of PP “Human Sexuality” classes (which I now call promiscuity indoctrination). They showed us films of every kind of sexual peversion. They told us that “an abortion is just like getting a mole removed” and they passed around bowls of condoms. The class was one big push to get us all sexually active…which leads to more abortions…so it IS a victory!

    • All PP clinics do refer for abortions even if they don’t provide abortions. Most likely these clinics referred to their other Wisconsin abortion clinics. One of WI abortion clinic does abortions to 19 weeks, another to 16 weeks.
      Planned Parenthood provided just over 4,000 abortions statewide last year,
      including 1,100 medication-induced abortions, according to a spokeswoman.

      Wisconsin Right to Life, which pushed for the new law,
      applauded Planned Parenthood’s decision to stop providing drugs for abortions.
      Planned Parenthood in WI does more than half the abortions ~
      The total number of induced abortions reported as occurring
      in Wisconsin in 2011 was 7,249, down from 7,825 in 2010 (see Table 1).
      Reported Induced Abortions
      click on Reported Induced Abortions in Wisconsin, 2011 (PDF,
      222 KB) (July 2012)

  • laly

    Dismantling / “hobbling” pp by closing these sites, that dispense and refer, one by one, IS a victory… thanks be to God for this good news.

  • Elora Shore

    Thank you for continuing to share the truth, and exposing those who prolong this horrible issue.

  • Thanks be to God! Peter Guild, St. Joseph’s Parish, Quincy, MA.

  • tastehellplndprnthd

    It IS a HUGE VICTORY because those 4 clinics DO offer mothers a choice to kill their unborn babies. STOP with YOUR LIES, pro-aborts! planned parasite clinics do NOT care whether or not it has the means to kill unborn human beings—planned parasite just wants YOUR MONEY! WAKE the hell up!!!

  • Because ripping basic healthcare from underprivileged women is a victory?? I can’t believe you people. Women not only have the right to abortions (SATAN FORBID), but they also have the right to easy access to contraception, STD tests and the like. Just because these clinics may provide abortion services doesn’t mean these services are the only things that they provide. You are taking healthcare away from women who wouldn’t have access otherwise.
    Shame on all of you.

    • Chaoticblu

      Woman have the right to SAFE health practices. All the things I have read on PP show they do NOT have their patients best interests at heart. And abortion is NOT basic’s an elective procedure. People shouldn’t have to pay for elective procedures , but PP gets money from hard working people being taxed and not being able to control where their tax money is going. You want to pay for someone’s breast implants or other elective procedure? Well even if so other people DON’T. See? I gave you rational reasons why PP is not good, aside from the moral problems with killing an innocent human being. Abortion is only a right because the law says so, that says NOTHING for the moral problems with it. I’m not even talking from a religious perspective. If you want smart, science based info on the pro life movement and why abortion-the killing of an innocent human being in stages of their life when they are most vulnerable – is wrong and needs to be stopped I suggest you check out Secular Pro Life. Please, I encourage you to and maybe you’ll at least understand the Pro Life movement better, even if you don’t agree with it.

      • Chaoticblu

        Also , PP is NOT the only place you can go for cheap health care or birth control. If one does some research they will find services for low income people such as Medicaid (if one meets qualifications), and there’s a program in Michigan at least called Plan First! which provides pap smears and birth control to woman free of charge. ) Planned Parenthood is NOT the only place a woman can go for health services..nor should it be.

        IF you are still angry that PP closed down, take it up with them or the Wisconsin legislation.