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Planned Parenthood opposes bill to protect infants who survive abortion

Yesterday, the Florida legislature heard the first reading of HB1129, called the “Infants Born Alive Act.”

[This measure] provides that infant born alive during or immediately after attempted abortion is entitled to same rights, powers, & privileges as any other child born alive in course of natural birth; requires health care practitioners to preserve life & health of such infant born alive, if possible; provides for transport & admittance of infant to hospital; provides certain services for infant; requires health care practitioner or employees who have knowledge of any violations with respect to infants born alive after attempted abortion to report those violations to DOH; provides penalty; provides for construction; revises reporting requirements.

Christian News reported on a subcommittee hearing earlier this month on the bill. During the debate, several Florida representatives were shocked that anyone could oppose a bill that so clearly provides life-saving care for a struggling newborn. They emphasized that, despite how a baby enters this world, every baby should be fought for and given appropriate medical care once he or she is born.

Planned Parenthood's representative speaks against Infant Born Alive Act
Planned Parenthood’s representative speaks against the Infant Born Alive Act.

True to form, Planned Parenthood showed up to the committee hearing to register its opposition for the bill. At the conclusion of Planned Parenthood’s spokeswoman’s remarks (you can watch them below), one pro-choice representative seemed floored:

I…I…I…boy, I’ve been pro-choice my whole life, and I can’t think of a more sensible bill in this regard.

Others chimed in with near disbelief, horrified that Planned Parenthood would speak out against a law that would force their abortionists to take basic actions to save the life of a living, born child:

What you’re saying if you oppose it is, you have a living baby, struggling to survive, and you do something other – I don’t even want to talk about what you do – but you do something other than resuscitate and save the baby.

It makes me sick to my stomach. … Who we are and what we do with our children is so absolutely fundamental to what we are as a community and as a state and as a civilization.  And if we can’t take a stand and protect the most vulnerable, God forbid who we are and where we’re headed.

Another representative asserted that the talking points of those who support abortion “have nothing to do with this bill.”

In the event that a human being is born, and in need of medical care, what do we do? And it seems like a no-brainer, but apparently it isn’t because that very hand that has reached into the womb is now seeking to reach outside the womb and accusing us of wanting to reach in. What a convoluted argument this [Planned Parenthood’s] is.

Indeed. Planned Parenthood and abortion supporters want every possible right to reach into women’s wombs and suck or tear their babies out. And now, in Florida, their opposition to this bill leaves them in the position of fighting to “reach outside the womb” and do whatever they want with the children who survive. The Florida legislature may not want to discuss what happens when a born-alive infant is not resuscitated and saved, but the evidence is clear: these babies are often left to die, thrown in the trash, or drowned, or they have their spinal cords snipped.

During the hearing, Emily Young, a medical student at Nova Southeastern University (who claimed she will be a family doctor in June), spoke in opposition to the bill just before Planned Parenthood. She urged legislators to vote “no”:

… because it interferes with my ability as a doctor to provide a safe and legal medical procedure for my patients.  [The bill] tries to indicate and dictate the practice of medicine for women and their doctors. But it’s just not that simple. We don’t know a woman’s specific situation. We’re not in her shoes, ever.

Young also asserted that any decision related to adoption, raising a child, or to “end a pregnancy” must be the woman’s:

A woman, not politicians, should make an informed decision when it comes to her own pregnancy without feeling shamed or judged. … [R]espect a woman’s ability to make these personal decisions with her family, her faith, and the counsel of her doctor without political interference.

Perhaps Young admitted more than she meant to. How safe can parents feel when “family doctors” have these kind of views? Apparently, a newborn infant – at least in some circumstances – is not a patient. Since when does abortion extend to killing an infant outside the womb who survives? How is that part of “a safe and legal medical procedure”? What does one person’s “specific situation” have to do with the needs of a dying, struggling person right in front of a “family doctor”? And since when does “pregnancy” extend after birth and “personal decisions” include a mother choosing to have her born, living child killed?

During questioning, Planned Parenthood’s representative was unable to adequately explain the abortion giant’s opposition to the Infant Born Alive Act. She repeated some of the claims that Emily Young made, and – perhaps most shocking of all – was unable to give an answer on what Planned Parenthood’s abortionists currently do when a baby is born alive. Hmmm…I wonder why that information isn’t exactly forthcoming.

You can hear the entire hearing for yourself here. (Planned Parenthood’s comments start right around 37:00.)

  • JDC

    Well, that’s just about the most disturbing thing I’ve read all day.

  • ann

    I called Mrs. Snow today after reading the story on The Drudge Report. I was surprised when she answered her phone. I told her I would be praying for her because what she did was just plain evil. She said they were working on a “statement”. She seemed either clueless about what is actually going on in abortion clinics or she is more evil than we think. I mentioned the case against Kermit Gosnell and the spinal clipping he did. She replied “That’s illegal.” I said “It’s happening!”.

    • Here’s the deal though, what she said is true. It’s already illegal. And it’s not Mrs. Snow’s fault that another doctor performed an illegal procedure.

  • That made me sick!!!
    What has our country come to?

  • Mark

    Disturbing, yes. Shocking, not at all.

  • Kelly

    Those so called “doctors” will have to answer to God for killing babies!

    • Oh, because God has never killed babies. Not a single one. Ever. Nor has God ever condoned the killing of babies.

  • Hope4TheUnborn

    That`s so wrong, if that child survives an abortion their`s a reason its alive. it deserves to live and have rights like us.

    • And to whom does that child belong? Surely not the mother; she came for an abortion, after all, and does not want the child.

      • bevbe

        There are so many couples unable to have a child. So many willing to adopt. Give the child a chance to live.

  • myrtle miller

    I think our country has awoken and misdirected pity will be a thing of the past. So when the argument is made not to rescue an American citizen that is in dire need of help with the rhetoric that the decision should be between a woman and her doctor the prosecuting attorney can reply with conviction: “and the prosecuting attorney and the jury please don’t forget the prosecuting attorney and the jury.” Oh that a sword existed to fight for those whose lives are regarded as devoid of worth… A legal sword…

  • LCM

    “What about the situations where it’s in a rural health care setting [and] the hospital is 45 minutes, an hour away?”

    Is…is she serious? If the nearest ER is too far away, they should just let the baby die? What?! I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised at all by the inhumanity displayed by PP and other abortion providers, but this just makes me sick. I don’t understand people!

    • audette7

      If the hospital is too far away, what if the mother has complications with her abortion and needs to be rushed to the hospital? They tell on themselves with that statement when they claim to be about womens health. Too far away to save a baby? but we can provide a safe abortion out here in the middle of nowhere for the woman. pffft

    • musiciangirl591

      question i have, why would there be a rural abortion clinic? it just doesn’t make sense to me

  • Kittendew

    Isn’t this practice illegal on a federal level?

    • Yes, it’s illegal to kill a child born alive. On every state and federal level.

  • Life begins at conception and all babies are entitled to quality medical care. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

  • Tess

    The pro-deather’s have always wanted money. They are like Hitler’s hands killing the innocent. Makes me mad and nauseated!! They don’t offer women real choice-they never
    offered my friend help with adoption, delivery, or a ultrsound to see the child. They said it was a ‘blob’ of flesh. Shame on them for taking advantage of women’s pocketbooks and ruining women’s lives, minds, and bodies, and the babies’.

  • I love when they expose their own psychopathy.

  • scared

    yes and after this goes through, my six month old could be since as too much work so i’ll just get rid of it, right… i mean where does it stop?

  • IF A BABY HAS BEEN IN THE WOMB LONG ENOUGH TO SURVIVE IF BORN…WHO IN HAITI’S IS DECIDING TO HAVE AN ABORTION??!!! AND WHO IN GODS PRECIOUS SIGHT IS PERFORMING THESE MURDERS??! I am 100% PRO LIFE and against all abortions but I can say that if you do choose to get an abortion in EARLY pregnancy like around 6 or 7 weeks that is bad enough….BUT WAITING UNTIL YOU ARE ABOUT 5 MONTHS OR MORE ALONG, NOW THAT IS MURDER!! They should be tried in court for 1st degree murder!!! I don’t care how pro choice you are, if you give birth to a unwanted baby (it was your decision to carry the baby that long in the 1st place) how would you have the nerve to let your “very much alive” “real” baby die and throw them away like trash!!! OH my heavens, what is wrong with this world!!!! There are SO many good parents that would LOVE that unwanted baby!!! COMPLETELY EVIL!!!! I am outraged!!!! Honestly these people have to be psychopaths!!

  • That lady looks EVIL!!!

  • Ok, so. Personally, I don’t think abortions should be performed late enough in the game to where the fetus could be viable outside the womb, but it does seem to happen. Regardless, that’s just my opinion.

    I read the bill. I can understand opposition to it, but not for safety reasons. My opposition for it would be this: Whose responsibility is the ‘born-alive’ infant? The woman was seeking to terminate the pregnancy; it shouldn’t be her responsibility. Does that mean the infant enters the care of the State, and enters the Foster Care program, to later be put up for adoption? If so, who pays for that? Is there a tax to be levied to raise enough revenue to cover this? Where, because it’s not in the bill? What happens if the abortion procedure damages the ‘born-alive’ infant in such a way to where it will be grossly brain damaged, or grossly deformed? Wouldn’t it be more humane to end that child’s suffering before it began?

    • musiciangirl591

      you can say the same thing about alot of other things, i had a seizure at eat’n park the other day, i’ve suffered with epilepsy for my whole life, do you think it would have be “right and humane” for my friends to let me die right then and there?

  • your life lived and old enough to bear a child, it is then your responsibility to give life to that child because it was your actions to do so to bear that child with your intent, because of your decisions and actions of immoral intent you decide that a child has no life?? This has no rationality be you an atheist or a Christian, or a muslim, this simply makes you a murderer on all levels of existence.

  • Plantador

    Talk about death squads…….Planned Parenthood tops the list!!!!

  • TM

    Pro-abortions people are showing true colors now: they
    always claim that baby is not a baby until he or she is born, that is why they
    developed political word: fetus, but now they want to extend the legality of
    the killings behind that, now they want the right to kill that baby for as long
    as it is inside that building. Does anyone understand the issue here? Almost
    any baby will eventually die if left without help on the cold stainless steel
    table in the cold room. Another words they are asking for the legality to kill
    any baby after birth during the next what? Two hours, six hours, twelve hours?
    Liberals have no shame! What kind of person it takes to watch the living baby,
    which already burned with saline, but survived against all ads trying to catch
    first breath and just stand there and do nothing? For a straight thinking
    person it seems impossible, but it happens over and over again. How far did we
    degrade as nation?